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    anzabuns's profile

    anzabuns Profile
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    About Me
    I'm a little horny girl. I like natural, like my boobs are. I like to masturbate. Also I like to chat to strangers, it really turns me on. So sometimes I do webcam shows. I hope I will see you

    anal , big cock , black , Caressing my clitoris , cum , flashing , footjob , glory holes , jerking off , orgy , spanking , sperm , toys , voyerism , wanking

    Signed up: 3 years ago
    Images viewed: 3
    Images uploaded: 8

    Gender: Female
    Sexual orientation: Bisexual

    Birth: 27/02/1996

    Location: United States

    Last Online: 2 years and 10 months ago

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    Status updates
    anzabuns's profile
    Mar 14, 2016
    Hey guys, I need your help. There is this competition going on on this site I do live webcam shows at. To win it I need a lot of 5/5 stars on my VIP shows. Here would you come in. I'll give you passage to the shows and you'd need to rate it, would only take a minute, or longer if you enjoy the shows
    This may seem stupid for you, but this is my dream and it is huge for me if I win this. I want to quit my job as a waitress and do webcam full time.
    As compensation for the help I'm going to invite you to every VIP show I do in the future for free
    Jane_artist's profile
    Jane_artist 19 Dec, 2017
    Nice photo shoot...plz upload more pix to keep these cocks in action

    x3sumdom's profile
    x3sumdom 19 Jul, 2016
    Please do another shoot

    alwaysthirsty's profile
    alwaysthirsty 14 May, 2016
    I just beat out a huge load looking at pics of you! You look so tasty. The load shot all over my face. Wish you were here to see it! xxx

    aeromantics's profile
    aeromantics 1 Apr, 2016
    do you still need?

    Wingzero69's profile
    Wingzero69 27 Mar, 2016

    Calilyfe's profile
    Calilyfe 24 Mar, 2016
    Sooooooo in

    prcdtung4urbod's profile
    prcdtung4urbod 20 Mar, 2016
    I'm down for it

    blue275's profile
    blue275 15 Mar, 2016
    I'm in

    ShadowLust's profile
    ShadowLust 14 Mar, 2016
    Count me in, love!

    odinsplat's profile
    odinsplat 14 Mar, 2016
    Id love to help!

    anzabuns's profile
    anzabuns 14 Mar, 2016
    Thanks guys, this means me alot

    Dripping_Pussy_Fan's profile
    Dripping_Pussy_Fan 14 Mar, 2016
    I'm in too

    greenpeen's profile
    greenpeen 14 Mar, 2016
    kk bb

    handlit's profile
    handlit 14 Mar, 2016
    Me too

    handlit's profile
    handlit 14 Mar, 2016
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    Theinteractivewife's profile
    Theinteractivewife 14 Mar, 2016
    Write a comment...

    Theinteractivewife's profile
    Theinteractivewife 14 Mar, 2016
    I'm in

    anzabuns's profile
    Feb 15, 2016
    Hi, I'm new here, tell me your craziest fantasies
    duboiusme's profile
    duboiusme 22 Mar, 2016
    My craziest.. fucking I a mom and daughter together.

    WoodyInYa's profile
    WoodyInYa 15 Mar, 2016
    Fucking you in the ass

    anzabuns's profile
    anzabuns 14 Mar, 2016
    I love these responses, Ronvette especially

    tundra2's profile
    tundra2 25 Feb, 2016
    Thanks for being my fan.

    Ronvette's profile
    Ronvette 20 Feb, 2016
    You call me into your room. As I enter, you say do you like what you see. The look in your eyes and than the way you motion me to come near you I couldn’t believe what I am seeing.
    You are sitting in a wide armchair with your legs over each arm and you don’t have one piece of clothing on. Well do you like what you see, you ask again? Yes I love what I see. What I see is your hands are now holding your pussy wide open for me to see every inch of its beauty. You say to me I bet you would love to put your cock in my hot wet hole? Yes, I say, I would, as I gaze at the beauty and the wonderful smell of your cunt. I can’t help myself from wanting to just slide my cock into your pink wet cunt hole. But I think to myself maybe you don’t love me and you just want me to fill your passion for me. You are now taking your fingers and rubbing your hard swollen clit and your eyes tell me that you really do want me. I think how much I love to fuck you. How I want to not just fuck the shit out of you, the way your hot pussy wraps around my cock so perfect as if the skin of your hole was molded from my cock. My cock is starting to fill with blood and swelling, as I look at you. I can feel the passion you have for me as I watch the way you are playing with yourself. Pulling your pussy lips apart and rubbing you’re clit making sure I can see every inch of your cunt. I want to feel my cock sliding in and out of your nice wet pussy pink hole. I unzip my pants and pull my cock out. You tell me not to touch my dick but leave it out so you can see. You say if you want to put that cock of yours in my hot wet tight pussy you’ll have to whatever I tell you to do, do you agree? I’ll do whatever you want as my cock is now long hard sticking out into the air as you continue to play with your cunt. Take all your clothes off you order. As I began to remove my clothes you play with your pussy immersing your middle finger in and out of your cunt. You tell me to come closer to you. I am now with no clothes on and I feel as if I am on fire for you. Let me see your cock so I can get even more turn on. I take my cock in my hand and show you how hard it is. Turn to the side so I can see how long it is you said. As I turn you start really playing with you pussy rubbing your hard clit and moaning, saying how much you love my hard cock and how you want to take it in your hands and make me harder than I ever been. I start to take my hand to play with my now very hard cock, but you say I didn’t tell you to touch you prick. So now I am watching you play with your very hot pussy, and I can’t jerk myself off. As you get closer to cuming you tell me to get on my knees and get as close to your cunt as I can get so I can watch as you cum. Looking into your wet hole my cock is about to cum with you but I can’t let that happen cause I need to put my hard cock in your mouth, cunt, ass or you wrap you hand around my cock and jerk me off. I am really getting to the point that I need to cum. You are now crazy with passion rubbing your pussy your legs shaking and your cunt is pulsing and you tell me to watch as your cunt cums. I am looking into your cunt and I love the way it looks all hot wet your cunt lips are wide apart your clit is nice and hard and your love hole is opening and closing as you cum. Than you tell me to lick and fuck your hole with my tongue as you cum. Now that you have cum you tell me to come towards you. As I move towards you, you put your hand out and wrap yours fingers around the staff of my cock and you slowly slide your hand from the base to the head. Your cock can get harder than this you said. I think it can’t get any harder after watching you fuck yourself with your hands and fingers and making me look into your hot wet hole. You slide your hand up and down my hard long staff telling me that you will get me harder than I ever been. Than you take your tongue and lick the hole in of my hard cock and say you want all the cum that I have to give. You than take the swollen head of my cock into your mouth and suck it with such passion I just want to shoot my load of hot cum down your throat you take my whole cock in your mouth sliding your lips up and down my dick. You have now got me so hard and hot I want to cum in your mouth but you stop just in time. Now you spread your legs and raise your knees to your head your hands are holding your pussy wide open. Lick my whole cunt every inch you say. My cock is so hard that I want to put it in your cunt, but I do what you said and I lick your cunt, and I love every lick of your hot pink wet pussy, the feel of your clit your lips the whole cunt is just wonderful to eat. After you get some time with my tongue you tell me to start licking your whole pussy and to suck your cunt lips. I take one swollen lip into my mouth and just start sucking I love it. You tell me to now suck the other one, and I do with great joy, than suck both you say. Now suck my clit and you better do it right. I say what do you mean right. You said I’d tell you what to do. First lick my clit slow and I do after sometime you tell me to suck on your now very hard clit. I take my lips and wrap them around your hard clit and start to suck. You are starting to go wild your cunt is pulsing as if I had my cock sliding in and out of your very hot hole. I suck harder and you start talking about how you want my cock in your mouth in your cunt between your tits and anywhere else I could put it. You now are about to cum and you say fuck my hole with your tongue now. I put my tongue deep into your hot wet pink love hole to get the juice of your love, than I began to fuck you with my tongue. My tongue is darting in and out of your hole and I love the taste of you pussy it is making me even harder than I was. You tell me to fuck you hard with two fingers in your wet hole while my tongue is fucking you. I am getting so turn on I put my hand around my cock and start to jerk myself off. You notice what I’m doing; you say stop that I didn’t tell you to jerk off. You have to do what I said you would cum when I want you to cum. My cock is so hard and the head so swollen that it looks bigger than it really is. I told you I will make you harder than you ever been. I can’t stand it I stop

    Fucking you with my tongue and I look at you, your nipples so hard and your legs spread so wide so I can see your pussy all wet and swollen from my mouth. You know what you are doing, making me crazy. Now you move your hands to your cunt and you take your cunt lips and pull then apart. Do you want to put that hard cock of yours in my nice wet hole and slide it in and out? Yes! Well come here. You take hold of my cock and start to suck it; you slide your mouth all the way down my cock and slowly back up. Your hands are still holding your pussy wide open and I can’t stop looking at your hot cunt. You stop sucking my cock and you tell me how much you love looking at my cock. How you like the head the way it feels in your hand the staff how long it is and how hard. Then you take my cock and rub the head on your clit you say put just the head of your cock in me. I guide my hard cock towards your wide spread pussy and slowly slide the head in your hole. You tell me to look at my cock and your pussy join together. You now take your hands off your cunt and wrap one around my cock and the other hand start playing with my balls but you won’t let me put more than the head in your hot hole.
    I bet you would love to slide your hard cock in me to your balls hit my ass hole wouldn’t you.
    I am getting very mad now I need to fuck the shit out of you, but you just won’t let me. You say put a little more of that cock of yours in but stop when I tell you. I slide about an inch of my hard swollen cock into your hot cunt and you tell me to stop. Then you squeeze my cock with your cunt over and over again. It feels unbelievable the way your pussy is playing with my cock. I still need to put all of it in you. You tell me to pull my cock out and I do. You get on the floor face down and raise just your ass up and spreading your ass apart so now I am look at your hot pussy and your beautiful ass. Than you sit up spread your legs and tell me you want to watch me play with my cock but you will tell me how to play with myself. Take your cock and just rub the head so I can see your hard cock. As I rub the head of my cock you start play with your pussy but your eyes are fixed on my hard dick. Now take your hard cock and jerk the shaft but come closer so I can see the hole in the head. I start to jerk off and it feels good since I have you to look at you tits your hot pussy I’ll really shoot my load of cum. My hand is pumping my very hard cock at the pace you said not to fast but not very slow. You start to get into my cock asking me what it feels like to have your cock in your hand. How you love watching me jerk off the way my cock looks how hard it is, you can’t take your eyes off my cock. As I jerk off you take the head of my cock in your mouth and start to suck on it taking your tongue licking my fat blood full head. I feel as I just want too shoot my hot cum in your sweet mouth. I tried to stop the feeling of your tongue on the head of my cock but you are so good and I need to slide my love rod between those two beautiful pink lips between your legs. Now your mouth has left the head of my cock and your hand is riding up and down the shaft. You tell how much you want to feel my dick in you. You get off your knees and kiss me so hard are tongue are freighting for even more of are passion. You push me away and say you don’t want me bad enough yet. I can’t believe that you are fucking with my head so bad; my whole body is ready to take all of you and fuck you until you shit yourself. As you stand in front of me your hands playing with those nice nipples just to make me even more crazy. You tell me to stay just the way I am and not to play with my cock. As you start to walk away you turn and your fingers pull your cunt lips apart right in my face. I tried to lick your clit but you just walk away. You have left the room so I start to play with my cock wishing I was sliding my hard cum fill prick up your hot pussy. My one hand is on my balls and the other is riding my ridged shaft. You return and tell me to get the hell off that cock and now you will want me more than you can stand. You are holding a dildo and KY. What are you up to now I ask? You’ll wish you were this plastic cock once I show you what you should do to me. You get on the floor and put the soles of your feet flat onto the floor with your knees as far apart as you can get them. Does my pussy make you want to fuck me, do my tits make you want to slide your hard cock between them, and would you like to put your cock in my mouth. Now watch as I fuck myself with my dildo. You tell me to put KY all over your cunt. I take the tube of KY and apply some on my fingers. Take your fingers and spread that all over my cunt. As I rubbed the KY over your cunt you speard your legs even wider. Don’t you love the way my pussy feels in your hand? I love the way you feel your whole body feels it’s wonderful to touch. Move your body so I can see your prick. As I move my cock so you can get a good look at how swollen I am. You say that you want me to fuck you anyway you want. You than tell me to finger your wide-open cunt and while my fingers are sliding in and out of your wet hole want you to tell me what you see. As my three fingers dive on to the deeps of your cunt I move them up and down so I can feel as much of your wonderful cunt as I can. I began to talk to you about what I see. The first thing is how your face looks, the look is one of pure enjoyment you love the way I play with what you have between your legs. Now I look at those two nice tits I know you are loving me playing with your twat, your long nipples are hard they make me want to slide my hard cock between them and shoot my cum all over them. Now I am looking at your now very hot wet pussy. You asked, tell me what you see. I began to look at the way your swollen cunt lips are wrap around my fingers as they slide in and out of your pink wet hole. Your clit is hard and it wants to be suck on and maybe have my teeth crew the tip. Your fingers have your cunt so open that I see your ass hole. I want to put my fingers in your ass and slide them in and out as my other hand fingers slide in and out of your cunt hole. All the while I telling you all of this you are looking at my cock. My fingers are working so hard on your cunt I know you must be close to cumming. I feel your cunt get tighter around my fingers. Your eyes are half looking at my cock and half closed. You pull my hand away from your cunt. I want you to fuck me with the dildo while you suck on my clit. I put some KY on the dildo and as you hold your pussy apart I slowly put the head into your wet hole. You reach out to take my cock in your hand and tell me to put it all the way in. I push the dildo into your cunt and move it in and out showily. Now suck my clit. I put my mouth over that nice hard clit and lick and suck on it. Take that dildo out of my cunt and lick all my juices off and put it back in and fuck me with it. As I fuck you with the dildo you turn over so I can get it deeper into you, faster you say. Watching your cunt taking all that cock makes me so hot. Your cunt is up in the air an inch from my face and your ass hole is looking into to my eyes. As I slide the dildo in and out
    Of that hot twat I start to kiss your nice soft skin of your ass. My mouth is taking the skin of your cheek and sucking the flesh. You seem to like the way it feels and you lift your ass higher so I can get more of the beautiful white mounds of skin. I take my tongue and slide in the crack of your ass. I lick the crack of your ass while the dildo is still fucking your pussy. My tongue is making your ass nice and wet you take your hands and spread your ass apart and I start to lick that ass of yours as if it was the last ass I would never taste. My tongue finds it way to the place you want it to be. You tell me to take my tongue and eat your ass hole. My tongue spins in circular motion over that beautiful butt hole and you love the way it feels as you push your ass into my face. I love the way you move and feel. You pull your ass from my face and tell me to kiss your back, but to keep on fucking me with the dildo. I tell you to take my cock in your mouth and slowly suck and play with me. You tell me that you are going to do what you what not what I want. You take my cock and pinch the head to where I plea for you to stop. Now my dick hurts and I am looking at a body that turn me on so bad that I am willing to do what ever you want. You turn over to your back with your head up straight and you tell me to sit in front of you with my legs spread wide apart.
    I move myself in front of you and spead my legs. You take your legs and spread them apart so wide that I can see your whole cunt. Put your hand on your cock you say and play with yourself so I can see your entire prick balls and ass hole. I wrap my hand around the shaft of my cock and start to pump it. Looking at your naked body the whole body with nothing to hide I start to get into jerking myself off, my hand is making my cock feel so good, I like the way my dick feels in my hand, the hardest of the shaft the way the head has swollen to the point at it is twice as big as it is in normal times when I ‘m not in front of you. As I play with my hard cock you play with your pussy. You start to talk about how you want me to cum in your mouth, your cunt, between your tits, in your ass and all over your body. You tell me to sit up, as I do you move to you and me put your legs over my shoulders and you lower your cunt onto my cock. With your legs over my shoulders I can see my cock and your pussy come together very clear. As your cunt lips wrap around my cock I can see the way your cunt lips hug the shaft of my cock. Your clit pointing into my eyes and my balls touching your ass. You tell me to sit still that you are going to fuck me. As you ride my cock I watch your tits bounce up and down with each thrush of that pussy of yours on my prick. My eyes turn to your cunt watching the way it shallow the length of my cock. Seeing the head come out of that hot wet pink hole and go back in. You tell me to take one of your tits and suck the nipple. As I position my mouth on your tit, but my cock is getting really to shoot a hot creamy load of cum deep into your burning cunt. My mouth sucking on your nipple I stop to say I’m getting really to shoot my load. You began to fuck me even harder your cunt is sliding on my cock faster and faster. Your whisper in my ear once you cum in me you have to suck all that cum out of my cunt and put it into my mouth. As you fuck the shit out of me my prick the head is hitting the very deeps of your pussy and my cum is about to fill your cunt. My cock is pulsing with each thrush of your cunt. The head of my cock feel so good your cunt feels so good. I put my hands on your ass and pull you to me and push my cock up into your pussy as far as my cock will go and than my hot cum shoots out of my love hole into your love hole,one load of cum than other and other and you squeeze your hole around the my shaft so many times to milk every last drop of cum from me. I don’t want to take my dick out of you. But you push me off and put your hands on your cunt and put a finger from each hand into your hole and pull your pink opening apart for me to see my cum. You must get every last drop of your cum out of pussy. So put your head between my legs and stick your tongue up deep in my cunt and get your cum out of me. As you suck your cum out of my cunt keep it in your mouth and kiss me and put that cum in my mouth. As I eat your cunt you talk about how you are going to get me hard again. But I am not listing to what you are saying. I just want to eat your pussy to get my cum out. My tongue is deep inside of you licking what we had done together and tasting what we felt together. I stop to look at you; you really love what I doing to you. The way you enjoy to have me get you off by playing with your body and way I enjoy your body. I am getting my cum out of your very wide hole from my cock sliding in and out of your love tube.
    My mouth is filling with my cum. I take my mouth off your cunt and put my lips to yours. Ours tongues become a battle you sucking mine and I sucking yours but you take my cum with such passion I know that you really want to have all of me. After we eat my cum, you push my face between your legs again and say I want all the cum. With my mouth on your cunt you move so you are on top of my face saying that you must get all of you’re cum out of my pussy with me on top. As I suck on you; you start moving your pussy back and forth over my face. You want to cum again don’t you said. Just suck my pussy and do what I tell you.
    I put my tongue in your cunt to get more of my cum; but you say suck on my clit. I swallow my cum and pull your clit into my mouth. As I start to suck your nice hard clit you change to a different position. You got on your hands and knees and you tell me to stand behind you. As I walk behind you pull your cunt wide open. I want you to make me cum; use your fingers your mouth, your cock, whatever but make me cum. Having just blown my load of cum in your hot cunt I didn’t think I could get into satisfying your needs; but you just show me your cunt and tits and you talk to me dirty telling me how you love to see my cum shoot out of the head of my cock.. I asked what you want me to do. Suck on my nipples and make them hard. My hands take hold of your breast and I look at the soft skin and the nipples on each of them. As I rub your tits my tongue finds its way to your right nipple and I take it in my mouth. My hand plays with your tit and my mouth is sucking on your nice nipple. After a bit you move my head to your other tit and I suck on that nipple. You tell me to kiss and suck on your body. I start under your tits sucking your skin kissing and biting all of you. You push my head to where you really want it to be; your legs spread as my head travels down your soft body. You stop me where the hair from your cunt starts; let me look at your cock.
    I move up so you can see my cock. You aren’t hard at all are you? Well I did just cum
    I said. I’ll make you hard again. Would you like to look at my cunt while I play with yourself you can look at all
    Of my cunt and play with my cunt. I grab hold of my cock and put my lips onto your pussy as my mouth feels your cunt and it feel s so good my mouth it is making my cock feel good. As I wrap my fingers around my cock and start to play with myself all I really want is to make your cunt throb and pulse with passion. My mouth is working on your clit I notice the dildo laying on the side of the bed. My hand takes hold of the dildo and I want to put it back in your cunt. But before I insert the dildo in you I take my hands and pull your pussy apart as wide as I dare and lick suck finger you until you ask me to fuck you with the dildo if it will get me hard again... I look at your clit and to get a better shot at making you cum I take my fingers and pull your two cunt lips apart to make all of that hot clit expose so I can really suck, bite, lick you to the point that you will cum in my mouth. My tongue is licking on your clit sliding up and down over your hot love bud. As my tongue works on your clit I take two fingers and slide them into that hot pink hole. I wiggle them in your cunt and you like the way I am finger fuck you. You spread your legs and tell me to keep on fingering you. I still have your swollen clit in my mouth and sucking on it with all the passion any men could have. You reach for my cock so you can try to get me hard again. Your hands play with my balls and it feels really nice. Than you take the head of my cock in your mouth and your tongue licks on the cum hole back and forth up and down and my prick is getting harder. Than you slide my whole cock in your mouth taking every inch in; your tongue is working on every inch of my cock. I watch as your mouth slides down and up my cock. The liquid from your mouth shines on my cock skin and the fired of your passion is as I was in a place that only you and I could be. I now want to give you what you are giving me so I move my body around so I can put my head between your legs. You lay your body flat with your ass facing up and you spread your legs while still sucking on my cock. My hands take your outer cunt lips and pull them part, as I look into your very wonderful pink juicy cunt with your clit all hard, your swollen lips and the tunnel of such pleasure asking me to please every part of your pussy. I move and remove my dick from your mouth and you say I want more of that cock. I tell you to hold your cunt wide open so I can make you feel the way you have made me feel. You pull your legs up so your feet are up in the air and your knees are on the bed as wide apart as they can be and your ass is tilted up so I can see all of your sex. Your soft white ass and the dark hole with your nice pink cunt, all I can do is to look at what you are offering me. I take two of my fingers and play with your hard clit rubbing and pulling on that bud of love, you move your hips in time with my fingers and you tell me to play with my cock as I play with your cunt. But all I want is to have you cum so I can watch your face as your whole body pushes as much love cum out of your pink hole so I can lick that cunt and drink you’re cum. You than tell me to stop and lay on my back. As I lay down you get on your hand and knees and position your pussy over my face. You take your hand and spread your pussy wide apart and lower your cunt to my mouth. Bit on my clit so I can feel the passion of your mouth. As my hands pulls on yours thighs I look at the crack of your ass and the hole above your fuck hole. I need to lick that ass hole I need to make you as hot as I can. I take my tongue and slide up and down the slit of your ass until I find the hole I need to taste. My tongue finds your ass hole and I lick all around the hole and then I slide my tongue over the opening back and forth over and over my tongue slides over your hole and you just love the feeling. You now tell me to stop but keep my tongue out so you can now please your ass hole as you please. My tongue is waiting and you are getting your ass into the just right position so you can have your ass lick the way you want. You put the top of the slit of your ass on my wet tongue and rock back and forth so my tongue is in between the two white mounds of soft hot skin. You than move your ass over my tongue from your back to your clit stopping at your clit and wriggle that ass of yours so that clit gets some tongue licks. You move back up until my tongue is just below your ass hole you move very slow until my tongue is just touching the edge of that hole. You push that ass little bit more to my mouth than you slowly move your hole on my tongue. As my tongue feels your hole opening you wiggle that ass hole on my tongue and then slide your hole very fast on my wet tongue until my tongue is twirling around your hole. You like this but you now want to have me suck and play with your pussy. You lay on your back and pull your legs up to your head. I want to please you so bad I ask you to tell me what you want me to do to make you feel as good as you can. I would like you to fuck me doggie style so I can feel all of that cock deep in me. When you are about to cum tell me so I can spread my ass so you can cum on my ass hole and take your fingers and rubbed all your hot juice in my ass. As my prick fucks your pussy the feeling of your cunt is so wonderful I don’t want to pull out to cum on your ass I want to push my cock into your cunt as far as your fuck hole will take. To feel the hard fat head hit as far in you as you can take and blow my hot white cum so deep in you that you cry out would be so nice. I am fucking you so fast and hard and you start to feel I am about to cum and you pull my prick out of your hot hole and aim the head to your ass hole and pump my cock telling me to shoot my cum to your ass hole. You then let my cock go and pull your legs above your head lifting your ass so your hole is in my face and taking your hands to pull at ass apart, you tell me to jerk off to finnish the great fucking we had been doing and to cum. My hand is pumping my cock my eyes are looking at your face and you cry cum you fucker cum on me now. My dick is about to cum but I don’t want this very dirty act we are in to stop. Put one your fingers in your ass hole so when I cum you can insert my cum in you. I will put your cum in, but you will have get it out. My hand is sliding up and down my cock and on the way up I play with the head, all at once I point to opening of my head about a inch from your hole and the eruption started first one long stream of cum than a second bust of cum and yet two more hard sprits pour out of my love hole. You rubbed you fingers in my cum until they totally cover in my juice and then you insert one finger at a tine in your ass. Watching you slide one finger at a time in your ass is a real turn on and seeing your cunt all swollen from fucking my cock is turning me even more. I know you know this is turning me on the way you make sure that I see all of your body. Make sure that your pussy is open and your ass is just as visible and moving so your whole body asks you be love. You have to be the sexiest woman in the world or I hadn’t been around too much and I don’t think that is it. You say get your cum! Your are holding your cheeks apart and I see cum between your crack of your ass so I take my tongue and begin to eat your ass licking my cum and tiring to make you hot. Again. You move your ass in very exotic way pushing against my mouth girding you soft skin into my teeth. I lick every inch of your nice ass sliding my tongue and mouth over the hole and I put three of my fingers in your cunt to give you more sensations of how I make you feel. I stop sucking your ass. You tell me that you love me and I tell you that I love you more than I ever thought a men and a woman could ever feel for each other together. With all we had done today you still want to play. You ask me to talk as dirty as I can think of to you. Do you want me to really talk real dirty I said? Yes what ever turn you on and hopefuly you’ll turn me on. But what if I say something that you really don’t like. We are playing aren’t we I won’t take what you say as real just words to turn me on get me hot. So be as dirty as you can. If you want me to do something while you talk to me I will. I give you a hot kiss and pull back to look at you. Your body is such a sexy one the shape, the way your tits are firm big nice nipples. Your hips are just the right size they make your cunt look so captivating that any man could not keeps his hands off your pussy or if he couldn’t put his dick in you he would have to jerk off just by seeing that cunt of yours. So I stand in front of you with my soft dick and start to talk dirty. Let me see that cunt of yours bitch. You pull your legs apart for me to see you would like me to put my cock in you so you can say you got fuck. But I want you to play with my cock and make it hard so I can rubbed the head over your face, chest tits stomach arms legs between your ass back neck and while my cock is rubbing your whole body you will beg me to play with your cunt you will beg me to look into your hole and tell you what I think of that opening that takes cocks up it and gets fill with cum. You laugh and say you love it don’t you. Can’t talk nasty to you at all so I will still talk dirty you but not nasty. You say whatever. I tell you I could talk dirty if you would do real nasty pose in front of me. You say that sound great I love to pose for you and I will do the dirties poses I can think of so you better prepare yourself. The first pose you do is you lay on your back and you move your ass to the edge of the bed with a little of your ass hanging over the bed. You pull your legs up, with your knees bent towards your head and you spread your legs as wide as you can get them. Then your hands hold your cunt open. As I look at you I can’t help but to think that this position is the one that I love to fuck you in, so I tell you what I like about the position your in. this is great because when we fuck and you are like this I can see all of you, your face ,your tits your stomach your hips and when you hold your cunt like you are doing now I see my cock really giving you a good deep fuck and I can really get off watching your face when my cock is sliding in and out of your nice wet fuck hole. I love it when you move your hips and ass while I am fucking you and when you’re about to cum you really cum in this position. And also if I cum before you, you always have me play with your clit until you are about to cum and I love when you are cumming that you tell me to fuck you with my fingers and to put them deep and move them fast. After you cum and if you are still holding your pussy open with your hands or your legs are spread wide apart, I love to just look at how hot and sexy your cunt is I just wish I could get my cock hard as fast as one could so I could fuck you all over again. But with a little time and you playing with my cock we will be fucking, and my cock will be deep into that beautiful tight twat of yours. You say I like what you said about that position and I like the dirty talk. You now roll over and put your shoulders flat on the bed and rise your ass up off the bed as high as you can get that nice ass, your legs spread and your ass titled up so your cunt and ass has a great look to me because I am standing behind you looking and the angle of your ass and cunt is just right for fucking either hole ass or cunt. Plus the way your cunt looks is perfect your pussy lips are sligty apart you can see a bit of your hole your clit hangs down a bit and your whole cunt looks bigger in this position. I like to watch as my cock is sliding in an out of your cunt in this position to, because when my cock is sliding out of your wet cunt there is apart of your pussy that you have never seen and that is when my cock is move out of your pussy the pussy hole moves out around my cock the skin of your cunt hole is wrap around my cock as if it didn’t want me to leave. I also love to look at your ass, I like to spread the cheeks apart and squeeze them and if I had a feather I would take the tip of it and bush your ass hole while fucking you. This position is also good because I can control when I am going to cum somewhat. I like if you want to fuck me all I have to do is lay back and you sit-up and I can still see all of your cunt riding my cock and I can hold you by your hips to chances the speed how you are fucking me. I can play with your tits. I can get you to get on all fours pretty quick and slide my body under yours so you can suck my cock and I can at suck on your pussy 69 or I can just get behind your cunt on my hands and knees and eat your pussy. This is one great position to really feel you. Your next pose you are lying on your back on your sofa head up resting on the arm your head is looking into my eyes and your hands cross over your stomach with your fingers just touching your pubic hair your legs are spread just enough to see your inner cunt lips. I like what I see but it’s not that nasty. You now get the dildo and take some KY and apply some your cunt. I watch you rubbed the KY onto your pussy. Then you put some on the dildo. You take your right leg you put on top of the arm of the sofa and the other leg is flat on the floor, you than bent your head down so I can see your face between your legs. Your cunt is apart and looks very hot. In your left hand you have the dildo, as you slide the dildo over your cunt for sometime knowing that I am watching you. You stop the dildo right above your clit and you tell to me to get closer so I can watch what you are going to do. You than take the head of the dildo and you slowly insert it into your hot wet hole; I can’t take my eyes off of you the way you are playing with your pussy twirling the head of the dildo in just the opening of your cunt. Than you start you put more and more of it into your cunt until there isn’t any more to slide in. You tell me to just look at what you doing. The position you are in really makes it hard for me not to touch you or for me to be playing with you with that dildo. As I watch you start to slide that plastic cock in and out of your cunt, I tell you how much I like watching you play with yourself with the dildo, especially since I love watching my cock going in and of your cunt its nice to watch how you fuck yourself so I will know how to fuck you better and I just love looking at dirty sexy women. You now pull the dildo out of your pussy and you lick the whole thing and then your suck on the head. I am watching you suck on the dildo that was between your legs while your leg is still up on the sofa arm and your cunt hole is wide open from where the dildo had been I just love it.
    The next pose you face away from me and you bent to touch your toes but your legs are spread apart and your tits are between your legs. As I look at you I think to myself that I have never fuck you in that position. Your cunt comes up to where my cock would be and with you bent over like that you would feel my dick hitting your resists on the in stroke of my cock. You then take your hands and pull the outer lips of your cunt apart. I can’t take much more of this my cock is starting to get hard again and you notice.
    You move into the dinning room where you sit on a chair one leg is up on the seat and the other is up on the table and you are holding your tits. You look very sexy in this pose and my dick is responding to your hot body and the way you are teasing me with your motions. You look very. very sexy your eyes so bright and wanting. Put your cock in your left hand you say. I wrap my fingers around my hard shaft and ask why you want me to hold my dick. You take two of your fingers and slide them in your pussy hole in and out your fingers go as my eyes look at my cock getting harder and harder. The head of my cock is so big and the love hole is opening to show you the clear liquid that will turn into the white hot cum shooting wanting to mix with your hot pulsating cunt juice. You move the leg on the table as far from the leg on the chair as your can get it. You take your fingers out of that cunt of yours and wave them in front of your cunt. Come and suck my cunt off my fingers. As I move my mouth towards your wet digits you take your other hand and grab my cock. My mouth sucks in your two fingers I suck as hard as I can to get all of your juice my tongue twirls over them to get all I can. The taste and fragrance of your twat is so wonderful I want to shoot my load of cum in to your hand. Your hand is on my cock, you slide it up until you have one of yours fingers up to my purple swollen cock head. As I suck on your fingers you take one of your fingers and start to rub the cum hole of my cock. You pull your fingers out of my mouth and pull my cock to your mouth. Stand on the side of me you tell me as I move to your left side your hand is sliding up and down my rock hard shaft. Position your self so you can look at your wide-open pussy but still be able to put my whole prick down your throat. I am on your left side next to your wonderful face and you turn so your mouth is only an inch from the head of my cock. My eyes are looking at your swollen pink clit. The way your inner lips run up to meet that love bulb the way your hot love hole begs for my love the way your ass hole fills the whole beautiful picture I have to fuck you again. But now my cock is being lick from the base of the under side to the opening in my head. You take your tongue twirl it around my head and than insert the tip into my opening licking whatever cum you can get. Your hand is loosely wrapped around my shaft and pumping in such a wonderful way I feel so great. You open your mouth to take my cock slowly pulling in my head with your tongue rolling around. I push my ass to your mouth so you will shallow more of my cock. You removed your mouth from my prick. Play with yourself for pushing that cock to me. I am loss for words my rock hard cock is pulsing. You get off the chair and start to walk away. As I watch you walk with your ass moving back and forth I run and throw you on the floor. You laugh as I push you so you lay flat I pull your legs apart as wide as you ever have had them. I take my hands and take hold of your outer cunt lips and pull them so wide apart I can see into your hot tunnel. Pull your tits together I order you; I want to slide my cock between those nice soft mountains of flesh. You pull those tit together and I slide my dick between them. As I pump your tits you take your hands and grab my ass cheeks and spread them. As my cock moves back and froth between your tits your tongue licks the head of my cock each time the head is coming towards your lips. You take one of your fingers and play with my ass hole. You start to slide your finger in and out of my ass as I am still fucking your tits. As I feel your finger in my ass I stop fucking your tits and start to jerk on my cock. Each time you move your finger I move my hand. I start to match your finger movements in my ass with my hand. This feels like something I could get into. The pressure of your finger on my cock inside my ass and my hand fucking my cock in time with you is one great feeling. I turn so my face is looking to your cunt but your finger does not stop and either does my hand. I bent down to put my tongue on that hard clit between those wide-open lips. My tongue licks your clit up down around then my teeth tug on your clit into my mouth now I can nibble it and bite on your passion maker. As you fuck my ass and I fuck my dick while eating your clit I put one finger in your hot cunt hole and another into your ass hole. I keep in time with your finger in my ass. You start to get into my fingers and my mouth on your cunt. You remove your finger from my ass and tell me to work on your pussy. You tilt your ass up so I can slide my finger in and out while my mouth can work on your hot cunt. My mouth is pulling on your clit my tongue is moving over and over the tip of the hard piece of flesh. My finger up your ass is wiggling around feeling what my finger is doing in the other hot hole. You let out a loud cry I am cumming don’t stop don’t stop eat me fuck my ass don’t stop make me cum and cum. You push your pussy hard into my face and the way you move your ass to meet the thrust of my finger my mouth is sucking on your cunt with everything I have. You are now shaking your ass and pussy and crying I am cumming and I feel your ass hole and cunt hole squeeze my fingers you grab my cock and jerk on it as you cum and cum again. The passion between the two of us is as if we were one person in love with ourselves we love to make our sex as sexy for each another knowing we both love each others body. You are riding my fingers hard and long, as you still are cumming. Than you take one of my fingers out of your ass and than the other out of your cunt. You take hold of my cock and start to play with it. Your one hand is cup around my balls kneeing them rolling my balls in the pouch. Your other hand is wrapping around the shaft slowly and lightly pumping my hard cock. Up and down your hand moves stopping at the head to feel the cum hole and to twirl your fingers over it. You tell me that you like to watch the skin of my shaft move up and down because you can see through it. As you are playing with my dick. I watch your hands playing with me and I love it. The way you play with my balls makes me want to just have you. You know just what to do with my cock. I love to watch you while you are getting into me. Then you take the head into your mouth while your hands are still busy with my balls and my hard rod. I push your hair away from your face so I can see you sucking the head of my cock. Your tongue is really working on my head darting in and out of the opening where my cum shoots out. While I watch I start to talk dirty to you again. I say take all of cock. Eat my cock bitch. I want to shot my hot cum down your fucking throat. Take the whole cock in your mouth and suck on it as hard as you can. I put my hands on your head and I began to fuck your mouth. My prick is so hard now I tell you to stop jerking my shaft. I stand up and I pull your head with me your lips still wrap around the head. You are now on your knees and in just the right position for me to fuck your mouth. Your mouth is sucking on my swollen head I pull your head towards my balls. You take every inch of my cock and I than I hold your head still and I pull my cock back out until I can see a bit of my head leave your mouth. Than I thrust my cock forward until your chin hits my balls. I am moving faster and faster with each thrust and I won’t let your head go. I tell you to shove one of your fingers up my ass as my cock continues to pump into your mouth. You put a finger in my ass and I tell you to wiggle it and slide it in and out at the same time. I am about to cum I am fucking your mouth as hard as I can your finger is fucking my ass. I need to shoot my load of cum. I feel that I am about to shoot my cum, I pull my cock out of your mouth I take my left hand and wrap it around the shaft of my dick and start to pump it. I tell you to spread your legs wide apart and to take your cunt lips and spread them as soon as you do all of this I stand above you looking at your cunt I start cumming. Spurting my cum onto your beautiful pussy. You than rub my cum over your hot cunt. Than you suck on my cock until all of what cum is left inside is all suck out.

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    That's easy...I want to Fuck you on the beach on a beautiful Full Moon night with the sky full of stars....

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