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     Throated … Freshly Minted Teens!  Read 4 times

       I love seeing MILFs, Cougars, and etc. choking on cock. However there is something special about a teen who just turned legal being throated. Picture these two 18-year-old ladies, Peyton List and Olivia Holt, being coerced to choke down some big dicks. Imagine tears rolling down their anguished faces as two hands clutch their heads tightly. Which teen would you like to see fighting...
    rowdyruffboysofhouston's profile
    <993 fans>
     My aunt ( continued)  Read 21 times

       I came home tired from a long week of work. Making dinner my aunt m sends me some text messages. Thanking me for all the hard work, wondering what I am up to, and just normal chit chat. We text back and forth all evening and she sends me some "selfies" smiling and in a tight top. I thank her with compliments and send her one back, telling her I need to hop in the shower. She sends ...
    deepNyrMom's profile
    <512 fans>
     My Aunt Liz !  Read 12 times

       My Aunt Liz From the time that I could remember my Aunt Liz always had a playful demeanor with an edge of sarcasm within her playfulness. When I was just a child and she came over to visit her younger sister (my Mom), she would always take the time out to show me some attention. Generally back then; even though it encompassed some physical touching, the playfulness was wr...
    Bust_A_Nut's profile
    <737 fans>
     cum tribute video  Read 20 times

       Cum tribute video, with cock vibrator ring      Ne ',width:'100',height:'100'" width="100" height="100" align="" />
    wilson_1975's profile
    <812 fans>
     Welcome to My Masturbatorium  Read 55 times

    zayre's profile
    <2 fans>
     4  Read 22 times
    nohosoho's profile
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     3  Read 19 times

    nohosoho's profile
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     2  Read 13 times

    nohosoho's profile
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     f  Read 18 times

    nohosoho's profile
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     hello  Read 9 times

      look for real serious relation with  ASIAN  BI
    real_4_u2003's profile
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     Yvette Bova vs Lauren Beckham  Read 16 times

      TWF Thunder  Yvette Bova vs Lauren Beckham  As Yvette was getting ready for her match, Team Amazing's GM Diana Hart, Janet Tech, and Nicole Bass busts into Yvette's locker room.  Yvette saids I've got a match and what the hell do you want? Janet saids welcome to the TWF and we all think you should join us in Team Amazing and follow my lead?  Yvette laug...
    stryking's profile
    <197 fans>
     420 Jerk Off  Read 22 times

      I find blazing a fat joint while you jack your dick to be a very special pairing of passions. The high from the weed gets you totally into the zone, worshipping the porn you're watching as sexy girls/guys perform all the hot sexy ideas you want to see  Once you're ready to pop your cock feels incredible as the juicy cum loads empty all over in a eutrophic trip. Try it. Fun ...
    mradult's profile
    <623 fans>
     OOPS!  Read 32 times

       Sorry everyone but we've accidently deleted ALL or personal galleries. They'll be back asap! Reagrds R&J xx 
    SuburbanCouple's profile
    <459 fans>
     Short novel Swedish: Miss Assburger  Read 15 times

       Miss Assburg   Det var Halloween tema på en fest som min vän var bjuden till och han fråga mig om jag kunde vara hans fylle- taxi den kvällen och med det så jag följa med så läge jag inte drack något Jag var utklädd som polis som jag hade fixat av en annan polares pappa med handklovar och batong. Vi kom f...
    kallaiey's profile
    <4 fans>
     Apr 2016  Read 22 times

      4 months into flr, 2 months in chastity device, 1 month since last orgasm, 2 weeks since last external erection, (internal erections frequent). Misstress is increasing time between orgasms, with the eventual aim of removing them altogether, I milk my prostate for her roughly every two weeks. Because I now cum within minutes of any stimulation, when I service Misstress I have to wear a condom fu...
    Teasemeteaseu's profile
    <61 fans>
     Teen Bildertauschen  Read 33 times

       wer hat Lust auf Bildertausch. stehe auf junge Teens. meine Email: Kickname: martl6 Ich würde mich sehr auf geile bilder freuen. 
    pornofan74's profile
    <413 fans>
     suche junge sexsklavin   Read 30 times

       suche junge sexsklavin zur ausbindung und erziehung gerne auch dauerhaft ,auch mit probleme auf. auch mit kleinen titten oder sucht, umgestaltung und umerziehung nach meinen wünschen sollte dir recht sein sowie das du keine rechte mehr hast bei mir, alle entscheidungen ich übernehme und du dich total unterwerfen must. alles weitere in mail dein Herr 
    gerly6's profile
    <387 fans>
     Ideen  Read 32 times

       Fotzlappen Futt Arschfotze Fotzenschleim Fotzensaft Fotz Prächtig Prachtstück Benetzen Dick Arschmöse Loch Euter Klatschen Sahne Saft Fisten DP Deepthroat Speicheln MMF FFM Frotting Rimming Gagged Abrotzen Prachtweib Bar / Club Schwanger à ausprobiere...
    Jhene's profile
    <128 fans>
     Escort Business  Read 34 times

       1.      The escort business  is a booming business in the modern world. Earlier it was often considered as a social taboo career choice and scandal service. But, times have been changed. Now a day’s people does not take it as a scandal or fault especially in developed countries it is appreaciatable if an women choose this as a career and entered into this bu...
    EthanEyre's profile
    <0 fans>
     BLACK Breed my whitey girl wife....  Read 55 times

      I admit, I'm drunk, and I'm talking. I want my wife BLACK bred so badly! Its not just about the Superior BLACK Man fucking her, its about him cumming IN her! I want her to be pounded for hours by BLACK Cock, but I want the finale to end up in her pussy. I want her to get pregnant so bad from a BLACK Man. The idea of raising another man's child is great. But make that child a BLACK m...
    BillieBug's profile
    <1349 fans>
     Intensely erotic  Read 45 times

       I found this film whilst trawling the web You have to pay €3 for the full version but watch the free trailer and you'll get an idea (I have nothing to do with it by the way).  
    acey72's profile
    <67 fans>
     A fangirl's story illustration 3  Read 70 times

       Mommyyyyy!!!! Nooooo!!!!!
    xxxdrawings's profile
    <134 fans>
     Le défi (2)  Read 44 times

       Mathieu n'avait pas regardé à la dépense : il avait réservé une table au restaurant le plus étoilé de notre petite ville, quatre étoiles tout de même. Je n'y avais jamais mis les pieds, et j'ai été impressionnée dès mon arrivée. Tout d'abord, l'endroit était s...
    florence46's profile
    <179 fans>
     how blogs on a porn site  Read 46 times

    SlappyRammer's profile
    <9 fans>
     Avenged or Revenged?  Read 40 times

       At one time, I was known to be standoff-ish and more than a little bullheaded. However, I have been undergoing a feminizing hormone therapy for the past couple of years. Let's just say that I'm relatively tame nowadays and no longer one for challenging my contemporaries by means of argument. That said, I have drafted this fictional expression of a very deep rooted phobia tha...
    Kurvii's profile
    <27 fans>
     A story i wrote   Read 33 times

    BLsnowmann's profile
    <39 fans>
     Dogs Whore  Read 125 times

       i walk out of asda with a basket full of shopping. i walk to the car in my mini skirt and vest top while im unloading the shopping into my car some homeless people walk past and ask for food i felt sorry for them and gave them some and they said where they were staying was just down the road can i help the get there so i agreed. when we got there their was 10 more homeless men they took me i...
    hornygirl12345's profile
    <704 fans>
     Rape Fantasy  Read 86 times

       I want someone to grope me on the bus when i get off the bus they follow me down a dark ally lift up my skirt and rape me when when he cums he grabs me and throws me to the floor i lay there crying while he is on the phone to some friends 5 mins later his friends turn up in a van one of them gets out opens the back door and chucks me in the van. i lay in the back of the van crying ...
    hornygirl12345's profile
    <704 fans>
     Weakness  Read 51 times

       I have lasted just over a week. My mother has visited every evening to check up on me, going into the spare bedroom where all my girlie clothes are piled to see if I have been trying them. She kept saying it was just a matter of time.  i got home from work this afternoon so tied up inside because of the beautifully dressed girl on my train, wearing such a pretty short dress and l...
    Abigayle_Jayne's profile
    <742 fans>
     New neighbors  Read 68 times

       Jamie and Casey just moved in next door, Jamie is 33, blond and large breasted. Casey is 35, dark haired and bi-sexual, he isn't a flamer but is on the effeminate side of maleness. We have had a MMF threesome where they both serviced me well! I just love new neighbors!
    littlened's profile
    <19 fans>
     Wanking neighbor...  Read 82 times

       Last night I got a treat!  I got up around midnight and came downstairs for a drink.  (couldn't sleep...)  When I walked by the window, I noticed lights on in our neighbor's house.  (about 50 yards away, behind our back yard...)  At first I never thought anything about it.  After I got a drink, I walked by and stopped to look, out of curiousity.  Wh...
    tittyJacker's profile
    <39 fans>
     Jamie Hackner  Read 64 times

      My tits feel sore today. I want to audition for sometime this week to get titty fucked and fisted. 
    Jamie-Hackner's profile
    <28 fans>
     ggg  Read 48 times

    SzuteR's profile
    <103 fans>
     Pub slut part1  Read 61 times

       "I cant believe she's just been sitting there for the past hour opening and closing her legs at us the dirty fucking bitch" said one of the guys! "It's a fucking jungle down there I can tell you" quipped another! It was just another late night out in town and the local pub was the destination! A trio of guys had gone into a well known watering...
    Goofiehotcock's profile
    <771 fans>
     Comments   Read 66 times

      My mother really would like to see some dirty comments.
    Mlbc123's profile
    <67 fans>
     hot girls book  Read 49 times

       dakota skye asphyxia noir  mya diamond
    spenom's profile
    <21 fans>
     A fangirl's story illustration 2  Read 91 times

       Well well well, my little pervert. I have to punish you
    xxxdrawings's profile
    <134 fans>
     2016-04-28  Read 91 times
    cumshotkarl's profile
    <1 fans>
     view later  Read 64 times
    nilja's profile
    <1 fans>
     Devilishly Popular  Read 104 times

         I've only been on for a week, and uploaded just two ordinary selfies.   Still...   Profile views: 666 Fanbase: 100   I think it's a sign that I belong here! 
    Curious_Anna's profile
    <123 fans>
     Flowers, for me?... Deepthroat for you ;-)  Read 133 times

      He bought me flowers for no reason today... I gave him the best head he's ever had. Nice and slow and deep. I had his dick in my mouth for over an hour, getting him all worked up and massaging his balls. Made sure he was so hard he could hammer a nail. Right when he was gonna cum I throated him as deep as I could, squeezed his balls and shoved my middle finger up his ass... He came so hard ...
    redcastro00's profile
    <732 fans>
     Test results  Read 55 times

       I see a lot of people posting "test" results from a BDSM test... so I decided to take it as well.  Here are my results. == Results from == 100% Dominant 98% Owner 97% Master/Mistress 97% Degrader 97% Brat Tamer 97% Daddy/Mommy 94% Rigger 89% Sadist 88% Primal (Hunter) 75% Non-monogamist 58% Experimentalist 54% Voyeur 52% A...
    Caligula76's profile
    <94 fans>
     mature  Read 69 times

       I am retired  but very active  i like meeting having a coffee and having a nice long sex session in the car in the hills  or in a nice big bed,i have been a personal trainer /masseur/ now photographer filmmaker looking for new experiances ,,, nothing shocks 
    bigdavemk11's profile
    <0 fans>
     I Cant Believe It!!!!  Read 65 times

       Some of these people making requests of me are telling me how hot my photos are. What makes me laugh is that I haven't posted any!!! I have only posted myself in my profile pic and I haven't sent my I.D to imagefap. It is painfully obvious that these people (If they are people and not some macro or mailbomber app) don't actually look at the galleries t...
    localFreak's profile
    <8 fans>
     Willig  Read 55 times

       Hey, bin 19j. alt und relativ unerfahren ihr könnt mir gerne eine Nachricht da lassen wenn Interesse zum kennenlernen da ist. GRÜßE :)
    hotgerman3180's profile
    <22 fans>
     Girls go wilde !!!  Read 93 times

      Some years ago i knew a girl who was a very good singer She would sometimes go to church and sing "solos" and many people loved to hear her voice After church, she would, with a girlfriend, go to a "party" Those 2 girls and 5-6 guys They got fucked a lot and for hours!!! They would wear tiny outfits and sometimes dresses that didnt even cover their pussies totally!!! Ve...
    Garfield00's profile
    <139 fans>
     links  Read 76 times  
    twix00's profile
    <13 fans>
     Sex with men  Read 84 times

       I suppose you could label me bi-sexual. While most of my porn surfing/masturbation sessions revolve around females with a healthy does of transexual/transgender, I've preferred sex with men from my experiences.  I'm 35 and divorced. Yet I haven't played around with another man in several years. Outside of chat/jerk off sessions online I haven't really been out the...
    edge247's profile
    <53 fans>
      Private Bilder »»» Ficken-Anal-Oral & Wichsen  Read 79 times                                                                  ...
    Lausejunge's profile
    <1905 fans>
     She makes me Cum  Read 114 times

      Just added Vol 3 of She makes me CUM. I hope you check it out. I'm a love pretty naked girls and I masturbate to them everyday sometimes several times. These are the girls I have mastrurbated most to in April. Hope to add more favorites every month. I love to hear comments on my Cum Girls and hope they will be some of your favorites too. Remember never start the day with a full load. T...
    punch608's profile
    <54 fans>
     Thoes embarassing high school years   Read 123 times

       I have been pretty pathetic all my life.   The other day I was recounting stories for Nanna, telling her my embarassing stories from my middle-high school and college days.  I had told all these stories to my Mommy before, but Nanna said I should share them publicly.  So not sure where to begin.   I have always been a little weakling, whimp.  As of right now (no...
    SeaPerv76's profile
    <347 fans>
     2016-04-27  Read 109 times
    slavikxxx's profile
    <13 fans>
     The next gangbang scheduled the ad posted and invitations ready to send  Read 93 times

      The next gangbang is ready to be scheduled jerry and i have discussed he wanted to make this one different and after discussing the  bangers i agreed to all black men. he placed ads online for all black men to gang bang the white sissy slut, the responces are coming in fast.. i started out with only wanting 4 the count now is up to a 6 BBC gangbang..
    alexiscd's profile
    <382 fans>
     The Motel owner and his proposal for the payment of the room   Read 93 times

       The motel we use for the gangbangs and our sexual parties is owned by a middle eastern Jack Patel he put a camera in the room making a video then calling me into the office proposes that i spend one night a month with him for sexual pleasure (his) and i would have access to the room permently i would have the key along with Jerry my coordinator and host for the gangbang sessions we now ...
    alexiscd's profile
    <382 fans>
     six men and me  Read 89 times

       The third gangbang soon arrived i was more prepared knowing how my body responded to the sexual usage of real men./ Jerry invited the four from last time with the addition of three others making a total of 7 men i did not have on any panties or thong just wearing a large plug when the men came in and got ready all naked i took two of them by the hands laying on the bed they wasted no time sp...
    alexiscd's profile
    <382 fans>

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