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     Blog topic   Comments 
     Mission Statement  Read 6 times

       Hi,   I am new to this whole sex blog thingy, but I want to make a bold statement. Every week I want to add a story written by myself, and every week it will be about a different topic. I start with a list of topics from a porn site, because this list covers pretty much everything we'd like to find in a porn picture collection, so why not in erotic stories. Here is the...
    pussystroker's profile
    <13 fans>
     Signs that you are a Sissy  Read 7 times

      You leave your house to go somewhere else to dress as a sissy You drive around in your car in your sissy clothes You hate it when you get cum stains on your sissy outfit You think a matching bra and panty set are amazing You look at pretty girls wanting to be them, not to fuck them You think masturbating as a boy is yucky, but as a girl is yummy You have more than one pair of high heels ...
    davinaglasgowtv's profile
    <815 fans>
     What I Am Serious Seeking   Read 3 times

      An any age,any race,childless,single,sexually disease free,smoker & 420 friendly.Educated,highly intelligent,honest,      trustworthy,faithful,loyal & monogamous.Straight or bisexual,attractive,slim,trim,well built,body figure & clean shaven pussy,female.That is financally independent,self sufficient & secure.Mentally sane & physically healthy.With M...
    TheKinks1948's profile
    <0 fans>
     Sexy  Read 5 times

       Alexis Texas - sexy mini dress dance Brianna Frost  
     HI It a great place to spend time  Read 8 times

      HI It a great place to spend time
    derrick4589's profile
    <27 fans>
     The Best BBC Compilation Videos  Read 12 times

       "BBC Submission" - "Black Cock Addiction - Classical Conditioning" - YourTwistedSelf plethora of choices - "Mandingo Compilation" - Cuerposdigitales "Big black cocks on white girls"  - Cuerposdigitales "BBC music video for sissies" - B...
     Essex this weekend  Read 2 times

      Down in Chlemsford this Sunday evenining if anyone fancies meeting up for some fun ?
    rpm007's profile
    <128 fans>
     The Best Black Cock Productions  Read 4 times channel on youporn   Sandra Romain Jada Stevens & Wesley Pipes Angel Dark Esperanza Gomez & Justin Slayer Abigail w Mandingo Samantha Saint & Lexington Steele Monica Sweet on the beach  
     Phone sex  Read 2 times

      Anyone done phone sex and is it good?
    kezzer's profile
    <190 fans>
     hello :D  Read 7 times

      when i looking on the web use searce with image via google(right click on a image) and them i use it on my avatar then i shall my big cock on fell diffrents site and i was like wow becourse i dont putt them there but some people like my cock so much :P for thouse people: come over here and play with it! but i saw pics of my bfs to on the web that was little scocking but hey is my fault i put th...
    darkjeroen's profile
    <122 fans>
     Move in completed  Read 17 times

       Well my sister moved in with me. We had a very nice sleep together knowing she is staying  Tonight is a halloween party. she looks hot in her schoolgirl outfit. I may have to fuck her before we leave    
    tillytoronto's profile
    <85 fans>
     Contest  Read 8 times

      Ich starte ab heute ein Contest für alle die mitmachen wollen: Sendet mir Bilder/Clips/Audio ganz egal, auf denen ihr mir zeigt, wichst oder sagt was ihr von mir haltet. Ich empfinde es als Bestätigung, also nicht schüchtern sein. Gerne auch dominant, pervers ganz egal. Werd mir alles anschauen, wer mich am besten überzeugt hat, der bekommt von mir auch ein persönliche...
    schlampe_neu's profile
    <51 fans>
     2014-10-31  Read 17 times

    bizon2's profile
    <14 fans>
     I wish you a scary Halloween!  Read 18 times

    ironwingedhawk's profile
    <733 fans>
     I am broke if someone could send me a git off my wishlist I would be grateful  Read 13 times

      Being unemployed sucks I know I dont know you but could you spare some money it would make me happy. There are so many items I want from my wishlist especially the harmone pills or the movies PLEASE AND THANK YOU
    fatsmalldick's profile
    <73 fans>
     A question of reparation  Read 27 times

       This blog entry is from an answer to a question that i got some time ago...    I  hear a lot lately in various blogs and posts talking about reparations owed or due to black men in an attempt to heal the wounds of the past. It's controversial needless to say, but intriguing none the less. There seems to be different schools of thought around it, ranging ...
    eriksweden1970's profile
    <801 fans>
     wife  Read 26 times

      rubbed my wif's panty till she came this morning she was so hot and got so wet very nice cum for her
    abby12's profile
    <228 fans>
     ÉDUCATION, SOUMISSION  Read 14 times

       L'éducation des filles doit démarrer très tôt. Les gestes de base: branler, sucer, peuvent s'apprendre bien avant la puberté, et les fillettes sont toujours fascinées par une bite qui se durcit grâce à elles, et elles goutent en général le foutre avec plaisir. Ces gestes sont pour certaines quasimeent instinct...
    pervgame's profile
    <124 fans>
     predudice or not predudice?  Read 22 times

       It just dawned on me recently that Ms.CC may have been a bit predudice at one time! Thinking back, there was a time where Ms. CC not only had no problem swallowing a guest's cum but as a rule enjoyed it very much - however, whenever a black guest would cum in her mouth, she would displayed an obvious reluctance to swallow! I never made it an issue. Instead, I allowed her natural nymphoma...
    CanadianCouple's profile
    <36 fans>
     Moralne rozterki cz.1   Read 25 times

       Anal anal anal - kogóż to nie kręci. Choć ostatnio mam dylematy: - wpychanie palca do oporu nagle bez ostrzeżenia - mnie to kręci a kobieta ucieka tyłkiem jak może, i jak tu sie spełniać i jednocześnie partnerkę zadowalać - wpychanie penisa do dupy z uderzeniem do samego końca aż jaja zaklaszczą o cipę - o ile jeszcze poprzedni trik idzie od czasu do cza...
    analterrorPL's profile
    <135 fans>
     Sisters pussy  Read 92 times

      I was living in the city and my younger sister came to visit.We went out clubbing and had a bit to drink.When we got home, I put on my boxers and was listening to some Blues in the lounge.My sister comes in and we end up dancing.I could feel her pussy on my thigh so off comes her gown and my cock just slips into her pussy
     Disclaimer  Read 28 times

       I do not give any corporate entity permission to use any of my information. Nor do i claim ownership of any of the files i share with this website. 
    <59 fans>
     bin ich wirklich nichts wert  Read 45 times

      Bin ich wirklich nichts mehr wert?
    ehesau43's profile
    <1084 fans>
     Too strange here with the double standards  Read 36 times

      I'm seeing a trend here, with there it's okay for one, but not okay for another.  So I just took all my galleries down and will not be posting again.
    ShadeofGray's profile
    <195 fans>
     I am completely confused.   Read 18 times

        Why is it okay for one person to post a photo, but if I repost it, (and it is not a copy right infringement) it becomes not okay to post?  This keeps happening over and over. 
    ShadeofGray's profile
    <195 fans>
     Anything  Read 36 times 
    pussy_lover_90's profile
    <10 fans>
     Costume contest.  Read 19 times

      I think IFap should have a halloween costume contest.  I want to see all of you lovely women dressed up nice and slutty.  There is something so sexy about a hot woman dressed up in a fantasy, cartoon, or fairy tale costume.  I wonder how we could get a good costume contest started on here.
    Joe2345's profile
    <265 fans>
     Question  Read 28 times

      Does anyone even read these blogs?
    ShadeofGray's profile
    <195 fans>
     Healing through talking  Read 22 times

      Sometimes you just have to let it all out before you can start to heal.
    ShadeofGray's profile
    <195 fans>
     Modern Marvel  Read 20 times

       Was fliiping through the channels and saw "Modern Family" for a second.  Sofia Vergara is simply wasting her natural talents on television. This 5'7”, 141 pound, 38-28-39, F-cup, Colombian beauty should be doing hardcore.  Even at 42 she would set the adult world on fire.  Picture her choking on one of Jules Jordan's bad boys big cock.  Imagin...
     ok i have been trying to be good  Read 19 times

      I wish i knew how to hypnotize or make chloryform....hard and ready to EXPLODE...So perky and needing a nice lick..uggg
    tryany's profile
    <44 fans>
     My First Real Sexy Kiss  Read 73 times

       Yes it was long ago now but I do remember it dearly and clearly mainly because of how I recall it making me feel from head to toe and everywhere else in between. I refer to it as my first real technical kiss with a boy since that is exaclty what it was. Yes I was very young but I still remember it. I't was the summer before school started again. We were visiting my dad's fr...
    SinfulSexyMom's profile
    <84 fans>
     bargain hunt  Read 23 times

      i wish someone would make some fakes and cumshots of catherine southern ,kate allcock,natasha raskin
    matthewg's profile
    <0 fans>
     JAVmodel yuzuka kinoshita  Read 38 times

       Yuzuka Kinoshita Born:     02/05/1988 Blood:     O Breast:     93 cm Waist:     56 cm Hips:     88 cm Height:     155 cm ** Click Pict For Enlarge ** Download All Pict CLICK HERE
    porngods's profile
    <11 fans>
     What I like.  Read 50 times
    winlawdude's profile
    <2 fans>
     Why We Are Here  Read 42 times

      I love showing my wife's fat ass, I always have. The more people that see her naked, the more I like it. Penelope has been posing naked our entire marriage of 36 years(so far). Yes she knows shes on the internet and doesn't care. Does she love to pose? If your wife had  been posing nude for you as long as Penelope has for me she wouldn't be thrilled doing it anymore either. I h...
    PennyDreadful's profile
    <40 fans>
     Betrayed by Everyone (Redux)  Read 36 times

       Our story opens at a local grocery store, far in the back of the produce section. The protagonist is a young man named Ashley, or Ash for short. He's a 19 year old teenager who has a few close friends, a perky girlfriend, an attractive mother, and a dick for a boss. Ashley doesn't know it, but soon events will transpire that will lead to his life becoming completely r...
    nebic's profile
    <254 fans>
     Hiyori Shiraishi  Read 29 times

      Hiyori shiraishi
    arrayputra's profile
    <0 fans>
     Vacation slut fun  Read 51 times

      On vacation with family in San Diego. Made an excuse to go out alone and do some beach photos but actually was just going out to look at young stuff on beach. After watching for a while, was super horny. Went to an adult movie house and ended up sucking two guys and then jerking off as the last one watched.
    slut_daddy's profile
    <606 fans>
     Andrea (4): Geständnis unter Folter  Read 43 times

       Die Menge skandiert Bergers Namen und der alte Mann reckt die Arme in den Himmel. Sie feiern ihn tatsächlich dafür, dass er meine Frau bis zur Bewusstlosigkeit gefoltert hat. Ein Beamter schneidet die Seile der Streckleiter durch und Andrea? Sie fällt regelrecht in sich zusammen und kracht ungebremst auf die Planken. Die Nadeln werden aus ihren Brüsten gezogen. ...
    Loebentier's profile
    <151 fans>
     Just More  Read 36 times

       Auswahl einiger Links:   Sabine Katja Jessica http://...
    MasterOfLove's profile
    <399 fans>
     Slow Progress to Confidence of a HOT Wife  Read 35 times

       So since January we have been on the road again and that has been keeping us busy.  But my wife began a new nutritional system that has been working amazingly in a number of ways.  One that is most notable is that she is in size 6 cloths.  Now she is really getting noticed when we go places.  I see guys looking at her with that glint of desire.  Even the younger guys...
    funtungnfrog's profile
    <107 fans>
     Taylor  Read 41 times
    karlkvarts's profile
    <2 fans>
     Kelly Lee Dekay  Read 29 times

      Kelly Lee Dekay
    karlkvarts's profile
    <2 fans>
     Joke of the Day (Illustrated)  Read 35 times

       Unexpected sex – that’s a great way to wake up. If you are not in a prison…
    ironwingedhawk's profile
    <733 fans>
     Random fantasy: Orgy wedding  Read 62 times

       For some reason this perverted scenario keeps popping into my head from time to time. A man and woman who turn out to be sexual soul mates are getting married. They invite their closest group of friends and family for the wedding: those that share their interests. They manage to find someone licenced to wed people. They get married in wanton get up. As the crowd is watching them make their v...
    willwanton's profile
    <525 fans>
     Outing?  Read 110 times

       Hallo,   eure Kommentare hier machen mich immer ganz nass und geil, aber ich traue mich noch nicht ganz mich als Schlampe zu outen.  Deshalb brauche ich eure Hilfe - wer von euch will denn, dass ich mich oute, und wie weit soll ich dabei gehen?   Ich freue mich schon auf eure Antworten   Eure Schlampe in spe Sabine
    SchlampeSchuechtern's profile
    <76 fans>
     Story of O  Read 44 times

      Help I need a dress like the ones in The Story of O
    naughty2261's profile
    <1 fans>
     Photo blog: when was the last time you used your tablet?  Read 64 times

    jurassic_digest's profile
    <40 fans>
     Not even close  Read 32 times

       I tried -- but wasn't even close. I couldn't get the time to get anywhere near a full set done. Oh well, what I did do is posted, just a few first pages to whet your appetites for what's to come. Be patient though, it may take awhile to get the next installment up. PI
    p-interest's profile
    <65 fans>
     intelligence ...  Read 36 times

       I consider myself a fairly intelligent person... but I love roleplay where I am nothing but a sex starved bimbo slut. verbal abuse driving home how low my intelligence is... having the petnames "cum dumpster" and "dumb bitch" and getting birated for being turned on like this.   (plenty of aftercare required, of course) 
    LitQueer's profile
    <54 fans>
     BBC assemblage  Read 32 times

       [slowly balls have riveted] at as   that the their many   pants park must crawl this slave toward    guys’ pricks lots will make hard in street imagine their cocks   when his between each   drooping low balls cocks   about all attention riveted
    littlewhitefuckpig's profile
    <293 fans>
     Andrea (3): Die Folter I  Read 40 times

       Andrea fällt auf die Knie als sieht, was sie erwartet. Die Ausstattung der  Bühne erinnert an einen mittelalterlichen Horrorfilm. Doch das es ist kein Film, es ist die pure Realität. Das Kreuz mit den Metallmanschetten, ein Pranger, die Streckbank, die Feuerschale, aus dem ein glühendes Brandeisen loderte – es waren Dinge, mit denen sie bald eine f&uu...
    Loebentier's profile
    <151 fans>
     WANNA WATCH ME FUCK TEEN LIVE???  Read 130 times

      I am a 35 yr old with somewhat of a girlfriend. Her 18 yr old daughter has moved herself into my house and ever since I have been spyin!! Been getrting loaded fer days now and started feeding her some shit too. One way or another I will be having my way with her and give her the hardest fuck she will ever have and thinking of renting her to buddies. Love to share my gf with both men and women s...
    hidro1979's profile
    <10 fans>
     november slut  Read 104 times
    razorblade1's profile
    <0 fans>

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