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    TinaBtheAuthor's profile

    TinaBtheAuthor Profile
    Profile views: 186390
    Fanbase: 1272

    About Me
    Check out more on BDSMLR:

    And here's my BDSMTest!

    Being a sex object , Being a slut , BEING DOMINATED BY MY PARTNER , Being tied up , Big gags , Cigarette torture , Electric shock torture , Hoods and muzzles , SLAG WRITING , Strangulation , Waterboarding

    Website: https://www.smashwords...
    Signed up: 4 years and 11 months ago
    Images viewed: 19271
    Images uploaded: 15617

    Gender: Female
    Sexual orientation: Gay/Lesbian

    Birth: 08/05/1985

    Location: United States

    Last Online: 4 days ago

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    Status updates
    TinaBtheAuthor's profile
    Oct 6, 2014
    My new story "Akillah" is now available. Read some for free here!
    b_mike's profile
    b_mike 27 Jan, 2019
    Love you

    JL3151's profile
    JL3151 6 Jan, 2019
    Just uploaded two photos and still searching

    idream0fass's profile
    idream0fass 3 Jan, 2019
    Good work

    Levi445's profile
    Levi445 17 Dec, 2018
    How may I Help YOU??

    fofox7's profile
    fofox7 21 Nov, 2018
    Big big KISS Princesse

    JL3151's profile
    JL3151 19 Nov, 2018
    Good day sweet Tina!

    JL3151's profile
    JL3151 15 Nov, 2018
    I love cruising your galleries. Nightmares, fantasy, play time. It may take some time to decide my favorite.

    knotyou's profile
    knotyou 3 Nov, 2018
    Write a comment...

    knotyou's profile
    knotyou 3 Nov, 2018
    Write a comment...

    knotyou's profile
    knotyou 3 Nov, 2018
    Write a comment...

    Julie77's profile
    Julie77 17 Oct, 2018
    I love your stories and I love the way you think. Bet you are quite an adventuresome lady!

    JL3151's profile
    JL3151 27 Sep, 2018
    Got your blog spot bookmarked and will get to it when I have time. You are a babe deluxe!

    rosaweb's profile
    rosaweb 26 Sep, 2018
    Hey guys I’m so thirsty for cock if u guys wanna satisfy my pussy then hmu on Snapchat: @jasminpov

    smuthunterz's profile
    smuthunterz 11 Sep, 2018
    perfect material, perfect served! very good

    latincunts's profile
    latincunts 11 Sep, 2018

    fofox7's profile
    fofox7 23 Aug, 2018
    Ty for your story ma cute TINA ;)

    DeeGenerate's profile
    DeeGenerate 26 Jul, 2018
    Awesome read.

    Paulaclit's profile
    Paulaclit 20 Jul, 2018
    You so hot

    enoch_r's profile
    enoch_r 20 Jul, 2018
    Write a comment...

    enoch_r's profile
    enoch_r 20 Jul, 2018
    Just read IT GETS USED. Awesome!

    knotyou's profile
    knotyou 29 Jun, 2018
    Tina is fucking awesome. Period.

    uselesscunt's profile
    uselesscunt 17 May, 2018
    Hi Tina. Great news. I'll check it out on smashwords!

    MyPleasures4u's profile
    MyPleasures4u 2 Apr, 2018
    So glad you are a fan. I so like your Galleries, favorites and clubs

    NastyIsFun's profile
    NastyIsFun 5 Mar, 2018
    Thats a great position to flog your pussy and cum up your ass

    CABASAN's profile
    CABASAN 19 Jan, 2018
    Anyone can look at my site but I do not allow anyone except my friends to abuse my profile, otherwise it has legal consequences ...

    MyPleasures4u's profile
    MyPleasures4u 19 Jan, 2018
    SUCK to Fuck for My CUM. I Have a NEED.

    MyPleasures4u's profile
    MyPleasures4u 11 Jan, 2018
    The stories you tell, the galleries you post, the passion you expose are My own.

    MyPleasures4u's profile
    MyPleasures4u 2 Jan, 2018
    I am appreciative for our relations

    tongylee77's profile
    tongylee77 5 Dec, 2017
    Just like the way I do to my girlfriend

    Depravato2332's profile
    Depravato2332 4 Dec, 2017
    Thank you to be a fan! ;D

    MyPleasures4u's profile
    MyPleasures4u 4 Dec, 2017
    Thank you for being a Fan. I too am a Big Fan of you, your galleries, favorites, clubs and also your writings.

    HarcourtDumm's profile
    HarcourtDumm 16 Nov, 2017
    Harcourt Dumm sends you his highest regards. Your product is top notch.

    woscapi's profile
    woscapi 23 Oct, 2017
    you are wonderful - love to meet you

    roughplaytime's profile
    roughplaytime 26 Mar, 2017
    Thanks for the add. Think long and hard before accepting mine or anyones Sub contract. M the sadistic Master.

    salty55's profile
    salty55 20 Mar, 2017
    I will, you sexy slut and thanks for writing it as well as aproveing my relationship request. xxx

    charlytauro's profile
    charlytauro 4 Mar, 2017
    Thanks bitch,when you have time to read any story

    brinkr's profile
    brinkr 23 Jan, 2017
    thank you for being a fan

    maso2destroy's profile
    maso2destroy 24 Dec, 2016
    Thank you for the fan add

    navarone69's profile
    navarone69 24 Aug, 2016
    I would like to go Balls Deep in her.

    navarone69's profile
    navarone69 24 Aug, 2016
    Write a comment...

    jens0815's profile
    jens0815 19 Aug, 2016
    I like your avatar

    Bitch_Humiliater_69's profile
    Bitch_Humiliater_69 18 Aug, 2016
    Thanks For Being My Fan.

    sener2016's profile
    sener2016 10 Jun, 2016
    amazing galleries...ferry intresting.....

    knotyou's profile
    knotyou 22 May, 2016
    I'm going to add you to relationships ok?

    Gerico61's profile
    Gerico61 18 May, 2016
    thanks for being a fan

    arronstime's profile
    arronstime 15 Apr, 2016
    thanks for being a fan

    Dominator517's profile
    Dominator517 1 Jan, 2016
    Frohes neues Jahr und geile Momente

    boarhunter's profile
    boarhunter 18 Dec, 2015
    love to tie u up and write used whore.

    paulsmith99's profile
    paulsmith99 17 Dec, 2015
    amazing galleries...

    Grisgris's profile
    Grisgris 8 Dec, 2015
    I downloaded the free book you have on smashwords - I will let you know what I think about it after I have had a chance to read it.

    franky282's profile
    franky282 30 Nov, 2015
    Am I slutty enough for you? Please?

    messer80's profile
    messer80 30 Nov, 2015
    Thanks. Your is amazing

    Belcpl78's profile
    Belcpl78 16 Sep, 2015
    Nice profil !

    sourissot_13's profile
    sourissot_13 11 Sep, 2015
    mm mso nice pics

    Stick31's profile
    Stick31 7 Sep, 2015
    cheers !!

    DAIRYCOW52JJUDDERS's profile
    DAIRYCOW52JJUDDERS 9 Aug, 2015

    cocktosser1's profile
    cocktosser1 7 Aug, 2015
    Thank you

    snowbird1004's profile
    snowbird1004 4 Jul, 2015
    Thanks you for being a fan

    bigjoe3269's profile
    bigjoe3269 17 Jun, 2015
    Thanks for fan. i love to tie a girl and pleasure her.

    bigjoe3269's profile
    bigjoe3269 16 Jun, 2015
    Wow, i cud take u for a hellava ride

    paulsmith99's profile
    paulsmith99 26 Apr, 2015
    The perfect way for a woman to present herself...

    paulsmith99's profile
    paulsmith99 26 Apr, 2015
    You are HOT

    arboret6um's profile
    arboret6um 19 Apr, 2015
    Hi! Thanks for being a fan. Love ya.

    arboret6um's profile
    arboret6um 18 Apr, 2015
    You get straight to the point. I like that.

    fofox7's profile
    fofox7 29 Mar, 2015
    Ty for your FANTASTIC Profile ;)

    b_mike's profile
    b_mike 10 Mar, 2015
    What kind of body do you have ???

    gfast's profile
    gfast 26 Feb, 2015
    Seems intriuging

    assspanker's profile
    assspanker 17 Dec, 2014
    Hi, i'll check your story! Mike

    saintgoold's profile
    saintgoold 27 Oct, 2014
    hello ,viens me voir ...

    slowmam123's profile
    slowmam123 14 Oct, 2014
    your so sexy

    TinaBtheAuthor's profile
    Sep 24, 2014
    A tie I've never seen, contributed from a friend on fcbk. Enjoy!
    bigjoe3269's profile
    bigjoe3269 18 Jun, 2015
    You cud write a book on the things i wud do to u in that position

    b_mike's profile
    b_mike 7 Jun, 2015
    I go with Sinkers

    Sinkers's profile
    Sinkers 7 Apr, 2015
    Seems not to exist, Tina. Have yourself bound up the same way and show us!

    redironmanx's profile
    redironmanx 31 Dec, 2014
    i can't see, link don't work


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    Gender: Couple
    Orientation: Bisexual


    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Gay/Lesbian


    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Straight


    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Straight


    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Straight

    Comments (135) (See All Comments)
    TwistedBondage's profile
    Comments: 31
    Commented on Feb 19, 2019
    "Good night my little slut sleep well"
    Youngshotadom's profile
    Comments: 180
    Commented on Feb 18, 2019
    "This is perfect to me!! pantyhose, high heels, bondage and leash!! This is how Ilove to walk milfs (or any girl)"
    TwistedBondage's profile
    Comments: 31
    Commented on Feb 18, 2019
    "That's going to hurt after a while 😈😈"
    mastertbx's profile
    Comments: 3258
    Commented on Feb 18, 2019
    "They had been staring at and commenting your displayed naked, juicy crotch for ages. Not a word about what they were going to do to it. Just remarks at how vulnerable and beautiful it looked. You had heard a scary noise of two metal rods touching each other and sparks flying. But nothing had happened yet. That was when the whip hit your breasts, making them bounce to the pleasure of all assembled...."
    smokinpalm's profile
    Comments: 191
    Commented on Feb 18, 2019
    "Enjoying Black History Month to the fullest !"
    hannes225's profile
    Comments: 135390
    Commented on Feb 17, 2019
    "Schöner kann es doch für ein Girl garnicht sein!"
    iceman66's profile
    Comments: 4406
    Commented on Feb 16, 2019
    "It’s time, baby.... Time to test what I bought in the auction! Now.... you have a choice: do i start with your mouth, pussy or ass? Granted, all three will be used and used well......!"
    iceman66's profile
    Comments: 4406
    Commented on Feb 16, 2019
    ""You sick fuck!untie Me Right now!" "No babe.... first you’re gonna give up that sweet ass you’ve been teasing me with all night!" "No! I don’t do anal! It hurts too much! No! Do-MMMMMPH! MMMMMMGH!" Now That I’ve got that nasty, screaming mouth gagged well, I’m gonna fuck your ass until I come! Then, I’m gonnashove it into your pussy and make sure I leave every drop I can inside you! Like that plan?" "MMMMMMMMM-MMMMMMMH!" "Well, if you’ve nothing to say against it, I’m ready! Just a little lubrication...... and here,,,,we,,,, GO,""
    Theman33's profile
    Comments: 9
    Commented on Feb 16, 2019
    lovetohang's profile
    Comments: 1081
    Commented on Feb 15, 2019
    "Tina I like to see you in this situation. Then I could follow you to the noose."
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