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    Encounter's profile

    My recent travails in hooking up have indicated to me that I'm just not ready yet to play the top for anybody. (Well there might be one gurl but she doesn't even know I exist...).

    So I'm trying to gain some experience as a bottom. It's what I fantasize about, exclusively. And my fantasies tend to be quite lurid and involved. But there's something in me that makes me hesitate. Loss of control, I guess. I just need to get taken by some big guy who's insistent but still sweet. I want to kiss and make out beforehand, of course. But then I need to get pounded like a hot bitch.

    Trouble is with my size and beard I tend to attract mostly younger bottoms. They're sweet, but not what I need these days. Someone find me a big muscley top with a filthy mind who's willing to teach me a few things. I clean up nice. You'd like me.

      Posted on : Mar 19, 2019 | Comments (0)
    A bit of a preview, PB01

    Hi, so I posted two completed pages of the upcoming Prurient Encounter Power Bottoms issue #1, just to get you interested and get me motivated to finish it. I'm going slow, but am so close by now. About 30 pics to go on 7 pages. If I can get some nice comments to show you're out there, i can get myself together enough to finish it.

    These past few weeks have been really ful of dating and work, so I'm not too disappointed with myself -- but I am tired of having the project looming above my head. When I finish this, I'll turn to something shorter -- a "Cocks in Catboys" story perhaps, just so I can start making progress on this second series.

    There's so much to draw it can be a little intimidating sometimes. One pic at a time, gurl. Just like before.

      Posted on : Mar 11, 2019 | Comments (0)
    Coming sooner

    Only have 32 pictures left in the series, Let's get this done soon!

      Posted on : Mar 10, 2019 | Comments (0)
    Finally not techncally

    Finally not technically a virgin any longer, though the hookup did not go as planned. He was sweet and cute. He wanted me to top him and was very submissive. But my body was not there. It's too soon I think.

    I remember back to being a teenager and how long it took me to finally feel comfortable expressing myself sexually. Now I don't have years and years to come around to this, but I do have 25 years of habitual heterosexuality to overcome, and that's going to take time.

    So dance with me, have a drink with me, kiss and cuddle with me -- I'm just going to take it slow like a good gurl Every little bit helps.

      Posted on : Mar 8, 2019 | Comments (0)
    Weird experience

    So I'm on Scruff and get occasional messages from guys to chat or meet. Most things are unremarkable. I give good flirt but most of the time the chemisry is not there and everybody loses interest. A few guys last a day or two. I've seen exactly one boy from Scruff, and I liked him okay. We might try to hang out again, I suppose (though I'm losing interest pretty quickly due to having a boy I do like already).

    So today I get this message from a very sub guy, a bit older than me. He tells me he's got fetishes, like he wants to gain a lot of weight and that he likes it when people make fun of his tiny dick. So I ask him how little it is. He tells me he's 3 inches hard. Suddenly (and I'm in my office when this happens), I turn totally & instantly icy cold dom bitch on him. Saying cruel things about his dick and forcing him to confess humiliating secrets about himself. I was demanding that he beat off while he told me about wanting to be cuckolded & dressed in lingerie. He was all meek and like "sir" this and "daddy" that.

    It was really weird. It was like I was made to act like that with a certain kind of guy. But understand it was almost repellently easy to go there. And anything I said would have gotten that hopeless fucker off. So it wasn't like it was a challenge or sport. No satisfaction, and it absolutely did nothing to turn me on. I just wanted to see what it would feel like.

    I ordered the twerp to make himself cum and then told him that I would not agree to meet him for more. I then gave him a stroke saying he was a good boy and that he took orders well. Then I forbid him from texting me saying that I would choose when I talked to him again. I probably won't to tell the truth. It just wasn't that interesting.

    What was interesting was that it re-kindled an awareness of my dom and top qualities. I've been kind of obsessed with the bottom position for a while, as it tends to be what I dream about. I'm not interested in any of the boxes that go along with gay dating: bears, chubs, tops, bottoms. All of it bores me. But most of my messages are from much younger bottom-type guys who like guys my age. So I was unsure what to do with them. A bit of kai-kai is probably fun, but maybe not what these boys are looking for.

    Now I'm remembering what my body wants to do. So that's good. And I didn't have to look at some pathetic little weiner to realize it. I just made him do all the work and then returned to my job. So icy and cruel. I didn't know I had it in me.

      Posted on : Feb 27, 2019 | Comments (0)
    Been super slow

    I have been having serious morale issues lately in getting to the last 35 pictures in the full-length issue to come. Mostly because I met someone and I've been excitedly chatting with him most of the time. Dating has been interesting, but this boy is something special.

    So I ripped out some quick pin-up type pictures just to sat I got somethng done. I particularly like the detail on the stockings on the footsie picture.

      Posted on : Feb 27, 2019 | Comments (0)
    Still going

    So sorry, ladiez. It's taking absolutely forever to get this story done. There are now 50 images left, but at this rate, I'd say it will be a minimum of two weeks until I'm done. I've just been busy at work and with going out and living my weird life. Much happiness at this end but that does not help you get the fuck off.

    So, please -- be patient. I'll get there. I so want to draw something else by now...


    UPDATE: Now there are only 38 pictures left, but I'm finding it hard to find much time to draw these days. Plugging away though...

      Posted on : Feb 11, 2019 | Comments (0)
    Feeling cute, might delete later

    Despite my amazing cuteness, I am still a virgin in this new world of mine. I'm new and I'm still meeting people and trying to figure out who I like. I could legitimately go either way. I don't look like little Ewan all that much: I'm a big guy with a thick beard and a loud voice, but my fantasy is to get topped by a bigger, stronger guy (beard optional but ok). But another part of me could really show a little bottom-type a very good time as a top, especially someone really tiny and femme or even shemale. I guess a reciprocal, mutually switch-type relationship is what I'm looking for most, at least romantically -- but for a good low-stakes fuck, I'd do what needed to be done based on the partner and the moment. I'm giving like that.

    Not at all impatient about this. My sexual awakening has already begun, but it is proceeding in gradual steps. Just really making the fuck out with someone is step one. I want that next.

    Tinder is a wash. That's just not working so far. I'm just not seeing what I need in terms of character and interest from men there. Grindr would be even worse, even less substantial. There's a slut inside of me, but he just needs to be coaxed out and made to feel safe. The spooning comes later, if you're really good dahling.

      Posted on : Feb 7, 2019 | Comments (0)
    Speaking of cross-dressing

    Went on a "date" with a drag queen. We both got all dressed up and went out and raised hell. Then we both crashed at her apartment. She got out of drag and looked like a boy. We talked like old girlfriends for several hours, then we ended up spooning in her little bed. We decided we would just be friends, but of a very warm sort. She said she was a top who mostly tops straight men, which sounds lurid & fun. I'm more of a switch myself, though I see myself only playing bottom to very manly men (at least in my head: I'm still a virgin technically). So I think ths will work out.

    Cross a few things off my list of things I can say I've done in my weird life. Coming out could not have possibly turned out better, even if I'm yet to get totally fucked.

      Posted on : Jan 31, 2019 | Comments (0)
    On crossdressing

    Hello ladies,

    I've recently come to a crossroads. For a long time I was staying home & not sure about being out or what that even meant. And since I draw crossdressed young men all the time I figured I would give it a try. Love lingerie entirely. Love how it looks on a sexy person. And when my ex-wife dressed up that was when I felt everything could be right between us even though she was a woman. I still dream about being a dressed slutty character very similar to the one I draw. 

    So yeah I bought some cute things and tried on different looks, but I never really liked how I looked in that stuff. I'm six-foot-three and weigh an awful lot, more than 260 pounds. Pretty butch too with my full beard and square chin. Latrice Royale I am not hunty. So the idea of crossdressing was always more interesting to me than actually doing it.

    And when I started going out & having romantic encounters I realized that feels better to me and more natural than dressing, especially alone. So that aspect of me is in remission for the moment. I'm not opposed to femme lads who would do it, nor even trans gurl types. I can accommodate. And be appreciative. I'm not even ruling it out for me if I met the right person, under the right circumstances. Now I gotta big bag of delicates in my closet back where I used to live.

    I know, you were hoping for something more lurid & confessional. But that's what I got for you.

      Posted on : Jan 28, 2019 | Comments (0)
    Five more done

    Only 70 images left in the story. That means I could technically be done in about two more weeks. Been doing this one forever it seems, and I'm sorry about that. Turns out looking for boys to meet is a lot of work, and so I've been weary and slow to draw.

    Edging closer: 3 more done today. 67 to go.

    Good day today: only 61 left.

    Getting closer -- 147 done

      Posted on : Jan 25, 2019 | Comments (0)

    Been distracted these past two days. Drew like 9 pics, but they were all from the set materials for the "Cocks in Catboys" series, so that doesn't help me finish anything, now does it?

    <blink blink blink> See how cute I am?

      Posted on : Jan 22, 2019 | Comments (0)
    Not that big after all, I guess

    So the dam burst did not occur this week. Blame a hangover after a lovely night out, plus a lot of my other work getting in the way. But there are 132 images done, so we're well over halfway -- that's great. Feels like I've been working on this for a long long time.

      Posted on : Jan 20, 2019 | Comments (0)

    I hate to say (no not really...) but life has been one wonderful dscovery after another. Went out this week and met people who give me life. No kissing this time, but lots of fun things to do & places to dance. Was hung over all day today so didn't have much concentration to draw, but a few got finished anyways. More later, after a real night's sleep.
      Posted on : Jan 19, 2019 | Comments (0)
    Still closer

    Managed to do 12 pics since Sunday, so that's good. It may be a big week indeed. Ever closer...
      Posted on : Jan 16, 2019 | Comments (0)
    Back at last

    Finally back from vacation, and I made the best of today, drawing 7 new pictures in the most recent story. That means that there are just 85 pictures left there. A few more weeks, I'm guessing. You've all been so good & patient, so you deserve a treat soon. Yes dahlings, a treat and a half.

    It's going to be longer between uploads, I'm afraid. First off the stories are A LOT bigger. My first full-length fuck-book, published in 2013, had only 120 pictures on 40 single pages. This one I'm working on now is 205 images on 34 deluxe-sized pages. Others in the series are even longer, and there are eight more issues planned in that series.* Second of all, I am planning more excursions to gay bars & hope to get way more attention that way. Real life sexual activity usually gets in the way of rendered sex any day. Let's hope, at any rate that there will be more to distract me...!

    Even the shorter tales in the "Cocks in Catboys" series are much bigger. An average "14-Inch Adventure" was about 45 pics and 14 pages long. These deluxe files are the equivalent of 16 or more of those pages and each story rocks about 80 pics, so they'll b tougher to get through as well. Was also thinking about going in order this time just to keep it all neat and clean.

    * Two new issues were added to the "Power Bottoms" pile, a #8 called "Office Sluttery" which is kind of a sequel to the upcoming second issue -- so more stepdaddy action, this time at his workplace. And then #9 is going to be "Lusty Misdemeanors," an epic crime-spree where a slut-boi social worker is framed and taken in by the cops and then placed in jail. Rough sex ensues at every stage of his descent ino depravity. We'll see how these turn out in the storyboarding phase... whenever I have time to work it out. Oh gosh...

      Posted on : Jan 14, 2019 | Comments (0)

    I have this fantasy life that's super femme and more than a little cross, but goddammit if I'm just not certain where I fall in the real world. Made out with the most adorable cub-type guy tonight, and I was not opposed at all. Someday I'll be ready to go all the way, but just not yet. Probably will be grinning incessantly while I'm typing to you all after doing so. Until then I'll be exploring things.
      Posted on : Jan 10, 2019 | Comments (0)
    Creeping forward

    Having too much fun on vacation to be drawing much, but I have crept forward on the current project: right now there are 97 pics left to draw and a few more days I'll probably be able to get a few accomplished.
      Posted on : Jan 9, 2019 | Comments (0)
    Out and happy

    People just talk about sex usually around here, but I am just so happy right now I had to share. Been on vacation with family, but have had several chances to go out and be social at a local LGBT bar, and it's been wonderful. As a straight man I have never seemed to be all that interesting to straight women, but here I am at home now that I realized the truth about myself. Gay men pick up on me, lesbian women want to talk, trans girls are just admirable... It makes me realize that all this drawing wasn't for nothing, but helped me to realize who I am inside.

    If that person can be out and happy, then how could it be wrong? Who doesn't like to feel sexy at least once during a day?

      Posted on : Jan 7, 2019 | Comments (0)
    More random images posted!

    I just uploaded two new Prurient Interest images as well as a preview of the scenario soon to be seen in the in-progress first issue of "Power Bottoms". As I draw more random things, I probably will keep adding to this gallery.
      Posted on : Jan 3, 2019 | Comments (0)
    New Power Bottoms Issue

    I decided to move some things around in the sequence of upcoming Power Bottoms issues, and so I brought in a new idea that I've been kicking around. The second issue, which I'm pretty excited to draw, will be "Daddy Issues": a hot three-part adventure that finds sexy young slut-boi Devon seduced by his ex-stepfather and step-brother after discovering the daddy's dark secret. I decided to keep it short so it can be drawn faster, so it's just 200 pictures on 41 pages. Nice & tidy.

    I think this sounds hot, so I'd like to get to it after the first issue is completed (about 100 pictures left there!). There is an ungodly amount of smut to draw in my queue (lingerie issues, about 48 or so shorter adventures, and more), so I better just take one thing at a time, image by image, story by story. I really do hope these prove to be worthy successors to the first Prurient Encounter series.I think they will be at least, so let the drawing commence!

    Happy New Year, you sexy folks!

      Posted on : Jan 2, 2019 | Comments (0)
    New posts

    Just two new pics done today and shared with you all. Hope you like -- they're kind of different than my usual.

    UPDATE: The horse pic I posted has the most views in the shortest time I've ever seen. I have a few pics like that, some a bit more explicit, but its tough to figure whether they'll stay up on this site, as they tend to get deleted by the admins. So I ought not to share them.

    UPDATE #2: Two more pics were uploaded into the most recent gallery. Hope you like them. It's kind of hard to get myself into the frame of mind to draw super-hardcore images when I'm surrounded by family.

    UPDATE #3: Still more softish images were posted just now in the most recent gallery.

      Posted on : Dec 27, 2018 | Comments (0)
    Happy Boxing Day!

    To my fans across the pond, Happy Boxing Day! Have fun doing whatever it is you do that day! I'll try to draw, but it's been tougher in a house full of family. Tomorrow should be better and more calm.
      Posted on : Dec 26, 2018 | Comments (0)
    Going well

    Not climbing the walls with my family & able to do some drawing. So I finished an actual Xmas picture and uploaded it to my most recent gallery. Also finished a new page in the upcoming story, and gotten a bunch done on another. Good progress!
      Posted on : Dec 23, 2018 | Comments (0)
    Happy holidays

    The great thing about being away from home is stealing a few minutes alone to draw a bit of a picture! Just so satisfying & more than a little naughty...

    I've been distracted by cute bois & sexy lingerie images, but I got started back on the big "Power Bottoms" issue I'm working on. Just a bit of a start, but there's always a lot of clothed dude images to set up a nice rowdy encounter. Here, it's a game of pickup basketball invaded by a sweet slut-boi with something to prove. Hope to get more done soon!

    Hope you gurls have a lovely holiday season with whatever family you choose to spend time with. My heart is open to all you chicas!

      Posted on : Dec 21, 2018 | Comments (0)

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