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     My bf and his pee  Read 0 times

      Any men love showing the cocks peeing? Need to train my bf. Want himto do it in his mouth but hr wont
    loveEgyptcock's profile
    <222 fans>
     Back in business :)  Read 3 times

      After the main machine hard-drive crashing and the printer-scanner stopping working - we've been busy recovering data and setting up new equipment. Finally - it's done enough to carry on - still some work to be done but we can now scan and upload. Yippee!
    Iceman888888888's profile
    <202 fans>
     2016-08-27  Read 11 times
    368bola's profile
    <1 fans>
     ich zeig mich gerne nackt  Read 6 times

      share my pics on porn sides and load it down that makes me horny
    thori's profile
    <0 fans>
     My 2:nd home  Read 12 times
    Harmony Shagdo
    Harmony Shagdoll's profile
    <1701 fans>
     The attention makes me wet  Read 12 times

    Harmony Shagdo
    Harmony Shagdoll's profile
    <1701 fans>
     LIFE WITH YOUNG WIFE  Read 17 times

       August 27th 2016 exactly 1 month ago, that is July 27th, I and my wife celebrated our 6th annivarsarey inviting my Father in laws family, 3 sister in laws families and a family of my daughter who was born to my first wife and from her first husband. my friends and their families.   I am 84 years old kinky, pervert, but healthy with strong sexual drive, having a ...
    tmalshisui's profile
    <45 fans>
     Ohhh my goodness  Read 11 times

       Now im turned on
    xmania's profile
    <13 fans>
     My dirty little secret  Read 27 times

       So what is my dirty little secret you ask...I absolutly love anal sex.  I was always raised to be the "good girl", but deep down I amjust a little slut. when my husband is fucking me in the ass, all I can think about is being gangbanged and having all my holes filled at the same time while he films it.
    jt2865's profile
    <18 fans>
     It's one of those night...  Read 25 times

          that I just want a cock rammed down my throat!  
    shinygirl80's profile
    <899 fans>
     Okay here goes,one more time, or Just my Luck part Four.  Read 37 times

                       I’m up to my forth blog, yea. Five if you count my first stupid one where I asked questions.                 So go back and read my three two about my luck or you’ll just think I’m some kind of nut talking about things you don&rs...
    Rainydayfeeling's profile
    <362 fans>
     Looking for a Sugar Daddy (SD) Sorting the Good from the Bad  Read 25 times

       If you already tried to turn men from real life into SD’s without success you need a plan and a strategy and the willingness to let a guy go if he is not generous. And most important you need the right mindset!!! Let’s pretend you met a guy on tinder who could be SD material and happens to be in your city on his next business trip 1.First of all: No spoiling=no dat...
    Sienna_Cadela's profile
    <1084 fans>
     Looking for a online Bottom/Slave/Sub  Read 14 times

       I am still looking for a online Bottom, willing to torture herself for me on Webcam. She has to like needles, and has to like extreme tit and nipple torture, that is all that counts, Weight, Age, Look, are not important, if you like to hurt yourself specially on the tits. Meet me here, on Yahoo Messenger or KIK: Iwantafatsub Don´t be shy, please, feel free to cont...
    iwantafatsub's profile
    <142 fans>
     2016-08-26  Read 22 times
    haircut-hairjob's profile
    <65 fans>
     More boyhood recollections.  Read 30 times

       Before I met Piers I had forgotten how wonderful a boy's penis, swelling and hardening, feels in one's fingers. It had been many years since my schooldays' encounters with boys in my year who shared with me a very dirty idea of what was fun, even by the depraved standards of English public school homosexual experimentation. Absconding from swi...
     Sex is Dirty by Definition – I Like It Filthy  Read 22 times

       One of men I suck and fuck frequently is recently married. I started seeing him two years into their relationship. That is when he pretty much stopped fucking his then girlfriend, now wife. From the first time I saw he, I sucked his cock, and he fucked me. There are usually other guys there before him, and/or waiting their turn after him. He is a macho looking bear, not the slight...
    Lopettie's profile
    <2203 fans>
     An Hour Drive into the Woods  Read 29 times

      A Sunday night in mid-January, we were feeling riled up, so we posted on our regular swinger site looking for another couple to meet that evening. With such short notice, these dates are pretty hit or miss, but we soon got a very forward message from some fresh blood. They pretty much invited us to their house after dinner. Their profile was A+, mid-40s, both attractive, into yoga, much in line...
    DrOcean's profile
    <419 fans>
     So Unfulfilling  Read 25 times

       I guess I'm not actually expecting anyone to read this but I feel like I have to write it down so badly. My sex life is appalling, I mean really, really bad. My wife has less than zero interest in sex and on the odd occasions she does get horny terible things happen. It can happen about once a month, I've had sex about 5 times so far in 2016, she actually instigated sex the othe...
    saw119's profile
    <568 fans>

    panteeylover's profile
    <1615 fans>
     Amours de vacances (2)  Read 28 times

       Le mercredi, pendant la baignade, Egon se mettait souvent tout près de moi dans l'eau. Il se trouve que l'Ardèche est une rivière très appréciée des canoéistes, et surtout ce coin du Pont d'Arc. Nous devions souvent nous pousser pour laisser passer les petites embarcations, parfois nombreuses, qui passaient parmi les baigneurs...
    florence46's profile
    <265 fans>
     And then..............  Read 58 times

       So as I lay there in a blissful daze I let my hands wonder over my body. I rubbed the still warm sticky cum over my boobs feeling how hard and sensitive my nipples were. I brought a had up to my mouth and greedily licked it clean of cum. My pussy was tingling so I used my now free, and clean, hand to rub myself, shocked at how wet and swollen my pussy felt!!! As I began to lick the cu...
    newly_bloomed's profile
    <106 fans>
     Feet and Ass  Read 26 times

      I want dirty comments about my sexy feets and my ass
    ChrisNaughty1305's profile
    <20 fans>
     Okay here goes,once again, or Just my Luck part three.   Read 85 times

       I guess some people said I was the worse influence on other girls ever.  The truth I had lots of help becoming the instigator that I was.  Other than too much internet influence, I had other people contributing to my wild side.  Most of which will have to be mentioned at a later time, because I’ve been talking about my bad luck of being caught.  There were a f...
    Rainydayfeeling's profile
    <362 fans>
     First Phone Sex  Read 70 times

       I just woke up from a nap following the most satisfying sexual experience of my life so far.  I was on the phone with Marie (if you do not know who she is, you should read my blog from the begining).  She was talking about my selfies gallery with the lolipop from which the topic moved into different techniques for oral sex from which the topic moved into different sexual ...
    Curious_Anna's profile
    <346 fans>
     An update...  Read 24 times

       Hey all you sissy-lovers out there! Thanks for all your fan adds and comments during these long months of inactivity. It means a lot to me to know that you all you sexy bois and gurls haven't forgotten me while I was gone! Good news: there is a much stronger chance, stronger than ever before, that I will be able to replace the broken drawing computer and get back to pumping...
    p-interest's profile
    <325 fans>
     A new version of WAKE UP  Read 30 times

         2014          2016          
    Iboadal's profile
    <577 fans>
     What else could I do?!?!  Read 93 times

       So there I was drunk and horny in the knowledge these two guys, both 15 years my junior, wanted to have sex with me!! Before I could second guess myself I walked over to them, grabbed their hands and said come with me!!! I lead them up to my bedroom with my daughter and her girlfriend following us cheering me on. As soon as we were in the room I dropped to my knees between them and st...
    newly_bloomed's profile
    <106 fans>
     Owned Sissy Faggot Humiliation Toy and Fuck Doll Day 04  Read 30 times

       Day 4 I awoke late this morning as my Master had other things to attend to and made my now daily morning video of myself pissing into a glass. My first piss of the day, and drinking it. I was exceptionally weary this morning as I had not really been able to get much sleep writhing around in piss soaked knickers and stockings. I had bad dreams too...and when I awoke I found my own...
    MissPaula's profile
    <1368 fans>
     Owned Sissy Faggot Humiliation Toy Day 03  Read 24 times

       Day 03 Up at 7.00am as usual this morning and ready to drink my first piss of the day. Brown and pungent I pissed in a glass on camera still resplendent in my slinky black baby doll and steel handcuffs. My orders for the day were to wear tight black panties, black hose and black bra beneath my masculine façade of male ‘liar' clothing. I was also instructed to kee...
    MissPaula's profile
    <1368 fans>
     Owned Sissy Faggot Slave Day 02  Read 25 times

       DAY 02 I thought my busy day could not get any busier till I got home. My Master had already ordered me to have my cock caged, ass plugged and knickers on (tight black satin panties, very full and very pretty). When home I was ordered out of my ‘pretend' male clothing and into something befitting my sissy faggot status and like a good sissy girl I obliged. I wore a pink satin b...
    MissPaula's profile
    <1368 fans>
     What's left of your family.  Read 84 times

      Your family was all you had. And they took it. And the worse was that you family love it. Seeing you crying and begging was the best and most exciting thing ever. Your sister, your wife, your daughter. They are toy now. The worst was your daughter ... Seeing her eyes ... you could say she wanted more. And she was looking straight at you. Your princess ... Getting destroy and loving it. How it f...
    WhiteGirlToFuck's profile
    <877 fans>
     Night of A Gang-Fucked Onstage Filth-Pig  Read 54 times

       Night of A Gang-Fucked, Onstage Filth-Pig!" fantasy-pornography tributed to Wrulf The Pimp Cunt-Defiler Filthmiester Rapist (About Wendy aka MILF Slut P) She's a juicily screwable shag-bag, is the submissive, medium-brown- haired and fourty-six-year-old Wendy. Her fuck-face is lovely, and while not huge, her swinish udders are of a n...
    milf_slut_p's profile
    <1736 fans>
     Tips  Read 33 times Kamiboy Fapioh cards
    SissyAndreaCZ's profile
    <1 fans>
     Finding Amanda  Read 55 times

       The bitch is making her way around the net:
    imjustameanie's profile
    <217 fans>
     Hot summer   Read 38 times

      Super hot times here in the UK and I have uploaded lots of candid feet and random babe's photos that I have been out and made! Feel free to comment and enjoy! I would have liked more but it might get obvious :)
    stevo82's profile
    <416 fans>
     Playing Freud  Read 31 times

       I don't masturbate that often. Really, I don't. I have a busy schedule with a full time job, working out, making time for friends and most importantly watching TV-series. When I do however, I have a lot to catch up on. I'll jerk it for at least an hour.  But that's not really the part of my masturbatory pattern I wanna look upon. I wrote today for my status here ...
    HerrGW's profile
    <23 fans>
     CumshotPlease2  Read 57 times

    Thai888's profile
    <60 fans>
     Vies Slavinnetje Gratis Aangeboden  Read 25 times

         Ik bied mezelf gratis aan voor iedereen die me wil gebruiken!   Ben een pervers sissy hoertje die zich totaal overgeeft aan iedereen die me wil neuken! Ik wil gewoon hard behandeld worden als jouw smerige neukslet. In mijn minirokje, geile slipje en hoerig topje zie ik eruit als een vieze sletterige straathoer klaa...
    sissyslavin4use's profile
    <10 fans>
     Videodreh  Read 41 times

       Hallo liebe Fans und solche, die es werden wollen...  Ich suche (zahlende) Darsteller, die sich privat mit mir treffen möchte, um mich vor laufender Kamera(Video und Foto) zu ficken. Idealerweise bei euch zu Hause, gerne auch mehrere. Aber mein Freund und Fotograf, der auch das Profil hier verwaltet, wird immer dabei sein und eventuell mitmachen. Ernst gemeint...
    Kelly_model's profile
    <31 fans>
     my uk wife sue  Read 42 times

      my wife 55 from uk i want to watch her get fucked and leak cum  New layer...
    plinki5's profile
    <150 fans>
     Tagebuch Samstagmorgen 21.August 2016  Read 35 times

       Am Wochenende war Ivonne mit ihren Freundinnen zum Shoppen nach Barcelona geflogen. Wir hatten zwar in den Nacht von Donnerstag auf Freitag noch ordentlich gefickt, aber schon am Samstagmorgen fehlte mir ihr kleiner Arsch.... Ich legte mir einen Porno ein, nahm mir einen getragen Slip von ihr aus der Wäsche und wollte mir gerade damit einen runterholen, als es plötzlich am Fenster ...
    marcus-bi-'s profile
    <177 fans>
     Sexy wrestling  Read 44 times

       August Ames may be the best at losing   Pro Style Wrestling   Tanya Danielle vs Jewel Marceau oil wrestling
    AndySawyer138's profile
    <137 fans>
     pre-anal finger fuck  Read 47 times
    lay's profile
    <342 fans>
     Fantasy  Read 63 times

       I fantasize about this throbbing white cock. I see this cock but can't see the face. I touch it. It's in my grasp. I can feel the pulse shooting through it. It's in my head. In my mind, I can see it. In my dreams I can feel it. It got so excited that it cums immediately the head slips into my wet ebony pussy lisp. I fantasize about him. I fanta...
    cherripie69's profile
    <209 fans>
     Saddest Lap Dance  Read 51 times

       Check out this video  I learned about this crazy chick from Reddit.  She is an active poster on social media. She is sloppy, heavy and a bad dancer, so if these are turn offs don't waist your time.  But I know some pervs on here will like it.    linker roo:  ...
    MastWat's profile
    <154 fans>
     My Cross Dressing Life  Read 50 times

      Everyone has stories about how they got started cross dressing. I love reading them all as it comforts me to know Iam not alone. So here is me briefly. I started wearing my sisters panties growing up in my elementary years. It got to the point where she was coming to my room to get her own clothes back. I cross dressed in early adult hood to find I only got criticized by women for it. Even afte...
    satin_pantylover's profile
    <150 fans>
     Okay here goes, again, or Just my Luck part two.   Read 106 times

      If you read my first blog you already know how my luck runs. How I get caught no matter how hard I try not to, and things like that. For some reason I got older, but my luck got worse. I was already the most watched after daughter on the face of the earth, so I looked for extra ways to get out from under their endless monitoring, but nothing worked. That was until my mom got a promotion and...
    Rainydayfeeling's profile
    <362 fans>
     HOT IFAP LADIES 25AUG16  Read 51 times

       NativeAmericanSlutMom Latin_Mommy_38DD  Sexy_scouser  corvettecumslut  lisa47 
    gccuster's profile
    <968 fans>
     Cum On Me?  Read 100 times

       So is it weird that sometimes i have a guy friend come over and give him a hand job or he jerks off for me just so i can have him shoot his cum on me? I love the feel of it and it makes me have an AMAZING ORGASM. I was just wondering what peoples thoughts were.
    MOLLYG23's profile
    <4275 fans>
     exposed pervert faggot  Read 47 times

       exposed pervert faggot   craves extreme exposure across the web.  please help this worthless faggot spread his perverted faggot pictures across the internet.
     Living in a house with three sissies (and a hot mom)  Read 57 times

       So last night I realized that I was getting tired of my current living situation and what else I could do.   I started thinking about renting a house with three other guys who enjoy crossdressing and all the fun things we could do together. Friday night lingerie parties, buying lingerie for each other, make up and dressing up together and seeing who could come up with the ...
    sissy-skylar's profile
    <458 fans>
     Okay here goes  Read 78 times

       I must be one of the most unlucky people when it comes to being caught at anything.  When I first started exploring my own body, I was caught by everyone in my family.  When I started sneaking onto the internet at home, I always got caught when I peeked at any adult website.  The first time I ever kissed a boy his mom caught us.  The second time I kissed him I though...
    Rainydayfeeling's profile
    <362 fans>
     Writing erotic stories  Read 44 times

       I do a far amount of writing for my work. In my spare time I enjoy writing fiction. I've decided to try writing some more erotic short stories.   My dirty mind needs a release someplace, and imagefap helps provide creativity and imagination. If anyone wants to give ideas or ladies if you wish for an erotic story let me now here or via email:
    EmersonDarcy's profile
    <16 fans>
     Hi, Quick Question.   Read 72 times

      What are the blogs really for here?  I'm seeing too many strange examples to get any real idea.  From selling, spaming and promoting, but not many stories. 
    Rainydayfeeling's profile
    <362 fans>
     JEFFREY ROSSMAN from CONNECTICUT is a sissy faggot in love with boys  Read 49 times

       My real name is Jeffrey Rossman and I live in Connecticut. People who know me in the real world have no idea what I really am. I have always felt feminine. I recall when I used to date girls, my eyes would always wander and I would find myself looking at guys and thinking I wonder how it would feel to be with a boy. It took me a long while to come to grips with my feelings but the time came wh...
    sissyleah33's profile
    <9 fans>

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