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    kynky's profile
    general rules for groups

    All of my groups that i manage are private, to gain entry you have to prove that you are giving back to the imagefap community. This does'nt mean that you have a long list of clubs.

    If you have an Imagefap profile but don't have any galleries then you WON'T get entry into the Alternative Z0NE. Simple Rule, I like to share with like minded people.

    My other groups depend on activity and favourites that relate to the group that they want to join, if it's the fucking machines group and that persons favourites are young teens then it's not a good match for the group and you probably won't get in. Having content/galleries of your own will get you access 100% of the time.


    My groups are not amazing but the quality control is high, i delete galleries that are added for the sake of it and i upload NEW content every few days where possible and if all the members are uploaders too then the chances of the group being updated frequently is increased!


    Hopefully i shall be running a contest soon..... check my profile for details.

      Posted on : Sep 2, 2010 | Comments (0)
    Attention! Alternative Z0NE Announcement!!

    In an attempt to get more quality content into the Alternative Z0NE I am thinking of making the club public, this will probably only interest the 100's of you that i have declined, either for not being a member for more than 30 days or for not having content on your own page!

    Now the reason i dont allow Fap newbies in is because during those first 30 days everything is fresh and new and exciting and you want to do as much as you can, then afterwards those people lose interest and barely come back to visit. Those hardcore people that check Imagefap EVERY day are the ones i want in my group, not the ones who just see it as another cool group to add to the collection.

    I have started several other public groups (Fucking Machines, Public Disgrace, Pink & Blue) and with the exception of about a dozen people i am the only one who uploads to these groups so therefore i am worried that even though opening the group to more people will get more members, it will only attract lurkers not uploaders!!

    If you want to become a member then the only thing you can do, is upload content to your page and check back every few days, and if i see you trying to gain access i'll allow you in. Mainly because you would have proved your worth to the community, which to be fair is the only thing that makes fapping different to the other countless porn image sites on the net.

    ALTERNATIVE Z0NE. The Place For Goths, Rockabilly, Punks, Emos, Erotica, Inked Girls, Pin Up, Fetish/Rubberwear and a whole lot more......  

    ((((((To Join I Have 2 Rules. You Have Galleries On Your Profile & You Have Been On Imagefap For A Month Or More! ))))))

    Please do let me know if this group should be made public, or if you're a current member and want it kept just the way it is!!






      Posted on : May 3, 2009 | Comments (0)
    Alternative Z0NE Update (Volume 47) Is Now Up

    Contains SGs, Driven by Boredom, Godsgirls, amateur goths, homemade emo, artistic nudes and a whole load of other hot pix!






      Posted on : Mar 20, 2009 | Comments (0)
    Alternative Z0NE Updates..... FREE PASSWORD TO WEBCAM SITE

    For those of you who have been following my AZ updates i'm now on no.46 and i'm wondering what direction to take it in. Do i go more Erotica. more Amateur. or somewhere else. Also i get dozens of applications to join the alternative zone, but i tend to turn most of them away, should i just open up the floodgates even though the groups harmony may be broken. Am i taking it too seriously?


    Obviously i am because i spend a lot of my time, finding these images and sharing them with people who hopefully appreciate them and return the favour. it's called a community, i know i should'nt expect it to be classy but i'm challenging that.


    The password for the site is: JelliedEelWrigglesInMyBelly.

     its case sensitive.

      Posted on : Mar 11, 2009 | Comments (1)
    Alternative Z0NE

    I'm glad a lot of people on imagefap want to join my little group, but i must wonder at all the people trying to join who dont match the criteria i have set.


    I set this criteria because there are 1000s of clubs on here and all with the same members who seem to do the uploading, and it seems a little rude if people dont at least join in by posting material themselves.


     All i ask is that you have been a member on here for more than a month (so i know you're going to stick about) and that you upload images. Otherwise my group would be like all the others, full of timewasters who just want another little group to add to their collection.


    I'm glad my group has got 100 decent members rather than a 1000 lurkers, i know not everyone has uploaded to the group but at least i know they have contributed to this site in some way.


      Posted on : Jan 9, 2009 | Comments (1)
    doggy style - fun with dogs!

    I'm very interested to hear about girls experiences with dogs, i've always been fascinated by it and would love to hear more. Not just about the sex, but the bond between the two and everything else involved. Being a guy i just have no idea about it and would love to know more. Pics and vids would be awesome but id be happy just to hear about it, or even if you havent done it but have thought about or planning on doing it.


    Curious until the end...................


    my msn addy is on my profile page, send me a message if you add me and i hope to speak with you soon.



    Seems like no one is into this - no response whatsoever!!!


      Posted on : Oct 19, 2008 | Comments (0)
    fanbase interactivity!

    those of you who choose to be a fan of me and what i do - what would you like to see me post? there must be a reason why u watch me, so there must be something you like to see - reply to this or comment on my page but im just happy to share porn with you guys! ladies if you wanna send me self pics in exchange thats always welcome!!! lol


    so let me know what you guys want!!

      Posted on : Oct 2, 2008 | Comments (2)
    Problems getting onto ImageFap!

    Fucking hell, what a pulava!

    14 days without being able to sign in, then all i have to do is turn of Norton internet security and voila, if i turn it back on whilst im on the page it then says my account/profile has been deleted!

    Now whats with all this new crap on my page! i think this may be why 1000's of imagefap users can't log on - i'd be interested to see the web hits for the last few weeks and see if they've fallen - i know ive hardly bothered checking back in the last week!


    If i do dissapear again for a few days on end its because i probably have refused turning off Norton to get on the internet! Seems a backwards step to me!


    For my old fans - sorry for no new posts, i shall be posting as soon as i can.

     For my new fans - thanks and watch this space!


      Posted on : Aug 22, 2008 | Comments (2)
    Celebrities - Who Do You Want?

    As you can tell from my recent additions i have a lot of celebrity pictures, I've started up posting my favourites, but if there are any u like to see then send me a comment/message, if i have pics of them i shall post them for you!
      Posted on : Jul 2, 2008 | Comments (1)
    New Gallery!!

    Put up a new gallery but i've put is as private for a certain reason (the person doesnt know i have there pics) and i will give you the link if you prove yourself worthy!!!
      Posted on : Jun 25, 2008 | Comments (0)
    Panty Pissing

    As far back as i can remember ive always enjoyed watching girls pissing themselves, the first time i was on a school camp and i saw a girl pissing outside it did nothing for me, until the next day when she got caught short again and this time i managed to notice the wet spots on her skirt! she ended up being my first gf but of course i was too young to do anything about it so she vanished from my life. Other girls have come and gone and only one of them has ever pissed themselves for me, a hot little submissive girl, who would pee herself when ever i commanded!

    As for the internet my fetish is well catered for with the site of which i used to be a member, wetset who also have their own magazines with very attractive australian girls peeing their panties in public places. Then there is Xstreams the place where it all started for me, the place where i spent hundreds of pounds on videos with only half a dozen scenes on each.


    What im asking for is anyone who shares a similar interest, with pics for swapping, vids for sharing or even girls who wishes to cam for me whilst they pee in their panties, i dont expect to get any response really! 

    All i have to offer is millions of pictures and thousands of video files and of course pictures of myself - or just a good ol chat on msn - if u think u can help me out then please reply!!!!! 

      Posted on : May 9, 2008 | Comments (0)
    Pic Swapping

    Have 1000's of pics i want to swap, but i'm not gona put them all on imagefap, so if you wana swap pics then just get my msn address!

    Will even pose to order because i like being a slut in front of camera. 

      Posted on : Apr 8, 2008 | Comments (1)

    Got some new pictures up - of me this time, if you like them let me know and il put up more. Hopefully will be posting some more sets soon, once i've sort out my ISP issues.
      Posted on : Mar 24, 2008 | Comments (0)
    Pictures Coming Soon!

    Will be putting up some galleries very soon, not of myself, you dont need to see that! But i will be posting some Alt stuff and maybe a whole load of WWE Diva stuff.
      Posted on : Jan 6, 2008 | Comments (0)

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