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    BBW KING's profile
    The cum slut diet

    I was thinking the other day about how fun it must be to have a stupid pig slut like you at home to abuse. If I was your master I would take full advantage of your submissive nature, and make sure you keep my balls drained on a daily basis. When that spunk builds up in us men we just get so distracted. Your every thought, from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep should be focused on milking all of that distracting semen buildup from my swollen prick. You may just prove to be the most disciplined woman ever! Congratulations slut! Your every thought will be about salty cum; its stringy gooey texture, its creamy white color, how warm it feels when it spurts from an excited cock and splatters on your forehead and runs down your nose and cheeks. That is when you look the most beautiful.

    I've always thought about finding a plump piggy slave to put on a cum-slut diet. And don't worry, its an all you can eat diet. Problem is all your allowed to eat is cum, and nothing else. Your daily diet depends on how hungry you are. At meal time you would be taken out of your little pig pen and be stationed at the front door on your knees with your hands bound behind you, and chained to the floor. With your belly growling of starvation the meal bell would ring and men would start lining up at the door outside.

    Your body enslaved, and your mind warped to mush, the only thing you ever think of is getting some food in your aching belly, and to make it through another day. When you live locked up in a cage your brain changes. Things get simple. No more worry about bills, no responsibilities. Just countless hours of masturbating until your cunt is raw while dreaming about being used over and over.

    Hunger overwhelms you and your mouth begins to water. First I step up and pull out my prick. With one hand grasping your hair, and the other tightly on your neck, I insert my stiff cock into your mouth and force the head to pop into your throat. I start violently reaming your face and quickly blow my steaming load. It hits the back of your throat and you gag uncontrollably, but I have a tight grip on your stupid face and I squeeze tighter on your neck as I flex my dick to get every drop out. Your nearly asphyxiated, and I remove my prick and give you a hard slap across the face. The door opens and the first customer steps in, placing a bill in the pay box.. He pulls out his fat cock and feeding time begins. How many loads will it take to fill your belly? You have 2 hours to gorge yourself on semen. You let them do whatever gets them off the fastest. Some call you names, some choke you and spit in your face, and most don't stop to let you breathe as they feverishly slam their entire cocks down your tight throat. Their spunk is never seen, as you greedily swallow it down and reach for the next visitor. You hear cars pulling up outside as groups of men unload and get in line. You don't care who they are, as they are just a meal to you. Your mind is fucked, and you thank each one as if they are doing you a favor for feeding you. Being an enslaved cum dump is all you know. By the end of 'lunch time' you have swallowed almost 100 thick loads of semen. Your jaw is sore, your throat is stretched, but your belly is full and you are a happy piggy.

    I then examine you, as you look totally different now. Your face is dripping with spit and tears, your cheeks red and bruised from their abuse, your hair mangled and knotted. I walk away and return with a 2 foot long double ended dildo. You see me walking towards you and you begin to cry, as you know exactly what im going to do. I kneel down beside you and wrap my muscular arm around your head and neck and squeezes tight to hold your head still. Your now sobbing hysterically as I force the head of the dildo into your mouth. I hold you tight, nearly strangling you as I force nearly half of the hard rubber dildo into your mouth. You can feel it in your neck as I jam as much in as I can. Quickly I rip it out of your mouth and you begin to violently vomit all of your precious dinner from your once full and happy belly. Over and over you wretch as I laugh, watching you spew foaming piles of semen onto he floor. You see all your hard work spilling out in front of you. You catch your breathe and try to bend down to lap your meal up off the floor but I push you away. "Your going to bed hungry tonight slut." I say as I grab you by your hair and drag you through your dinner and down the hall. You are locked in your pen until tomorrow. "I'm sorry piggy, but you seem to suck so much better when your nice and hungry!", I say as I lock the pen, and you begin to lick any traces of semen from your weak and exhausted body....

      Posted on : May 14, 2012 | Comments (0)
    Late Night Encounter #1 - Meeting My Fat Slut - A Short Story

    The apartment complex nearby my place has a few dumpsters lined up against a fence, and its pretty dark over there. I think that would be a perfect place to make 'love' to a woman like you. Oh the romance. Id get home late and see you sitting in your car, its body wobbling ever so slightly, and id know that you are in there with one foot up on the dash, furiously fingering your sloppy cunt, the pussy juice running down your thighs onto the seat, dripping down and making a nice slut puddle on the floor mat. Id walk over, open the door and grab your hand. Leading you behind one of the dumpsters before anyone sees. You wine that it stinks, and I tell you to shut the fuck up. Give me your shirt, I demand. You hesitate then slowly begin to peel it off. Fucking hurry up you stupid whore, I bark at you, and I begin clawing at your clothes, literally pulling them off you. I unbutton your pants and yank down your panties. Off! You take them off and lay them on the ground beside you. I don't remove any clothing, but I reach down and unzip my pants, pulling my stiff cock and balls through the hole. You stand there, hands covering your bare breasts as your completely naked. Well, get to work bitch! You look puzzled for a second, then out of nowhere I slap you across the face, my wedding ring scratching your cheek. You let out a muffled shriek, as you don't want to make a commosion, but are in agony from the pain shooting through you. Suck bitch! Your trying to hide the crying, but you can't stop the tears pouring down your cheeks, your mascara running down your face. You slump to a squatting position, the ground smells badly, and I grab your hair and push you off balance and you fall to your knees in the dirt. You start sucking, doing your job. "Let's get this over with bitch, I don't want to keep my wife waiting...." I say. You pump my cock in and out of your mouth as the slobber starts dribbling down your chin. A cold breeze picks up and it chills your sloppy cunt with all its wetness. My cell phone rings and you pause. " did I say stop you stupid cunt?" You continue sucking as I answer the call. " Hey sweetheart. Yea, I'm almost home. What a day at work, I'm so tired. What do you say we snuggle on the couch and order some take out?" You appear to be distracted listening to my conversation. " Just a second hunny" I say, pulling the phone away from my ear and cupping it into my shirt. I look down at you angrily, grab a handful of your hair, and in one quick thrust slam my dick completely into your throat. Your hands shoot to my hips, pushing furiously as my prick fills your windpipe. You choke and cough, blowing out streams of spit around my shaft and down my balls. I release your hair and you pull away, gasping for air. Pay attention, I say. You return to sucking and I return the phone to my ear. " Ok baby, I'm back." My wife is chatting away about what the fuck ever, I don't care, I just look down at my you, doing your job of emptying my balls. " Alright hun, I'm pulling in, ill be up in a minute. " I glance down to see you staring back up at me, sucking harder than ever. I stare straight into your eyes, hold the phone up to my mouth and say softly and slowly into the phone, " I love you" . You realize I do love her, and that you are just a peice of garbage. I hang up and grab your hair again, pumping your face with my dick, showing you what your good for. I catch you off guard and pull my prick from your mouth, and begin shooting thick streams of hot cum all over your face and down your chest. I grunt as I milk the last drops to the tip, reach down and grab your shirt, using it to clean the remaining cum from the head, wipe all the spit from my balls, then throw it at your face. Your jizz covered shirt falls into your hands, and you look up at me with those sad eyes. I quick put my cock back in my pants and zip up. " Well bitch....that was terrible." I say as rudely as possible. I turn to walk away, pushing your shoulder hard, making you fall back into the dirt on your bare ass. You watch my shadow trail away. Your cunt a sloppy driping mess, can't help but sit there alone and cry, slowly putting back on your jizz covered clothes, and driving home, wiping the tears from your eyes the entire way. You think to yourself....maybe tomorrow night will be different?
      Posted on : May 9, 2012 | Comments (2)
    The new Fat Abuse Galleries, training a cum slut

    I put up some new BDSM style fat abuse pics.  I hope every likes.  This one absolutely depraved slut, whos fat cunt is sopping wet all day, told me how much she liked them.


    Well Bitch, as for the galleries, i thought you might like them, seeing as how you want to be used like a dumb slut who 'accidentally' drank too much at a frat party. Taken advantage of, forced into doing filthy degrading sexual acts, being tossed around from cock to cock like a stupid animal, your holes being used over and over, your inside stretched and filled with thick white loads of spunk that drain from you all day long, reminding you every second of that you were repeatedly used like a cum receptacle.

      Posted on : May 9, 2012 | Comments (1)

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