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    Cum lover x's profile

    Cum lover x Profile
    Cum lover x
    Profile views: 101764
    Fanbase: 4208

    About Me
    I really love being CUMMED on, makes me feel really hot!
    Want to see guys get really hard and have to jizz all over my naked pics!

    Drop me a email if your interested! Get really horny knowing guys want to blow their load all over my face, tits and body! x

    Also girls... would love to swap some dirty pics with you!

    Email me or chat me.

    Anal , Cock , Cum , facials , Humiliation , Jizz , Oral , Pussy , Sex , Spunk , submissive , Tits , tributes

    Website: Not set
    Signed up: 7 years and 5 months ago
    Images viewed: 1637
    Images uploaded: 0

    Gender: Female
    Sexual orientation: Bisexual

    Birth: 19/05/1989

    Location: United Kingdom

    Last Online: 5 months and 15 days ago

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    Status updates
    Cum lover  x's profile
    Jul 16, 2013
    Is it weird for your brother to wank over you?
    SpankingCajun's profile
    SpankingCajun 14 Jan, 2018
    Does it make you hot he wants to stretch your little pussy?

    MICKEY4U's profile
    MICKEY4U 10 Jan, 2018
    Wow Id Love to Cover You in Hot Cum .So You,r Brother Wanks over You MMMMMMM Do You do You Let Him Cum on You,r Face

    BigDawg56's profile
    BigDawg56 10 Jan, 2018
    It would be better if u wank for him, even suck him off , U do luv ur Bro right

    Operaman95's profile
    Operaman95 10 Jan, 2018
    Only if you don't like it...if you do...then go for it.

    open_me's profile
    open_me 16 Nov, 2017
    nothing wierd about it at all. he should also cum inside you

    Chepeloco's profile
    Chepeloco 4 Nov, 2017
    The question is, do you like that he does that. I used to wank and spy over all my sisters and cousins

    Young_for_my_Age's profile
    Young_for_my_Age 2 Nov, 2017
    My cousin, she masturbate to me.
    She says my name does it.

    WANK_ON_U's profile
    WANK_ON_U 20 Sep, 2017

    Blackjuju1972's profile
    Blackjuju1972 27 Jul, 2017
    Umm...weird? Weird is relative. You look pretty sexy so maybe not? Who knows.

    couple_in_sa's profile
    couple_in_sa 8 Nov, 2016
    whoah, we both really like yur body!

    panhead999's profile
    panhead999 8 Nov, 2016
    if i was your brother i would want to wank all over you also. sexy

    divel's profile
    divel 7 Nov, 2016
    If you are there maybe!

    arseholeaddicte's profile
    arseholeaddicte 2 Oct, 2016
    I'd love to wank over you.

    NatSpectre's profile
    NatSpectre 2 Oct, 2016
    Did he do a tribute for you?

    randyolfart's profile
    randyolfart 23 May, 2016
    Do you think I'm weird 'cause I my mom likes me to cum on her? ( We ARE an incestuous mom/son couple)

    gspotlover's profile
    gspotlover 13 May, 2016
    Are U meaning actually over your body, or your pics?...If your brother was wanking over your body, would you surprise him with a really HOT blowjob???

    busagsx82's profile
    busagsx82 9 May, 2016
    really nice and hot girl

    open_me's profile
    open_me 11 Apr, 2016
    Depends on your definition of weird. If you are what some people call a pervert, then there is nothing weird about it, just about them. I think it would be better for him to fuck you and to cum inside you. Is that weird?

    jakkdredd's profile
    jakkdredd 8 Feb, 2016
    mmmmm.............. makin me hot staring at you!!!

    cancerboy603's profile
    cancerboy603 5 Feb, 2016
    Not at all

    mass debator's profile
    mass debator 1 Feb, 2016
    can't blame him, your bodys got me damn hard!! ;)

    olmanDave's profile
    olmanDave 25 Jan, 2016
    With a sexy body like yours, it would be wierd if he didn't.

    elseyk7000's profile
    elseyk7000 25 Jan, 2016
    Write a comment...nice pic

    GRAEME13's profile
    GRAEME13 2 Jan, 2016
    No,my sister used to ask me to cum on her and her school friends

    Cumy_Nylons's profile
    Cumy_Nylons 1 Jan, 2016
    i was just gonna say i would love to cumm all over you with my sister, she squirts and her cum is really sweet and tasty, between the 2 of us you would be soaked ;)

    CuteKatie95's profile
    CuteKatie95 16 Dec, 2015
    My brother jerked off in front of me before, kinda weird... but at the same time super hot...

    Lord-Vash's profile
    Lord-Vash 29 Oct, 2015
    Not if you like it.
    If I were your brother I'd cum all over and inside you

    totalperverts's profile
    totalperverts 28 Oct, 2015
    Why dont you let him wank all over your boobs?

    retswerd's profile
    retswerd 27 Oct, 2015

    retswerd's profile
    retswerd 27 Oct, 2015

    ugot2lickit's profile
    ugot2lickit 27 Oct, 2015
    If I were your brother I'd fuck the hell out of you, and cum all over your face

    numberonestroker's profile
    numberonestroker 19 Aug, 2015
    I would wank over you, for you or any other way if I were your brother.

    Gonnae's profile
    Gonnae 16 Aug, 2015
    Cum cum

    surfsizzup's profile
    surfsizzup 5 Aug, 2015
    wish I was your brother .Your body's made to cum all over and in

    Juny01's profile
    Juny01 2 Aug, 2015
    Nope not at all x

    gopiaa's profile
    gopiaa 1 Aug, 2015
    well, if i was youe brother, i'd don't need girldfriend, juste you...

    kindalarge's profile
    kindalarge 1 Aug, 2015
    You an extremely gorgeous woman

    Lord-Vash's profile
    Lord-Vash 1 Aug, 2015
    Its not weird.
    Hell if I was your brother I'd cum on you maybe in you if you'd let me

    myslutnancy's profile
    myslutnancy 29 Jul, 2015
    Not at all......cum is great

    joanna4mommy's profile
    joanna4mommy 27 Jun, 2015
    mine cums in me, that's a normal day for me

    Cockcream's profile
    Cockcream 18 Jun, 2015
    Ummm, probably best if I do. For a start I'm not your brother. Secondly I bet you I have a load more spunk than your brother. But, it's all good I suppose if you want him to and he wants to.

    bacus1972's profile
    bacus1972 15 Jun, 2015
    HUmmmmm!!!!!! Lucky One !!!! Would Love to Cum Over You !!!!!

    CumBlaster37's profile
    CumBlaster37 15 Jun, 2015
    Like your avatar very fuckable

    FrogLegs69's profile
    FrogLegs69 13 Jun, 2015
    I would take it as a compliment

    HotchiliPepper's profile
    HotchiliPepper 6 Apr, 2015
    maybe a little weird, but very fucking u swallow his cum??

    hot43fun's profile
    hot43fun 5 Apr, 2015
    By the way you have a great body

    hot43fun's profile
    hot43fun 5 Apr, 2015
    Not weird at all you should read my blogs, my brother has a great cock and is so good looking

    hot43fun's profile
    hot43fun 5 Apr, 2015
    Write a comment...

    cumsforcostume's profile
    cumsforcostume 24 Mar, 2015
    no, id do the same if i were your brother, and the fact hes comfortable with his cock hard around you and you seeing it... wow, i wish this was my situation.

    loaded-balls's profile
    loaded-balls 20 Mar, 2015
    not if I was your brother, I would be doing a lot of wanking. then I hope you would fuck me

    IAmTheFallenOne's profile
    IAmTheFallenOne 3 Mar, 2015
    just wondering how come there aren't any pictures of you

    odinsplat's profile
    odinsplat 25 Feb, 2015
    Meh not so weird

    Cockcream's profile
    Cockcream 17 Feb, 2015
    I'd wank over your tits and face all day long. Brother or not

    bigdaveo2000's profile
    bigdaveo2000 31 Aug, 2014
    no i wish i was your brother i would cum all over you

    mms123's profile
    mms123 24 Aug, 2014
    lovely girl indeed

    p0ny22's profile
    p0ny22 18 May, 2014
    no my sister likes it too

    ill-use-u's profile
    ill-use-u 3 Feb, 2014
    my warm loads on your face!!

    Scruffboy's profile
    Scruffboy 10 Jan, 2014
    No its not and what if you feel turned on by what hes doing ;) ?

    sarah_seas's profile
    sarah_seas 19 Dec, 2013

    TheGooch's profile
    TheGooch 15 Nov, 2013
    I'd love to have you sit on my face!

    OSHA's profile
    OSHA 20 Oct, 2013
    if i were ypur brother I'd do more than just wank over you ;)

    NaughtyDaddy2011's profile
    NaughtyDaddy2011 17 Oct, 2013
    weired if he doesnt cum in ur mouth

    NaughtyDaddy2011's profile
    NaughtyDaddy2011 17 Oct, 2013
    Write a comment...

    bacus1972's profile
    bacus1972 19 Sep, 2013
    Wish I Was Your Brother !!!!

    b_mike's profile
    b_mike 13 Sep, 2013
    No of course not

    cummer25's profile
    cummer25 24 Aug, 2013
    Wanne cum 4 u

    brigantes5's profile
    brigantes5 21 Aug, 2013
    not if you enjoy it as well

    otakudude81's profile
    otakudude81 20 Aug, 2013
    I'd ask you to join me, I'd love to wank with you

    Cum lover  x's profile
    Cum lover x 31 Jul, 2013
    Feel a bit weird about it, but he is not afraid of showing me his hard cock and Ive found his cum in my bra before!

    japavidols's profile
    japavidols 18 Jul, 2013
    Not at all, if I were your brother I'd be wanking all over you too ;)

    phantasycum's profile
    phantasycum 17 Jul, 2013
    I wank over my sister all the time. More than I watch porn!

    Dutch73's profile
    Dutch73 16 Jul, 2013
    Not really...

    muffinman44's profile
    muffinman44 16 Jul, 2013
    i wouldnt blame him for wanting to. your so hot and if your happy with him to do it. game on. id love too

    muffinman44's profile
    muffinman44 16 Jul, 2013
    Write a comment...

    petehow's profile
    petehow 16 Jul, 2013
    Only if you think it is but I can't blame him

    Cum lover  x's profile
    Jan 13, 2013
    Is it wrong I got turned on my my friend who had a random wank and cum on her on a bus home? She was upset but I found it hot... He came on her shirt and a little on her cleavage.
    BigDawg56's profile
    BigDawg56 10 Jan, 2018
    Yes wank for her, she will luv it too

    Scruffboy's profile
    Scruffboy 8 Dec, 2013
    NOOO I just wanked for a mate and she made me cum on myself that's wromg right ;)? x

    Cum lover  x's profile
    Cum lover x 3 Sep, 2013

    Master's pet's profile
    Master's pet 2 Sep, 2013
    i think of it as wearing it as a badge of honor.

    Master's pet's profile
    Master's pet 2 Sep, 2013
    When i worked, my Owner would cum somewhere on my clothes and/or skin and i had to wear it all day at work. He said He liked marking His property

    Parknride's profile
    Parknride 20 Aug, 2013
    Very, very hot

    NaughtyDaddy2011's profile
    NaughtyDaddy2011 17 May, 2013
    i guess u wanted to clean his load off her right then u bitch

    Dutch73's profile
    Dutch73 15 Mar, 2013 thats pretty normal if you ask me....

    alexgrey003's profile
    alexgrey003 31 Jan, 2013
    I think theres nothing wrong unless she didnt like it. Id be turned on either way.

    abig12lick's profile
    abig12lick 30 Jan, 2013
    I'd love to wank and cum on your tits anytime, on a bus or anywhere. You are one hot sexy horny bitch!


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    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Straight


    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Straight


    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Bisexual


    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Straight


    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Straight

    Comments (10) (See All Comments)
    numberonestroker's profile
    Comments: 131
    Wrote on Aug 19, 2015
    I'd love to cum all over your hot beautiful body.
    Cum_mouths's profile
    Comments: 52
    Wrote on Jun 13, 2015
    Great site and pics

    Visit us anytime for new videos/pics: (Become a fan)
    Username: Cum_mouths
    Haimun's profile
    Comments: 4030
    Wrote on Apr 18, 2015
    Great avatar.
    I love to cum hard on perky teenies that look exactly like that.
    Godxeon's profile
    Comments: 8245
    Wrote on Mar 15, 2015
    Great profile babe. My avatar and your avatar should get together ;-*
    Gavio's profile
    Comments: 15
    Wrote on Oct 19, 2014
    You are so damn sexy! I want nothing more than to coat you in my hot cum... on your face, dripping off your chin on to your sexy little tits... On your stomach, pooling in your belly button... Inside you, against a wall and it running down the inside of your leg....
    lookingforolder's profile
    Comments: 7
    Wrote on Jun 23, 2014
    mmmmm i would love to cum all over your sexy body
    Dutcher73's profile
    Comments: 883
    Wrote on Mar 4, 2014
    Hmmm, yessss... Now I really know why i am back on fap.... Such a hot profile girl....!
    sarah_seas's profile
    Comments: 26
    Wrote on Dec 19, 2013

    fuckbuddy33's profile
    Comments: 104
    Wrote on Oct 17, 2013
    Stunning babe, would love to lick your pussy and fuck your brains out for hours, you're my kind of girl; beautiful and extremely sexy xxxxx
    LJSA's profile
    Comments: 1794
    Wrote on Oct 16, 2013
    i absolutely love your naughty pics ;)
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