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    Biohazard Slut's profile

    Biohazard Slut Profile
    Biohazard Slut
    Profile views: 303828
    Fanbase: 6546

    About Me
    Hi! I consider myself to be a rather nerdy girl. I like video games, movies, and cosplay. But i also happen to love sex. I have an addiction to pornography and masturbation. And of course plenty of fetishes, turns ons and fantasies to go with it. I am bi-sexual and can love all people as much as they are willing to love me. Race, Gender, and backgrounds are not a factor for me.

    Anal , Ass , Blow Jobs , Cosplay , Creampies , Cum , Erotisism , Exhibitionism , Hentai , Orgies , Penetration , Penis , Threesoms , Tits , Vagina , voyeurism

    Website: Not set
    Signed up: 7 years and 3 months ago
    Images viewed: 3949
    Images uploaded: 569

    Gender: Female
    Sexual orientation: Bisexual

    Birth: 09/09/1993

    Location: United States

    Last Online: 9 days ago

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    Status updates
    Biohazard Slut's profile
    Aug 20, 2013
    If we had sex, how would it go?
    yoursextoy's profile
    yoursextoy 28 Nov, 2017
    If we had sex, i will lick all of your body and fuck your pussy with tongue first and when you cum i will fuck you with my cock then till you cum two more times :*

    CobraFan's profile
    CobraFan 27 Nov, 2017
    it would go every which way we could.. You are cute as hell and I would pleasure you from head to toe... over and over again.

    smeghead63's profile
    smeghead63 13 Nov, 2017
    So what's the best game you've played lately them.

    mikes220's profile
    mikes220 8 Nov, 2017

    stringbender's profile
    stringbender 7 Nov, 2017
    We would play a fighting game like Street fighter or injustice and every time I kick your ass hehe you would have to perform a dirty act of my choosing. And same goes for me of course. If you can beat me 😎

    JackWmspt's profile
    JackWmspt 22 Oct, 2017
    We would spend hours exploring one
    anothers bodies, caressing every inch. Others would join to only intensify our
    event. I would control my climax until
    you had achieved yours. Ending with
    my placing my seed deep within and
    holding each other while you would be
    impaled on me.

    redhairlove's profile
    redhairlove 20 Oct, 2017
    Until you pass out satisfied and exhausted

    mikes220's profile
    mikes220 8 Oct, 2017
    taste that pussy for sure sexy

    Donnie1975's profile
    Donnie1975 24 Sep, 2017
    id love to get a tast of u

    lordythebig's profile
    lordythebig 23 Aug, 2017
    Go to Gamescon and do it in front of the Assassins creed exhibit 😆

    mixisbliss's profile
    mixisbliss 20 Aug, 2017
    Great Tennis court fuck scene in the first "Debbie does Dallas" movie. It's also got some good humor

    barniclesteve01's profile
    barniclesteve01 1 Aug, 2017

    RU6C2's profile
    RU6C2 1 Aug, 2017
    For about 3 and a half days...

    splicer-ik's profile
    splicer-ik 30 Jul, 2017
    Well, seeing as I've got some nerdy interests myself, I'm sure we'd get along pretty well to begin with. If I had to judge a book by its cover though, you got a bit of a punk look going on, which I definitely like. I could imagine you being into some pretty kinky stuff as well, given what I read on your profile. Part of me sees you as being the kind of girl that's into saline infusion on your partner (warning if you look that up, it's not exactly timid). So let's just say I can easily imagine myself in that state absolutely dominating your mouth and pussy.

    BiSyd's profile
    BiSyd 24 Jul, 2017
    Very Well

    surrendertome's profile
    surrendertome 25 May, 2017
    Talking turns me on so we would talk first and figure out what we both like. I am all about anime/hentai girls so it would be sexy if you had some costume(s) and/or wigs. I would have you go down on me in a couple different ways like on your knees, laying down with me mounting you, you laying on your back with your head tilted back on the edge of the bed and my hands on your little titties. I'd play with your pussy, licking my fingers and feeling your clit get hard. Licking your clit while I stick my finger in your pussy and rub your g-spot. I would eventually enter you, probably doggy style at first since that's my favorite, some missionary and whatever other positions you like.... I would grab your ankles and spread your legs, giving you a little stretch while I pound your pussy.

    There's all kinds of games we can play, but I think it would be best if we talked about fantasies and interests first. I am serious and real so if you are interested for some chat/sexting or
    even eventually a real hookup, hit me up. I'd love to come down your thraoat, in that tight little pussy or ass of yours and I am probably just as into porn and masturbation as you are. A little more fun with someone else, though!

    phillyfan4u's profile
    phillyfan4u 9 Apr, 2017
    To me there would be no boundaries. And if your a nerd, then I guess I'm into nerdy girls. Love your profile pic, finding it extremely HOT !

    feltbeast70's profile
    feltbeast70 5 Apr, 2017
    very rough, very violent, and very sweaty

    fgcult's profile
    fgcult 5 Apr, 2017
    me and many other cocks fucking everyone of your orifices nothing unusual

    SwinginBingo's profile
    SwinginBingo 14 Dec, 2016
    Some Spanking and Some Ass Eating Duh!

    Zicer1511's profile
    Zicer1511 5 Sep, 2016
    At first, you will have a long lesbian roleplay with my wife ahead of TV with dirty Hustler lesbian movie, while me watching everthying aside. After your vaginas become horny and wet, wife will show you what to do with me. But, you can't make mistake, cos' you will be punished with ass slaping. When you turn me on, I'm going to put my hard cock in wife pussy while she fuck you with her 15 cm long strap-on at same time. Then, we will change the roles with you fuckin me with strap-on as wife gives me handjob. After that stunning pleasure, while wife and you satisfied each other in pose 69, I will put lace thong and stockings on my shaved legs and then we will have pure lesbian threesome sex with kissing, fisting and licking...Are you in?

    hot43fun's profile
    hot43fun 2 Sep, 2016
    Write a comment...

    austine-romeo's profile
    austine-romeo 30 Aug, 2016
    hi care to have some fun? add me up so we can talk or send me a message, kisses

    ShyCannuck's profile
    ShyCannuck 29 Aug, 2016
    Start if off slow. Me licking your body. You caressing mine, getting your fingers lost in my hair as I lick your nethers and kiss your inner thighs. I would proceed to run my glans up and down your wet opening. I'd tease you more by prodding you with my tip a while before I finally proceed to penetrating your pussy, slowly pushing my member within you. You, laying on your back with your legs wrapped around my torso. As my body is laying atop yours, you feel my breath on your neck and I enjoy the melody of your moans intertwined with the sounds generated by my penis drenched with your natural lubricant moving in and out. I quicken my pace, you grab hold of my back and wrapped your legs tighter. I push my throbbing black cock as deep as your vessel will take it, breaking the hastened tempo and leaving it there, balls deep as you shudder from the girth and length invading your body. We continue this dance of lust as we occasionally change positions : you turn your back to me, on your knees and hands as I continue my piston like action, fucking you doggystyle. Our sweat now amplifying the sounds of your ass smacking against my pelvis. I bend over and reach for your chest as I pull you upwards and continue thrusting back and forth, my manhood throbbing within you. I overwhelm your senses, attacking your breasts with my left hand, your pussy with my cock, your clit with my right hand and my lips and tongue on the back of your neck. The air is getting hotter, damper from our sweat covered bodies rubbing against each other. The ecstasy is too much from the long session. My waist quivers as my thusts become irregular. I thust in hard and strong as I shoot my load deep inside of you, hitting your womb. I empty my balls as my penis is now deep inside your pussy, my waist pressing up against tightly against your ass from my climax. We drop exhausted, my cock still hard and deep inside. I regain my senses and proceed to keep fucking as my member is still fully erect. These final thrusts bring you over the top and make you orgasm as your now cum filled pussy send wave after wave of pleasure to you head.

    MACK8592's profile
    MACK8592 25 Aug, 2016
    On a Nude Beach in the middle of the Day

    sledgiepoo's profile
    sledgiepoo 20 Aug, 2016
    at my place in the hot tub

    NastyNate35's profile
    NastyNate35 20 Aug, 2016
    Manga porn

    feltbeast70's profile
    feltbeast70 19 Aug, 2016
    every orifice getting pounded

    Dom_Magnum's profile
    Dom_Magnum 20 Jul, 2016
    to go for horny exstatic sex with many orgasm

    hot43fun's profile
    hot43fun 16 Jul, 2016
    You look very sexy and from what i can see very nice breasts

    DEMILOTUS88's profile
    DEMILOTUS88 13 Jul, 2016
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    DEMILOTUS88's profile
    DEMILOTUS88 13 Jul, 2016
    truthfully you in a caroline cosplay and working that ass out

    Sticky669's profile
    Sticky669 10 May, 2016
    Oh man, I would do some naughty thing to you baby. Cosplay or not, I'll just pound your pussy hard and until you moan to the top of your lungs.

    jockey360's profile
    jockey360 9 May, 2016
    Violently romantic fuck!

    mrbutter's profile
    mrbutter 20 Oct, 2015
    you would treat me like a bitch

    greekmale's profile
    greekmale 16 Oct, 2015
    very hard and very deep

    Kinky_kouple's profile
    Kinky_kouple 16 Oct, 2015
    me, you, my little sister, i walk in on the two of you fingering eachothers lil pussies and your in shock when's sister pulls get hand out of you and beckons me over to take me in her mouth

    redhairlove's profile
    redhairlove 10 Aug, 2015
    Anyway you want it so you squirt in my face

    kindalarge's profile
    kindalarge 9 Aug, 2015
    long and hard

    herekitty's profile
    herekitty 8 Aug, 2015
    fast and awkward

    pantytrader4u's profile
    pantytrader4u 7 Aug, 2015
    it would go deep and hard until your pussy make my cock and balls sloppy wet from your pussy juice,then as your pussy is contracting around my shaft i would take it slow and deep and have to feel my cock pulse while pumping my cum in you

    Serendipityxx's profile
    Serendipityxx 17 Jul, 2015

    Serendipityxx's profile
    Serendipityxx 17 Jul, 2015
    It would start of slow

    naughtytee's profile
    naughtytee 1 Jul, 2015
    Allot of feeling you mouth kisses ! lay you right on your couch and mount you !!

    Kukkat's profile
    Kukkat 30 Jun, 2015
    Depends on who i would be dressed as, Man of Steel, Batman, The Flash (but nobody wants that), Sasuke, Iron Man, Thor, Ichigo (you know wich outfit, Berserk, ....

    rokilatex's profile
    rokilatex 28 Jun, 2015
    Very beathy lady...Realy lady... I would like to snif yout panties and lick your cunt and ass,then hard take you.

    finally525's profile
    finally525 27 Jun, 2015
    i would learn you]r body and what you like and hopefully teach you new thing that get you off

    13Romeo's profile
    13Romeo 19 May, 2015
    Awesome leaving us both very very very happy satisfied yet ready for more n more.

    Teencock18's profile
    Teencock18 19 May, 2015
    Write a comment...

    Teencock18's profile
    Teencock18 19 May, 2015
    Leave you begging for more, wouldn't leave until u cummed even if I have to cum 100 times ;)

    Xxtapoutxx's profile
    Xxtapoutxx 18 May, 2015
    Pretty good and you would be happy n satisfied

    kezzer's profile
    kezzer 16 May, 2015
    Id need a selfie,then I would decide...advise....

    LeonardoMcdouchebag's profile
    LeonardoMcdouchebag 13 May, 2015
    Kimochi, deska?

    LeonardoMcdouchebag's profile
    LeonardoMcdouchebag 13 May, 2015
    I would hidden blade your Vault 101, or if you're up for it you could Fus Ro Dah my High Frequency Blade, But if you're really dirty we could Eva and Snake all night long.

    borksan's profile
    borksan 10 May, 2015

    borksan's profile
    borksan 10 May, 2015
    Write a comment...

    kezzer's profile
    kezzer 9 May, 2015
    Very well,watching porn,drinks and playing with each other.

    lillois92's profile
    lillois92 3 May, 2015
    I would love to play video gameat the same time. We can either play a versus fighting game while fucking or we can play one at a time, while the other sucks the player.
    Anyway my tongue will make you have an orgasm ;)

    wimpenny's profile
    wimpenny 30 Apr, 2015
    i like slow sex perloned oral giver

    Blackworth's profile
    Blackworth 29 Apr, 2015
    nice profile

    thedave16's profile
    thedave16 29 Apr, 2015
    I would creampie your pussy and make you take have it out with your hand and swallow it, leaving the rest to warm you from the inside

    lovebushes's profile
    lovebushes 27 Apr, 2015
    I will listen what you want to satisfy your excitation, then I listen to me and do everything that i dream...

    mr69lover's profile
    mr69lover 26 Apr, 2015
    well we'd be trying every position possible if it were up to me....damn you make me sooo fucking horny, I can only imagine how sweet that clit tastes...mmmmm baby

    TongueYourAss's profile
    TongueYourAss 23 Apr, 2015

    ared4ever's profile
    ared4ever 23 Apr, 2015
    Absolutely brilliantly.

    Sugar2015's profile
    Sugar2015 21 Apr, 2015
    Write a comment...

    DigitallyDeviant's profile
    DigitallyDeviant 13 Apr, 2015
    I'd do you from behind dressed up as a cardboard version of Optimus Prime. There would be no kissing, but there would be a creampie; because robots don't wear condoms. I'd expect you to refer to me as Optimus Prime during... and after.

    sam1402's profile
    sam1402 13 Apr, 2015
    it will go by your way

    peruhairy's profile
    peruhairy 3 Apr, 2015

    Bi-NRW's profile
    Bi-NRW 29 Mar, 2015
    1. Public Place
    2. Horny
    3. Different

    herekitty's profile
    herekitty 28 Mar, 2015
    I'd ruin you for anyone else.....

    heard's profile
    heard 28 Mar, 2015
    Hot and long time: you can have many orgasm

    mbh327's profile
    mbh327 26 Mar, 2015
    You'd cum first, and later thank me for my ability to stay in character.

    zepplindown's profile
    zepplindown 26 Mar, 2015
    rough and tumble

    dandyandrog's profile
    dandyandrog 26 Mar, 2015
    quick, messy and humiliating for you.

    sensadaz01's profile
    sensadaz01 25 Mar, 2015
    On and on long after we are both sore...because the orgasms get better and better ...modestly speaking of course.

    Nightshade_st1's profile
    Nightshade_st1 25 Mar, 2015
    how bout a bit of chris and jill ;)

    anna in UK's profile
    anna in UK 25 Mar, 2015
    Hiya, really love all your game and cosplay galleries. Really hot babes. oxoxoxoxox

    gfast's profile
    gfast 25 Mar, 2015
    Just great

    SHANno1's profile
    SHANno1 24 Mar, 2015
    many ways to play it out !

    silver228's profile
    silver228 23 Mar, 2015
    We'd both dress up and role play. I'd love to slide my hard throbbing cock in your eager wet pussy. We'd spend time exploring each other's bodies. I'd give it to you hard and fast or gentle and slow.

    seamanahoy's profile
    seamanahoy 23 Mar, 2015
    It'd go rough and wild to the point where you wouldn't be able to walk for awhile without severe discomfort and we'd both need Gatorade to restore our electrolytes.

    DaveXL's profile
    DaveXL 18 Mar, 2015
    With you a dry and dry anal sex for all time of course,I dont know if you like that...for lube I spit in your s-hole when needed.

    F_A_E's profile
    F_A_E 17 Mar, 2015
    A lucid shared dream

    handlit's profile
    handlit 17 Mar, 2015
    It would go in and out and, hopefully, your beauty would not cause me to cum too quick!

    LaceylovesCD's profile
    LaceylovesCD 14 Mar, 2015
    Double headed dildo and Lots of Astroglide.

    murphyclassreal's profile
    murphyclassreal 13 Mar, 2015
    Quick and disappointing.

    13Romeo's profile
    13Romeo 12 Mar, 2015
    Wild and very sensous with laughter and lots of orgasms!

    odinsplat's profile
    odinsplat 11 Mar, 2015
    With ibuprofen and a towel! ;)

    Kamali's profile
    Kamali 11 Mar, 2015
    Babe check my cock pics an u will know how it would go hardcore xxx ?

    kezzer's profile
    kezzer 11 Feb, 2015
    Very,very well.

    Stonedd's profile
    Stonedd 6 Feb, 2015
    I think im in love.

    kanekochan's profile
    kanekochan 23 Jan, 2015
    im going to use every joystick console i have on your pussy while facing a mirror, imagine being fuck by a wii controller, ill be the one whos going to control you ;)

    Hardguy99's profile
    Hardguy99 10 Jan, 2015
    Id just like to drink a beer or six with u play some video games and have a nerdy, kinky sex filled night

    rajadaja1's profile
    rajadaja1 9 Jan, 2015
    I would luv to bind your hands and feet with ribbons and slowly lick you from head to toe making sure I stop at all your "hot spots" until you beg for me to bury my tongue in your pussy and ass and nibble on your clit over...and over...and over...and over again until you collapse in exhaustion from all the orgasms you had. Then I would bury my cock in you and pump you full of cum
    Licks and Kisses

    lillois92's profile
    lillois92 4 Jan, 2015
    I'd give you the choice: 1) we go for the hot seat (i sit on a chair and you sit on my dick) while we play a two pkayer video game or
    2) one of us play a onz player game and the other does oral. We change each tume the player loose a life or finish a level.
    3) if you don't want to play video game I'd give you an orsgam with my tongue then fuck your pussy ir your ass and then lick it while my sperm will be dripping of.

    TiffB's profile
    TiffB 29 Dec, 2014
    It would be however you want it to be fun and playful or intimate and passionate

    bubbles666xx's profile
    bubbles666xx 29 Dec, 2014
    It would be awesome, life doesn't get much simpler than that. I'd most definitely eat you out to start, then maybe we could exchange felateIt would be awesome, life doesn't get much simpler than that. I'd most definitely eat you out to start, then maybe we could exchange 69ing. Then we'd hit missionary, followed by a plethora of other positions until we're both done. Finishing simultaneously, obviously.

    Yetiman101's profile
    Yetiman101 17 Nov, 2014
    You'd start in a naughty cosplay and I would rescue you from the horrible tentacle monster after its done(yes i can build one) and ;) we can talk about more.

    BrokenAngel's profile
    BrokenAngel 8 Nov, 2014
    It would start with you in a hot cosplay outfit (like the sexy Jinx outfit in your gallery) maybe a bit of roleplay, then I would strip you slowly, kissing my way down your body. From your neck to your tits, your nipples, across your stomach, and then work my way down your inner thighs. I would kiss my way all the way down to your feet, then work my way back to your pussy. Starting slow I would tease you at first, before licking and sucking your clit and pussy lips. then we move to a 69 so you can suck my cock while I continue to eat your beautiful pussy. After that I would have you climb on top of me and ride my cock untill you orgasm (probably your second at least by this point) then I would get you on your hands and knees and fuck you hard from behind until I cum deep in your pussy. Then we could lay together and wait for my cock to get hard for another round, with my cum slowly dripping out of you.

    anonWyo's profile
    anonWyo 7 Nov, 2014
    Hopefully a threeway with me and another guy, so I can eat your pussy and ass after he's filled them with his cum.

    hoss1944's profile
    hoss1944 6 Nov, 2014
    start by eating pussy first then good pussy fuck later goo ass fuck

    CockDickPenisMan's profile
    CockDickPenisMan 17 Oct, 2014
    You would sit on my ass as I use a spoon to spank your nipples and clit

    viscount01's profile
    viscount01 28 Sep, 2014
    actually, after finding out that your just a faker? awful. People who lie about who they are- are the worst in bed. Lies make you dishonest with your wants and needs therefore you would be a bad lover and unable to find honesty in your love/lust.

    viscount01's profile
    viscount01 28 Sep, 2014
    I'd want you to suck me off as i'm playing my games and then we would switch places ;)

    princessbenihime's profile
    princessbenihime 20 Sep, 2014
    I would press and rub my pussy against yours as we kiss, then I'd roll so your un top of me and then I'd have my brother push his dick slowly into your asshole making you moan into my mouth 😋

    sexynerd420's profile
    sexynerd420 19 Sep, 2014
    all the way in your pussy and down your throat ;)

    ChavEmoGothLover's profile
    ChavEmoGothLover 17 Sep, 2014
    youd be dressed in a latex cosplay outfit and I would fuck you hard and fast for hours

    ethanaguy's profile
    ethanaguy 4 Sep, 2014

    skippymcl1988's profile
    skippymcl1988 4 Sep, 2014
    i will write it in a message

    splicer-ik's profile
    splicer-ik 19 Aug, 2014
    Could be fun, as I'm a bit of a nerd myself. We'd defintiely connect on a very intimate level!

    king-of-jupiter's profile
    king-of-jupiter 7 Aug, 2014
    Cant we just keep grunting and then play video games instead

    Reaper1962's profile
    Reaper1962 17 Jul, 2014
    cosplay, fantastic

    Thatonerandomdude's profile
    Thatonerandomdude 6 Jul, 2014
    Photo stealer. Jinx and Miss fortune photos stolen from sirenalpheana on Tumblr

    sirenalpheana's profile
    sirenalpheana 6 Jul, 2014
    Please read your messages.

    Eroscout's profile
    Eroscout 23 Jun, 2014
    Would like to exchange experience, pics and some stories with you.

    SexualLing91's profile
    SexualLing91 21 May, 2014
    first we would watch a cosplay porno and slowly masturbate together. i would then proceed to give you cunninlingus and then after a good while of sensual sex i would leave you with a beautiful creampie.

    donnah's profile
    donnah 21 May, 2014
    i would hand cuff u guide a big black dick in 2 ur tight white pussy while making u lick my little white pussy

    biGamer's profile
    biGamer 21 May, 2014

    kezzer's profile
    kezzer 17 May, 2014
    Get some pics up....been here over 3 yrs and nowt.

    mvdirector's profile
    mvdirector 16 May, 2014
    A gentle kiss on the neck. A bite on the ear. Some kissing of the lips with tonues interacting. Fondling of your fine form. Kissing all over your body. Perhaps a vibrator in one hand to warm you up for things to come.

    Mr1derful's profile
    Mr1derful 6 May, 2014
    long hard rough and last forever

    reav64's profile
    reav64 5 May, 2014
    Depends if u want 2 be boss or bossed or we could just place drity bets on halo

    pretoria_sex-addict's profile
    pretoria_sex-addict 2 May, 2014
    i would satisfy your every sexual desire

    SpankingCajun's profile
    SpankingCajun 28 Apr, 2014
    I'd like to tug on your little tits and stretch that little pussy yya got.

    dpl107's profile
    dpl107 27 Apr, 2014
    Any way you would want, all night long, all positions!!!

    Avenger2992's profile
    Avenger2992 10 Apr, 2014
    From position to position with varying depths of penetration, until I get you warmed up to take my thick cock in your ass, then I work a rabbit in your pussy while I lay the pipe to your backdoor.

    airtime's profile
    airtime 9 Apr, 2014
    rope, cuffs, floggs, adn I would lift you to subspace and leave you there for hours.

    RogueHaste's profile
    RogueHaste 7 Apr, 2014
    we would do it 10 times in a row.

    eye_of_RA's profile
    eye_of_RA 31 Mar, 2014
    Sweaty, primal, enduring, with a overfilling mutual climax that renders collapse and temporary immobility.

    floridaboy821's profile
    floridaboy821 30 Mar, 2014
    I would suck on your clit until your nice and wet, then slowly slide my dick into you then start pounding into you fast as i finger your asshole and french you

    darius7's profile
    darius7 27 Mar, 2014
    slowly and long
    slowly and long

    mikes220's profile
    mikes220 27 Mar, 2014
    any way u would want it to go

    indianmilf's profile
    indianmilf 27 Mar, 2014
    fuck my son and find out

    Harsh_Gentleman's profile
    Harsh_Gentleman 22 Mar, 2014
    Tape. Ropes. Cuffs. Tears.

    walterwhitewalterwhite's profile
    walterwhitewalterwhite 22 Mar, 2014
    deep, wet, and sloppy

    twingo12345's profile
    twingo12345 20 Mar, 2014

    jpsexyman's profile
    jpsexyman 13 Mar, 2014
    well, what's your record for amount of times coming in one go? Add at least one more ;)

    sexywetfakes23's profile
    sexywetfakes23 9 Mar, 2014
    I want to lick your clit until you are soaking wet on the verge of cumming, then I would flip around and hump you and we could rub our wet vaginas together until we both screamed a came

    Bigdicked's profile
    Bigdicked 8 Mar, 2014
    Very hot!

    morgan1361's profile
    morgan1361 4 Mar, 2014
    There really arent words, you must experience it for yourself

    Bjlova's profile
    Bjlova 20 Feb, 2014
    We would 69 first and after you came i would fuck you missionary so you could taste your pussy on my face, then iI would spin you around and do you doggystyle while pulling you to me. That would send me over the edge and i would blow my load deep inside your sweet pussy. When you milked me dry I would ease out nice and slow and spin you around once more to clean our combination of juices off my cock....and then french kiss you deeply!

    ran2wil69's profile
    ran2wil69 17 Feb, 2014
    i would let you suck my 9 for 5 minutes, then i would eat that sweet pussy for 8 minutes, then i would fuck your guts out for 10 minutes,, and unload on your tits.

    markcums4u's profile
    markcums4u 3 Feb, 2014
    until every whole is filled with cum

    alles44's profile
    alles44 2 Feb, 2014
    bist ne süsse puppe

    Southern005's profile
    Southern005 1 Feb, 2014
    I'd take u in my arms and kiss ur neck. Then move lower and keep kissing u

    bullgodfl's profile
    bullgodfl 28 Jan, 2014
    I would hold you down by your throat while fucking you in long, deep strokes...

    soubilastar's profile
    soubilastar 26 Jan, 2014
    nerdy and sexy ! the perfect woman !

    leo1959's profile
    leo1959 25 Jan, 2014
    starte at the tips of your toes and kiss and lick my way up your beautiful body

    mannreif's profile
    mannreif 25 Jan, 2014
    love me........will more then sex..........

    batterup's profile
    batterup 25 Jan, 2014
    I'll tell you in the morning over breakfast

    sirbatt's profile
    sirbatt 15 Jan, 2014

    lolindir91's profile
    lolindir91 14 Jan, 2014

    pantyhoseLust13's profile
    pantyhoseLust13 9 Jan, 2014
    love to see you body you look hot from your avitar

    Reaper1962's profile
    Reaper1962 8 Jan, 2014
    It would go wild and long

    morgan1361's profile
    morgan1361 4 Jan, 2014
    It would go down as the best experience of your life

    SaintMark's profile
    SaintMark 2 Jan, 2014
    we would play an egoshooter of your choice. loser gets fucked in the ass with a strapon.

    funtohold57's profile
    funtohold57 30 Dec, 2013
    We would have a great time first we could start off with a little 69 postion,then I would love for you to ride me ,after a good ride I would flip you over and stuff my big fat cock in your tigth little ass hole and fill your ass full of my hot cum

    zensolo's profile
    zensolo 30 Dec, 2013
    Any way you cared to take it

    allianis's profile
    allianis 28 Dec, 2013
    I think it would be similar to the day Hinata and Naruto end up together. You'd probably do a little gasping, and I'd end up looking like an idiot no matter how well I did.

    pinester's profile
    pinester 26 Dec, 2013
    hard and hot

    maddchadix's profile
    maddchadix 24 Dec, 2013
    On and on and on and on and on...

    maddchadix's profile
    maddchadix 24 Dec, 2013

    SHANno1's profile
    SHANno1 24 Dec, 2013

    slutwife4men's profile
    slutwife4men 15 Dec, 2013
    you would be my pet slut at a 10-12 man gangbang- and i would lick you clean when you were done.

    PussyConnoisseur's profile
    PussyConnoisseur 13 Dec, 2013
    worthy of several sequels

    u-rypt's profile
    u-rypt 9 Dec, 2013
    love you

    PervDadUK's profile
    PervDadUK 29 Nov, 2013
    nasty kinky and messy ,, or any way u wanted it , id love to chat please add me on YIM as Cheryl.canine or pm me on here ,, il hgope to hear from you soon x

    Face_user's profile
    Face_user 24 Nov, 2013
    Amazing profile picture

    RockHardShaft's profile
    RockHardShaft 1 Nov, 2013
    I would hand cuff you to the bed and shove my big thick cock into your pussy. I will fuck your pussy rough, deep, and hard; until it is stretched, pink, drenched, and tender. Take the hand cuffs off and lay you on you belly as I slide my big throbbing cock deep into your pussy; thrusting deeper and deeper into your pussy while hitting your g-spot. I slide my arm under you and in one movement (while still balls deep) we change to doggy style. I slow down with long deep strokes of my thick hard cock sliding deeper into your tender and stretched pussy. I will then pull out and slid my still throbbing cock into you ass as I turn you back onto your back and start to finger wet pussy; while my other hand is playing with your clit. I turn you one last time back onto your belly as my long thick cock slides deeper into your ass. I begin to cum in your ass; leaving a warm load of cum deep in your stretched ass. You finish turning around laying on your back; my cum starts to drip out of your ass.

    docwood's profile
    docwood 27 Oct, 2013
    long,dirty and hard ;)

    tgirlfan's profile
    tgirlfan 24 Oct, 2013
    Hi, just wanted to say I love your tits. If it's you in your icon that is.

    jen_b305's profile
    jen_b305 18 Oct, 2013
    give me your yahoo id and I"ll tell you how it would go

    cobblers67's profile
    cobblers67 15 Oct, 2013
    if we had sex, it would go very well for you, if you like to have your pussy lips gentl parted, and feel my tongue slowly running between them, I wonder how you taste, and if you like to be licked. I have a thing for licking warm wet pussies, and massaging clits with the flat of my tongue, xx you look sensational,I'd love to empty my cum all over you sometime

    XPDX154's profile
    XPDX154 12 Oct, 2013
    Sex with yoU!!! Probaby start up with some gaming!!! Then some making out!! Then some super hot sexy sex!!!

    ParkerHS's profile
    ParkerHS 11 Oct, 2013
    wild, fun, hard

    odbford's profile
    odbford 10 Oct, 2013
    since it would be our first time, I'd take it slow and with LOTS of Passion, I'd do you like my Favorite Desert! No matter how much I want to just devour you, I'd take my time and savor each and every minute. Licking and Tasting every part of you until I get to that Creamy Center and then we'd lay in each others arms while we catch our breath and YOU QUIT SHAKING!

    derKoch007's profile
    derKoch007 10 Oct, 2013
    on a kitchentable, and i would straight should my loads deep inside your sweet pussy and make sure it stays inside

    jfk74's profile
    jfk74 6 Oct, 2013
    with us 69ing so i could taste yuor pussy and ass

    livelikeadog's profile
    livelikeadog 1 Oct, 2013
    first i'd turn you out to my friends and after they were done i'd clean you with my tongue making sure to get all the cum then i would face fuck you and swap with you after.

    Smallcock89's profile
    Smallcock89 30 Sep, 2013
    Like snake and Eva or like halo, depends how nerdy and naughty you want to play.

    damien45's profile
    damien45 30 Sep, 2013
    rough and wild

    rightdabhand79's profile
    rightdabhand79 28 Sep, 2013
    Any way you want.

    loveitnude's profile
    loveitnude 28 Sep, 2013
    I can't imagine! If I got my hands on you there is absolutely no telling what we might do or get into!! lol That body of yours is so sexy my minds reels from the possibilities. One thing is certain...I would start with your toes and......

    PervDadUK's profile
    PervDadUK 27 Sep, 2013
    hi there you ,,id love to chat etc add me on here and YIM please? see myprofile but please be warned im very kinky and open minded altho I can respect boundaries and be discreet when asked x

    PervDadUK's profile
    PervDadUK 27 Sep, 2013
    let my old friends all bukkake you as I fucked u deep for hours b4 cumming in your ass,, then wed all sit back and weatch my dog fuck you too as we all wanked and pissed over yuou ya sexy lil thing

    p18x5's profile
    p18x5 26 Sep, 2013
    our sex.. would go hard, deep, fast, in all your holes with fingers tongue fist and cock

    p18x5's profile
    p18x5 26 Sep, 2013
    you got so sweet tits.. #ilike

    WhoreTrainer's profile
    WhoreTrainer 22 Sep, 2013
    If you were near Nj it would go just fine =) i would love to lick your pussy and asshole.... For as long as you want!

    wifeynhubby39's profile
    wifeynhubby39 16 Sep, 2013
    nice profile , hit us up sometime on here if you like couples!

    boredwhynotlol's profile
    boredwhynotlol 12 Sep, 2013
    Email me and ill tell you. I would love to chat. Cuz i love masterbation to. Like especially if we did it at the same time while thinking about eachother.

    luvs2bnakd's profile
    luvs2bnakd 11 Sep, 2013
    We should try and see! ;)

    -TOOL_'s profile
    -TOOL_ 11 Sep, 2013
    i would stick it in your ass. plain and simple.

    matias_kaze's profile
    matias_kaze 11 Sep, 2013
    I would have to fuck you hard and deep..nuttin all in that pussy

    Reaper1962's profile
    Reaper1962 1 Sep, 2013
    It would go like, you cum, I cum and then we would have more sex etc.

    Sweet_Freak's profile
    Sweet_Freak 1 Sep, 2013
    We would cosplay duh! I would be Ivy or Sophitia from soul caliber and you qould be Zero Suit Samus! Or a thong version of zero suit!

    outlawslaw's profile
    outlawslaw 31 Aug, 2013
    until morning im sure

    Aloutte's profile
    Aloutte 30 Aug, 2013
    Love your beautiful body

    wankmaster69's profile
    wankmaster69 29 Aug, 2013
    Oh,oh, God that wa s great thanks xx

    pamper28's profile
    pamper28 28 Aug, 2013
    as slow or fast as you liked just as long as my baby girl was enjoying it and love the way you call out harder daddy and deeper oh! daddy baby girl is gonna cum all over daddys cock make me come daddy ill be a good girl

    brigantes5's profile
    brigantes5 24 Aug, 2013
    id do you doggy way so i reach round and tickle your clit sometimes. have a webcam watching close up as I slide it into you, and have a screen in front of you so you can see your juices all over my cock

    Therevolution's profile
    Therevolution 23 Aug, 2013

    scuik's profile
    scuik 23 Aug, 2013
    (third time lucky - must have freaked out at the ampersand - sorry!)

    ...touching and kissing, 69, then fucking followed by some hot anal for the sticky conclusion!

    scuik's profile
    scuik 23 Aug, 2013
    ...Maybe some touching

    scuik's profile
    scuik 23 Aug, 2013
    I guess you'd have to be in costume (you look like you'd make a good Catwoman - but maybe there's someone you'd prefer to dress as?)

    Maybe some touching

    anonymous's profile
    anonymous 23 Aug, 2013
    I guess you'd have to be in costume (you look like you'd make a good Catwoman - but maybe there's someone you'd prefer to dress as?)

    Maybe some touching

    ramblinrodriguez's profile
    ramblinrodriguez 20 Aug, 2013
    Tied up, ball gagged and you dripping with my hot spunk!

    SexyFun87's profile
    SexyFun87 20 Aug, 2013
    Good foreplay with me sucking your tits and licking your pussy for your first orgasm, long hot sex in your/our favorite positions and finishing it deep inside you or over your hot body.

    Biohazard Slut's profile
    Aug 15, 2013
    Where's your favorite place to cum?
    redhairlove's profile
    redhairlove 20 Oct, 2017
    Where ever it would turn you on the most when I lick it from you and kiss you

    Sticky669's profile
    Sticky669 10 May, 2016
    I would cum in your mouth and over your face.

    heard's profile
    heard 28 Mar, 2015
    One of the 3 holes

    Godxeon's profile
    Godxeon 22 Mar, 2015
    'Cockermouth' in Cumbria, ha ha ........and oh yes, its real

    lillois92's profile
    lillois92 4 Jan, 2015
    The ass or the vagina. Anywher uf I can lick ut after

    ummm89's profile
    ummm89 1 Dec, 2014
    I love to give thick creampies and then watch as it oozes out

    aliensroberts18's profile
    aliensroberts18 1 Apr, 2014
    In your mouth!

    eye_of_RA's profile
    eye_of_RA 31 Mar, 2014
    Docked right onto the cervix.

    floridaboy821's profile
    floridaboy821 30 Mar, 2014
    While in a puplic place, inside your pussy if you'll let me

    bigcat3's profile
    bigcat3 8 Mar, 2014
    Mouth or face

    Cockknocker666's profile
    Cockknocker666 24 Feb, 2014
    Mouth, for a French kiss after .

    DaveXL's profile
    DaveXL 8 Feb, 2014
    on face is the best!!!

    sexfiendz's profile
    sexfiendz 2 Feb, 2014
    while getting a footjob as you smother me with your pussy, drowning me in your love juices

    batterup's profile
    batterup 25 Jan, 2014
    your cute panties...want to watch me ;0)

    funtohold57's profile
    funtohold57 30 Dec, 2013
    In your ass

    allianis's profile
    allianis 28 Dec, 2013
    In a public place, somewhere isolated enough to be unseen, but with a real risk of being caught.

    Disago's profile
    Disago 15 Dec, 2013
    You jerking me off aiming my cock at your face till I explode all over your face hair and into your open moth

    Clint_Toris's profile
    Clint_Toris 12 Dec, 2013
    anywhere you want the cum to be girl.

    Cognitive's profile
    Cognitive 20 Oct, 2013
    right in the forbidden door ;) no better sensation in sex then that.

    jere51's profile
    jere51 5 Oct, 2013
    on ur tits

    PrivateEye's profile
    PrivateEye 6 Sep, 2013
    As a hetero male, it all depends on the arousal of my partner...If she wants it in her mouth so she can gobble my hot creamy jizz down her throat, then I will deliver as I pump my cock in and out between her lips...If she wants it in her pussy, I'll deliver it there, deep into her vagina so she can stick her fingers in and massage her G-spot with my load...If she wants it in her butt, so she can feel my fat throbbing cock thusting in and out of her tight little ass as she pulls her butt cheeks wide to get all of me into her as much as possible...Then she rubs the cum beginnig to ooze out from her butt-hole while she stretches her butt cheeks and rubs it all over her ass and her crotch....Sometimes she simply likes to jerk me off as I lay on my back and as I am about to cum, slowly strokes my cock so she can see and feel the ropes of thick sticky cum hit her in the face and the chest...She then gathers it wtth the fingers of one hand and licks them clean while she squeezes the last of the cum from my cock to then clean me with her mouth, sucking it all down her throat....Some would call her a cum slut but I don't care...It's mutually exciting and satisfying for us regardless of where I shoot my load.

    PrivateEye's profile
    PrivateEye 6 Sep, 2013
    Write a comment...

    lovefucker420's profile
    lovefucker420 5 Sep, 2013
    in the face or tits or pussy

    wankmaster69's profile
    wankmaster69 29 Aug, 2013
    In my tissue...Makes a mess of my bed sheets otherwise and then I have to was them...So hate that. Once a year is fine ;P xx

    Therevolution's profile
    Therevolution 26 Aug, 2013
    Only in your pussy.

    tonycore's profile
    tonycore 23 Aug, 2013
    Inside your pussy gorgeous.

    sukebe_gaijin's profile
    sukebe_gaijin 23 Aug, 2013
    inside...mouth, pussy, or ass,

    jdman1269's profile
    jdman1269 22 Aug, 2013
    on you hot clit so i could lick you more!!

    knightcircle's profile
    knightcircle 21 Aug, 2013
    On myself when I'm cross dressing hehe with a girl, on her face and tits

    roryx's profile
    roryx 20 Aug, 2013
    mail me pls, i will ........u welcum

    sinnerslo's profile
    sinnerslo 20 Aug, 2013
    Over your titties ...

    critter665's profile
    critter665 16 Aug, 2013
    In a hot tight ass pipe, all over an ass, or all over tits.

    Crazyelg's profile
    Crazyelg 15 Aug, 2013

    spanishpoet's profile
    spanishpoet 15 Aug, 2013
    depends on what's happening. filling up your pussy with hot cum would be nice, or maybe all over your ass, then it's nice to cream on your tits, making them glisten; but I think cumming on your face watching it drip from your chin would be best.

    spanishpoet's profile
    spanishpoet 15 Aug, 2013
    Write a comment...

    Jaqd's profile
    Jaqd 15 Aug, 2013
    Where are you? ;) Oh, or did you mean body part? ;P


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    Comments: 3138
    Commented on Dec 7, 2017
    "Perfect match"
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    "Gorgeous girl"
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    "your ass is very lickable and your pussy looks so delicious , love to taste your wares dear"
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    "a very suckable beauty with a very suckable body"
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    "love this picture of AG"
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    "A young and pretty cum bunny."
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    "Sitting nice and slutty with legs open, your dress pulled up and your skimpy panties down to your knees to show me how pink your snatch is between your thighs makes my cock extra eager to hammer your tender pink and pump a thick hot load of thick creamy spunk deep in your love hole...And as well, ejaculating one load may not be enough, so another into your mouth as you stroke me off may be needed to put my naughty mind at ease and curtail the rude and crude thoughts I have at the moment."
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    "Nice! Love cumming on a hot ass."
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    "I've got more hot cum for these sluts!"
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    "Definitely prepared to spread in the local park given the fact that she is without any clothing under her coat...Not presuming she wants sexual intimacy with another, I would enjoy witnessing her busy with one hand loving her pussy while in that position feverishly working herself to a hot orgasm as I stand to watch her arousing performance."
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