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     Sex Glossary  Read 7 times

         69 - sexual position in which two participants simultaneously perform oral sex on each other, stomach-to-stomach, with each person’s head pointing toward the other person’s feet. 69 - F On F - sexual position in which two participants simultaneously perform oral sex on each other, stomach-to-stomach, with each person’s head pointing toward the...
    Phyleas's profile
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     Pretty Teen  Read 18 times

    Monkeykiller's profile
    <7 fans>
     More vintage tits cumming soon!!  Read 12 times

      We hope to bring you longer big tit or maybe even big juciy ass gifs! 
    seanz's profile
    <44 fans>
     Sissy Exposure  Read 10 times

           Please, extend my Sissy Exposure pics with another day here:   (Many Thanks!)
    Treyluv's profile
    <3124 fans>
     Imagefap slowdown and fakes magazine  Read 13 times

       I have done fakes for the past four years now, accumulating over 219 fakes. However, I have decided to take up a greater challenge: making a magazine out of these art works. If we are friends on FB, you may have seen the first three issues already. The hardest part is looking for writers. If you want to volunteer, feel free to message me on FB. Because of the focus on the magazine, I ...
    PhoenixMaster's profile
    <59 fans>
     Veal  Read 12 times

      Man meat loks and has the texture of man meat. So I got hold of some pics of veal chops and cooked veal. Its the closest I could get to what I'd look like on a plate. I like the idea of being a frenched chop posted out to someone for them to eat. Wonder how much one chop would go for?
    man2eat's profile
    <91 fans>
     pics I wanked to today  Read 46 times ...
    jd62529's profile
    <379 fans>
     Progress  Read 14 times

      Another good day: 7 done today plus 4 yesterday brings us to 22 left to draw in five more days. Totally doable.
    Encounter's profile
    <65 fans>
     Q&A  Read 36 times

       Here's your chance! Ask me anything and I'll answer. No limit's!   
    easysis's profile
    <185 fans>
     Master  Read 20 times

      im so in love with my Master now he has shown me in just a pet to him 
    sweet_tease_julia's profile
    <161 fans>
     Piss  Read 23 times

      Hey there any thoughts on how I can convince my wife to drink my piss or take it on her face. I imagine my standing over her and letting lose my piss right into her face. Sort of marking my spot
    paingiver987's profile
    <536 fans>
     Unedit thoughts  Read 22 times

      As you know, in the first years of this decade Instagram, a company with 13 employers, was sold for around 1 billion US dollars. At the same time Kodak, a company with much more employers than 13 went bankrupt. It's worse, like imagefap instagram doesn't produce their own content. Yep, this is the reason I write that here. By producing content for free we are making other rich. That'...
    denny_beta's profile
    <435 fans>
     i found an anal g-spot   Read 24 times

       i love ass play. and when you find that spot its an orgasm of the highest level. I tried a Vibrator in my ass and wow what a show.
    tsralls's profile
    <3 fans>
     Fantasys & Pretending........  Read 27 times

           Fantasy is a part of my sensual character. However, I seldom know which flavor might turn up.                      
    ErotizzzzF's profile
    <112 fans>
     Fantasys & Pretending........  Read 22 times

           Fantasy is a part of my sensual character. However, I seldom know which flavor might turn up.                  
    ErotizzzzF's profile
    <112 fans>
     Looking for more photos of this woman  Read 54 times

       Looking for more photos of this woman She has been on a few web sites But I cannot find them any more. If you know her name or where any more pictures are can you let me know? If you would like to see more of her I have some Naked ones. I would love to see more of her or find out who she is. Please leave a comment and I will add some more photos....
    Monkeykiller's profile
    <7 fans>
     A Book/Story Idea  Read 32 times

       So, as many of you can probably guess, I enjoy writting.  My apologies by the way.  I haven't posted any new captions in a while.  To be honest, I am not finding pictures I feel like I want to caption, and then I am also starting to feel like my captions are becoming repeative.   Anyway, that's not the subject of this post.    Last night I had a d...
    SeaPerv76's profile
    <666 fans>
     Perverted thoughts  Read 32 times

      Looking at perverted and sexy things to pass the time. Injecting excitement into a boring world never hurts or maybe it does in a good way.
     The day I went from legs to tits in my fathers garage  Read 39 times

         As a young boy of about 11 years old I loved ladies legs. At this tender young age I really got excited seeing ladies legs. I really liked calves and thighs and althought I would get excited to see them in person or in movies and television I was too young to understand the connection between enjoying legs and masturbation. I didn't know what sex was yet, but I did know tha...
    jimmysparks's profile
    <2 fans>
     My big boobed friend's head on pictures of naked women with big boobs  Read 26 times

       I have know this lady for a very long time, she has very big boobs that seem to stick out of her chest and up until now I had no idea how big they were but then for some odd reason she posted her size on a social networking site. Well that did it and now I am even more obbessed with her chest than ever before. I got to thinking, now that I know what size bra she wears I can create a visual o...
    jimmysparks's profile
    <2 fans>
     Prostateorgasms  Read 34 times

       Nothing is better than prostateorgasms. It is in fact a pretty strange feeling but at the same time very fulfilling. My method is to use a large dildo and push it in all the way from the top. If the dildo is inside the ass all the time its much harder to reach the orgasm. It is the pushing at the hole that makes it. When the orgasm comes closer the anal start to contract and thats wh...
    sissyslave's profile
    <751 fans>
     Fun working  Read 50 times

                       A friend of mine asked me to help one of his friends with some internet problems.  I didn’t have anything else to do so he set up a good time for me to head over and see what I could do.  It was a middle age woman who wasn’t bad to look at and it disappointed me a little when ...
    Timelord45's profile
    <559 fans>
     2018-07-20  Read 32 times
    Havokan's profile
    <14 fans>
     Cunt Kelsi writing  Read 34 times

       i imagine a life with You would start off with me trying to please You, of course– You waking up with my mouth wrapped around Your cock and breakfast waiting for You. i’d help You get ready and see You off to work. i’d go about the whole day preparing for You to get home, cleaning, cooking, everything that You would expect. Then You’d get home… i’m gree...
    MrJob's profile
    <321 fans>
     Ava Addams Lingerie Pink  Read 51 times

      [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] [URL=https://picshi...
    Tony6199's profile
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     2018-07-20  Read 61 times
    Goodhead666's profile
    <14 fans>
     A true Whore  Read 108 times

       My car broke down and I met a nice man that offered to drive me home for shopping ... little I new ... While on the way to my home, they stopped in a large park ... they pull me out of teh car and ...  They laugh and one man kneels behind me. He runs his hands slowly from my ankles to my ass licking me along the way.  I whimper...
    LeggyCunt's profile
    <1474 fans>
     Blogs, links, images, archives, story, stuff etc...  Read 79 times

      NSFW Tumblr Story presentation or SFW Tumblr Story presentation https://les-joues-ros...
     Almost halfway  Read 37 times

       Just hit 65 images done, almost halfway through the new "Sissy Motivations" issue I'm working on. Posted three more previews in the usual places. Decided that I am going to try to get one of the two remaining "14-Inch Adventures" stories done before I leave for vacation in 7 days. There are 41 pictures left in that story, possibly with a bit more added. That...
    Encounter's profile
    <65 fans>
     Gay IR  Read 34 times

      Super horny and can't stop thinking about Alpha Black Men fucking white beta boys like me.  So more pics added to my gallery.
    subrbnchgobttm's profile
    <377 fans>
     Poll Results  Read 59 times

       Gaining almost half the votes with a 20 out of 44 total the winner is:    Public nudity (with pictures)   I know ZG will be happy along with all the voters!   Thanks for voting! Even though it wasn't my top pick :( 
    WendytheQuean's profile
    <117 fans>
     MUST BOTTOM FOR GROUP OF BBC !  Read 46 times

       Yes and yes    BBC needed to fulfill making me into the super super worthless loser Iam    Fuck it if I'm really that loser I need to at least get fucked by big black cocks ! 
    sissybbcanal21's profile
    <16 fans>
     Cocksacker 💋  Read 128 times

       15 years of wonderful marriage. In 13 years of marriage, I've sucked my husband's dick a few times 🙄 and in the last 2 years, I can't live without it. In each of our sex, I'm worthy and with a great pleasure sucking his cock. One thing I know for sure is our relationship has changed wonderfully in the last 2 years. How nice to suck a cock and understand  that my husba...
    Barbie_Doll's profile
    <295 fans>
     Pussy & Femcock ❤  Read 47 times

      why not have both...
    JazFingers's profile
    <24 fans>
     Why I don't Show Nudes of Myself Anymore and Why I Don't Take Nude Pics of Myself  Read 38 times

      I used to be confident in what the good Lord gave me, and I was confident that I used to take nude selfies, because I loved my body. But it was Dave from Private Society who rejected me to be in a porn video, because he said, "You don't have what it takes to cut it in a video." I felt so belittled, humiliated, extremely depressed, and lost all confidence in myself, that I stopped ...
    crazybrett's profile
    <19 fans>
     My slutty life.  Read 72 times

      Every friday at evning i stay near railway when train drive very slov. Master tell me what i should stay with lifting my dress or skirt, watch on train and smail.
    Mashulka's profile
    <1324 fans>
     Mental transition   Read 40 times

      Gay sex was the answer. The intensity of what I'd been looking for. How sex SHOULD feel. But, I didn't find men attractive then. I still found women attractive even though that attraction no longer translated to sexual arousal. It was a threesome, my first gay threesome since I'd become fully sexually active that changed that. The third guy triggered it in me. I NEEDED to please him...
    Robyn78's profile
    <1020 fans>
     fakes  Read 30 times

       J'adorerai avoir des fakes de proches amies, si quelqu'un peut m'en faire j'en serai très heureux... I shall adore having fakes of close girls friends, if somebody can do for me I shall be very happy there 
    zobix's profile
    <710 fans>
     Make me famous  Read 49 times

      Printing my nude pics and leave them any publick places where much mens or give them to homeless guys. If it is possible, i would like to see photo where you leave my pics. It is make me very horny.
    Mashulka's profile
    <1324 fans>
     Gay anal-virgins.  Read 55 times

       It truly amazes me the number of gay/sissy anal virgins I meet day-to-day. And what is the number 1 reason for this according to them? ...fear of anal discomfort and pain.  I come in contact with sissies in their 50's and 60's who have never attempted anal intercourse for fear of pain. Fear of something is very difficult to overcome without ever havin...
    MiamiMike's profile
    <15555 fans>
     Escorts in Delhi   Read 36 times

       Some people used to feel and wonder why people opt out of such kinds of service ingredients and thoseindividuals who have come and enjoyed the service have then come to know the values associated withit.These days one cannot forget some of the terrible things that most of the persons used to undergo andthose include of depression, tensions as well as different other things. Escorts...
    saumyagiri's profile
    <1 fans>
     Please bimbofy me  Read 39 times

       Please bimbofy me, not just a feminine sissy, but a complete cartoon fuckdoll. Lock my useless little thing up and never, ever let me cum, until I'm so horny I'll agree to anything. Make me watch hypnosis and bust my sissy balls if you catch me watching anything else or reading anything.   Tell me I'll never be good enough. Make me get breast implants that are ne...
    begginginpink's profile
    <460 fans>
     Nani cougar MILF Hot   Read 89 times

                132 Pics | 182 Mb
    ClaraLovBBC's profile
    <3397 fans>
     Your favorite, something new?  Read 34 times

      So everyone, what's your favorite story off mine? What do you want to see more off and is there anything you want to see less off? Or do you want to see me make new stories with new fetishes in them? As in trans, traps, extortion, bully, funny, water-sports, incest, etc. I've only just started uploading so any input into what you want to see is appreciated.
    Flaltee's profile
    <52 fans>
     A DREAM, A NIGHTMARE etc... Part 5...  Read 42 times

      Part 5 Then, with Alexa broken and at my mercy, I coldly told her that I use drugs as well and that I had already started shooting up her precious daughter with crystal meth… "Do u want to see your little daughter's track marks", I asked with contempt and superiority in my voice… "That's what I'm doing Alexa, I'm using up your precious little gi...
    mjwfour's profile
    <90 fans>
     Alone at home.  Read 114 times

       I am your sister in law and I am alone at home today with you and my little daughter.  What will you do to seduce me as my husband would not come tonight?. (I always respected you as a brother)   how will you (by staring me secretly, dirty talks that my daughter would not understand, touch me secretly) 
    annsydoudou's profile
    <21 fans>
     Teenage Fantasies  Read 83 times

      This is my third blog entry, and over time a reader will really get to know our sex life, but especially that of my very hot MILF wife.  She is currently 48 and we've been together for many years.  She's very comfortable with herself sexually, and I'm not sure when she will hit her sexual peak, but the sex keeps getting more exciting.  She is a tease, she is a hot MIL...
    New_Voyeur's profile
    <274 fans>
     Pornosexual homosexual 3  Read 42 times

      Just prior to becoming a cock sucker, my tastes in women had got to the ridiculous point. The super enhanced silicone implants women like Minka, Tiffany Towers, Crystal Gunns. And the naturals involving the likes of LDM, Christy Marks and especially Ines Cudna. I was genuinely attracted to them. Although something I chose to ignore was the huge amount of gay phone sex I'd had made it less e...
    Robyn78's profile
    <1020 fans>
     Heterosexual pornosexual homosexual 2  Read 38 times

      Sex with my wife actually bored me. I was still trying to find the perfect fuck. She was pregnant again. Third time. I actually preferred my magazines to her. I'd ignored the fact a man had made me cum. I wasn't gay. It was a one off. So for a few years, and a few affairs I ignored that part. Although hardcore porn was now legal and... Who exactly was I wanking too? The cocksucking mode...
    Robyn78's profile
    <1020 fans>
     Heterosexual pornosexual homosexual  Read 36 times

      Samantha Fox, Maria Whittaker. Seeing them in their top less glory made me discover what my cock was all about!!! Page 3 girl pics were all I could get my hands on, so I had a stash of a few... First wank bank! Sex followed, and it wasnt a disaster. It was ok. Just ok. She was gorgeous, she couldn't get enough. So we had plenty of practice, but it was still just OK. Playboy with Pamela Ande...
    Robyn78's profile
    <1020 fans>
     Body like this  Read 54 times

       I admit it.  No hiding .I would love to have a body like that.  
    dnthmnnn's profile
    <763 fans>
     lekker verhaal van redlips  Read 34 times

       Een half jaar geleden kochten mijn vriend en ik een leuk appartement, er woonden maar een paar jongere mensen en de andere waren allemaal al wat oudere medebewoners, het was er gezellig wonen en soms maakte ik wel eens een praatje met andere bewoners, drie maanden geleden kwam ik mijn nog vrijgezelle bovenbuurman Stefan tegen een man van bijna 50 in de hal tegen en we maakten ook weer...
    digitalepost's profile
    <293 fans>
     Last week  Read 49 times

         Oh Hi !! Lisa Blogging away again...       Just seems like a lack of desire and summer events have kept me from anything sexual lately. Been angry at my husband and let him be home alone at the last two swingers parties. He likes the time alone but makes me think about a life without him too. Truthfully.  as fun ...
    Caddyguy's profile
    <1240 fans>
     chastity cage  Read 44 times

      I so want a chastity cage. Part of me thinks its redundant since when i have my toy out and im plowing my boipussy like there is no tomorrow i stay soft, but i want it for the inbetween times. this way i can reinforce the whole my butt is my pussy and my tiny penis is just a clit. i also think that some guys might be more willing to fuck me if they saw i was in chastity since it would be showin...
    Jessica_Rabyt_TS's profile
    <97 fans>
     Loving this nice weather  Read 40 times

       Scotland is not renown for it's hot summers but this year has been exceptional.   To be able to enjoy the sunshine and more importantly the scantily clad females free from the burdens of rainwear and heavy clothing is wonderful. My thanks goes out to the MILF who was sitting in George Square Glasgow on Saturday(14th July) wearing a short skirt and black sheer pa...
    mysweetem's profile
    <423 fans>

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