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     Story - Schwiegermutters neuer Mann  Read 0 times

       --Geschichte geschrieben auf Themenwunsch eines Users-- Juliana (meine Frau) und ich (Marc) sind mittlerweile schon einige Jahre zusammen. In dieser Zeit merkte ich immer mehr und mehr wie mich der Gedanke anmachte, wie meine Frau es mit anderen Männern treibt. Zuerst wusste ich nicht das es sich dabei um Cuckoldfantasieen handelte. Im Internet fand ich dann aber he...
    paarmannfrau's profile
    <384 fans>
     Fakes?  Read 12 times

      Hey all
    HornyBro808's profile
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     Hi there :)  Read 19 times

      Hello people!
    AsiaGrl272's profile
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     Women and men's masturbation  Read 22 times

       The wife of a friend recently made a remark about masturbation and single men to a small company in which I was the only single male. There was a brief moment of embarrassment and sly looks in my direction before the conversation moved on. Afterwards, the woman apologised rather awkwardly. I just laughed and said masturbation was one of life's pleasures, that of course I did it and...
    imawanker's profile
    <32 fans>
     My Average Friday Night  Read 27 times

       I chose clothes that would look great on a normal woman. I had my stretchy leopard print boob tube, my short black skirt, black fishnet hold ups and killer stiletttos. My make-up was thick with lots of pink blusher and shiny wet look red lipstick. I asked my Master to wait in the sitting room as I had a surprise for him. I entered and knelt in front of him telling him I was only here to be u...
    FatCuntPig's profile
    <262 fans>
     sex ohne beziehung -- nur genuss pur .. keinen stress danach oder so   Read 17 times

       hallöchen ..    bin immer wieder auf der suchen nach sex mit heissen weiblichen wesen.. wer lust hat und keinen beziehungsstress sondern nur den puren sex genuss will darf und soll sich bei mir  melden ..   also bis dann und geile wünsche    jhe
    jhe-62's profile
    <1 fans>
     the awakening part 4  Read 30 times

       the next few days seemed to just drag by each day i would come home and hoped today would be the day anyhow the day did come as i got in from school mum walked into th3e kitchen and said stay now here while i have a word with emily and i knew as my mum had a big smile on her lips ...i sat at the kitchen table and waited looking at the clock which seemed to be going backwards until i heard fo...
    incestjames's profile
    <12 fans>
     Emma's Holiday. Part One  Read 33 times

       Emma wasn’t sure why but she felt nervous on the flight,   ‘No real reason to be.’ she thought.    Three close friends away on a weekend break for a bit of a laugh, but there was a nagging sense of nervousness building inside her she couldn’t quite put her finger on.   It had started a couple of day...
    Jacquetta's profile
    <26 fans>
     Sissy Slut Nicki s Musings 9-30-14  Read 29 times

      I am laying here trying to sleep, still basking in the glow of the most generous and thorough fucking and usage of my sissy mouth and sissy pussy by Sir Alexx last night. Sir Alexx has the most magnificent cock. Hw allowed me the pleasure of worshiping it for over an hour with my slutty mouth and pounded my sissy pussy with it till my legs turned to jelly and I collapsed. Then, and this was my ...
     Eating Pussy  Read 31 times

        I love licking and eating pussy ♥ ♥ my cock so horny                                      
    said_king's profile
    <56 fans>
     Reddwarf1's  Read 24 times

    kasileppa's profile
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     Captions  Read 30 times

      I love caption pics of all types. Check out my captions and if you have any pics that you want captioned, I will be happy to leave a comment on the pics to help.
    baloume's profile
    <183 fans>
     life wichsen  Read 35 times

       habs gut vorbereitet: erstmal ne lockere, weite, bequeme Hose anziehen. Dann in die linke (für mich angenehmer) Hosentasche schön großen Schlitz reingeschnitten. Dicke Unterhose - oder noch einen Strumpf um den Schwanz... Na ja - hat fast geklappt: hab in der S-bahn einem echt süßen jungem Mädel gegenüber gesessen. geile Leggins-Beine und die war s...
    Handentspanner's profile
    <226 fans>
     Sucking Cock  Read 48 times

      Sure I do like to have a lady suck my cock and I do like to cum into her mouth, but although I had self-sucked for many years, I never took the cum into my mouth. Recently I have been doing that. At first I found even the slightest taste of it revolting, absolutely vile, but after a few times I discovered it left an aftertaste and a kind of tingling I rather enjoyed. So I persisted, and eventua...
    gerontophile's profile
    <1576 fans>
     Story - Cuckoldkonversationen  Read 48 times

       Teil 1 – Das entscheidende Gespräch Ehefrau Juliana: Schatz, ich muss mit dir reden. Ehemann Marc: Was ist den los? Ehefrau Juliana: Ich weiß nicht so Recht wie ich es dir sagen soll. Ehemann Marc: Na komm schon, wie lange sind wir jetzt schon zusammen?! Ehefrau Juliana: Du hast mir doch mal gesagt, dass es dich erregt wenn mich fremde Männer anschauen bzw. das du ...
    paarmannfrau's profile
    <384 fans>
     the awakening part 3  Read 51 times

      over the next few months my mum taught me how to finger her how to use my mouth on her cunt and clit...all this time i started looking at my younger sister in a different way praying to god she would start her period and could join us in sex....i wondered what she would look like naked i could see her breasts begin to grow but they were still very small i even tried to walk in on her when she w...
    incestjames's profile
    <12 fans>
     hi  Read 23 times

      hey message me ~ lancashire area ~ mainly preston ~ love meets and fun .x.x.
    ddiixxiie's profile
    <0 fans>
     Türk Amatör Porno Resimler  Read 38 times

    akademix's profile
    <2 fans>
     Meine Phantasie  Read 26 times

      Du holst mich vor die Cam und lässt mich wichsen. Mit zunehmender Geilheit werd ich immer willenloser. Wenn die Geilheit mir die Kontrolle nimmt, fertigst du Screenshots (Facepics) an, die du als Druckmittel nutzt um weitere peinliche Pics von mir zu erhalten oder mich zu weiteren Dingen zu zwingen.
    Devote_Sau's profile
    <28 fans>
     Doubling His (and My!) Pleasure  Read 74 times

       Once my brother and I both discovered how much I loved sucking his dick, we did it A LOT!  In his bed, in my bed, on the couch, in his truck, at the park, in the woods behind our house, in the restroom at the mall... you name it.  Just a few minutes of privacy was enough.  One of us would give the other a hopeful grin (I initiated our fun at least as often as he did), and 10 s...
    Miner69er's profile
    <429 fans>
     Caught in the elevator  Read 62 times

       I was caught in an elevator with my neighbor. Not sure her story, but she is definitely easy on the eyes. Taut and firm. I’m guessing she was a former gymnast. Sadly, we barely say two words to each other, but always give each other a flirty glance. No clue if she swings that way, but in the back of my mind I was hoping she does. Anyway, we’re taking the elevator and BAM! ...
     hi  Read 27 times

      hi to all
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     come chat with me   Read 41 times

      hi email me at
    lauriecox53's profile
    <40 fans>
     An experience  Read 52 times

       My wife has been telling my family (mother, brother and sister in law) about catching me dressed in bra, panties and stockings. My sister in law decided that what I really needed was to meet a nice girl, and set me up with a woman she works with (as a midwife). I've been out with her a couple of times, a nice woman with a great figure and a taste for pretty dresses. a couple of we...
    SlutMandi's profile
    <638 fans>
     Losing my virginity at 17, or how I got my ass fucked and learned to love it  Read 94 times

       As I climbed up on Ricks bed I noticed he reached in a drawer of the bedside table and took something from it ( it was lube). He had me stand on my knees and handed me a couple of pillows and instructed me to press them against my stomach and bend over, letting me head and shoulders lay on the bed with my ass sticking up in the air. As I did so I started to feel a little scared but also exci...
    buttfuckbonnie's profile
    <74 fans>
     My likes.......pretty simple  Read 42 times

      The VAST majority of what I like is to view cumshots and stroke my cock while I imagine that I am sucking off that cumming cock!.....or variations of that.....that the cum is flying onto my face while I am high-speed jacking it off, becuz cum on!..... who doesn't prefer the high-speed stroke while cumming?!!!!
    l2112's profile
    <0 fans>
     Girl on a rock (with defecatory references.)  Read 51 times

       The young girl lay naked on the sloping mossy, slab of rock above the stream. Full of desire and lust conjured from the ‘net, and DVDs of her father’s, she experimented with her body often. This was the first time outdoors…thrilling; slightly risky (though the land belonged to her family and was free of ramblers.) Her left hand caressed her...
    percyfox's profile
    <18 fans>
     Vergleich  Read 53 times

         K. A. B. Ex-Lidl Verkäuferin Jetzt: Art Sekretärin Hochakademische Ökofotze      Mini spitze Titten Geile Hänger      
    outfickk's profile
    <1 fans>
     Séance test (suite)  Read 36 times

       Les indications du Maitre était claire et après 15mn de marche sur la plage je vois le vieux panneau en bois qui dit que le naturisme est toléré sur 500m à partir de ce poteau. La plage est presque déserte, 1 seul baigneur, un couple bronze en haut de la plage à la limite des dunes, et quelques personnes isolées apparement que de...
    hbisoumis77's profile
    <337 fans>
     I collect the best quality anal porn  Read 51 times

       Here is Anal fantasy 
    Intacto's profile
    <1 fans>
     Séance de test  Read 35 times

       Mon dernier Maitre avec qui j étais resté 6 ans est parti au soleil pour la retraite et donc depuis je suis sans collier. Je discute donc pas mal sur les sites pour essayer de retrouver un Maitre et après plusieurs mois de dialogues stériles ou de RDV où le soit-disant Maitre n'est pas venu, j'ai enfin eu un contact sérieux. Le Maitre ...
    hbisoumis77's profile
    <337 fans>
     I love seeing #teamblackboys  Read 45 times

       I find that almost any selfie I ever see on Twitter is made 1000 times hotter when it has a #teamblackboys on it. The submissive part of my brain loves knowing that I have absolutely zero chance with these women. Such a turn-on. 
    maddiefay's profile
    <193 fans>
     A little bit of fun  Read 70 times

       So tonight my wife was beat and fell asleep on the couch watching TV with me while I was rubbing her feet.  She is wearing a long t shirt and a pair of pink panties.  My hands gradually work their way up her long legs and I start to lightly stroke her pussy through her panties.  My cock got super hard doing this while watching/waiting for her to wake up.  The fear of bein...
    John03955's profile
    <239 fans>
     My weekend  Read 78 times

      Just back from a nice weekend in the country with my Partner. To do some work, drink some wine, get closer ... Not exactly. It was unreasonably hot, so I decided to stop and rest. My Partner gave me one of those looks and suggested that I take off my clothes and lie in the grass. Sounded good to me. Off with the tee and shorts (that’s all there was). A minute later, though, ther...
    TinaBtheAuthor's profile
    <1237 fans>
     How I Got MY Pleasure  Read 89 times

       A continuation of my adventures as a young cocksucker.  I love the thought of someone getting off to these.  And thanks for all the great comments!  (OK, that last bit was a little sarcastic:  I want more!)  All the entries so far are true, BTW, but I'll also take requests for similarly-themed stories.  Want me to write about the time you were my babysitter?...
    Miner69er's profile
    <429 fans>
     2014-09-29  Read 142 times

    LULULEONE's profile
    <48 fans>
     ESPN Cougar  Read 84 times

       ESPN has a lot of nice younger female anchors, but they also have some nice mature ones as well. Linda Cohn is 54 and she started at ESPN the same year I was born. The bitch still looks good. Picture this ESPN cougar sucking and fucking some serious cock.
    eric_cougar_stud_1992's profile
    <427 fans>
     Busy summer  Read 67 times

      I haven't been here much, been real busy.  I bought a tiller and a good bit of my time has been dedicated to tilling and maintaining various gardens.  I never dreamed there were so many female gardeners out there that liked to "play".  Must be somethng about playing in the dirt. 
    johnbeegood's profile
    <162 fans>
     Jokerpunkte  Read 43 times

      Weitere 4 Jokerpunkte für Dich! Damit hast Du insgesamt 7 Jokerpunkte zur Verfügung.
    JochenH's profile
    <2 fans>
     Misstres Sofie and the chaos she leaves behind.  Read 74 times

      Been a while since I talked about Sofie.  The last few weeks things have slowly been escalating, like always nowadays! :D Maria have been focusing alot on her new lover from school, and all I´ve been able to do is wacth. They text eachother like all the time, and He has passed me by far when it comes to the amont of nude pictures She sends... This ofcorse goes both ways, and that is where ...
    MrSinthan's profile
    <180 fans>
     the awakening part 2  Read 105 times

      my mum lead me into her bedroom and sat me naked on her bed and went and sat over in the chair carl she said for the moment this is to be kept between you and me your sister emily is only 11 and we have to wait until she begins her period that is when she will become a woman and can join in our fun do you understand i nodded yes mum i said her smile was one of warmth and love she slowly rose an...
    incestjames's profile
    <12 fans>
     untitled  Read 60 times

       You need a spanking, you bad, little girl... and you need to be tied up way ahead of time… tickled... teased... making you lubed and raring to go. You crave all 7 inches of or my engorged cock. My stamina. My thirst. My deviance.  I need you naive, coerced yet mischievously willing. Always deprived, moist, innately pensive, voyeuristic, deviously obsessed, grinding phallic...
    demsdirty's profile
    <280 fans>
     How to activate your slave:  Read 55 times

      If you need to activate your slave(me), say "I need some relief" as you walk into the restroom.
    analslavedoll's profile
    <0 fans>
     Got blown and fucked  Read 88 times

       Well, the little cock tease actually came through. I only got one blow job though, but that's because I was able to convince her to let me fuck her in exchange for the others. I watched some hentai with her on Saturday night and got my dick sucked right after. I nearly drown the bitch. I thought my balls were going to explode for the last few days. She made it take a whil...
    pervertedbastard's profile
    <51 fans>
     Looking  Read 48 times

      I think i'd like to be a sub for a mistress, maybe some video chat stuff. 
    POPDYZ's profile
    <5 fans>
     I love my sexual being pt.1  Read 60 times

       I have always had a profound weakness for female feet.  I like to call them tootsie flowers and I love being a slave to them.  It all began in 3rd grade when Erin stepped on my forearm with her bare foot in PE class.  The exact moment happened when I brought my forearm to my nose and breathed.   I honestly cannot describe what I felt the moment her delicious, beautiful sc...
    tootsieflowerslave's profile
    <41 fans>
     35 minutes and.............  Read 72 times

      I get to suck cock. Posted on Craigslist again and a dude that has cum in my mouth 3 times before is comiong over again. I fucking love a cumming cock in my mouth. 
    satinsissy's profile
    <1554 fans>
     the awakening   Read 99 times

      let me first say if your expecting proper gammer then i will advice you to stop reading and go to another blog i write as i speak plain and simple.....ok now let me start i was introduced into the world of sex at the age of 13 by my mum my dad left when my sister who is two years younger then myself when she was born...we live in a small village in wiltshire and the local school was a few miles...
    incestjames's profile
    <12 fans>
     I LOVED IT <3  Read 69 times

       Yesterday afternoon I tried something new, atleast it was new to me=) I have been wrighting with another user here on imagefap and we have been talking about diapers... I told him that I have used diapers sometimes, but not very often... But he gave me an idea I had to try... And now I am stuck, I loved it <3  Since I love animals he suggested that I fill my diaper with other ...
    worthlessproperty's profile
    <29 fans>
     Indian Summer Roadtrip  Read 72 times

       I took Josie up to the Landmark Resort in Door County this past weekend. I posted some more photos from the trip in this gallery.
    Princeps_Cyberius's profile
    <48 fans>
     Threesome tonight?  Read 76 times

      I contacted a woman on Craigslist the other night who was advertising for a threesome with two guys. Evidently, she and her partner (not her husband) are down for this evening here at my place. I'm hard thinking about it. She wants to try DP with us. Weirdly enough, I've only ever done one double penetration, and that was double vaginal. So the idea of the "classic" DP i...
    anonWyo's profile
    <5 fans>
     Mummy Goes To Visit Sister - Daddy Fucks Teen School Daughter All Night  Read 144 times

       I Do Love Dressing My Teen School Daughter Up In Mummys Lingerie, Stockings & High Heel Then Fucking Her All Night      
    sheerlingerielover's profile
    <50 fans>
     Hot  Read 62 times

       Willkommen auf meinem Profil!  Ich suche immer nach heißen Fickgelegenheiten, gerne auch Pärchen, mit denen ich meine Bi-Seite ausleben kann. Meldedt Euch Bussi          
    sexyball00's profile
    <317 fans>
     Webcam  Read 83 times

       So.......I love to go in front of a webcam and, know? 'Enjoy' myself. Sadly though, the few likeminded souls I have in my contactlist are not always online when I feel like putting on a show for them. So, then I thought..... Why not ask the nice, dirty minded people of Imagefap how they would feel about a show? :) All you have to do is watch...That al...
    latex_peelover's profile
    <227 fans>
     Please read before writing me for fakes  Read 68 times

       Please consider the following topics before writing me for fakes: - Waiting Time Every fake takes a lot of time. We talk about two or three hours for a gallery with five or six pictures. Meanwhile I get many requests for fakes, so please realize that it may take up to three or four weeks till i can do your fakes. You don't have to write me every day and ask when they'll...
    SubmissiveMan's profile
    <305 fans>

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