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    medicom's profile

      Posted on : Mar 5, 2018 | Comments (2)
    Enema wine toys

    Today I found that my best frieds Camille is really anal is hot ... and painful ... I got an enema with wine, the whole bottle, I totally drunk, I filled the enema into glasses. And she pushed me that bottle into the anal and fucked me with the bottles my ass I was sick and excited but a bottle of wine I did not have in my ass yet. She told me that I had a beautiful red hole ... ohh we got it ... I had a whole ass kicked and sore and my dick still stuck my fist and laughing .. uf finally we drank the wine I had inside me. And I anal anal fingers apart and I chased pussy into 3 beautiful orgasms even with sqairt
      Posted on : Jul 26, 2017 | Comments (1)
    My anal oragasm

    Hi my friend my new blog is mew sex fantasies. Is the anal exciting for a woman? YES at me and if I have anal orgasm? Yes but only with vaginal ..... yes if I have an anal fisting I do it on my clitoris ..... maybe I do not care about nobody just admit the reality and I know I'm not alone, I just do not give my anal to everyone. It's 13 chambers :-) I know that when excited my anal is able to play with 8cm diameter ..... Orgasm I always have to do with the vagina - clitoris And what about the women ?????? Kiss Tina
      Posted on : Jul 20, 2017 | Comments (0)

    Hey, the distinction between anal and vaginal orgasm? Each orgasm is great but the anal is deeper, mostly during anal Gamble to chase my pussy. And my girlfriends? Sarah is a normal little girl and sub bisex girl, Camille is quite pervers girl when he drinks alkohol), totally uninhibited and dominant. She made me first vaginal fisting a year later and anal fisting. This weekend we met again and brought about 50 cm long dildo .... She told me this I will fasten into the annals of my little girl ... I could not believe it but after about half an hour, I pulled into deep irritation of the anus about 30 cm in the end I slid across the dildo, but I already felt perhaps in the neck .... No longer hurt, he does not moisturize it and slid slowly, I'm kneeling on the four vystrčeným ass. So 50 cm dildo drove deep into the intestines. Every year, moving their limits, and they do not believe it, I'm a nurse and I know my body a little ... ). I have imagination and taste, and Camille is implemented, no inhibitions and I was her sub girl. I like to get her an enema, gradually 4x and gets me up to three liters of water, all the while stroking my belly.
      Posted on : Apr 11, 2017 | Comments (0)

    Thanks for the inspiration enemas, first it disgusted me what you wrote, but we finally realized something that might interest you, Camille, I said something about a drink enema enema. She looked at me and nothing about two hours we drank wine in the evening gave me an enema 2x water and finally I got champagne enema. Irrigator poured into a champagne throughout the liter in me bubbled extreme total ... .. then I came from a big explosion and Camille set the vase into which gripped the champagne out of my anus. I'm really relieved the pressure was extreme and my belly was really great. Finally, he doused his head and mouth this nectar of my bowels. I was still trembling with excitement.
      Posted on : Apr 11, 2017 | Comments (0)

    Hi, I want to make this something crazy and perverse, you have a tip in weekend? I said Camille let me really surprised
    and Camille girlfriend bought me a new toy XXL butttplug has nine centimeters in diameter, he wants me to get him a seat, and I choose pussy or I'm not anal..maximum 8 cm dildo in my anal. On the weekend going to say something else .... I've lived and I look forward, not only for the big enema and complete body shaved. So i'm afraid what little it up .... kiss
      Posted on : Mar 28, 2017 | Comments (1)

    My anal Armageddon

    The day my anal experienced Armageddon. Are you asking if I'm anal orgasm ?, Yes I do, it's indescribable with my cat goes into anal and much deeper. I do not know if it's normal, but I have a following. why anal Armageddon? My friends Camille and Sarah, I double fisting each of your hands! I am 58 kg and my pussy and anal is pretty small, so I imagine that there fisting both hands ..... I was anal vibrator, a bottle of beer and even a bottle of wine, inserted into the anus of my 12 candles ..: - ) I used a lot of lubricant and finally I tried again poppers, then I opened up so much that I came down and both hands in my anus. Camille's hands are quite small, but has a very large hands, measured over 188 cm. Hands I almost tore my ass. But my friends, double fist punching me, hurt me and excited at the same time ... The orgasms I have so that I urinated and my butt hurt for two days.
      Posted on : Mar 23, 2017 | Comments (0)

    Hello friends my blog, I waited to write about double fisting in my ass ........... yes it took two years before I was able to double fisting in my anal. My girl friend Camille has patience with me. after about 8 meeting, I was able to double anal fisting. and I used poppers. My girl friend Camille is a little big hands and it was a problem until my ass is fisting. ...... One night we were drinking, and I knew that today it would be ...... yes we double fisting my ass, all I did was shaking the enema early afternoon.
    and then it came to her with both hands, I pulled on her gloves and gloves smeared a lubricant VETGEL and splashed into my hole vetgel, then had one hand was not the problem but the other would not do me. After 2 hours dildo and fist, I knelt down and said, Now or Never ............. and she inhaled poppers then I felt as pushing the second hand to me, I pushed with all my strength across both hands I got into me ........ yes goood my ass is full. I wet myself and enjoyed the feeling of vile and beautiful at the same time. I was there both fists my girl friend Camille. Several times pohybivala hand back and forth until I orgasm anal and vaginal hard. PS: ass stung me three days :-)
    Do not know if this is normal, PLEASE WRITE TO ME 
      Posted on : Mar 1, 2017 | Comments (1)

    Hello, today I have a new experience, extreme piss drinking from 3sexy girl together. my sexy friend, brought another 2 girls made me make the big sub girl. From the beginning I did not want to hear this, but after a few glasses of wine, I was licking pussy all three girls at once. then the girl started to piss me while licking and wanted to open my mouth at that piss me there. Finally, I tasted and swallowed the piss from all three girls. I thought I would never do that again, but as we drank beer and wine, the pee was completely neutral and actually pee taste was ok. Only the other day, I was embarrassed.
      Posted on : Mar 1, 2017 | Comments (0)
    I am ready for double anal fisting

    Finally, I think I'm ready for double anal fisting, I'm afraid, and I look forward at the same time, I'm really attracted, but can handle only about two female fists, my friend Camille. I will up my ass full've bought poppers, so keep your fingers crossed me, or rather both fists:-)) kiss Tina
      Posted on : Feb 2, 2015 | Comments (2)
    Maximum enema today night

     I'm very excited and I'm going to give another enema, probably the biggest in my life ...... this evening I will try my limit
    When I take a five-quart enema, my belly is so swollen that I look like I could be carrying twins. I like to rub my hands over my tight belly for a minute or two before releasing.
    Indeed, belly extension is extremely erotic. For my self, I enjoy sometimes taking a 4 quart enema, being slim my belly looks extremely extended. Perhaps I should take a picture some day. 

      Posted on : Dec 3, 2014 | Comments (4)
    my extreme enema

    Today, I was given a four quart enema using silicone double balloon nozzle and a 4 quart Klystra red bag. It went in surprisingly easy, with no cramps or discomfort, and I held it quite a while with no discomfort or urgency. I would have liked a second one, but this was with a paid giver and time was limited to one hour. This is the second time that I have received 4 quarts without discomfort or urgency, the first time being with a fully inserted silicone colon tube, "swimming" in as the colon filled with water.

     I got myself into 4.3 liters and a maximum depth of 5 enemas, I thought I would burst, I was dizzy and I was chasing pussy, but I want to get to 5 liters into his stomach, what do you think ??? doi how much water fits me ??

      Posted on : Dec 3, 2014 | Comments (1)
    pierced nipple?? teach me

    I want to ask what you think about Nipple piercing, Douh attracts me to try, I think I have to try ??:-)) is there anyone who did it? Please write me, Tina
      Posted on : Aug 19, 2014 | Comments (1)
    My data on my body

    Hey, if you're interested in information about me?
    I'll send the record with Medicom camp, where I was thoroughly tested

    The data output by the card organizations MEDICOM

    Natural brunette measuring 174 cm, 58kg, my breasts No. 2, pale skin, pigment 2, has sex Shaved, Be the partially or completely according to your wishes. Breasts is durable and strong, and can withstand normal nipple pulling and piercing, ligation is possible
    Genitals vagina bigger - type 3, the clitoris smaller, but max. sensitive, relatively easy to orgasm, labia normal little beyond the larger, stretching and fist fist without major problems after the weekend training session and managed to fist vaginal and anal fisting at the same time!
    Anal hole has downloaded and longer entrance area, anal sex without a fuss, anal fisting require longer preparation 1h stimulation and maximum lubrication. Holds up to 7 cm ie butt plug female fist. In the case of longer stimulation as poppers, and take a man's fist into the annals of about 9 cm and can handle double fist vagina

    The maximum diameter of the vagina: 9 cm
    The maximum depth of the vagina 22 cm
    Maximum diameter asshole: 7-9 cm
    Maximum depth asshole: 45cm (introduced long dildo)
    The volume of bowel enema, content max 4.5 liters of fluid volume gradual dr.Noxx managed five liters in the gut
      Posted on : Aug 3, 2014 | Comments (2)
    My labia

    hallo everywere, here I am showing my naked vulva.

    See my inner labia? They aren’t pale pink. They’re dark reddish fading to brown on the edges. They aren’t even length. My left flap is much longer than my right. They aren’t smooth, but are kind of wrinkly especially the left one. The right lip is smoother. They
    aren’t the sort of lips you’d see in Playboy. In fact you’re unlikely to see much of any lips there at all. But they are mine. And I think they are amazing.

    I’m prepared to bare all to show that labia are beautiful no matter their size, shape, colour, length, texture, symmetry (or lack thereof). Lots of other women have taken the big and very brave step of photographing their vulva and submitting them here. Why do it? Well there are a couple of really good reasons.

    First, if you have doubts or insecurities about how your labia minora look, then I know for a fact that doing this is a cathartic experience. By showing all, you are able to overcome some of your fears, especially when you will get amazing feedback from an adoring audience, words of strength and support.

    If you like my labia Write me.



      Posted on : Oct 21, 2013 | Comments (4)
    My new anal adventure - first double fisting and strapon sex

    At this event I was prepared so that I gave enemas 5 times, drank 0.5 liters of vodka and shoved the butt plug 3 hours. My emo friend Camilla brought three huge brutal dildo in diameter and 7-12 cm, baseball bat, ball and anal about liter bottle of gel. Latex gloves and long strapon dildo and so 40cml 8-9 cm thick. Hour 1 Camilla on my anal hole gave a handful of anal gel and rubbed his hands as among my half, so it strapon big dildo, before attaching her cunt. When I strapon dildo first time he put before the anus, I froze all the expectations of what will be. While circular rode back and forth slightly pushed between LES and I felt excited released. Although he had a penis size larger than the horse was not long before my ass inch by inch he began to receive. All thanks to previous training. I felt insane pressure in the intestine. I screamed that they fuck around, but Camilla knew how to do it very well. And stopped for a moment deep in the belly I felt my dick equals all the folds of the colon. Recommended to me that I had at the hips undulate, it goes better. This said, there are approximately five inches of me and all will be 40cm. The pressure in the abdomen escalated so much that I no longer feel the pain of lovely 8 cm stretched ass tidal bore. I was slightly in its recommendations and Camilla began to undulate slowly pushed the log with me all the way. I saw how my stomach rose at the point where artificial acorn ended. Camilla slowly began to ride inside the intestines. She began to hump and fuck my ass slowly at first and when she saw my face at the onset of climax, started a full strokes. During the time I had my first anal orgasm. My body started dragging from here and there. And it was so intense, when Camilla pulled out a rubber dick out of me and him started to fly the contents of my bowels. I lay motionless for a while, enjoying the way my ass and closes the surreal feeling. Between Camilla and wiped off her panties from my uměláka anal secretions. She put it on the table and said it was time to put my ass in my hands, and preferably both at once. hour 2 Camilla slipped into my ass and fingers during the first few moments in my ass had a left hand. Fisting was wonderful. During fisting inside my ass, I had several small orgasms because I pursued at the hands of the clitoris. Hot pleasure turns to pain as a rollercoaster and I could not wait until it comes the time when I have anal sex in both her hands. I was so curious what it is that I almost burst with pleasure and anticipation. Let's hand, said Camilla, and I finally felt my abdomen to breathing in the next gigantic expansion. A sharp pain shot through me between half and me at that moment seemed to shrink. She gritted her teeth and I have all pushed against his ass Kamila more. I am there! camilla she hissed, adding that there is only an inch. Do it! I shouted like a madman, and pushed my thumb Kamila the anus. Both hands were where we wanted to have all the time in my sweet little ass, oh my God. As my anus Camille hugged both hands at the wrist, I came to such explosive orgasm which normal sex I never had. It was something incredible. I Shot uchcávala about a minute at a time, and I screamed with pleasure as insane. It was so inzenzivní that I did not even notice when Camilla pulled out of my hands. Sober I would never do that. Camilla has fortunately small fist :-)) hour 3 I climbed on the back of the chair and put a giant dildo in his anus. I almost breathless when he penetrated into me, surprised how easy it was. I almost felt as it moves in my colon and straightens it. It was a snap and I landed all my weight on Camille. With the dildo nearly 40 cm deep in my ass. 4 days, I felt my ass as ever, now I know that one hand is nothing but a maximum of two hands is what it is. I do not know if I'll try it again sometime after the fist week I told myself.
      Posted on : Jun 18, 2012 | Comments (1)
    double fisting help

    I want to know what it is to have two fists in the body-double fist vagina fisting or anal and pussy at the same time, double anal fist for me sci-fi :-) One fist in the anal is best for me and full pervers extreme pain. There's a woman who runs it? feelings? experience? please send me, I would like to it helped me. how fast can I stretch? tips If you dare to double fisting and only one with a woman. thanks
      Posted on : Jun 4, 2012 | Comments (1)
    I would like to try fucking machine with big dildo in my pussy and ass

    I would like to try fucking machine with big dildo in my pussy and ass , excites me the idea of ​​me fucking ass machine. I started in my pussy and dildo in the ass I shoved anal plug. Dildo pussy faster and mine is all red and hot. Now shove it up your ass and turn on at full speed. I do not know why but it's a beautiful idea that the wet. I wish I had a fucking machine. kiss
      Posted on : Apr 30, 2012 | Comments (0)
    who am I?

    Hi, I'm crazy 24year girl and I love playing with women and with myself :-)) sometimes I like playing with my extreme pussy, ass and body. like experimenting and looking for their limit, but otherwise I'm normal girl :-)) I'm bi and I love women and long-deep licking pussy, ass, tits i like fisting (stretching) pussy and my ass, enema, piss, Doctor Gyno-play ......... and what do you like most? send me please Tina kiss you
      Posted on : Feb 16, 2012 | Comments (1)
    My second anal fisting

    I do not know if I'm normal :-) I lived and my second shot really anal fisting, I still have this idea excited her outstretched ass and fist. Again, I allowed the alcohol and let you do anal fisting. only healed my ass so I consented, and sat on the dildo 1 hour, followed by 7 cm plug, fingers in my anus much lubricant lubricant until I finally broke fingers and a fist. You ask what it's like a fist in the ass? :-) horrible, totally full of feeling in the anus or I could not move, I just breathed deeply, I'm sweating, destroyed and pushed on alone. I had a total humiliation and abuse, I was happy. Write me if you like this and have the experience? Thanks
      Posted on : Nov 9, 2011 | Comments (0)
    My first anal fisting

    I love anal and pussy strethings first time I tried anal fisting, and this year it was a total feeling full, I was drunk. And my first anal fisting was a man hurt my back 2 days :-)) and when I stretched big dildo 2 hours. Still missing piece to the whole fist there, then I sprayed into the anal lube oil and pushed against the fists slipped inside my ass and I burst into tears of pain and excitement. My little ass on fire was great but I prefer to try anal fisting with a woman. I kiss you and send me your experiences with anal fist
      Posted on : Oct 31, 2011 | Comments (2)

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