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     Wanking in my tight lack pants  Read 4 times

       Morning here in Norway. Sitting at my home office, stroking my stiff cock, about to put on my pair of tight, black lack pants with a front zipper.  Going to wank to some hot ladies in latex, and maybe some young and slutty UK chavs, wearing tight and shiny spandex leggings and hot pants, so tight that thery're working their way up the girls' crotches. Any ot...
    VeryHornyGuy's profile
    <253 fans>
     Suggestions  Read 3 times

      Send me your suggestions on whose face to fake next! But keep in mind that I'm lazy and work slow
    HotClub's profile
    <5 fans>
     Mythbusters "Season 9" on DVD  Read 9 times

       So here in Canada, the episode order has always been slightly different and way behind other places, but now even the DVD episode order seems messed up, at least on the website... I swear that even in the States, all their tenth year stuff was supposed to be season 10, even tough it was season 14 here in Canada. Looking at these newer episodes, though, I must say that they do seem to ...
    14InchPencil's profile
    <527 fans>
     Sex on a Nudist Beach, and the Police Shakedown  Read 26 times

       A few years ago, I was visiting a friend in Oregon who i hadn't seen for a long time.  He and I met through a mutual friend who was in a band.  They would always have small parties where they would perform and him and I spent a lot of nights drinking wine, smoking pot and hanging with other people at the small farmhouse in the countryside.  Our paths both diverged and to...
    AnnaJezebel's profile
    <6379 fans>
     halloween  Read 15 times

       First, pardon my broken English: I'm not a native canadian (originally from Morocco). I got most of my english from TV shows (OZ - Breaking Bad), and music ( ). so thanks for this fun opportunity to brush up my English with you, from a-z, in the kinkiest way possible :-)  On a pressing ...
    puma84's profile
    <32 fans>
     My Birthday Fantasy  Read 28 times

      It's always been a fantasy of mine to organise a party where IM the party favor ;) i'd let one of my friends organize it and pick out my birthday clothes, something frilly and slutty and before the guests came I would be tied to a table and gagged, with a sign saying "abuse how you want to" there'd be a tub of lube and a nice selelction of sex toys next to me. I just love ...
    LitQueer's profile
    <17 fans>
     You are what you eat – The Taste of Semen  Read 35 times

       I noted, sadly, that one young lady, ShyGirlFran, said she: "don't really like the smell of sperm and the taste of it makes me heave". That is perfectly understandable as we are not made to enjoy everything we put in our mouths. However, we men do not necessarily help ourselves when it comes to expecting our wives and girlfriends to swallow everything we ejaculate into their ...
    Tosspott's profile
    <108 fans>
     An Afternoon Matinee  Read 23 times

       An Afternoon Matinee   Rick catching his girlfriend cheating.  Hi my name's Rick and I'd like to tell you about the night my girlfriend cheated on me. I wont go into our full history but I can say that I've never been more passionate toward another person before. Meeting Samantha in high school she's been my girlfriend th...
    nebic's profile
    <245 fans>
     on strap-ons  Read 24 times

      I was curious as to how a strapon would feel so I asked one of my friends to try it, and I have to say it was pretty great! She tired pretty quickly, but she called me a slut and had me finish on myself so that was pretty fun. I think ill be sicking to the cocks attached to guys however ;)
    LitQueer's profile
    <17 fans>
     WHAT IS IT?  Read 34 times

       WHOT IS IT? 
    rotko's profile
    <0 fans>
     Friday Night Lights  Read 39 times

       Friday night about 5:30 a couple ladies came into the bar. It appeared they had come straight from work they way they were dressed. The one looked to be early 30's and the other mid 40's. Both not bad, the younger one obviously the better of the two. Evan who had been at the bar since 4:00 went over and struck a conversation with them. The smooth talking mother-fucker took a...
    eric_cougar_stud_1992's profile
    <464 fans>
     Freiheit...  Read 19 times

      Freiheit... ... kann man das zumindest nur für einen (sehr sehr) kleinen Körperteil von mir nennen. Genauer gesagt, ist es nicht mal meiner, mein Sklavenschwanz gehört laut Vertrag meiner Herrin. Der Rest von mir kann sich kaum rühren! Seit Stunden stehe ich hier, in straffer "Strappado"-Stellung gefesselt, mit Ballet Boots und einer Spreizstange dazwischen. In...
    Kink_KK's profile
    <265 fans>
     gay cum  Read 22 times
    AnalSlutShemale's profile
    <211 fans>
     tranny  Read 18 times
    AnalSlutShemale's profile
    <211 fans>
     awakening  Read 30 times

      friday and saturday are the days when i become what i am. i had a rough week and i wanted to relax with a lot of alcohol. of course, i succeeded in my intention to get drunk and the last thing i remember that i went out to take some air.... in the morning something fantastic woke me up...i felt that my cock was very swollen and someone's hand how hold my balls...i don`t want to open my eye...
    bajum_barum's profile
    <75 fans>
     CLENCHED TOO TIGHT?  Read 21 times

       Sadly, Paris’ reputation for libertine attitudes took a blow yesterday when its giant green butt plug was destroyed. The butt plug was a “24-foot inflatable piece was created by artist Paul McCarthy and installed in the Place Vendôme in Paris, an area popular for its 18th century architecture”, writes Inquisitr. McCarthy, a contemporary artist from L...
    Meaculpa000011's profile
    <89 fans>
     Suche nette reale Sexpartner zum ausleben unserer gemeinsamen Fantasien   Read 22 times

       Ich bin immer noch auf der Suche nach einer Sissy oder TG / TV / TS oder schlangen Mann mit einem gepflegten rasierte...
    CocknBalls67's profile
    <360 fans>
     Abikin's morning.  Read 28 times

       Abikin's Morning "gooooood morning! rise and shine" said Big Sister, genty ticking the little sissy slut. abikins was curled up with his big pink teddy bear, his short sheer babydoll nightie tangled around his waist, mouth slightly open above the tinkerbell pacifier which lay where it had fallen. He was a slightly built sissy about 150cm tall with long ...
    abigurl's profile
    <1777 fans>
     Captions  Read 24 times

       It's been a long time since I did something like this. I am really enjoy my time doing these and hope that any lady/Lady that I do them for also enjoys them as much as I do. I'm happy to take requests, though there are limits to what I will, and can do.    
    cfnmchap's profile
    <67 fans>
     More Indian Shop Loving...  Read 43 times

       My next visit to work at Ranjit and Suniil's grocery store was a few days later, lunchtime midweek to help with the dinner time pizza rush. All three of us worked flat out and had no time to discuss what had transpired upstairs in the sitting room after the store had closed. At around 2pm the shop became quiet and Ranjit and Sunil asked me to step into the back for a brief moment. One out of...
    JulieAllCock's profile
    <1176 fans>
     Melanie on holiday  Read 41 times

       My German friend Melanie is a classic blonde beauty, with a responsible job, but a real three-way slut: a star in hardcore porn under various names as well as a former Playmate of the Year, she is very submissive and loves to fuck as much and as often as possible, with as many men as will have her. Her sexual tastes are eclectic and rather kinky: she loves being made use of as a...
    Bendoverman's profile
    <5367 fans>
     Webcam Anal Whore  Read 49 times
    milene_luvcock's profile
    <165 fans>
     Webcam Anal Whore  Read 27 times
    sophie_sexy's profile
    <112 fans>
     Quotes  Read 18 times

      'I choose my friends for their good looks, my acquaintances for their good characters, and my enemies for their intellects. A man cannot be too careful in the choice of his enemies. Oscar Wilde A man accepts his losses with dignity His victories with grace His friends with love And his enemies with respect. Walter Poe
    WalterPoe's profile
    <298 fans>
     Blog 3.0: Free calendars  Read 25 times

       If anyone would like me to create them a 2015 calendar then get in touch. Want a free calendar of your wife or girlfriends naughty pics then I'd be happy to do one. Just message me. HORNYSCOUSE69
    hornyscouse69's profile
    <15 fans>
     Back to the shitty date which ended up not so shitty!  Read 35 times

       I straddled Ron, the black hung stallion and impaled myself on that huge cock. I slid the whole length of that massive shaft swallowed that shit up, til I felt it in my lungs. It must have felt good because his eyes got all googly watching me take that black dick all the up inside me! It felt soo deep pulsating inside me! then WTF? Andre, starts to straddle his face and get rimmed by Ron! I...
    sataori_fukame's profile
    <137 fans>
     Thoughts..Actions  Read 29 times

      I Live For Kinky Women,,I'll Even Bleed For Them,,All She Has To Do Is Ask..And My Blood Will Spill.!!
    SilverTongueDevil's profile
    <33 fans>
     my pics  Read 92 times

      I have thousands of sexy pics and vids of her. for each photo comment i'll post 3 more pics . just tell me what kind of pics. write all the dirty things you wanna do to her!!!!
    katyperry's profile
    <22 fans>
     My hot slut wife.  Read 54 times

      Debating on making a website showing off my hot wifes naked body after shes done fucking and of her webcam that I pimp her on. Thoughts?
    steves_wife's profile
    <0 fans>
     What friends are for - Epilogue  Read 34 times

       What friends are for - Epilogue Sammy's story comes to an end. This is a hardcore fantasy cuckold, snuff story and should not be read by anyone. This story is very twisted, you've been warned. ___________________________ His world was spinning. Could this really be happening? He wondered. The last few days replayed in his head: His ...
    nebic's profile
    <245 fans>
     About the masks...  Read 38 times

       Well...I began posing for nude photographs only days after my 18th birthday. Almost from the start I was doing fetish stuff. At the time, wearing a gasmask wasn't that big a deal. The entire situation was surreal! There I was getting undressed in front of a photographer at least 20 years older than me who was obviously checking me out, while in a drafty old building on a cold, sunny afte...
    KittyLyons's profile
    <20 fans>
     Package for Dad  Read 76 times

               Twice a month my dad would receive a package in the mail that would be put on the kitchen table with the rest of his mail for him to look at when he came home from work. That same package for dad in the "discreet" black package had been showing up for him since I was quite young so I knew it was another one of his new porn magazines or &qu...
    Hunglikedad's profile
    <266 fans>
     A little something.  Read 46 times

       I'm just a Nice guy deep down,,wanting to meet interesting people.. If your a nice person deep down and a Little Kinky maybe we have things in common that we could chat about.. I have a wide variety of interests,,comes from being so old and looking at so much Porn throughout a half century..  The Galleries I up-load contain things I find interestingly exciting,I...
    BobKnobin's profile
    <614 fans>
     Me giving blowjob  Read 99 times
    DDbooba's profile
    <152 fans>
     New Pantyhose Movie  Read 42 times

       Description: Haylee getting naughty in her sheer pantyhose File Size: 110.9 MB Download Link:  
    truckred2's profile
    <168 fans>
     New Pantyhose Movie  Read 38 times

         Description: Haylee in her first ever video File Size: 81.7 MB Download Link:
    truckred2's profile
    <168 fans>
     New Pantyhose Movie  Read 37 times

        Description: Haylee gettin dressed and gettin off File Size: 111.3 MB Download Link:  
    truckred2's profile
    <168 fans>
     New Pantyhose Movie  Read 34 times

       Description: Haylee and Izzy the naughty office girls File Size: 66.5 MB Download Link:    
    truckred2's profile
    <168 fans>
     2014-10-18  Read 59 times

    bigballs13's profile
    <5 fans>
     No idea what happened  Read 89 times

       Last night was my hubby card night where he has a few buddies over and spend the evening drinking scots and gambling, I have no problem whith him doing this as it's only every so often that this is at our house as they take it in turns to host the evening. They play in the games room well away from me, I was chillin with a bottle of red wine watching my soaps when I felt so tried next...
    cockneyshaft's profile
    <1216 fans>
     Uncle Jack goes to town....  Read 43 times

      To be continued.....
    UnkJack's profile
    <306 fans>
     Fart after anal  Read 55 times

       I fart a lot after anal sex. Some guys pump my ass so hard I fart long time after sex. Once my friend ask me "Who fucked your ass. You fart like my GF after anal" he dont know I`m bi or like play whit my ass or love cock in my ass. He was right. Few hours before I met him I had sex whit guy. Actually it was my first time when i get cock in my ass and I didn´t know that is rea...
    Jgas's profile
    <232 fans>
     Bisexual mistress for the wife!!!  Read 48 times

      had a few people offer to by my wife's bisexual mistress and I am now always horny and hard...the thought of her and another woman really turns me on. Even one on one gets me horny and I won't be there!!! Anyone else want to play with my wife?
    totalperverts's profile
    <155 fans>
     Me  Read 60 times

      I'm Heterosexual for relationships, I love brunettes and redheads, small girls with tiny tits... the goths / Metal type with piercings and tatoos by preference... I'm very shy (I'm 26 and still virgin, so... ) I haven't been in a relationship since february 2007... but I have to admit, I sometimes dream about  huge BBC ( kiss t, lick it, suck it, put it inside me and&nb...
    The_Versus's profile
    <6 fans>
     So, for all the subs out there, masturbation?  Read 50 times

       Hey guys!  First blog post so wanted to make it good :-) So am I the only guy out there that Fingers myself more than I Jerk off?  It's beginning to freak me out!  haha. 
    VirginSub's profile
    <7 fans>
     stuff to get  Read 57 times

      --- Users   13 -   14 -   22 -   44 -   66 -   67 -   79 -  ...
    jack4babes's profile
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     Regular Guy  Read 41 times

      Hi.  I am new at this, so I get back to you guys soon.
    maxzar1's profile
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     another experiment  Read 60 times

       practicing to make captions *kinda difficult to make dirty words :/  and make orgasm face like this   and this is the before-after version  
    sashikora's profile
    <56 fans>
     last year (WARNING: contains use of hard drugs and younger girls)  Read 178 times

        Last year, I went to go visit a old friend/dealer that I hadn't seen a while. It didn't take long for her to talk me into some good old times. > She always kept her body and really good shape especially after having three girls. > the common hangout in the house was The mothers mom bedroom. It wasn't long until we were in the back bedroom and she had sen...
    anonamose30's profile
    <268 fans>
     whore reminiscence part1  Read 60 times

       in my early 20s, I had been out drinking with my friends.  I was pretty shit at pulling in town and was going home alone. I decided to take a detour past the harbour. there were a few prossies about, mainly skinny junky types.  One stood out by being in her 40s/50s, and by being properly obese. She had on a long black coat and a mini dress with stockings, and had s...
    anykink's profile
    <771 fans>
     come tease me   Read 62 times

      Taking request for photos will be posted within 30 minutes x 
    ereforgoodtime1's profile
    <175 fans>
     hart  Read 53 times
    iamusorka's profile
    <45 fans>
     Uncle Albert's famous old car  Read 60 times

       The fabulous Mercedes-Benz 170 (1947-1955)
    Iboadal's profile
    <445 fans>
     cumshot  Read 59 times

       just trying to make cumshot fakes       
    sashikora's profile
    <56 fans>
     Messy Roommate 3  Read 66 times

       Messy Roommate 3 Despite losing Nancy, Paul finds more ways to ruin Jim's life. _________ Section 1 "Tell him how much better I am." Paul ordered, thrusting his cock into Nancy again. Her body quivered as she bounced on top, his cock going balls deep with each thrust. Riding Paul on Jim's bed added another layer of sexual ...
    nebic's profile
    <245 fans>

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