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    My Gangbang Last Weekend

    I have been horny the last days, since we had organized the gangbang.
    Five guys. Just for me.
    Four old friends from school and one guy I haven't met yet, Thomas.
    My friends know very well how I serve and how to use me.
    They have fucked me often enough.
    Three of them were to go out together with me before our bang.
    The bar wasn't very crowded at that early time. We chatted and danced a little.
    Usually i don't dress sexy in public. But i wanted to tease my friends a little.
    So i wore a tight jeans and a white, loose and belly free blouse and no bra.
    Showing some tit and cleavage.
    I brushed my tits against my friends, my hands were looking for their cocks
    and I talked dirty. They told me to stop it – but I didn't.
    My friends weren't much better, there hands were between my legs and on my bum,
    on my tits or even under my blouse, weighing my tits and playing with my hard nipples,
    when no one could see it.
    After two hours or so we left.
    I arrived a bit later at peter's home and he led me to a room to change.
    I put on a very short skirt and a low cut tank top.
    Showing a lot of cleavage and side boob.
    And my collar. On the table was a leash and a blindfold and I knew what that meant.

    Peter came back and he led me on the leash on hands and knees to the guys.
    I had to feel for my first cock and started to kiss and suck it.
    It hasn't been that long since I had a cock, but it always seems too long.
    And the cock felt good in my mouth. I was led from one to the next.
    I was just giving them little “hello blowjobs” for the first round
    and was quite wet already. Cock sucking makes me hot.

    Now I was taking a bit more time for each of them.
    I like to do it slow. Loving.
    I used my hands and kissed their cooks all over.
    I played gently with their balls and licked them.
    Touched all of my face with their cocks.
    I lick the cockshaft up and down with my tongue
    and caress it with my lips.
    I love the cockhead. I kiss it, play with it with my tongue and fingers.
    Massage and suck it with my wet lips.
    I take it in my mouth and hold it with my lips,
    while I move my tongue around it.
    I use my teath, Carefully.
    I sucked their cocks with my hands behind my back.
    And gave them good deep throat treatment.

    My clothes, the leash and blindfold were taken of, while I was sucking Thomas.
    I locked up at him and gave him a smile.
    It's funny to suck a cock before seeing the guy.
    I gave him some extra time, to make him feel well in my sweet and hungry mouth.

    I know how men like it and I know how to do it.
    I can do a lot of things with my mouth and hands.
    And I love it.

    They moved me onto the bed , on my back with my head over the edge.
    And I knew what they wanted to do.
    I felt hands all over me. My tits. My naked pussy.
    And the first cock was already in my mouth,
    fucking me and pushing down my throat.
    They spread my legs and started to toy my wet pussy with a dildo.
    I am submissive. I want to feel submitted and owned.
    Be a sex toy and pet.
    The guys know, that I love being toyed.
    And I needed it badly.
    They made me cum while they were fucking my throat.

    They turned me around and pulled me back on the floor.
    On my knees I was surrounded by big cocks.
    On my face, in my hands and mouth.
    I sucked and was mouthfucked and I moved from one to the next.
    Sooner or later I couldn't take it much longer and asked them to fuck me.

    I crawled to the bed and offered them my ass.
    They started slow, but soon fucked me harder and harder.
    Riding me, pulling my head back with my ponytail.
    I got a lot of spanking. And name calling.
    I don't mind when It gets a bit rough.
    My friends know what I like and need and how to take me.
    They know that I like to have a cock in my mouth while being fucked.
    I can get a bit noisy, moaning and screaming.
    They gave me little breaks every now and then, fucking my pussy,
    just to fuck my poor ass even harder after.
    They fucked me from the floor to the sofa and from the sofa to the bed.
    And back again. Any position they wanted.
    I was slowly loosing my mind.
    I didn't know if I wanted them to stop or to go on.
    But they didn't stop. They know how I like it.
    They were going to fuck me until I was completely done.

    I don't know how long they had fucked me and how often I had come.
    It just felt like one never ending orgasm. Just waves of great pleasure.

    Finally I couldn't take it any more. I felt finished. Taken apart.
    I begged them to give me their cum.
    I sat on my heels, with my mouth wide open and my tongue out.
    Receiving big load after big load in my mouth and on my face.
    I am a cum slut. And I guess I looked like one.
    Exhausted and cum covered. Exactly what I deserved.

    I cleaned my face and tits with my fingers to get all the cum I could.
    I wanted to lay down now and the guys brought a pillow and blankets
    and I laid down on the bed.
    I listened to them talking for a while, then I fell asleep.
    I woke up late the next morning.
    It felt as if I still had a cock in my ass and I felt my bum from all the spanking.
    And I was horny again.
    I heard the guys chatting and having coffee in the room next door.
    I took a quick shower and put my blouse on and went to see my friends.
    I received a big smiling hello. They called me “our cum princess”.
    I guess we were all very happy and excited about last night.
    I had my hands on their pants, while we were chatting,
    and opened my legs and my blouse.
    Not much later I opened my neighbours pants and got their cocks out.
    I held their cocks firmly and stroke them.
    “I want to give you all a nice thank you blowjob. And I need to be fucked one more time.
    I am all wet”.

    The other guys got their big cocks out and we returned to our room.
    I went down on my knees and started sucking.
    I love to be naked, suck and serve cocks while the men are still all dressed.
    It makes me feel very submissive.
    One cock in my mouth. Two in my hands. That feels good too.
    I did it very slow. Sweet and caring.
    Kissing and licking. Taking them all the way down.
    Just the way they deserve to be served.
    They fucked me doggy and I kept on sucking their cocks,
    until I came strong.
    They all gave me their loads in my mouth. I kept their cum in my mouth.
    I didn't swallow until the end. Showing them my empty mouth.
    I couldn't help but smiling, while I licked and sucked their cocks clean.

    I dressed and kissed them goodbye, squeezing their cocks one last time.
    And feeling their hands all over me.
    Then I went home.
    I am a hungry cum slut and a gangbang cock whore, maybe.
    But I am also a toy, a pet and a princess(!). Lol.
    I am a submissive servicegirl and I love what I do.

    Serve men with my mouth and my body.
    That was a great weekend. And a great gangbang.
    That is how I love to serve and want to be used.
    My friends wrote me nice mails later.
    Especially Thomas was quite excited.
    This weekend I am staying quiet.
    But I hope something will come up for the next one.

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    Joined: 04 Jul 2016 21:39
      Posted on : Mar 15, 2019

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    Sully51's profile
    Comments: 4009
    Commented on Mar 18, 2019
    OH Annie, such a very hot story! I would love to be one of your friends! I have a collar with your name on it and I would love to put it on you while feeding your my cock. I have a nice load just for you!
    jcjackson's profile
    Comments: 12
    Commented on Mar 17, 2019
    That was hot...I loved every minute of it.
    CuteServiceGirlAnnie's profile
    Comments: 81
    Commented on Mar 15, 2019
    This is the first time that I write about a gangbang.
    I hope you like it.

    I always enjoy your comments.
    petehow's profile
    Comments: 721
    Commented on Mar 15, 2019
    Sounds like a perfect night and I a great breakfast

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