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    It is evening time and 18 year old Katy is laid on her bed relaxing in her 'baby doll' pyjamas having just had a shower, when her big brother Jason knocks on the door. "Are you in there sis ? Mum and dad have just gone out and I thought that I would keep you company".

    Katy is very fond of her brother, she thinks that he is very good looking and is in good shape physically. If she is honest with herself, she would have to say that she is very jealous of the many girlfriends that Jason has had, indeed she recently almost cried when she heard loud 'sex noises' coming from his room one night when he had his latest girlfriend round. That night she found herself fingering herself at the thought of the two of them together and when she came, it was the best that she had ever had.

    "Well ?" Jason called, "are you going to let me in ?" Oh those words thought Katy, let him in ? Oh yes, how much WOULD I like to let him in she thought, and she wasn't thinking about her room either.......... "Yes, sorry, do come in".  Jason walked in, smiling as ever and went over to his sister "Pretending not to hear me, eh ?". "No" she replied and started giggling girlishly. "Mmmm, I bet" said Jason as he started to tickle her.

    "Jason, stop it, no...." she giggled, but that made him do it all the more. "No means yes and yes means no" he laughed, tickling her more as they fell onto her bed together. As she wriggled he grabbed her arms and as he did so, the bottoms of her pyjamas slipped down accidentally. Jason was a bit shocked that this had happened and was worried that Katy might tell on him. "Sorry sis, that was an accident, honestly" and he went to help her pull them back up. "No Jason, it is too late to say sorry, leave them as they are" she ordered.

    "What the ?" Jason mumbled, shocked by what she had said. "Yes Jason, leave them down. In fact how about we both get undressed, I'd love to see you bare. "We can't, no we are brother and sister and it is .....?" Jason blushed as Katy pulled up her pyjama top to reveal a gorgeous pair of firm and perky breasts. "Incest" he stuttered. "So, I fancy you and I've seen the way that you sometimes look at me" said Katy. "Go on, you've seen my boobs now, its time I saw something of yours".

    "We shouldn't" said Jason, his cock rock hard by now. God how he wanted to fuck her and had wanted to for a long time. "You aint scared, are you ?" Katy teased. "A little bit, yes. But I do want to". "Maybe this will make you change your mind" and with that, Katy went to take off her pyjama shorts and her pretty pink panties. "No, let me do that" ordered Jason, pulling them down to reveal his sisters nicely shaven pussy. "Wow sis, I've never seen a shaved one before". "You have now, so come on, you've seen mine so lets see yours, eh ?"

    With that, Katy helps Jason to get undressed and as she pulls down her brothers pants, she gasps in breathless ecstasy as his swollen penis springs out. She looks her brother in the eye and says "He is lovely, let me lick him please". "Are you sure about this sis ? Do you really, really want to ?" Asks Jason. "We are both over 18, aren't we ? and we both love one another, dont we ?" She is getting slightly pissed off now as she didn't think that he would be this panicky. "Yeah true, and I do really want you" "I can see that" Katy giggles.

    "Okay then, but I don't have any condoms at home Katy, so do you want me to pull out ?" Katy is not on contraception and is aware of the danger of getting made pregnant by your own brother. "Yes Jase, you will have to pull out, please don't come in me, will you ?". "No sis, I wont, I promise". "Thanks, that is sweet of you, when I have come I will suck you and let you come in my mouth. Is that okay ?".

    "Wow yes yes Katy, no girl has ever done that to me before" "Mmmmm, I kinda thought so, now come here and let me have you my brother". With that, Katy kneels on the bed and spreads hers legs apart in readiness for her brothers penis. As he enters her by now very wet pussy, she screams out in pleasure, much louder that what his girlfriend did the other night..........

    Within a few minutes, and a few changes of position, Katy has come twice and her brothers penis is still very hard. Scared that he migh 'have an accident' she tells him "thats enough now, I've come so lets see to you, eh ?".

    Despite all his apparent nervousness, Katy is very pleased at just how well he has done and vows to have him again, next time though she will take him straight after her period has ended so that she can feel his sperm in her.

    Incest sex, the best sex there is.
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    Teen, Hardcore
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