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    sissygary's profile

    sissygary Profile
    Profile views: 47373
    Fanbase: 1125

    About Me
    Love to receive comments and insults.
    Please do tell me what you think I should do to myself to humilate and shame myself.
    Did you spread my Pics anywheres for me to find?
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE repost favorite share my pivs to help getting me exposed and humiliated PLEASE.

    I"M NOTHING I need my public outing and shame I deserve it

    Asian femdom , BBC , Black Superiority , BLACKMAIL , Castration , Creampies , cuckold , Domination , exposed , exposure , Faggot , femdom , forced feminization , Homo , Humilation , Mean evil men , Secretary , sissy , Sissy Captions , SPH

    Website: Not set
    Signed up: 7 years ago
    Images viewed: 54007
    Images uploaded: 190

    Gender: TS/TV
    Sexual orientation: Bisexual

    Birth: 31/07/1967

    Location: United States

    Last Online: 18 hours ago

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    Status updates
    sissygary's profile
    Dec 30, 2015
    fans are nice and all but how about exposing me sharing my profile shameing me or just calling me names
    sissygary's profile
    sissygary 3 days ago
    hello all please don't stop degrading me spreading my pics around as i will do to myself as i'm a worthless subhuman sissy faggot

    WhiteLoserVirgin's profile
    WhiteLoserVirgin 6 days ago
    Fucking ugly faggot you don't deserve that big nigger cock it's all mine go get raped by the hobos while I'm fucked by black gods

    wellwhat's profile
    wellwhat 20 Dec, 2016
    How old r u Sissy Gary?

    Xmies's profile
    Xmies 14 Dec, 2016
    Comment of you isn't even woth proofreading. Fondled the idea on pissing on your face, but that would require watching you.

    Xmies's profile
    Xmies 14 Dec, 2016
    That stub isn't even long enought to be limb! If the rest of "you" is as useless as that, there ins't a hobo in the world who would use that bloated blob as cum bucket. Even if payed.

    blk94whtsissy's profile
    blk94whtsissy 6 Nov, 2016
    I posted a pic of yous on my tumblr. If you want more

    bichance's profile
    bichance 16 Oct, 2016
    I thought my clit was small so thats why i would tuck it away from embrassment but i see you have no problem with that

    xxxboom's profile
    xxxboom 16 Oct, 2016
    You're a worthless cum guzzling little dicked faggot. You will never find anyone. No man or women even wants to look at your pathetic ass never mind sleep with it. You know how people say you'll find someone and that there are plenty of fish in the sea that's not true for you you little limp dick loser

    dctoe's profile
    dctoe 27 Sep, 2016
    Where shall I out you? I have more places to do it than just here. How much exposure do you want you little bimbo slut!

    TinyNutsTim's profile
    TinyNutsTim 18 Aug, 2016
    Thanks for being a fan and enjoy my page and club and do what you want with my pictures.

    titanzeon's profile
    titanzeon 16 Aug, 2016
    That is suppose to be a cock? That is funny. You can't even be called a man. Women must laugh at you. No real man would take such a useless sissy. Your only use is clean up after real men and their women.

    BillieBug's profile
    BillieBug 10 May, 2016
    I may have said it before, not sure, but thanks for all of your comments! Keep them coming, I enjoy feedback on my work....

    schoolteacherflirt's profile
    schoolteacherflirt 7 Mar, 2016
    You're such a worthless faggot! It's a good thing you prefer being used and abused by men, because with that tiny fucking cock, you'd never stand a chance with a real woman like me or my daughters.

    sissygary's profile
    sissygary 1 Jan, 2016
    Thankyou for helping expose me

    tinywilmer's profile
    tinywilmer 1 Jan, 2016
    ive uploaded ur pics to my tint dick gallery
    ur r the smallest ive seen or clit

    sissygary's profile
    Dec 27, 2015
    Will someone please shame and humiliate me
    tgjoe's profile
    tgjoe 6 Jun, 2016
    what a shame for a dick,
    but it´s very cute hihi

    trevormcdonald2016's profile
    trevormcdonald2016 26 Feb, 2016
    You have the smallest dick Ive ever seen. I don't even understand how you could pleasure yourself with so little to work with. At least you've realised you should be a sissy, the only way you'll experience true pleasure is with a real mans dick inside you... you are an embarrasment to men everywhere and should stop letting us down and become a girl full time

    nuits49's profile
    nuits49 16 Jan, 2016
    you are a total slut for bbc

    sissygary's profile
    sissygary 1 Jan, 2016
    Thankyou I was hoping you would hate it and mock me cause of it

    randon434's profile
    randon434 1 Jan, 2016
    Nice clit.


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    Gender: TS/TV
    Orientation: Bisexual


    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Straight


    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Bisexual


    Gender: TS/TV
    Orientation: Gay/Lesbian


    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Straight

    Comments (10) (See All Comments)
    soumisgre2's profile
    Comments: 3930
    Wrote on Jan 18, 2017

    A new small penis loser of the week has been select.

    He is so ridiculus! Please feel free to humiliate him.

    You can find his info here :

    I have create a new poll for the humiliation of this small dick loser :

    If you want participate to the next lotery you can here :
    sissygary's profile
    sissygary 1 day ago
    yes please i beg of you to humiliate me coldly in the most hurtful ways Sir

    TransBitch4S's profile
    Comments: 53
    Wrote on Jan 16, 2017
    thanks to be a fan ! ;)
    WhiteLoserVirgin's profile
    Comments: 16
    Wrote on Jan 11, 2017
    You're so pathetic you make me feel better about myself. You're the scum of the earth I'd gladly work out my anger on your faggott ass.
    WhiteLoserVirgin's profile
    WhiteLoserVirgin 6 days ago
    I don't know if I could fucking hate yoy more faggott. Maybe kicking your ass half to death might amuse our black overlords

    sissygary's profile
    sissygary 7 days ago
    Write a comment...

    sissygary's profile
    sissygary 7 days ago
    If my disgraceful existence gives you and your life meaning then this gross subhuman has doone its job. Please hate me more

    BiSex666's profile
    Comments: 211
    Commented on Jan 9, 2017
    "nice clit"
    sissygary | Jan 9, 2017
    If you like please share with the world

    cristianWhore86's profile
    Comments: 8
    Wrote on Dec 17, 2016
    you are a pathetic turd little bitch
    sissygary's profile
    sissygary 18 Dec, 2016
    YES If i was only as low as turd my friend but this sissy is even lower then shit

    Koye69's profile
    Comments: 224
    Wrote on Dec 17, 2016
    You call that a cock? Ive seen clitorises bigger than that pathetically disgusting flap of skin. I bet when you cum, it looks like a zit being popped. It fills me with self loathing, to know Ive wasted 30 seconds commenting to a vile, weak, unclean, little parasite like you. Thanks for being a fan. You fucking piece of shit!
    sissygary's profile
    sissygary 17 Dec, 2016
    you are my new super favorite person on here.Your words are what i beg everyone on here to inflict on myt thank you let the hate continue

    sissygary's profile
    sissygary 17 Dec, 2016
    [;ease tell me you will love me more. your words of scorn and pleasure to me if only more would be as kind as you in your words of hate for me my life would be so good

    mowe's profile
    Comments: 146
    Wrote on Dec 7, 2016
    Thank You for being a fan.
    DaveXL's profile
    Comments: 1653
    Wrote on Nov 27, 2016
    Thanx for being a fan!!!
    VaginaLips's profile
    Comments: 8872
    Commented on Nov 16, 2016
    "Jerk off-dickie shrinks. Jerk off-dickie shrinks. Same here, smaller is better, real faggots don't have dicks, even dicklets-we are dickless loser wonders and proud of it!"
    sissygary | Nov 17, 2016
    I'm doing my best daily to make my clit smaller and get rid of that yucky guy goo in my micro grapes to help keep me weak gay and a total sissy seeking to be outed exposed into total shame and humiliation

    VaginaLips | Nov 17, 2016
    I luv being humiliated and laughed at. I will expose myself to girls and get totally humiliated.

    sissygary | Nov 17, 2016
    Me too i just left my email address on a sissy master map site i found so i can be found locally

    VaginaLips | Nov 17, 2016
    I wuv being a wooser. After all, what else is there?

    sissygary | Nov 17, 2016
    That is what if i could be a sissyboi 24/7 without fear i'd be and so happy seeing the hate in the eyes of others toward me is my dream

    Xmies's profile
    Comments: 320
    Wrote on Nov 15, 2016
    You pathetic excuse of a man. Your dicklessness makes you unsuitable for being even a desent fuck toy. Jesus, I wouldn't even let you to clean my cum from your own wife's pussy - out of respect towards my own semen.

    If you have a future, it is in scat.
    sissygary's profile
    sissygary 16 Nov, 2016
    Master is most correct i'm a pathetic gross subhuman beat faggot onl;y worthy of shame and humiliation.Please don't keep your cum from me its my desire to swallow your essence

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