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    medellin69's profile

    medellin69 Profile
    Profile views: 23486
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    About Me
    Just like to surf and enjoy what's on offer on this great site. Enjoy the feminine form in all its manifestations. Into British Chavs in a big way and love captioning their pictures! Please comment on any captions - all adds to the fun! Send me a message if you like what you read or would like some private captions done that you might not want posted in public!

    chavs , british , CFNM , CAPTIONS

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    Signed up: 2 years and 11 months ago
    Images viewed: 38742
    Images uploaded: 1487

    Gender: Male
    Birth: 01/05/1967

    Location: United Kingdom

    Last Online: 1 hour ago

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    Comments (23) (See All Comments)
    Pakicock's profile
    Comments: 526
    Commented on Oct 13, 2015
    "Wish she was one of those fucking hard brown cock eh?"
    medellin69 | Oct 13, 2015
    She loves it black! big and black! hard big and black! Hard big and black and often! Hard big and black and often in any hole!!!!!!

    Pakicock | Oct 13, 2015
    Dirty white cunt!!! hmmm...

    shoot_that_tigerr's profile
    Comments: 680
    Commented on Oct 12, 2015
    "You seem to have a reputation as a cheap little slag, Tracee? We'll get along just fine then."
    medellin69 | Oct 13, 2015
    Oh yes! I am a cheap little slag alright. Mi mum has so many uncles since mi dad left, I never sure if they are cumming or going. But when mi mum is out they always seem to come around a lot and a lot of cum is always left around! Well up mi pussy anyway!

    shoot_that_tigerr's profile
    Comments: 680
    Commented on Oct 11, 2015
    "Four more fine young fillies to add to the Pussy Club rota. Excellent! Something for every chav teen urge here I fancy? Lindsee looks a good handful, but in a good way. A very good way! Susie's preference for prolonged sessions may be a bit optimistic, at least on the first mounting of the night!"
    medellin69 | Oct 12, 2015
    Thank you for your compliments Sir, we do try to find the best or is it the worst of the Chav meat available. I am sure you will enjoy our young girls (I can hardly call them ladies!) whichever one or more you choose!

    shoot_that_tigerr | Oct 12, 2015
    I see your point. Not ladies exactly, but all girl. And definitely best when they're being bad. I'd like at least one visit with all your girls. Firm and meaty cock-milkers Lindsee and Susie are very tasty looking additions. Pussy Club is the go-to place for hot, carefully picked chavmeat. Bravo sir!

    medellin69 | Oct 13, 2015
    Thank you sire for your kind complements. Our "girls" are hand picked, indeed I personally hand pick them myself! I can assure you every inch of their bodies I have personally checked out and indeed they have checked out every inch I have too!
    Lindsee and Susie what an excellent pair or should I say pair of pairs! I can assure you of a night of squealing good piggy entertainment. Just keep the vodka/red bulls and ciggies going!

    shoot_that_tigerr | Oct 13, 2015
    I think we must be of a like mind? The skinny chav sluts are lovely of course, but when one needs something a bit more substantial to pump and pound, the fuller girls are very satisfying. Not forgetting their superior breast-relief talents, which I'm sure you've sampled in full?

    shoot_that_tigerr's profile
    Comments: 680
    Commented on Oct 11, 2015
    "Ah! You're saying all the right things Kaylee. A young but well-experienced pair of hands on my cock sounds most arousing. We'll sort you out with some cigarettes and alcohol right away. I'd rather enjoy an outdoor, back-alley handjob for starters if that's OK?"
    medellin69 | Oct 12, 2015
    Oh Mister, my favourite, I love a back ally job!

    shoot_that_tigerr | Oct 12, 2015
    That's good. I do enjoy the full chav teen experience. I can't wait to see my cum dripping down your wrists. And perhaps a skirt up round your waist knee -trembler a little later for some extra booze and ciggies?

    medellin69 | Oct 13, 2015
    Oh yes yes yes a knee trembler. Go on stick your cock right up my sopping cunt! Quick!!!

    shoot_that_tigerr | Oct 13, 2015
    Get your skirt up then Kaylee. Mmmm! You are a sticky girl aren't you? Are you permanently wet? I think I'm going to be visiting you quite a lot!

    shoot_that_tigerr's profile
    Comments: 680
    Commented on Oct 11, 2015
    "Well hello Lindsee. And what a mouthwatering and ripe bit of shagmeat you do look! Irresistable when it's warm, young and firm, I always think? I hope you'll be a Pussy Club regular? I'm sure you won't be lacking plenty of hard cock, in fact mine's more than ready. Shall make a start right now??"
    medellin69 | Oct 12, 2015
    Oh yes Mister. This is my first time here. Mi mates said it was good and you get a safe sort of bloke to fuck, you know none of them druggies and rough types, gentlemen with mature cocks she said! Just like you!

    shoot_that_tigerr | Oct 12, 2015
    You do look like a real treat for a nice thick mature cock. Just right.Can't wait to get your knickers down! I hope you're going to get all worked-up and squeal with excitement for me?

    medellin69 | Oct 12, 2015
    Oh yes sir I squeal all right, but don't worry about the knickers, I ain't wearing any?

    shoot_that_tigerr | Oct 12, 2015
    Oh! Lindsee! A certain...err... gentleman friend of mine is getting very impatient and eager to make your soon as possible!

    medellin69 | Oct 13, 2015
    Well let the fucker out of your pants and let me at him!

    Ricodredd's profile
    Comments: 262
    Commented on Oct 10, 2015
    "Well Kaylee join me in the back of my limo and show have you handle a mature cock"
    medellin69 | Oct 12, 2015
    Ohh Mister a posh car. I could fuck in that!

    HolyBoy1955's profile
    Comments: 3325
    Commented on Oct 9, 2015
    "Girl jn white on left has THAT look!"
    medellin69 | Oct 9, 2015
    You are right she does. It says I am soooo dirty come and try me!

    tinyspeaker's profile
    Comments: 103
    Commented on Oct 8, 2015
    "I'm gonna use your holes well Lindsee, take advantage of the fact you're so drunk and be as dirty as possible with you, make you taste your own arse from my cock before I spunk all over that belly"
    medellin69 | Oct 8, 2015
    Oi Mate wadda you fink your doin! Oh all right then another vodka red bull and you can fuck my arse!

    tinyspeaker | Oct 8, 2015
    How about I buy you 2 more and you let my mates join in?

    medellin69 | Oct 9, 2015
    All right but don't get me the sack. I need the tenner they pay me each night for ciggies

    slagloveruk1's profile
    Comments: 235
    Commented on Oct 8, 2015
    "I am Tracee the stuck up cunt who thinks she is better than she is. Wannabe WAG who shags the local Five a Side captain because he says he is a professional footballer. I care more about my make-up than cock and HATE it when blokes force me to gag on cock and they spunk in my gob. Had it up the arse once and was shitting for a week."
    Siobhantotty | Oct 8, 2015
    Oh tracee cock sucking is mostly what the old pervs in the estate want.....I can see you getting a lot of business tracee

    medellin69 | Oct 8, 2015
    Yes that right Tracee, if you take that attitude, your dad's mates are going to complain. They can't catch anything from your mouth, but what's in the puss that oozes from your fanny ! Heaven knows

    Gropen's profile
    Comments: 115
    Commented on Oct 8, 2015
    "perfect bitch. I like it when they are eager to please"
    medellin69 | Oct 8, 2015
    Well Sir, Lindsee certainly takes a cock with enthusiasm, we even have a special sound proofed room, for a little extra cost, as she can get a little noisy when she fucks.

    Gropen | Oct 8, 2015
    Perfect. I bet there will be a bit noise when I jam my dick up her arse

    medellin69 | Oct 8, 2015
    I think we might have to provide something for her to bite on as it might be a bit tight for her arse sir!

    Gropen | Oct 8, 2015
    I have no problem when she screams out loud. And with the soundproof room , I would be the only one hearing the screams

    medellin69 | Oct 9, 2015
    This way sir and I hope you enjoy Lindsee. You can leave her in any state you wish, she is used to it. Rolls in the gutter most nights when she is pissed.

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