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    Divorcee Ellie has recently started to have sexual feelings for her 18 year old son Jake. These have been getting really intense and so she decides that she is going to seduce him......

    She knows all about the so called taboo that is incest but she wants him so badly so who cares ? He is over 18 after all and if he doesn't want to know, then what have I got to lose ? she reasons.

    One afternoon, when college has finished and Jake is at home, Ellie dresses to kill. She wears the skimpiest dress that she owns and just a pair of tight white knickers.

    She has the kind of 'full figure' body that most men would lust after and she hope that when Jake sees her like this that he will be no different..........

    "Mind if mom sits and watches darling" she asks. "Yep if you want to" he says nonchalently. She sits on the floor straight in front of him, letting her already short dress ride up even further to reveal her tight white knickers which stretch tight over her swollen vulva. Jake is still concentrating hard and so she shifts position a little and her knickers stretch even more over her swollen pussy lips. This time she sees him momentarily shift his eyes and have a crafty peek up his mums dress.

    She moves herself a little more and she sees that his eyes follow. She looks up at him and say "You okay darling ?" Jake blushes now as he knows that he should not be looking, but then again she is so damn attractive to him that he cannot help but peek. "Yeah mum I am okay, what about you, you look dead nice tonight, are you going out ?" he asks. "No baby, just me and you tonight" she purrs.....

    Jake turns to go back to his game, but his penis is now beginning to harden at what has been seeing and turns for another look, hoping his mum won't see him. Ellie can sees the bulge starting to show in his pants and knows that he wants her like she wants him. She sees him peeking again and as she does so, Jake turns quickly away "What are you looking at darling ?" she asks. He blushes and mumbles  "Nothing mum" he lies "You can see more of me if you want" He wants to and wants to badly "That is wrong mum, isn't that incest ?" "Yeah I suppose that it is if you think about it but I wont tell no one if yo wont" she giggles. "Come and kiss mummy" she says.

    As their lips meet, it is gentle, just like mum and son should be but she cannot hold back and tries to put her tongue into her mouth. He hesitates momentarily and looks her in the eye. He sees the glint in her eyes and knows that it is going to be okay and so they kiss some more. "Shall we get undressed ?" she suggests "If you want to mum, if it is okay, yes please" Very soon they a both naked on the deep carpet of Ellies front room "Mummy wants you to make her feel real nice darling" " I will mum" he says as his lips suckle one of her nipples.

    She moans with deep pleasure at the feel of her young son sucking her breast in this way and she is now very wet and ready to take her sn into her hot and willing vagina. He is already real hard but she wants to taste him "Can I suck you darling ?" Wow he thinks, his own mother is going to give him his first bj  "Go for it mum" he says. Jake near faints in ecstasy as his mum takes his shaft into her hot mouth and gives him his first bj. She takes him deep into her throat so that she near on chokes  and then goes onto gentle licking of his end and licking the tip of her tongue in the eye of his penis, which makes him almost come.

    She would like to 'rim' him but knows that he is near ready and as she so badly wants him inside her, she decides that 'rimming' will just have to wait another day. "I want you to fuck me now darling, do it doggy style" she says, rolling over and presenting her gorgeous and naked rear to him. She takes his hardness in her hand and slides it gently into her willing pussy. He tenses as she does this and feeling that, she grips him tight with her vaginal muscles. They fuck like this for only about a minute before she pulls away and lays on her back.

    The red wetness of his mums vagina is open and beckining to him and he knows that this will be the final act, for he can hardly contain himself. They do one another this way for a few more short minutes but she is now going to come and when she does, she gushes like she has never done before. This makes Jake start to come too, but he does not know if she will like his cum inside her and it would not be good if he got his own mother pregnant. There is no time left so Jake kisses Ellie again and at the moment of climax he pulls his penis out of her and as he kisses her deepl, he squirts his load all over the inside of her thigh. "Naughty Jakey" she giggles, "Mummy wanted that inside her"  " I was scared that you could get pregnant mum" he mumbled " No chance of that son, I am on contraception, so next time you know what to do" "Next time" asks Jake. "You bet baby, you BET, there will be lots, lots more times"......................
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    Amateur, Teen, Hardcore
    6,7 (6 votes)
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