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    lemonx's profile

    lemonx Profile
    Profile views: 79760
    Fanbase: 1728

    About Me
    Hi 2 all!
    If u wanna find me on fb my name is Samantha cuervo
    So add me if u wanna :-*

    anal , big cocks , black cocks , crossdressing , cum tributes , HUGE COCKS!!! , MANY , megan fox , trannies

    Website: Not set
    Signed up: 10 years and 3 months ago
    Images viewed: 8238
    Images uploaded: 1495

    Gender: TS/TV
    Sexual orientation: Bisexual

    Birth: 11/03/1919

    Last Online: 5 months and 26 days ago

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    Status updates
    lemonx's profile
    Aug 10, 2016
    Call me a Sick Girl but I've been raped by my uncle's friends and I LOVED IT!!!
    My uncle always had been using me 4 his pleasure and now i'm beginin 2 ENJOY HIS FRIENDS ALSO!!!!
    Gerry_In_Heat's profile
    Gerry_In_Heat 10 Mar, 2017
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    Gerry_In_Heat's profile
    Gerry_In_Heat 10 Mar, 2017
    UR a perfect little kitty. love to see more

    niznaz's profile
    niznaz 21 Feb, 2017
    Lucky girl....Now show me your cock!

    exabmis's profile
    exabmis 18 Feb, 2017
    I'm jealous

    lil_sissy_faggot's profile
    lil_sissy_faggot 21 Jan, 2017
    I went to a dope house with this white gir
    I had been getting high with, wearing a halter top, daisy dukes that were riding up my ass perfectly. There were no white guys allowed. These were hard core gangstas. Oh I was wearing these pink open toed stilettos. We went in and they got us so spun, my friend already had her clothes off, she went to pull off my daisies and panties. I hesitated and there was 6 of them that were staring at me. My friend just blurts out they don't care that you're a punk bitch , do y'all. One other said hell no, but you gonna get it rough for not saying so when you walked through the door. She pulled my panties down and made some humiliation comments they all laughed and we both got gang fucked.

    Pdnice's profile
    Pdnice 19 Jan, 2017
    Super pics

    LyssaRoxy's profile
    LyssaRoxy 5 Jan, 2017
    Lucky little slut!

    Gerry_In_Heat's profile
    Gerry_In_Heat 17 Dec, 2016
    UR so hot. Would love to fuck U hard

    j o guy's profile
    j o guy 13 Dec, 2016
    i bet they had you squealing like little sissy bitch when they pulled your skirt up and raped you with their big cocks!

    danamiller732's profile
    danamiller732 8 Oct, 2016
    where do u live Sam

    Jeroen72's profile
    Jeroen72 6 Oct, 2016
    That's so hot

    dunkiex's profile
    dunkiex 1 Sep, 2016
    Sick..but oh so sexy!

    seamouscba's profile
    seamouscba 31 Aug, 2016
    muy bien samantha! equipada de todos lados!

    GirlsFeetCam2's profile
    GirlsFeetCam2 22 Aug, 2016
    it turns us girls on to see u put on our worn things mmm

    Bust_A_Nut's profile
    Bust_A_Nut 19 Aug, 2016
    This Stranger would love to feel your love hole on his hard cock.

    filen1's profile
    filen1 16 Aug, 2016
    hot and sexy

    haurni's profile
    haurni 10 Aug, 2016
    You should post some pictures ;)

    dariotu's profile
    dariotu 10 Aug, 2016
    don't let them know that. hide your feelings and stay as the desperate rape-victim

    wayjake's profile
    wayjake 10 Aug, 2016
    You should right about being raped in you're blog . I want to rape you hard

    lalakarina's profile
    lalakarina 10 Aug, 2016

    lemonx's profile
    Jul 20, 2016
    WOW 1000 FANS♥♥♥♥
    Bust_A_Nut's profile
    Bust_A_Nut 19 Aug, 2016
    Let me know when the gang bang starts, I want a piece of your love hole.

    cdzeynep90's profile
    cdzeynep90 24 Jul, 2016

    jackn4kitty's profile
    jackn4kitty 22 Jul, 2016
    Like a place in that line. Congrats.

    tsbottomsub's profile
    tsbottomsub 21 Jul, 2016


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    Gender: TS/TV
    Orientation: Gay/Lesbian


    Gender: Male


    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Bisexual


    Gender: TS/TV
    Orientation: Bisexual


    Gender: TS/TV
    Orientation: Gay/Lesbian

    Comments (10) (See All Comments)
    Naughtyass99's profile
    Comments: 11
    Commented on Jan 12, 2018
    "cute little butt"
    Marky178's profile
    Comments: 511
    Commented on Jan 2, 2018
    "your so sweet in"
    curiousNhorny79's profile
    Comments: 46
    Commented on Nov 16, 2017
    "You can ride my cock in this position while I stroke your nice cock"
    curiousNhorny79's profile
    Comments: 46
    Commented on Nov 16, 2017
    "I want to suck on your balls first then your ass before I stuff your pussey with my big hard throbbing cock"
    0436307's profile
    Comments: 824
    Commented on Oct 14, 2017
    "beautiful beautiful sexy...woowwwww"
    Just4chat84's profile
    Comments: 232
    Commented on Oct 13, 2017
    "Beautiful pic baby! I'd love to eat that, then slide my dick deep inside of you!"
    Naughtyass99's profile
    Comments: 11
    Commented on Sep 30, 2017
    "such a hot sister!! mmm"
    carolynnexxx's profile
    Comments: 15793
    Commented on Aug 13, 2017
    "...all systems 'GO'..."
    Shavmenuts's profile
    Comments: 0
    Commented on Aug 5, 2017
    "You're at a bar, having a drink, alone. A text comes in: "Meet me outside in 5 min."
    You recognize that it's my number.

    Intrigued, you down the last of your drink, and hurry to get outside. As you step out into the chilly night, you realize that you've accidentally left your jacket behind. You pause a moment, reconsidering if you should go back for it...but you're curious and a bit excited now, so you proceed out to the sidewalk.

    Your phone buzzes with another text: "The alley. Behind the bar."

    You proceed cautiously down the sidewalk to the rear of the building. Standing at the corner, you peer nervously down the alley, noting the dim light, the rubbish bins, the wet, gravelly concrete. A stray cat skittishly picks through trash strewn along the base of one wall.

    Then you see me.

    I beckon you over, and instantly you realize what is about to happen. Like a lioness stalking prey, you pad sensuously over to me.

    "I was afraid you wouldn't come", I say.

    "When you call, I always come", you answer.

    I grab you by the back of the neck and pull you into me. With a handful of your soft, dark hair in my clinched hand, I pull your head back, lean down, and kiss you deeply. I move to your neck, licking and sucking on your soft skin. I move back to your pouting lips, and begin tonguing your sweet mouth, sucking and gently biting your lips.

    "Give me that tongue", I say.

    You slowly slide your wet mouth muscle out, resting it on your bottom lip. I hungrily take it into mine, sucking it with my lips while massaging it inside with my own tongue.

    You're getting hot now, and begin to pull your knee-length skirt up - I feel what you are doing, and take over. My urgency is magnified when I feel that you have no panties on. Pushing your skirt up around your waist, in one fluid motion, I bend down, thread my arms through your legs and behind, placing the bend of my forearms behind your knees, and wrap my forearms and hands around to the front of your thighs. Centering my weight under you, I heft you up in the air, causing your smooth, sinewy legs to fly into the air, coming to rest on my shoulders.

    With my arms still supporting your legs, I reach up with my right hand and grab your hair at the back again. With your entire weight against me, I step forward and press you against the cold brick wall. You're only wearing a thin, slim-fit cotton tee that accentuates your small, perky breasts...but since you forgot to bring your jacket, the jagged brick is digging painfully into the skin of your back.

    I position my hand at the back of your head at the base of your neck, cradling your head to keep it from hitting the wall. Keeping you aloft with my weight, I reach down and unzip my fly - but I quickly realize that I'm so hard, I can't get my sprung cock out through the zipper, so I release the button and allow my pants to slide down my thighs. Pulling them down more with one hand, my rock-hard cock is at attention now, literally dripping with natural lube.

    "Hold your skirt", I say, and you dutifully grab the bunched-up cloth and hold it out of the way. Working up a mouthful of warm saliva, I lean back, flexing my arms outward behind your knees, and with some help from you, expose your hardening she-cock and smooth, dewy love hole.

    Instinctively, you move your hand from holding the skirt and pull your clit-cock up and back, to clear the way for the long, hot rope of saliva I begin pouring down onto your quivering cock. I hold you in place so that the hot, slippery fluid runs directly down to your now-aching asshole. To help things along, I take my stiff, pulsating meat, which is now slick from head to shaft with pre-cum, and begin smearing the frothy mixture of saliva and pre-cum all over your sweltering crotch, liberally covering your ass crack, leathery scrotum, and swollen clit-cock.

    I tease the rim of your asshole with the head of my cock, waiting for you to invite me in. I shift my weight back under you, as you immediately relax your ass muscles. I feel this change of tension instantly, and with slow but firm action, I plunge my ripped cock into your wanton asshole.

    You moan loudly as your legs tense up in my arms and around my shoulders. I begin thrusting into you...slowly, at first...but quickly working up a good rhythm.

    You begin to give in now, surrendering completely, relaxing your ass entirely, but even fully relaxed, it's still comfortably tight. Before long, we're in the zone - you're moaning and grunting like a wild animal, while I lick and bite your neck. The pace quickens as my cock is now harder than I suspect it has ever swollen, thick, and hard that it's beginning to hurt. I'm slamming it into your ass like a jackhammer, feeling the heat and wetness of your love hole wrapped around my meat.

    We can both feel the sweet soup of pre-cum, saliva, and the secretions of your begging ass saturating us both. I'm pounding your juicy hole so hard now, that the usual sound of flesh-on-flesh is now a loud, wet "SMACK!" You grimace and moan in a fine balance of pleasure and pain, as with each thrust, the gnarled hardness of the bricks bite into your soft flesh from the back, as my throbbing cock assaults your tiny, aching asshole from the front.

    I can feel that my bulging cock head is finding your love gland, as with each thrust, the inflection of your moans increase with every jab. I adjust my distance and angle a bit and shorten my thrusts, so that every plunge grazes your gland harder and faster.

    Your gasps, grunts, and moans have become one long, sustained wail at this point, and I'm barely staying in control. Still supporting your head with one hand, I grab your soft ass cheeks with the other, digging my fingers into your pliable ass flesh. Within seconds, I'm ready to cream your hot hole. I flex my arms hard, pushing you up the wall, and thrust my hips flush into you. You are nearly screaming now, as the hard, craggy mortar lacerates your skin. I begin pounding into you with slower but harder thrusts, until my desperate cock finally explodes, pumping shot after shot of thick, hot cum into your ass.

    After what seems like an eternity, with my hips and buttocks cramping in pain, my cock makes its final convulsion, and the last drops of my load are dispensed. Still holding you against the wall, we stay in position, fused in an exhausted embrace. Still inside you, I can hear the cum dripping from your ass onto the wet concrete beneath us.

    Slowly, I withdraw from you, and gently let you down from the wall. You wince as your abused flesh pulls away from the bricks. With rubbery legs, you try to walk, but fall to your knees after several steps.

    It's then that I notice your back. I pull your snag-riddled tee up to expose the bloody gouges the bricks left in your back. They aren't serious, but they're enough to need some attention. I pull off my jacket and shirt, remove my undershirt, and gently blot and wipe the wounds.

    "I'm sorry for this...I guess I got a little too excited", I say.

    "I...LOVED...IT...", you groan, in a breathy, exhausted voice, your exhales visible in the cold air.

    I look down momentarily and happen to notice that my cock has not softened a bit; I'm still as hard as I was when this encounter began.

    " know we're not finished yet, don't you?", I reply, with a somewhat sadistic grin.

    "Whuuuuh...?", you exclaim.

    I then move to stand over you, straddling your back. I reach down and lift your skirt over your ass and onto your back.

    "I don't think you came. It's no good if you don't cum too."

    Holding the blood-spotted shirt to your back, I crouch down by bending my knees, positioning my cock near the crack of your ass.

    Since my cock is still slick with cum, spit, and ass juice, I don't need to lubricate again. I shift forward a few inches, so that my angle of thrust will achieve maximum penetration. I slowly guide my rigid meat back into your swollen, still-gaping hole.

    I extend my other hand up to your face.

    "Lick my hand", I instruct.

    You comply, slathering the palm of my hand with spit.

    "More", I say.

    You oblige.

    I then reach around between your legs, and take your still-stiffened clitmeat into my hand.

    Slowly, I begin long, deep thrusts into your ass, while stroking your slick girlcock, giving special attention to the budding head, applying extra pressure right around the rim, in rhythm with my thrusts.

    It's a slow, loving pace this time. I take my time building you up, maintaining a firm but easy tempo on your asshole and cock simultaneously. I position myself so that every time I withdraw a thrust, my swollen cock bulb pops from your asshole for an instant, and then plunges right back in with no effort.

    As I'm riding your ass rim in short, quicker thrusts, I time my hand strokes so that I am stimulating the rim of your cock head at the same time. You're now gasping for breath, as your arms and legs quiver, struggling to hold yourself up. I quicken the pace a little more, as I feel the hot, clear fluid begin to leak from your glans.

    You begin arching your head back and then forward again in waves of bliss, grunting and gasping in complete ecstasy. I can tell your are close, so I inch forward and plunge my cock deeper into your ass, finding your sweet spot again. I angle myself so that my thrusts are moving in a downward motion, pressing hard against the wall of your ass and pummeling your juicy love gland.

    The hot, slimy liquid is nearly flowing from your cock as you let out a deep, guttural groan, clenching your ass muscles around my still-ripped meatbat as you cum into my hand.

    You nearly collapse into a heap at that point, and I quickly wrap my arms around you to hold you up and keep you from falling face-first into the wet, dirty cement.

    I help you up, remove your torn, bloody tee, and wipe you down a little more with my soiled undershirt. I give you my top shirt to wear, and put my jacket back on.

    "My jacket...", you say.

    "I'll help you to the door."

    With one arm around your shoulders and the other supporting your arm, you lean against me as we walk unsteadily out of the alley toward the front of the bar.

    "Have a drink with me?", you ask, wearily.

    "Not tonight. But now you know."

    "Know what?", you ask, puzzled.

    "That when I call, you always CUM."

    With a weak grin, you stumble back into the bar, thirsty for something strong."
    MIA_B's profile
    Comments: 843
    Commented on Jul 26, 2017
    "YES ;)"
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