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    Moyman's profile

    Moyman Profile
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    Signed up: 6 years ago
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    Gender: Male
    Birth: 08/12/1943

    Location: United Kingdom

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    Status updates
    Moyman's profile
    Sep 14, 2014
    How are you feeling? What's going on?
    throb50's profile
    throb50 9 Sep, 2017
    you the man

    DM79's profile
    DM79 18 Sep, 2016
    Love your work. Baybe we could swap some fakes somtime. U do some of your favourites and you do some of mine.

    gandalflopeta98's profile
    gandalflopeta98 8 Dec, 2015
    such a goooooood stuff
    i could translate the caps to spanish if u want, write me

    Razzzz's profile
    Razzzz 17 Jul, 2015
    Very hot and interesting galleries. Thanks for your great work


    Comments (23) (See All Comments)
    Johnwright's profile
    Comments: 1899
    Commented on Mar 13, 2018
    "Mmmmm, to be in the Nanny like that"
    DirtyHarry13's profile
    Comments: 665
    Commented on Mar 10, 2018
    "Daddy's girl waiting for him..."
    DirtyHarry13's profile
    Comments: 665
    Commented on Mar 10, 2018
    "Yeah malfunction alright... As in my brain malfunctions just by looking at this..."
    littleppgurl's profile
    Comments: 394
    Commented on Feb 18, 2018
    "I don't recall how many times I took off all my clothes, watching that show, and jerked myself off, imagining Kelly Bundy walking in and catching me, pointing and laughing hysterically at me, attaching a collar and leash and making me her submissive little sissy pet. After her dates when she put out for hot guys, I would obediently suck their manly cum from her gorgeous little shaved pussy. Whenever she wanted, she would just have to take off her slutty heels and I would know it was time to crawl to her, naked, to kiss, and lick her feet, sucking and licking between each painted little toe. And at her request, my tongue would be at the service of her incredibly hot ass... licking and kissing her beautiful cheeks, licking up and down her ass crack and burying my tongue deep inside her pretty little goddess shithole! When she felt like taking a walk, Goddess Kelly would attach my collar and leash and lead me through the neighborhood, nude and on all fours, stopping to raise my leg and pee or squat and relieve myself in the grass while she chatted and laughed with her equally hot and slutty girlfriends! Oh, yes!!! There is nothing I would not do to please my young goddess!"
    littleppgurl's profile
    Comments: 394
    Commented on Feb 18, 2018
    "In order to escape, Luke, Leia and Han know they must be able to distract any guards still on alert. "I know what to do", Leia laughs as she strips off her top to reveal her bare, jiggling tits. "No guard will be able to concentrate after he sees this." The three of them laugh in agreement and continue on their way through the corridors. I am the first guard they meet up with and as I turn my gun on them and order them to halt, I see Leia's beautiful bared titties and am caught offguard... just long enough for manly Han to grab my gun, rendering me helpless. "See, what did I tell you?", Leia laughs to Luke, who agrees she was right. "What do we do with this guy now, Han", Luke asks. "Well... we don't want him following us...", Han says, suddenly coming up with an idea and smirking. "You", he barks to me, "strip!" Luke and Leia chuckle to one another as she begins covering her breasts once again. "What?", I ask, incredulous. "You heard me", Han orders, waving my gun at me. "We don't have all day so go on... strip!" As they all watch, I slowly, hesitantly begin taking off all my clothes... I am blushing beet red as Luke laughs and Leia giggles at my embarrassment. When I am down to my little white underpants, I stop, hoping this will satisfy him... but Han waves the gun once again and says, "everything!" So now I hang my head and miserably slide my underpants down and off... I am completely bare ass naked... and shamefully, my little penis is fully erect! Of course they all get a laugh out of this and Leia chuckles, "I wonder if he's got a little boner from seeing my tits or because a big strong real man made him take off all his clothes like a cowering, submissive little weakling? Hahahaha" I hang my head, blushing in shame. "What about it, sissy? You like taking your clothes off for a strong, powerful man? Hahahahahahaha" My silence and averted eyes betray my shameful admission. Han now tosses Leia a rope and she grabs me by my stiff little pecker and leads me to a column where she ties me tightly and securely... facing outward so when I am found by my partners, my shame will be all the greater. Before she walks away, Leia presses my stiff little penis all the way down with her fingertip, then releases it, watching it bounce up ridiculously, stiff and erect. Now big strong manly Han looks me up and down with a chuckle and says, "smooth, soft girlie body"... and I blush and moan in embarrassment as they run off, laughing. Oh my goodness, I hope I don't have an orgasm and get found with a puddle of cum at my feet!"
    littleppgurl's profile
    Comments: 394
    Commented on Feb 18, 2018
    "I am a Stormtrooper assigned to guard the captured Princess Leia. To keep her from trying to escape, Jabba has taken an added precaution and had her stripped naked. As I gaze at her, she smiles and flirts and I get more and more aroused... till finally I can't take anymore and have to cum. She is just too beautiful and sexy, and I take off my helmet, open my uniform, yank down my pants and release my raging erection. Leia begins to laugh and taunt at how little it is, especially compared to a real man like Han, but her laughter and teasing only make me hotter and more aroused and soon I am furiously beating off to her as she squeals with laughter! Almost instantly I am shooting my loser load all over, but as I do so, I trip over my pants and fall to the floor at her feet, just long enough for her to reach out and grab my gun, which she now holds on me. The Princess now orders me to untie her and then strip totally naked and give her my uniform. Soon Princess Leia is dressed as a Stromtrooper and I am cowering there, completely naked before her! Despite my shame and embarrassment, I can't help still being aroused by her, even more so now that she has defeated and humiliated me and my little 3 inch peepee is again stiff and erect. She looks down and laughs at me helplessly and pathetically moaning and beating my tiny little meat to her again, as she easily pushes me aside and escapes, laughing at me on her way out the door!"
    DirtyHarry13's profile
    Comments: 665
    Commented on Jan 21, 2018
    DirtyHarry13's profile
    Comments: 665
    Commented on Jan 21, 2018
    DirtyHarry13's profile
    Comments: 665
    Commented on Jan 21, 2018
    "Mine too!"
    DirtyHarry13's profile
    Comments: 665
    Commented on Jan 21, 2018
    "Really fits her perfectly..."
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