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     POV Creator Service  Read 86 times

       Hi! To proceed to an official POV request, please contact following those simple steps : STEP 1 Copy / Paste this form and fill all info (write N/A if not applicable) Type Your Username : Type Your Request Name (Celebs or other) : STEP 2 Attach a good quality picture of your request face.* * Must be a direct front ...
     Spun the fuck out  Read 96 times

       so we're watching porn and masturbating.. sound like fun???  
    okcfunclubx's profile
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     Ampallang in 10/06/16  Read 90 times

      Finally got my ampallang back, this time the plan is to replace the single bar with two bar bells, the piercing is slightly offset to make space for my PA to fit between the two bar bells and hopefully have a flexible set of piercings that work together. Last time they interfered a bit, been wanting this back for a few years now, a quick healing would be great. The piercing is healing better th...
    Electrikinky1's profile
    <153 fans>
     BDSM bondage babes.  Read 162 times

       A thoughtful fan in Montreal, Canada emailed four photo zip-files to me, each containing hundreds of 'BDSM bondage babe' photos. I call the series 'BDSM bondage barbies.' The quality is excellent and the upload has begun. ♥ Mikayla.
    MiamiMike's profile
    <12231 fans>
     2016-10-12  Read 131 times

    Buttflex's profile
    <3732 fans>
     3D  Read 100 times

       Wobling bodies Winged Woman  Phara
    SorenEberhard's profile
    <1463 fans>
     dirty fuck  Read 126 times

       hello my friends,  i am a married thai women,and i like very dirty sex games.. speceii i love it getting fucked when i have menstration,so my husband allways lucking vo r man ,like to fuck me..  
    geilemuschi's profile
    <175 fans>
     Force her to orgasim over and over  Read 106 times

       One of my skills is oral on women.  To quote a line out of the movies "I can eat a peach for hours".  I love to make women come.  Have not yet had a squirter and would love one day to tick this off my bucket list.  I like to secure my lady.  Then tease them to they beg me to let them orgasim.  I love to take them over the top to the scream for me to st...
    mab44's profile
    <118 fans>
     List of the Best Real Porn  Read 142 times

      Here you will find my list of the best porn on Imagefap!
    Mousefapper's profile
    <328 fans>
     What is this blog about?  Read 101 times

       This blog is essentially going to be where I post my favorite videos as Imagefap does not allow you to favorite them.  
    Mousefapper's profile
    <328 fans>
     I'm Bi-Curious  Read 100 times

       I've been dating this amazing girl for months now, and the entire time Ive been looking for some guy to fool around with.   I get off on treating her like dirt, especially since she's clueless.   I treat women like shit so I can fuck guys in descrete.
     An evening with a sweet older sugar daddy  Read 220 times

       He found me here, we did communicate very well, so he invited me out for dinner. people around us took us for being father and daughter, hence his age, and mine. I was conservatively dressed in a fine skirt, white shirt, and pumps, but whay nobody could see...I was wearing tan nylon stockings and a white garterbelt, and no bra, but my older gentleman he knew :O)  We ended the eve...
    walzingMatilda's profile
    <302 fans>
     MY Indian Hotties Collection  Read 165 times

       1. My Superhot Sensuous Young Wife_166 : NEHA 2. A Shy Wife_142 : MERCY 3. MY HOT GF FOR YOU TO SHAG_151 : KALPANA 4. mumbai cpl for classy people_151: REKHA 5. My hot sexy wife Kaajal will make you hard-489: KAJAL 6. My Sexy Wife, Dusky Husky_86:DUSKY WIFE 7. Unknown: MRS KAPOOR 8. Introducing Myself- DuskyJuicyJyoti_191:JYOTI 9. Darin...
    coollink's profile
    <673 fans>
     Bugga!  Read 103 times

       Finally I talked my gal into bondage! So she put on her white crotchfree white seetru panties, white stockings with black heels and an open white bra. I fixed her with scarfs spread legged on her back onto the table and put a gagball in her mouth. The doorbell rang. Two black twinks arrived in my home. I guided them in the living room where my gal lies immovable on the t...
    dariotu's profile
    <1091 fans>
     Mum coming home  Read 139 times

       Mum had been in a coma for about 8 weeks. When she came out of it, she had been kept in hospital for almost another 3 months. During that time, it had been very stressful for both Lyn and me. Between looking after Lily, me going to college, having to work at weekends and visiting Mum in hospital every day, it had not left much time or strength for Lyn and I to get together for much more than...
    cammy1664's profile
    <98 fans>
     cock sucker practice  Read 104 times

       Hi I am highheelworship,   I am practising sucking off cock, please would you get in touch if you would like me to dress up for you as your  sissy slut. I would like you to be male or tranny, looking for nice cocks to suck and practice my deep throat technique, ideally to suck you deep and cum down my throat.   Also looking for black cock ...
    Highheelworship's profile
    <1116 fans>
     How I became the real me part3  Read 103 times

       Things got urgent very quickly. As much as I was nervous I wanted to see how this would go. I kept repeating "I've never done anything like this before" to which he kept reassuring me. Four of us in a cab for five minutes took us to a town house, divided into flats and in we go.  Immediately it gets so fucking horny! We kiss again, but zips and buttons are being undone and...
    Robyn78's profile
    <924 fans>
     How I became the real me part2  Read 99 times

       One week later, I was doing it again,  listening to a guy on the other end of the phone wanking... And me doing the same, but being more vocal... "I need to suck your dick". FUCK!!! I just said that to him!!! Another load blown with a man. DEFINITELY NOT DOING IT AGAIN!!! A few days later I was seeing my wife, after three weeks away, so that would sort me out. And when we did ...
    Robyn78's profile
    <924 fans>
     Poly FAQ  Read 139 times

       I recieve questions from all over asking about being polyamourous and after what happened with my last partner, I decided to share. Please note: These questions are all assuming you understand the meaning of polyamorus. If you don't, click here. Q: How many people do you see at one time? A: I have one serious relationship right now, but I am occasion...
    DaddysLittlePrincessx's profile
    <198 fans>
     How I became the real me.  Read 99 times

      A bit of an introduction.  Previously I was a married man, three offspring,  house on the sticks with a self infatuated wife. I was a father in my teens, married in my very late teens. Because... That's what Im meant to do, right?!? Work took precedence, to provide for my expanding family. So a lot of working away, with the inevitable self relief ensued! At that point I couldn'...
    Robyn78's profile
    <924 fans>
     Panties  Read 104 times

       I love panties and I just changed my avatar showing my new Hanes cotton panties.  I'm wearing my bra too and It makes me look stacked. All I need is a cock to suck.   Davie 
    neodawg's profile
    <138 fans>
     Show Poland TV - part 9 - Good Girls like Toys  Read 180 times

           Paulina rozsiadła się na białej sofie w rozświetlonym ciepłą barwą lamp salonie. Zbliżająca się do niej Agnieszka niosła w rękach dwa kieliszki Pino Noire. Wino miało rozweselić gościa i przełamać pierwsze lody, wszak nie były ulubionymi przyjaciółkami. - Powiedz Paulino, co się stało, dlaczego jesteś tak roztrzęsiona? ...
    komentator82's profile
    <34 fans>
     Don't really care who does it  Read 89 times

       as long as that pussy gets wet, licked, fucked  peace, -theVulgarian
    vulgarian's profile
    <53 fans>
     Vrouw van koppel geniet van haar vakantie en wil de wereld dat graag laten zien  Read 118 times

       Vrouw van koppel geniet van haar vakantie en wil de wereld dat graag laten zien 11/10/2016 Geef commentaarGeschreven door Adventure2013 WIJZIG Dit koppel is erg verliefd en zou je niet als man als je vrouw zulk lekker lijf heeft en enorm prachtige borsten (45 foto) Download de fotos – 7.7 Mb   ...
    sammeke's profile
    <259 fans>
     Sat 17 April 1982  Read 109 times

       On Thursday 15 April 1982 my parents left to go to see their friends in Aberdeen, they were going up as it was their 21st wedding anniversary on the 16th. Lyn and I said our goodbyes to them then went into the house.    Lyn had given birth to a baby girl, Lily, 2 days before Morag had given birth to her baby, a girl too, Jennifer. Mum and Dad had been happy after the birth, t...
    cammy1664's profile
    <98 fans>
      Talk to me  Read 148 times

      Hey guys/gals, feel free to send me a message or leave a 
    Sarah159's profile
    <237 fans>
     My Homepage Cruze-Crazy  Read 101 times Stories, Pictures, behind the scenes, German, Actress, Pornstars, Domina, BDSM, Fetish
    Cruze-Crazy's profile
    <41 fans>
     Taped to the wall. (bks28774.jpg)  Read 145 times

       It was tough being taped to that wall, our bondage model tells us. Her 36DD chest was so mashed, there's no better word for it, against the textured surface (it had only been repainted last week) that she lost feeling in her nipples and aureoles till the next day. But she was paid € 950, which she considered very well earned (for three hours' work).
    RegnusDominius's profile
    <10 fans>
     new photos of my slutty body:*  Read 209 times

    hornyGirl_19's profile
    <525 fans>
     Daddy's Indo slut will do anything for Daddy.  Read 126 times

       Then I'm going to bring in one guy every 3 minutes                      19:54 Frederica  Every 3minutes mmm wow 19:55 Frederica  And what will they do to me babe mmm 19:55 Daddy         Starting with a Latino who is ...
    cwood24's profile
    <88 fans>
     19y/o Indo girl tells daddy she needs Daddy to fuck her tight ass.  Read 130 times

        19y/o needs daddy's cock in her ass. 24:17 Frederica  Oh come on daddy fuck my ass so hard 24:17 Frederica  Bang me 24:17 Frederica  Fill me up daddy 24:18 Frederica  So hard n deep n no stop 24:18 Frederica  U do wanna destroy my ass don't u 24:18 daddy         I'm go...
    cwood24's profile
    <88 fans>
     Young Indo girls needs to be Daddy's slut  Read 110 times

        Daddy        I'd rather fuck ur tight cute lil ass 13:41 Frederica  Oh how bad u want my ass babe 13:42   Daddy          Very 13:42 Frederica Then u need to fuck it so hard 13:42   Daddy         Omg I can't stop thinking ...
    cwood24's profile
    <88 fans>
     The first week of my summer job  Read 118 times

       When my parents found out that mt sister Lyn was pregnant, they were not happy. They tried to persuade her to get it terminated, but Lyn was sure that she wanted to keep her baby. They asked who the father was, all she said was that it must have been a guy she had met at the wedding, (me), and that she would probably never see him again. Lyn had wanted to go to Uni, but said she would go to ...
    cammy1664's profile
    <98 fans>
     Uploaded Another Set Of Amateur Wives  Read 138 times

       After a few day layoff, I uploaded a new set of amateur wives gallery.  Pretty good group to choose from.  I enjoy going out and finding them. The gallery can be found here .   I also created a few smaller galleries that are associated with my amateur milf tube  I created a while back if you are so inclined to take a look at. Mature Gallery 1 ...
    thundergasm's profile
    <413 fans>
     Movie Night  Read 121 times

         It was late on a Friday evening, and my family and I had just finished watching a movie on television. My wife Sandy and I were on the couch with our daughter Susan (or Susie as I most often referred to her) planted safely between us. At 18, Susie was certainly no longer a little girl, but still loved to snuggle every bit as much as she did as a child. I was ...
    Bust_A_Nut's profile
    <1260 fans>
     little about me  Read 94 times

      i am a 28 m from usa married to a 30 f beautiful women  but i am very much into having her pics faked or captions without limits. I enjoy cuckolding, bdsm, interracial and much more. please feel free to post no limits comments you can humiliate and degrade if you like. if you are going to use my pics or fake one please let me know where they are posted.
    subron12's profile
    <109 fans>
     Something about me...  Read 225 times

       Born Elizabeth but just Betha/Beth now. A 40 yr old divorcee from a marriage that was not made in heavens nor was it meant to last.I diverted myself to drinking for the months to follow. Aimlessly...... I had a decent job I had more than enough to take care of myself , pamper myself. But destiny had different plans.... It happened 9 years ago but feels like yesterday that I...
    CarnalBetha's profile
    <747 fans>
     Censored Blacked Porn  Read 119 times

      Wonderful collection:
    poisontree's profile
    <581 fans>
     Cadeau d'anniversaire  Read 92 times

       Comme je m'y attendais, je n'ai pas eu assez de moments de liberté pour préparer à temps pour l'anniversaire de Mathieu la petite surprise dont je parlais dans un message précédent, la danse des sept voiles. Qu'à cela ne tienne, ce sera pour Noël. Aussi, en plus du cadeau d'anniversaire que je lui ai offert – une v...
    florence46's profile
    <324 fans>
     La Rencontre  Read 99 times

       J'observe la dizaine d'autres personnes présentes pour ce stage de formation, un équilibre parfait entre hommes et femmes. Aucun ne semble sortir du lot, pas de forte personnalité en apparence. Puis mon regard croise celui de cet homme. Je ne peux m'empêcher de frissonner quand ces yeux d'un bleu profonds me fixent, je me sens pén&eacu...
    verdu's profile
    <245 fans>
     Trading nudes, having fun.  Read 99 times

       If any girls are interested in trading nudes on KiK feel free to msg me at Bulls_Cok . When you send your msg please add a photo of your face (you can cover your eyes) that's taken from your Camera not your galery and u can add your Age. I'm down to roleplay and do stuff like that but mostly just trading pics and videos. You can save my photos.  
    bulls_cok's profile
    <23 fans>
     Nippelpiercing/ nipplepiercing  Read 195 times

        Hi hier ist Sarah. Einer unserer Daddys hier hat mich nch meinen Piercings gefragt. Also ich habe 2. Im Bauchnabel und in der Nase. Das in der Nase trage ich aber nicht immer. Zuletzt habe ich viel überlegt ob ich mir die Nippel piercen lassen soll...was meint ihr dazu?  Kuss Sarah   Hi this is Sarah. One of our daddys asked me...
    wildfang97's profile
    <416 fans>
     Diana Rigg and the hardware-crash update - nearly there :)  Read 101 times

       Came across a couple of pics of Ms. Rigg - we think they're fakes but posted them anyway :) Our Thunderbird archive is not rebuilt yet - it's not intuitive and will take a bit more research. But the old gmail addys are about to be checked - if you've recommended stuff in the last couple of months - we'll be back at you soon! Two weeks wonderful holiday with 15 f...
    Iceman888888888's profile
    <340 fans>
     My First experiance  Read 133 times

       Okay, so here it is. I'm not used to blogging, vlogging, jogging, or whatever this thing is about me telling my personal history. So please bare with me. So my first kiss I guess, if you can even call it a kiss, happened back when I was 7yrs old. I was out in the playground near my mom's friend apartment. I was there with a bunch of other kids. I had ac...
    Sblue198's profile
    <3 fans>
     Adjusting to my new life.   Read 117 times

            So I have now been living with Nana for just over a month and I am slowly adjusting to my new life.  Being a sissy toddler/baby 24/7 is certainly different than my pervious life (In the past my former Mistress/Mommy didn’t dabble into ageplay or AB play very often, although I wore diapers 24/7 it was more so I didn’t have to take bathroom brea...
    SeaPerv76's profile
    <545 fans>
     Hello all!!  Read 142 times

      Hi, I hope you guys enjoy my pictures, feel free to save them and repost them, just let me know where you post them ☺️
    lorena89's profile
    <216 fans>
     good morning SUCK  Read 116 times

       In my experience there is nothing like it. Its kind of just this tender beautiful erotic thing. You've had fun and she slept over. You half expect her to just be gone in the morning before you even are roused. Instead, you are awakened by the prickling tightening and warmth surrounding you... you stretch out in extacy feeling it happening and let the pressures inside you build. And maybe...
    jizzforbrains's profile
    <12 fans>
     Unfortunate  Read 137 times

      Seems that Mr L has deleted the vintage section. Ooops.
    gus_lorenz's profile
    <3109 fans>
     Feminized Sissy Destruction... Awesome Night ;-)  Read 200 times

       So yesterday morning I decided to use up the last couple doses of "roofies" I had stashed... He had no fucking idea. I put it in his first cup of coffee, in about 20 min he was out ;-) I was REALLY worked up so I decided to give him everything I could dream up. First I got him all dressed up... Almost everything I put on him was PVC and fluorescent Pink. Garter & thigh h...
    Nasty Missy
    Nasty Missy's profile
    <2309 fans>
     Hard at work (in lots of ways :P )  Read 111 times

       Yes, indeed -- I am busy this weekend on the next Prurient Encounter 14-Inch Adventure story. It's a longer one (18 pages long with 57 individual images) and the pictures are much more complicated than the previous set. There's four characters in this one, and lots of clothes and background to draw. So it will take much longer to finish than I anticipated -- but hopefully a full week...
    p-interest's profile
    <509 fans>
     Voodoo Sentence  Read 88 times

       Sentenced "Well, yeah.  I really don't want to spend the rest of my term in jail.  Work detail sounds a lot better.", I said to the corrections officer. I was turning 18 and so it was time for release from juvenile corrections and finish my sentence.  Because my "crimes" weren't very serious, I was offered an alternative to jail.  ...
    ClubVoodoo's profile
    <376 fans>
     White women laws of conduct for Black Masters  Read 91 times

       Here are the White Girl 19 Laws of Conduct. Disobedience is punishable in whatever form the Black Man decides.  Credits-Amarcora 1) No Black Man can ever be denied sex. He should NEVER have to jerkoff.  2) Black Men NEVER wear condoms unless He requests it. 3) Always defer to the intelligence and desires of Black Men. Seek their advice on all matte...
    Breeding-Farmer's profile
    <192 fans>
     blonde cutey  Read 122 times

      I have a privat gallery of a blonde cutey I would love for people to comment on. Message me if you are interested. She is very cute :)
    lekkercutey's profile
    <14 fans>
     The Reason(s) I Fake Women in Sexy Clothing  Read 108 times

       Like anybody cares but I just thought I'd relate why I love to fake women into shorter skirts/short, add makeup, give 'e longer hair, etc. Part of the reason is that there are so many sexy women out there and I've always had a thing for real short skirts/shorts. Naked's great but I guess I just enjoy the thought of watching them saunter around the house and teasing me ...
    AgingRockAndRoller's profile
    <171 fans>
     Schwimmhalle/ Swimmingpool  Read 214 times

       Wir waren gestern schwimmen. Wir hatten extra neue winzige bikinis geholt und und sind so hingegangen, dass gleichzeitig das seniorenschwimmenmit den ganzen älteren männern war. Unser bikinis sind weiß mit tanga slips sodass alle unsere Ärsche sehen konnten und der stoff fast durchsichtig wurde als wir nass waren. Es war unfassbar geil, die Blicke der Männer ...
    wildfang97's profile
    <416 fans>

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