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    bones429's profile
    Savannah Weekend with Aunt Dee

    Last weekend Aunt Dee wanted to got to some "big get together" in Savannah, so she invited my wife and I to come along since she doesn't drive long distances and wanted me to drive. My wife told Aunt Dee that she had to work that weekend but volunteered me to go ahead and drive Aunt Dee without even asking me if I wanted to...... But then I wasn't going to complain anyway with the looks that Dee was giving me.

    Friday evening we drove to Savannah and checked into the hotel with ajoining rooms, immediately after getting into my room the door between the room was unlocked and Dee came into my room. Dee sat down on the bed and told me the group she was meeting with had something to do with ghosts and that we were going on  Ghost tour tonight and tomorrow evening there was dinner and another meeting and a tour of a some haunted houses and stuff. Now the wife's whole family is into this ghost stufff so I wasn't too suprised when Dee told me what was happening..... what was really surprising was how horney it made Aunt Dee talking about it.... She turned on the bed and starting kissing me and unzipping my pants and in nothing flat was between my legs sucking me. We fucked like high school kids and just made it to the tour. All during the tour she kept playing with my leg and rubbing my crotch.

    When we got back to the hotel she was naked and in my room before I could take my shoes off. The whole weekend was like this When I got home the wife was all questions about the ghost tours and did we see any ghosts or para-normal things.....the only paranormal thing I could think of was fucking Aunt Dee in the ass and her actually getting off on it. I'm just glad we had a corner room on the hotel and no neighbors, Aunt Dee can get kinda loud at times.  

    I did find out that Aunt Dee isn't 15 years older than me but on is only 6 years older. Her birthday is coming up in Feb and the wife is wanting to throw her a party and invite Aunt Dee's kids. This should be interesting, her son and his wife have one kid, the daughter isn't married she was but got divorced a few years back but no kids and she has always been a bitch to everyone when she was around. She acts like she's too good for everyone.... so thus should make for a fun weekend... 

      Posted on : Jan 21, 2013 | Comments (0)
    GILF's would you really.......I did

    Several year ago, my marriage was not going well, we had just had our first child a few years before, and my wife was withdrawing into herself, and didn't want anything doing with me sexually. No matter what I tried it seem to always end with her saying she wasn't interested...or worse case don't touch me!!!!

    Well one summer she wanted to go to her parents house for a few days and attend a family reunion, I wasn't looking forward to this trip, and tried just about everything short of breaking a bone to get out of going. But I went, and of course I had to drive the 4 blasted hours up there even after working a 10 hours shift at work on Friday. We arrived around 9:00 that night I was worn out and after unloading the car getting a bite to eat I fell asleep on the couch. Around 3 AM I woke up and went to bathroom to take a leak before heading off to bed. Now my Mother and Father in Law were divorced for many years and my Father in Law had remarried and lived in another town nearby, so the only people in the house or so I thought were us and my mother in law, but while I was doozing on the couch appearantly my wife Aunt Dee had arrived also for the reunion. Aunt Dee was the youngest of the aunts and was about 15 years older than me. I had met her once before when my wife and i got married and her and her husband had attend the weeding, her husband was an heavy drinker and an asshole as afar as I was concerned. But that another story. Well appearently Aunt Dee had come alone this trip and left drunk Uncle Frank back in Ohio. Her son didn't come along and had stayed back in Ohio working at their family business and her daughter who knew where the hell she was. When I came out of the bathroom I heard something coming from the back bedroom, it sounded like someone was moaning and kind giggling at the same time. It wasn't coming from my mother in law room but the other spare bedroom. So I creaped down the hall to the door and looked in, was I surprised there was Aunt Dee naked on the bed playing with her breasts and with her other hand ramming a double headed vibrating dildo up her pussy and ass. I couldn't take my eyes off her, and started to get a hard-on just watching her.... she was about to cum and I wasn't going anywhere just right now....... A few minutes later she came and when she did she sat up in the bed and looked me straight in the eye, as I was standing in the doorway or so I thought..... I left real fast and headed for the bedroom we were using on the other end of the house.... I came into the room got undressed and climbed in to the bed....making sure I didn't wake our son up who was sleeping in a crib in the room also. I climbed into bed and what did my wife say right off even though I didn't touch her, "go to sleep we ain't doing a damn thing in my mother's house you pervert".  I rolled over away from her and tried to do just that go to sleep... but not much luck there.....but eventually I dozed back off.

    Around 7:30 that morning everyone was getting up,  my son had woke up and wanted breakfast, my wife was either ignoring him or expecting me to do something and he was starting to cry so I got up and took him into the kitchen and fixed him some breakfast..... I went to the bath but someone had beat me to it so I had to wait.....I went back to the kitchen and fixed some coffee and made myself a cup. The bathroom had freed up so I made a mad dash to get in and shut the door forgetting to lock it....I was standing there releaving myself when the door opens and there stands Aunt Dee in her robe...she say "O excuse me didn't know you were in here", but for some reason I didn't believe her since she was standing there with her robe wide open and nothing on underneath. Now having a morning hard on already she just stood there for a few minutes and then slowly stepped back closing the door, with a smile on her face.... I came out of the bathroom and my wife and mother in law were in the kitchen drinking coffee and my mother in law told me that her sister was here also and was going to be staying for the week. About that time Aunt Dee came into the kitchen and kissed everyone and walked up to me a kissed me on the cheek and blow into my ear and said something real soft but I didn't quite understand what she had said, but it sounded like "hope you enjoyed the show".  I excused myself and went into the bedroom to get my stuff so I could take a shower.

    After my shower my wife came in and told me that her mother and her were going shopping and taking our son with them. She said her aunt wasn't feeling all that well and was going to go back to bed and get some rest....and that I should be real quiet so she could sleep. They left and I went into the kitchen and got a drink out of the frig and went into the tv room to watch some tv....I guess I must of dozed off in the recliner because I woke up and felt something pulling at my pants. I open my eyes and saw Aunt Dee between my legs unbuttoning my pants and reaching in freeing me from my underwear. She immediated took me in her mouth and started sucking me....then looked straight up at me and said "I saw you last night watching, you should have come in and joined me."... this plus the fact she was giving me something my wife hadn't done in almost a year, I didn't give a crap who walked in I just didn't want her to stop......She said "let me know if you want me to stop" all I could get out was a moan and she laughted and "that what I thought" she sucked my dick until I came in her mouth then stood up licked her lips and said "my sister and your wife should be coming back soon" and walked out of the room buck naked....half way down the hall she yelled back at me we'll continue later.....About 10 minutes later they arrived back.

    The rest of the day was pretty uneventful except ever chance Aunt Dee had she would give me a kiss on the cheek or pinch my butt or run her hand over my crotch. All my wife would say " be nice to Aunt Dee she's had a hard time this last year" the reunion was at a state park about 20 mile from the house and we showed up and the wife's clan was there in all their glory.... The park had horses and my wife told me I should take Aunt Dee riding while she caught up with all the relatives. Aunt Dee jumped up a grabbed my hand and lead me to the stables. We go two horses and rode off down the trail.....just out of site of the sables she turned her horse up a path that didn't  look like it had been taken too often and we found a secluded spot and got off our horses, she was on me faster than then a fly on sugar. She dropped to her knee pulled my pants down and was sucking my dick again getting it hard, then she stood up turned around and said  " fuck me now" which I did without any hesitation. We fucked in the woods until we heard some voices and got dressed real quick and left the area. When we got back at the reunion Aunt Dee acted like nothing happen, my wife asked if I had a good time and I yes.. then she told me that the reason Uncle Frank wasn't there was he is in jail for beating Aunt Dee up in a drunken rage and she had filed for a divorced so I need to be extra nice to her.....I said "Not a Problem" with a big smile on my face. Durig the remaining week I fucked Aunt Dee at least 3 more times and every chance she got she was sucking on me. I'm still married and the sex life has not changed that much with me and my wife..... She is what they call an "A Sexual" and according to everything I've read, sex just doesn't appeal to her..... and the good news is Aunt Dee got her divorce from Uncle Frank got just about everything in the divorce, sold the Ohio house, the business she gavve to her son, she retired and moved south ...about 3 blocks from my and we still get together from time to time..... what is funny about it all is my wife confides in her all the time about everything, me especailly and how she just doesn't want or need sex, and how I seem to have accepted her way of life and have substituted internet porn and riding my bike for sex and she content with that.......

      Posted on : Dec 23, 2012 | Comments (0)

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