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     How it all began..  Read 147 times

        I had noticed as I has passed them that these car park public toilets were being frequented by guys, who all seemed rather furtive, as they sat in their cars watching the comings and goings, but being in my teens (This was the very early 1970's) and rather naive I didn't know why.. Up till then my sole interest had been, after finding a hollow in some local woods obvious...
    sissy_swallows's profile
    <413 fans>
     Wish someone would help dam it!  Read 122 times

      Well home alone with step for easter break...The fun I could have alone or on cam. I have so many fantasies and am open to direction but noone ever explains how to get away with it...or explains how to seduce or hypnotise the beautiful budding tits and mouth to make me cum who wants to watch and can cum together!
    tryany's profile
    <28 fans>
     Gang Banged by Black men  Read 191 times

       well what a nite went out nite clubbing with 3 of my girlfriends dressed in a  sleeveless v neck pink top, no bra and matching short pink skirt,.white stockings and suspenders,with pink lacy gstring panties and pink heels and looking every bit the cock hungry slut,lol. It was a great nite and I met these 4 black guys and was dancing with them most of the nite as they ...
    horneyhelen's profile
    <481 fans>
     My mom flaunts her saggy stuff  Read 187 times

       I got kinda fed up of mom complaining she was always short of money so I showed her an internet ad looking for milfs in our city to pose in the nude. She feigned outrage. Are you kidding, she said and added suspiciously, have you done this ? I'm not a milf, I pointed out. And I have a decent job because I didn't spend all my time at high school chasing losers. She had the ...
    mommywanker's profile
    <584 fans>
     SexyPornBD  Read 124 times

      SexyPornBd | Enjoy with the power of Actress Nude Photos. Sexypornbd Actress Nude Photos  Bangla Choti golpo Bangla all Choti Golpo List.
     CUM Get This Cum Fountain !  Read 120 times

       Cum get this thick sweet cum load from your Blk Bull ! 100% real and all natural.    
    BlkDesire75's profile
    <37 fans>
     Вербализировал фантазию, от которой у меня член встает дыбом и стоит как кол.  Read 135 times

       Итак, набережная курортного города, пляж. Народу немного, по набережной неспешно идем мы с женой. Я иду, опираясь на подлокотные костыли, так как у меня ампутирована одна нога ниже колена. У меня гладко выбрито в...
    myhotcum's profile
    <200 fans>
     Younger Neighbor  Read 242 times

      My husband has worked for the same company since 2002. In February 2004 he was offered a position as the Vice President on a multi-million dollar project being built in a town 200 miles from home. This meant that he would be staying in the other town and only getting to come home every other weekend and major holidays. We were just getting used to the life when we celebrated our anniversary ...
    LynneCanton's profile
    <1958 fans>
     Shopping Mall Cock Slut  Read 171 times

           When I was younger and single I met with a group of fuck buddies. My friend Marshall had used me many times. I fucked him and sucked him in High School and he whored me to his friends. He shared me with the tennis team and the football team. So when I was in college and he called to have me join them play tennis, I had an idea of what might happen.   I drove to t...
    HisWifewhore's profile
    <44 fans>
     My likes  Read 116 times

      Fat ladies I love them prefer very hairy pussy also.
    laksmipunam's profile
    <1 fans>
     Brussels.  Read 129 times

       Sending love and support to all our friends in Brussels.RIP to those murdered.
    kezzer's profile
    <362 fans>
     Latina from Puerto Rico  Read 121 times

      Ideas is making this based on my slut sis im obsessed with i like her so much u want any pics just ask ill fake only if u fake her or trade for a hot girl
     Face Bondage Asia  Read 144 times

        Face Bondage Asia with a complete destruction of a beautiful Japanese girls face with nose hooks, dental gags and stretchers distorting her every feature at in an asian amateur BDSM submission at BDSM Streak Photos with a private oriental submissive humiliated, nose hooked and punished.    
    Hincapie's profile
    <169 fans>
     Tribute request  Read 127 times

       My sisters for your pleasure!! Show me your hard cocks and warm cum on the pics!! Nasty comments are also very welcome. 
    limbodick's profile
    <29 fans>
     Happy Easter  Read 107 times

      Happy Easter to all you pervs! :P
    Varlet's profile
    <59 fans>

     Nearly lucky  Read 128 times

       Well, my wife decided togo away for a few days, so I immediately got on to to see if I could find any willing dicks to let me experience what a cumslut feels like.  I found six and sent off messages to them, giving the dates I would be available.  On the last available afternoon, a "horny bottom" sent me a message about meeting up that night.  Unfor...
    murrays's profile
    <2709 fans>
     Close but not quite damn it!  Read 120 times

      So today we over sleep and step cant shower she changes clothes and runs to catch the bus. I go upstaires lay on her bed use her still warm panties to jerk off while her still warm bra is on my face...And I picture her standing between my legs staring at me and helping...ot was such a powerful explosion which I promptly lick clean...Do step teens ever dream about this stuff or is it just us per...
    tryany's profile
    <28 fans>
     Sexfragebogen  Read 115 times

       Wie heißt du: Smalltown-Boy Wie alt bist du: 20 Wie groß bist du und wie viel wiegst du:1.83, 75 kg Wie ist deine sexuelle Ausrichtung: ich steh auf Schwänze und Fotzen Wie lang ist dein Penis: im harten Zustand 18 cm Wie oft hast du Sex in der Woche: jed...
    smalltown-boy's profile
    <147 fans>
     ABOUT ME  Read 119 times

       If your reading this it means you seen my pics.... tribute a few pics and i send you more... to you
    Steph1966's profile
    <256 fans>
     older women  Read 172 times

      am i the only older woman likes being naked for men
    BJjan's profile
    <18 fans>
     Female nudity  Read 114 times

       I have to say I love seeing nude women in all forms ... young, old, hairy, bald, big tits, small tits etc etc ... but sometimes I have to ask myself why they seem to have little if any fear about getting their clothes off either on their own or in a group regardless of where or when! Maybe I'm not looking for groups of nude men (OK, I don't look for groups of nude men - perha...
    Oldenperv's profile
    <290 fans>
     Instructions about morphing Gifs:  Read 122 times

         IF YOU WANT TO MAKE "AMORPH GIFS", YOU NEED PHOTOS AND FREE PROGRAMS: "" to make mirrorversions from your pictures. than: "photoscape" to make the gifs in different times and online: "" for the morphing. you get the demon-eyes online on http://funny.pho...
    Damona's profile
    <69 fans>
     Wixkumpel  Read 119 times

    ThomasCGN's profile
    <48 fans>
     blonde teens  Read 123 times
    tevoyafornicar's profile
    <22 fans>
     Group accounts?  Read 132 times

       This is not tumblr. To my knowledge, two or more members may not establish Imagefap 'group' accounts., why do fans continue to ask? If I am mistaken, someone please correct me. ♥ M.
    MiamiMike's profile
    <9826 fans>
     First memories of D/S   Read 135 times

       Like most boys I had discovered porn and masturbation at an early age.  I had found my father's Playboy stash and looked at those pictures many times before I even knew what masturbation was or even how to do it.  My father also had a a much more secret porn stash.  Hustler and Penthouse magizines which I discovered somewhere around the age of 13.  This entry is not a...
    Caligula76's profile
    <282 fans>
     make me your online 2 hole slut  Read 106 times

      i m 40yo male sub looking for some dirty chat on skype i luv to be trained to become an online slave once ;) i would like to start to fulfil naughty task requests - what is ur fantasy? interested? add me: kinky_alex i just try kik messenger - add me and ask me humiliating questions: kinkyalexcd_zrh i’m also on xhamster where you can watch 2 dildo riding and cum videos of me dress...
    kinkyalextv's profile
    <441 fans>
     Any gals out there?  Read 104 times

       Looking for someone who wants to chat & receive a cum tribute, possibly while on cam. I'm almost always available for cum tributes on my Twitter @staticfiend   Don't keep me waiting, feel free to send me a message here or DM me on Twitter! 
    CWelles's profile
    <19 fans>
     the most sexiest mature latinas  Read 113 times

    Apolo251's profile
    <232 fans>
     Sexy Latina Mature womens from america latina  Read 98 times

    Apolo251's profile
    <232 fans>
     MILFS and GILFS Latinas  Read 105 times

    Apolo251's profile
    <232 fans>
     Incest  Read 181 times

      looking for other like-minded friends.
    kinkyfunnguy's profile
    <9 fans>
     New fans ...  Read 115 times

      Hello to my new fans - I appreciate you taking the time to look at my small cock  I only wish I could use it to good effect by slipping it inside your holes and filling them with jizz!
    Oldenperv's profile
    <290 fans>
     Incest fantasies more normal than people think?  Read 309 times

       Even though I usually regret them afterwards. My most intense and exciting fantasies usually involve me sleeping with my father. I have one fantasy were my dad forces me to bend over the sofa and takes me ruffly from behind, and he fucks me like he just can't get enough of me, and keeps telling me what a good girl I am. My mom eventually walks in and my dad loves me so much he just keeps...
    cumdump1998's profile
    <298 fans>
     Dirty caption for my friends  Read 121 times

      Someone please caption some really dirty and sexy things about my friends
    fapallnight's profile
    <250 fans>
     A fantasy  Read 135 times

       Just sat and quickly drew this. If my godmommy did this with me I would be shy like this. But she did something else. Once in childhood I was peeping at her in sauna. Her hairy pussy looked so huge! She sat on a bench and spreaded legs so wide that I could clearly see bright red lips sticking out of dense black hairs. She touched these hairs by finger, and started to move finger around lips,...
    xxxdrawings's profile
    <153 fans>
     What do you want to see?  Read 147 times

      Love to share photos of my sexy wife... what are you interested in us posting?
    youngorlandocouple's profile
    <30 fans>
     A propos des chats privés - About private chats  Read 147 times

       Si de temps en temps, pendant que vous avez un chat privé avec moi, vous trouvez que je vous réponds moins vite, ce peut-être soit parce que je gère plusieurs discussions en parallèle, soit parce que...   ... je ne peux taper au clavier qu'avec une seule main. If sometimes, during a private chat,...
    florence46's profile
    <294 fans>
     Dear Sissy Diary  Read 145 times

       Dear diary, today i think i might have some luck if i sweetly beg my Temptress to have pitty sex with me. It has been 61 days now, since she has last let me inside her beautiful pussy but its ok because i do get to make her cum all the time and i love her so much. I understand that my little pixie stick isnt much for her to look forward to having inside her and also she is busy flirting arou...
    SissyGurlyBoyCuckold's profile
    <321 fans>
     Site Test Blog  Read 151 times

       Testing adding pictures to the blogs. It might be fucked up! LOL!
    longhairfish's profile
    <1775 fans>
     2016-03-22  Read 163 times
    lay's profile
    <354 fans>
     The Gymnasts and My Sister.  Read 227 times

       This was a while back so please bear with me. Let me give you a little back ground first. My Dad was a collegiate track star and my Mother was a top college gymnast who just missed going to the Olympics. They met in college and were married when they both graduated. They had two children, my sister and me. My Dad is a Doctor and my Mother teaches gymnastics to young 6 to 15 year old g...
    Bust_A_Nut's profile
    <1266 fans>
     Georgia, Frances & Barbara in the pool   Read 169 times

       The girls had been in regular contact with us ever since thet had been to see us for Ross's 16th birthday. The 2 of them had stayed a few nights on the 1st occassion, at the house, and on the 2nd occassion they had Barbara with them. They shared the same room, which gave me the chance to watch them as they 'played' together at bed time. The 2nd time they stayed after Ross's birthday, ...
    ccait26's profile
    <797 fans>
     Swallow Your Pride  Read 148 times

       Serena Williams blasted the Indian Wells tournament director, Raymond Moore, this past weekend for some sexist comments about the WTA. “If I was a lady player, I’d go down every night on my knees and thank God that Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal were born, because they have carried this sport. They really have.” Serena's response was “Obviously I don...
    rowdyruffboysofhouston's profile
    <1258 fans>
     Planning always planning  Read 130 times

      So I haven't had much time to draw lately, but I have been planning new things, which is usually dangerous for me. It's not like I'm already hopelessly behind in producing images. For instance, just for the 46 14-Inch Adventures stories planned, there are 2,048 images still to draw, enough to keep me busy for another two years of fairly assiduous drawing. Well these past few days I&...
    p-interest's profile
    <372 fans>
     About to pull the trigger  Read 134 times

       A foolish new sub has failed to complete her owners legitimate demands and will now suffer the consequences. So I am forced to send an email to her dumb hubby laying out detials of her perversions with evidence. It'll be up toi him to decide her punishment. Unlucky! To show I can be magnanamous I will give her 1 hour to contact me to avert this.  
    fake60sma's profile
    <116 fans>
     Posting Schedule  Read 137 times

      If I'm able, I plan on releasing galleries of my old content every Thursday. New incest galleries will be released every Tuesday. New interracial galleries will be released every Friday. New sissy galleries will be released once a month on the last of the month. I'm not sure when I'll be releasing the first fetish/femdom gallery. We'll see when that comes together an...
    Dregoth's profile
    <3335 fans>
     The best site for SPH.  Read 122 times

      The Small Dick Club | The Smallest Dicks On Earth! Is in my opinion the best site for SPH. They have variety of content, from stories to pictures to facts. I stroke my little pee pee there everyday and it's great.
    seasalt117's profile
    <10 fans>
     Just to be able to fuck one of my three Nieces  Read 203 times

       Just to be able to touch their naked body, to feel the young tender skin. To fondle one their beautiful medium sized breasts and put a nipple between my lips and suck on it gentley as they moan, squirm and raise their hips in anticipation of my hard cock slipping into their tight wetness between their thighs. Just knowing her slowly spreading legs and girating hips are begging to feel my 8 i...
    SexWithNieces's profile
    <86 fans>
     Wet morning  Read 193 times

       I met a 2 guys on line who came to my place,this morning, there was no talking as i let Gaven and Jasper to my bedroom before we got to the bed they were on there knees sliding down my wet purple lacy panties and lifting my sexy pink nitie up as Gaven was devouring my wet pussy and Jasper was doing my ass, I was soaking wet and wanted there cocks in me bad.I started moani...
    horneyhelen's profile
    <481 fans>
     update the girl   Read 126 times

       last fall I was at a local market where my object of fascination works moving shopping carts , she was coming off work and was wearing this tight tight bright top, up close I could see the outline of her nipples , I complimented her on her top and realized that she look more like mid 20's, I left it at that. later I was out at my garage and saw her approaching  (ah ha), again...
    piegan666's profile
    <63 fans>
     2016-03-22  Read 135 times

    Buttflex's profile
    <3371 fans>
     2016-03-22  Read 123 times

    Buttflex's profile
    <3371 fans>
     2016-03-22  Read 108 times

    Buttflex's profile
    <3371 fans>

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