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     The Train Ride to London!  Read 199 times

       This is a short fantasy story for you all, enjoy!   I got on the train, which was very crowded, but managed to find a space to stand just inside the doors by the toilets. It was ok, at least I was onboard. occasionally someone squeezed pass and I would be groped. I am used to it and quite enjoy the feeling. The train reached Gatwick and a crowd of travellers...
    Neha1985's profile
    <701 fans>
     Please Try to be Respectful  Read 162 times

      Please Try to be Respectful of the models. For the most part I post all the good images of a set. Even those of just body parts. Regaurdless You should always remember these are in fact real people. I do not like to block people because I support free speech and all that. Rude and Crude is another issue. Yes some Like to be called names and so on, but on my post we go by the basic rule. Be kind...
    HardThunder's profile
    <2995 fans>
     I love you Sarah  Read 201 times

         My GF / Mistress, after roughly fucking me with her preferred strapon, just whispered the following into my ear using her sweetest of voices: "No matter how many cocks you suck or how many pussies you lick or how many dicks I make you fuck. At the end of the day I will always be your mistress and you will always be my slave and I will do to you whatever, whenever, however an...
    sabrina_fungirl's profile
    <2713 fans>
     Innocent White Girls  Read 143 times

       I love when good white girls give in and take a black cock. They all want it. It's funny seeing white christian girls jostling for position in front of me while the white boys just don't know what to do. I try to work through as many of them as I can. 
    jermainlarkland's profile
    <10 fans>
     Me  Read 164 times

       I want to be re-written, re-programmed, brainwashed into the perfect slut/slave/bimbo/property/object/lover that the Dom willing to go to such an effort wants. Truly brainwashed, with as much or as little of a mind left as my Dom wishes.   I've thought about this a long time -- nearly nine years -- and it is truly what I want. I'm not saying my current personality ...
    tortatapatia's profile
    <1281 fans>
     Angel and the Educator.  Read 149 times

       Part 2. Angel and the Educator. Within a relatively short span of time, through her stealth, instigative teasing, Angel succeeded in driving a normally collected, in-control and feared vice-principal wild enough to do the unthinkable. She purposefully incited him to seduce her, in order to get out of trouble.  I had called Angel into my office to...
    Bust_A_Nut's profile
    <1264 fans>
     Rambling  Read 101 times

      You know when a girl write she hasn’t had sex in four months and that it’s not good for her, one want to write: “Try being a guy, I haven’t had sex in four years”. Well, my excuse is that I don’t go out at all, except I go out for work, so I’m not “hikikomori”. Anyway, one thing I don’t understand is that some, I could likely say &ldqu...
    denny_beta's profile
    <323 fans>
     Shiela and the girls were not to be denied...1975  Read 170 times

       True incident in the playground during my schooldays in 1975. One dinnertime an argument (that had the probability to break into a fistfight at any moment) occurred between two lads my age (14). As is the way with these things, a crowd of spectators quickly formed around the protagonists. The row got more heated, the mixed crowd calling out encouragement and...
    cvcfhp's profile
    <95 fans>
     indian escorts in dubai +971501948716  Read 146 times

       we ndividuals dependably wish to invest a wonderful energy with a modish and trendy young lady. There are loads of escorts in our office which are working with us. We generally offer model escorts to our customers in light of the fact that the client dependably needs youthful, fair, slick and delightful young lady Middle Easterner Escorts and that is the reason the interest for Indian escort...
    batoolkhan's profile
    <5 fans>
     REAL life experience....cruel lady  Read 144 times

      A lunchtime drink….. from 2013 I want to tell you about some `real life' occurrences that have happened to me or I have been a witness to. Usually they take the form of describing the ladies reaction when I introduce the theme of men fighting each other into our conversation. Yesterday a girl I know gave a spontaneous reaction along these lines which I wanted to share on here with ...
    cvcfhp's profile
    <95 fans>
     Thank you.  Read 112 times

       Thank you to all my new fans.   Thank you to all the people who have favourited my galleries.    Thank you to all who comment on my pictures I appreciate all comments.   I am slowly running out of new pictures to caption so if anyone has any galleries or individual pictures they would like to see captioned then please I am open to...
    StiffLemming's profile
    <42 fans>
     Revision of galleries  Read 128 times

       We've just moved it all around to make it easier in future. If it's messed up your links - apologies! Hey - we're still learning the subtleties of the site!  
    Iceman888888888's profile
    <284 fans>
     The BBW Godesses I see 💗  Read 140 times

      Every day when I walk in the street I see so many big voluptuous curvey sexy goddess. Their big tits big ass and big bellies all hanging out. My cock is hung in my pants free and throbbing. Plump big booty black milfs stroll by with a wink. Unaware thick Asian fucktoys parade around in cutoff jeans, their pale fat asses jiggling as they giggle. Phat booty white girls are proud to show off their...
    mradult's profile
    <949 fans>
     Abit more about this swinging single.  Read 112 times

       Hi, I’m Selek. I am a swinging single and have been in the life style long enough to know how to be a gentleman and enjoy the fun of meeting couples who enjoy having a single chap over for a glass of wine. I go on holiday regularly around SA and also to my favorite nudist resort with a group of friends. I'm confident, tall and handsome, not over weight at all☺ I play tennis a...
    Selek123's profile
    <143 fans>
     Joanna Jett Fucked  Read 143 times
    lay's profile
    <371 fans>
     Skinny girls around the world  Read 137 times

      Все рисунки в моей галерее подписано мое имя. Я прошу всех любителей женской худобы не стесняйтесь и выкладывать свои рисунки везде, где вы хотите. Пожалуйста. Спасибо.
    Nnatucket's profile
    <25 fans>
     Teneisha 7 The Domination and Obliteration of A Conventional White Relationship  Read 111 times

      Aubrey had received instructions from Teneisha throughout the day on how to get her boyfriend Duncan to the supermarket at 10 pm. It was an older place and not very busy as it had been overtaken my the bigger, newer one across the street. The parking lot was desolate except for the employees cars parked far out from the building. When Duncan pulled in with Aubrey Teneisha pulled right in behind...
    Blkfemruleoverwhitesluts's profile
    <646 fans>
     Celebs  Read 143 times

       Gosh! We post Dr. Laura and within 24hrs she's got twice the hits of our previous best! Clearly, you guys hunger after celebs. Ok! Watch this space! But - if you enjoy those, do look at the Mayfair girlies. They're really lovely, and mostly amateur.  
    Iceman888888888's profile
    <284 fans>
     NERDY glasses wearing females  Read 155 times

       I have no Idea why most "nerdy" glasses wearing females make me so fucking horny but they do...! Ever since I was a young boy of 12 years old growing into a man's sized cock I have always loved to jack off and cum in front of every female that I could get to watch me. Back then I started out flashing young girls my age but quickly discovered that some Adult women  l...
    conflictedhuman's profile
    <258 fans>
     Expose slut wife!!  Read 171 times

      We love seeing our pics played with and printed and spread in public places outdoors (bus stops, trains, bathroom, gas stations and so on. love seeing Vita on your desktops or walls as well
    starslut's profile
    <420 fans>
     Is more than one a bad thing?  Read 111 times

      So if you have not figured it out I would like more than one girlfriend or wife. So the question is. Is it a bad thing to have more than one? I say no but I also have a high sex drive and have found that the girls I date can not keep up. My ex we would fuck as soon as I got home and then I would treat her like my toy the rest of the day she was ok with it at first and then she told me hey I can...
    native441's profile
    <38 fans>
     about the common Germanic heritage  Read 173 times

       In my latest gallery, I used the verb "germanize". Unfortunately, the English language does not distinguish between the two meanings of the verb; one being "to make German" (Norwegian: å fortyske, German: zu verdeutschen) and the other being "to make Germanic" (Norwegian: å germanisere, German: zu germanisieren). In fact, the word "German" ...
    tanoshikatta's profile
    <418 fans>
     teenstarmag  Read 175 times

       Isabelle viper . to /threads/937310-TeenStarMagazine-Isabella-Set-02-x83?highlight=teenstarmagazine  /threads/937321-TeenStarMagazine-Isabella-Set-03-x81?highlight=teenstarmagazine  Diana /threads/1019574-Diana-from-TeenStarMagazine-Sets-Too-Hot-For-General-NN?highlight=teenstarmagazine  Melissa /threads/1077912-TeenStarMagazine-Melissa-Set-1-2-27-2...
    derpdiddly's profile
    <324 fans>
     need some racist abuse  Read 133 times

      I'll take all the abuse , racist comments for the middle east and its whores!
    Sub_Cumslut's profile
    <422 fans>
     Story 0188 Die bestrafte Ehefrau  Read 117 times

       Story 0188   Christiane, die bestrafte Ehefrau!       Gerd kann es nicht leiden, wenn auf seinem Schreibtisch herumgeräumt wird. Mich muss der Teufel geritten haben, als ich versuchte, in seinem geordneten Chaos den Mietvertrag zu finden, den der Steuerberater haben wollte. Ich fand ihn nicht, obwohl ...
    gerd2509's profile
    <686 fans>
     A list of Porn Stars you should know about  Read 120 times

       Here are some female Porn Stars I admire.  If have not heard of them look them up. Madison Young (redhead, hard bondage, model, sex positive ativist educator) Daphne Rosen  (Great full body, anal porn, is higher up in the industry now) Emma Sinclaire (young milker, odd hangers with great areolas) Milena Velba (huge breasts, never seen her cooch) Su...
    MastWat's profile
    <215 fans>
     Meine Tochter hat frei  Read 161 times

      Da hab ich mir heute extra nen Tag frei genommen um mir mal eine Nutte nach Hause zu bestellen und meine Frau es nicht merkt. Da fällt ausgerechnet bei meiner kleinen die Berufsschule aus. Nun laufe ich hier mit Dauerständer durch die Gegend...Mist.
    Promificker74's profile
    <39 fans>
     Paki girls Farah and Amna  Read 152 times

      I will be posting paki girls here.
    pitchblack44's profile
    <3 fans>
     Teneisha 6   Read 117 times

      Aubrey was now fingering herself again frantically and started to cum again. When Teneisha realized this she turned around and brutally forced Aubrey to the ground by both hands one on her throat the other by her hair. Aubrey was to beaten and exhausted to fight back at all as Teneisha squatted on her face and forcefully girated her pussy on Aubrey's face. She scrubbed her face from chin to...
    Blkfemruleoverwhitesluts's profile
    <646 fans>
     Wish I weren't a boy!  Read 115 times

      I often dream about how different my life would be if I were born a girl. I grew up incredibly hot and slutty. I would never need to go in search of a big cock, they would all cum to me. Mmmm now I can only dream of the possibilities.
    worshipdaddy's profile
    <53 fans>
     aw  Read 118 times

       adultwork ac= 'ViennaPlumploveBBW'- an escort(NoBareback!) , to be cam performer, and ESTABLISHED, INTERMEDIATE LEVEL BBW MODEL, inc portraiture, glamour, nude, fetish, adult to certain levels.   also on regular online glamour sites and twitter and tumblr.  
    ViennaPlump's profile
    <13 fans>
     My profile picture   Read 185 times

      Ok guy's this is me and I'd love to see some nice tributes please send me them 
    cutelisax's profile
    <236 fans>
     Videos  Read 166 times

       So far the feedback from my pics have been overwhelming! So many nice and naughty things said about my body on all my gallery's, I appreciate it very much. Now that I have reached 200+ fans I'm going to start releasing short videos. If anyone has any idea or requests please message me :)   thank you all for jerking your cocks to my pics, and keep on cumming!...
    BigBella's profile
    <768 fans>
     2016-05-24  Read 138 times

    Buttflex's profile
    <3477 fans>
     2016-05-24  Read 126 times

    Buttflex's profile
    <3477 fans>
     Lucky Charms  Read 229 times

       No matter what deity you pray to, pray hard that some demented porn producer gets Candy Charms to get super nasty with cock. This top-heavy, British tart is made for huge porn cock. This platinum haired beauty has plump and pouty lips made for sucking dick. Her thick fuck-hungry ass is begging for anal action. Her huge 32LL tits and awesome face are made for a fierce pounding. It...
    rowdyruffboysofhouston's profile
    <1377 fans>
     How my wife become a sex slave, part 3  Read 136 times

       Rick and Bonnie finally came out of the shower. Bonnie was naked and she was so hot. They went to bed and kissed and start to fuck again while my wife still lying on the bed next to them. I want to joined them so bad!!! During their fuck session, Bonnie got over to my wife, gave her a french kiss, sucked on her tits, and bit on her nipples. My wife let out a moan.  &quo...
    sirlancelot2015's profile
    <636 fans>
     I like beautiful women who are natural and real  Read 133 times

      I have a fantasy that I am with a very attractive mature woman who teaches me aboutlife love and sex.
    charlotte_mouse's profile
    <165 fans>
     Uvaha  Read 104 times

       Předem vas VŠECHNY Zdravím. Jsem muž co miluje KDYŽ Jini očumují jeho přítelkyni.Rád ukládám Její fota na Různé servry Tesi mne Že Její fota dělají radost i jiným.Jsem proto divnej.?Možná jo pivo co na plat líbí se mi do vzít MNE k vzrušuje.Jsem rád Ž...
    MaSa6973's profile
    <8 fans>
     OLD FOR YOUNG  Read 150 times

       Why is it that so many young ladies are interested in us older men? Some might say Daddy issues, but I think it's because they want to learn how to be a good lover. I've had many younger ladies over the years, and each one has thanked me when we parted for teaching them so much. Some never touched themselves before they met me. But I explained how are you going to tell a guy what fee...
    NU1RDFN's profile
    <535 fans>
     2016-05-24  Read 110 times

    CEDRIK's profile
    <33 fans>
     Toby spritzt auch für dich ( Bilder mit Gesicht / Picture with face)  Read 115 times ( Bilder mit Toby's Gesicht / Picture with Toby's face)   Toby spritzt auch für dich, vor der Kamera oder auch in dich rein. Toby also injected for you in front of the camera or in yourself pure.              ...
    Toby-'s profile
    <96 fans>
     Dom - Bull  Read 124 times

       Hallo suche erfahrenen Dom der sich meine Eehfotze schön sexhörig machen kann, sie sich nach seinen Vorstellungen abrichtet. Sein wille egal was soll ihr wunsch werden. 
    koepenickpaar's profile
    <44 fans>
     escort in Chandigarh  Read 118 times

       Rub knead gave by these model Independent Chandigarh escorts  can illuminate the desire inside you to the greatest. Simply envision when their delicate hands will pour oil on your exposed body and begin rubbing your body step by step. You can include some underhanded demonstrations in back rub to appreciate those minutes to the greatest. At the point when their delicate hands w...
    fanniescorts's profile
    <6 fans>
     Amy Schumer  Read 130 times

       I feel like Amy Schumer  is begging for a big dick constantly.          I'd love to give her a  big dick she craves.     
    dikkieblack's profile
    <1240 fans>
     New to the blog  Read 124 times

      Got a wife, getting her naked for others to enjoy. Getting her set up for other men to enjoy on the weekends. 
    nakedwife4u's profile
    <3 fans>
     First day, totally sassy noob  Read 133 times

      I'm not much of a submitter, more like using this site for my personal collection without having to bog down my computer with the extra files. Open to have conversations with manners, and if your in the area maybe we could talk about a "meet n' greet".
    gatorgirl1646's profile
    <16 fans>
     Single Experienced B&D/S&M Sadist White Dominant Master  Read 172 times

      NO/MARRIED/SINGLE/BI/TS/TV/CD/BI/MAN/MEN ! AND/NO/GROOSLY/OBESE/SINGLE FEMALES OR COUPLE'S. !! I Am Not On The Imagefab Site.For any boring of My.Jacking off & cumming on,female photo's,exchance's,or cyber sex. I Am Only On The Imagefab site.For Real Time/In Person/B&D/S&M/Session's/Meeting's/Dating's/Relationships/Only. And I Am Not A $1950's$S...
    TheKinksman48's profile
    <26 fans>
     Loving boobs and other outgoing people  Read 120 times

      I'm a sexy ginger and love fucking and going down on girls I'm a horn dog lol I'm still new to this so looking for friends with benefits
    TheFox1610's profile
    <1 fans>
     How my wife become a sex slave, part 2  Read 143 times

       My wife was still unconsious when Rick and Bonnie took a shower. She was laying on her stomach. I can see Rick's cum on her ass cheek. I was wondering what they would do to her next. In the mean time, I m going through other stuffs in the envlope. There were tons of pics and cds and some papers. First come to my attention is her "progrss report", it says ...
    sirlancelot2015's profile
    <636 fans>
     my first time cheating my husband (and how he became a cuckold)  Read 246 times

       I am 35 old married woman with two kids. This is a story about first time I cheated on my husband. IT happened some 10 years ago when me and my husband had been married for little over 2 years (and we had no kids then). I was at one big music festival with two of my girlfriends. It was a six day festival but we were there only 3 days. We were staying in a hostel in the festival area t...
    hki_hotwife's profile
    <203 fans>
     ovulating today and im so horny my pussy has been wet all day!  Read 158 times

       ill do somthing special for men who will help me cum. pics .whatever you want    
    Sub_Cumslut's profile
    <422 fans>
     3wks with a Daddy  Read 155 times

      o I just spent 3wks visiting a friend we can call Ben. Normally he comes up to WA and visits his kids every couple of months and when hes bored we meet up. He offered to fly me down to CA for a few weeks and since I had nothing else going on figured why not. Well Ben lives out in the middle of the damn desert in some small ass desert hills have eyes kinda town. I had to fly into Vegas then ...
    shookup24's profile
    <158 fans>
     filthy wankning on this site  Read 107 times

      i wank foe the pleasure of cumming. but now on this site i also wank for the pleasure of enjoying doing dirty things, lookings at filthy picutres and sharing comments with like minded porn and sex addicts on this lovely sex site mmm thankyou and look forward to mire dirty sex play fun
    dirtyfithlysexy's profile
    <644 fans>
     L'iniziazione  Read 132 times

       Buonasera mary, alla fine hai deciso vedo. Buonasera Padrone, si ma sono letteralmente terrorizzata. È palese la vedo dritta in piedi davanti a me nella nostra grossa cucina con il suo cappotto ancora indosso e la borsetta stretta tra le mani. Ok calma e tranquillità, ti ricordi le 2 safeword che abbiamo concordato e come vanno usate? Si ...
    Gerico61's profile
    <663 fans>

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