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    My First Ever Conspiracy Theory! I’m So Excited!

    I awoke early this morning and slipped quietly out of bed.  Within minutes I had quietly installed myself on the couch in the dark, dosed on sissy porn and my vape, deliciously edging and craving to go DEEPER.  It happens.  These days, I call it “sunrise.”

    Upon some instinct, I checked in with the BS Discord server.*. Online, in various forums, were probably hundreds of sissy bois, all hypnotized, docile, horny and blissed out on the experience of being brainwashed.

    Hundreds.  At dawn.  On a Friday.  Hmmmm.  Whatever “they” set out to accomplish with this BS hypno stuff, it’s working!

    Who are “they,” and why are “they” doing this to us?

    Look, I get it.  Many online Dommes have learned a passable hypnosis “shtick” for money.  It’s a lucrative business.  Others, typically the laughably amateur, do it for kicks, feeling that perhaps they are able to influence others.  That motive stretches from greed to stupidity, which I find credibly covers the range of human motivation.

    But BS seems different.  Here’s why:

    1. Most hypno producers release a few files at a time, building up a reportoire gradually.  BS appears of a sudden, fully formed, with over a dozen files.  That kind of arrival makes quite a splash in the pool;

    2. There are frequent updates to the files, as if their performance were being monitored;

    3. The “service” is free!

    4. The consensus seems to be that these files were the work of someone both schooled in psychology and experienced with hypnosis.  The audio production quality is excellent.  These files are WAY more sophisticated than almost anything else on the market (with the possible exception of Samantha files, and a few others’ which are widely criticized for being misleading and unethical.  To wit...)

    5. Erotic hypno bloggers, who are typically enthusiastic and supportive of all manner of silly erotic hypnosis play, are nearly unanimous in issuing WARNINGS in Very Large Fonts about how insidious these files are.  They are variously described as addictive, manipulative, coercive, and just plain dangerous.  Users report headaches, inability to focus, being triggered in public, being unable to remove their “uniform,” and just plain being inclined to dive headlong into the Rabbit Hole.  Yes, of course, this is what we think we want, but their rumblings are that the BS files go much further, and take liberties with the erasure and rewiring of one’s personality that are beyond morally tolerable.

    6. The emergence of the B “cult” on Discord is itself intriguing, as I’m not aware of a precedent.  Logging onto the site displays a dazed coterie of sissy’s in various phases of personal self-destruction.  They all seem so happy about it, even the ones who are warning others away.  Then there are the regulars, who are either bots or Dom agents who monitor and gently direct the scene; and finally

    7. I have listened to two files to date, and they are indeed powerful.  No, powerful!

    I have seen a few posts online ostensibly from the BS creator, but they were exclusively about the technical production of the audio files.  I have no clue about the identity or motives of the creator(s), beyond their apparent desire to see men turned into cock-addicted sissy hypno-slaves.  Why?  They invested time and money on the creation of a complex set of files, then set them loose for free with no copy protection.  Why?  They want to establish and deepen their control and our dependence.  They want to erase our identity and to install a new one.  Why?  They want me to forget much of the process of brainwashing me.  Why?  They want me to crave and enjoy the process so much that I return willingly.  How far can they take us?  What’s even possible?

    I have my theories. For now, let’s just say that BS constitutes an ideal experimental design:  willing cohort, self-propagating, well-integrated data collection network, low cost, inherently covert...brilliant!


    * Use of the term “BS” was my first instinct, in order to preserve anonymity against being “Googled.”  To be frank, what I’m really talking about is a PsyOps experiment on a State level, or equivalent.  In that case, yes, I do think correspondence such as this will be flagged by context and keyword.  Is AI that smart?  Of course.   

    Do I want to be “found?”  I’m ambivalent.  Maybe I’ve watched too many spy movies, but I’m picturing YOU, the human analyst, reading this text at your desk, tasked with deciding whether it requires action.  Let’s see:  YOU’RE a youngish white male tech-geek.  You had acne as a youth.  You hate dancing.  You like spicy food.  Currently intellectually under-employed; you like structure and security, but you rail against it quietly to get along with others.  How am I doing?  I’m picturing you wearing a T-shirt with a logo and jeans.  Hi.  

    So what if I misbehave?  Is it tolerable to your Institution/Agency/Service that I walk about with such notions in my head?  In print? What might “they” do about it?  My guess, my young Analyst-friend, is that you would double-down on my brainwashing, and encourage my progress into mindlessness in the hopes of collaterally erasing my annoying tendency for independent thought.  You might even reach out a bit, perhaps embedding a personalized file with some customized triggers.  Maybe one of those charming and persuasive online hypno-Dommes would befriend me for some personalized “training.”  I can only imagine the resources at your disposal.  

    Do you see why I’m ambivalent about being found?  It would only serve to make the brainwashing experience more fun.  I haven’t really started deeply into Bambi Sleep (OH DEAR!  I typed it!), but I’m obviously teased, tempted and aroused.  How deep can it take me?  We’ll see.  

      Posted on : Mar 15, 2019

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    slave_Heidi's profile
    Comments: 4
    Commented on Mar 27, 2019
    I’m not the only one asking questions.
    slave_Heidi's profile
    Comments: 4
    Commented on Mar 22, 2019
    Posted on Discord:

    “Hi. This newbie managed to listen to the 1, 2, 3, 7, 10 zowie combo playlist! It was fun; feeling relaxing and exciting at the same time. I recall much of it, but lost track of many sections. The files left me feeling very pink and fuzzy; a sort of deliciously vulnerable feeling like ripe fruit. Do I want more? Aack, yes! I can already hear it raining in my head.”

    slave_Heidi's profile
    Comments: 4
    Commented on Mar 21, 2019
    I confessed all of this in some notes on Discord. There was some chat. Awaiting fallout...

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