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     Tah-tah.  Read 46 times

       As the nasty one slides into ImageFap obscurity I say tah-tah. Time for you to service your second husband. You will not be missed. x Mikayla.
    MiamiMike's profile
    <18856 fans>
     3rd Gallery & 24 Beauties Just Added   Read 36 times

      Hey Everyone, Welcome back to the page & the start of our 3rd gallery of beauties... Click Here To See The Start Of Gallery #3
    jitalkhan's profile
    <22 fans>
     photos of before and after bondage  Read 46 times

      wanted before and after bondage pictures
    bigal64's profile
    <1 fans>
     slut life  Read 44 times

      new gallery
    sywwow's profile
    <24 fans>
     Today is the day!   Read 49 times

      The day I upload what I have on my Tumblr account. Everything saved on my phone that can be uploaded is uploaded,  now I'm trying to preserve what's on my TumblrBlog whilst I still can, just about every good pic I've reblogged and some pics that are mine, that may not be on my computer drives. I've heard that some people are still able to skirt porn past the system,  b...
    JaxRhapsody's profile
    <27 fans>
     That trumped them.  Read 74 times

       I was standing at the back of a fairly crowded lift, next to my mum in a store in Norwich when   most people got out at the first floor. We wanted the sixth floor so went on up.   As most people left, a young and beautiful woman got in smelling strongly   of an expensive perfume. We mumbled to each other as she stood so...
    Francesa's profile
    <4009 fans>
     That is what I call curvy!   Read 40 times

    troetemann's profile
    <831 fans>
     Bondage thought experiment/game  Read 34 times

       When you see people on street choose which bondage situations/ positions you’d put them in. I was riding a bike down the board walk (off season, so no swim suites) and saw many woman.  I made a quick decision, how I’d bind them. Quick decisions. I had three main ideas, and some ladies would get special treatment. Heavy, round ladies, get the Butterball, fit get the fu...
    MastWat's profile
    <286 fans>
     More Pics in My Club on Imagefap  Read 91 times

      Join and see what more I have to offer.
    Trish_theBish's profile
    <249 fans>
     Add new gall (mature, BBW)  Read 36 times

    mrtomskiy's profile
    <121 fans>
     delicious  Read 56 times

    archie91's profile
    <1565 fans>
     Best of Babecock  Read 42 times
    poisontree's profile
    <773 fans>
     Strong Cock Conversion 3  Read 42 times
    poisontree's profile
    <773 fans>
     Transexual and crossdresser prostitutes  Read 50 times

       Two tranny whorez since last update.   A local Thai shemale with polished pics on the Web that make her look pretty. She wasn't. She did have stubby fake tits which made me very hard. She only had a little cock and could only keep it hard a bit.  A visiting CD  however had a meaty cock that she kept hard for me. She was about 5 10 and a total hardbody, with mostly robust co...
    anykink's profile
    <1238 fans>
     Jessica difeo  Read 36 times

      Jessica difeo
    pepers314's profile
    <45 fans>
     White GF loves Muslim attention  Read 62 times

      The other night after a few drinks I was walking home with my girlfriend. It's been hot here (UK) recently and for the first time in a while she'd worn a little stretchy black miniskirt. We live in an area where the population is 95% Muslim and there's often big groups of young men sat around, especially when it's nice out, being boisterous etc. She'd already bee...
    BetaUK's profile
    <5 fans>
     SEX - at long last   Read 41 times

      She wanted it today... came over to my side of the bed and held my hand. I didn't take much persuading, so: sucked her tits for ages. Put my face in her cleavage and sucked and licked more. Fingered her until she was wet. Got 4 fingers and thumb in her pussy where she pushed herself onto them harder. Sucked my penis. Fondled and felt my balls. Held my waist as I slid in and out. Told me 'don't ...
    ab1974's profile
    <118 fans>
      skype /  Read 34 times

       MASTER4CUCKOLD chocolat bi 180cm .85kg.penis .24.13cm . member in sommes cuckolding.bdsm.forumes  skype / bdsm forum  =  penischocolat  =  penischocolat2020 cfchatc...
    penischocolat's profile
    <0 fans>
     Struggles of having a large cock  Read 36 times

      I bought some regular size, generic condoms from the store, and they didn't fit! Now it's money wasted. Had to order special condoms from e-store, designed to fit on a large penis. I hope they fit better on me :)
    Mikesbolt93's profile
    <432 fans>
     About me moslem whore wearing hijab and my slut hijabi mother  Read 58 times

       Eca36d 30 years old, Woman eca pelacur ber jilbab     nama gue desa annisa dini pelacur. gue hobi bugil didepan orang asing. gue seneng pamerin toket 36D gue. toket gue gede kaya sapi dan gue punya pentil item, gue seneng kalo toket gue diemut dan diremes kuli bangunan dan preman pasar. mama gue juga pelacur, namanya dian sundalriani. pantatnya bes...
    eca36d's profile
    <73 fans>
     my secrets  Read 49 times

      I'm really an asexual cock sucking faggot Wanna-Be (don't tell anyone)
    Daddies_Boy's profile
    <18 fans>
     No Bra, No Shoes? No Problem 24 Pic Update   Read 52 times

      Hey Everyone, Summer is almost here and these beauties preview that... Click Here To See These Pre-Summer Beauties
    jitalkhan's profile
    <22 fans>
     3DXChat  Read 41 times

       Bored i searched the web for 3D Games to live out my Futa fantasy's, and hey, i found 3DXCHAT (, omg, awesome, walking around swinging my big Futa cock. Addicted to her new cock she prowls the venues for he rnext pray....   xxxx Katt
    CybersinKatt's profile
    <277 fans>
     BBC  Read 35 times

       18 évessn baszott meg először egy nagy néger fasz. Azóta ha csak lehetőségem ven rá, szétteszem nekik a lábam, bár Budapesten nem sok van sajnos.    Ha érdekel a folytatás írj az e-mailomra!  Puszi, csók a farkakra és a puncikra.. 
    whoreboy33's profile
    <64 fans>
     It's April of 2019  Read 45 times

       We're still looking.  It's April of 2019 apparently there are no young black gentlemen located in Cleveland who want to be orally serviced.  Where are all the really hung black guys hanging out???
    ido's profile
    <329 fans>
     Fantasies of a small breasted wife  Read 59 times

       My wife's has expressed several fantasies of being dominated in various ways.   I shared some in the blog and posted some pics of her in the gallery.  She likes some if the comments and wants to think about it.  The ideas she likes best are of being tied and punished hard.  She is intrigued with the idea of a group torturing her breasts, or being forced to pay se...
    icarus5567's profile
    <310 fans>
     The Best  Read 35 times

      The best boobs I have ever seen in real life was Ms. Q - May 2010. Short, Black, and thick. And she was huge. 38 Q Cup. That why her friend call her "Ms. Q.". The best of the Best in Homegrown Boobs. 
    48ejordan's profile
    <348 fans>
     What I like  Read 48 times

       I like girls loving girls   I like teens   I like older younger lesbians   I like threesome  MMF and FFM   I like anal   I like double penetration   I like blowjob   I like foot job   I like light domination 
    hotlust's profile
    <65 fans>
     My Oh no no's:  Read 85 times

       We all have limits and things we just aren't into am I right? I thought I'd post mine just to be clear and upfront. OH NO NO'S:   Anything having to do with a minor. Please be 18+. If you message me about anyone underage I will block ya real fast.  Animals/Beastiality. Anything having to do with poop. Just no. No thank you. Anything with knives, bloo...
    LaceyLoo's profile
    <150 fans>
     The first time by Susie  Read 128 times

      I want to keep this short and sweet. My son was sixteen years old when he fucked me for the first time.  He'd been jerking into my underwear when suddenly on a hot summer day (he was mowing the grass with his shirt off), I decided to have sex with him.  Yes, its true that his hard dick explored his mother's pussy and filled me with his cum.  The first time he lasted only ...
    sexsusie's profile
    <578 fans>
     Masturbation ( bi , trans, straight Male, female )  Read 46 times

       I am 65yrs old and a widower and a prostate cancer survivor who has lost his prostate to radical prostatectomy. This leaves me unable to attain a full usable erection, last sexual contact 15yrs ago. My deceased wife had severe health and physcotic health issues, we slept alone 9yrs before she passed on 2015. I can achieve a partial erection can masturbate but I produce no cum none at all , I...
    Docdon55's profile
    <2 fans>
     Show me your tits and falling in love with another man  Read 78 times

       My husband had a friend, we'll call him Willie. Whenever Willie would see me he would exclaim, "Susie, show me your tits."  This went on for about two years.  I have to admit it made me real horny.  I had not yet begun having sex with my son at this point whom I have been entirely faithful too since.  "Susie show me your tits" ad nauseum.  Tho...
    sexsusie's profile
    <578 fans>
     hi  Read 33 times

      hi im looking for girls, woman, sissys and t-girls
    gera7777's profile
    <2 fans>
     Fremdficken !!!!  Read 57 times

           Ich werde von meinem Mann regelmäßig anderen Männern zum Fremdficken vorgeführt. Meist im Bekanntenkreis, immer wieder aber auch ganz fremden, gelegentlich auch mehreren. Ich bin auf diese Weise schon über 50 mal fremdgefickt worden und liebe es immer wieder. Mein Mann sucht die Fremdschwänze aus, ich habe da kein Mitspracherech...
    Marriage-Bitch's profile
    <5290 fans>
     Add new gall (my photo)  Read 57 times

    mrtomskiy's profile
    <121 fans>
     Introduction  Read 48 times

       My lords, ladies and gentlemen. It gives me great pleasure and they havn't caught me doing it yet.  
    SDMCS01's profile
    <30 fans>
     Wishful thinking  Read 43 times

       He glanced up from his computer screen, his face and body hidden behind the flat screen monitor save for two eyes which followed as she walked past the bank of desks he sat at. He knew where she was going and knew in a couple of minutes she'd walk back to her desk where he'd be able to watch her again.   Sarah wasn't a stunning model nor did she have a body 'to die for&#...
    Warrender's profile
    <500 fans>
     Most censored captions ever!  Read 71 times

       LOL! Twitter blocked our account. Previously, Tumblr had deleted our blog after their change of policy and Blogger, their spinoff, don't let us access without any reason given. Besides, some pins have been censored and deleted on Sex, Smutty and even here. We must be doing something right.
    mofaxxx's profile
    <229 fans>
     Destroying My Useless Balls  Read 51 times

       First, if you go beyond using the below to get horny, fuck yourself and orgasm and end up in the hospital, it's your problem. It worked for me, so go slow and find your limits or leave your balls alone. I get asked over and over how I ruined my little balls. As much as I love repeating the story, and it makes me pre-cum out of my soft cock until I have to hand-job myself int...
    TinyNutsTim's profile
    <398 fans>
     Anal Stretching  Read 50 times

       Or, “How To Turn Your Tight Little Anus Into a Gaping, Sloppy Loose Ass-Cunt”. Let’s face it, if you are a man, straight, gay or whatever, you no doubt see the kind of fun women have getting penetrated. Probably even makes you a little jealous. But at the same time you also love putting your cock in one of those wet holes to be found in the human body. I admit, there is a s...
    TinyNutsTim's profile
    <398 fans>
     Sister-in-law Fantasy Fuck (Ending B)  Read 60 times

       As I'm gathering my things and cleaning up, a wave of panic sets in.  What if she remembers?  Shit what did I do? The best I can do at this point is to just make sure I get everything cleaned up.  Or is there something else I can set up just in case there are any supsisions.... I went back to where her dog was caged up.  I let him out and guided him to the ...
    slycomeback's profile
    <74 fans>
     Sister-in-law Fantasy Fuck (Ending A)  Read 52 times

       As I'm gathering my things and cleaning up, a wave of panic sets in.  What if she remembers?  Shit what did I do? The best I can do at this point is to just make sure I get everything cleaned up.  Then a voice scares the shit out of me... "Well that was fun!" What the fuck, it was my SIL! She starts to lift her head and gives me a smile.  I sta...
    slycomeback's profile
    <74 fans>
     Sister-in-law Fantasy Fuck (Part 3)  Read 50 times

       I've gone this far, might as well stick it in her ass.  If she wakes up, fuck it.  That ass is totally worth it.  I MUST be inside it.  I've always fantasized about it with her and now is my chance.  I've done anal with her sister (my wife) but only once accidentally, and once with just the tip when we were both drunk.  Today, I dominate my SIL's...
    slycomeback's profile
    <74 fans>
     Sister-in-law Fantasy Fuck (Part 2)  Read 55 times

      After some time passed and many semi-flirtatious conversations the time has finally come.  She's starting to get loopy and just went to her master bathroom.  I'll check on her in a bit, but first she left her phone on the counter - bingo!  I snatch it and walk into her guest bathroom and lock the door behind me.  Very fortunately for me, I know her unlock ...
    slycomeback's profile
    <74 fans>
     Sister-in-law Fantasy Fuck (Part 1)  Read 55 times

       I finally decided to do it.  Everything was in place and I had gone over the plan in my head repeatedly.  Now it was just a matter of timing and my SIL's response.  I pulled out my phone with shaking hands.  Holy shit I'd never been this nervous.  I slowly opened up messenger and started to type... "Hey! Was thinking about making a cake for your s...
    slycomeback's profile
    <74 fans>
     45yo mature  Read 83 times
    oedipus89's profile
    <9 fans>
     Check my new gallery and please comment  Read 74 times

      I have posted just some clothes and things I want to try and maybe would look girly in. I still feel like I will always be 15 in my heart and act and dress that way
    Raven009's profile
    <776 fans>
     Me, a sissy, used by my mother and her black lover - PART 1  Read 105 times

      When I was about 6 years old, I remember that my mother and I were taking showers together. She was thoroughly cleaning me and teaching me about self-hygiene. I was also looking at her body at the time not understanding what I see truly but I remember of it all. She, then at 36 years old was somewhat hardbodied, with big breasts, very large areolas of dark color and huge perky nipples. Her ass ...
    crossexploration's profile
    <569 fans>
     Ich will Spass  Read 83 times

       Nach dem Sportuntericht sind wir duschen und uns umziehen. Eine reine Mädchenklasse, was mir nicht so super gefällt. Ich habe es neben meiner Bio Lehrerin schon länger auf Nicole abgesehen. Ich schleiche mich unter der Dusche an sie ran, grapsche mir ihre Titten  und versuche eine tiefe Stimme nachmachen, ihr ins Ohr brüllend "Buh, jetzt fick ich dich" ...
    MomClaudi's profile
    <379 fans>
     Update - Spring 2019  Read 66 times

       Hello End of last year I uploaded lots of great stuff on the following themes: Mature, Young, Groups of Girls, Uniform and Family Be sure to check them out. I have not uploaded anything for a few months but have been busy sorting and ordering stuff in my collection. I am hoping to be posting regularly over the coming weeks / months, on the themes of Spankin...
    CheekzMonkey's profile
    <2107 fans>
     There is no freedom in my country  Read 66 times

      So I arrived here in search of freedom May there be permanent rest here For me...
    professor-ma's profile
    <28 fans>
     Uploads  Read 60 times

      I submit full galleries from personal interests, if you want that I publish full-packed galleries of someone just let me know.
    wrestlecon's profile
    <94 fans>
     My introduction, about me is limited.  Read 113 times

      Chào from vietnam, I'm (only friends will know my name, haha, I got you), nice to meet you. I do not want to write a long story, but to make it short I used to be in a religious community for around 11 years and now I traveled to america, I'm studying to become a registered nurse. I do live a civilian life, like everyone and I enjoy discovering every parcels of my new ...
    cuc_khoai's profile
    <51 fans>
     Bambi Bimbo Bonanza  Read 66 times

       So, Mistress was away from 07:45 until 15:00...I expect. I was well “‘shroomed up” by 07:15, which made the last 30 minutes of normalcy almost intolerable.  I was dressed by, oh guessing, 07:46.  As a sort of experiment, I dosed on porn for a while, then when fully spaced out and feminized, I popped a good dose of edible weed.  The ‘shrooms made ...
    slave_Heidi's profile
    <568 fans>
     I'm the Entertainment  Read 64 times

      Make me get naked outise then drag me naked into a party where 50 women get a good laugh. Then let them do whatever they want to humiliate me.
    RickyOTK's profile
    <234 fans>

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