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     My latest flash  Read 121 times

       I've commented many times in my post how I don't mind flashing my big cock, jacking off and shooting a cum load in front of young girls are young as 8 years old...I know some might find that too young but I have always loved the way young little girls would stare at my big hard cock in wonder as I jacked off in front of them...Even when I was a young teen boy around 15 years old I wo...
    conflictedhuman's profile
    <255 fans>
     I love tributes  Read 113 times

      Hello guys i love tributes ... seeing your cocks cuming to my pics is hot... i may send special pics in return... so tribute away...
    freaksterfem's profile
    <1315 fans>
     Hentai Pics  Read 88 times
    Hentai34Rule's profile
    <6 fans>
     Hentai Pics  Read 89 times
    Hentai34Rule's profile
    <6 fans>
     just love that feeling   Read 121 times

        "I just love that freshly fucked feeling in the morning!"  
    BewitchedGirl's profile
    <45 fans>
     futa devo  Read 101 times
    zex77's profile
    <108 fans>
     There are...  Read 93 times races, ethnics or religions - there are only human beings!
    Son of east pr
    Son of east prussia's profile
    <208 fans>
     Daddy luvs you  Read 113 times

      Hope you reply soon. Daddy luvs you.
     SOFT  Read 104 times  
    NoWayBitch's profile
    <35 fans>
     A woman's sexual energies  Read 167 times

       Okay, so my inner nerd will be coming out in this blog entry. Remember I love movies, fantasy, cosplay, and the like; be warned. Most of us have an imaginative inner nerd if you ask me. More importantly for those of us that do, if you can tap into the erotic nature of this then your sex-life will be even more intense and incredible, believe me. I have developed my own personal the...
    nymph_girl's profile
    <3561 fans>
     Mental Chastity  Read 109 times

      I have been chaste for nine months. At first, it was a new experience, but I wanted to do this, so I could channel my energy into serving others. At first, the tension was almost unbearable. I was/am doing this entirely mentally, with just my ditzy mind :); no keyholders for me. But I knew it was right for me. I'm better able to prioritize pleasing & making myself useful to others. Love, ...
    mikochan_missy's profile
    <1022 fans>
     Love of Tampons  Read 105 times

      A Super or two inside feels oh so nice . . . but I need a regular to plug things up. After an hour, when those Supers start to expand, it's too much. I'm doubled up on the floor in a fetal position in so much discomfort. But after a while, I feel different. Pain is good, isn't it? lol It's my destiny, I think, my raison d'être. Will try a couple of vodka soaked tonight when I get off work...
    mikochan_missy's profile
    <1022 fans>
     What to think!  Read 93 times

       I am new to this site, and all ready thinks it is great and quite arousing to explore all you folks being naughty. I will probably stick here for a while.  
     Daddy loves his sexy daughter  Read 146 times

      Say hello daughter's.  Lets play. Recommend galleries for daddy
     Daddy needs a fuck toy  Read 102 times

      Daddy lives to play. Ladies add daddy and lets have some fun. Love pics daddy daughter fun. Don't be shy.
     Horny as hell!!!  Read 104 times

       I need to chat later.  I want some one to chat with. I really like a fuck buddy  preferably a mature woman  
    xxxJapaneseLoverxxx's profile
    <27 fans>
     cock and ball squeezing 3  Read 108 times

      Really taking control of my bf now. He has submitted quite a lot. I want him to get a cock cage next so that his cock doesnt get hard untul I let it get hard. I did give him some of my old panties to wear. No more boxers. Just some see thru gauze panties so I can see his little cock at all times. I used my ruler on him last week when his erect penis was on show, some smacks with the ruler on hi...
    loveEgyptcock's profile
    <408 fans>
     This super hot porn cam girl   Read 94 times

       Welcome folks. I found this super hot porn cam girl in the last week and tried to search for her on the cam site but without luck. She looks so fucking hot and I really need her webcam nick or whatever. 
    jerkules's profile
    <0 fans>
     Cheating Wife Confessions  Read 143 times

       My wife, Sarah, has cheated on me three times that I know of. At the time, each one hurt me... but now, it turns me on knowing that she can be such a complete slut. Until recently, I've mostly found out the details of her affairs through getting access to her phone and laptop. Last week, however, I finally got her to tell me herself more detail about what happened. She knows it t...
    sexstains's profile
    <95 fans>
     I love free porn video  Read 102 times

       Do u like free porn video? If your reply is YES, do u know Lupo Porno ?  Or Video Porno Italiani ? or Video Porno Mature ?   I love so much PORN VIDEOS FREE
    pornvideos88's profile
    <5 fans>
     How My Lovers Love Each Other  Read 262 times

       Josie and I picked Anna up at her dorm Friday night.  Here is a nice photo of them together there:   We went our for a great dinner, then back to my home where they have spent the weekend with me.  We've watched a lot of football and made a lot of love.  Usually when I take pictures of lovemaking, it is while a partner (or partners)&n...
    Princeps_Cyberius's profile
    <320 fans>
     cycki,piersie,brueste,titen,boobs,tits.  Read 100 times

      ich habe grosse bruste,und lasse sie gerne mit sperma bespritzen.ich arbeite gerne vor der kamera,als pornodarstellerin.ich trinke gerne sperma.
    jolanta5's profile
    <18 fans>
     New Fantasy Threesome  Read 131 times

       Fitness Babe Rosie Robinson and Cosplay Babe Marie-Claude Bourbonnais. In white PVC bikinis. That become see-through in the shower I think it's the short hair they both have - always gets me excited.  
    tantalus1970again's profile
    <3569 fans>
     Real Cucks  Read 89 times

      I'm looking for actual real cucks and sissies that will do whatever it takes to please BBC.
    BBCSupporter's profile
    <783 fans>
     Weekly free cuckold story: Wife Helps Husband Get Promotion  Read 104 times

      Every week a new cuckold tale. Wife Helps Husband Get Promotion
    specific-filth's profile
    <223 fans>
     Bortha loves to please.  Read 90 times

      How do you like to be pleased?
    Brotha2017's profile
    <0 fans>
     Uploading Problems - HELP  Read 120 times

      anyone else having problems uploading?
    4everhorny's profile
    <3675 fans>
     Un truc que j'aime bien  Read 109 times

      Parfois, tu rentres du boulot, et tu es cassé, le moral dans les chaussettes, parce que toi aussi, tu travailles dur, tu as un patron exigeant, des collègues qui ne sont pas tous des modèles de sympathie, encore moins des stakhanovistes, des réunions ennuyeuses et des dossiers à rendre pour la semaine dernière au plus tard. Je peux même dire que ça t'arrive plus souvent qu'à moi, de re...
    florence46's profile
    <323 fans>
     2016-12-04  Read 139 times
    Navar's profile
    <55 fans>
     btw...  Read 124 times

      Please don't thank me for becoming a fan. I like your pictures...not you.  No offense.
    Simon1919's profile
    <1546 fans>
     GOOD ONES  Read 126 times !!!!
    NoWayBitch's profile
    <35 fans>
     CuntLicker  Read 107 times

       HI  PLEASE  Out there Somewhere  There  Must be  an  Overly  Made Up  Filthy Fucking Whore I  Can Eat out.,
    stewzzr's profile
    <81 fans>
     Meine Tumblr seite  Read 128 times
    FetteSau1988's profile
    <130 fans>
     Disapointed Lust  Read 155 times

       A few years ago new renters moved into the house across the avenue from me. The husband and wife couple were nice people. He would come over now and then and borrow tools etc. He always brought them back he was a nice guy. The wife even brought me over 2 plates one Thanksgiving day with all the trimmings. She was nice as well. But, this story is not about them. It's about the wife&#...
    bobber55's profile
    <13 fans>
     2016-12-03  Read 120 times

       hallo meine freunde   ich bin es ,geiles7ficken.. kann nicht zugreifen im moment auf mein profil.. bitte alles per e-mail , ist einfach dann für mich   GG prapa
    viellustaufsex's profile
    <13 fans>
     A Mothers Kiss  Read 186 times

       When I was young, I used to like to watch my mother put on her make up. She would be sitting at her make up table, carefully painting her face, dressed only in a bra and pantyhose. She made no attempt to cover her bush in the sheer pantyhose. Id be sitting on the side of the bed in just my underwear, watching her intently, as she transformed herself into a very sexy woman. She used to give...
    Koye69's profile
    <869 fans>
     MY WIFE DID IT!!!  Read 162 times

       2 months ago my wife let a black guy fuck her!! She loved it INSTANTLY and is hooked. I am living the cuckold lifestyle I have wanted for so very long!!!!
    watchher69's profile
    <146 fans>
     A curse on Jimmy  Read 167 times

         When I first met Jimmy I cast a spell upon him. A lust spell. A spell upon his body. His energies. And I smiled secretly to myself, feeling my nipples hardening with the shared erotic energy that first time when, to Jimmy's surprise, his penis just let go and he came all at once without even touching... Then, as we talked, I ...
    BewitchedGirl's profile
    <45 fans>
     Hating winter ...  Read 96 times

      I hate the winter for being the shitty time, when all the girls cover their bodies in huge and thick clothing. :-/
    OsculumObscenum's profile
    <49 fans>
     Non Surgical Breast Enhancement Alternatives  Read 111 times

       While there could be various alternatives to Breast Enhancements , all of them can merely be divided into two groups. Out of those groups first are often either herbal supplements within the style of pill or cream and  the second one refers to machines of variable forms that are utilized in order to reinforce one's breasts. The second group will embrace things like vacuum ...
    breastactives's profile
    <0 fans>
     Sluts  Read 125 times

       Folks, There are no sluts, really... Only women with very friendly vaginas... Stay horny...
    Surfside67's profile
    <495 fans>
     Drinking my Cum  Read 127 times

         Well I finally did it After hours of edging I finally had to cum so I took a glass and shot my load into it. I've always wanted to drink my own cum but for some reason I thought it was repulsive and it would taste bad. While I let it sit in the glass I went back to edging to some of my favorite vids. When I felt the earge to cum again I took the glass and just as I came ...
    punch608's profile
    <154 fans>
     When i masturbate ...  Read 219 times

         Few days ago some strange guy asked me on email what im thinking about when i masturbate, here is my answer : It depends on many things, always its brutal, very rough sex, rape, and after-all humiliation, degradation. Last weeks i obsessional fantasy about serving few (4-6) homeless men in their den, im coming back from some official party, tight short dress, stockings, all...
    Pauletka18's profile
    <562 fans>
     2016-12-02  Read 143 times Best Adult video Adult Free Video Best Adult Stars Best Free Porn
    Xnhubporn's profile
    <0 fans>
     Disclaimer  Read 115 times

      The information and posts contained in is for general information purposes and entertainment purposes only. The information and posts are provided by and while I endeavour to keep the information and posts up to date and correct, I make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to gal...
    satish7murugan4's profile
    <702 fans>
     Wife is testing the waters  Read 163 times

       So last night after a very long day between work and taking a final at the local college I get home just before the wife does.  She's in a holiday show where she does lots of singing and some skits.  Not my type of thing but I'll got see it this week end.  Anyway we don't have much time to chat so I get our son ready for bed and she cleans up the dishes.  We f...
    horny4ww's profile
    <56 fans>
     Cum lover  Read 114 times

       first iam male and when i was 15 i have see lot of porn moves and for the first time i was gone carzy about this moves an the girl who in this move and by the time i have see moves thas show girl take Cum in thes Mouth sometime thay Swallows the cum some itme thay dont so i had Curiosity of what cum Taste so i just cum and tray to drink it all first i cant and i have see cumshot compila...
    foxesman's profile
    <0 fans>
     JEFFREY ROSSMAN from CONNECTICUT coming out to admit he is a gay sissy faggot  Read 109 times

       My real name is JEFFREY ROSSMAN and I live in CONNECTICUT. Online, I am known as either sissyleah43 or as sissyleahrossman. I have a site where a lot more pics and more personal information about me as the sissy I am can be found at I am finally admitting to everyone who may know me in the real world that I am a sissy faggot who loves dressing as a gi...
    sissyleah33's profile
    <36 fans>
     My first Video !  Read 238 times I was having to much problems with movie fap so here I uploaded my first video to imgbox
    frutey's profile
    <1231 fans>
     Yet another big titty blond chubby milf  Read 121 times

    dnthmnnn's profile
    <704 fans>
     Hi  Read 86 times

      Just here to browes porn, i have loved it since i found it and think tha we seriously need a more orginized, facebooklike pornsite. This is my dream but until then this will suffice. Fill free to ask me anything and i will do the same, jus feel free to answer.
     Looking for a female for fun in Houston Texas.   Read 99 times

       My girl and I love getting really dirty with other women.  She is a sub slut who enjoys being violated.   If you are a female and you are interested contact us. 
    bddwtcn1977's profile
    <92 fans>
     Fucking CumSlutDana  Read 206 times

       Rachel’s step Dana texted me one day randomly to invite me to her strip club. I though oh well, Rachel wouldn’t mind me seeing Dana dance so I replied that I would take her offer up. When I got there, I was led into a privite room, which was a surprise.  When I got there, the room had a reclined chair and a stripper pole in front of it. Dana was already there spinning around...
    RachelAndSeth's profile
    <442 fans>
     new  Read 132 times

       Hey all, I am a little new to this site please be nice ^^   Love reading your comments and fantasies, dont feel shy around me ok :)
    sexynellie's profile
    <18 fans>
     truth or dare  Read 122 times

      Truth or dare? So heres the deal: you get to ask me 5 questions, no matter how crazy, innapropriate, or just random, and I promise to answer them all 100%truthfully (thats the truth part) ; now I dare you to repost this and see what people ask you.
    bdsmcartoonguy69's profile
    <1745 fans>

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