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    Encounter's profile
    Some of the previews posted

    Put up a gallery of five of the previews I've been working on. Hope you enjoy them and want to see the whole story soon! Finished another today, but I'm going to wait to post it until I have the other seven done. Only 20 pics left to draw so it will be next week at the latest.

    UPDATE: Only 13 to go. Had a good day of drawing today. Probably be done in another day and change. Then I can get going on story #8, as promised...

      Posted on : May 24, 2019 | Comments (0)
    Previews charging forward

    It feels like the old days. I drew 10 pics in this sequence of previews since yesterday. Some are pretty simple images, but still it feels nice. I'll be sure to share these pages with you all here so you can see for yourself what you should be patronizing!
      Posted on : May 21, 2019 | Comments (0)
    NEW STORY posted at Patreon

    Don't miss it! A sultry poledance leads to a nice fuck and suck for a stocking-clad slut-boi & the black stud lover of his choice.

    So cumming up is a brief excursion through some "Cocks in Catboys" previews, which I will post here and on Patreon. Just to get you all excited about the next twelve stories to be drawn. That's about 42 pictures to drawn, so I figure it will take about two weeks to get through completely. Then I think I know which will be the first story to cum after the previews.

      Posted on : May 19, 2019 | Comments (0)
    Back to drawing

    Just got back from my trip, & had a good drawing. Did six pics total, four of them in the new story, so only 20 pics left. For sure I'll be done by Saturday. Got a good idea for the next story after that, a sexy gangbang adventure!

    UPDATE: Only 14 pics left to draw. Sunday seems more likely at this rate, but it will be soon!

    UPDATE #2: Only 6 pics left. Post any day now. Probably will take a few days after that to put together a few preview pages of the next 11 or so stories that are up to be done in the next few months, then get going on the next story. That's about forty pictures all told, so we'll see how we feel when we get started on them.

    After the bulk of those eleven stories have been completed, I think I'll move back over to the "Power Bottoms" series and get the second issue started. There's a pretty clear consensus that that issue will be the "Daddy Issues" stepdad fantasy. That still needs to be finished & scripted, so hopefully that will happen in the next few months.

      Posted on : May 14, 2019 | Comments (0)
    Polls polls polls

    Hey, if you have a moment, cum by my Patreon page and vote in my public polls to decide what work you'd like to see me get started on. The first was posted about a week ago and asks which should be the next (the third) "Cocks in Catboys" story to work on next. The most recent poll asks which of two possible options I should pursue for the second full-length "Power Bottoms" story to finish and get started on. Your input is important to me, so let me know what you'd like to see.

    Patreon campaign located at:

      Posted on : May 11, 2019 | Comments (0)
    Moving along

    20 pictures into the next story, glad to say! But I'm about a week away from being able to draw again. But I'll be back before you know it!
      Posted on : May 8, 2019 | Comments (0)
    New story idea

    So as I'm going through the Cocks in Catboys stories that still need to have scripts written, I found a story that is just not working right now. The scenario is hot enough -- a dancer at a sex club gets assigned to work the big bird cage for a high roller. But the individual pictures are not different enough. Bunches of them look like like zooms of previous shots and it makes me sad. I can fix it but it will take a bit to locate the right images.

    So I found a set with an even better idea, posted right here at IF. Luna Star catches her roommate unwrapping a big fuck-toy and decides to swap places with it. The roommate fucks the toy until she makes too much noise and has to expose herself. Then more cocksucking and buttfucking ensue. Super hot. Than one will work nicely. Now I have to storyboard it and also write the script but the idea drives me crazy. So we're going for it!

      Posted on : May 6, 2019 | Comments (0)
    New pictures at Patreon & new story started

    Posted a few new pics at Patreon (some are publicly available) and I started work on the next story in the "Cocks in Catboys" series. It's not story #2, but it's something I've been wanting to work on for a while. A holdover from the original long series of "14-Inch Adventures" and very sweet & sexy. You'll like it. A bit of exotic dance. A bit of butt-fucking. A bit more butt-fucking. Yum!

    UPDATE: Been a few days trying to get other stories ready to be drawn by writing and attaching the scripts. Sometimes finding out that a story I thought might be good is having trouble lending itself to a script, so those have to go. Luckily I have tons of ideas for new stories. But I did manage to get like 5 new pictures drawn in the latest story. It's not that long, maybe 46 images, so I should have it done in about two weeks. We'll see -- I have a trip next week, and will be gone like 5 days, so that will interfere with progress.

      Posted on : May 1, 2019 | Comments (0)
    New story posted!

    Ahhhh. So nice to get back into productivity. 14 days and a new story. "Blind Lust," the first story in the new "Cocks in Catboys" series has been posted to Patreon, where you can download it & everything to cum for a low monthly patronage fee. Help support quality, imaginative erotic artwork.

    Please don't think about the patronage as paying for content so much as making the content possible in the first place. I'll try to have two short stories done every month, but some are longer than others and the full-length issues have 200 images in them minimum, and usually much more, so those will take two months at least to finish. But you'll be making the world a sluttier place by helping me out!

      Posted on : Apr 29, 2019 | Comments (0)
    CnC preview posted!

    As promised, the first page of the new short story series "Cocks in Catboys" has been posted. You'll see it soon on my Patreon campiagn. Come check me out!

    UPDATE: Now have 11 pics done, so maybe 33 or so to go. Moving forward much more quickly now. Finally feel better.

    UPDATE#2: 14 down. Can easily see completing this story in like seven more days.

    UPDATE #3: 18 drawn, under 30 to go. Moving quickly now.

    UPDATE #4: Just about halfway done now. Feeling good.

      Posted on : Apr 18, 2019 | Comments (0)
    Started right back up

    No days off for me now that I'm hustling my artwork. Started the next story right up and drew a good amount today. If I can keep that up, I'll be done with it in about ten days. I'll post a preview when the first page is done tomorrow. I also was able to re-organize the second story in the "Cocks in Catboys" series -- something that I had carried over from the original series of shorter stories, but that had really swollen when I formatted in high-rez. I was able to chop out four full pages (two of those were triple pages) and about 35 images. So now that story is manageable to do in a short while. 65 pics can be done in about three weeks if everything goes right. Goody for me!

      Posted on : Apr 17, 2019 | Comments (0)
    First patron!

    I just came home to find my first patron of my Patreon account. How exciting! Thank you dahling!
      Posted on : Apr 15, 2019 | Comments (0)
    Power Bottoms #1 posted to Patreon

    The first issue of "PE's Power Bottoms" is now completed, after way too long in the works. A preview has been loaded to usual places, as well as a guide to finding me on Patreon.

    As I stated earlier, my new work will be available only to my patrons on Patreon. The price is very reasonable, a bit more per month than a large-size frappachino. All my hardcore work will be posted there from now on. Please consider supporting me in this ginormous new project: about 4,000 new pictures to draw over the next few years, in high-resolution, deluxe format. All new adventures of even hornier slut-bois and the big black studs who appreciate them.

      Posted on : Apr 15, 2019 | Comments (0)
    Almost there finally!

    Have just three pictures left before the much-anticipated new story will be posted to Patreon. There will be a nice preview posted here and instructions on how to find the full story. You have to see the new story to believe it, and there's so much more to cum! If you like sissy and crossdress IR porn erotica, you will want to see this. Patronage is pretty cheap and it helps me keep the lights on and inspires me to draw more and more. Don't miss out! Don't be a drag, be a queen!

    UPDATE:  Tonight will definitely be the night. I have just one picture to draw and all the pages will be complete. Stay tuned for the preview to be posted later!

      Posted on : Apr 14, 2019 | Comments (0)
    Hookup part deux

    So the boy I hooked up with a few weeks back invited me over to have a pot brownie and hang out. Guess I'm still pretty innocent, because this really meant we were going to fuck. So we did: made out nice and slow all naked. (he has a lovely butt) Then he's a sub bottom type so he went down on me and I went down on him. Neither of us usually cum when sucked off, so we proceeded to the fucking.

    This time I was totally hard and it all worked. He liked to ride cowgirl, which is fun but usually not enough to make me cum. So it's good to extend the evening out. I did cum, doggie style, right up his ass bareback. It felt so naughty and wonderful. I forgot to look and see if it spurted back out of his tight little butthole.

    We played for a little longer and then fell asleep for a little while. It was a weeknight so I ended up Ubering back home. But it was fun, and I'm glad to see that my plumbing still works.

    To tell the truth though, I'd really like to get topped pretty badly. I like a nice big dude, black maybe but who cares, strong, and thick-cocked. I practice all the time so I know I could handle a well-hung lad if needed. I'd be scared to let him bareback me, but I'll be on PrEP soon, so there will be less pressure on that. Also I really like the thought of ass to mouth, so that's tougher with a condom. Less flavorful.

    Problem is because of my size and age I think most guys see me as a top bear/daddy sort. I like the little queer femme boys too. If only I could find one who likes to top. I know they're out there though, so I'll keep looking.

      Posted on : Apr 9, 2019 | Comments (0)
    Finally had a good day

    I'm so sorry this project has been taking so long. I realize that I've been in some bad headspace for focusing and so it's been tough to draw even one picture a day. But today I drew seven, and so I'm down to 15 pics left in the story and a new lease on finshing this story at last. No promises, but I can see finishing up this week.

    UPDATE: Headspace = much improved. Two days, four pics. 11 to go. Pulling for Saturday for a posting. Hooray!

    UPDATE #2: Moving closer. Three more down, eight to go. Also did some reorganizing so that the ones remaining will be easier to do. Funny how a regular long shot gets transformed into a nice dramatoc close-up if it will save me a half-hour to draw it...

    UPDATE #3: Nice. Five pics left. Tomorrow for a posting is possible, but we'll see.

      Posted on : Apr 6, 2019 | Comments (0)
    Gearing up for new project

    I know I know -- it's taking forever to get this current story done. I went out of town & didn't bring my stylus, so I lost a week there. There are about 25 pics left, & I'll get there soon enough. Just a few every day.

    I think I know what my next project will be though. Something different I think. I have a series called "Ladyboy Heaven" featuring nine shemale-themed stories. The first one is called "Shady Surprise" and features a slut-boi who discovers his new employer is a futanari with a very dirty mind, and so he gets dommed & topped & used & abused by this new mistress. Should be fun & different.

    So I think I'll get that started when I get a little closer to being done. The stories in this series that are done are really hot, plus there's a sexy"bonus gallery" included of bout 16 more pages of shemale, ladyboy, and futa pinups, in lieu of the usual centerfold. Set materials for this as well, plus a preview page. All are next in the queue. Soon soon soon!

      Posted on : Mar 26, 2019 | Comments (0)

    My recent travails in hooking up have indicated to me that I'm just not ready yet to play the top for anybody. (Well there might be one gurl but she doesn't even know I exist...).

    So I'm trying to gain some experience as a bottom. It's what I fantasize about, exclusively. And my fantasies tend to be quite lurid and involved. But there's something in me that makes me hesitate. Loss of control, I guess. I just need to get taken by some big guy who's insistent but still sweet. I want to kiss and make out beforehand, of course. But then I need to get pounded like a hot bitch.

    Trouble is with my size and beard I tend to attract mostly younger bottoms. They're sweet, but not what I need these days. Someone find me a big muscley top with a filthy mind who's willing to teach me a few things. I clean up nice. You'd like me.

      Posted on : Mar 19, 2019 | Comments (0)
    A bit of a preview, PB01

    Hi, so I posted two completed pages of the upcoming Prurient Encounter Power Bottoms issue #1, just to get you interested and get me motivated to finish it. I'm going slow, but am so close by now. About 30 pics to go on 7 pages. If I can get some nice comments to show you're out there, i can get myself together enough to finish it.

    These past few weeks have been really ful of dating and work, so I'm not too disappointed with myself -- but I am tired of having the project looming above my head. When I finish this, I'll turn to something shorter -- a "Cocks in Catboys" story perhaps, just so I can start making progress on this second series.

    There's so much to draw it can be a little intimidating sometimes. One pic at a time, gurl. Just like before.

      Posted on : Mar 11, 2019 | Comments (0)
    Coming sooner

    Only have 32 pictures left in the series, Let's get this done soon!

      Posted on : Mar 10, 2019 | Comments (0)
    Finally not techncally

    Finally not technically a virgin any longer, though the hookup did not go as planned. He was sweet and cute. He wanted me to top him and was very submissive. But my body was not there. It's too soon I think.

    I remember back to being a teenager and how long it took me to finally feel comfortable expressing myself sexually. Now I don't have years and years to come around to this, but I do have 25 years of habitual heterosexuality to overcome, and that's going to take time.

    So dance with me, have a drink with me, kiss and cuddle with me -- I'm just going to take it slow like a good gurl Every little bit helps.

      Posted on : Mar 8, 2019 | Comments (0)
    Weird experience

    So I'm on Scruff and get occasional messages from guys to chat or meet. Most things are unremarkable. I give good flirt but most of the time the chemisry is not there and everybody loses interest. A few guys last a day or two. I've seen exactly one boy from Scruff, and I liked him okay. We might try to hang out again, I suppose (though I'm losing interest pretty quickly due to having a boy I do like already).

    So today I get this message from a very sub guy, a bit older than me. He tells me he's got fetishes, like he wants to gain a lot of weight and that he likes it when people make fun of his tiny dick. So I ask him how little it is. He tells me he's 3 inches hard. Suddenly (and I'm in my office when this happens), I turn totally & instantly icy cold dom bitch on him. Saying cruel things about his dick and forcing him to confess humiliating secrets about himself. I was demanding that he beat off while he told me about wanting to be cuckolded & dressed in lingerie. He was all meek and like "sir" this and "daddy" that.

    It was really weird. It was like I was made to act like that with a certain kind of guy. But understand it was almost repellently easy to go there. And anything I said would have gotten that hopeless fucker off. So it wasn't like it was a challenge or sport. No satisfaction, and it absolutely did nothing to turn me on. I just wanted to see what it would feel like.

    I ordered the twerp to make himself cum and then told him that I would not agree to meet him for more. I then gave him a stroke saying he was a good boy and that he took orders well. Then I forbid him from texting me saying that I would choose when I talked to him again. I probably won't to tell the truth. It just wasn't that interesting.

    What was interesting was that it re-kindled an awareness of my dom and top qualities. I've been kind of obsessed with the bottom position for a while, as it tends to be what I dream about. I'm not interested in any of the boxes that go along with gay dating: bears, chubs, tops, bottoms. All of it bores me. But most of my messages are from much younger bottom-type guys who like guys my age. So I was unsure what to do with them. A bit of kai-kai is probably fun, but maybe not what these boys are looking for.

    Now I'm remembering what my body wants to do. So that's good. And I didn't have to look at some pathetic little weiner to realize it. I just made him do all the work and then returned to my job. So icy and cruel. I didn't know I had it in me.

      Posted on : Feb 27, 2019 | Comments (0)
    Been super slow

    I have been having serious morale issues lately in getting to the last 35 pictures in the full-length issue to come. Mostly because I met someone and I've been excitedly chatting with him most of the time. Dating has been interesting, but this boy is something special.

    So I ripped out some quick pin-up type pictures just to sat I got somethng done. I particularly like the detail on the stockings on the footsie picture.

      Posted on : Feb 27, 2019 | Comments (0)
    Still going

    So sorry, ladiez. It's taking absolutely forever to get this story done. There are now 50 images left, but at this rate, I'd say it will be a minimum of two weeks until I'm done. I've just been busy at work and with going out and living my weird life. Much happiness at this end but that does not help you get the fuck off.

    So, please -- be patient. I'll get there. I so want to draw something else by now...


    UPDATE: Now there are only 38 pictures left, but I'm finding it hard to find much time to draw these days. Plugging away though...

      Posted on : Feb 11, 2019 | Comments (0)
    Feeling cute, might delete later

    Despite my amazing cuteness, I am still a virgin in this new world of mine. I'm new and I'm still meeting people and trying to figure out who I like. I could legitimately go either way. I don't look like little Ewan all that much: I'm a big guy with a thick beard and a loud voice, but my fantasy is to get topped by a bigger, stronger guy (beard optional but ok). But another part of me could really show a little bottom-type a very good time as a top, especially someone really tiny and femme or even shemale. I guess a reciprocal, mutually switch-type relationship is what I'm looking for most, at least romantically -- but for a good low-stakes fuck, I'd do what needed to be done based on the partner and the moment. I'm giving like that.

    Not at all impatient about this. My sexual awakening has already begun, but it is proceeding in gradual steps. Just really making the fuck out with someone is step one. I want that next.

    Tinder is a wash. That's just not working so far. I'm just not seeing what I need in terms of character and interest from men there. Grindr would be even worse, even less substantial. There's a slut inside of me, but he just needs to be coaxed out and made to feel safe. The spooning comes later, if you're really good dahling.

      Posted on : Feb 7, 2019 | Comments (0)

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