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     Human-Toilets  Read 141 times

       From the most intimate of points of view, I attempt herewith an exploration and an explanation of the psychology beneath, the motivation for, the seemingly maniacal obsession in some to be used as human-toilets, and the equally compulsive need in others to use those either wholly or partially willing to be human-toilets. This attempt is serious. I am one of those who find blissful...
    Lopettie's profile
    <2491 fans>
     New sexy galleries and videos  Read 139 times

       Hi followers and friends, I have lots of sexy galleries and videos cumming up. As I sit here and write this in my panties and tights I am getting so wet. I could cum without even touching my hard throbbing cock. Please let me know what you think. Feeling horny as hell ;) 
    Rangervalley's profile
    <588 fans>
     A quartet of car wash beauties  Read 159 times

       Capri Cavanni, Mia Malkova, Rachel Roxxx and Lexi Belle
    AndySawyer138's profile
    <167 fans>
     See more of my stuff!!!!!!!!  Read 152 times

       I just did this search and found a load of stuff Ive done, some of which was never posted on here!!!!!!   CLICK THIS!!!!!!     To see what came up!!!!!
    ChavEmoGothLover's profile
    <1056 fans>
     Memorial Day 2016 Update  Read 284 times

       Just a quick update. First, I did end up having to quit my job. Second, I got tired of being cooped up in the house and started going for walks wearing just the collar & leash late at night/early morning. Hardly anybody was out. Most nights I didn’t run into anyone, but a few times i did. With me nude wearing a collar with that nametag. How do you think i introduced ...
    jeang1967's profile
    <1220 fans>
     pathetic sissy   Read 108 times

      I absolutely love being forced to perform for real men and other sissies pretty please visit me for the right person i will give out my home address and phone number I have lots and lots of different types of clothing from pink pull up diapers to little girls panties to high heels 
    sissypaul72's profile
    <5 fans>
     ohhhh yeah baby  Read 137 times

      fire my ass
    superasli2016's profile
    <50 fans>
     milfs wanted!  Read 105 times

       looking for a milf (not above 45) in macon that wants a kid 
    hornybasturd's profile
    <1 fans>
     Desinty Dixon loves to get on all fours with her friends  Read 178 times

       Destiny Dixon, Aaliyah Love, Cherie Deville and Briana Jordan ... in a movie theatre   ...
    AndySawyer138's profile
    <167 fans>
     Random thought about pantyhose  Read 132 times

         Watching an old episode of Law and Order. Noticed what the blonde DA was wearing, looks by eye like DKNY pantyhose. My wife wore those and Calvin Klein pantyhose back then, it was nice I got to toch them if she was in a good mood before or after work.   I look back at some of those days with a bit of excitement but also a knot in my stomach, we ar...
    Caddyguy's profile
    <843 fans>
     my wifes pussy  Read 185 times

    migpt's profile
    <62 fans>
     Imagefap Downloader  Read 121 times

       I had a few favourite Galleries here on Imagefap, however I wanted to use my own image viewer to view them. As such, I searched the web to find some kind of downloading tool to help me. At the time I didn't find anything good and free on the first page of google results [1]  so I decided to create my own. Below I have pasted a link to the GitHub page that I have set up f...
     Hello  Read 100 times

      Just about making friends and sharing love, you be you and i`ll be me.
    GoatBoy4570's profile
    <22 fans>
     trying Meatotomy(Cockhead-Split)  Read 126 times

       hey, recently i have been trying to do meatotomy on my glans. It didn't hurt that much, but was a bit bloody. Well i'm only at starting, lets see where its going (will upload pics and video at a later date), if u have any tips for me write themin the comments. greetz cleff 
    cleff99's profile
    <237 fans>
     What's Twerking?  Read 100 times

       The rhythmic of the fleshy that is low limbs in a method using the intention to generate fun or sexual excitement in types intended market. This dance defeinitely can attract someone to you, but it can also be intimidating! Hey lady go and twerk it on the dancefloor! See Twerking Videos At
    qavituka's profile
    <0 fans>
     Fun fun fun   Read 169 times

      Hello all, to be blunt I'm looking for a kinky roleplay, and I'm fairly open to which desires you feel fit that request. I just love it rough and nasty, someone (or many) using and abusing me. I get asked to roleplay all sorts and I'm generally up for most of them, either playing as myself, a different aged me, or just a random from your favorites etc. My only request is nothin...
    EmsWho95's profile
    <1139 fans>
     Poll question (For Stanley)  Read 126 times

       If you were to buy an e-book, which subject would you prefer? CFNM                                                                                          ...
    Chuck_Dawns_Courtney's profile
    <1128 fans>
     very very nice  Read 143 times
    prrr's profile
    <1665 fans>
     Last arcade experiene  Read 154 times

       So this friend of mine invited me to Pleasures on W Colfax. I got there about 1:30 in the morning, paid my entrance, and went on inside. I'd dressed pretty basic. Jeans, t-shirt, but I did pick out some bright orange boxer briefs because there's a couple spots where there's a blacklight, and I knew they'd stand out. I walk in, give my eyes a second to adjust to ...
    anonWyo's profile
    <35 fans>
     Book Mumbai Escorts- 9004554577 | Indpendent Mumbai Escorts | Escorts IN Mumbai  Read 153 times

       Mumbai escorts are known for best escort services provider and always tries to give extreme satisfied escort services to each client. So with us you always get full of sexual service without paying extra money. This is the main reason without any publicity in present time Mumbai escorts having long chain of customer. Each and every independent mumbai escorts are too much beautiful ...
    seona's profile
    <1 fans>
     Incubus Spell  Read 131 times

       I recall experiencing something quite a bit like this; was into spells and magic when in my teens & early twenties, and one of the most vivid sexual experiences I had was with my incubus. This site is kind of silly but there is certainly something to this:
    EmilyErotica's profile
    <36 fans>
     why i love getting men off with my mouth  Read 193 times

      idk im just a vary oral person its like always wanting a toothpick in your mouth except i like white throbbing cock in my mouth. i love it , don't ask me y i love raceplay i don't even k .
    Ajlal_swallows's profile
    <853 fans>
     come on guys i wanna know too  Read 203 times in fact i wann know what you would do to all the girls he has pic of cause i know some of them to
    kandyGirl's profile
    <1955 fans>
     Storm of Kings Episode 2 review  Read 92 times

       Feel free to swing over to my blog and check out my review of episode 2 of A Storm of Kings from Brazzers! Leave me some comments if you'd like!
    ressurected_man's profile
    <125 fans>
     Story about Sister in law's nephew  Read 235 times

       Dear Emily,  I wanted to share a story I heard about from my sister in law. Apparently her sister’s son Alex is dealing with full-fledged sex addiction. He has gone to counseling and the sort but his mother tells me he just can’t or won’t really shake it. Every time it looks like he is getting his life back together, he finds one or more in her words ‘tras...
    EmilyErotica's profile
    <36 fans>
     Gang Banged  Read 172 times

      There I was, my ankles tied, my arms tied, blinfolded on all fours. I heard my bf say, do you have the money? He was selling me for sex, making me a real whore. For 2 hours I was gang banged by at lest 6 cocks. They said the video would be uploaded.
    MsObeyYou's profile
    <401 fans>
     Friends wife passed out drunk   Read 220 times

       I was at my friends house the other night hanging around drinking.  Apparently the 2 of then got intoxicated my friend was very drunk but his wife was wasted. My buddy said he was going to use the bathroom next thing I know he's passed out on their bed. I went to go hang out with his wife who was now passed out on the couch. I'm like great party people these two are. I wa...
    sleepdream's profile
    <790 fans>
     Pornstars and sites to remember  Read 102 times

      Gemma Minx
    realneilyoung's profile
    <16 fans>
     Karen Part 3  Read 163 times

       This is Karen   As you can see she isn't too bad, here's a better look at the slut      So after I finished with her she stood there completely nude with cum on her face and dripping out of her ass. I made Karen tell her husband, Ed, all about being a slut and how she feels being used. I made Ed stand next to Karen, and la...
    fisher3-D's profile
    <1046 fans>
     First cock  Read 116 times

      I'm aching for my first girly cock to play with it await the day I can taste there cock and use there pussy Mmm the thought of it turns me on so much my cock is hard at the thought of us entertaining each other and the pleasure it could hold feeling the head penetrate me using my holes to please them as I would use there's. Talk to me about your experiences and what you would want 
    Dickylovejoy's profile
    <744 fans>
     Cocky Cuties magazine  Read 123 times

       A bit of creative writing/remixing of photos. Any thoughts?      
    sexfiter66's profile
    <277 fans>
     Teaching shy boy  Read 113 times

       ugly, will re-draw
    xxxdrawings's profile
    <153 fans>
     Online Cheating GF  Read 99 times

       So I know it's kinda wierd or whatever, But, The idea of being cheated on excites me! I like the reality of it as well, Meaning using real people's names and things like that. I'm currently looking for an Online Gf that is like minded and would like to cheat on me via online play, Basically become an o line cuckold. Family members, friends, Strangers, BBC of your interested pleas...
    Frap-My-Cock's profile
    <536 fans>
     Master Rickybalckmail ask me to write last time i did somerthinf like whore  Read 141 times

       friday afetrnnon i tok bus to come home from school. at 3 pm. i dress with very short skirt. when i go up the stair in the bus a group of black guys behind me. une man say they like my tiny panties, one other put hand in my ass and grab strong, i say please you dont know me.   bus so full i go in back and the black men comeclose to me. everubosy stan...
    3holeswife's profile
    <444 fans>
     Amanda Seyfried Upskirt Pussy Slip  Read 141 times

       Amanda Seyfried Upskirt Pussy Slip Amanda Seyfried airs out her smelly pussy while lounging in a skirt on a railing in Paris in the photos below.
    liubacarm's profile
    <0 fans>
     So hard   Read 96 times

      So hard and aching my cock twitching and starting to leak someone come play with me 
    Dickylovejoy's profile
    <744 fans>
     Neighbors daughters panties  Read 144 times

      I forgot to post this on the date it happened June 24th I was next door visiting and laying on the couch next to me was the laundry nicely folded up and her daughters panties where right next to me I wanted so badly to take them but I knew they would notice and have known it was me that took them.I got so hard just sitting next to them I had to untuck my shirt so they couldnt tell I had a hard ...
    panteeylover's profile
    <1800 fans>
     Helping a friend  Read 113 times

      so my friend ask me to help him move some furniture at his sister in laws when we got to her house we went in to master bedroom and she had like 3 or 4 pairs of sexy panties and 3 bras just thrown on the floor.she knew we where going to go by there while she was at work to move the furniture and she just left them laying there I was so ready to pick a pair up and shove them in my pocket the sec...
    panteeylover's profile
    <1800 fans>
     What happened to tunit1984?  Read 111 times

      Come back wife, great galleries...sadly missed from imagefap
    sleepingwifepics's profile
    <482 fans>
     Looking for Mica Burton Fakes!  Read 144 times

      Hey if anyone has quality Mica Burton fakes (the new girl from roosterteeth) I am looking for some to caption. Thanks a bunch!
    serpantknight's profile
    <126 fans>
     tell us what would you do to these sluts  Read 151 times
    slutlover226's profile
    <61 fans>
     Curious about: BDSM  Read 98 times

      I have always been curious bout the concept bout BDSM. I know it involved a very dominat person and a very submissive person. There's also bondage and pain, but there's alot more I'm curious about
    UndertakerNinja's profile
    <62 fans>
     The way I am  Read 92 times

       1) L'initiation       D'aussi loin que je me souvienne, j'ai toujours été attirée par les bites.   La première fois que j'en ai vu une, c'était dans les vestiaires de la piscine municipale. J'avais 14 ans. Alors que je m'apprêtais à en...
    Junalovex's profile
    <585 fans>
     arab girls  Read 108 times

      اهلا وس
    aboodsabei's profile
    <4 fans>
     Storm of Kings episode 1 review  Read 111 times

       I'm trying to get my adult movie review blog off the ground.  Just got up my first post. Feel free to click the link below to read!
    ressurected_man's profile
    <125 fans>
     Recaptchas  Read 94 times

      Found out that if you get a nasty one of swirling text, just rattle on the keyboard then hit 'Return'. It's wrong. But the next one is an image - easy-peasy! :)
    Iceman888888888's profile
    <303 fans>
     Fantasy Bi Foursome  Read 105 times

       One of my favourite fantasies is about me, an old girlfriend Lynda and her best friend and boyfriend getting it on together. Both Lynda and her friend were petite brunettes with nice round arses. I'd love to have been sitting on a couch watching them both lez it up, their tongue buried deep in each others hot sopping minge and moaning as they groped each other's arse and tits. What a...
    DirtyOldMan23's profile
    <159 fans>
     Playing with my wife  Read 154 times

       thought I'd start this since things have just changed in my marriage. My wife found my porn on our computer. We obviously had a massive argument that lasted the weekend. The curious thing though was that by the end of it she felt as if her all encompassing frigidness had driven me to the porn. little does she know that I am a full on porn-addict and always will be. s...
    Heedlessiiiii's profile
    <54 fans>
     ;)  Read 110 times

      Hello guys how are you ???
    RoseKaur's profile
    <39 fans>
     Awakening my bi side - my first time sucking dick & getting fucked  Read 131 times

           It happened in a 3 way with one of my closest friends and his wife. It was a Saturday afternoon and I had gone into the office to get caught up a bit. My buddy Mike was already there doing the same. We had started working for the company at about the same time and over the years had become very close, probably best friends. His wife, Julie, also worked for the same c...
    handson88's profile
    <3 fans>
     Läufige Sklavenfotze  Read 117 times

       Bisherige Diplome:  1.) Aushilfsnutte (24.06.2016) 2.) Negerhure (30.06.2016)  3.) Kloschlampe (02.07.2016) Hinweis: Meine neue Sklavenfotze macht sehr gute Fortschritte. Am 24.06. machte sie ihr Diplom als Aushilfsnutte und verdiente ihr erstes sauer erblasenes Geld und das obwohl die kleine Drecksschlampe in einer Beziehung ist... Dieser Blog entspringt nich...
    Sniper_1979's profile
    <101 fans>
     2016-06-27  Read 116 times

    Buttflex's profile
    <3557 fans>
     2016-06-27  Read 106 times

    Buttflex's profile
    <3557 fans>
     2016-06-27  Read 109 times

    Buttflex's profile
    <3557 fans>
     pee fun and taking a request  Read 98 times

      I am a bi submissive married dad. I was chatting online with a guy and watching him on cam last night and he had only one request that i quickly complied with. I took my laptop into the bathroom with my wine glass and while he watched on cam, i stripped totally. then he only wanted me to do one thing. He had me pee into my wine glass and then watched meslowly  drink it. While i drank it. i...
    slut_daddy's profile
    <994 fans>

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