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    j o guy's profile

    j o guy Profile
    j o guy
    Profile views: 243233
    Fanbase: 3220

    About Me

    exhibitionism , femdom , humiliation , sph

    Website: Not set
    Signed up: 9 years and 10 months ago
    Images viewed: 124274
    Images uploaded: 469

    Gender: Male
    Birth: 10/09/1954

    Location: United States

    Last Online: 10 minutes ago

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    Status updates
    j o guy's profile
    May 5, 2013
    i'm so horny i'm going to try to fuck my wife tonight. its been a couple months. have to take some viagra
    carlaboy's profile
    carlaboy 7 Jul, 2018
    I open my mouth, give me cum!!!

    foxholefan62's profile
    foxholefan62 10 Jun, 2018
    you are lucky - my sex partner tonight is my right hand

    luk25's profile
    luk25 9 Jun, 2018
    I love your humiliating comments, better if you do it while fucking my wife.

    appleparkgardener's profile
    appleparkgardener 11 May, 2018
    how often do you have in a given month / year? viagra is an investment

    lori55's profile
    lori55 11 Feb, 2018
    small white guy

    lizbombom's profile
    lizbombom 21 Oct, 2017
    mmmm interesent

    SpacyTracyNaked's profile
    SpacyTracyNaked 3 Sep, 2017
    that was a pretty harsh view of the girl who was being raped. I wonder about it, though. women can be catty bitches. are you into hearing (well, reading) about a woman who was 50% non-consent fingered when she was in the nude?

    sjbuff1's profile
    sjbuff1 4 Jun, 2017
    Waiting for more pics Jo Guy. Fake away...

    Nosrednakcin1's profile
    Nosrednakcin1 21 Apr, 2017
    You've got this!

    subron12's profile
    subron12 11 Oct, 2016
    Thnx for becoming a fan

    NoahGhot4mom's profile
    NoahGhot4mom 8 Sep, 2016
    Thank you for being a fan

    frankyb49's profile
    frankyb49 1 Dec, 2015
    wish i could be there

    LittleMissLipservice's profile
    LittleMissLipservice 1 Nov, 2015
    Would be fun to be there and get yu both nice and ready..mmnnnn

    leeleeluvscock's profile
    leeleeluvscock 3 Jun, 2015
    i'll be your fluff boy and come suck you till your ready to fuck your wife

    Yourmommydick's profile
    Yourmommydick 7 May, 2015
    take some pics for your fans

    CrazyLindsey's profile
    CrazyLindsey 14 Apr, 2015
    Thanks for Fan xxx

    Nicodolin's profile
    Nicodolin 21 Mar, 2015
    you are such a badass ;) thanks!

    amy1979's profile
    amy1979 23 Jan, 2015
    your a tiny dick cuck and need some of me on your profile

    Reddirtcouple's profile
    Reddirtcouple 31 Dec, 2014
    Some more pics up for u to view

    MatureWifeDeeAnna's profile
    MatureWifeDeeAnna 25 Dec, 2014
    Looks like you and my husband have connected...little weenie brothers! LOL

    Deescuck's profile
    Deescuck 24 Dec, 2014
    And lots of it, if you're anything like me!

    littlecockdad's profile
    littlecockdad 26 Oct, 2014
    up load some of Sue and sara and Sues's sister and wife captions

    oookkk99's profile
    oookkk99 30 Jul, 2014
    hhummm..humm. it's good ! fuck she and empty bell your balls my darling,, Me with you I will swallow every day. Clari the slut

    noellecasely's profile
    noellecasely 27 Jun, 2014
    I can't fuck my wife because my peepee is too tiny and limp. I adore knowing there are others like me. Love Noelle

    lovingthis69's profile
    lovingthis69 19 Jun, 2014
    i cant fuck mine cuz she is fucking BBCS right now

    Priya69's profile
    Priya69 16 Jun, 2014
    plz make comments/captions for me

    cumlusterx2's profile
    cumlusterx2 26 Apr, 2014
    Thanks for theawesome degrading comments of my Filipina slut Lei! Hope she makes you cum alot!

    merkycoupe's profile
    merkycoupe 13 Apr, 2014
    Hubby such a sissy slut. Caption his slutty ass all over the net

    gingermum4cum's profile
    gingermum4cum 6 Apr, 2014
    Thank you for the comments xxx

    ivanbad's profile
    ivanbad 23 Mar, 2014
    you have some great taste in the photos you like

    dp1953's profile
    dp1953 4 Mar, 2014
    Me first!! Me First!!!

    ivanbad's profile
    ivanbad 23 Feb, 2014
    you have a great sense of hunmor

    tryany's profile
    tryany 9 Feb, 2014
    Hell go on yahoo so i can watch and jer

    ivanbad's profile
    ivanbad 8 Feb, 2014
    ooo. Do you like my NEW five piece Gallery? Those lucky boys!

    ivanbad's profile
    ivanbad 31 Jan, 2014
    Thanks for your Vote! I love B also

    Bobby562's profile
    Bobby562 18 Dec, 2013
    Tribute my sons gf

    LindseyA-'s profile
    LindseyA- 10 Nov, 2013
    I'd love to help. I could suck you hard, lick her wet, then masturbate while I watch you guys fuck. Would that work?

    Destiny_cd's profile
    Destiny_cd 7 Nov, 2013
    im horny to

    stickyone's profile
    stickyone 30 Oct, 2013
    Need help ?

    ivanbad's profile
    ivanbad 8 Sep, 2013
    I hope you take the Viagra and she Denies you

    j o guy's profile
    j o guy 5 May, 2013
    ha ha i can see that! wouldn't have to worry about lube with you!

    Mboyandsam's profile
    Mboyandsam 5 May, 2013
    If all else fails hop on a legs are always open sam x

    j o guy's profile
    Feb 1, 2013
    i'm going to jerk off
    danisirish's profile
    danisirish 2 Feb, 2014
    lets have a circle jerk and be done with it!

    Grobi72's profile
    Grobi72 16 Dec, 2013
    Can I help?

    JBopen's profile
    JBopen 14 Sep, 2013
    I can do it with you

    blondy66's profile
    blondy66 20 Apr, 2013
    Have fun with the german blonde slut wife!

    VeniceC's profile
    VeniceC 8 Apr, 2013
    oh yes please keep calling me a slut xx

    jiyaj25's profile
    jiyaj25 7 Apr, 2013
    hi can u send me more hot cartton porn comic i love to wathc

    Black Ruled World's profile
    Black Ruled World 17 Mar, 2013
    Thank you for all the great comments. I always enjoy hearing from my fans. please feel free to write more. I like knowing what my fans enjoy and why.

    ivanbad's profile
    ivanbad 12 Mar, 2013
    oh yes, after they beat the shit out of him, those "girls" are going to encourage that nigger to do the most filthy, MEAN things to him.

    JBopen's profile
    JBopen 12 Mar, 2013
    Check my new galleries and if you want, dirty comment. Thanks, friend...

    eastern77's profile
    eastern77 24 Feb, 2013
    shot your load all over my pig wife

    smallDick_BigButt_Sissy's profile
    Great profile!!! Love

    sonyalynn's profile
    sonyalynn 2 Feb, 2013
    thats naughty


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    Gender: Male


    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Bisexual


    Gender: Male


    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Bisexual


    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Bisexual

    Comments (10) (See All Comments)
    sjbuff1's profile
    Comments: 7335
    Commented on Jul 10, 2018
    "Blonde bitch can't compete with my Asian super nips. I'd be making the blond eat my as while her friend sucked my cooter!"
    sjbuff1's profile
    Comments: 7335
    Commented on Jul 10, 2018
    "he knew exactly what he was getting when he picked the trany bitch up. Dude has skills, cause he swallowed the whole g'damn Cawk!"
    spankyamber's profile
    Comments: 1
    Commented on Jun 22, 2018
    "She can sit on my face while I try to guess her weight. (:"
    spankyamber's profile
    Comments: 1
    Commented on Jun 22, 2018
    "Spank me for being a bi bitch"
    spankyamber's profile
    Comments: 1
    Commented on Jun 22, 2018
    "That coke would probably work as a good plug get her prepared for a nice fucking"
    Craig511's profile
    Comments: 15701
    Commented on Jun 7, 2018
    "Mmmm... I'd love to slide my hot dog between those buns and have my buddies spread some of their special sauce in there, too!"
    Craig511's profile
    Comments: 15701
    Commented on Jun 5, 2018
    "She's welcome to squat and piss in my face anytime..."
    j o guy | Jun 5, 2018
    she would be happy to

    Craig511 | Jun 5, 2018
    I love it when my girl pisses in my face like this - but that shouldn't be much of a surprise - I'm a fucking perve!

    j o guy | Jun 6, 2018
    ha ha I never would have guessed!

    Craig511 | Jun 7, 2018
    Is it that obvious? LOL!

    j o guy | Jun 7, 2018
    takes one to know one I guess, lol!

    Craig511 | Jun 7, 2018
    My perversions don't bother me at all - in fact - in fact I'm damn proud to be a kinky perv!

    Craig511's profile
    Comments: 15701
    Commented on Jun 5, 2018
    "I'd love to eat out her cumfarting asss after an anal gangbang!"
    j o guy | Jun 5, 2018
    that makes her smile

    Craig511 | Jun 5, 2018
    I'd be too busy swallowing cum to smile... but I damn sure would after I finish it all.

    Craig511's profile
    Comments: 15701
    Commented on Jun 5, 2018
    "I love these sagging floppers!"
    j o guy | Jun 5, 2018
    who doesn't? lol

    Craig511 | Jun 5, 2018
    We could slide our hard cocks under each hanger and double-fuck her udders until we shoot cum on each other.

    Craig511's profile
    Comments: 15701
    Commented on Jun 5, 2018
    "Nice, big sperm target!"
    j o guy | Jun 5, 2018
    and red hot!

    Craig511 | Jun 5, 2018
    I'm picturing a bunch of us watching them, all edging and getting ready to shoot some big loads of sperm all over those cheeks!

    j o guy | Jun 6, 2018
    probably would feel good on her sore ass

    Craig511 | Jun 7, 2018
    Yes... like a nice, soothing lotion. We should massage it in with our cocks. That would be wonderful for all of us.

    j o guy | Jun 7, 2018
    yeah lets do it!

    Craig511 | Jun 7, 2018
    I bet the girls would love seeing a gang of us jerking off for them, too.

    j o guy | Jun 9, 2018
    don't hey all love to see that?

    Craig511 | Jun 9, 2018
    I think most of 'em do and that's fine with me. I love jerking off alone, with and for my girl or with my stroking buddies. It's always a good time to shoot loads!

    j o guy | Jun 10, 2018
    no such thing as a bad time to jerk it, lol!

    Craig511 | Jun 11, 2018
    Absolutely correct. I think we were designed for that anyway!

    j o guy | Jun 12, 2018
    that's why its there and we have hands, lol!ass6

    Craig511 | Jun 12, 2018
    I've had short conversations (after cracking a joke) with religious people who tell you it's a sin to masturbate. My response is always the same... "Men and women have their sexual organs pretty much in the same place, and it just happens that our hands are at the perfect length to reach them without straining. I suppose you think that was accidental?"wet4

    j o guy | Jun 13, 2018
    yeah what the hell its a sin Not to masturbate, lol! of course they always told us the same thing when I was in catholic school

    Craig511 | Jun 13, 2018
    Yep... I was in parochial school myself for a while. Whack me with a ruler, will you. Here look at my 9 year old cock! LOL!

    j o guy | Jun 14, 2018
    yeah she might whack it with the ruler, lol

    Craig511 | Jun 14, 2018
    Those nuns were kinky!

    j o guy | Jun 15, 2018
    might call us up in front of the class and make us jerk off on each other if we wanted to go to hell so bad!

    Craig511 | Jun 15, 2018
    I wonder how many priests did that to altar boys...

    j o guy | Jun 18, 2018
    lets do a little role play, you can be the priest i'll be the altar boy and your gf can be the nasty nun

    Craig511 | Jun 18, 2018
    Mmmm... that sounds excellent. I want my girl to be a nasty Mother Superior!

    j o guy | Jun 18, 2018
    oh yes she would punish us severely and enjoy doing I'm sure! you know all those nuns got wet cunts when they were whacking us with rulers

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