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    DRIKOU's profile

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    About Me
    Love damsels in distress, especially if they get chloroformed and kidnapped while wearing sheer, shiny pantyhose.

    Abductions , Barbie , Bondage , Chloroform , Damsels in Distress , Dolls , Feet , Gags , High Heels , Hooters , Izzy , Kidnapping , Pantyhose , Superheroines

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    Signed up: 8 years and 7 months ago
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    Gender: Male
    Birth: 22/06/1955

    Location: United States

    Last Online: 1 day ago

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    Status updates
    DRIKOU's profile
    Dec 24, 2015
    Happy holidays to all!
    impassioned-light-warrior's profile
    Great Galleries - thanx


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    skelator777's profile
    Comments: 3603
    Commented on Aug 12, 2018
    "I know we said we would not sexually abuse Nicole or any of her friends but with boobs like that I would love to tit fuck Leanne"
    DRIKOU | Aug 12, 2018
    She is the definition of a "busty blonde"

    skelator777 | Aug 12, 2018
    She most certainly is

    DRIKOU | Aug 12, 2018
    Her tight satin gown is barely able to contain her pulchritude

    skelator777's profile
    Comments: 3603
    Commented on Aug 7, 2018
    "she is next"
    skelator777's profile
    Comments: 3603
    Commented on Jul 30, 2018
    "It's a shame you couldn't find a satin formal gown or wedding dress for her"
    DRIKOU | Jul 30, 2018
    She's certainly not going anywhere, so there is ample time to check her closets and bureaus for some alluring attire.

    skelator777 | Jul 30, 2018
    Mnmm loving your thinking

    kentperv's profile
    Comments: 1731
    Commented on Jul 9, 2018
    "She hated doing it to her sister, but if she didn't, her Dad would be in her room tonight with the same old relentless 10 inch pounding again. Well tonight she fancied a rest and her Sister was going to take her place, like it or lump it!"
    Lonaro Cross
    Lonaro Cross's profile
    Comments: 2218
    Commented on Jun 30, 2018
    "The bed, the best place to tie a woman, whether for tickling or for sex"
    DRIKOU | Jun 30, 2018
    Yes, her slick and shiny pantyhosed soles and toes completely in the hands of the one who knocked her out and tied her up like this. She whimpers into her gag as she struggles against the cords holding her down.

    Lonaro Cross
    Lonaro Cross's profile
    Comments: 2218
    Commented on Jun 23, 2018
    "No one will save you from the ... tickle !!!!!!"
    DRIKOU | Jun 28, 2018
    Poor Karen screamed into the sticky tape gag over her lips, but only the men gathered around the bed could hear her cries. They laughed and smiled at her helpless situation, the fear in her eyes. They descended upon her, fingers and hands everywhere, roaming over the most ticklish areas of her body, her tight bounds allowing her struggle, but not escape. Her tickle torture nightmare continued.

    skelator777's profile
    Comments: 3603
    Commented on Jun 16, 2018
    "Where have all the comments gone for our golden gowned beauty ????"
    DRIKOU | Jun 16, 2018
    Nicole Horton slowly began to return to consciousness .... after what had to be the worst nightmare she'd ever had! In that horrible dream, she'd been grabbed from behind and a stinking wet cloth had been locked over her nose and mouth! She'd screamed for help, but no one could hear her, certainly not her husband, who was long gone for the golf course. But now she'd wake up, safe and sound in her own bed ... but she couldn't move her arms or her legs ... and she seemed to be sitting up in a chair ... and there was something big and soft filling her mouth and her lips were TAPED SHUT!?!
    "MMMMMMMMMMM!!!??!" Nicole found herself in a darkened room, seated at a table, where her wedding album had been opened. Photos of her mom and best friends from her wedding day were lined up before her. What was going on?

    skelator777 | Jun 16, 2018
    Mnmm loving it so far the suspense is a brilliant new angle can't wait for what happens next to our latest victim and her mum and friends

    DRIKOU | Jun 17, 2018
    "Ah, you're awake. Welcome to our humble abode, Nicole." The voice seemed to be coming from all around her, electronically altered, adding a level to her terror.
    "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM?!!?!" Nicole bleated into her gag, beginning to struggle against the cord which held her tightly to the chair she'd been bound to. She was still in her golden satin gown.
    "I'm sure you have all sorts of questions, very few of which will be answered. We've been watching you for quite some time, Nicole. You foolish husband doesn't seem to appreciate what a beautiful wife he has ... but we have you now."

    skelator777 | Jun 18, 2018
    Your probably wondering why you have been kidnapped as you are not from a wealthy family unlike some of your friends so it cannot be for a ransom and what's with the wedding photograph album in front of me showing my mum and my friends in their finery what's going on ?????

    DRIKOU | Jun 18, 2018
    You see, Nicole - we love women in tight, shiny satin gowns, just like the one you're wearing right now. We happened to see you out shopping for that very gown some time ago; that's when we began watching you and organizing a plan to kidnap you. Imagine how delighted we were after we had you all bound and gagged to discover your wedding album, with so many photos of your family and friends in satin gowns as well. We thought you might get lonely during your 'extended stay' with us, so perhaps we could pick up some of these ladies to keep you company.

    skelator777 | Jun 19, 2018
    mmmrrpphh Nicole moaned in protest into her still tightly tape gagged mouth shut up missy you are going to help us in acquiring your mum and your friends so we can have some fun with you all we want to recreate your wedding party with you and all your lovely female family and friends dressed in your fine satin formal gowns and wedding attire so we need you to lure them into our trap and we will not take no for an answer you either help us carry out our dastardly plan or you will never ever see your family and friends ever again

    DRIKOU | Jun 19, 2018
    Nicole burst into tears, shaking her head in the negative as her struggles increased. "It appears you're going to need some persuasion." A figure emerged from the darkness surrounding Nicole and the table where the photos were scattered. The leather gloved hands held a large pad and a brown bottle which sent a chill down Nicole's spine. That must be chloroform her thoughts silently screamed! "MMMMMMMMM" Her eyes widened in horror above her tape gagged mouth as the clear liquid splashed over the pad, soaking in. The figure, still hidden for the most part, came towards her and pressed the wet, stinking pad over her nose and gagged mouth, a free hand reaching down to grope her satin covered breasts.

    DRIKOU | Jun 23, 2018
    Nicole awoke with a shudder, to find herself in utter darkness. Whatever they had stuffed in her mouth had been removed, along the with sticky tape over her lips that held the gag in place; yet, there was still something tight over her mouth. It felts as if something had been pulled over her head, cutting off her sight. Her arms had been bound at crossed wrists above her head, as she lay on what felt like a bare mattress. It seemed her tight golden gown of satin had been undisturbed. At the moment, her legs were free, which frighted her, as she imagined what might be coming next. That's when she felt the pressure of a muscular male body on top of her, pressing her own body down. "MMMMMMMMMMMMM?!" She felt a hand lock over the bottom of her face, to further muffle her cries. "There, there, more comfy now, are we?"

    DRIKOU | Jun 30, 2018
    "We've been watching you for quite awhile, Nicole. You try so hard to get the attention of that idiot you call a husband, never realizing you've had out full attention. We love how you luck in this shiny satin gown, how it hugs your body in all the right places. When we saw you in it today we knew the perfect kidnapping moment had arrived. And then we found your wedding photo album, and you gave us a new idea ... one you can help us with." Nicole's mind spun in confusion and fear.

    skelator777 | Jul 1, 2018
    her mind raced as she realised the 2 men who had kidnapped her had bigger plans on their minds and was wondering where she was being taken in her panel van prison

    DRIKOU | Jul 2, 2018
    Her kidnappers did not seem to motivated simply by sex, or they could have had their way with her multiple times by now. They could have raped her at her home and called it 'good enough'. And the idea that they had been following her, wanting her had begun to make her feel ... desirable in ways her husband couldn't. Nicole knew it didn't make any logical sense and she was still quite frightened by all that was happening ... but there was a part of her that was aroused in very "unladylike" ways

    skelator777 | Jul 3, 2018
    The question has to be asked why are we kidnapping all these lovely gowned beauties if it's not for ransom then surely it's for a sexual motive so do we sexually violate them or not rape them or not ????

    DRIKOU | Jul 3, 2018
    all to be answered in due time, my friend

    skelator777 | Jul 3, 2018
    Mnmm looking forward to that

    DRIKOU | Jul 18, 2018
    As Nicole began to awaken from her latest chloroform knock out at the hands of her abductors, she discovered that both her blindfold and gag had been removed, even though she was still snugly bound at wrist and ankle in her glistening gown of golden satin. She was lying on a bed ... beside her mother! "Mummy," Nicole cried, "what is going on? Why are we tied up?" "Hush, dear," Natasha soothed, "These men are interested in us and our gowns."

    skelator777 | Jul 18, 2018
    But mummy what do they want us for what are they going to do with us Nicole cried but secretly deep down she loved being tied up and the thought of her and her mum being kidnapped excited her very much

    DRIKOU | Jul 20, 2018
    "Perhaps we can explain," said one of the masked men, as each took a seat at the foot of the bed where Nicole and Natasha lay, still bound hand and foot. "We mean you no harm. We have some very specific tastes when it comes to women, things that we enjoy that many women would consider ... a bit too unusual for their liking." "Think about the 'damsel in distress', the pretty heroine who so often finds herself kidnapped by the villain of the story. She gets bound and gagged and carried off, but in the end, it all turns out fine." "Oh yes," injected Natasha, "that's what I dream about!"

    skelator777 | Jul 23, 2018
    Mnmmn me too thought Nicole as she lays bound and helpless next to her mother the 2 sexy ladies at their kidnappers mercy

    DRIKOU | Jul 26, 2018
    You can see the mutual satisfaction we could all derive from having such an arrangement. You would wear the clothes we all enjoy and you'd have our undivided attention for hours on end, sharing in fantasies we could live out together. No need to fret over oafish husbands who are too stupid to know what they're missing, no uncomfortable evenings out with men who aren't attuned to your desires. You two lovely ladies would help fulfill all our fantasies as well. It's perfect, just like the two of you!

    skelator777 | Jul 27, 2018
    Nicole and Natasha started to ponder the words they had just heard it was a very tempting prospect that these 2 unknown men are willing to give them the attention they so desire in exchange for dressing how these 2 men wanted

    DRIKOU | Aug 4, 2018
    Natasha bit her lip, trying to find the right words to ask in this incredible situation. "But ... when we're all tied up and helpless like this ...will you ...?" "If we wanted to harm or abuse you in any way, we'd have done that already and we wouldn't be having this very pleasant conversation now, would we?" Natasha nodded her head, looking at Nicole who did likewise. "It's been a bit ... uncomfortable," Nicole said, "but I suppose that's all part of the ... fun?" "Oh Nicole, you can't imagine how often I've dreamed about something like this - you and I kidnapped, bound and gagged side by side. But it's only been a fantasy ..." "A fantasy we all share ... a fantasy we can all make come true, to our own mutual enjoyment."

    skelator777 | Aug 4, 2018
    we most certainly can and will make it happen to these to lovely ladies and all their friends

    DRIKOU | Aug 13, 2018
    While Natasha and Skelator went off to search her closests for more satin evening gowns, DRIKOU began to question the still-bound Nicole about her bride's maids. As it turned out Christina and Rochelle shared a flat in the city. Neither was married, due (in no small part) to the sorry state of Nicole's marriage. "You men," she huffed, "first you want it and then you just lose all interest in us and want someone else!" "Some men are like that, yes,"nodded DRIKOU, "but not all men. " "But you're also interested in Christina and Rochelle!" "For very specific and mutually enjoyable reasons." He reached into his bag and picked up a roll of wide, sticky duct tape. "Perhaps we need to take a break." "YES ... I mean, no, please, don-MMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmm ..." Nicole's eyes blazed as the tape was smoothed over her soft lips

    Lonaro Cross
    Lonaro Cross's profile
    Comments: 2218
    Commented on Jun 14, 2018
    "another victim of the serial tickler ... she will be tortured with tickles and raped several times"
    Lonaro Cross
    Lonaro Cross's profile
    Comments: 2218
    Commented on Jun 14, 2018
    "Keren's suffering continues. It's been three weeks since she disappeared. The family can not find clues about their whereabouts that constantly change. She keeps on tickling every day ... she's going crazy."
    DRIKOU | Jun 16, 2018
    Karen had not yet realized that she'd been kidnapped by several of her current and former employees, who found her to be very arrogant and aloof, often dressing to tease them, knowing that they could say or do nothing to her - at least at work. Now she was completely at their mercy and they were showing her none.

    Lonaro Cross | Jun 16, 2018
    She does not understand why they do not ask for ransom. They do not want ransom, they want to punish her and she's going to suffer a lot.

    DRIKOU | Jun 17, 2018
    Her thoughtless treatment fueled their anger and her body fueled their lust. They have no interested in ransoming her back to her family. They intend to keep her as their helpless tickle toy for as long as possible.

    skelator777's profile
    Comments: 3603
    Commented on Jun 13, 2018
    "She will definitely be Nicoles mum she is called Natasha can't wait to get our hands on her"
    skelator777 | Jun 15, 2018
    I hope she is a real screamer as I love the sound of muffled screams as we apply the chloroform soaked rag

    DRIKOU | Jun 15, 2018
    Glad you approve; love the name we'll be the only one who get to hear her muffled cries and enjoy every moment

    skelator777 | Jun 15, 2018
    Thanks but I want Natasha to realy scream and struggle as we snatch her

    DRIKOU | Jun 16, 2018
    She looks like a struggler to me, but she will be ours for sure.

    skelator777 | Jun 16, 2018
    She most certainly will and soo I hope

    DRIKOU | Jun 23, 2018
    Natasha Kaplinski was worried. She been trying to get in touch with Nicole all afternoon with no luck. Since mother and daughter spoke several times a day, it was very odd for Natasha to be unable to reach Nicole. Her son-in-law had been of little help (as usual). He was drinking with his buddies after a round of golf and had no idea of where Nicole was or what she might be doing. Natasha voiced her concern that someone might have kidnapped Nicole, but her worries were met with laughter. "Who'd want to kidnap Nicole?" As Natasha searched for the numbers of Nicole's friends, she allowed that "naughty fantasy" to creep into her mind again. She often imagined that she and Nicole were the targets of kidnappers, masked men who would follow them about, waiting for just the most vulnerable moment when mother and daughter could be overpowered, bound, gagged and carried away. She'd never shared this daydream with anyone - not even Nicole - but she let her mind drift there often.

    skelator777 | Jun 25, 2018
    she certainly should let her mind drift there more often when she is dressed like that

    DRIKOU | Jun 28, 2018
    Natasha's marriage to the much older Mr. Kaplinski has been a most unfulfilling one for her. She'd been his obedient 'trophy wife', looking gorgeous in her satin gowns at parties and events he took her to, but her husband seemed oblivious to her needs and desires. She understood Nicole's situation all too well. She found the front door to Nicole's home unlocked, which seemed quite out of character for her daughter. The bedroom was something of a mess, clothes lying about, drawers open, as if ... someone had left in a great hurry ... as kidnappers might!

    skelator777 | Jun 29, 2018
    Natasha continued to search for her daughter in vain unaware she was being watched

    DRIKOU | Jun 30, 2018
    In the eerie silence of the house Natasha's smart phone suddenly rang, causing her to jump and cry out. It was a text message ... from Nicole! "MOM @ ur house ... come quick" At last, some word. Natasha's mind was still full of questions, but she hoped to get answers very soon. She didn't even notice the large panel van that began to follow her through traffic.

    skelator777 | Jul 1, 2018
    her mind was racing as she drove back to her very nice home why was Nicole at her house as she weaves through the traffic with a large panel van following close behind and the 2 men inside having dark intentions for Natasha and Nicole

    DRIKOU | Jul 2, 2018
    As Natasha pulled into her garage, her smart phone went off again. Switching off her engine, Natasha saw was receiving a series of photos of Nicole ... bound and gagged in her golden gown! "Nicole," Natasha cried out, "what is going on?" In her upset, Natasha failed to notice that the van had pulled into her driveway. Suddenly, her car door was yanked open and before Natasha could could move, a large wet pad was pressed tightly over her nose and mouth, muffling all sound. Her snapped wide above the gagging pad and she saw a masked man holding it in place. A kidnapper, just like in the movies and on TV! She was being chloroformed like a damsel in distress! Natasha tried to struggle away, but the masked man was much too strong and her her down in her seat. A wave of darkness began to settle over her as Natasha's struggles weakened, then ended.

    skelator777 | Jul 2, 2018
    She slumped unconscious in tight black skirt and white satin blouse as her kidnapper extracted her from the car

    DRIKOU | Jul 13, 2018
    AS DRIKOU removed the unconscious Natasha from behind the wheel of her car, he noticed that she was wearing a very interesting pair of tights under her tight black satin skirt, with the look and texture of satin as well. With the shimmering satin black tights, short tight black satin skirt and white satin blouse, Natasha was a real satin "doll", now totally in the power of two very appreciative abductors. He quickly carried Natasha into her home, followed by Skelator who was bring the bound, gagged and blindfolded Nicole along, still clad in her golden satin gown. Now both mother and daughter were in their powers as they prepared to select even more shiny satin garments for Natasha.

    skelator777 | Jul 14, 2018
    As they lay helpless on the double bed Drikou and Skelator start going through Natasha,s closets looming for her satin formal gowns or hope against hope her satin wedding gown

    DRIKOU | Jul 14, 2018
    The kidnappers were pleased to discover that Natasha's closets seemed highly organized and that her formal satin gowns were hung neatly in a long row. No wedding dress in this closet, but they didn't give up hope. Nicole was still unconscious, but Natasha was beginning to stir beside her. Natasha was cleave-gagged with a silk scarf and blindfolded with another. Her wrists were bound behind her back with a third scarf, but her satin-clad legs were still free, although her high heels had been dropped by the bedside. Natasha began to whimper as she awoke, which turned into a sustained "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!?" as she realized a little bit about what had happened to her. She felt a leather-gloved hand lock firmly over her gagged lips, muffling her cries. "Excellent, you're waking up," said a deep,menacing voice. "We've got some questions we'd like to ask you."

    skelator777 | Jul 15, 2018
    Now then Natasha when I move my hand from your mouth and remove the gag you are not going to scream or cry out as we don't want to hurt you do you understand Natasha nods submissifly as the kidnapper does as he said now Natasha where are your sexiest satin gown the ones we have seen pictures of you wearing at awards nights recently

    DRIKOU | Jul 18, 2018
    "Why do you want my gowns?" "We think you look beautiful in all your shimmering satin gowns and we'd love to see you bound and gagged in all of them." Natasha's heart seemed to skip a beat. "You're kidnapping me and stealing my gowns so you can make me wear them for you?" "Smart girl - you've got it exactly!" "And Nicole? What about my daughter?" "She'll be right there beside you, also gowned, bound and gagged."

    skelator777 | Jul 18, 2018
    Even though she was a bit scared part of her was jumping for joy as she had long had a desire to be kidnapped and bound gagged and blindfolded by persons u known to lavish their intentions on her the attention she had been craving for for a very long time and she also knew her daughter Nicole had similar cravings

    DRIKOU | Aug 2, 2018
    "How often would you ... kidnap us?" Just speaking the word aloud flooded Natasha with feelings of excitement. The masked men chuckled in unison. "You're getting in the spirit already. As often as possible, from our standpoint." "Would we know in advance," asked Nicole, who was equally aroused. "Sometimes, sure; but you must admit that part of the enjoyment of this would be the total surprise of a hand locking over your mouth from behind at an unexpected moment." "Oooooh, yes," murmured Nicole, seeing it unfold as she's so often dreamed of it."

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