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    Cunt wishes

    I take 0 credit for this list. It was on Tumblr though saldy the blogger is deactivated. These were 100 fantasise she wanted done to her. It's an incredibly hot list. I also converted it so you can do it by yourself if anyones interested in taking the challenge. 

    1. Being diapered and tied up, fed a lot of water beforehand. The embarrassment of wetting myself would absolutely kill me. We could even just cuddle and kiss and watch tv as you watch me wiggle against the binds.

     2. Eating off of the floor in front of someone. 

     3. Being fucked while pacified. Not allowed for it to fall out of my mouth.

     4. Being slapped repeatedly across the face until I can no longer take it. I want the tears.

     5. Being fed my tears. 

     6. Being forced to watch tv with a mouth full of cock. Every once in a while receiving a punch to the back of my head so I don’t get too comfortable. 

     7. Having someone cum in my hair and me having to let it dry. 

     8. Being forced to remove my clothes and makeup and wet my hair infront of someone, ultimately making me vulnerable.

     9. Having my insecurities negatively commented on as I get fingered. Or during an inspection.

     10. Drinking cum in my bottle or coffee (especially when I go to class).

     11. Stand on a chair, tie a rope around my neck. Edge me. See what I can stand. Or make me cum as much as I can. When I fall, if I do - watch me struggle.

     12. Let me lick your ass, but not your cock (kinda into farting

     13. Shove my childhood toys into my cunt.

     14. Fuck me with my food before I eat it.

     15. Fuck me wearing fairy wings.

     16. Make me model all my new clothing for you. 

     17. Fall asleep with your cock inside me, wake up to you jacking off inside me.

     18. Jack off while you watch porn onto my face. Alternatively use my throat to fuck.

     19. Fuck me until I puke. Make me lick it up. 

     20. Make me wear no panties. 

     21. When we go out in public. Make me wear my dips. Bring me into the family washroom and change me.

     22. Spit in my eyes and don’t let me wipe it.

     23. Fuck my ass and make me suck your dick after. 

     24. Pee in my hair. Let me wait for it to dry. Pee in it again. 

     25. Write horrible things across my body. Make me masturbate to the image of myself. 

     26. Make me use a potty and then pour it over my head. 

     27. Let me be your toilet paper. I won’t complain. 

     28. Eat your meals off of me. Let my stomach grumble. Tease me with a teeny tiny bite. Shove your food into my cunt. I can be a perfect table.

     29. Write lists of chores for me to do for you. Let me do them cuffed. Watch me struggle.

     30. Throw in random rules for the day. Like I must edge every half hour. So in the middle of conversation I just have to pull my pants down and edge. 

     31. Make me moo for you, oink, meow, bark. I will literally cry. 

     32. Bathe me. Rub my cunt with soap. Maybe put it inside me. Make it burn.

     33. Punish me with soap on my tongue. Punish me with hot sauce on my tongue. 

     34. Make me cum until I cry. 

     35. Punch me like a punching bag. Tell me it’s my fault. 

     36. Dry fuck my asshole. I’ll cry. 

     37. During my punishment don’t kiss me - it’s what hurts most. 

     38. Feed me fully for a day with baby spoons and baby food I’ll be so happy. 

     39. Make me tell you every time I wet myself, make fun of me when I do. 

     40. Fuck me in my wet dip. Laugh at me. 

     41. Watch me on a nanny cam. Make sure i am following my rules.

     42. Make me hold myself wide open as of fuck me. 

     43. Let’s play a game. I won’t move, make a noise. If I do - you beat me. I’m your doll.

     44. Let’s go off into a forest - make me fuck myself every chance I get. Video tape me. 

     45. When I talk feminism to you, unzip your pants. Shove your cock in my mouth. Make me keep talking, mumbled around your cock. Laugh at me. 

     46. Hook your fingers in my nose, hook your fingers in my mouth. Tell me it makes me look prettier.

     47. Make me piss into your hand. Shove your fingers in my mouth. Bonus points for it being done in a secluded public area.

     48. Funnel your piss into my ass.

     49. Make cum and piss ice cubes. Let me defrost them inside of me. Ice makes me extremely crampy it would suck. 

     50. Starve me. 

     51. Let me rub my cunt against your knee or your boot. Let me bounce and beg.

     52. Make me wear my buttplug out to remind me of you.  

     53. Help me study for exams by spanking me every time I fuck up. 

     54. Make me ask for permission to use the washroom - deny it. 

     55. I’m shy. Make me repeat after you - horrible degrading things. 

     56. Make me take a cold shower. Watch me struggle and shiver.

     57. Feed me drugs, medicine, alcohol and rape my drowsy or passed out holes.

     58. Choke me until I black out. 

     59. Make me wait by the door for you. Spread and ready. Bring a friend home to use my holes. 

     60. Tie me up and throw me in the trunk. Make me feel worried and claustrophobic. Make me freak the fuck out. 

     61. Shove little pins into my cunt.

     62. Superglue my lips closed. Show me how little I need to speak. 

     63. Superglue my cunt closed, only use my ass.

     64. Make me talk about wanting to fuck my father as you fuck me.

     65. Make me talk about wanting to be raped as you fuck me. 

     66. Take my bra away from me, tell me little girls don’t need them.

     67. Shove hot pepper into my cunt. 

     68. Fuck random parts of my body (between my thighs or tied up arms for example).

     69. Put a bag over my head. Tie it tight around my neck. Tell me it’s the only way I can cum. 

     70. Make me listen to hypno files on repeat. Slowly finger my holes as I do. 

     71. Make me pee like a puppy outside. Then make me roll in it. 

     72. In the middle of changing my diaper hold my legs up like I’m a baby and start to fuck me. Covered in powder. 

     73. Be nice to me. Shove my head under water. Fuck me. Pull me up and give me lots of kisses. 

     74. Make me stretch my cunt and then tell me about how you need a tighter girl.

     75. When I’m sad for any reason. Shove your cock in me and tell me to tell you all my problems.

    76. Thoroughly explain why you’d rather fuck each of my friends over me.

    77. Make me flirt with old men, let hen slip their hands up my skirt.

    78. Cuck me.

    79. Make me randomly give you any extra money I have, use me financially. 

    80. I love sucking on fingers. Shove yours into my mouth and make me gag all over them. Wipe my spit across my face. 

    81. Tie my hair up, do my makeup. Make me your version of pretty.

    82. Tell me to kick my legs like a little one while you rape my ass.

    83. Line up all my stuffies and make them watch you rape me.

    84. Hold a knife to my neck and slice tiny little marks into my body. Press harder if I scream.

    85. After a long day make me massage your feet with my tongue. Dirt, sweat and all.

    86. Put your foot on my face while you fuck me. Shove your toes in my mouth. Then shove your foot inside my cunt. 

    87. Put numbing cream on my clit. Watch me freak out when I learn what it is. Laugh at me as I struggle to cum. 

    88. Let me hold your fleshlight as you fuck it. 

    89. Throw me in the trash can. Or throw it over my head. I’m not kidding. 

    90. Put clothespins all over my body

    91. Make me fuck myself with icy hot coated toys

    92. Drip burning hot candle wax onto me, whip it off.

    93. Piss on my panties and shove them one by one into my mouth. Wring them out on my tongue or over my head. 

    94. Make me feel small, and vulnerable. Tell me I’m a stupid little baby. Every time I do something tell me it’s wrong. Show me I need you. 

    95. Make me jump every object in the house. 

    96. Make me hold my mouth wide open until I’ve created a puddle of drool all over the floor and myself. Don’t let me close it for hours. 

    97. Make me massage your cum into my body. Use it as my elixir. Make me beg for it.

    98. Sandpaper my cunt.

    99. Make me shove a toilet brush into my asshole. Laugh at me when I cry.

    100. Make me lick the toilet clean. Shove my head into it and flush the toilet. Bully me.

      Posted on : Mar 14, 2019

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    MastWat's profile
    Comments: 5
    Commented on Mar 21, 2019
    Aww, so ambitious. I can get behind most of those items. But I'm not that into diapers. It made my cock hard to think about making her dreams come true. Having a nasty little piss slut of my own.

    I'd have her come over, strip down inspection then dress her up in something cute and provocative. Before taking her out to a pub I'd have her sit in front of me while I jerk off to some porn. come in her face and her hair, leave it there to dry. Would have a couple drinks I get some food. Then I would take her to the bathroom with the second half of my meal. Throwing the food on the floor I let her lick it up on all fours as I piss over her hair back and lifted up skirt wetting her panties thru. If I'm feeling good I'll have her walk up to the bar tender and pay the till. When outside I'd fuck her spread pussy in the parking lot and maybe let some of my mates join in.

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