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     unavaiable  Read 2 times

      unavailable 24oct pm to 02nov pm - talk to you when i return
    treeman31's profile
    <32 fans>
     In the mood to suck some cock tonight  Read 3 times

      I'm horned up again and looking forward to taking a load on my face this afternoon. 
    satinsissy's profile
    <1573 fans>
     more exposure  Read 5 times great facials from her and super sexy british girl :)
    cep991's profile
    <369 fans>
     Reqiest from my son  Read 11 times

       My son is thinking of starting an Imagefap page. He has asked my opinion about a topic, so in turn, I'm asking my fans. What would you like to see?      asian,   bondage,   teen girls,   interracial,   lesbians,   panties,   or anything else. Please let me know here, or send me an ...
    paula_b's profile
    <177 fans>
     shameful masturbation  Read 29 times

      Ever masturbate or fantasize to someone you know you shouldn't? I have a list of no-no's that always get sme off. HMU if you want to chat about our fantasies. thedean65 on yahoo
    thedean's profile
    <688 fans>
     eine spiel für geile weiber  Read 32 times

      wie gewünscht hier mein alter tease für geile weiber die sich gerne zeigen. leider wurde die alte e-mail gesperrt aber ich habe bis jetzt keinen zeit gehbt ihn neu zu machen kommt aber demnächst. für alle die nicht warten wollen hier die neue e-mail:
    meli_idontknow's profile
    <596 fans>
     2014-10-24  Read 34 times

       Hola. os invito a ver mi pequeña coleccion de imagenes : espero que le guste 
    ElNachtigall's profile
    <0 fans>
     MA PASSION  Read 36 times

       Depuis l'âge de 20 ans, je porte des bottes et des chaussures à talons plus ou moins hauts. Depuis les année 70s, j'ai découvert le latex et le PVC. Pour moi, c'est un vrai bonheur de porter des vêtements et de bottes dans ces matières, à longueur de journée. Je suis une vraie FETICHISTE
    NathalieC's profile
    <17 fans>
     Presentation of who I am !  Read 32 times

       Hello imagefapers ! :) I'm a french pervert guy who loves to masturbate while watching picture of sexy unknown. The main reason while I subscribed to imagefap is to watch lot of pics and to speak with naughty people. My favourite pics are teenie selfshot that I can use to make a fake identitie blog. But I also enjoy candid pics like downblouse, upskirt, or candid tho...
    tomfxcks's profile
    <5 fans>
     Wasteland Fidelity   Read 45 times

       Wasteland Fidelity    ___________________________________________________________________  Rape, Death, Humiliation, Snuff, Piss, and more. Reader discretion is advised.      In a post apocalyptic world where true love is scarce, bandits reign supreme. Twenty years have passed since the calamity, and humanity fights on. ...
    nebic's profile
    <251 fans>
     I sucked today  Read 47 times

       2 cocks sucked today Mistress sent me to another Master she likes and he spanked me put clamps on my titties slapped me in the face repeatedly with his cock. He then made me kneel backwards and he slipped 3 fingers in my pussy hole and pumped me as he slapped my ass repeadly spun me around and rammed his cock down my throat and gagged me repeatedly with his cock. I sucked him until h...
    wildmo's profile
    <3 fans>
     Puma style  Read 34 times

       You wait on the bed on all fours, looking back at me, smiling whimsicaly.  I press my hand strong on your behind: while my palm roughly massaging your asshole and mound, my middle finger draw the outline of your clit, you humm with full pleasure. I feel the moisture in my palm, and my member point towards your pussy, like a gold detecting stick. slide my middle finger insi...
    puma84's profile
    <33 fans>
     2014-10-24  Read 47 times
    moon35's profile
    <146 fans>
     2014-10-24  Read 41 times
    moon35's profile
    <146 fans>
     Sexy pieces of ass I saw on my walk this afternoon.  Read 62 times

       I went out to run some errands. Wasn't gone 45 minutes and I saw the following beautiful women who will likely inspire (in part) my masturbatory habits later this afternoon. Please feel free to comment or private message me any similar sightings or dirty thoughts to share. The sexy pieces of women included:   A sexy Chinese girl in the window to a tea house. N...
    mradult's profile
    <73 fans>
     Meet's his Birthday!   Read 53 times

       Things were going well at the shop and the perks were definitely making it worthwhile. My pay packet was more than reasonable Ranjit and Sunil were very happy with my work and I was very satisfied with their appetite for sex, although they insisted on calling it lovemaking and they adored me. Sex continued to take place upstairs in the sitting room most days and we all enjoyed it, exper...
    JulieAllCock's profile
    <1200 fans>
     candid pics, girls in tight hotpants, jeans, swimsuit, panties, .....  Read 115 times

      candid pics, girls in tight hotpants, jeans, swimsuit, panties, .....
    Ponyly's profile
    <38 fans>
     Hi We Like Trade Pic   Read 76 times

    hamerfall0437's profile
    <31 fans>
     2014-10-23  Read 42 times

        The new baddest and sickest black on white comics on web!
    Kido101's profile
    <2 fans>
     A rose by any other name...  Read 48 times

       Confession time. My real name IS NOT Kitty Lyons! Moment for stunned silence... I made it up! I've never even posed or performed under this name before. There...I'm glad that's off my little chest. "Kitty" is, however, my real nickname. I've been called "Kitty", or "Kit" for short, my entire life. My Aunt, who raised me, gave me the nickna...
    KittyLyons's profile
    <35 fans>
     iam owned  Read 40 times

      by master neo blue
    sissydolli's profile
    <374 fans>
     Hello There - first entry, 10/23/2014  Read 41 times

       Fetish Sissyqueer 4 Training seeks Dominant Men, Sissy Trainers, and Strict Controlling Masters who love to put wimpy fairy faggots through strict and extensive training, transformation, use, abuse, and exposure. Also very interested in other sissies, sissyfags, sissyqueers, and pansy crossdressing sluts to be friends with and to practice and train with. Very much a fetish sissy. Have ...
     Hi  Read 49 times

      Hi, iam new here...i am web slutty model...i like all kinds of sex especially group sex
    SexyStellaG's profile
    <18 fans>
     What I like ;)  Read 97 times

       What I like :) I have a slave girl Monica, She is 28 yo. She serves me for few months... Two months ago I took my slave girl Monica on the trip... She was very horny but she was afraid to serve me public... So I have to train her in this ;) We went by car to a park. It was evening, so there very only few people walking with their dogs... I told pet Monica to take off all her clothe...
    Mistress_Elisa's profile
    <39 fans>
     for cilou   Read 39 times

        Cilou est une belle femme âgée dune 30aine d'année on lui en donnerais 20 tellemenr5 elle etait fraiche et joyeuse, ce jour la elle etait dans le bus la climatisation faisait du bien elle rentrait chez elle pour se préparer ce soir elle etais de sortit inviter a un bbq chez des amis mais la c'est autre chose qui lui trottais en tête, e...
    Maddy77's profile
    <86 fans>
     cours du soir chap 2  Read 35 times

        Cours du soir chapitre 2 Vendredi soir chaleur de la nuit Apres la soirée de mardi j'étais fin près pour allez au cours de vendredi soir fin près ou fin excitee ... bonne question ... J'arrivai a la salle pile a l'heure yasmine était la tj avec sa robe légère un bonjour avec sourire en coin et helena e...
    Maddy77's profile
    <86 fans>
     Andrea (1): Verhaftet  Read 44 times

       Es muss schon tief in der Nacht sein, als mich eine Berührung aus dem Schlaf holt. Finger tippten in mein Genick. „Ach, Andrea“, dachte ich mir genervt. Ok, wir hatten uns am Abend gestritten. In solchen Momenten hatte  sie oft noch einmal Gesprächsbedarf. Aber diesmal. „Komm, schlafe noch ein bisschen“, murmele ich in mein Kissen, „ich mu...
    Loebentier's profile
    <144 fans>
     cours du soir chap 1  Read 35 times

        Cours du soir : chap 1  Mardi, Chaleur du soir Je me présente Isabelle je suis votre professeur pour les cours de soutient en français ... Ainsi commencas ma réadaptation au monde réel apres 18 mois a l'hôpital suite a un accident de voiture qui me laissa briser tand physiquement que mentalement. Et moi c'est...
    Maddy77's profile
    <86 fans>
     love girl  Read 54 times

       im nice tgirl be free send message i love only  girl  kissssss  
    futanaritgirl's profile
    <0 fans>
     Hello There!  Read 58 times

       Hello everyone!   Welcome to my blog, or rather my extended 'About Me'. Since the 'About Me'-section on my front page can only be a few characters long, I wanted to reserve that for just a short message as well as a legal disclaimer. I have decided to use my blog to tell the few of you that might be interested a little bit about me. If the fol...
    h1ghl1ght000's profile
    <221 fans>
     You want to embarrass a woman or man ?  Read 94 times

         You want to embarrass a woman or man ?? Upload your pics (over 18!) to  ( ( see all the pics here!   Can send it over  ;)
    hardcore_fetish's profile
    <10 fans>
     "Hentai Huren" folgt nach "Selfie Sluts"  Read 43 times

       Sobald ich mit der jetzigen Selfie Slut Serie fertig bin (was noch dauert), werde ich mich der Hentai Huren Serie widmen. Somit decke ich beide Arten des Porn-Bereichs ab, dann wird für jeden etwas dabei sein °-° 
    Lanekmaster's profile
    <12 fans>
     my best friend  Read 65 times

      I want to have sex with my best friend so bad.... he's cute, outdoors-y and well hung (I got a peek once ;)) I wouldnt even mind if his girlfriend joined in, i'll be both their sluts
    LitQueer's profile
    <47 fans>
     fetichiste bas collants  Read 49 times

      echange photo bas, collants, stockings, pantyhose 
    stefcbr's profile
    <5 fans>
     Someone else's vibrators...  Read 84 times

       Ive lived in more than a few shared-living houses with mixed guys & girls. The one thing I always loved was whenever all the roommates were gone and I could snoop around in the girls' rooms :) :) :) Usually I didn't find much, I'd be rock-hard the second I walked in though. Usually with my pants off and even my dick free to swing around. I know I dripped pre-cum a few ...
    mradult's profile
    <73 fans>
     chat/cam??  Read 51 times

      hit me up if you like to chat or cam sometime. :D
    jonte19's profile
    <224 fans>
     Competition 1 - Boytogirl Clothes  Read 66 times

       Make gallery of clothes suitable for boytogirl at any stage with caption for bonus points. PRIZE:  private gallery my dirty panties or pot of piss for private comment exchange. Forever private.   Wei
    WeiMeiLi's profile
    <1732 fans>
     1 ANO E MEIO COM MEU AMANTE  Read 59 times

    maridodagorda's profile
    <99 fans>
     GROWING UP small - Part 1  Read 70 times

       The day I found out I was underendowed will never leave my memory.  I was 12 years old and told that we had to participate in gym class and after this class we would have to take showers with each other.  I was curious to see what other guys looked like because the few times I had seen my father in the restroom, his penis seemed huge in comparison to mine.  However, I knew that he wa...
    microminiman's profile
    <435 fans>
     I've a liking for CD/TV  Read 56 times

       No, not selection buttons on a media centre, but cross-dressers and transvestites. I've liked quite a few on here as they interest me, how they adopt the feminine role and desire things they would probably not want as a male. Not all, but quite a lot on here seem to be looking for sex. I'm not looking to meet anyone but happy to chat with most I guess. If there is one ...
    Pollys's profile
    <65 fans>
     Snake  Read 98 times

       I date alot of diferent peo;le i meet on the net , I hooked up with this one guy who i agreed to go for coffee with, nice guy not bad looking in his mid 30s. After a coffee i felt you know this guy is ok and we went to his place.  The usual once we got there kissing and his fingerz exploring what i have, he commented on how titght my pussy was and i have never had kids so i am st...
    jellybj's profile
    <108 fans>
     Hartford Sex Slave Ring  Read 65 times

       Hartford Sex Slave Ring Focus Of Investigation Discovery TV Show Story Of Kidnapping, Heroin Addiction, Forced Prostitutions Presented In Part-News Report, Part-Dramatization May 16, 2012|By SUSAN DUNNE,   "FBI: Criminal Pursuit," a Wednesday-night show on the cable station Investigation Discovery, devotes its episode th...
    titzi trollop
    titzi trollop's profile
    <398 fans>
     Am I crazy?  Read 131 times

       I wouldn't really call this a real Blog entry, but I just want to ask this. Am I crazy for loving pain when having Sex? Like; getting my throat fucked brutally, and getting beaten while a guy fucks me? Just would like to know. 
    _AnalGirl_'s profile
    <49 fans>
     Tips?   Read 58 times

      I'm looking to update, and just enhance my profile a bit. Can Anyone give me some tips on recreating my page, any input or criticism is appreciated :)
    Calilyfe's profile
    <60 fans>
     I am a master and I want to find a real sexual slave ,slim,nice and open for hard and very perverse sex.  Read 67 times

          Bla,bla ,bla
     OMG....I did it and I loved it  Read 221 times

       I think I got the idea here on the chat here on this site , you know if its you . Well he knows how dirty minded I can be then I'm very horny and loves give me ideas. If you don't know my story, here's a very short one: I have sexuall feelings to my dad and cuz nothing happens I love seeing myself on fakes were he fucking me. So few days ago, I printed one of those pictures and...
    Despair90's profile
    <151 fans>
     Hello im lotte  Read 131 times

       Hello Im new  on here n my interests are mainly bbc and cuckold im a girl and im 14 years old my kik messenger name ( a chat app on phone for those who dont know) is : lottesimplyperfect kik me and chat me up! id love some bbc or some feet licking :) 
    lottesimplyperfectismykik's profile
    <30 fans>
     I had a really hot thought in my head while I was fingering myself in the shower today.  Read 100 times

      So... I was like starting to have one of those awesome anal contractions in the shower and then I got rock hard thinking of being bent over myself and fucked that way.  Anyone know this position?  Don't know what its called but yeah that needs to happen to me.  ITs like where your on your back and the guy thats fucking you pulls your legs up over your head, so when your as...
    VirginSub's profile
    <12 fans>
     What I'm Looking For  Read 79 times

       At the heart of all the role playing scenes I have ever enjoyed, through my years on the internet, is humiliation! I just can't get enough of it. Nothing makes me excited like being humiliated! I like my ooc chats to be like two normal friends chatting. Not Dom/sub based. I'm a fetishist, I like role playing kinky stuff. But being a submissive slave is not what I want ...
    BarbieCandyCybering's profile
    <10 fans>
     Shemale tumblr links  Read 87 times 
    TABaracus's profile
    <16 fans>
     hey ladies  Read 63 times

       message for a how chat ladies  no guys
    katiefucker69's profile
    <18 fans>
     Free Lingerie  Read 87 times

        I have panties, bras, garter belts and girdles that I give away. You can see the selection in my galleries. In the girdles folder go to any of the “modeling” galleries to see the individual items. Some items have been given away and all of them are no longer available as this free giveaway has been offered for some months. I have only had two people interested an...
    patches451's profile
    <1130 fans>
     Hallooweeenier Time  Read 109 times

      With Halloween time right around the corner I figured I would do a new entry. Halloween was usually an especially humiliating day for Retard when it was owned. Ex master would dress it up as a pig complete with anal butt plug kind of hidden into costume, some dads would say nice tail and wink but most were none the wiser. But crawling to the door and only being able to oink in front of stranger...
    PissPillowCunt's profile
    <329 fans>
     I want to be a fetish bitch  Read 77 times

       I love to wear fetish clothes, and I love to pose in them. The female leather, latex and PVC clothes just look better than the male stuff. Am I a crossdresser? Probably yes, by this definition. Anyway, I still love girls in fetish clothes more than myself.
    Jussex's profile
    <68 fans>
     Gf Feet  Read 75 times

    violetsemen's profile
    <3 fans>

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