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     fan pics  Read 9 times

       I"ve always been a fan of pics where on person holds up or writes on their body the screen name of another person. It proves your interacting with real people. I was wondering if any ladies would be willing to take such pics using my "Greenbaron" screen name. Don't worry I am not asking for something for nothing. If you want something similar in return just as...
    greenbaron's profile
    <13 fans>
     tribute video for Lexi Nichols  Read 11 times

       its here
    toxic-labs's profile
    <0 fans>
     amazing  Read 7 times
    sexbot3000's profile
    <159 fans>
     Tittenschnitzel "DORIS"  Read 16 times

       Tittenschnitzel "DORIS"   Der Lieferwagen steht mit offener Türe neben dem Wagen von Doris. Doris ist eine attraktive, sehr gut gebaute Frau, die soeben, nur mit einem türkisfarbenen Bikini bekleidet, aus der Badeanstalt kommt und in ihr kleines Auto einsteigen will. Als sie den Schlüssel in die Hand nimmt, packen vier kräfti...
    bavariatino6's profile
    <5 fans>
      Wichtiger Hinweis zu allen Links auf dieser Homepage: Mit Urteil vom 12. Mai 1998 - 312 O 85/98 - "Haftung fuer Links" hat das Landgericht (LG) Hamburg entschieden, dass man durch die Anbringung eines Links, die Inhalte der gelinkten Seite ggf. mit zu ve  Read 12 times

    xcitngcpl's profile
    <0 fans>
     JB Cutie  Read 34 times

       Leave a comment/thought on this cheer cutie...
    SmoovOperator's profile
    <16 fans>
     Watch while I fuck you wife.   Read 25 times

      That says it all actually.  I like middle aged women and hot CDs.  Haven't had either...yet!
    Buttonfly501's profile
    <10 fans>
     the dream   Read 21 times

      well i slept pretty good last night. even though i dreamed that my wife made me her sisters sex slave. this time in my dream i really pissed my wife off. so what does she do, she fixes my eys were i cant close them ties me to the bed naked. then see goes to tell me i will never make her mad again and leaves for work. now she works 8 hour shifts but the bad part is she called her sister to come ...
    bnk_10's profile
    <1 fans>
     any creative thinkers out there?  Read 13 times

      hello guys and gals just writing this to pass the time but i was just wondering... what would you do to me if you had my naked nad tied on your bed? post answer in the comments
    Variis's profile
    <16 fans>
     rip Sarah Palin skirt off in public  Read 20 times

      I want to rip Sarah Palins skirt off in public and expose her panties!
    Sarahpalinissexy's profile
    <34 fans>
     I feel like i need to be fucked!  Read 18 times

      I wish I can find a woman to strap-on a cock and fuck my asshole like the background on my profile. Please god where is a mistress for me!?
    youngboycum's profile
    <183 fans>
     Red silk bedsheets.   Read 22 times

      Bad meets. One from a few years ago. I pull a guy on a chatline. He's married Unsurprisingly. Can I do him at his place. Yes. My cock functions in all areas. It has to be between this time and that time because his wife is at work. Yes again. So I turn up. He's quite a looker. Obviously I have a big sign over me stating HES GAY because he drags me in quick so the neighbours don't se...
    CockDockerX's profile
    <74 fans>
     I'm back!  Read 29 times

       Hey guys and gals,   I know I've been slacking on my blog posts. I'm still having a great affair with my brother in law and recently my friend Erin! I'll be sharing my fuck stories again soon!   Love, Brooke 
    brkic's profile
    <81 fans>
     Meghan Fidles Hanged  Read 32 times

         I just love this picture of Meghan.  I will always remember her just like this....
    TomThumb8's profile
    <1077 fans>
     Lisa ( My Sister ) and Me.  Read 52 times

       Me and My Sister Part 2   It was a Friday morning and there was no school because of a Teachers Day so we got to sleep in and Mom & Dad had to go to work. I was sound asleep thinking about going fishing and suddenly I got a familair scent filling my nostrils, it was Dove soap and my Sisters pussy, I could tell and it always drove me crazy horny. I slowly opened my e...
    MushroomHead69's profile
    <1123 fans>
     It Appears to Have Worked  Read 17 times

      Just got testosterone test results back; I'm just below the minimum normal range for men. It appears that, while the burdizzo didn't entirely kill my balls, it certainly impaired their functionality. That's fine; that's a comfortable level for me, but it means that, from a hormonal perspective, I can't entirely be considered male any more.
    polyhypermath's profile
    <279 fans>
     My son and his dates  Read 94 times

      My son brought his gf home after their date last night, I snuck to the top of the stairs to listen. THese girls today sure are slutty, after about 5 minutes of kissing, I heard sucking and slurping. It was so hot. i had to go and take care of myself. Any other moms spy on their sons?
    boredhousewife42's profile
    <1680 fans>
     Anyone like to have sex with my girl  Read 62 times

       Was wondering if anyone would like to have sex with my girl when she's drunk.  Take a look at her pictures in my galleries and let me know. She will be unconscious so you know.   Send me a message.  
    passedout's profile
    <912 fans>
     Drunk and kinky  Read 44 times

       A mate of mine recently got married and of course my wife and I were invited. Wedding was the usual caper; a ceremony, dinner, dancing and of course all the wine you could drink. My wife and I drank all night and she was looking damn good in her black dress and knee high boots and I must have been looking pretty suave in my suit as well because we were getting a little randy as the night wou...
    max_power350's profile
    <297 fans>
     NIeuw  Read 24 times

      Nieuwe foto's in gallery 1. Lekker die spermafoto's. Heerlijk je hele gezicht vol. En een paar geile bondage foto's. Zo geil
    sletbeer61's profile
    <32 fans>
     Selfbondage and D/s  Read 25 times

       My love for bondage as part of my D/s scenes is described in my previous posts.  So it should be no surprise that I am also a big fan of selfbondage.  I encourage my sub partners to learn and practice selfbondage because it gives us additional opportunities for control, instructions/tasks, and mutual pleasure.   When I cannot be with my sub, I oft...
    DomPeter5's profile
    <27 fans>
     New beginning.  Read 39 times

      So long since my last post....!  I stoped writing around the time that I broke up with my latest girlfriend cus, well, there was nothing to writte about.  Now things have changed and I´am in a new relationship with a younger and way moore "fucked in the head"-type of girl. Both dominat and submisive to the right person, there´s nothing shes not into. She&acut...
    MrSinthan's profile
    <153 fans>
     Getting started...  Read 53 times

       Phew, so... over the past few weeks since I made a profile, I've just been browsing around and trying to find inspiration. Boy is there a lot of kinky stuff out there that caught my attention! I tried going about it in a select manner, first I searched a 'kink' I enjoy and found something that peaked my interest from the search list. Then I started browsing that user's...
    Celina_'s profile
    <96 fans>
     Cock in my hand  Read 34 times

      Sitting here with a hard-on that won't quit. Got pussy on my screen and no mouth on my cock. Any ladies out there want my load
    spider-mike's profile
    <12 fans>
     World Peace By Getting Rid Of Selfish And Conceited People!  Read 30 times

      As Human beings we have the responsibility to make sure that this world is prosperous and tranquil, So that no corrupted governmental representatives and leaders can just essentially steal our money and live in a France Mansion. We need to eradicate all extremists from the middle east and the rest of the world to make sure this world will be like it was before humanity took its course of leadin...
    Swatsigaxxxx's profile
    <7 fans>
     Works in progress  Read 36 times

       Just to keep anyone who's interested informed: I have several to several hundred projects going on at once. I really appreciate feedback and encouragement when you guys give it. I am flattered at the requests to create fakes for other users and I have every intention of doing so when I get the chance. However, obviously since there have been quite a lot of requests it will be difficult t...
    curious744's profile
    <8 fans>
     bitties  Read 49 times
    deliquescent's profile
    <218 fans>
     A dream came true  Read 104 times

       I had a dream to get a threesome with two boys and finally it cames true. Last weekend I was at a disco and I meet there two boys, one from Cuba, his name was Ricardo and the another one, Jorge, I don't know from where but he was also a latino. We dance all the night and then Ricardo asked me if I would came with them to their home, thei are roommates, to drink something there and I agree. O...
    redalex-for-black's profile
    <2087 fans>
     I like both females and males  Read 57 times

      I'm so glad to find new friends here. Women and male
    Crsity4's profile
    <50 fans>
     Tencent QQ International  Read 33 times

        QQ International version.   Talk to Chinese and Asian women from all over the world.   This is the most popular online network in China and among many Asian and Chinese people around the world.    Tencent QQ, popularly known as QQ, is an instant messaging software service developed by Tencent Holding...
    BestFapping's profile
    <12 fans>
     I'M ONLY BISEXUAL WHEN I?????????????????  Read 37 times

       I'm only bisexual when it a threesome sex/chat/video call-cam-webcam-private video. Threesome sex is like (1 couples & a male) or ( 2 male and 1 female) too. Also i'm only bisexual when the male is my sex partners and I want to fuck his aunt,cousin,mom,grandmother, or sister.
    nickleye's profile
    <104 fans>
     Rule No 1  Read 44 times

      It's the cuckolds fault she is cuckolding him. That is the first thing a cuck must accept. If you could satisfy her, she wouldn't need other men to fuck her. Whether it is your inability to satisfy her, small cock, premature ejaculation or anything else, it's still the cuckolds fault. That's a lesson my wife taught me yesterday.
    NCucky's profile
    <19 fans>
     Hot Teens Fucking Videos!  Read 54 times

         Fresh teens fucked hard in their virgin pussy and tight asshole to satisfy sex desires.
    cyberspacer's profile
    <5 fans>
     Memoir V -- Marie 7.0  Read 52 times

       Marie 7.0 29 November 1980   "Damn! Your folks are still up." I pressed down on the accelerator to get us beyond the view of their livingroom window as quickly as possible. Fortunately, they lived in a house set well back from the road. While I could plainly see them sitting there, with their interior ligh...
    Princeps_Cyberius's profile
    <29 fans>
     I have a dream  Read 67 times

      I hav been married for a year now to a beautiful woman and i love her so much. It just turns out that she also has a beautiful sister who is one year younger than her. I have been having for a while now these wounderful dreams of fucking the sister. Most of them are 3 somes with my wife to. i love these dreams, the most recent one they tied me down and gagged me then took turns fucking me. i lo...
    bnk_10's profile
    <1 fans>
     Drunk Chubby girl passed out  Read 95 times

       You know how you always see that chunky girl at the parties wear that slutty outfit. Well I had one at my party.  My buddy brought her along she was wearing a tube top and a skirt.  My buddy said he had just met her and they were on their third date he them went to say that she was married. Anyways she could drink she was pounding down the drinks and doing shot after...
    passedout's profile
    <912 fans>
     PE5 has been posted  Read 36 times

       Hello fans, The fifth and final installment of Prurient Encounter has been posted. This represents the culimnation of my efforts and I think it is the best work I've done so far. I hope you all enjoy it!  As for further work, I'll repost PE3 next week. After that, it all depends on how much time I get to work on the "PE 14-Inch Adventure" short comics. S...
    p-interest's profile
    <44 fans>
     Training  Read 57 times

       Last evening my Master took me to Alby mall in the Southern suburbs of Stockholm. Alby is a Place where the demographics is about 75% african, 20% arab and the rest are Nordic people. I was standing behind my Master inside the mall when he was talking in his own language to some other african men and their wives/girlfriends. My Master turns around to me and slaps me hard on the...
    racetraitor's profile
    <250 fans>
     Looking to meet up with people in the MA/RI area  Read 40 times

       Looking to meet up with people in the RI or Massachusetts area. I work between Fall River, MA to Raynam, MA  Friendship, Sex, whatever you might have in mind 
    hard8ri's profile
    <47 fans>
     castration  Read 46 times

       Last night my Goddess called me to her house and told me that she had decided that she would like me to move in to her house so that I was there all the time to look after her. I was really happy to hear this as I have wanted to live with her for a long time. Before I am to move in though she is going to have me castrated and that she would have two plastic balls (larger that my balls...
    Paulaclit's profile
    <545 fans>
     People I love to see  Read 43 times

      I love to see ladies from the UK on fap with their personal pictures.  I have to say I'm a fan of bennyjonesy, you should check her out
    hemmingways's profile
    <1 fans>
     another convert 4  Read 60 times

       Inevitably he blows. Lube. Fingering. Working him ready. Lie him on his back. Holding his legs up. I push and get that bit of resistance. He wants to try it. So he gets it. More lube. And pop goes the cherry. I'd say his neighbours heard.  He got louder the harder I did him.  To actually wake up next to a first timer is different.  He'd had the full works and wa...
    CockDockerX's profile
    <74 fans>
     A day with one of my GF's DAD  Read 180 times

       28/07/14 my friend's dad is a big well built guy of 41 year old. i had a huge crush on him from a very long time and i think he knew about it too. whenever i used to go to my friend's home her dad always tryied to touch me here and there and he used to act like i didn't know what he was doing.  so on day before yesterday I went to her home as usual there her da...
    mynameiswhore's profile
    <217 fans>
     Diary of a WHORE  Read 106 times

      well I have been very active lately with my love life from school age so I thought I should share my SEX DIARY with you all and see what your thoughts are.
    mynameiswhore's profile
    <217 fans>
     Update  Read 38 times

      Hello to all my sole lover friends, thank you all for all the comments, I have updated some galleries and added a new one, please enjoy and comment on them. Let me know what you think of them, thanks.
    habs02884's profile
    <114 fans>
     Emma  Read 76 times

       A chance encounter was all it took, really. I stood behind the counter with my palms pressed against the tiled surface. I was – and still am – a barista at Manic Mondays, a local coffee shop in a Wisconsin college town. The population of the town itself was around 65,000, and roughly a sixth of that was the student body. I was a student myself, and we comprised the bul...
    lovesellenpage's profile
    <300 fans>
     2014-07-29  Read 80 times
    jagsterREDUX's profile
    <685 fans>
     About me.  Read 38 times

      Horny  married guy tracking my visual desires.
    magoonc's profile
    <0 fans>
     Whore Abuse - My Tumblr Blog  Read 67 times

       Hi there, if you want to check out where I will be blogging primarily, please check here: My general ethos: Back again to keep on expressing my views on how the entire world should view and treat filth pigs (aka women). They are nothing but stupid meatcunts for abusing and tenderizing. This blog is dedicated to right way to treat the ladies.....
     looking for this girl from glasgow her name is melissa crabb. anyone have pics?  Read 76 times

      Silly Skinny Melissa
    morayorg's profile
    <0 fans>
     All my pics free for the taking!   Read 79 times

      Just uploaded some exposure pics and u can have them all! Im really hoping to log in and have a message telling me how fucked i am now that my pics are out in the open. Take my pics, own me, make me cry and berate me !
    Mascot1920's profile
    <13 fans>
     prom night slut  Read 68 times

       Taylor never made it to the prom that night but she made it to the after party without panties
    HungInHighschool's profile
    <21 fans>
     World, meet the failed smartarse  Read 50 times If you read my last blog, you'll know the story:   Bloke tried using me to post revenge porn by proxy, after some sensible comments from Cumdiet and The Ferret, I twig and decide that I dothe playing, not being played so, here it is, world, meet Stirling Bond, the one who wanted to see ...
    Krazny_Akula's profile
    <49 fans>
     Wow.. my fate?  Read 55 times
    sissicindy's profile
    <479 fans>
     Another convert 3  Read 70 times

      I genuinely didn't expect what he did. The guys I've done first time sessions with they are all great with it until they cum. If I'm lucky with them I cum. Then it gets weird. A towel thrown at me is normally the rudest. They just want you gone! This guy was different.  He came. He made me cum. Then offered me another beer and ciggy. I point out another beer makes me unable to ...
    CockDockerX's profile
    <74 fans>

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