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    Jimbow53's profile
    How I met Mommy Goddess

    We both work in an urban hospital in related departments. She immediately got my attention for I am a slut for BBWs. She was relatively new so I just watched her from afar. I noticed she mostly wore black... I thought she maybe a Wiccan.

    So when an opportunity presented itself I approached her. We were walking in the looby and I asked, "are you a Wiccan?" She thought I said are you wicked and answered,"Yes!" At this time I didn't know she had misunderstood my question. I replied "I thought you might be. We need to talk." she flashed her green eyes at me and said, "Yes we most certainly do."

    We went outside and I repeated my question and she laughed out loud... she explained what she thought I said. All the while she kept angleing her hugh tits so I could see her cleavage.

    I don't know why, but I immediately trusted her. I told her I found BBWs the most beautiful body type and would love to be a naked boy-toy for her while she remained clothed as I worshipped her pussy with my face and tongue. I told her I loved CFNM; she asked what that was and I explained to her I was turned on by being naked in front of clothed women . She told me she was into the D/s scene and that we should get together.

    About a week later I went to her apartment.She was a bit nervous when I entered. I kissed her lightly and then walked to the other side of the room. I undressed for her and turned to face her. Ther is something so utterly delicious about the first time I expose myself to a willing clothed female and this was no was to marvelous for words. The blood pounded in my head and my heart raced as this event unfolded.

    She was obviously interested despite being nervous. She eyed my fully erect penis. I was driblling pre-cum as she approached, She took my penis into her finely manicured hand... deep red nail polish. She expressed some more pre-cum from my dick and rubbed it all over the head of my engorged penis. She then brought her fingers to her lips and licked the pre-cum off while looking deep into my eyes.
    She motioned me towards the couch and she sat down, She took my entire lenght into her mouth and gave me an awesome blow job.

    She told me that it took her awhile to cum and that she didn't need to do that right now. That happened on our second meeting. I dressed kissed her once more and left.
      Posted on : Apr 19, 2012 | Comments (0)
    Mistress Isabel and our true story This is a jointly composed history from both our POV

    CFNM is Good

    I shared with my female friend that I wrote stories at Literotica about BBWs. She is a BBW and is an earthy, warmhearted, horny woman. She read them and sent me feedback. It was the first time she even knew that men would be sexually attracted to BBWs. Later she told me the story so moved her she cried. She also told me that she liked my picture in my profile. I had forgotten that I had a profile photo. It was of me sitting naked and holding my stiff cock in my hand in front of my computer.
    One day when she had invited my wife and I over for dinner. I had brought a CD of our vacation in England. As she watched the photos she made a veiled reference to taking some photo op in the future. The message I understood even though my wife and her husband did not have the slightest inkling.

    A few days later I confided to her I would love to be her subject for a photo shoot. She smiled and had wondered if I had gotten the "hint". We arranged to meet at my home one morning after everyone was at work.

    I was excited. I love CFNM and this would be my first time doing it. There was something so deliciously stimulating about the thought of exposing myself to a woman who had never seen me naked while she remained clothed.

    I greeted her at the door and asked her in. We embraced and I kissed her full on the mouth. She replied that she wasn't sure if that was part of the deal. I just laughed a little. I escorted her into the den where I had set up the digital camera on a tripod. I served her a glass of wine and asked her to sit.
    I left the room, slipped off my sweat pants and shirt returning naked and erect.
    Isabel giggled and thought I would do just that.

    I adjusted the camera and set the timer for the first photo. Sitting next to her naked with my arm around her shoulders the camera clicked. It was a great picture. Isabel stared at the camera and I was looking at her. I oozed pre-cum and my heart pounded.

    I had wanted to do this for years and my fantasy was now a reality. I took another photo but Isabel had closed her eyes. I thought about this and after setting the timer again I asked Isabel to touch my erection. I used coarse language and told her it was her dick to use anyway she wished. It was like magic. The words made her break into a big smile and she laid her hand against the hard meat of my lust. This picture was most probably my favorite of that session. It caught Isabel's inner slut attention that was dying to be released. The tension was broken and now the fun would commence.

    We’d been good friends for years, and over time we discovered a mutual passion (obsession, actually) for things erotic and sensual. He said he loved it “down and nasty”, and I told him how much I loved looking at the beauty of the nude human form. It was good to know a “kindred spirit” ; ever since turning forty, I’d experienced this incredible unabated horniness that I worried was pathological. But since taking the plunge with my friend here, I’ve learned to love that “inner slut” for bringing so much joy and fun back into my life.
    So we agreed to meet at his house for a “photo shoot” one morning. I naively wondered if we would just be taking pictures, or if my dream of having some hot fun with this delectable man was finally going to come true. I had dressed in a simple, easy-to-remove short skirt and button-up blouse, black lacy bra and panties, black heels, and these wicked black Victoria’s Secret stockings that were so silky and soft it was arousing just to slide them up my legs. Remembering the long silence that followed when I revealed to him that I had seen his naked picture on the Internet, I suspected that he would present himself naked to me again.
    And he did. When I arrived he handed me a glass of red wine, which I downed quickly to calm my nerves. I hadn’t realized he’d stepped out of the room. I sat down on the sofa, and James appeared in the doorway, naked. My jaw dropped. “I knew it!” I said as I stared at his beautiful lean masculine frame. He walked over to his camera on a tripod and said, “Hold that pose a second,” turned on the timer, and came and joined me on the sofa, throwing an arm over my shoulders. “Flash” went the camera. He got up, set the timer again, and this time went over and perched near the headrest of the sofa and spread his legs wide apart so that his cock and balls were right up in my face. “Well!” I thought, “There’s an ice breaker!”
    He went over and set the timer, then walked back to the sofa, sticking his erect penis back in my face.
    “My cock is yours, baby. Go ahead, touch it, play with it, it’s yours to do whatever you want.”
    I reached up and laid my hand on his dick, loving the way the velvety soft skin covered his hardness. I slid my hand up to the tip so my fingers could collect the slippery precum , then wrapped my hand around and began stroking up and down. It was such a wanton, arousing feeling to have him in my hand like that. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and
    hotter as I slid my other hand down to my slit and began to stroke that, too.
    James stood and walked over to pluck the camera from the tripod and returning, said, “I’d love for you to suck my cock.” Without hesitation I took him in my mouth, alternating between sliding my tongue up and down from base to tip to taking him as deeply in my mouth as I could. He captured all of this with his camera, taking shot after shot while I did my best to devour him, savoring the clean smell and taste of his manhood. He growled, “Oh, yeah, you’re a great cocksucker.”, then, “Open your eyes and look up at me,” which I did, and he snapped my picture looking up at him with a wicked gleam in my eye and his dick stuffed in my mouth.
    More wine, and as he set the camera back on its tripod I removed my bra, dipped my fingers in my glass and circled my nipples with the red nectar. He bent to sample each of them as the camera flashed. We stood, and he unzipped my skirt. I stepped out of it, then playfully flung it at him, for now I was only clad in my black stockings. As we kissed, he reached over and began to explore the depths of my femaleness with his fingers, and commented favorably about my being “so wet.” He seemed to really enjoy that bit of “feedback “ that indicated my arousal. James would learn that being “wet “ was part of my usual horny state, and when he really got me worked up from his ministrations, some part of his anatomy was in for a good dousing! But that’s for another chapter…
    I posed for him, and he posed for me, and we got some “artsy” shots that I wanted. I loved looking at his naked body stretched out on the rug, with his long silver-grey hair flowing down his back.
    He: It was great to play with Isabel. I watched as she gently took my cock in her mouth and sucked me. It was a little frustrating having to stop the action to reset the timer, but I am glad I did. The photos were great I like to look at them and jerk off to them also. After Isabel had flung her skirt at me she spread out on the sofa. Her big tits sagged on each side of her chest. I love fat women and it was a real pleasure to see Isabel naked. The nipples were hard and large. I noticed they were stiffening as we played.
    I took several shots of Isabel lying on her back as well as open pussy shots. I believe that I played a little while we her fur pot before straddling her chest and presenting my cock to her mouth. Isabel can suck a dick well. She closed her eyes and immersed herself in the task. I wasn't sure if she wasn't just a little self conscious at being here naked with me and doing such a forbidden act. I asked, no ordered her to open her eyes and stare at me while she sucked my erection. I talked dirty and snapped a few photos. Those are wonderful as you can see Isabel warm up and loosen her self restraint.
    Both of us were in dire need of this kind of liberation. As we proceeded my mind raced. I thought about what I really wanted. I wanted to be her sex-slut. I wanted Isabel to order and dominate me. I desired for her to fuck me in my ass. Would I be able to do this with her?
    I liked sucking her tits. They are soft and big. I especially enjoyed the large meaty nipples. I love to chew on them. After I suckled her breast I needed to play with her now wet cunt. Did I lick her pussy before sticking my dick into it? I cannot remember.
    I could not help myself. I entered her dripping wet cunt with my raging stiff cock. Isabel's vagina is large and so velvety soft, I felt as if my dick and balls were being sucked into her. It was the most marvelous feeling of being engulfed by a woman's vagina. I fucked her and talked sexual filth into her ear. I was overwhelmed and felt the cum boiling in my balls. Pulling out I shot my cummy load on her belly and under her breast. I don't remember all it was a blur. I think I licked my cum and shared it with Isabel. If I didn't I surely needed to.
    I pour some more wine and we each drank a glass. Again I was so excited I don't recall much. We did some artsy photos in another room. And I think we went to my computer I looked at my porn collection.

    yeah, we’d had a lot of wine by then. He and I have been known to put some away.
    I tend to be oriented to sounds, and it was cool the way he talked as we played, because I can remember just about everything he said.
    And I was thrilled when he said, “I want to see how you taste.” By then I was lying on my back on his big comfy sofa, legs wide open for his access. He positioned himself between them and dove in to my pussy, licking and slurping and stroking with his fingers. Oh, my God, there’s nothing in this world better than an enthusiastic cunnilinguist. I was savoring the sensations with my eyes closed when he suddenly stuffed his fingers in my mouth so I could taste my own juices. He smeared my pussy juice all around on my face, and I had to giggle at the playfulness of the moment. We sucked each other and played, and the camera was forgotten. And then he positioned himself over me, and I was thinking, “oh, yeah, yeah, c’mon, DO it!” It seemed like time stood still as he paused for a moment, and the room was silent. I held my breath, and then like a rapier James plunged himself into my waiting hot wet hole and began rapid-fire thrusting. I wanted to move with him and match him thrust for thrust but I couldn’t keep up, so I just lifted my legs in the air and let him go at it. He murmured in my ear, “Oh, you hot fat slut, I love to fuck a fat girl. Oh, Isabel!” I could feel that intense orgasmic wave starting up in my clit and vagina, and suddenly he pulled out, laid himself on my belly and began spurting hot cream onto my belly and chest. He cried out and practically convulsed as he came, and I said, “Are you all right?” It was an amazing, very cool thing to witness. I rubbed my belly with the cum all over it, then brought some of it up to my lips to taste, and James tasted some, too. He said, “Come on. I’ll get you a washcloth. You’ve got cum all over your belly.”
    We transferred the pictures to his computer, and watched them. It was kind of overwhelming to see myself like that for the first time. Then he introduced me to this massive collection of erotic/porn pics he’d collected from the Internet. He revealed to me that he was bisexual. It was like James’ way of sharing a private side of himself with me.
    James accompanied me to an SCA gathering a few weeks later. On the way home he pulled his pants down as he sat in the passenger seat and I fondled his hot hard dick as we drove around my neighborhood and right by my house. It was very hard to concentrate on driving, not to mention where I was going as his cock oozed slippery precum and I stroked it. We finally found a dead-end street, parked my van, and I took him in my mouth and sucked him while he watched for approaching traffic. God that was fun. One of the naughtiest things I had ever done.
    It was liberating to share with Isabel my bi-sexual side. I do like to suck hard dicks and have mine sucked too. I shared that I would love to have Isabel watch me suck off another man. I find the idea stimulating. I shared with her some of my past adventures in hedonism.
    I couldn’t stop thinking about the day of uninhibited sex with Isabel. I jerked off every day to the pictures we made. It made me hyper sensitive to my body’s reaction to our slutty ways. I kept wanting to do it all again.
    Isabel invited me to the SCA meeting. On the way there it was sort of low key, though I am sure that Isabel was thinking of sex too. On the way back to Richmond we started talking slutty. I took her hand and she felt my hardness through my jeans. I unzipped my pants and out sprung my hard dick. I wiggled my pants down to fully expose my erection. Isabel didn’t need any coaxing to start rubbing my cock. She milked some of the pre-cum and played with the head of my dick. She drove to a dead end area and then began to suck my cock. It was cool. I was basically naked having stripped off my shirt and having my jeans around my ankles. I love to totally surrender my naked body to Isabel’s wantonness. It really releases my inner slut to be so available to someone’s eager mouth and hands.
    This had to come to an end and we promised to get together soon. This time it would be CFNM with a theme and Isabel would be co-author.

    The next meeting about a month later was even hotter. We planned ahead of time that I would pretend to be a lady from church that stopped by for a visit, and would be greeted at the door by a towel-clad James “caught in the act’ of perusing his BBW porn magazines. The towel he had hastily donned for a cover-up would slip (or by pulled off!) and his nakedness would be revealed to the “ Church Lady.” I thought a lot about James’ request that I be as “slutty as possible” and to “take charge”. When I approached his doorstep, he stood behind his door and slowly swung it open for me to enter. I felt like a movie star making an entrance as he said, “You look great” and snapped our picture, me standing in the doorway and James receiving his visitor with a towel barely wrapped around his hips. I accepted a glass of wine, and James took pictures of the two of us sitting on the sofa as the “Church Lady” discovered James’ BBW porn and then became very aroused as she got a full view of this man who was telling her how sensuous and sexy large women were!
    The towel disappeared, and as we stood in his living room I slowly walked around James, then took his hand and turned him around so I could feast my eyes and my senses on every inch of his body. I reached around from behind him and placed my hands on his chest. I kissed him on his back, between his shoulder blades, then I began to slowly work my way down his back, kissing and licking and gently biting all the way down to his hips, as my hands slid down his stomach to his dick. I lingered at his hips and buttocks, gently biting on both sides as my hands played with his now slippery erection, then moved on down his legs, kissing and licking the backs of his thighs, knees, and ankles. Then I reached up between his legs and put one hand on his cock and another hand underneath his balls and held them there for another picture. James growled, “Oh, I just love when you’re in control!” And I was loving it too, so hot I could hardly breathe! He turned and bent forward to put his hands on the armchair, and I continued my ravishing of his back, legs, and backside. As I did this he indicated to me that he would like to be “fucked in the ass”, and we did a little bump and grind with our pelvises, Then we traded places.
    I have a theory that bisexuality comes from past-life memories of having been both sexes over lifetimes, and I shared this with him as we played. We decided we’d been together like this back in the Middle Ages, and I teasingly said, “Yeah, you were my girl!”
    At some point my knees started getting wobbly, so as I lay down on the carpeted floor James came down on tip of me in a “69” position. He expertly reached under me and lifted my hips up high, and began his exquisite oral pleasuring. I tried to take him in my mouth as best as I could reach, but this time the treat was mine, and soon all I could do was whimper. James took his time and licked and sucked until I felt waves of intense pleasure radiating outward from my clit.
    I had never had an oral orgasm before in my life. James said, “You’re just like drinking a big glass of wine.” Somehow we started talking about how we both loved to dance, and I asked him to dance for me as I sat on the floor. He did a beautiful, fluid, swaying back and forth dance, then we wrapped our arms around and held one another in a long, sweet hug. It was a powerful moment for me, sitting on the floor , by then both of us naked except for my stockings, holding one another as if all the times we’d known each other in the past had all come forward to this moment in time, and there we were, timeless.
    Later, we took pictures of my stockinged feet playing footsie with James’ cock. He seemed to enjoy that as something new and fun, and I said, “Hell, I’m just making this up as I go along,”
    to which he replied, “That’s what we’re supposed to do!” It was so great having time to just play and explore freely with someone without fear of offending their inhibitions. I had this sudden urge, however, to just straddle him right there on the floor and just fuck him like a mad woman. We’d been playing all morning, though, and so decided to take a break. We sat at his computer again and looked at the pictures we had taken. Pictures of me holding my boobs (“The Girls”); pictures of me stretched out on the floor in front of James with my hand parting my pussy lips for the camera. And some very lovely erotic pictures of us at play. I’ve shared some of them, and even posted one as my Yahoo ID, with a very positive response. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that would happen.
    While we were looking at the pictures on the computer I began to kiss his forehead between his eyebrows (my special “third eye”) kiss, then his cheek and around to the back of his neck, then I started to lick him from his shoulder blades up his spine. He said, “Let’s go back to the living room”. We didn’t make it to the living room. As we passed through the dining room I looked at his big table and asked, “Ever had sex on this table? It looks nice and sturdy.” To my surprise he replied that he hadn’t. I gently bent him over it and again began to lick and rub his back and feel up his ass and cock. I would have loved to have a strap-on cock at that point, and I'm sure he would have, too. He said, “Why don’t you lick my ass? I cleaned it for you.” So I gently spread his exquisite slim ass cheeks and ran my tongue from his sacrum down to just shy of his asshole and back up again, suddenly feeling uncertain about going down any further. I was again ragingly horny, and had him sit in a dining room chair so I could straddle him and the chair, but the chair was too small. We stood in his dining room, and there he began to finger-fuck me, first with one finger, then two, then three as I could feel myself stretching and opening for his fingers, wanting more and more of him as I clung to his shoulders and my arousal and the wetness between my legs grew. I was moaning loudly as he stroked in and out of me, and he sounded amazed when he said, “Isabel! I’ve got my whole hand in your pussy! C’mon, baby, c’mon!” And I came, and came, and came, drenching his hand and puddling his dining room floor with syrupy juice. I hadn’t done that in years! He helped me to the sofa and just stared, “I have read about that, but I have never actually seen it!” Then he treated me to HIS ejaculation, which I happily gobbled up.
    James suggested we clear out of the house and head to Barnes and Noble for a coffee. It had been a pretty intense day, and we didn’t say much, mostly sipping our coffees and letting everything that had happened sink in.
    It was so much fun to plan “our day” together. I picked my best BBW porn. It was a full color lay-out with this well hung man fucking this big hairy woman.
    I set the camera in the front room to snap the first picture. Isabel arrived and I had only a short towel around my hips. She looked great in her sunglasses. We sat together on the sofa and the “play” began. Sipping her wine the church lady spied the mags peeking out from under a pillow. After faking her disapproval we both sat together devouring the graphic pornography with our eyes.
    It is so cool to enjoy porn with a woman. Now that Isabel was quickly shedding her inhibitions she was into our mutual slutty ways. At some point in the future I want to fuck her with several men, because we are both sluts enough to enjoy every moment of depravity. More pictures were taken. Isabel was very hot and wet. After feasting her eyes on my body, we started the serious stuff touching, kissing sucking. I remember turning around and wanting her so badly to fuck my ass, that I asked her out loud. That is how open we had become. I just speak my mind. And Isabel is quietly beginning to speak hers.
    I needed to pleasure her. I straddled her face so she could suck my cock as I dove into her pussy. I lick and sucked and nibbled her all the while grinding my penis in her face or mouth. It was so great to have her cum in my face.

    We broke off for a spell and enjoyed more of my porn collection on the computer. We walked next into the dining room where Isabel pushed me onto the table so my ass was pointed at her. We played a bit and then with a sudden intensity I had her on my lap her legs spread and I jammed two fingers into her hot, very wet cunt. I increased the in and out motion and then slipped another finger into her. I continued to talk obscenely into her ear telling Isabel how many fingers I had shoved into her cunt. I then had my whole hand going in and out, in and out. It was awesome…what a real slutty whore she was in my arms totally wanton and open. She cried out her orgasms spilling into her psyche and then gushed out so much fuck juice I thought she had lost control of her bladder. Never in my life had I witnessed such a torrent of womanly cum.
    We went to the sofa and I was so incredibly turned on and began to jack off in front of Isabel. I asked her to lean forward put my penis in her mouth and shot my cum until my balls were drained. She told me that she had never sucked cum directly out of a hard cock that way before.

    Not bad two first in one day!

    She then told me that she had never swallowed cum that way. That made it all the more special for me.
    One morning I was off from work and James called. We talked, and then he said, “Have you ever been to the porn shop down on Midlothian Turnpike?” I hadn’t, and in an impulsive moment we agreed to meet at noon and go check the place out. James was coming from work, looking hot as usual in dress pants, white shirt and tie. As he drove down Midlothian Turnpike he assisted me in unbuckling his belt and pants so I could reach in and hold and stroke his hard cock. I just love doing that to him; the way he oozes precum as soon as I touch him makes giving him a hand job such a pleasure.
    The porn shop was a typically seedy-looking establishment, full of magazines, videos, sex toys and novelties lining the shelves on the walls. James stopped and commented on a display case full of the biggest penis-shaped dildoes I had ever seen, black ones and cream-colored ones, complete with bulging veins. “Think you could handle THAT one?” as he pointed to this monster cock sitting upright at attention in the center of the display. I expressed my doubts, then he pointed to a smaller one, still a big cock in human terms, and said, “OH, I think you could handle that one. I did have my whole hand up inside you, you know”, referring to our previous play date. There were booths there for watching the videos, with big signs posted on the doors that said, NO SEX ACTS. James went to the attendant behind the sliding glass window, who said we couldn’t go into a booth together.
    The man was no fool. So we left.
    It was a gorgeous, very warm day for winter. Pocahontas State Park! Perfect. Off we went. On the way, James asked me to pull down MY pants. So as we drove down Route 10 towards Beach Rd, I slipped out of my jeans and panties, reclined the seat back, and spread my knees apart so James could play with my already wet pussy. I just closed my eyes and savored the sensations of the warm air and sun on my bare legs and face, and James’ sweet fingers messaging my clit and pussy. The combination was intoxicating, and I no longer cared about the traffic on all sides of us, even though I knew any trucks going by could see what we were up to.
    Pocahontas was just about deserted, except for construction going on. We drove around for a few minutes, then turned down a dirt road not usually open to the general public
    with cabins on either side. We parked at a clearing in the woods, then walked out into the woods where we wouldn’t be seen. James stripped to his socks, and my pants came off as we played. I dropped to my knees as James stood, and I took his cock in my mouth and sucked and licked. “What a wonderful habit this is becoming” I thought, taking him in as deeply as I could and he gave a few thrusts into my mouth, “I just can’t seem to keep my mouth off this guy.” My jaw ached a little, so I reached around and pulled off my bra so James could slide his cock between my tits as I held them tightly together. It was a good thing James was our “lookout”, because by then I just didn’t give a flying fuck. There was a nice carpet of leaves on the ground, so I slipped off my pants and lay back in the leaves. They were surprisingly warm and soft for early January. I wanted to throw him on the ground and jump on him, but didn’t want the leaves scratching his bare skin, and my shirt was more durable. I reached up for him to join me, and he lay on top of me and entered me. Ohh my…being fucked outside in the woods on a warm sunny day is like the ultimate good time. Mmmmm. James pulled out and shot cum on my face, in my mouth and on my chest. Got my eye, too. It stung a little, but was kind of funny, reminding me of the old toast, “Here’s mud (or cum!) in your eye!”
    I wanted to stretch out and bask naked in the warm sun, but James said teasingly, “Come on, put your clothes on, dear.” We talked as we returned to his van, and headed out of the park. But when we got to the end of the dirt road, the gate was locked! Someone had come by and locked it while we were in the woods. We needed to get out of that park! We finally got out of the van and cleared away a bunch of logs so we could try driving around the gate and back to the main road out of the park. James bounced that van around like a 4x4, but it worked. Something to remember and laugh about years from now…
    I want to rent one of the cabins at one of the State Parks this spring for some adult fun, twosomes, threesomes, or whoever wants to come out and play. Back to nature…my favorite setting for sex.

    I was very horny that morning. I had not had sex or jerked off for at least a week. My balls were heavy with unspent cum and I needed a release. I knew Isabel was off work and called her. We met at a parking lot and she got into the van. I had unbuckled my pants and unzipped them so Isabel could play with my dick. Being a good slut, Isabel needed no persuading and was soon massaging my erection, milking the precum and smearing it on my swollen glans.
    I drove us to a porno Adult bookstore zipped up my pants and we went in. It is a rush to go into these places with a woman, especially a slut. It usually changes the vibes if any men are in the place. We check out the mags and then centered on the dildos and sex toys. There was this large rubber dick and I was not joking when I suggested to Isabel she could deal with it…I knew for I had had my whole hand shoved up her fuck hole and she came like a tidal wave. We admired the selection and then I approached the attendant. He would not give us tokens to see the porno flicks since it was illegal for more than 2 to share a booth. So Isabel and I left.
    After I pulled onto the road I asked/ordered Isabel to take off her pants and panties. Soon she was naked from the waist down. I stuck my hand into her pussy to find it very wet. I guess the adult store was a lubricant. I played with her pussy as we drove down the street. I think she came as I played with her clit.
    We decided to find a place to fuck and I suggested Pocahontas Park. We found a deserted road and drove down it for a short ways. We stopped and got out. I walked ahead and stripped as I walked. In a secluded area I stripped off all my clothes except for my socks. I love to be naked for her. I had a rock hard cock and I enjoyed the exposure. My dick pointed straight up as Isabel walked up to me. I wasn’t sure if she was eyeballing my cock or what but in no time she was on her knees sucking my stiff rod.
    It was a heat wave in January 70 degrees the sun beat down upon us as Isabel sucked my hard cock and fondled my balls. God how I love to be naked for her; I just wanted to be her sex toy.
    Isabel slipped off her bra and began to tit fuck my dick. I love her big soft tits and her big nipples. It wasn’t long before she was lying on her back and guiding my dick into her wet hole. I could come any second. I pulled out and shot several large wads of cum on her face tits and eye. It was so pornographic. I wish I had a picture it was such a massive amount of sperm on her face and she was grinning like a slut in heat.
    It was a great afternoon. I like fucking Isabel. I wish we could go to a swingers-night, do threesome and moresomes. Go to a nudist camp together…I really want her to take control of me.

    And then about two years later we did a threesome in London with our good friend Ian. Maybe the rest will come true. It is so comforting to have trusting friends with benefits.
      Posted on : Nov 27, 2011 | Comments (0)
    True adventure Part 2

    It was a hot Virginia Summer, as I was driving to Ray’s for the Saturday afternoon meet up. I was dressed in a light cotton short sleeved shirt that buttoned up the middle, cut-off jeans without underwear and some flip flops. I smoked a little pot on the way to Ray’s and was feeling fine when I pressed his door bell. I was very horny and up for anything.
    Ray opened the door and smiled his sly grin. A little white poodle was barking and running around his feet as he told me to come in. His roommate was watching some game show and said hello and turned his attention back to the TV. The little dog settled in next to him.
    Ray offered me a reclining chair to sit in. It was next to the sofa where he sat. His roommate was at the far end of the sofa with the TV blaring in front of him. I kicked off my flip flops and settled into the recliner. Ray and I engaged in idle chit-chat as his roomie continued to watch his show.
    Ray quietly slipped his hand over the recliners arm rest and worked his way to the top of my cut offs. From the angle of the recliner the roomie could not see or really he didn’t have any idea what Ray was up to. His fingers found the tip of my cock and he slowly rub the pre-cum in a small delicate circle around the tip.
    I silently unbuttoned my shirt and slid out of it. I then eased down my zipper freeing my erection from the confines of my cut-offs. I then surreptitiously slid the cut offs down my legs and was completely naked. The roomie had no idea what was going. The feeling I was experiencing was delicious beyond words.
    Ray now had complete freedom to squeeze my cock and fondle my balls. Pre-cum oozed freely from my erection. I looked Ray in the eyes and he just grinned. This went on for about 10 minutes and still the roomie was clueless to the action just out of his sight.
    I couldn’t stand it anymore so I stood up. My erection jutted out and bobbed up and down with my excitement. The roomie looked over and his eyes bulged out of his head when he was confronted by my naked body and hardened lust. The look on his face was priceless. It was a mixture of shock and pure gay man for man lust. This for me was just pure homoerotic excitment.
    It was then I truly discovered my exhibitionist desires. I find it extremely erotic to be the only person naked when everyone else is clothed. It is just as hot to do it for men, particularly gay men, or CFNM (Clothed Female Nude Male).
    The roomie continued to stare as I walked over to Ray and got down on my knees and pulled Ray’s shorts off of him. His dick shot straight up in all of its 8 inches of glory. I then lowered my mouth on his cock and proceeded to suck. I felated him for about 5 minutes as his roomie watched me perform. It felt so good to have Ray’s dick in my mouth. I feasted on his man-meat . He then said let’s go up stairs.
    In no time the three of us were on the bed in a daisy chain. I was sucking his roomie and Ray was sucking me. I felt possessed. I pushed the roomie on his back and really sucked his hard dick. I ran my tongue over his head and down his pole. I tugged his balls and chomped on his shaft. He started to make a incoherent noises and suddenly shot his whole cum load into my waiting mouth. I sucked the roomie dry leaving him completely satisfied.
    I then turned my attention to Ray’s 8 inches. It was so hot. The roomie leaning on his elbow watched as I sucked Ray for all it was worth. He made little comments like “Oh yeah suck his cock!” … ”Take it all!” Ray began to stiffen up as he was breathing harder and harder. Then his cock pulsated hot jiss into my waiting mouth. I sucked him until he pushed my head away.
    I was too far gone in my own lust at this point, but I did let his still hard cock go. I stood up on my knees and began to jerk off for my audience. I was at such a fever pitch that I shot a thick load within a few minutes. It was awesome.
    On another Saturday we did the threesome again. It wasn’t long after that that Ray had to leave the state to take care of his ailing father. But all these years later I have never forgotten Ray or the wonderful times we had together.
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    1978 Adult Bookstore Part 1

    In 1978 I frequented an adult bookstore. I’d smoke a joint on the drive to the place; usually around 11pm or even later. I am a bisexual… I particularly enjoy man to man sex with gay men.
    Ray was the clerk than ran the bookstore. He sat behind the counter and could survey all that happened in the store. My usual pattern was to look at the porn mags first to get that sense of arousal. Then I would buy my tokens and go to a booth to watch porn.
    There was always an atmosphere back then in the adult bookstores. The seediness, the smell of the place; and always the expectation of sexual adventure always made me very horny. Men would seek men for the forbidden pleasure of anonymous sex… I was no exception.
    Just thinking about driving to the bookstore would arouse me. The late 1970’s were a time of innocence and HIV was still lurking in the future. I was in my mid-twenties, virile and relishing my appetite for sex and sexual play.
    After getting my tokens, I settled in the semi-darkness of the booth and unzipped my cut-offs. There was a flimsy curtain for a modicum of privacy. That was all that separated me from the store. At this juncture, I was alone in the store except for Ray. As I watched the video images flicker on the screen the curtain was gently pulled aside and Ray stood there with a sly, little grin on his face. He glanced down at my hard on and softly asked if I wanted some help with that. I nodded an agreement.
    Within seconds Ray was on his knees. He took my engorged member into his wet mouth. Slowly at first he sucked my dick. My shorts fell to my knees where I removed them. I sat in the booth only wearing a t-shirt. Anyone entering the store would have seen us. They would have seen two men, one nearly naked sitting in the booth while another man greedily sucked his cock. The scene was so erotic… even after all these years I get totally aroused thinking about the first time I meet Ray.
    Ray was an excellent cocksucker. He really put his heart into his sex play. Soon I felt that wonderful warm wave of pleasure spread through my loins. Within the next few seconds I began to cum… it was magnificent the feeling of the hot sperm coursing through my penis and emptying into Ray’s willing mouth. He sucked me clean, thanked me and went back to his counter.
    Over the next few weeks I got to know Ray. One evening, he invited me to return for closing time. I complied and returned to the bookstore full of anticipation. When the last customer had left, Ray latched and locked the front door and turned out the outside light. He escorted me to a back room. After he led me in, he turned and began to grope me.
    He wasn’t rough, but had a great way of caressing my body. I was getting very hot by his attention to my body. After a few minutes I told him to wait a minute. It was then I stripped completely naked for Ray.
    Oh what a sense of liberation. Here I was totally nude… I had even kicked off my shoes to enjoy the full effect of the evening. My cock jutted out at a rigid angle from my body. It bobbed up and down synchronized with my strong, pounding heart beat.
    I unzipped Ray’s trousers and out popped his surprisingly, large dick. It was the largest dick I had personally handled. It must have been 8 inches long and was proportionally thick, not fat. Since Ray was only about 5’6”, his penis seemed all the larger. I fell on my knees and began one of my most memorable dick sucking episodes of my life; Sheer pleasure.
    Ray was more interested in my body than being serviced and pulled me to my knees. He gripped my cock and began to jack me off. All the while he gripped my ass in his other hand. The orgasm I had was overwhelming. I shot and shot thick streams of my cum all over the floor. By the time I was finished cumming, I was totally wasted from the man to man sexual experience. Ray smiled his sly grin. He then invited me over the upcoming Saturday to his home.
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    My BBW Mistress Isabela & our secret fuck place

    It was a warm late spring afternoon they skipped from work and headed to the local park. They had done some poppers on the drive over....

    He raced ahead with the blanket to the bamboo grove to prepare the place for her.

    She wandered slowly enjoying the sunny day and anticipating her boy toy.

    He found the spot and quickly stripped off all his clothes. He snifted the red and yellow bottle once more and felt the warmth rush course through his brain. His rampant stiff penis jutted out from his belly and oozed pre-cum. He heard her approach.

    Brazenly, beyond caring if he was noticed by a passer-by in the park, he stepped into the light naked for her to enjoy.

    She remained fully clothed, admired his form and eyed his hard dick. She knew he was devoted to her pleasure. She could be selfish or indulgent.

    He now followed her to the special place...their special fuck place. The special secret place, deep in the bamboo grove, where they go to have hot unabashed sex in the outdoors. It was a place where they could hear strangers walking around, talking and laughing. Their secret sex-play was only yards from the crowd and it made them both hornier for the complete nastiness that could be exposed with any stranger wandering into the grove.

    She ordered him to jack his cock and watched the movement of his hand as it move back and forth over his harness. Heat flowed in her cunt... now wet with her slutty desire.

    They embraced and kissed passionately. Her hand sought out his stiffness. She pushed his hand away gripping the stiff meat with her fist continuing the jerk-off motion.. He massaged her large, floppy tits. The floppy,great tits and large meaty nipples that excited him.

    She moaned and slid her jean summer dress over her head. Now she too was naked. His cock brushed her fat, round belly. She knew all his secrets...his BBW fetish... CFNM...FemDom. She liked her command of his cock. He would do what ever she ordered now. She inhaled the poppers and he also indulged.

    Feeling the rush of the poppers, she shoved him down and pushed her pussy into his face. "Eat it and make me cum slut-boy!" she hissed.

    He instantly obeyed her command. Spreading her pussy lips he suck her stiff clit and licked her labia. She responded to his expert pussy licking and within minutes she came and her juices overflow his face.

    Not content, she pushed him down onto his back upon the blanket and slid her sopping wet fuck hole over his vein swollen cock. She rub herself up & down on his pole and quickly she came...just as she had came that night on a Delware beach... naked in nature.

    Encased by her large, swollen velveteen cunt, he could not hold back any longer and his sperm came in thick creamy ejaculations.

    She slumped onto his chest. Soon they would have to return to their spouses... but for now they indulged in the slutty ways that their partners would and could not understand.

    For over 6 years these fuck buddies keep their secrets and find occasionally others of both sexes to join them.

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