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    KrayzKuckold's profile
    My first love, a redhead...

    This is a bit of a confession. I’m going to write about the first girl I ever loved way back in high school, a cute red head with a smoking body!

    I had a lot of girls who liked me, as I was the funny flirt. She was the only one who stood her ground and not just laughed, but calling me out on my innuendoes! We dated and I fell in love with her, and although she wouldn’t let me touch her goodies, she always kept me hard, rubbing me though my pants every chance she could! She just laughed, always promising that we would do more, but never did! Later that year, I caught wind that she was dating an older guy while we were dating, and that spring she gave her virginity to that guy the night of our prom! Here I was at prom with a freshly fucked woman!

    We broke up, and I was crushed the way you were with your first true love!  I had a few sexual experiences (but no fucking) with other girls, but our senior year, we got back together. We dated and she made me hard as she kissed me, pressing her awesome breasts against me, but no touchies! We went to senior prom and onto graduation night as an item when I saw her with her old lover at the ceremony, talking in a corner! I was mad, but she went with me to the grad parties and to the hotel many of us stayed. When I asked, she said he was there to take her out as she had promised a few years ago, but they had broken up since. He was just looking to get one last fling!

     As night drew down and the parties waned, we found ourselves in a room with several of our friends. We cuddled up on the floor between one of the walls and the beds, kinda snug as we pressed against each other! As we had paired off boy-girl, we could hear sounds of romance (for lack of a better word), but we just cuddled as I fell asleep!

    Hours later I woke up to find my pants undone and my cock, hard and throbbing, in the cool hotel room air with my girlfriend slowly kissing my neck as she stroked me! My little cock was consumed by her hand, but she didn’t seem to care it was so small! She noticed I was awake and told me to be still as she wanted to take something from me. She shifted on top of me and pushed my cock into her warm pussy! I was shocked, to say the least! Our shirts were still on, so no titties for me, as she moved up and down on me! I can’t lie: the feeling was tremendous, but I was unprotected and worried I would lose it! I didn’t want a baby at 18! That though really kept me from enjoying it too much, but soon she was either sated or bored and she slipped off me. She left my cock cold, wet, and hard as she snuggled against me and fell asleep. I wondered if anyone had hear or saw us, or worse, could see me that way, but I fell asleep…

    …to wake up forty minutes later, my cock now soft, wet and cold, but she was gone! I packed myself away and looked around, but couldn’t see her, just various friends snoring and sleeping. I left the room, looked around a bit for her, and then went home. Later a friend would tell me she left to go fuck her former lover and keep her promise. I never knew why she had to “take” my virginity, although since I didn’t come, I didn’t think of it that I lost it to her.

    Why bring this up now? Well, I saw her at a local store. She had married another guy from my class and they popped out about eight kids. Her body showed that, but she still looked good. I don’t know what she would have said had she spotted me. My heart felt that old familiar pain, unique to high school and your first love! And, no doubt, she contributed to my though process of being a cuckold today! She had, after all, cuckolded me twice while we were dating!

    I don’t know what my wife will say when or if she reads this. I would remind her (other than I love her desperately!) that she should be thankful that my first love prepped me for her. I’m your cuckold, love! And you, too, are a redhead, my only one!

      Posted on : May 5, 2015 | Comments (0)
    Oh, my aching balls...

    It's my wife's birthday, so her best friend took her out for a night on the town, and I, natually, stayed home!

    She got home late, as I figured. She was drunk, as I figured. She woke me up from my sleep, which she usually does when she comes into the house. When she enetered our bedroom, she announced loudly that she was drunk and had a "Fucking Great Time!" She got into bed with her clothes on, smelling of bar and alcohol. She then sat on my chest and told me I was gonna eat her out! I was startled at her boldness as she sat over my face and plopped her crotch right on my face so her skirt covered my head! Her panties were gone and her pussy was moist and swollen red, so she must have gotten fucked sometime over her night out. I didn't taste any cum, but there was the bitter rubbery taste of condom mixed in with her juices. As I started to lick her she talked smack about her night dancing and how she was felt up and fingered. As I got hard, she smacked my balls very hard and I yelped in pain. She paused and pushed her hips harded into my face, saying that almost got her to come! She swatted my balls again, and my body's jolt gave her the same result! Holding by cock in one hand, she started to carelessly hit my balls hard, each time I spasmed enough to get her off, so she continued! The problem was, she was REALLY hitting me hard, and it wasn't turning me one as she wasn't doing this for our mutal sexual arousal, rather she was doing it in her drunken state to get herself off! And with no safeword, I had no way to tell her that she was really hurting me! The pain shrunk my erection and I tried buck to get her off my body, but all that did was increase her blows to my cock and furthered her getting off on my face!

    Finally, she grabbed my balls so hard that I thought she was going to rip them off! I groaned in pain into her pussy which sent her over the edge! Her thighs clamped down on my head as her ground her pussy into my face! Unfortuatly, she still one hand on my thigh and while she climaxed she dug her nails deeply into my skin! Worse, her other hand had my balls, and as she came, her hand closed on them so tightly that I though I screamed into her! (Guys, NEVER let your woman orgasm while she has you balls in her hands! The last think on her mind will be your balls!) I couldn't breath and I felt as if I might puke into her! As she came down from her orgasm and released the death grip on my balls, I stopped screaming and was just happy to get her vise grip off my nuts and to get her off of me. She lay next to me, obliviously happy and not knowing just how much pain she did to me! As she drifted off into a drunken slumber, I dragged my self to the bathroom.

    My balls had deep purple bruises where she had gripped me so hard, and a few spots where her fingernails puntured the skin! And they ached! I felt like I was still going to puke! I had bloody nail marks in my thigh, as well! I washed and cleaned the gashes, then got an ice pack out of the fridge to put on my balls. They wern't really swelling, but they really hurt! I also took some ibuprofen and went to lay down on the couch. I kept running through my mind what just happened and how unappealing it was.

    First, although I like to me manhandled by my wife, I was not turned on at all! The pain was too intense, and if it was our regular playing, I may have used the safeword, as the pain was too server! But this wasn't one of our sessions and no safeword was established.

    Second, when my wife sobers up tomorrow (or later today), she is not only going to be hung over, but she will probably be horrified at the wounds on my legs and the bruising on my nuts! The last time she hit my balls this hard, blood trickled out of my cock for a week! When I went to the doctor, they tested for cancer and other stuff. As I reported an impact injury to my balls (I didn't say how), he told me that that was probably it. The whole plumbing in there is a lot like a nose: a lot of blood vessels that can break randomly, and all you can to is test and hope it heals. If it keeps bleeding, then that's a sign something else could be wrong, and they'd go test more. After a week, the blood trckle stopped and that was the end of that. My wife, however, felt she had gone too far and has never really wanted to do CBT play any more, which is why what happened tonight is such a shock to me.

    So as I lay on our couch, notebook computer on my lap and ice pack resting against my balls under my underwear, I wonder what morning will bring just a few hours away.

      Posted on : Mar 31, 2011 | Comments (2)
    Our Cuckold Agreement

    Short back story: My wife cheated on me for about a year before I figured it out. I didn't let on that I knew until around a year later when she figured out I knew. I actually forced the issue by intercepting her from showering after coming home late one night and doing down on her pussy full of her lover's cum. Pretty much brought it out in the open!  This happened about six years ago or so...

    After an awkward week, we went to a small bed and breakfast inn, just the two of us. I figured it was make or break time: we either came clean in what was going on or we would break up. In order to relieve any tension that may build up while reading this, I will reveal that we didn't break up..

    We talked alot. We compared notes. We laughed. We cried. We made love. She said that she was sorry that it happened. I confessed that I knew and let it go on and encouaged her, even. We were amazed by how we both acted and reacted. We both feared that we would lose the other, but we were relieved that neither wanted that. We made a commitment to each other to live the cuckold lifestyle and to live for each other...

    (Eventually, I'll start from the begining and get down the full story. That's why I wanted to do this blog to begin with...)

    One breakthrough happened near the end of our weekend. We were both lounging in a hot tub built for two that was in our room. I slowly ran my hands over her body while she curiously cupped my nuts and just held them. We talked about the pros and cons of the lifestyle change we were about to start. I kinda amazed my wife with what I came up with. How could I not: I had a whole year secretly living a cuckold life! We came to a verbal agreement of what we would do or not do. I'm sure as I write this down, I'll remember more about what we talked about, but here is the bulk of what we agreed to:

    We revowed out commitment to each other. Before we first got married, we agreed that if the other wanted out of our relationship, better to admit it than live a lie. We agreed that we were NOT at this stage and we both wanted to stay together.

    Although my wife said had a so called "Hall Pass" (to use the current movie title), I assured my wife that I did not want to have sex with other women. I did not want a swingers lifestyle. This is mostly due to me and my small cock. Despite my wife's assurances and all the stuff I read, I feel very insecure about my penis size. That's probably why I can flirt and talk pillow talk so well, as I know that if push comes to shove, I wouldn't go through with it. (Although I have shagged two other women since this day: stories for another time). My hang up...

    I, too, gave my wife a "Hall Pass". I assured her that I did not think she was slut, loose woman, whore, or any other derogatory term. I assured her that I found her a strong, intelligent  beautiful woman. If she chose to let a man into her life and share her body, I know that that man is special. After hearing her story about her lover, I couldn't agree more: her first lover sounds like a great guy!

    I also assured her that her body is hers to do what she pleases. I told her that I knew I had a small penis, and dispite her assuances, I said that I did not mind if she sought another man out, hopefully a man with a bigger cock. After many reassurances that my penis was fine, I told her that we were just going to go around and around on this issue. Bottom line: Her body. Her choice to take a lover.

    (We stopped to fuck, as this big cocked lover stuff got me really hard and my wife said, "No sense wasting a good erection!")

    Back in the tub, as she held my shrunken cock, we talked consquences of this lifestyle.

    My wife's lover worked at the same place she did. She is very high up and in a powerful position, and he was likewise. Although they we're being discreet, they both had to be careful of a whisper campaign or other jealousies that could ruin their jobs. This I had to leave pretty much up to my wife. The professional circles she was in are way different than mine. I rarely went to her office events (mostly because of my job) and the few I did, everyone was amazed to meet me, saying that they thought I wasn't real (all in jest, I believe). If the knowledge came public that she was having an affair, it could ruin her career. As for my job, it would be embarrassing, but not career ending.

    We also wanted to keep this from our familes and friends. Them being somewhat religious, they wouldn't understand. The less people who knew, the better. This is a conintuing problem.

    She knew her first lover long before they had an affair, but I still always wanted her to let me know where she was, or at very least let her best friend know. Last thing I wanted was a visit from the police that they found her body somewhere. (This has actually gotten easier with the GSP in cell phones). At the time, she didn't figure on having another lover, but I told her to always be wary and do a background check. (Now it's easier with all the on-line sites).

    I wanted her to be tested for STD's and HIV, as would I. Just becase he says he is only with my wife doesn't mean he hasn't done this with other women. And we continue to be tested every 6 months or so.

    As I had had a vasectomy, she had to be on some sort of birth control. I knew she was letting him come inside her, and a baby is not something any of us wanted. She is on the pill and uses condoms with new lovers.

    One non-negotiable item: My wife had to tell me about what happened. Every single detail. She had to understand that while she gets her pleasure from sex, I get mine from hearing about her having sex. She often delivers her details while we are having sex or she's giving me a hand-job. If she snuck around, it would be very hard to forgive, as she has carte blanche to do whatever she wants.

    One non-negotiable thing for her. I was not allowed to meet her lover or watch them have sex. This was, and still is, a hard for me to accept, as I really want (to be blunt) to see another man fuck my wife! I want to sit back and watch her orgasm while another man does her. She adamantly has said NO, and her reasons are many and varied. I think for most part, sex is a private thing for her and she feels it's cheapened my making it a specator sport. She also ruled out three-somes, swinging, and even me meeting her lover! Fears we may agree to something she won't, and she's probably right. To this day, I have never seen her have sex with another man. Frown

    I also assured her that she had and has final say as to whether to take a lover or not. It's her body, after all! I will support her, and also hurt anybody who crosses the line. I may have a small cock, but I ain't got a small body...

    At the time we did this, we said that she was not to stay at his place overnight. This has changed as she has not only stayed with him overnight, but she has taken trips, both business and personal with him, and she even spent most of Jan, 2011 with him at his place! So as time progressed, we could change things if we talked about it before hand.

    We also talked about many sexual things. My wife didn't want to do anal, however she has since let her lover do it. (not me, though!). She didn't want to do women, although she was shocked that I said if you got me sexed up enough, I could do a man. No bondage. Heck, my wife's intital reaction to everthing is NO! Case in point:

    Years later I told her that I really like it when she roughs up my balls. She didn't want to do it. Gradually she made the connection that when she does hit, kick, squeeze, rap, pinch, punch, knee, squish, squash, or paddle my balls, I get a very quick, very hard erection, and generally will fuck her until she can't walk. So now she will give me all forms of CBT. she won't, however, tie me up and spend an afternoon just seeing how much my balls can take. I'm willing to let her try (with the proper safe word, of course). She's not interested.

    Things change, too. She used to leave me restained on our bed (with a TV and remote) when she went out on a date until we read in a Dan Savage column how dangerous that can be. So we quit (although I did suggest she could let her BF cuckold-sit me! Didn't get much milage out of that idea, but who knows...)

    But I'm boucing all over the place! Back at our hot tub, we realized that we had spent 4 hours talking about this and that it was dinner time! We got out, dried each other off, she got me really horny with a slow blow job, but didn't finish me as she wanted to go eat. She never finished the BJ, but we did make love later that night.

    (My wife is reading over my shoulder and asks me "How the fuck do you remember all this?" I told her, I remember everything she has every done to me! I asked her if she remembers me blowing my load in her mouth for the first time. She says no and throws her hands in the air and left. FYI: It was in college, and she was giving me an incredible blow job in her parent's basement on the "Couch that it's probably a good thing it can't talk". I held her head down as I felt my load blow into her mouth! Oh, it felt good! When she got up, I kissed her, forcing her mouth open and making her snowball me! She was stunned at this (As much as she did in her college days, this was her first snowball!) She broke away quickly and went to spit out my gift to her. To this day, I don't beleive she has ever swallowed my cum...)

    That weekend cemented our cuckold lifestyle, and she has been cucking me every since. As long as she comes home to me and assures me that it's only sex and not love, I'm OK. And she is slowly willing to try new things! Like me currently in my CB-6000S for the last three weeks. I always wanted to try it (and as most things, the internet stories makes it sound better than it really is). She kinda likes me being all mushy and working hard to please her (especially orally! hey now), although she does say I get too needy. She was going to keep me locked up for 30 days, but she's going to let me out this weekend. She wont say why, just that Saturday night we're going out. Which is odd, as that's usually when she goes out with the guy she's currently with. They are going out tonight, though, so maybe it's just timing!

    Enough story for today! Next time, I'll try to start at the begining. The story will be first from my perspective, then from hers, as I learned stuff from the weekend above and fit it together.

      Posted on : Mar 11, 2011 | Comments (1)
    Update on my lovely wife...

    Unless you have been reading the little blurbs on my galleries, this may not make much sense, but I'll try to fill everyone in, and if you have any questions, feel free to comment or email me...

    My wife recently parted from her long time lover (and I mean LONG, like maybe five years! This is the guy she first cheated with on me!) She abruptly left me New Yea'rs Day to go be with him for the month of January and with the exception of her monthly visitor, stayed with him, leaving me dispairing at home! I truly thought that I had finally lost her! But when she returned home at the end of that month, she was very depressed and forlorn. It seems she has lost him again (yes, a story for another time) as he has taken a job in another city and moved away. My wife stayed with him Jan. as it is very unlikely that he will return.

    Imagine a life-long friend moved away forever, and you can imagine how my wife felt! I know that although she says she doesn't, she does love him. Not in the way she loves me, but it's a love nonetheless! You don't allow the same man to share your bed and your body, and fuck you without developing some feelings for him! He's been a presence in our lives for so long that even though I'm not really sure who is is, I know he is there! I consider my wife very lucky that she has two men in her life that love her and accept that there is another man in her life: me that the other man is her superior lover, that she willingly will spend nights, weekends, and entire weeks and months to be with and have sex with him; and him, me: her husband: A man who has sworn his love and fidelity to her and is secure enough to remain at home waiting. Our life together is more than just sex. And I believe that my wife considers herself very lucky to have such two men in her lives, up until recently.

    Most of February was hard as my wife was in a very deep melancholy. I didn't push her, but I was there for her to talk and for hugs. And then on Valentine's day, I sent my wife a dozen mini-roses to her at work. But someone sent her 24 long-stem roses with a card signed from a secret admirer! That really lifted her spirits, and mine as she fucked the shit out of me that night and has almost turned back into her old self! The thought that someone else wants her has kicked her sex drive into overdrive, and I'm the recipient, at least for now!

    The secret admirer made himself known: seems it's her former lover's best friend! He, the former lover, apparently told his friend about her, and he decided to make contact, if nothing else to meet the amazing woman who so captivated his friend, a friend that he missed, too (although not the way my wife missed him, I'm sure!) She agreed to meet him at a local bar to talk with him, check him out, and get a feel for if he would be a good lover. As a precaution, my wife's best friend (who has know about our relationship for about as long as I have known my wife: she knew I was a cuckold before I did!) knew where she went and they had their GPS on their cells going plus a set of prearranged texts to send at certain times. Plus the owner of the bar knows my wife and would probably snap anyone in half (me, too!) if she got hurt!

    Seems he is a nice guy, my wife and him hit it off, mostly by talking about their mutual friend whom they both dearly miss. She thought he was pretty hot looking, too! At the end of the night, he suddenly kissed her, and she retunred the kiss, pressing up against him and she could feel his huge (GROAN! Why is every lover she takes BIGGER than me?!?) cock! She freely groped him as he tenderly caressed her breasts! Once they mutal physical broke, they agreed to go to his place, and WA-LA! I'm a cuckolded once more! She didn't spend the whole night, but she did use all her condoms! When she did come home, she woke me up, got me all fired up, and fucked me until she got off, then she had me lay on my back while she slowly stroked my cock, all covered in her juices, and she told me about how her night went! She's an expert at keeping me on edge and keeping me from cumming! When her story was finished, she asked me if she could continue to see her new beau. I told her I'm fine with it as long as she followed our agreement! (more on that next blog). Then she layed a bombshell on me:

    "Honey, would you put on your chastity cage for me, the one I got you for Christmas? And after you put it on and lock yourself in, would you give me your key?"

      Posted on : Mar 2, 2011 | Comments (2)
    KrazyKuckold's first blog! Hello!


    For those of you who don't know me, I am KrayzKuckold!

    My story: About 8 years ago, my wife cheated on me. I didn't find out about it for about a year, and when I did, I let my wife continue to do it without her knowing that I knew! Once it was out in the open, we can to an agreement that she could continue to see her lover(s?) as long as she come home and told me about it and let me share it. This makes me a willing cuckold, or a guy married to a hot wife. To me, the end result is the same!

    A while back, I posted on Literotica, mostly cuckold stories and the like. I used it as a catharsis and found it very therapeutic. My wife, however, didn't like it! Where you would read my story and (hopefully) enjoy it, she would see all sorts of details leading toward her identity! My wife works in a professional position and rubs up with very powerful people! If the knowledge got out that she was cuckolding me, it may not go over too well (Although judging by the people she tells me about who is fucking who, I don't think it would matter!). She made me stop doing stories, and although they may remain on the site, I no longer remember my ID or password. She also asked that I stop browsing that site.

    Awhile back, I stumbled over ImageFap. I became enamoured with captions, espcially cuckolded themed captions. I lurked for about half a year, and then asked my wife if I could do some. She said no.

    I fell into a funk, kinda almost a depression. I figured, my wife could talk to her lover about her affairs. Her best friend knew about me being a cuckold. There may be a few others, but I basically had no one that I could even talk to! The nights and weekends alone, when she was off with her lover, got pretty lonely. I felt isolated. Of all the feelings being a cuckold generated in me, this one was not one I liked, it was not part of the cuckolding lifestyle, and my wife, to her credit, sat me down and hashed out what was wrong. Relutantly, she agreed to let me do captions, and once she saw a few of them, she actually liked them! Sometimes I surprised her with what I wrote! Sometime, it even turned her on!

    I used the same arguement to let her allow me to blog. I really want to get down my stories, but I also have the problem of not being able to give away too many details. My wife monitors my captions and says she will watch what I wrote here, too! I also hope to hear from fellow cuckolds and people who enjoy my captions. Plus I'll keep you updated as to what's going on in my life, at least as much as my wife, the love of my life, allows me to!

      Posted on : Feb 25, 2011 | Comments (0)

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