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    SMet's profile

    SMet Profile
    Profile views: 187715
    Fanbase: 3003

    About Me
    Im a sissy faggot who is dedicated to african culture
    We with my wife worship big black cocks and swarthy people.
    Any dark skinned immigrant is welcome. Muslims too.
    I love the smell and taste of BBC. Cum and piss. Creampies. Rimjobs.
    I like the smell and taste of a black bull's asshole. Especially on the lips and tongue of my wife.
    As a proud cuck I would gladly share my wife with any black or brown foreigner.
    She deserves only your black sperm and she craves it

    bbc , blacks , gloryhole , interracial , interracial creampie , interracial cumshot , interracial gangbang , interracial impregnation , oldmen , sissy , white slave

    Signed up: 6 years and 2 months ago
    Images viewed: 16467
    Images uploaded: 149

    Gender: Couple
    Birth: 03/02/1988

    Last Online: 18 days ago

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    Status updates
    SMet's profile
    Feb 6, 2018
    I started drinking piss of my black master! Im submitted to black alpha black male on a genetic level now.
    Read my blog if you want to know more!
    Daboija's profile
    Daboija 1 Aug, 2023

    Daboija's profile
    Daboija 31 Jul, 2023
    my forfathers didnt own yours because you were superior. lol i know you really want to believe something other than the obvious truth but... the crackers in europe.. are always hard... try to take our shit... we'll pull your card..

    knowing nothing in life... but hard work and war.... you gonna die here boy just like the ones before.

    Daboija's profile
    Daboija 31 Jul, 2023
    superior? lmao! how are you going to conquer us? you need to truely become a proud cuck and just be good. alot of people like you like to think that... if a man held a gun to your head and said "suck my dick or ill kill you right here and now" almost all of you would say "awww hell the fuck naw tyou gon hafta kill me! you gon hafta kill me!" but we took you away from your homes and bred you as livestock and had fucked your wives and made them cook our food after.. and rub our feet while we ate the food she made... while you would come up and say "massa i harvested the 30 rows of corns forz ya.. i put all 5 thousand pounds of hay in the transport wagon.. i smoked out 4 of them gophers and gots ridda dem.. i shucked the corn and i cleaned out the pig pen.. can i have some of the whiskey i made last month?" "oh no boy that whiskey is being sold to the cherokees out west. ive only got 20 more liters for myself and i cant spare that for you. plus.. how is alcohol provisions going to contribute to your productivity to the property and business? so you can take a nap in the afternoon? i dont think so son. -swigs- where did you dispose of the waste from the pig enclosure boy?" "uhhhz i dun throwed it behind the barn suh!" "oh no son that wont do... youll have to pick it back up and bring it to the wooded area at the property line like i asked you" "but iz powerful tired massa!" "that sounds like arguing boy now you know better than to cross me like that. youre supposed to be an example for the others. now get over there and get that waste out from behind my barn before it gets too dark and wet to get the work done" "yes suh... oh i see my mrs is tending to massas feet there! she sho nuff do have a way with them strong hands dont she! Take care of the massa you hear woman! " She is fine toby now do what i asked" "dope! uh sorryz massa pardon me i shoulda known betta.. me and my silly dumb mouf.. i aint bright but i sho nuff love ya massa!"

    Toby... move your hide or lose it or so help you.. ill go upside your head with the handle of this here pistol. get a move on!"

    Daboija's profile
    Daboija 31 Jul, 2023
    i get that you feel inferior and are angry about that. and want to lash out and hurt white people to get revenge. its normal for an inferior group to become violent and hostile after they are liberated by their masters. you think youre an equal now and took our kindness as weakness.. but the only reason you behave the way you do is because we allow you to do it. your forfathers did not build anything.. they literally had their women-folk build your shelters and structures out of piss and shit. the women were naturally terrible at building things because its hard work.. so the ceilings are extremely low. a multi layered structure is beyond comprehension for you. and your medicine and science is comprised of wives tales, and superstition. when my forfathers came to your shores to conquer your ungoverened and uncivilized world.. you thought we were gods. your best warrior nation the Zulu.. put water on their bodies and charged our gatling guns and got totally ruined. you only knew infighting and rape and killing eachother.. so when we conquered your land.. and actually made use of it.. and taught you not to poop in the water you drink.. you submitted without a second thought. your life in africa was about killing and conquering other tribes around you... so you could take the women for sex.. and the children as slaves... and youd sell men for guns. our women are beautiful where yours are not. we didnt even want to fuck your women after conquering you.. we fought amongst ourselves and a million white people died to free you from slavery.. and now you think youre s

    Daboija's profile
    Daboija 31 Jul, 2023
    fake ass profile. you are a fat loser of a black dude who is just so insecure and ashamed of your ancestors for getting TRUELY cucked for thousands of years . pee and pooped in your own drinking water. fought and enslaved eachother and sold eachother to civilizations that were so much more advanced than yours.. that we may as well have come from another planet. you sold your own people in exchange for guns. so you could use those guns against your own people and crush them mercilessly. you live on the most resource rich landmass on earth and never found those resources and when you did find some of them.. you couldnt figure out how to use them. you had no wheel. no system of exchange.. and were absolutely conquered and crushed by arabs jews and europeans. and we would fuck your women but not that much. because your women are apeish and ugly in comparison to ours. your women only get somewhat pretty when they are mixed with another race they know it. you know it. of course youre obsessed with our women... i would be too if i were you.

    Lena_Scarlett's profile
    Lena_Scarlett 20 May, 2023

    lzfindher's profile
    lzfindher 5 Jun, 2022

    SissyLimp's profile
    SissyLimp 5 May, 2022
    I wish i could also find one

    BigBootyMegan's profile
    BigBootyMegan 8 Mar, 2022
    Mmm well done I’ve been serving Black bulls for well over a decade now. Keep up the good work

    CherryHill's profile
    CherryHill 3 Jan, 2022


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    Gender: TS/TV
    Orientation: Bisexual

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    TheMasterKav's profile
    Comments: 3,799
    Commented on Mar 28, 2024
    "A happy girl"
    prejacfootboi4bnwo's profile
    Comments: 56
    Wrote on Mar 22, 2024
    What an amazing page. True dedication for BNWO. Wish I ever had a wife like her
    Fregolas's profile
    Comments: 17
    Wrote on Mar 17, 2024
    Thanks for being a fan!
    doug47130's profile
    Comments: 79
    Commented on Jan 17, 2024
    "the one time my wife let me do this to her she made a very pinched face and kept her mouth tightly closed. The first time she was with a black lover and he asked to cum on her face she jumped on the floor and happily took his cum on her face and opened her mouth. A week or so later I asked to cum on her face thinking she was more relaxed about the matter. She rolled her eyes and pinched her face just like she had done with me in the past. I was so taken aback I couldnt cum. I guess he drove her to a place of excitement I never could"
    Sissylizzie23's profile
    Comments: 487
    Commented on Dec 22, 2023
    "Always kiss black cock and thank it for all the cum it's shot on you."
    Sissylizzie23's profile
    Comments: 487
    Commented on Dec 22, 2023
    "Mmm. I can only dream of how amazing that would feel, and what the rest of my life would be once he knocks me up."
    LibanZ's profile
    Comments: 88
    Commented on Dec 7, 2023
    "Worship black gods"
    mountmeraw's profile
    Comments: 2,071
    Commented on Nov 26, 2023
    "Oh i'd get busy with that real quick"
    boss257's profile
    Comments: 632
    Commented on Nov 26, 2023
    "Your wife warming up your supper. Soon you will be made to swallow every drop of cum whether it be from her well fucked cunt or straight from his huge cock. She likes to get close and look you in the eyes when that huge meat in your throat starts pumping cum ropes down your throat. She just giggles because she knows there's four more BBC bulls on their way over."
    Lena_Scarlett's profile
    Comments: 131
    Commented on Nov 25, 2023
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