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     strip poker  Read 5 times

       Back in high school I had a small group of friends who were a bit more adventurous than the rest.  On a few occasions we played strip poker which was great for me because there were 5 girls and 2 other guys besides me.  One late night we ended up back at my place, downstairs in my room.  We were all drunk and decided to play strip poker.  A couple hands into the game...
    perverted_son's profile
    <21 fans>
     New Galleries Uploaded  Read 8 times

       I have uploaded some new gallaries (Nylon Feet, Feet Sniffing and Red Heads), hope you all enjoy. On a sad note, I was banned from the chat rooms for resisting an extoration gesture from a fellow chatter. Seems that if you buy enough tokens, you can posses enough power to ban people for not bending to your will. There a very valid reaons for banning people from the chat rooms (harras...
    stockingfootboy's profile
    <553 fans>
     A CD story I am working on.  Read 10 times

      I'm building up the nerve to try to cam tonight in my favorite crossdressing chat room  and I want to look sexy. Wearing my stretch lycra pink panties with the yellow flowers under my regular mens clothes, I decided to head off to the thrift store to look for a new dress.  It's usually empty in there and the counter guy is usually oblivious to what his patrons are buying there...
    morejunk's profile
    <544 fans>
     hi  Read 18 times

      I like to chat about my wife...haveing sex with other guys. Shareing wifes,swinging... for now jut in theory :)
    rivoltella's profile
    <0 fans>
     Nice smooth gurls....  Read 25 times

      I would like to suck on a nice smooth gurly cock. Are there any out there?? xx
    Sensualnylons's profile
    <203 fans>
     CUM TRIBUTE REQUEST  Read 33 times

    SUPREMEBOOTY's profile
    <2 fans>
     At last!  Read 20 times

      Finally managed to make a vacuum jar for balls where I can squeeze them out once they're pumped up. Managed a small mellon last night. fantastic to feel them swimging around!
    Teasemeteaseu's profile
    <4 fans>
     Cool galarry  Read 24 times
    iamusorka's profile
    <48 fans>
     Why did I?  Read 33 times

       Not too sure where I had that bright idea from at all... The woman I sorta am now meant to be seeing, she wanted to go out last night. I'd said yeah, it was arranged. Meet her at 9pm. Nah. Instead I'm playing with a new toy. He's 25. It's 8:50 pm and I'm still in bed with him. My car broke down. That was my flawless excuse. It's still at your place and who's is th...
    Robyn78's profile
    <538 fans>
     Favoriten  Read 24 times
    MisterLova71's profile
    <112 fans>
     I can't take it! XD  Read 38 times

      Almost 200 profile veiws i cant take it gahhhhh! I'm dead XD!!!
    CLfemboy's profile
    <11 fans>
     Threesome Advice  Read 26 times

       My wife recently agreed to a threesome if we could get Alex to do it with us. Alex is quite shy but she's very friendly, loves company and is open to a lot of things. Any advice on asking her and convincing her into it? 
    assfanatical's profile
    <15 fans>
     Self Strangle  Read 20 times

      as I type this I am holding a nude stobing around my thray. Tight can’t breath . awesome! Apparently I can’t type very well when I am being strangled. The post should actually read: As I type this message I am holding a nude stocking tight around my throat. It’s very tight and I can’t breathe. Awesome! Love u guys! AK Tina
    tina4strngl's profile
    <8 fans>
     50 Ways to love your Lever (not mine, but funny)  Read 27 times
    tequilamb's profile
    <4811 fans>
     Katrine   Read 59 times

      Just enjoy the pictures and tell me what you think of her? save them as your own and use them on your websites or show your friends :) make her popular like she use to! (i uploaded them before and they were mostly on 1000+ views)
    raflad1994's profile
    <10 fans>
     Getting used to FUCKING.  Read 91 times

       In my experience with dating younger men in their 20s, I've discovered an amusing truth: Young men aren't used to fucking. By that, I mean that sex, particularly limitless repeated, frequent, draAAAwn out sex is quite a novelty to them. In most cases, they have had a girlfriend or two, and have had *some* experience. But for the mostpart, sex has always been a real challenge to simpl...
    PervertedSingleMom's profile
    <233 fans>
     What men want  Read 47 times

       Men seem to only truly want what they can't have. Or what they think they can't have. In my experience, many many men have fantasies about being with older women. Likewise, many of the husbands of friends and male friends I have express the desire to be with a younger women.  Anyone care to speak to this? Is it the challenge? The risk? Or is...
    PervertedSingleMom's profile
    <233 fans>
     Dear 19 year old man,   Read 45 times

        Right now, there is so much semen in your body, and so much testosterone flowing through your sex-crazed brain that you really have no choice...   It's time to ejaculate. Again. 
    PervertedSingleMom's profile
    <233 fans>
     Shades of my ex-marriage  Read 41 times

       "I hope you don't mind that I shaved your husband's balls...They were all scratchy on my smooth porn pussy!"  
    PervertedSingleMom's profile
    <233 fans>
     My son's girlfriend is a little whore  Read 83 times

       So I overheard my son talking to his girlfrend Stacy on his phone, and he was trying to be quiet. So naturally my ears perked up with great interest. I'm always interested in my son's life and his welbeing. Apparently, he was actually telling her that HE felt she was ignoring his feelings and that all she ever wanted to do was have sex.  It warms my heart! I am raising a  k...
    PervertedSingleMom's profile
    <233 fans>
     2015-03-01  Read 32 times

      anther rp idea
    Disago's profile
    <141 fans>
     BACK!!!!  Read 27 times
    lightzing33's's profile
    <1266 fans>
     Love Uncut  Read 28 times

      Just wanted to say that I absolutely love cocks of all shapes and size.  My favorite are uncut curved cocks (just like my own).  Nothing more amazing than a thick hard cock squirting cum all over a woman's face, preferably several of them!
    bukkakebambi's profile
    <8 fans>
     Huren und Nutten in den Arsch gefickt  Read 48 times
    Lausejunge's profile
    <1601 fans>
     Bound and Frozen Rose  Read 40 times

       I had Rose to myself for the weekend.  Because I know many of our friends here like it when I post them, I took photos when I thought of it and circumstances permitted.  You will find some of them here.  
    Princeps_Cyberius's profile
    <101 fans>
     That's it for me!  Read 34 times

       After being a member of ImageFap for a year and 7 months, I will be dectivating my account on 07 Mar 15. Thanks for the comments, fans & friendship. Good luck and have fun! Foo 
    foo24's profile
    <238 fans>
     Club : Anonymous  Read 29 times

       The partners his face hidden by a mask and women have shaved pussy.
    Lover3D's profile
    <23 fans>
     Wie alles began  Read 31 times

       Sie war nicht meine Freundin aber auch keine Fremde für mich. schon seit 2 Jahren arbeitete sie bei meinem Onkel in der Firma. Ich half dort abends und am Wochenende aus. Da es ein kleines Familienunternehmen war mit 3 Angestellten sah man sich auch hin und wieder. ich arbeitet im Fotolabor und sie am PC, wo sie als Grafikdesingerin für die Erstellung von Schriften, die sp&a...
    alex59's profile
    <434 fans>
     Coming Soon <3  Read 35 times

       Finally managed to click some new pics...some naked some dressed! Will be putting them up soon!!!
    SissyBitchDaphne's profile
    <93 fans>
     Melody If u r reading  Read 26 times

      it started well. but suddenlly don't know why everthing destroied. we can start it all again. come back.
    asr2006's profile
    <14 fans>
     cum  Read 55 times

      Anybody from Yorkshire or near hear that wants to come and give me there cum tonight please message me as I am needed to taste alot of cum this is not a joke I really want someonw here so I can suck fuck and swallow u xx
    s1ni's profile
    <993 fans>
     Love showing off my wife when she's passed out  Read 71 times

       I get such a thrill exposing my wife after she passes out drunk. I get so excited taken her clothes off and leaving her naked for everyone to see her. Watching her getting fondle and groped. Watching my friends take pictures of her naked knowing they have pictures of her tits and pussy to enjoy or show their friends. The thought of being seen naked by so many people all with her not knowing....
    passedout's profile
    <1161 fans>
     SLUT ABUSE SUNDAY  Read 78 times

       Today my loving Owner told me was slut sunday, which basically means this. I will be confined to our playroom, it has a bed, a chair, a few bondage toys, a swing. I will bring anything i need for the next 6 hours or so as i can not leave this room. There is a full bathroomi can use.  I will wait  until someone comes in to use and abuse me. i must serve who ever comes...
    slutwife4men's profile
    <2313 fans>
     I am  Read 86 times

       I am here. But I am also here. The mirror is no longer a fitting boon. I am me. Clawing at myself. But there isnt a conflict.  I see you. I see me. And I like me in combination as this. discrepancy dictomey duality that isn't all those so much really.  I am the same at the core like a true fae should be.   But I fucked the shoulds in a way that obliterated "me"...
    LamentedJill's profile
    <4285 fans>
     First attempt.   Read 49 times

      Okay first attempt here.  I visit here to just get off.  Being single that means I should be here a lot more often than I am. I had no plans on much more than pic's of the ladies. Then men get friendly with me. It's no big deal to start with. I'll flirt with anyone. Not knowing how this place works and adding things that get picked up on by men of a certain sexual persuasi...
    BlitzwingUK's profile
    <12 fans>
     Artis Indonesia Bugil  Read 53 times

      Sir Garhet Collection...Artis Indonesia Bugil,Jilbab Artis,Pipik Dian Irawati,Anal,Double Penetration,Cumshot..Semua koleksi Terbaik..Mr.Ruchdiatman.
    RDTMN's profile
    <33 fans>
     New content soon  Read 42 times

      There's a good chance I will be uploading some new content next weekend, I'm so excited I get to dress up do everyone, I wish I could do it more often. I'll just have to take a lot of pictures ;9
    CLfemboy's profile
    <11 fans>
     Good Stuff  Read 47 times

       submissive-monarch.tumblr   blondebound.tumblr   amateurgags.tumblr   gaggedselfies.tumblr    facialwithgag.tumblr
    scyren's profile
    <132 fans>
     sissy timmy sanders  Read 49 times

          sissy timmy sanders..married closet sissy faggot that wears his wifes pantys bra and nighty to suck off dom men who enjoy humiliating wimps like me
    shamedtoo's profile
    <1 fans>
     Wanted  Read 81 times

         Does anybode know who this hairy hottie is and where I can see more of her? Just can't stop fapping to this pic.        
    hagebutte's profile
    <135 fans>
     Gallery Update  Read 88 times

      Additions to the Cum Fakes/Inserts/Etc: Completed Requests Gallery.
    foreverpast's profile
    <463 fans>
     Josh is losing his mind  Read 132 times

       h   Can't get it out of your head, can you? The fact that your mom's best friend came over when you were home alone. The fact that she just RODE you and over the course of three hours gave you four orgasms and had five of her own.  The fact that you utterly jizzed your brains out into her. ...
    PervertedSingleMom's profile
    <233 fans>
     What should be obvious  Read 76 times

       I have recently had an experieince with someone that was difficult to comprehend. I am on a porn site, putting pictures of myself out there... hell — I am a sub sissy slut. I get all of that. But there is NO WAY I would want to put myself in real harm — I mean purposely causing myself physical pain. Nor would I want to have anyone else cause me pain or injury. Bein...
    FinallyM2FAndrea2014's profile
    <165 fans>
     UK Blonde Slut Phoenix  Read 75 times

       I love the BBC gangbang that this slut gets but unfortunately not only do the pics have copyright watermarks they are also not very large but rather than not post them at all I thought I would do it through the Blog!   ...
    NorfolkBiGND's profile
    <2637 fans>
     more of yesterday's view  Read 71 times

       Went in to town after work lots of nice women about in the yankie candle shop one of the workershad leggings on you could see through looked like she had pink panties on Then in primark there was some nice stuff these 2 fit blondes had leggins on but couldnt get good view but they was buying a nice load of new thongs and panties
    underwearlover87's profile
    <45 fans>
     Cumdump for Men  Read 100 times

       All credit to Chloecumslut for this story. Edited by me Vicki CoXXX    original can be found here    CUMDUMP For MEN As usual I was feeling horny and slutty and was in need of cock and cum. This weekend would be different though because I had been locked in my chastity device for o...
    VickiCoxxxTvWhore's profile
    <75 fans>
     hey  Read 96 times

      lookin for teen nudist girl pics
    smoothies4me's profile
    <9 fans>
     Massage  Read 211 times

        Massage is a good way to learn how to give pleasure to your partner, not only just pressure relief, but body to body massage is better as it is about the sensation of skin against ...
    BestFapping's profile
    <152 fans>
     Why do white women Luv to give GREAT oral sex ? Myth or Fact   Read 65 times

       Why do white women LUV to give GREAT oral sex ? Tell me why this is a myth or fact - speak to having a BBC if you can.. I had my first experience with a white woman at 19yrs old. She was a sexy mature brunette attorney. We met in passing, as our eyes just locked. I guess it helped I just came from the gym working out in my cut off tank top and fitted athletic shorts. All my muscles we...
    blkdesire_75's profile
    <7 fans>
     Tech Tips  Read 54 times

         Easy Tech Tips Improve #WIFI Signal simply by placing two glasses of water next to router    
    BestFapping's profile
    <152 fans>
     Mature big ass Colombian vagina masturbates with a dildo in front of the web camera  Read 85 times

       Watch full video. Mature big ass Colombian vagina masturbates
    Sharon25's profile
    <68 fans>
     My first asspussy orgasm!   Read 97 times

       I just had my first asspussy orgasm! I fucked my ass with my well-lubed blue dildo. I couldn't get hard so I just kept fucking my ass. It felt so good. I kept going, hitting the right spot, sliding my dildo all over the place. Then, as it kept getting better and better, I orgasmed from within without touching my cock. A little cum squirt out.  I continued right after to fuck ...
    Throbbing_and_curious's profile
    <59 fans>
     oohlalaXXX  Read 80 times
    gccuster's profile
    <561 fans>
     My Motto  Read 63 times

      "In bed, treat her like a worthless whore. Elsewhere, spoil her like a princess." 
     I'm open to requests (Please read first)  Read 81 times

      Well now. It's been awhile since I've been on this account. So I decided to take some requests. Before anyone starts flooding me with messages, I have a few rules. Faces only, no kids or animals in the pics and has to be no younger than 16. Other than that you are welcome to bring me your requests.
    somerandomone's profile
    <100 fans>

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