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    RachelDane's profile

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    Master_Michael's profile
    Comments: 198
    Commented 2 days ago
    "Hammergeil die Rubbersau!!!!"
    mastertbx's profile
    Comments: 3016
    Commented 4 May, 2018
    "Would love to be in your position here or just to come into the room where you have been trying for hours, sweating in your latex, to reach an orgasm and simply suck you off!"
    BBC_Master1's profile
    <450 fans>
    28 Sep, 2016
    where are my lil dicked sub losers at hahaha
    Amber-cd's profile
    Amber-cd 14 Mar, 2017
    Here I am Daddy...eager to be nastier than all the other sluts for that superior blk cock!!!

    TrannySally's profile
    TrannySally 1 Mar, 2017
    Gaped for your fatty

    Littlebobo's profile
    Littlebobo 1 Mar, 2017
    mmmmmm so big)))

    Srephane1's profile
    Srephane1 12 Feb, 2017
    A real man I agree

    Srephane1's profile
    Srephane1 12 Feb, 2017
    OMG Daddy!

    janeby's profile
    janeby 30 Jan, 2017
    hear I am daddy fuck me in my mancunt with your big cock please

    whitesubforbbc's profile
    whitesubforbbc 10 Jan, 2017
    Stretch me Master

    BlackCockSissy501's profile
    BlackCockSissy501 23 Nov, 2016
    I want to worship your big nasty cock sir.

    SubClaireTX's profile
    SubClaireTX 19 Oct, 2016

    sweetjamee's profile
    sweetjamee 16 Oct, 2016
    Mmm, a REAL man!!

    tusklore's profile
    tusklore 10 Oct, 2016
    Wow, love you, baby.

    slutnancy's profile
    slutnancy 7 Oct, 2016
    master please fuck me and mommy

    ozbeachboy's profile
    ozbeachboy 4 Oct, 2016
    luv that up my butt

    CCDDSSTTEELLAA's profile
    CCDDSSTTEELLAA 29 Sep, 2016
    Talk about stuffing my holes with ll that man....fill my gape

    BBC_Master1's profile
    BBC_Master1 29 Sep, 2016
    Just looking for a sub faggots to talk consistent everyday

    Heidi_Bottom's profile
    Heidi_Bottom 29 Sep, 2016
    Present sir!!!!

    candieslut's profile
    candieslut 28 Sep, 2016
    right here SIR

    CCDDSSTTEELLAA's profile
    CCDDSSTTEELLAA 28 Sep, 2016
    If I ever had that cock in my sissy ass I would be a little dicked sub winner....hehehe....and you can cum inside me anytime big boy....

    latexboy1997's profile
    Comments: 69
    Commented 20 Aug, 2016
    "i love looking at this beautiful face. makes me so hard!"
    BBC_Master1's profile
    <450 fans>
    27 Jun, 2016
    who wanna ride my faggot maker ?!
    dogboi's profile
    dogboi 28 Sep, 2016
    yes pleassseee XD

    Heidi_Bottom's profile
    Heidi_Bottom 28 Sep, 2016
    I want to!!!

    CCDDSSTTEELLAA's profile
    CCDDSSTTEELLAA 28 Sep, 2016
    Me again...and again...

    CCDDSSTTEELLAA's profile
    CCDDSSTTEELLAA 27 Sep, 2016

    waterboy85's profile
    waterboy85 24 Sep, 2016
    You have a beautiful cock, sir.

    InferiorWhiteBoi4BBC's profile
    InferiorWhiteBoi4BBC 23 Sep, 2016
    Please Sir, own me with your cock

    oldraleighguy's profile
    oldraleighguy 21 Sep, 2016
    I know it's too big for my wife- but still I would like to see it pushed into her, as far as it would go.

    daddysissy's profile
    daddysissy 13 Sep, 2016
    I do, I do, I do !!!

    Srephane1's profile
    Srephane1 13 Sep, 2016

    Danielspir's profile
    Danielspir 30 Aug, 2016
    Omg let me try master

    pantys4life's profile
    pantys4life 26 Aug, 2016
    thnx for becoming a fan

    cdqt_'s profile
    cdqt_ 25 Aug, 2016
    this white slut could never say no, fuck me hard and rough daddy

    candieslut's profile
    candieslut 24 Aug, 2016
    Please SIR, hard and deep!

    jp5105's profile
    jp5105 18 Aug, 2016
    I would suck out every last drop 😉

    jp5105's profile
    jp5105 18 Aug, 2016
    😵 WOW I love your cock

    all4cock's profile
    all4cock 16 Aug, 2016
    I do!, I do!,I Do!!!

    smr4fun's profile
    smr4fun 7 Aug, 2016

    ozbeachboy's profile
    ozbeachboy 3 Aug, 2016
    WOW is that really yours

    Lusta's profile
    Lusta 27 Jul, 2016
    yum-yum! yeeeeeees x

    anna_lil_sissy's profile
    anna_lil_sissy 21 Jul, 2016
    oh god, i am not sure if it would fit!

    sissy_for_mistress-bbc's profile
    sissy_for_mistress-bbc 21 Jul, 2016
    Want or don't want, You would make me, Sir. And i would comply...

    Stella-sosu's profile
    Stella-sosu 20 Jul, 2016
    I want to fuck me for hours. I want to be your slave.

    laine_sissy's profile
    laine_sissy 20 Jul, 2016
    OMG I wanna ride it bare all night daddy, make me your sissy faggot!

    eviee's profile
    eviee 17 Jul, 2016
    mmm....i'd definitely like you to give me a test drive. Thanx for becoming a fan and please hit me up.

    jenniferthomson_34's profile
    jenniferthomson_34 16 Jul, 2016
    Yes Please SIR use both of my white sissy faggot holes with your Superior Black Cock SIR

    feman76's profile
    feman76 14 Jul, 2016
    i want your monster cock hard in my mouth!!

    sexy-venus's profile
    sexy-venus 13 Jul, 2016
    Write a comment...

    sexy-venus's profile
    sexy-venus 13 Jul, 2016
    I'd like to ride your big cock darling

    alphabeta75's profile
    alphabeta75 9 Jul, 2016
    Mmm, I want you to make me your sissy whore!

    3holeswife's profile
    3holeswife 8 Jul, 2016
    slut sub wife and slut sissy for you

    oralslut's profile
    oralslut 5 Jul, 2016
    you'd rip my cunt to pieces with your faggot maker

    snowandrain84's profile
    snowandrain84 2 Jul, 2016
    me pls

    RobertoMaloch's profile
    RobertoMaloch 1 Jul, 2016
    Waou, you are just impressive, how are you doing it ?

    slavetoblackmen's profile
    slavetoblackmen 1 Jul, 2016
    After you beat me with it master.

    sissywm4dombm's profile
    sissywm4dombm 30 Jun, 2016
    I would love to be your white sissy bitch Sir...Giddy up!!!

    englishmale2016's profile
    englishmale2016 27 Jun, 2016
    omg, i don't think i could take You, as much as i want to please You

    foxyroxycd69's profile
    foxyroxycd69 27 Jun, 2016
    ohhh please daddy make me ur slutty gurl

    HappyInTheEnd's profile
    HappyInTheEnd 27 Jun, 2016
    My sissy pussy is open and ready

    BBC_Master1's profile
    <450 fans>
    25 Jun, 2016
    jenniferthomson_34's profile
    jenniferthomson_34 16 Jul, 2016
    Yes SIR what a wonderful Black Man so sexy makes both of my holes wet and ready SIR XOXO

    colbie_tranny's profile
    colbie_tranny 27 Jun, 2016
    *tranny )))

    colbie_tranny's profile
    colbie_tranny 27 Jun, 2016
    could anyone make a cum tribute for my tgranny asssss ??? ))))))))))

    sissybeme's profile
    sissybeme 26 Jun, 2016
    certified to split asses open

    StaziaFoxx's profile
    StaziaFoxx 26 Jun, 2016
    hummmmmmmmmm bb

    reddoggynoc's profile
    reddoggynoc 26 Jun, 2016
    Yes Sir !

    englishmale2016's profile
    englishmale2016 25 Jun, 2016
    Certified Superior

    BBC_Master1's profile
    <450 fans>
    21 Jun, 2016
    mmm where are my BBC Sissies
    Junalovex's profile
    Junalovex 27 Jun, 2016
    Over here ! Spreading my butt just for you !

    sissybeme's profile
    sissybeme 26 Jun, 2016
    Ready and waiting!

    Abbisissy's profile
    Abbisissy 26 Jun, 2016
    Such a lovely, hard cock. My mouthcunt is aching for it, my Master

    UnluckySissy's profile
    UnluckySissy 26 Jun, 2016
    hello sir

    colbie_tranny's profile
    colbie_tranny 25 Jun, 2016
    would you like to cum in my ass?

    snowandrain84's profile
    snowandrain84 25 Jun, 2016
    i kneel for you

    Lyndsay's profile
    Lyndsay 21 Jun, 2016
    1000 Kisses ! !

    JoJoSissy's profile
    JoJoSissy 21 Jun, 2016
    Your cock is wonderful sir...

    sissydollface's profile
    sissydollface 21 Jun, 2016
    Right here!

    BBC_Master1's profile
    <450 fans>
    17 Jun, 2016
    Love the comments , who wants that big mf in their life ?!!!
    all4cock's profile
    all4cock 21 Jun, 2016
    I am looking to worship and serve a Black Master

    sissyokami's profile
    sissyokami 18 Jun, 2016
    I have seen the cock of GOD! On my knees master, fill me with your love!

    latexboy1997's profile
    Comments: 69
    Commented 12 Jun, 2016
    "your wish came true as this sissyboy just shot his load while stroking himself looking at this."
    skin75's profile
    Comments: 4006
    Commented 4 Jun, 2016
    "Ought to be cock caged not vibrated."
    alexadam's profile
    Comments: 2263
    Commented 17 Apr, 2016
    "Love your clit, baby"
    alexadam's profile
    Comments: 2263
    Commented 17 Apr, 2016
    "Sexy couple!"
    debauchedsoul's profile
    Comments: 173
    Commented 27 Mar, 2016
    damn, if only you were based in the UK
    mimi456's profile
    Comments: 6
    Commented 27 Jan, 2016
    "hum j&#39;aimerai bien être à sa place"
    Anubix93's profile
    Comments: 264
    Commented 26 Jan, 2016
    "I NEED to suck your cock!"