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    regane's profile

    regane Profile
    Profile views: 111412
    Fanbase: 2328

    About Me
    Ordinary white man, whose wife is having an affair with black man. My wife is happy, our marriage is ok, so I can live with that. If you're into that kind of sexlife, please share your experiences and thoughts with me. Send a message, if you like... I will answer.

    I have a little phetish with white women, especially married women, having good sex with their black lovers. If you like that, this is a right place to visit. Check my older galleries and folders. You might find something very arousing stuff... I update my old galleries sometimes, if I find good pics.

    If you like interracial sex (bm-wf) type, you're in the right place. Just check my galleries.

    Everything here is available to copy!

    Love, Regene (Anna too)

    big black cocks , cheating wives , cuckold , interracial

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    Signed up: 6 years and 3 months ago
    Images viewed: 191194
    Images uploaded: 85071

    Gender: Male
    Birth: 07/08/1969

    Last Online: 3 hours ago

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    Status updates

    Comments (10) (See All Comments)
    fisher3-D's profile
    Comments: 3331
    Commented on Jul 20, 2017
    "in 9 months her husband will find out that she fucks niggers"
    Sarasub2006's profile
    Comments: 6725
    Commented on Jul 19, 2017
    "My wife had gone missing a month ago,,I had flown out to Nairobi to look for her, she had visited the city with friends but had become separated, that was the last time they saw her,,the police were informed and to be honest I knew they weren't interested, they were doing nothing,,I went to bars across the city and in this one I knew something was wrong,,I sat watching as the men paid the bar owner money, then he let them through the bar behind that dark curtain,,some of the men took about an hour to return to the bar,,they laughed and joked with the bar owner,,it all looked very seedy,,is at drinking watching as the young African handed over the cash, the owner put it in his till, they guy went behind and through the curtain,,I waited until the owner was collecting glasses and sneaked through the curtain unseen, I found myself in a dark corridor,,I walked towards the door,,I heard muffled sounds from inside,,I carefully opened the door not sure what to expect inside the room,,my wife was on her back being fucked,,oh my god steady she gasped out, it's so big she gasped,,I heard her moan out,,oh god baby that feels so good,,oh god please she moaned, oooohhhh fuck me, fuck me hard I'm cumming she shouted out,,I closed the door,,I turned and saw the black bar owner looking at me,,oh I'm sorry I was looking for the toilet I said, he smiled,,that's my whore he replied,,I work her, oh ok I replied as I left"
    Sarasub2006's profile
    Comments: 6725
    Commented on Jul 19, 2017
    "My wife had joined the local school board, she told me one of the black football players needed a room for a few weeks, she told me if he couldn't find a room he would go home,,she told me the team needed him,,without him we would start to lose again, I agreed, after a few weeks I began to notice the sly smiles, I also noticed how she didn't cum anymore when we had sex, she seemed so disinterested in me, I also felt a difference in her,,her pussy had gone so loose, something was going on for sure so I left work early and returned home to see her naked on her knees in front of him,,sucking and playing with his cock, oh my god she gasped, I love this big dark cock so much she gasped,,fuck my white pussy baby she said,,use me, make me cum again she said,,I decided to go back to work, I loved her and didn't want to lose her,"
    Sarasub2006's profile
    Comments: 6725
    Commented on Jul 19, 2017
    "He was so much younger than me,,he was a young thug off the streets, I liked his crudeness, his racist arrogant nastiness, I was so flattered when he said he liked me,,he wanted to date me, I told him I was to old for him and I didn't like blacks, especially black thugs like him, he grabbed my hair and told me he wasn't asking me ,he was telling me , I would be his girl or else,,he knew where I lived and would call round later, he told me he liked his bitches in stockings, I struggled free and walked up the stairs away from him and his gang friends, to my apartment, I was shocked and stunned, then I heard the door, I gulped, should I open it I thought, what would he do if I didn't, I opened it and he smiled walking in, his friends also came in, as they sat on my sofa he took my hand and took me into my bedroom,,he told me to undress for him,,he smiled when he saw I had pulled on stockings like he asked,,that's a good girl he said, he told me to get on my back ,he lifted my legs, I felt his cock,,oh my god I gasped, he sank in me so deep, as he fucked me his friend watched, they were laughing at their friend,,fuck the bitch good one said,, the other said warm the bitch up for us,,"
    Sarasub2006's profile
    Comments: 6725
    Commented on Jul 19, 2017
    "He lived on the bottom floor of our apartment block, he was a violent dangerous gang member and I felt worried leaving my wife alone all day, especially after he had threatened us, he didn't like whites, he made his feeling know to us, I had rang home twice before and she wasn't home, I didn't tell her I had rang, when I asked if she went out she said no, she lied, I was worried so I didn't go to work today, I hid,,under the wooden stairs and watched,,I'd been gone a few minutes when I heard our door close,,I peered out as she walked down to his place,,she knocked and he opened it, oh your here again are you bitch he said to her, I knew you'd come back he laughed, he closed the door , I waited a few minutes,,I was confused, what was happening I thought,,I walked out from under the stairs where I was hiding and tried his door, it wasn't locked, carefully I opened it and looked in,,damn bitch move that white ass he said,,work that white pussy he said work that dick bitch he said,,oh god it's so big she replied, I love that cock she gasped,,"
    chastesubboi's profile
    Comments: 23794
    Commented on Jul 18, 2017
    "Now you know why your Wife insisted you put fresh sheets on the bed earlier tonight........."
    Slysteeldong's profile
    Comments: 6156
    Commented on Jul 16, 2017
    "Only the male negroe can fuck a white woman like this!!! Fucking awesome!!!"
    Slysteeldong's profile
    Comments: 6156
    Commented on Jul 16, 2017
    "Huge negroe. I bet her possi be reeel wett for it!!!"
    Slysteeldong's profile
    Comments: 6156
    Commented on Jul 16, 2017
    "Big dick nigga be breeding da white outta her!!!"
    Slysteeldong's profile
    Comments: 6156
    Commented on Jul 16, 2017
    "More and more white girls are going black!!!"
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