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    In an Ideal World

    In an ideal world, women would only lick, tongue, suck, and fuck women; men would only lick, tongue, suck, and fuck men.

    Men deemed manly enough to procreate, to breed – i.e., alpha men with big dicks, big balls, and abundant sperm – would be the only men designated to breed women. To fulfil their sexual desires and needs, inferior men – i.e., beta men with small dicks and submissive personalities – would be feminised either through voluntary or mandatory hormone therapy, behaviour modification, if necessary, and training in the skills and the arts of providing sexual satisfaction to their superiors. They would serve the real male community as an adjunct to faggots, the preferred third gender – neither men nor women – born with the sole destiny and purpose in life to devote themselves in servitude to the fulfilment of the sexual depravities, deviances, and perversions of all men.

    Faggots would not only exist to be fed and seeded by the cum of real men, but in addition to serving as sex slaves, would also serve as toilet slaves – human toilets – eliminating the need for inanimate toilets and toilet paper altogether, as eager consumers of pee and shit. Faggots, as directed by their masters, would also serve to clean up females after breeding, to eat the cum from their pussies and buttholes, to eat their menstruating pussies, and to drink their pee and eat their shit as well; in short, to keep their masters’ bitches happily indulged outside of the context of breeding.

    As a lifelong faggot, compelled to spend at least some of my time in contexts in which men are found in the company of one another, but not engaged in sex, I cannot help but fantasise how wonderful it would be if, everywhere, all the time, wherever one looked, perceptible to the ears, and to the nose, as in the gay sex clubs, porn arcades, and porn cinemas I frequent, men were in every case sucking dicks, getting fucked, and rimming fagcunts; not only at gloryholes, but in schools, in malls, in shops, in offices, on sidewalks, in every window and at every door. There should be no need to disguise or to conceal open, public sex between men. It should be considered natural, even essential to the well-being both of tops and bottoms, alphas and betas, real men and faggots.

    Until the world acknowledges the natural homosexual order of things, someone – either the alpha or the faggot – must take the initiative. Someone has to be brave. I am fearless; so that someone is usually me. From public restrooms to every other public place, I do not hesitate to ask for cock. When I am sitting on a bus next to another man, I discreetly but with undeniable intent put my hand on his cock. I look him in the eye. Though I do not audibly say the words, my mouth says it all, it quivers in anticipation of his cock, his cum. My body, too, nearly squirms at the thought of his cock deep inside me. Most men are sensitive to genuine feelings. They can feel that I am in earnest, that I want their cocks more than anything else. Even on the bus, with a newspaper or a jacket to conceal what I am doing, I often fondle men to orgasm. Others, too, often take me somewhere where I can suck them properly, and lick and tongue their yummy buttholes, and get fucked. A faggot must commit to taking all cocks without restraint.

    Call me insane if you like. I could care less what anyone else thinks or says of me, what anyone calls me. I cannot be humiliated. I cannot be shamed. You cannot even imagine how filthy I really am, how unconstrained, how fearless. There is a profound serenity in knowing precisely who and what and why and how I am. I have never wondered, never doubted, never wavered. Defying reason, definition, expectation, convention, however perverse, despite all, and still, and always, I live to satisfy and to serve the most wanton, reckless, depraved sexual desires of men. Gay was too tame for me. My sexual preference has always been faggot, as sissy as my age would allow, from my earliest years ’til now. More than a slut and a whore for cock, I worship it, I am a slave to it. I accept all cock, all cum, neg and poz, the dirtier, the better. I love it nasty. I want all the ejaculations of men, all their eliminations. I love cum, and pee, and spit, and shit. My mouth is a pussy and and a toilet. My fagcunt is a pussy and a toilet. My whole body is an idol of filth, a toilet. I love being used by men. Abuse is not necessary; I gladly submit to the destiny I have been given – faggot.

    Long ago, I disembroiled myself from the ravelled, choking maze of caution. As a lifelong sissy faggot, refusing no cock, my life has always been about risk, all-risk, an I – faggot and sissy – which mine is for the courage no other to be, if not danger’s self. Nor did I others become, hiding my true nature, in braving all-risk with hushed step. No, open and proud, mind rattling veteran sissy faggot armouries, I proclaim my adoration and worship of cock and cum, my thirst and hunger for pee and shit, to all.

    All that I write here must read perversely and irrelevantly to those of you as are still beholding to societies that are in any way normal and decent; those of you who look to others for approval, for direction, for reassurance; those of you whose fantasies remain fantasies, because fear arrests their fulfilment.

    If you are true faggots, as I am, true sissies, as I am, you will realise that acceptance of my extreme commitment to, my unfaltering covenant with, cock and cum, pee, spit, and shit – servicing the sexual wants and needs of men – demands a confession of disloyalty to all else in your lives, to everyone, and to everything…your jobs, your professions…all of which you will be loth to make. You choose your families because they are blood. Your choose your friends because you have shared experiences. You choose your jobs because they promise to provide you with a steady income, and the leisure to render cock – which you claim to favour – only occasional part-time service.

    Who am I, you may ask, to warn you that cock, true cock-obsession, the obsession that every true faggot has for cock, demands either whole-time service or none at all?

    And do I suggest that you resign your jobs and for want of sufficient capital beg, borrow, or steal for all that you require besides cock?

    I am too far to the edge, having departed your world of mediocrity for that of obsession, of Cumseedfeedbreed, of Cockbliss, of Shitbliss, to offer any practical suggestion. I have never compromised, surrendering myself to cock, enslaving myself to cock, prostituting myself for cock, living and thriving on cum and pee and shit alone, living in the service of men, believing always that cock could and would sustain me. I dare attempt only this casual but earnest statement of the problem. How you come to terms with your love of cock – to be devoted to it, to adore it, to worship it, or simply to pretend to – is no concern of mine. I do not even know that you are serious in your faggotry, in your sissihood, in your whoredom, in your sluttishness.

    The public display of a faggot’s obsession with cock is essential. I am what I appear to be. I appear as I am. A faggot. I want the entire world to know that I accept all cock, always, everywhere.

    I do this all the time, day and night, suck Black cock and get fucked, in public, in the hood.

    I have a regular sucking and fucking gig with multiple, ever-changing Blacks, at night, under a streetlamp, across the street from a halfway house. I suck one luscious strange Black cock while another fucks me – bareback, of course, always bareback – and one, or two, or three more wait their turn.

    Initially, owing to my reputation as a fagcuntslut, a Black-loving cock and cum whore, I got a call in the middle of the night, requesting service for a big Black cock in the heart of the hood. Was I interested…? Be right there. I am twenty minutes away.

    He was alone when I arrived. Right out on the footpath, I knelt down, released his gorgeous cock, and began to lavish it with adoring attention. While I was sucking him, he called some friends. Soon there were three more. I rose to my feet, bending at the waist, so as not to interrupt my sucking, unfastened my trousers, and dropped them to my knees. One of the men fingered my gaping, already cum-filled fagcunt, then shoved his dick all the way in.

    One after another, I sucked them all, and they all fucked me, each at least twice. All the while, they talked in voices unrestrained about what a faggot, a slut, a whore I was, a white faggot servicing strange N****r cock in their hood. Illumined by a streetlamp, in public – either sleeping or watching from darkened rooms – I felt a higher, a more transcendent level of bliss with every load I was given.

    We all agreed to meet again. We have, many, many times.

      Posted on : Jul 21, 2017

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