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     Hi performance pussy!  Read 4 times

    Harmony Shagdo
    Harmony Shagdoll's profile
    <1725 fans>
     Any cock will do! After a few cum shots any big cock will slide right in, and I wont be able to do anything about it!  Read 4 times

    Harmony Shagdo
    Harmony Shagdoll's profile
    <1725 fans>
     Sister and me having incest fun in white lingerie  Read 19 times

       My half-sister Julia is getting married much to my disappointment, but to show willing I bought her a wedding night outfit and to be on the safe I got two matching sets to be sure I had the right size. Well she was delighted with it and said it would be fun to dress together and have a little fun before she gets married. So, one thing led to another and we had a great sexy time al...
    Pantiespainter's profile
    <665 fans>
     Late Night at the Gym  Read 9 times

       I've been going to the same gym for years now. I scarcely remember how many - between rugby and triathlon, there's scarcely a day I'm not in there. I suppose Kellie joined in about September last year. Certainly that's the first time I saw her, and there's no mistaking a physique like that. Five two, perhaps five three but no more: a foot shorter than me, all told...
     Pumpkin Smashers Brad Chase, Sean Ford and Joey Mills – Threesome at Helix.  Read 7 times

       Helix Studios presents Joey Mills, Brad Chase and Sean Ford in amazing threesome video “Pumpkin Smashers”. Video Duration: 32 Minutes. Release Date: October 27, 2016.  
    alex8's profile
    <1 fans>
     Another confession.   Read 11 times

      This is actually harder than my bi admission!  Here we go! I love wearing my wife's lingerie.  Nobody can see that? Right? Ok that's the practice run over. Big huge silicone enhanced breasts.  The women that have these are such a guilty pleasure of mine! Yes it is immature of me. I should dismiss them as ridiculous and for a brief time of maybe ten seconds I did. Which le...
    Blizzards's profile
    <14 fans>
     About Alcohol  Read 7 times

      One time at work a woman said, to another woman, that red wine made her horney. In a different context I heard a guy calling a drink, weirdly it was brandy and champagne, for a “pussy opener”. So for fun I can ask if you have any favorite drink to get in the mode for sex?
    denny_beta's profile
    <299 fans>
     Welcome to the Pure Beach Voyeur World  Read 13 times

       Pure beach voyeur is basically a Tumblr blog entirely dedicated to nude beach voyeur pictures. Launched in March 2016, the blog counts today more than 27.000 followers and about 700 images posts of ordinary teens and women from all around the globe unaware of being pictured fully naked while enjoying a day at the beach.   NSFW, this blog contains nudity but not por...
     From Girl To Mistress  Read 18 times

       You look at these pictures and think, what a cute girl, I bet she's really nice ... And you imagine being her boyfriend ... and suddenly, you hit upon this picture ... And you imagine her saying: "Listen, I ...
    poisontree's profile
    <523 fans>
     A Little CD  Read 15 times

       One time I dressed up, wearing black thigh high stockings, knee high boot, black spandex shorts and a long sleeve black spandex work out top. I had a hole cut in the shorts so my cock could poke out. I wore jeans and a jacket over this outfit going into the porn theater and found a seat in the back row. I took offmy jacket and jeans, and lay back in the seat to see what was going on. Just a ...
    Voyeurhubby51's profile
    <8 fans>
     From  Read 12 times

       == Results from ==  99% Dominant  97% Master/Mistress  92% Owner  87% Rigger  86% Daddy/Mommy  70% Brat tamer  49% Vanilla  45% Primal (Hunter)  42% Ageplayer  38% Degrader  34% Non-monogamist  29% Experimentalist  28% Sadist...
    ThatsOKIKnowItHurts's profile
    <97 fans>
     My first man on man anal...  Read 22 times

       OK so I was a little late to be a first timer at 59. Still I could have been dead and missed it all. Since retiring my sex life had virtually ended. My wife was no longer interested and in truth never had been. My girlfriend now lived 500 miles away. There were very few opportunities for a man my age and with my fetishes to get any sort of satisfaction. My girlfriend Darla & I used to...
    RonW7's profile
    <12 fans>
     My obsession  Read 11 times

      My obsession every day is to find either videos or photos of women in full back panties/knickers sitting on a face either male or female. I fantasise about women in big panties forcing my nose into their silky gusset and making me pleaseure them. This keeps me happy =)
    siansgusset's profile
    <1 fans>
     Cam sex life  Read 46 times

      Hey there, my name is Carina, i'm 18 years old and i just simply love sex :) When i had 15 year old i lost my virginity and was amazing. From that time i love to have sex anytime i have this opportunity. Sorry for my english cuz it is not my basic language, you know.... So sex i thing is the best fun from life. I was so exciting when i made 18 years old cuz i new i will come on the screen to pl...
    CarinaDiamond's profile
    <8 fans>
     Gamescom  Read 13 times

       Gamescom Die Gamescom ist immer ein großes Ereignis. Jede Menge Nerds laufen durch Köln und diskutieren. Es ist schon lustig ihnen zuzuhören, wer der größte Superheld ist, wer größere Superkräfte hat, Superman, the Flash oder sonst wer. Dabei kommt keiner an Dr. Manhattan ran. Sie diskutieren über PCs, Grafikkarten und nat&u...
    pervger72's profile
    <1861 fans>
     1 - Clearning Cisco  Read 19 times

       Clearing Cisco  TBD  
    ciscoprofv's profile
    <8 fans>
     great milf, eine alte bekannte.  Read 28 times
    moon35's profile
    <225 fans>
     hi  Read 25 times

      do u like tight cam girls?
    makemesquirt1's profile
    <17 fans>
     squirt in M  Read 15 times
    moon35's profile
    <225 fans>
     Tributes  Read 21 times

       Hey girls, I've decided to start a new album of tribute pics. If you want to be part of the gallery I would love to tribute any pic you want, any way you want. Send me a message or comment here with a link to the pic(s) you would like me to tribute and what/how you want me to tribute it.   Looking forward to making lots of tributes! 
    footballboy's profile
    <125 fans>
      How it is to be a guy  Read 21 times

       You know when you're a guy and still think: "I wonder if there are any exersice that can make my butt look cute for girls?". You know when you here on imagefap sees a profile claiming to belong to a girl born 1994, but still have been registrated for seven years. And you still want to send her(?) a mesage calling her a little brown fucking machine...
    denny_beta's profile
    <299 fans>
     Arabian Ebony Latina - Curvy Ass and Tits  Read 28 times

      ass tits pussy girl's
    Arabian-Fan's profile
    <4 fans>
     Artists  Read 24 times

      Kevin Taylor Kovik - Bazongas Lemonfont
    sexbot3000's profile
    <205 fans>
     Werewolf hentai + Giant dildo = BLISS  Read 54 times

      Although I don't come here often I like to still check in and update something every now and again. I've found myself on several websites again in the past few hours and have to admit, reading werewolf stories after seeing some hentai pictures and getting so dripping wet that I NEED to plug my dripping pussy with one of the biggest ribbed and dotted dildos I have just so I can spasm as I con...
    omeglemissy69's profile
    <151 fans>
     My First Cock  Read 40 times

       I can still remember the first time I sucked a cock, like it was just yesterday. I was at a video arcade with these new viewing booths, and was inside one enjoying some chick getting her brains fucked out while I jerked off. I hadn't noticed the hole in the wall to my right until a rather substantial cock poked through it. I sat there, surprised and unsure what was going on. When the guy...
    Voyeurhubby51's profile
    <8 fans>
     cycling in the park  Read 48 times

      Ladies and Gentlemen I have managed to go out with my bike more often now, gear up and get going. Essential are comfortable clothes, but lose top, a giant dildo up my pussy to be big enough to push itself deeper and deeper in me with every bump since I like the trail rides and of course a clit stimulator. I have to say this was one of my best ideas lately. To be able to go out, enjoy th...
    omeglemissy69's profile
    <151 fans>
     I've been naughty  Read 33 times

      I haven't earned many gold stars the past week   It is all my own fault.  I have just been acting up.  Nana say I must like being punished.  Maybe she is right.  I have always been a maschoist and love being degraded/humiliated.  So perhaps my subconcious self acts out.  Things were going well for a while, and I haven't done anything really really bad....
    SeaPerv76's profile
    <450 fans>
     Who wants her used panties?   Read 30 times

      Would anyone be interested in buying her used knickers?  You can have them lightly worn or she could wear them all day for you if you like.
    jinky68's profile
    <3737 fans>
     Le cadeau de Mathieu pour mon anniversaire (1)  Read 25 times

      Mon anniversaire, cette année, tombait en semaine, et nous l'avons fêté le soir-même. Après ce que j'avais offert à Mathieu et ce qu'il m'avait dit, je m'attendais à quelque chose d'un peu particulier. Officiellement, pour la petite fête en famille avec notre fille, il m'a offert un roman, le dernier Houellebecq – oui, je sais, j'ai un peu de retard. J'ai attendu le soir, avec une imp...
    florence46's profile
    <284 fans>
     schon wieder ein Blog?!  Read 27 times

       gibt es hier Leute aus meiner direkten Umgebung? Es würde mich interessieren ob es hier Bremer gibt. Vielleicht meldet sich ja mal jemand.  
    Typhoon's profile
    <5183 fans>
     My new Castration Blog!  Read 32 times

       Sooner then later, i opened a small blog for my Castration captions. Only some of my caption will be published here now. You want to wach all the captions? And you can see all my captions for free. The reason this is such a weird domain, is that i used an old domain i had.
    wave22's profile
    <17 fans>
     My Mission  Read 25 times

      Hi! I am an intelligent, fit, D&D-free, 5’9” guy with dirty blond hair and blue eyes iso attractive, D&D-free women (19-50) willing to procure and masturbate me with used maxi pads, or watch me do it. Openness to possible POV videos for a new amateur adult website I’d like to start dedicated to menstrual sex is a plus!
    ToxiCock's profile
    <11 fans>
     The greatest night of the year  Read 70 times

       As a huge fan of cosplay and fantasy, Halloween is the most holy of holiest celebrations for me. This is the one time of the year that almost everybody embraces their inner nerd and has no problem running about every city in any manner of crazy and ridiculous costume. And us university girls just soak up all the possible sexiness. Even some more conservative young women find this the perfect...
    stacy69x's profile
    <243 fans>
     dog slave  Read 34 times

      I am the slave server for dog lovers Live inside the cage like dogs and animals Pet / Yip does not speak like a dog and eat eat dog naughty and for all orders for Mhemenat women dominance ( woooolf wooolf wooolf ) Correspondence on email
    dog0slave's profile
    <1 fans>
     I toy for BBC  Read 29 times

      soo need it... big black dick in my mouth and ass... I need girl, who will be my girlfriend and make me sissy... and our kittens will be raised as BBC slut... soo want it! 
    BiBCssy's profile
    <206 fans>
     A thank you to my fans, lurkers, and the fantastic people whose pictures I was allowed to use!   Read 39 times

       Let me start off with saying; yes. I know I'm a horrible being. Promising I would make new captions and yet it takes weeks.  I've been rather busy, because I got a rather demanding job. And I have to imagine the story being able to happen. But that comes and goes with a certain type of mood, and I haven't been in that mental caption-mood lately.  So rather than ...
    Teotre's profile
    <146 fans>
     message  Read 26 times

    chicuelo30's profile
    <41 fans>
     Weisse Transvestit-Hündin - White Transvestite-Bitch  Read 33 times

      Ich bin eine weisse europäische Transvestit-Hündin. Meiner Meinung nach gehört die Zukunft der schwarzafrikanischen Rasse. Die Europäer haben die schwarze Rasse lange genug ausgebeutet und unterdrückt und diese unter dem Deckmantel relegiösens Fanatismus aufeinander gehetzt. Die Afrikaner sollten sich verbünden und in Scharen das Mittelmeer überqueren und Europa überschwemmen. Weisse F...
    TV_Yvette's profile
    <9 fans>
     Asian Cum Dumpster   Read 68 times

      Please check out the huge collection of pics of this Asian Cum Dump. Comments very welcome and feel free to repost anywhere you like.
    straydog1's profile
    <133 fans>
     What I Like Best  Read 60 times

      I can't think of anything sexier than a white woman, especially a married white woman, fucking or sucking a bi black cock. I have spent hours jerking off to pictures and vids of white women lovingly taking their black lovers and their cum. My wife has had several black lovers, and a couple of them provided pictures to me secretly. My wife has no clue I masturbate to scenes of her taking bbc...
    Voyeurhubby51's profile
    <8 fans>
     expose me all over the internet.  Read 45 times

      expose me and my tiny cock all over the internet.
     Hat jemand einen joyclub Premium account und kann mir helfen?  Read 63 times

      hi, bräuchte mal Hilfe von einem joyclub mitglied der mir 2 Bilder schicken kann die man nur mit einem Premium Account sehen kann. Liebe Grüße
    Ciara95's profile
    <1467 fans>
     sexyness  Read 44 times

      black male i ride n train and d i like asian white and big sexy grannies. i like to be confronted by women who whisper sexy things in my ear. i wear bandana jeans i have white earphones on and a blue jacket i stand when on train and you see me looking down most of the time ask me if im okay and you know its me if i say the word cool.
    ronnor1970's profile
    <33 fans>
     wife  Read 63 times

      I simply love to show off pics off my unaware wie. It always turns me on to know, that is a turn on to other people.
    markkonrad's profile
    <24 fans>
     Niv verstecken! Zeig es, wenn Du geil bist! Lass dich gehen - lass die Sau raus  Read 46 times

       Fetisch ist GEIL!!! SUCHE NUR REAL!!! Hallo Unbekannte, ich bin auf der Suche nach der gleichgesinnten Sexschlampe! Fetische habe ich einige, so treibe ichs gerne outdoor und mit vulgärer Sprache, ich liebe schlanke bis vollschlanke Weiber mit Hängetitten und behaarter Fotze. Ich werd saftig, wenn die Möpse wippen und ich die ungewaschenen Löcher riechen kann. Ein ...
    GEILERVertreter's profile
    <69 fans>
     Cuckold erotica  Read 59 times

       Check out my free cuckold erotica online here: 
    specific-filth's profile
    <137 fans>
     Oh my!  Read 44 times

       I began work on my latest "Prurient Encounter 14-Inch Adventure" story yesterday. It's an office setting, four-on-slut GB featuring lots of hard anal, cocksucking, and DAP (people like those things, right?). Only problem is most of the figures are fully clothed for the duration of the action, and that takes a lot longer to draw and color and shade. I am working on only the thir...
    p-interest's profile
    <346 fans>
     A few moves to try.  Read 62 times

       Depending on your relationship, sometime you need to go easy on your fantasies and take things slow.  You can't go from missionary to full on rough sex school girl fantasy, (There is the occasional girl that you can move quick with, but they aren't the kinda girl you take over to see mom and dad.)  Take things slow, and really learn what you both like.  The following a...
    Yuengaling's profile
    <78 fans>
     A spell for you: Ejaculum  Read 85 times

       This is technically a curse, though it is intended to place it upon yourself. A word of caution: This spell is intended for older males who may have trouble maintaining arousal. It can cause undue sorts of obsessive behaviors in men either already in good health or who are unprapared for this sort of spellwork. You WILL need to see the spell thorugh, once it has begun. Do not use thi...
    SexualWitchcraft's profile
    <55 fans>
     Dr. Cherrisoff or Dr.Zuckerberg ?  Read 47 times

       My third big Gif   Could not stop progress ! New asian nurses in charge of cares to white bois of Normandy   need no longer to waste time in handy "fruits on the trees" manipulations, in the purpose of their growth in weight-and-volume before-croping estimation !   The good Dr. Cherrisoff h...
    Iboadal's profile
    <581 fans>
     Seeking used menstrual pads.  Read 47 times

       Every so often I go to certain sites to see if I can find a woman who will let me have her used pads, asking her to meet a handful of basic criteria. Be drug and STI/STD free, have transporation, and be willing to not have sex with me. Basically, I'm always looking for new female friends who don't mind just letting me have their menstrual trash so I can masturbate with it. Aft...
    Kotex_Sex99's profile
    <25 fans>
     This is JEFFREY ROSSMAN being outed as a panty wearing sissy faggot from CONNECTICUT.  Read 54 times

       JEFFREY ROSSMAN from CONNECTICUT, known online as sissyleah43 or sissyleahrossman, wants people who may know him to see him as he really is. People who know him have absolutely no idea Jeffrey is really a panty wearing sissy faggot who shaves his legs, and who enjoys wearing bras and panties. Jeffrey is confessing that he loves boys and has always had feelings for them. No one who ...
    sissyleah33's profile
    <14 fans>
     Violet Adamson films  Read 68 times

       Her First Older Woman 7 - Scene 1 - lesbian, brunette Big Titty Workout 2 - Scene 4 -hc, brunette Big Dick Gloryholes 2, Scene 8 - gloryhole, brunette Cougars In Heat 3, Scene 1 - hc, blonde Double D Housewives 2, Scene 3 - hc, blonde - all over free tube sites
    vzzzzzbx's profile
    <13 fans>
     More great videos  Read 89 times

       I'll rape my cock more to these later. 
    georgebetter2's profile
    <470 fans>
     I Had a Dream Once...  Read 108 times

       I was watching these videos earlier and they totally reminded me of a dream I had once.  In the dream, I spent all day going from from cock to cock to cock all day non-stop. I was told to only use my mouth to serve the...
    dirtycumbag's profile
    <221 fans>

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