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     Theater Assessment Pocahontas andor America in the Bushwick Starr  Read 6 times

      The noisier things get, the higher the details. If I was a fruit, what would I be? It has been planted that the Hawaii islands are moving at a speed of 10 cm/year towards Japan. plying plenty of time for everyone to win a lame or two or three. It's flashy, decompressing, and fun. You'll good savour the scrambling and yelling and expressing joy that this game conveys along, I'm certain! If th...
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     Naked all the time  Read 11 times

       In summer, out at the cottage, it was possible to be completely naked all the time. We put mattresses on the balcony and slept on them without sheets, the soft night air bathing our skin. I'd wake during the night to realise drowsily that Sandy was gently masturbating me or sucking my cock and I'd lie there half awake, lulled in pleasure until he made me cum and I'd drift o...
    mommywanker's profile
    <397 fans>
     Used heels in my pussy  Read 15 times

       I bought these sexy nude heels at a thrift store, i usually don't because I like to play with my heels but these were so cheap I had to have them even though i knew they were going rite in my pussy, which they did. It was fun but so dirty, what do u think?? too skanky??
    sexypussy23's profile
    <15 fans>
     The First time  Read 60 times

         When I was about 13, I would spend my Summer vacations, from school, at my Uncles’ house. My cousin and I would sleep in one bedroom, with two beds. He was three years older then me and always knew what we could do, to have fun.   We had no secrets between us and we shared everything.   One afternoon I came home early and found him standing in front of a full l...
    Topazsteve's profile
    <6 fans>
     Only been here a short time but.....   Read 17 times

      Theres alot of good pics and stuff, but no women to talk to. I mean damn, I've had better conversation's on Facebook, With women I actually know!! 
    TommyJet's profile
    <32 fans>
     Flat feet ...?  Read 18 times

    freze954's profile
    <3 fans>
     Love sucking dick! can't wait to fuck  Read 45 times

      Most days i just want to do this. sucking and fucking is it a girl dream all day long? I dont mind more than one.
    samcarter33's profile
    <13 fans>
     15 Sep 2014  Read 27 times

      Getting views but no comments.  For all this site's size, content and contributors there isn't much sense of community, didn't see hot threads in the forum, few people comment, rate or fav.  So I'm getting views but haven't connected with any Photoshop/Gimp enthusiasts.  Time will tell.  Its good that pic posted here pop up on internet keyword searches bu...
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    <11 fans>
     My Pics  Read 87 times

    SherenCox's profile
    <26 fans>
     sell panties dirty socks tights продаю трусики грязные носочки колготки  Read 32 times

       продаю трусики грязные носочки колготки sell panties dirty socks tights 
    likaaaa's profile
    <1 fans>
     play time right out the shower  Read 30 times

      i wish i had a hot dom to play with me
    littledevildick's profile
    <43 fans>
     Small World.   Read 51 times

      It seems my sis stole someone's girlfriend. Someone also has stalker tendencies and turns up at my house. He's angry for about five seconds.  The girls are out and we both recognise each other. He seems to be lost for words. I invite him in for a chat and drink. He really is not at all angry now. More worried that I'll let out what his secret is. We have got a brief history sexually. From ...
    CockDockerX's profile
    <104 fans>
     another  Read 36 times

    arrayputra's profile
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     Stepmom  Read 66 times

       She is 41 and hot and curvy. Cant resist it. She has no idea i spy on her. Made money from friends who pay to see my voyeur film of her
    dirtyteenguy's profile
    <6 fans>
     hot  Read 26 times

       hi ik ben een rustige man, maar altijd willen geile hete sex te veel te vinden zijn en ik ben niet snel vies en aarzel niet om e-mail Ik ben ook bereid om verblijf voor goede sex vakantie sex relatie LAT-relatie permanent sekspartner intresse like-dag de multi uw reactie dan kusss hi i am quiet man but always want to have horny hot sex to much to find and am not easily dirty and do not he...
    boykejomy's profile
    <18 fans>
     Hairy pussy...  Read 44 times

       I now understand why the Old Polaroid photo galleries I post are so popular with fans. sly guys and gals enjoy the hairy, hairy pussies women sported in the 60's and 70's. In the 1990's and early 2000's, it appeared bald pussies were the 'in' flavor, so to speak. ...however, I have noticed full, and some trimmed bushes gaining popularity in...
    MiamiMike's profile
    <266 fans>
     The day the photograph came  Read 70 times

       The plain brown envelope came to my office and had been opened as usual by my secretary who handed it to me without a word. A picture was inside. The picture was of my wife. She was lying naked on an uncarpeted floor, her legs spread wide to reveal her cunt more completely and openly than I'd ever seen it myself, cum oozing from her vagina. She was smiling encouragingly at whoever ha...
    mommywanker's profile
    <397 fans>
     New Neighbour  Read 83 times

      We have a new neighbour.  She moved in a few months ago and we have now got to know her.  She is in her early 60s like us, but divorced and living on her own.  She still has an attractive face, nice legs and heavy breasts which I imagine would sag really nicely when she is naked.  She also has lovely feet and often wears strappy sandals, which is a definite plus in my book.&...
    Wibble99999's profile
    <135 fans>
     my hard pic & video   Read 95 times

      my hard pic & video -->>
    badewe's profile
    <17 fans>
     Rockstar Sex appeal  Read 86 times

       When i was about 10, my older sister was given a guitar by my aunt and uncle.  My aunt had played in a church choir and i remember her trying to get my sister and I to sing while she played piano in her living room, trying to teach us about harmonizing and "presence".  I never enjoyed it.  I didn't enjoy the songs, i didn't enjoy the sweet melodies, and i didn't enjoy having to perform th...
    AnnaJezebel's profile
    <6275 fans>
     Thanks / Gracias!  Read 35 times

       Thanks To all you people adding my galleries to your favorites or becoming a fan!   Gracias de verdad a todas y todos los que han agregado mis galerías a sus favoritas o me siguen como fans! 
    peperverso's profile
    <25 fans>
     Lost  Read 29 times

      There was a sadness in the air Tinged as it was by the scent of loss. She didn't see me across the room She looked through me A ghost of her past Her eyes couldn't bring themselves to greet I floated away on the breeze Lost in the dreams of others Their small happinesses were blades I feel the cuts again and again As I, unnoticed, pass them by And I bleed inside I fade and l...
    WalterPoe's profile
    <218 fans>
     Berlin Hookers  Read 48 times

       Man, I gotta go to Berlin!!!!
    FapHound's profile
    <157 fans>
     anal  Read 71 times

         so i thought i would enter a fling i had with a horny little country girl that had a huge crush on me and she wasnt getting it at home cause she hated her husband since then they are divorsed. everytime we were somewhere that was a mutural meeting place with both of our families and we would rub on each other as soon as we got a chance. my wife has nothing to do with anal sex and i wa...
    finally525's profile
    <95 fans>
     Et non, je suis pas une femme!  Read 34 times

      Mais j'aimme les ommes virils à Brussels!
    evat's profile
    <19 fans>
     2014-09-15  Read 41 times
    moon35's profile
    <142 fans>
     2014-09-15  Read 46 times
    moon35's profile
    <142 fans>
     2014-09-15  Read 39 times
    moon35's profile
    <142 fans>
     Halftime Festivities  Read 50 times

      I spent the weekend with Josie and Rose.  Of course, we watched the Packers game.  We had some fun during halftime, as I recorded in photos.  It was a great game!
    Princeps_Cyberius's profile
    <46 fans>
     I have just fucked this Prostitute   Read 105 times

          I have just fucked this Prostitute    She was worth every Cent                
    idstalker's profile
    <321 fans>
     Comments  Read 39 times

       We love to read about what you lovely fappers would like to do with us and your comments excite us lots, pls keep them (and us) coming.  
    cleavagefan's profile
    <1319 fans>
     Ankündigung  Read 43 times

      Eine Woche bis zur Verkündung der Bewährungsaufgabe für den September!
    JochenH's profile
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     hinterm opernhaus  Read 39 times

       hey hab gehört das der park hinterm opernhaus in leipzig ein treffpunkt für huren ist, stimmt das?    
    cleff99's profile
    <146 fans>
     Where can I find captions about regret?  Read 50 times

       It's way too rare to see good captions about regrets. That's annoying because regrets makes much more humiliating content than regular small penis -stuff. So, my question is where can I find more captions about women pouring salt to the mental wounds? My guess is that best pictures are buried in some badly named galleries so if you find the captions I'm looking for, please...
    rhumer's profile
    <114 fans>
     crazy pictures  Read 101 times

      Fell free to look at my crazy shocking pics
    zurk562's profile
    <2 fans>
     Was wird heute passieren?  Read 45 times

       Mitten im Raum steht sie da und wartet. Das flackernde Licht der Kerzen erhellt nur spärlich die Wände, an denen schemenhaft Bilder zuerkennen sind. Durch das Fenster ist das benachbarte Haus sehen. Kann auch sie gesehen werden? Sie weiß es nicht, aber es ist dunkel und das ist doch etwas beruhigend. Hinter ihr sitzt er lässig auf ihrem Bett und schaut sie bewundern...
    FrankGrey's profile
    <3 fans>
     I'm new  Read 41 times

      Just looking to talk to women that like fantasy roleplay. I've fucked plenty of girls with a daddy fantasy. Which kind of got me into the subject of taboo. I like to fuck hard. but most women can't handle it, which is fine. But I'd rather be a little rough. Its more me being rough and hard with my thrusts, more than anything. I have plenty of stories with the women I've been wit...
    TommyJet's profile
    <32 fans>
     Hello  Read 74 times

      I have started but I dont know anything to type now
    Kariann's profile
    <63 fans>
     Japanese  Read 65 times

      Tamaki Yasuoka
    Bodon's profile
    <0 fans>
     sex positions review  Read 85 times

       I cant sleep so whatever, let's do this: 1) I love being on top, cowgirl (facing him). This gives me a lot of control re. pace, depth of penetration, angle... however it is a lot of work so I usually cannot do this long enough for the entire duration we fuck (I guess I should exercise more!) 2) mish: So yeah while this is kinda boring, it's sort of a hug and fuck c...
    bostonaide's profile
    <167 fans>
     The life of a slave that get to be used by me.  Read 51 times

       he lucky slave that get to be mine has a life of pain and pleasure to look forward to for starters youare required to wear the clothes that you are given which will be a fishnet stocking suit and a ball gag. you are not to be heard and are to be always open for inspection and use. While i am at work you will have a device placed on them that will fill your pussy up and stick out about six in...
     Vintage polaroid nudes...  Read 85 times

       A new fetish stirs within me. attraction for vintage, polaroid nude photos from the 1960's and 70's. I suppose very, very few females shaved their pussies during those times, as nearly every polaroid I find shows a full bush of unshaven pubic hair. Now, that is not a problem, as I adore a full bush. ...if only I was still able to grow a full bush on...
    MiamiMike's profile
    <266 fans>
     I love hairy pussy  Read 73 times

      I love eating hairy pussy. My wife loves it when I shoot a big load in her big fat hairy pussy then she sits on my face and I eat all my cum out of that delicious pussy.
    Jammins's profile
    <1 fans>
     totally "no-limits" middle aged white submissive male seeking to be an "OWN" live-in slave for woman or couple  Read 56 times

       I am ready to paxck up and go where my Mistress orders. I can live in the house, garage or sleep on the floor at the end of her bed if told to. I am an very experienced gormet cook, I clean, wash and do yards, I also can and will take care of ANY needs my ownertells me, women or men I can be abused for her pleasure or to just unwind, it's my place...Mi ke 
    pantystain58's profile
    <0 fans>
     My first Bi experience with Jean  Read 127 times

       This has to be told. Jean and I have known each other since senior School and have partied on and off over the years. Truthfully I never knew for sure if she was bi but I had my suspicions over the years. Nothing in particular but just a sense I guess. This night we took off to the bar at 10 pm an amazing band were playing and we just danced the night away with a bunch of friends that w...
    JulieAllCock's profile
    <933 fans>
     The Cuckolding Lifestyle  Read 78 times

      It can be hard to explain the idea of cuckolding to the lady in your life.  For a nice, female-friendly site to let her know what cuckolding is about, please see The Cuckolding Lifestyle  at
    bastanchury's profile
    <452 fans>
     mp4/gfy links  Read 72 times

          Download on tablet/mobile   
    jurassic_digest's profile
    <36 fans>
     Two for the Rode,, Day two.  Read 66 times

         Day two started as I woke up and felt the truck moving. It was still dark outside and just laid there for a few minutes. I then got up and checked my makeup and hair. I put on my black fishnets stockings and black thong and black mini dress. i went to the passangers chair and sat down and looked at my smiling BF. He told me to come over and sit across his ap as he drove down the ...
    BriannaCDlvs2drn's profile
    <212 fans>
     how it started  Read 201 times

       I was 13 years old  when  woke up yo sounds of my Mom makeing all kinda of sounds looked in her room and my step dad was on her back and then he pushed her over and I saw his huge thing he took it out of her and pushed it in her mouth my mon went crazy on it he was squirting juice out of it in my moms mouth then he got up I got back in my room quick couldnt stop thinking about what...
    nastymoma's profile
    <201 fans>
     How to break into porn  Read 71 times

      Assuming you're a straight guy who only wants to do straight porn, the odds are heavily stacked against you. Producers and directors generally go with established talent, known commodities they know can perform on demand, will show up on time and in decent condition, etc. You also would need to either live in the LA area or Miami. The best way for a straight male to break into the buis...
    Alexander69's profile
    <3 fans>
     well lol  Read 80 times

      not sure what this blog thing is but i typed
    monica96's profile
    <799 fans>
     My naughty, masturbating wanker daddy  Read 124 times

       I went camping with my dad. We shared a tent and saw each other naked every day. In fact we swam and sunbathed in the nude quite naturally although daddy was a little shy about me seeing him completely naked at first. I already knew that he masturbated and when I saw him sneaking off sometimes in the evening, saying he wanted to smoke, I knew he was really going for a wank. One evening,...
    mommywanker's profile
    <397 fans>
     Classic  Read 69 times

       Classic humiliation cuck:   Very hot video from   Super cute BBC seduction:
    poisontree's profile
    <235 fans>
     Saw this on another site about cyber dom RT Hookups  Read 69 times

       3 people minimum: #1 = the sub bottom (location wherever they be or can travel to) #2 = Dom\voyuer (location can be anywhere) #3 = Coordinator:  Finds Top (#4), may also be The Top or an optional top\photog (location can be anywhere) #4 = Top(s) any gender minimum 1 male  (same location as me) optional: - any gender Photographer Extra Tops Dom (#2), using CL or other...
    StL420Bottom's profile
    <67 fans>
     Eventually decided on the type of girl I want in real life  Read 73 times

       I like many different types of girls, I always have........  I have fucked a few different types of girls and I have jerked off to many more. I make no apologies for this, but after around 20 years I have finally decided upon the type of girl I would love to be with forever......... I want a cute young japanese girl who loves the whole cosplay thing (yes i am a nerd lol).  I...
    ChavEmoGothLover's profile
    <404 fans>

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