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    japavidols's profile
    Back Yet Again

    Yes, I'm back yet again after another long break from the site, this one nearly 4 months. Got a little bored and couldn't stay away for too long, trying to catch up on the over 1000+ alerts since i last was on (geez). One thing I do need to mention, I can't upload any more content like I did before as my external hard drive with my entire 15-year porn archive was damaged beyond repair and I can't retrieve the data. An accident though. So I'll mostly be looking for pictures of others and some chatting/messaging, mainly with women & shemales/transsexuals. I do have a webcam now but probably won't use it much if at all, not explicitly looking for c2c. Also have Skype now but it's mainly because MSN is no more.

    So that's that, hope to chat with some of y'all soon.

      Posted on : Feb 17, 2013 | Comments (0)

    Firstly, thanks to everyone who got me to 100,000 total profile views yesterday! I had been wondering for a couple months what would come first-100K profile views, 1000 fans or 500 total club members. I was thinking it would be club members even though I haven't added a lot of new stuff to my club lately. I've got tons more to add, just don't have much free time between work and other interests. Actually, that should be interest, and for this milestone I'll share the story...
    At what I'll just call my day job (I can't say much about it except it's in the human services field) a new woman started working with me about a month ago to help start a new program based on my work area. I've been helping her with it quite a bit so I've gotten to know her well-she's my age (mid-30s), rather nice-looking, somewhere between BBW & SSBBW body (probably closer to SSBBW-I wouldn't call her morbidly obese though, she's extremely well-endowed with huge likely-natural breasts and an incredibly huge yet perfectly round-looking ass) and likes to wear oversized and loose-fitting sweaters...and loves to bend over as to tempt me with plenty of fanservice. I've been taking a lot of pictures of her working with our clients for the program and yeah, it's always tempting to get shots when she's bending over-the funniest one came yesterday when we did a dressup/wear pink event for breast cancer awareness, she came in wearing a hot pink sweater with cute pink cat ears-I couldn't help but get a picture first thing and when she saw me she gave me the "What the fuck do you think you're doing, assholw?" look right as I snapped the photo. It looked so hot. She was cool with it though considering I used the "Guilty Pleasure" excuse, and the ears made her look so cute! I did tell her that the only person that will be seeing this photo is me-sorry everyone, but I will not be posting any photos of her in order to protect our jobs and the people we work with. But one thing I've noticed as we've been working and hanging out this past week doing after-hours-work stuff is when she is able to loosen up outside work she's a fun person to be around and apparently isn't afraid to have fun with her body and be proud of it, even joking about not being able to wear some Halloween props she saw because it wouldn't even cover half her breast, and also about picking out some nice bling for another co-worker (a petite black woman who not only is really cool, but she's got it and dresses like she knows how to flaunt it). I've had a lot of fun spending time with her and although I doubt we'll ever go past the "workplace relationship" phase, it would be nice because we do seem to genuinely like each other, I've even admitted it and she hasn't kicked my ass for it yet. I'll just settle for too many chances at peeking into those oversized sweaters she wears and having dirty thoughts about that huge round ass and hoping she sticks around the job for quite a while. (And I don't know if she's taken or not, part of me thinks she is, so there's that item too) And if that falls through there are plenty of other hotties & MILFs to draw my attention.;)
      Posted on : Oct 20, 2012 | Comments (0)
    What I've Been Looking For Lately Here

    I admit that I'm currently in one of my "other fetish" modes right now in terms of what I'm looking at/for, and at the moment that's currently my shemale/transsexual fetish...that being said, I hope some of the TS/TVs on the site might be willing to help satisfy my "cravings" at the moment and gladly take this request for me. Here's what I'm looking for:
    A gallery (or galleries) of you and some nice pics of your best part-that of course would be your cocks. Preferably with a mix of close-ups, panties shots with your hard-on bulging out, and masturbating/stroking shots, cumshots are nice too.

    You must have what I deem to be a suitably big and hard cock (probably at least 6-7 inches when hard). If you don't have any pics of it on your profile send me some pics.
    Said cock should be smooth/shaved. Little or no hair.
    If you're going to get your upper body in there, at least look somewhat feminine. I probably don't care to see it unless you've got big breasts.
    Face shots are optional. (Clarification: You don't have to show your face/head in any photos. It's more a fantasy thing for me, apologies for maybe not making that easy to understand)
    I'd like at least 1024x768 resolution pics.
    TS/TVs only, no males.

    If you want to do a video, cool.

    One member here was nice enough to do such a gallery for me, if you haven't seen it already it's a nice example of what I'm looking for:

    If any others would be willing to do such galleries for me I would be quite delighted, I'll be hoping to hear from some of you hot she-studs soon.;)

      Posted on : Sep 15, 2012 | Comments (0)
    My Plans For A Busy Weekend Off

    I have a now very-rare (almost never if I don't ask for it with working 2 jobs) weekend off coming up on a couple weeks, and since I'm going to have the place where I live all to myself (everyone else is out of town), I plan to have some real fun by doing something I wanted to do before but never got around to actually doing-spend as much time as I possibly can masturbating. To put it into perspective here are some benchmarks I hope to surpass over both days-and do all each day of course:
    Most time spent masturbating in a single day-I don't really keep track of time but I'd say my current record is probably about 2 hours.

    Most times masturbating all the way through in a single day (meaning once I star I don't "finish" until I come)-3.

    Most time spent masturbating in a single session-I think the longest I've managed to go is an hour, that was without porn or "visual aids".How long I average depend on if I use pics or vids to get off-with pics I usually go 15-20 minutes (sometimes closer to 30 minutes), vids are generally quickies at maybe 5-10 minutes.

    So in other words, my goals are to spend, in a roughly 14-15 hour timespan each day (gotta sleep & eat!), a minimum of 3-4 hours masturbating (hopefully more!) and doing so a minimum of 4-5 times in said timeframe. That 4-5 times will be the toughest part, I've struggled just to do 3 times physically-mentally it's nothing, more physical than anything, and to try and average about a half-hour per session so I'll be relying more on pics than videos (it takes me longer to come looking at pics, plus I tend to get and feel harder when I finally blow as well as possibly being able to try and delay the shot at the end, which makes it feel so much more pleasant). One other thing I hope to do for fun is also to see just how far I can shoot as well, namely when standing up-from my past experience I would estimate the farthest I've been able to shoot my load is at least 2-3 feet but I want to be able to measure so I know exactly how far.

    Again this is mainly for fun for the most part but it is something I've wanted to try doing for the hell of it. And yes, any encouragement-especially from females & shemales-is welcome and appreciated.;)

      Posted on : Aug 6, 2012 | Comments (0)
    Why I Need A Japanese Keyboard

    Today is a day I wish I had one so I could comment on a particular Japanese blog-I always have mixed feelings when one of my favorite Japanese bikini idols turns 30-it's considered an unofficial retirement age (doesn't necessarily stick) but it's also when I consider an idol to be mature. It's especially nice today because today is Anri Sugihara's 30th birthday, also meaning my favorite Japanese gravure/bikini idol is now also a MILF.Laughing And thankfully doesn't seem to be slowing down, she's still very active as a model & entertainer. I just wish that was me with the cake and huge flower bouquet she got today for her birthday. Either way I just hope Anri knows I wish her a very happy birthday! And no, I don't think she looks close to 30 yet-maybe 26 or 27.
      Posted on : Jun 12, 2012 | Comments (0)
    77777 Profile Views Today!?

    Another funny number thing when I first got online this afternoon-my profile view counter was precisely 77777. Should've gotten a ticket for the next Powerball drawing and maybe it would've been worth $170 million or so.
      Posted on : Jun 6, 2012 | Comments (0)
    666 Fans!

    Hit my lucky number today, haha. Cool. (Actually would've happened yesterday but some dumbass didn't heed my "No Male Cock Avatar Fans" warning, all he got was a de-fan and block)
      Posted on : May 31, 2012 | Comments (1)
    Having Noisy Roommates Is Fun!

    At least on days like today...I get up and am getting ready to run a few early errands in my house, but noise travels easily and apparently my landlord likes to leave his bedroom door open (his room is upstairs in the house I currently live in, my room is downstairs) especially when his wife is over (odd little arrangement, married but living in separate houses). That or they're very loud because I walk out to the main living area to head to the kitchen and I stop because I hear quite a bit of a woman moaning upstairs...which I recognize because that's the sound she makes when they're fucking up there. Nice thing is she's really moaning & getting into it up ther and although I can't see it from downstairs I can hear it like I'm right outside the room and they don't know it! Haha. Real easy to lose track of time because apparently they go at it for about as long as I can play some videogames on just one credit...that can be a while! Considering she's supposed to be a devout Christian and all that I'd say she's definitely in the "GCB" mode-as in Good Christian Bitches! (I don't really care much for her, namely her constant parking fails when she's here, but she doesn't look too bad though. I'd probably do her)
    Anyway, just had to share it because when it happens it's fun just to standdown there and listen, a little voyeur audio so to say. Gonna miss it when I probably have to move out in a couple months (money issues), but maybe I'll get lucky and cross paths with a recent co-worker I had a thing for...I normally hate blondes but this crazy-ass bitch is an exception.

      Posted on : May 26, 2012 | Comments (0)
    More Cosplay Coming

    Hopefully my cosplay gallery fans will like this-I'm now getting my hands on some new Japanese cosplay photosets and will be uploading them soon. As usual there will be a nice variety of girls & outfits and at least one gallery likely will have a few nice girl-girl photos as well, the first such gallery was just uploaded. ANd on a side note, for mow that's the 666th gallery I've uploaded. Cool. (No big deal to me, 666 is just a cool-sounding number)
      Posted on : May 22, 2012 | Comments (0)
    Incest Roleplay/Chat

    Since incest has been on my mind a lot lately between chatting with some people about it and reading some really good stories & blog posts about it, one thing it reminds me of that I'd love to do again is some incest-themed roleplay/chat/cyber. I did it before a few times on other sites and it was a lot of fun. Obviously I'd just want to do it with women of course, and I'd prefer to do it via IM (I do not chat on IF Chat-sorry, but I like my chats "unmoderated" if you know what I mean) or via exchanging messages here. I give out my IM handles on request, I have Yahoo and MSN (no AIM or ICQ).
      Posted on : Apr 23, 2012 | Comments (0)
    A Sad Day For Me As An Idol Fan

    I was just checking out a site I use to check out bios/info on my favorite Japanese idols a moment ago and one of my worst fears was of my favorite AV idols and my avatar girl, true sex goddess Rio Hamasaki, is now officially retired. She'd been doing porn for 3-4 years, in the idol universe that's a very long time (the average idol, porn star or not, lasts only one year), but she retired young-she's only 23. At least I have a lot of video clips of her, both short scenes & full movies, but not seeing anything new from her is a bummer-yeah, all but one scene I have is censored but it doesn't bother me just because she's incredibly hot & horny whether she's by herself, with a guy or even with another girl. I will have to have a really good fap to one of her better scenes as a fitting tribute to one of my favorites. (This is the only thing I hate about Japanese porn/modeling-compared to American & likely European models/porn stars their careers tend to be incredibly short, even though I know of a handful that have lasted between 7-10 years)
      Posted on : Apr 21, 2012 | Comments (0)
    My 2 Incests...Er, Cents On Incest

    Haha, guess what's been on my mind a lot lately? Maybe because it's a hot topic and I've chatted with a couple people about it here, but I can say I've really changed my stance on the hot topic of incest lately. Yeah, I was one of those who felt a little uneasy thinking about it and whether it's good or bad although not necessarily froma  sexuality standpoint, but my view has almost flip-flopped now. Maybe it's not all bad, in the right situation and with the right "approval" from certain people it might ot even be that bad (that would be "significant others" or maybe those pesky in-laws, haha). Has it ever happened in my extended family?I don't know but if what I may have seen & heard a long time ago was really true, I definitely would not say no-we're one ofthose big "kissin' cousins" families, literally, considering one time I nearly was able to "talk" my cousin (who's about 6 months younger than me) into letting me fuck her. She'd be the one I want to do it with the most-I'd call her a borderline superslut (wouldn't surprise me if she still sleeps around even though she's in a "committed relationship" with a black man, one of 2 she's had kids with...I know this one though, and can say that he's a legit good guy) and she seems to be having kids every time I hear about her. I think she cycles through gaining & losing weight too but she's definitely a BBW with nice big breasts up there, and part of why I wish she wasn't my cousin is so I could get her away from her man and absolutely bang that bitch until I couldn't bang her any more and then some. Yeah, might get me written out of a couple wills but it would be worth it! And I've got another one like her on the other side of the family-a much better person but she's still got some of that superslut mentality-a BBW who has it up top (huge breasts) and loves to flaunt it.

    So yeah, now officially count me as one of those who is pretty cool with incest, certainly a topic I'd like to talk more with like-minded people about. Just too bad I don't see the girls in the family enough to have good pics to swap, when everyone's there it's like being literally surrounded by MILFs of all shapes & sizes. I gotta stop hating my folks...

      Posted on : Apr 21, 2012 | Comments (0)
    New Rules For Fans

    It's gotten to the point where, like on other sites like this, I have to institute a new rule for males who want to be my fans. It's cool and all that stuff, but I now have to add a couple rules to keep it how I like it:
    1-No more fans who are males with cock avatars. Put that thing away. More women DO NOT want to see it than do.

    2-No more fans who are males and have only uploaded pics of their cocks. See #1 above.

    3-No more fans with GIF/animated avatars. Slows down my browser and causes other issues. And quality-wise, the vast majority ofGIFs here suck.

    4-If you fan repeatedly or are recidivist and/or just become a fan of everybody just to do so, you gone.
    I will block any of these at my discretion, but hopefully that won't happen too much. Just have to keep it enjoyable for me, and from losing my sanity among other things. Kthx.

      Posted on : Apr 12, 2012 | Comments (1)
    Videos Up!

    I've decided to try uploading some of my Japanese porn videos to Moviefap, and one of them now has gone through and is watchable! I don't know how many I'll upload, some are on the MF Forbidden Content list (studios) and some are watermarked to death but I have some that aren't so I'll likely focus on those first. I will be uploading some censored vids but also some uncensored ones too. Hopefully the second one will be up soon, I uploaded it today. If it takes as long as the first one did hopefully it'll be up within a day.

    4/26 UPDATE: Didn't work too well after the first couple uploads, they started disliking my videos. I'm now uploading them to other sites and putting links in my club, it's working much better. Hope to have as many as 25-30 up within a coupule days, not bad for less than a week since starting.

      Posted on : Apr 5, 2012 | Comments (0)
    Doing Requests

    Since a few people have been asking lately, yes I do various requests, I just have a few guidelines I ask people to follow. Not much but just this:
    For the guys mainly:
    I do take gallery requests if you want to see a certain model I don't yet have a gallery of. All I really have is Japanese models, maybe a few Chinese and other Asian ones-I can probably get some Chinese amateur galleries going if you want that, otherwise most of what I have as far as other Asian stuff goes besides an occasional girl here & there is what I usually upload now-tpimage girls & Showtime Dancer galleries.
    Do I have hardcore of a particular girl? Depends. If the girl is not classified under my galleries as an "AV Idol", then in all likelihood no. If I have hardcore photos of a girl I try to include them in the galleries-if you don't see them I don't have any. At least at this time. And in case you're thinking about it, I won't be uploading any videos. Nice idea and I thought about it with Moviefap but between uploading guidelines and the forbidden content list there it's almost impossible.
    Do I have any lesbian photos? Very few and most are in the already-uploaded galleries.
    Finally, any requests for galleries of models on the Forbidden Content list are always rejected. At least here (I can do it elsewhere though). Fortunately, at last check, out of the 1000+ models I have galleries of that only eliminates one model.
    Oh, and I also don't have and won't have any of the following fetishes: BDSM/bondage, scat, gay, shemale/transsexual (this one mainly due to lack of material), and anything else I am not interested in or turned off by. And while I do like BBW/fat girls a bit myself, not much here just because of lack of material where I get my stuff from (these people apparently don't like really big ones as much as I do). 

    For the ladies:
    If you want to see "personal photos", meaning my cock, masturbating/stroking, cumshots, pic swapping, etc. message me. I only do that stuff upon request and prefer to swap pics offsite. I could do some short video clips but since all I've got is a smartphone for that it's a bit of a hassle. I don't do bondage, scat, pissing, or anal insertions among other things. And no, you can't see my face. I do sort of have a life.
    I do cum tributes if you ask too, I just have a couple guidelines there:
    First and foremost, nudes are REQUIRED. No nudes means no tribs, no exceptions. Just doesn't do it for me.
    No face-only tribs. See above.
    I prefer topless shots and especially good chest/breasts close-ups, those are the best ones for me, but I'm sometimes willing to do others. You don't have to show your face.
    I do tribs for couples upon request too (or if you want one for your wife/girlfriend/etc.) under said guidelines.

    Oh, and I still do some anime galleries too but right now that's on the back burner plus I've uploaded a lot of what I can upload already (some of what I haven't done is forbidden content, but not very much)

    So go ahead and make some requests already people! As much as I enjoy uploading the galleries I have done and will continue to do so it's nice to mix it up now and then too.;)

      Posted on : Mar 25, 2012 | Comments (0)
    Maybe The Best (Or Certainly Worst) Porn Premise Ever

    There actually are things I'm a fan of besides porn, one of them is wrestling (yeah, yeah...). Imagine my reaction when I heard this today:

     - Chyna is doing another flick with Vivid Entertainment, and for the film, she is going back to her roots. The porn will be "Royal Rumble" themed, and feature parodies of famous wrestlers like Triple H, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, John Cena and more. As you will remember, Chyna dated Triple H back in 2003 before he left her for Stephanie McMahon.

    WWE has no affiliation with the porno, and they have not returned calls for comment.

    Chyna used to be a WWE wrestler but always heard a lot about it because, although a woman, she looked very much like a man or even a transsexual (she's very muscular and her face isn't exactly feminine-looking) even though she only has what I hear is quite the cunt down there. I haven't seen any of her porn (save for those scenes with that former wrestler she used to be an item with) but when I heard this I knew right away...horrendous. Also horrendously funny. This might be a porno that, just because of the premise and parodies, I pay to try and get on DVD. And if the parodies I've seen photos of hold up, they are fuckin' hilarious! Anyway, just had to mention that to see if it might get a few shits & giggles out of y'all like it got out of me. (The original article about this is up on TMZ somewhere)

      Posted on : Feb 17, 2012 | Comments (0)
    Valentine's Day

    I hate the day and don't care for it in the slightest bit, but I still want to say Happy Valentine's Day to all my female fans, make it a good one.
      Posted on : Feb 14, 2012 | Comments (0)
    1 Year + 500 Fans!

    Hard to believe it was 1 year ago today I signed up here and I'm still here even though I left for several weeks last summer. And I actually have 500 fans too...a big thanks to all my fans as well as all who have joined my club, left comments, etc. Makes me glad I decided to come back! Hopefully I'll be around another year and longer!
      Posted on : Feb 7, 2012 | Comments (0)
    Deleting Old Galleries Soon

    Just wanted to let people who care know that several of my oldest galleries will soon be deleted. Nothing bad though, it's just that since I came back from when I left I've been mainly uploading entire collections that I have instead of just a few pics here & there, so I'm starting to duplicate a lot of images & galleries so to make it easier to keep track of what I have & haven't uploaded (and perhaps help out the servers a bit) I'm going to start deleting old (and only old) galleries of mine over the next few days. But rest assured that if you miss out on them, you're not missing anything as I've since re-uploaded the content.

    Oh, and thanks to all those who have become fans of me or commented on my profile & galleries in the nearly 1 year I've been here-nearly 500 fans and 250 club members! Keep them coming!

      Posted on : Jan 31, 2012 | Comments (0)
    400 Fans!?!

    Wow, my profile says as of last night that I now have 400 fans...just wanted to say thanks to all who have become a fan of me so far, especially those since I came back to the site about 3 months ago after leaving. Ditto to those who have also joined my club, which now has over 175 members. I'm still enjoying uploading new galleries and reading the comments that are sometimes left and I plan to keep adding more. Although now I'm wondering what will happen first-500 fans or 200 club members? Enjoy my galleries and don't be afraid to send me a message-I may not reply but I do read them! I do take gallery requests too. As long as you're not a spammer of course.
      Posted on : Dec 6, 2011 | Comments (0)
    Now That I'm Back...

    ...and kinda settled back in, I've been getting back to business lately, which for me is checking out new galleries as they're added (mostly Asian & Anime) and adding more of my images from my old website and some I've acquired since then. If you were able to check out my site and follow it before it got nuked, I hope you enjoyed it-a few people have sent me some nice comments & feedback, if you have I thank you and appreciate your patronage. It was something I wanted to do for a while and when it really took off I was quite surprised, I wish things turned out different but it was a fun experience and maybe someday I'll re-build with a different host. I'd mostly be debating with building my own site from scratch or go blog-style again with some open-source blogging software (ironically a version made by the hosts that nuked my old site), I'd do it now but money is an issue for me. So I plan to share some of it here, but I will apologize in advance for any reposting/duplicating of images I've uploaded, it's probably going to happen quite a bit with stuff I'd uploaded before I decided to leave the site (things do seem to be rather smooth since I came back). One thing to take note of-because of recent updates to the "Forbidden Content" list I can't upload everything I have. I don't like the rules sometimes but I do play by them and if there's one good thing it's the number of idols I can't upload because of it is very small-in fact, it's just one (only the cosplayer Ushijima is on the list [recently added] and that only accounts for less than 1/2 % of my total collection , none of my other content comes from sources on the list, at least to the best of my knowledge-some of the hentai I want to upload does though but that's for another time). I plan to upload them gradually because I also upload some of my stuff to another website. There will be a bit of everything too-matures, teens (18+ of course), actresses, singers, girls in bikinis/swimsuits, nudity, some hardcore/XXX stuff here and there, and so on. One thing in common among all the girls though-they are, in my book, very cute/sexy/beautiful. Hopefully there will be some you like. Everything I add (except anime/hentai) will also be added to my club, Japan Idols Club, so keep checking that out.

    That's it for now, thanks for reading and for the positive comments/feedback I've been getting since I came back. And as The Most Interesting Man In The World might say if he were a porn-type (I incoporated it into my profile on another site), Stay masturbating, my friends. (haha)

      Posted on : Sep 22, 2011 | Comments (0)
    I'm back!

    Yes, I finally decided to come back after leaving the site roughly 6 weeks ago because I was kinda fed up with the site constantly being broken and getting more complicated to figure out. Part of it was that my personal porn blog got nuked over osme "stealth" TOS violations that weren't in effect when I joined, which at least saves me some money and will cost the former blog's host in the long run, and I remembered this was a pretty good place to upload my Japanese porn plus I've still got nearly 100,000 more images I need to upload somewhere. For those checking out my stuff for the first time, I almost exclusively upload/will upload images of Japanese idols, models & porn stars. For those who were fans of mine or liked what I uploaded before, more is on the way!
    It's (hopefully) good to be back, maybe I'll stick around longer this time!
      Posted on : Aug 30, 2011 | Comments (0)
    My New Webcam

    So I finally got myself a new webcam after I got off work yesterday, it's  not quite as good as hoped for but I only got this "cheap" one because it was on an unadvertised sale where I work, so it only wound up costing me about $13 (usually it's $20, and if that was the case I'd gone with a slightly better one, and I don't have much money as it is). I wonder how some people are able to pull the whole webcam thing off, I'm still figuring mine out-I can't record videos I take with it (bummer) but I've figured out how to take pictures and broadcast with it-it's funny that I can even watch myself while I'm using it (haha). I was hoping to be able to record videos for some other projects I have (but might still be able to if I can find somegood freeware) but at least not I can kinda broadcast myself on webcam, which is something I've wanted to do being I'm a bit of an exhibitonist and it's a real turn-on knowing that women can now watch me when I'm jerking off, at least when I'm on IM or in certain chat-type things. Maybe that will happen soon.I'm sure there are some women out there who will want to watch.Wink
      Posted on : Jun 14, 2011 | Comments (0)
    Working Birthday

    Today's my birthday and I'm about to head to work after I type this...yeah, I hate working on my b-day but I gotta pay my bills somehow, and while I know I'm not going to get anything at my job today (OK, except maybe the usual compliments from my immediate boss-he's a guy, no homo, haha) it sure would be nice to get a little something from those attractive female bosses I have to put up with...including the one I keep saying hates me more than anything even though my aforementioned boss (no homo) says exactly the opposite. Now if she were to give me some of those delicious bite-sized cupcakes we sell (I work in a so-called "big box" retail store right now)and then do a little booty-shaking in my face I wouldn't complain. Although considering I do know how to get her into that big walk-in cooler/freezer we have back there...maybe...I know, won't happen. But I can dream, right? And wouldn't it be nice if, when I got off and came home tonight, some of the ladies here would maybe have sent me some "special presents"? Hint hint.Wink Make me not feel so old, haha. (But I'm only still going to be in my early 30s, I just feel a lot older)
      Posted on : May 18, 2011 | Comments (0)
    R.I.P. Japanese Bikini Idol Miyuu Uehara, 1987-2011

    As big a fan ofJapanese models & idols as I am, I was incredibly saddened to just read that beautiful bikini idol/model Miyuu Uehara passed away Thursday. It's not known what the cause of death was but she died way too young-she was only 24. A very beautiful girl and a young career & life cut way too short...

    R.I.P. Miyuu, your many fans, myself included, will miss you so much...we'll always love you!
      Posted on : May 14, 2011 | Comments (0)

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