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    natethepunk's profile
    Day in the life of a prison bitch

    A day in the life of a punk

    7:00 AM- The horn sounds across the prison yard as a new day begins. My daddy always makes
                   me give him a good morning blowjob. It's probably the most routine part of my day. It
                   doesn't make it any easier though. Because he has a 8" cock and likes to face fuck
                   me. He has also taught me how to deep throat. It usally takes him about 20 minutes
                   to cum, of course I have to swallow his entire load. After he finishes up I make his bed
                   while he takes his morning dump.

    7:25 AM-  After he finishes his crap, he bends me over the bottom bunk and shoves his cock up
                   my ass. Once he cums he makes me stick a "Prison tampon" up my ass. It is made
                   out of old t-shirt strips that soak up cum and blood. He loves to ask me out loud at
                   lunch if I have my tampon in my pussy. All his friends get a good laugh out of that.

    7:45 AM-  The breakfast bell rings. He puts his arm around me and feels my ass as we walk
                   to the mess hall. He sits down and makes me go up to get his food. After I sit down
                    next to him he takes what he wants from my plate. Because he wants me to loose
                    some weight. As he finishes the horn sounds again for work detail. He usally goes
                    to the metal shop. I go to the laundry room.

    8:00  AM-  In the laundry room I am joined by the other punks cleaning thier men's clothes.
                    One of them is a thin young white guy named Brittney. Apparently his man likes
                    to feminize his punk like mine. Brit is clearly wearing a stuffed bra underneath his
                    jumpsuit. He has medium length blonde hair, and some kool-aid on his lips and
                    eyelids as makeup. I smile and go about doing daddy's dirty boxer shorts and
                    t-shirts. I casually look over to brit and notice he is washing his panties and bra.

    9:00 AM-  After the laundry is done I return to the cell to put it away like daddy likes. I also
                    make his bed and clean up the cell. After he is done pressing license plates for
                    three hours he comes back to the cell and makes me lick his sweaty body clean.
                    Usually he gets hot enough to fuck me up the ass before he goes out to the yard
                     To play basketball or work out. Between now and lunch time I have to go around
                     To some of the cells to turn tricks for daddy. One of his best customers is a 400
                      Pound black guy who's dick is so small I have to lift his fat sweaty gut out of the
                     Way just to suck him off. Of course he also never bathes, so he always smells of
                     Old sweat and dick cheese.

    10:00AM- Recently, my daddy has gotten into a fight with the most powerful man in the prison.
                    His name is James Owens, he has enough power to get pretty much whatever he
                     Wants. He runs all the drugs, money and bitches in the pen. He gets first crack at
                     Whatever bitch he wants, his current one is a young blonde boy who is pretty as
                     A girl. Since their cell is across from ours, I get to watch him fuck his punk all the
                     Time. About 4 times a day, really hard too, and when he's done he makes the bitch
                     Clean his ass slime off his cock with his mouth. He also likes to beat him down a lot.
                      It makes me feel a little better about being a punk on the other side of the hall. But

    11:00AM – I head to my job in the laundry, while daddy goes to the machine shop, there I later learn, he has been attacked and killed by James Owens, so now everything he owns becomes   James' including me. When I'm done with the laundry I head to my cell, but a guard tells me to head across the hall. I sit down on James' bitches bunk, gathering my thought, when James walks in. He says "So bitch, I killed your daddy, and you're mine now, I want to see what I've got, so give up some pussy." I instinctively take my pants, panties off and pull my tampon out, bending over and grabbing the bars. James says "Damn bitch, your daddy done trained you good, looks like you got a nice tight cunt too, well let's see" with that he just shoves it in, no lube no nothing.
    I scream at first, but then adjust to his cock as he pounds me into the bars. He keeps calling me a dirty whore, pussy, punk, girl, cum dumpster.

    12:00PM – James makes me pull my panties up as he drags me out onto the cell run. I feel his load dripping out of my ass into them, as he drags me by the hair to the chow hall for lunch.
    When we get to the mess hall, he sits down and I go get both our trays. When I get back to the table, he takes my sandwich and soup and leaves me with some cole slaw. I'm just about to eat it when some big black guy comes up and takes it from me. Being a bitch I know I can't fight back, but I expect my daddy to do something, but he just laughs and goes back to eating my food. Turns out that the guy who did it is one of his buds from a long time ago who just got sent here. Judging by the way he and daddy are getting along now, he'll be taking a lot more than cole slaw from me tonight.

    1:30 PM – James and his friend are out in the exercise yard again, as a bitch I'm not allowed to exercise, I just have to sit by and watch. The men make us get towels for them or sometimes lick the sweat off their arms and chest. I learn that James is much less jealous than my last daddy, although he had me turn tricks, he never like other men treating me like community property unless they paid. However James is a member of the bloods, and loves to share with his gang members. It turns out that two of his friends in the gang have their own bitches, little white guys like me. Their names are Kelly and Jessica. Both look to be about my age. One is blond and the other has brown hair, Jessica is sporting a shiner from her last visit to the shower. As we watch the men exercise and wait for them to call us, she starts telling me about the rape where she got the shiner. Apparently her daddy loves to see her raped by the whole gang every Friday night, and the last time they got rather pissed because she passed out while servicing this one guy, so they pounded her face in. As she's speaking, a man comes up and tells her to stand up. I know from experience that he's planning something degrading and humiliating, and Jess does too, I can see from the shaking of her hands and the way she stares at the ground that she just wants to disappear. The man, who's called T-Bone, pulls down the short shorts she's wearing and shows off her panties to the crowd. Everyone laughs, and Jess starts to cry and shake, but this is something all bitches have gone through, so I just wait to see what else he does to her. He points out the wet spot from the cum he dumped in her this morning, and makes the bitch take the panties off. He takes the panties, which are apparently her only pair and hands them to this huge black guy, about 7' 2" and mean as hell. This is the man all the bitches are scared of, he makes our daddies look nice. Jessica's daddy say "what the fuck you think you're doing, not wearing panties, a girl like you could get raped doing that" which causes everyone to laugh. "Now you stupid cunt, go get them back from Richard." Jess starts to cry, and I can't help but feel for her as she goes up to Richard, only to be picked up and dragged off, no doubt to be raped in a utility closet. Kelly and I look at each other and know what the other is thinking, at least it's not us.

    2:00 PM – Richard returns without Jessica, and thanks her daddy for the bitch. He says "no problem man, my pussy is yours". Just as James is finishing up his workout he calls me over. I bring water and a towel, but he wants me to tongue him off. His sweat is so salty and tastes like B.O, but I do my job like a good bitch. He tells me to go back to the cell and wait for him, because he and the gang have some business to take care of. On the walk back to our cell I pass a closet and hear someone crying in it. I can only guess it's Jess, and I'm right. She's curled up in a ball, crying. As I enter she doesn't even look up, she just starts saying "no sir, not again, please sir no"
    I tell her not to worry, and try moving over to comfort her, but she's so scared she backs away. She starts telling me how much her ass hurts, and I see that it's torn and bleeding, I know her daddy will probably fuck her when she gets back to the cell, and then force a tampon into her pussy. I feel so bad for the bitch, especially since my daddy hasn't been this mean to me, yet.
    I leave the closet, and as I walk away, I see another big guy head in there, after hearing jess scream, I walk faster, trying to put it out of my head.

    3:00 PM – James gets back to the cell and tells me to suck his cock. I get down immediately and suck him. As I do, he says that Jess, Kelly and I are in a bad situation. Apparently the gang owes a debt to a guy who loves to see bitches unprotected. He doesn't like to fuck them, he just like to know that their lives are a living hell. Scared out of my wits that I might be the one who gets set free, I start sucking daddy's dick hard as I can. He moans out in pleasure, but then tells me how the gang is going to decide. They're going to ask each of us who they think should be set free. And if two of us pick the same bitch, they go renegade. He says that they chose to only tell me, so I could basically pick who goes, based on who I tell. I have no idea which one I'd rather see get raped constantly, and I hate being put in this position. But after a quick thought, I decide that if anyone should lose their bitch, it's the bastard who treats Jessica so badly. I know she'll have it much worse if I chose her, but at least he'll lose his claim. I decide to tell Kelly, once I find her she and I both decide that obviously it would be better for neither of us to risk Jess choosing one of us, so we tell our daddies that we want her set free. Later that day, we hear jess being dragged down the hall towards the end of the run, oddly enough she's not screaming, she's just bawling, saying no over and over again. The man dragging her is laughing and slaps her a couple of times.  There is a cell that's kept unlocked down there, where the renegade bitch is held. Any one at any time can go in there and bust a nut. Life's going to get much worse for Jess now. In addition to being raped constantly, the accepted rule is that anyone who tries to help the renegade bitch will take her place.

    4:00 PM – James tells me that he's sold my pussy to a new con for the evening. Instead of going to dinner I have to go service some dude. Before I go I open up the latest letter from my mom back home. The letters have been getting ever more depressing lately, apparently she kicked my dad out after I got sent up, and is now having many black guys over to have sex with. She mentions in passing that one of them just got sent to my pen. She ends the letter with a cryptic "Maybe you'll be entertaining him sometime." From what I gathered, he had told her what happens to young white boys in the state pen. She mentioned his name was Tom, Tom Jaspers. It only occurred to me as I was walking to the cell that this might be the same guy. When I got to the cell, I said I was Natalie, and he responded right away, telling me to come in and strip. As I walk in he says "so, punk, what's your real name". Knowing that men sometimes play with bitches to trip them up so that they use their boys name, I said, it's Natalie sir. He said "No you stupid fucking cunt, your name before you became a cum dumpster" and started laughing. I stuttered out, "Nate, sir, Nate Johnson." He looked slightly surprised, and said "You know Becca Johnson?" My heart sank, I realized that this was the very same guy who had been fucking my own mother. I could barely speak, and whispered, "yeah, she's my mom" He laughed and said "damn boy, I've been fucking that whore for two months before the man sent me up here, she told me she had a son in prison, and I said he was probably some black guy's punk but I didn't ever expect I'd be fucking her kid"

    Two Weeks Later.

    12:30 AM    A siren sounds through the yard, and right away I know that things have taken a turn for the worse, which as a prison punk is hard to imagine. I am now living with the man who had fucked my mother and made my life hell telling me all about it while fucking me. However in contrast to my earlier prison daddies, he has been practically nice. He turns over in his bunk snoring as the siren wails. I hear gunshots outside, I assume that it's the guards shooting at an escaped con, and I hope that it's one of the black bastards whose been making my life and my punk friend's lives hell over the past months. I break one of the rules of being a punk by going over to the window and peering out. Thankfully my daddy doesn't notice or he'd beat me up for it. I am shocked to see that it is not guards putting down an escape. Rather to my horror I see two guards bodies being thrown from the watch tower by inmates holding rifles. Somehow they have managed to grab control of the prison and have armed themselves. After gaining control of all of the guards positions and murdering the guards, the rioting prisoners unlock all the cells. My current daddy has obviously woken from all the shooting and yelling of other inmates.
      Posted on : Dec 8, 2010 | Comments (4)
    A letter from a prison bitch to his (her) mom

    Dear mom,

    I’m just getting adjusted to life here in the pen. As you could have probably guessed

    I am really popular with all the big cons here. My daddy told me to ask you for some things to help make me a prettier bitch. It would be a great help if you could find all these items and send them to the address I’ll list at the end


    1. Some pink and white panties.

    2. A skirt or two (preferably Plaid schoolgirl type or miniskirt hooker type things)

    3 Some lipstick (because Vaseline and cool-aid only go so far J)

    4 Nail polish

    5 A bra and some stuffing to give me some nice tits

    6 Some razors and shaving cream


    And I hate to ask but it would really help. A lot of KY because I can’t sit down now as it is. My “Daddy” here said he would like for me to ask you for tips on sucking cock but I

    Just can’t. I guess I’ll learn on the job. Oh and p.s. some tampons because my pussy is always leaking blood and cum onto my underwear after I get fucked.   


    Now, before you get upset I just want to say that I don't mind being a prison bitch.

    After all, we both knew it would happen when I was sentenced. You know pretty blonde boys like me have to give up their asses to stronger inmates. One thing is that I don't have to fight, only have to bend over. One thing I do dislike is how this is a predominantly black prison.


    Everything about them having big cocks is right. I haven't seen one without at least 10 inches. I have to leave soon to entertain a group of cons who have rented me for the evening. Carton of cigarettes for my ass now. Pretty high price for the white cons to pay for a punk who belongs to a black gang. I guess it's my feminine ass and face. My hair is also grown out to shoulder length. The men like it like that. I wonder what I'll have to do tonight.


    Probably just fuck and suck but sometimes they get violent. A few nights ago after a particularly vicious fucking from my "Daddy" and his friends some of the Aryan brotherhood guys came in. One of them had a lit cigarette and a pair of scissors.


    He had his pals hold me down while he proceeded to burn my balls and asshole. He used the scissors to cut little bits of my nipples off. It hurt like hell and then they fucked me too. I have been passed around like a fucking 2 dollar whore.


    I know you probably don't care about my current predicament but if you are still reading, thanks. I need to get this stuff out.


    One of their favorite things to do is make me get on my knees while they all form a circle around me. Then they make me suck them off until they all cum on my face. Then they make me walk around all day with cum on my face and hair. The main leader of the black gang that owns me has asked the warden for female hormones to give me real tits.


    I imagine he will get his wish because the guards don't want trouble. I guess your little baby boy is about to turn into your baby girl. I want to tell you a little bit more about my new home. As you know it is a maximum security joint in the middle of Arizona.


    Most of the inmates here are black or Mexican. In my cell-block there is only one other white boy. He gets fucked too I think. My cell is a ten man cell with five bunks. Because it is an old prison the guards can't see every cell. Even if they could my situation would not be different.


    They think that if the gangs have a pretty little white boy in their cell they won't be as apt to riot. Anyway, my cell has ten guys in it plus me. I don't get a bunk because I'm the bitch so I have to sleep on the floor near the toilet. When the men get up to pee they love to move their cocks over and piss on me while I sleep.


    I always wake up with piss all over me. I am also made to sleep naked to show my subservience. Every morning I have to make their beds and collect their laundry. All while I'm naked so they get good and hard by the time I'm done. Afterwards I have to either suck them or give up some pussy.


    Then they go to the toilet. If they have to piss they use my mouth. If they have to take              a shit they use the toilet and then make me lick their asses clean. I swear that is the worst part of my whole life as a punk. Then they take me to breakfast in a cutoff jumpsuit with my midriff exposed.


    I have to endure jokes about my pussy being sore and things like that.  Tonight’s customers have just gotten here so I have to take care of them. My pussy hurts just thinking about it. One of them wants me to keep writing while he dicks me. He just stuck it in and it hurts like hell.


    My pussy has been fucked so much that only the really big ones like this guy hurt. He finally finished and then made me suck his cock clean. I don’t care how many times I’ve done it before, pussy juice still tastes awful. Once his cock was clean he made me thank him for fucking me.


    After he got finished, the nastiest fucker in the whole prison decided to use me for his pleasure. This guy is absolutely horrible, he makes most hobos look clean by comparison.

    You can smell him from a mile away, and I’m the only punk he likes to use. He had apparently been anticipating this day for a few weeks, as he clearly had not bathed. And it was my job as prison shower whore to clean him up.


    Even in the context of prison, where bad odors are the order of the day, this guy made all the other cons stay about 10 feet away from him. I however accepted my position with my knees on the cold tile floor. As he walked up to me, he said through his toothless mouth, “Take my pants down, you little white bitch”  I didn’t even argue, I just unbuttoned his crusty pants and pulled them off. “You know what I like bitch, get to it”

    he said.


    I guess that’s all of my letter. I don’t have much more to say.

      Posted on : Dec 7, 2010 | Comments (0)
    Just a little story I've started, comments welcome

    My place as sexual release valve for the endless lines of horny old convicts has not come as completely unwelcome to me. Of course there are times when i am too sore, or they are too fat, but I am just a punk and it is my place to take their cocks in my ass as a reception of their power over me. I also provide them with a good place to hide their weapons and contraban. I've been found holding their stuff several times, and as a result have gotten 10 years added to my sentence. It's really win-win for them, let me take the rap, and they have a bitch for an extra decade. My girlfriend was going to leave me, but I convinced her they'd kill me if she didn't keep smuggling heroin into me in her pussy. She also give me panties and makeup on her visits, and the guys running the block make her take naked photos of herself in really slutty poses to pass around the yard. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a cum covered photo of my girl laying on the dirt in the exercise yard. Oh well, at least that's a load of cum that didn't end up in my mouth or up my ass.

    My parents know I'm a bitch, and that I belong to the Black Guerilla Family of cell block F. They still put money on my books though, all of which of course goes to the gang. I can't even get cookies or soda without it being taken away. I'm sort of the block mother in a way, I do all the domestic chores for the whole row, since it's occupied entirely by BGF members. I do all the laundry, cleaning, organizing, letter writing etc. At breakfast, I sit by myself at a table. The guys usually come up and take some of my food, or just spit on it. I've gotten used to eating food covered in snot and spit, at least it's a little better than cum.

    It's pretty amazing how available I am to the other inmates. Usually all it takes is for a man, no matter how fat or disgusting he is, to come up to one of my gang owners and say something simple like "Hey man, I got a big load, mind if I borrow the pussy for a while?". I have to demurely nod my head and stare at the man's belt buckle, then grab onto the back of his pants as he leads me off to get fucked yet again. The men will often laugh and joke if I'm being led off by one of the prison's less attractive men. There is one guy, about 60, with a huge belly and disgusting beard that is yellow with cigarette stains and food specks. Every time he comes over I want to scream and run in the opposite direction, but I smile for him, and let him stick his rotten tongue down my throat as I lick inside his fetid mouth and let him tongue me. By the time he's done frenching me to the uproarious laughter of the cons, I get the pleasure of grabbing onto his dingy old work pants and following him ever so eagerly to his favorite little love nest, a barely used utility closet behind some old lawn equipment.

    Never will I forget the feeling of being bent over the hood of a broken down lawn mower as an obese elderly man slides my red and white panties down to my ankles and lifts my little prison bitch skirt up so he can slide his filthy cum encrusted cock deep into my most personal space. The smell of old diesel fuel and his retched breath mix as I pant and am shoved hard onto the hood over and over again. Once he cums in me, I have to drop to my knees and immediately suck his cock clean of all remnants of his visit to the prison yard's fuck toy. Once he's as clean as he'll ever be and has shoved his deflated cock back into his pants I pull my panties up slowly and collect myself as best I can while he lights up a celebratory cigarette and looks me over. I get the feeling he wants to kiss me again, forcefully, but the fact that my mouth tastes like punk pussy puts a stop to his fantasies. Occasionally he'll compliment me on how sweet I smell, or what a good girl I make. He once confided in me that he is far happier in prison than he ever would be outside because "I'd never get pussy as good as yours for as cheap as I can have you punk" I felt so much shame when he said that, not only because it's true, but also because the cost is generally free to guys like him, merely because the gang loves the idea of me having to serve a man so nasty. I start to straighten up and pull my panties back on when he comes over and forcefully bends me over the lawn mower again. I think that perhaps he's hard again and prepare myself to get raped yet again, but I just feel him sliding my panties off my shaved legs, and shoving them into his pocket as a souvenir of his latest conquest of a prison yard sissy. I know my owners are going to give me a beating for losing my panties when I get back, but because he's a man, I keep my mouth shut and merely put my skirt back on over my sore and bare ass. I've also been sold a couple of times between gangs when they were short on cash and prison pussy was the best available substitute for money. Usually sales take the form of an auction, an irony that is not lost on me, or my black owners. In a way, I'm happy I can pay back some of the injustices that the men around here have had to endure as a legacy of the same sorts of auctions that took place centuries ago. I have to stand in front of all the gangs that are bidding and suck on something like a banana and show off my prison bitch panties as they all call out bids on me. I know full well that I am going to be forced to do many awful things once I am owned by a new gang.
      Posted on : Dec 2, 2010 | Comments (0)

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