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     Keira  Read 115 times

      Hi! My name is Keira. I'm a tranny girl. I am searching some sexy boy to have fun... :)
    Keira07's profile
    <122 fans>
     night out  Read 161 times

       I was alone last night when my phone rang and it was Mandy a friend I hang out with from time to time, she wanted me to go over to her house as her hubby was away and she was up to no good? I got an overnight bag and some things and headed off to Mandy's home, we had some wine and chatted for an hour and as normal the chat turned to sex and we recalled the time we had sex, the more we...
    cockneyshaft's profile
    <1428 fans>
     Aunt Charlie  Read 140 times

       I recently captioned a photo of a rather stunning (at least to me) crossdresser. In my warped mind I saw a scene that got me very excited. I usually when looking at a lot of these images invent a sort of back story to go along with the image. This particular image made me think of a crossdressing uncle/aunt. I have gotten some feed back on my captioned image that has made me fantasize about ...
    pirate_in_exile's profile
    <218 fans>
     Want an old cock  Read 126 times

       Today i feel bored and horny again... i saw some hard cocks on ths site... i answered on an advertisement from a guy looking for a sub. We wrote each other and he wants to make as his sex slave...  I think it could be exciting... we look toward a meeting date.... 
    gerd4u's profile
    <113 fans>
     Camming  Read 111 times

      29 yr old male looking for a few women to cam with also roleplay and dirty talk too. Please pv me if interested
    hardjasonb's profile
    <22 fans>
     See me fuck  Read 199 times

      See me at
    Faust0996's profile
    <183 fans>
     Fake Maker  Read 118 times

      If you want to make fake pics please send me....
     Hot summer night...  Read 129 times

      "You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night)" [Spoken:] [Boy:] On a hot summer night, would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses? [Girl:] Will he offer me his mouth? [Boy:] Yes. [Girl:] Will he offer me his teeth? [Boy:] Yes. [Girl:] Will he offer me his jaws? [Boy:] Yes. [Girl:] Will he offer me his hunger? [Boy:] Yes. [Girl:] Again, wil...
    WalterPoe's profile
    <512 fans>
     Sissy Tail  Read 128 times
    gerkinsliks's profile
    <6 fans>
     Wife and cum  Read 149 times

       You can find a wedding pic of my wife in my galleries. I would like you cum on it and send it back to me. Thanks a lot  guys to strike it on her face!!
    pils91's profile
    <796 fans>
     On Spankings.  Read 141 times

      More than anything I have been spanked.  With a slipper and with a shoe.  With a paddle or two.  I have come to enjoy these spankings, even as punishment (though I know they are).  Different kinds of spankings have there place, soft and sensual sets the mood.  But more than most I think I like the hard ones, the ones that leave marks.  With these the hurt lingers.&...
    CuteLittleOne's profile
    <419 fans>
     I'm definitely an ass eater now!  Read 129 times

       I'd started by fingering my gfs (mostly clean) asshole. I loved the smell it left on my finger, I'd sneak it into my mouth when she wouldn't notice. It tasted fine, contrary to my expectations. It complemented the taste of my gfs juices. She's a soaking wet squirting orgasm chick. Yes it is awesome! If you took that subtly sweet and salty taste and added a bitter character th...
    TeenFascination's profile
    <118 fans>
     2014-12-03  Read 176 times
    thunderbutton's profile
    <855 fans>
     Does anyone else here have a sexual fasination for their own Mom?  Read 176 times

       I've had a sexual thing for my Mom for a long time now. I'm 24 now and still live at home with my Mom, she is 45 years old and fucking hot! There is no father to speak of, they have been divorced for a few years now and he rarely shows up. I have a normal sexual life. Well, as normal as a 24 year old man can have when not enjoying a full time relationship so I'm not sex st...
    RalphCrampton's profile
    <226 fans>
     Wife in the kitchen  Read 185 times

       Amy stood in the kitchen washing the dishes. I walk up behind her and kiss her neck and worked my hands down her sides to her hips. She closes her eyes, smiles, and turns herself around. "Hold on a few minutes, let me finish up here" Amy and I have been exchanging text messages all day, and I wasn't about wait any longer. I wanted her right here, ri...
    Yuengaling's profile
    <72 fans>
     Gentlemanly   Read 103 times

       I consider myself a Gentleman Pro-vert,, With that being said,It doesn't mean that I won't treat you like a slut If that's what blows up your skirt.. Have a Wonderful Journey through the Pinky-Blue.. Bob'n... 
    BobKnobin's profile
    <907 fans>
     Keira CD  Read 110 times

      Hi! My name is Keira. I'm a tranny girl. Looking for some sexy boy, whom I can have fun...
    Keira07's profile
    <122 fans>
     Hide your porn  Read 190 times

       A buddy of mine came over to help me with some computer problems and found a stash of photos of me and my wife having sex. She was out by the pool sunbathing and he was drunk so he started rubbing his dick through his swim trunks asking me if he could have a copy. I told him no way and to get back to helping me with my computer. Then he came across my porn stash and got really turned on. I w...
    sukit's profile
    <141 fans>
     Marilyns Story Part 7  Read 193 times

      "I know about my husband, Nathan," she whispered, stepping closer, bending me up against myself. "What?" I cried. "You do?" I was surprised that she wasn't angry, but flustered as well and I tried to act as if my condition didn't exist, even though she must be able to feel me.  "Yes. I've known for a long time. But I wasn't about to ...
    prozacmat's profile
    <1248 fans>
     Marilyns Story Part 6  Read 134 times

      Evidently, he enjoyed this latter type of conquest the most. He was almost addicted to the thrill of slowly winning a reluctant woman who, though very aroused, was loath to capitulate her honor. In the end, he knew she would succumb, they always did. The joy of loosing her breasts, of dragging her panties off and spreading her legs, of shoving his cock deep inside her as she turned her face awa...
    prozacmat's profile
    <1248 fans>
     slaverobpeters on skype or mail me  Read 92 times

      slaverobpeters on skype
    bislaverobpeters's profile
    <29 fans>
     :)  Read 104 times

       yeah my cock used to be like 5 (12.5cm) inches because i was 300 (138kg) pounds. now it's legitimate 7 inches (18cm) and i am still 275 lbs. (125kg) how? i gently did some stretching. not hard, no pain at all. my goal is to do some consistent lifting and cut down to about 220-230Lbs (100-105kg).   all the girls downtown will find out how big it is. right now 275 lbs and ...
    matureschool's profile
    <6 fans>
     I'm bored and horny  Read 125 times

      Somebody message me on Kik: JustSomeDudeInMD
    Pr0nfriends's profile
    <46 fans>
     Lily  Read 133 times

    francooo's profile
    <4 fans>
     new pics comming soon  Read 135 times

       I will add pics soon
    Ashlien's profile
    <3 fans>
     Shoveling Humiliation  Read 140 times

       My Princess had a wonderful idea for me this weekend. She decided that since we'd had our first snowfall, I'd do all my neighbors in my apartment unit a big favor and shovel out the parking lot. What better way to make a bunch of more important people's day easier than by having the resident Loser of the building move all that inconvinient snow. Only, Princess had more than just ...
    footcucknerd's profile
    <135 fans>
     Interesting Article  Read 113 times
    junkzac's profile
    <111 fans>
     Thanksgiving 2014 On the Road  Read 153 times

       I was out of town over the Thanksgiving Holiday so Nikki and James decided to spend a couple of days at Winstar fucking or doing whatever.  He wouldn't let her talk to me (new rule) while they were together so I did'nt even get to hear or see what they were doing.  That sucks.. He did send me a pic to spank too.. All the TXT said was "Round One"Wish I was there.. ...
    texaswld69's profile
    <161 fans>
     just here  Read 139 times

       hello   im just here dont know how it works sorry   just wanna look at thiss site   because i wanna know if "breaking in"can work :)   have a nice day evening and life all:) 
    needtobebroken's profile
    <30 fans>
     Imnwaiting for you men to message me and get to know me so we can meet and fuck, I'm so hungry for a big cock!  Read 201 times

    Michele97slut's profile
    <44 fans>
     Many Thanks  Read 126 times

      Many thanks to all my 1st 100 fans, hope you guys are enjoying my blog and galleries. Coments and requests are always welcome.
    bbwlover55's profile
    <0 fans>
     Voraussetzungen für den Kontakt mit Männern  Read 861 times

       Ich bin hier nicht wirklich auf Kontakt mit Männern aus. Und wenn, dann nur unter ganz klaren, allein von mir vorgegebenen Regeln. 1. Ihr seid jung. Im Höchstfall Anfang Zwanzig. 2. Ihr seid körperlich gut in Form, aber eher der androgyne oder feminine Typ. Keine Muskelpakete, keine Bierbäuche. 3. Ihr seid devot veranlagt und kennt Euren Platz. ...
    dominantemutter's profile
    <363 fans>
     Tattoos For Sissy Boys  Read 139 times

       Help Me Get a Sissy Tattoo  I live in the New York Area and I am looking for a Tattoo Artist willing to tattoo my pubic area.  I would like the word "Sissy Boi" written on it along with an appropriate avitar. Not a fake, can anyone help?  Please write me. 
    AshleySissyCD's profile
    <6 fans>
     BestFapping: Best Bodies  Read 144 times

       BestFapping: Best Bodies                               
    BestFapping's profile
    <206 fans>
     Lily Wow  Read 230 times

       Lily Wow is one of Russian well known glamour fetish milf and pornstar. No matter if you have foot and nylon fetish , you must admit that real glamour fashion lady really TURNS ON. You will see Lily Wow always nice and sexy dressed, she wears sheer nylons (rht and full fashion ) with garterbelt , pantyhose and high heels. I think NOBODY can resist such a beautiful leggy lady. &nbs...
    fetishpixxx's profile
    <1 fans>
     Aunties I want to fuck  Read 138 times

      I want to upload the photos of the auties i want to fuck
    Gupil's profile
    <1 fans>
     Foot Fetish  Read 95 times

       •If you are a foot fetish occur into a web-site where you can seduce anyone by uploading photographs which contains eye-catching ft. A foot fetish will surely crave to touch your feet as a consequence of people interesting photographs. You will need to ensure that that the ft search clean and clean. You could see a number of items and services that may absolutely make your feet seduct...
    fetishpixxx's profile
    <1 fans>
     Hotel  Read 210 times

       Wearing nothing but my silk kimono and a tiny thong, I open our hotel room door. You watch me as I walk, your eyes drawn to the sliver of cloth riding up my ass, exposing my ass cheeks. Knowing that I know how much you like thongs yet the fact that I choose to wear one for another man infuriates you yet turns you on as well... I'm nervous as Andy walks in, but as soon as he sees m...
    Miss_Smith's profile
    <4835 fans>
     Story Time  Read 113 times

      I am a sex story writer with worknpublished on xnxx and xhamster. I am always on the lookout for new plots or fantasies so if you'd like to share a fantasy with me l would be happy to consider writing a story around it. 
    picturepainter's profile
    <134 fans>
     situs ringan  Read 123 times

      situs ringan
    arrayputra's profile
    <0 fans>
     cock ride daydream  Read 153 times

         A young woman lays awake in her bed daydreaming of the beautiful cock-ride she had that afternoon.    
    JizzYourself's profile
    <56 fans>
     Katrin70 - body  Read 148 times

       Not sure this is the best place, but thought it was worth including some of the searches to find some excellent pictures and models out there.... but link is down....  now how to add  a photo...... 
    seansxxy's profile
    <4 fans>
     amateur pictures  Read 212 times
    retsuremanga's profile
    <33 fans>
     Protean Saga 2: Mira Takes Control  Read 117 times

      The second issue of my scifi graphic novel is posted.  Secretary Mira has achieved control of her boss and turned him into a high tech fuck doll.  This is for the fans of femdom, rubber dolling, transformation with elements of office sex, anal, strapon, with gangbangs and incest coming in PS3.  Enjoy
    LibyLandar's profile
    <171 fans>
     I love cum tributes to my girlfriend  Read 124 times

      I'm new to this site I have an album with pics of my girlfriend Luna and am looking for people who will cock/ cum tribute her
    LorGhirahim86's profile
    <6 fans>
     Solihull Teacher ith a Dark Side (its 2014 for god sake)  Read 114 times

       Girls just want to have fun right! Well its been a long time since ive been a young girl, even so, at 49 im still as active now as i've always been.  Love parties, and love to party.
     i am BBW and love it  Read 130 times

       I love pussy on my tong and sticking my tong into a chubby girls ass! I also like some guys! I love a good ass fucking, I love smelling and licking a galls feet too. I am very kinky and like to play a lot.
    kinklick's profile
    <171 fans>
     A little about me~  Read 127 times

       I'm a simple person, with complicated kinks. I would like to write, but lack the effort. I've got a few story ideas, most (read: all) revolving around expansion with no reason, control, or realism.  I love to combine kinks in my stories or roleplays. Another central theme is coping with said changes, for both male and female.   I don't know what e...
    Shycassie's profile
    <136 fans>
     Jenni humps-alot  Read 220 times

       This is my best frend Jenni. Jenni is 23. She is single. She is studying to be an X-ray tech. She is really smart and excellent at math and analytical skills.  Jenni is also the horniest girl I have ever met. She told me one time that she feels like a cat in heat sometimes. That sometimes, she wakes up and feels lust making her arch her...
    JizzYourself's profile
    <56 fans>
     My Ass  Read 119 times

       My Ass Needs to be Broke in right !! I,am Looking and activly seeking Dom verbal very aggresive BBC Tops !!   If you are hung are have a BBC ad want to get all out ad out nasty Well look no further . Fuck it . If iam going to switch teams i,am not half assing it!!  Nothing but the Biggest Blackest thick long and shiny COCKS will do!! And i dont care at this point if ...
     Title?  Read 98 times

       I was thinking... if I'm gonna keep adding to my favorites as a sort of "best of" collection for people to check out, it should have a catchy name to refer to it as, other than just "favorites" which strikes me as being kind of generic.     Any ideas?  If I get some especially good ones, I'll pick one to officially use from here on out...
    Spunkmaster69's profile
    <21 fans>
     BestFapping: Best Tribal Women  Read 140 times
     BestFapping picks:   Kavataria women, Trobriands                 African           Native Brazilian       ...
    BestFapping's profile
    <206 fans>
     fat and chubby men wanted  Read 98 times

      Any fat and/or chubby men in or near darlington, south carolina area and want there cocks sucked and maybe more, please email me at   and put suck in subject line, then we can set up a good sucking and cumming
    kiyote's profile
    <242 fans>
     A Visit From Our Friend Dave   Read 143 times

         My wife K and I have been married for 21 years, and have four k**s. K is average height and very pretty, shoulder length red hair, and large breasts with magnificent large, puffy nipples. She’s fairly reserved in public but relishes sex, She has a kinky side to her that few know about. Her sexual fantasies range from outside sex to DP to tasting another beautiful woman. S...
    Myonehotwife's profile
    <14 fans>
     IM WELL FUCKED  Read 229 times

      HI, I am today so fucked its unreal, As last night 29.11.14 i was pounding something stupid by 4 young lads and 1 guy i have known for years, God i was one nasty dirty slut, I love it really full on but this was totaly mega as my mouth ass and cunt had cocks pounding then nonstop from around 7.20 to 1.30, Lets just say they very brutaly raped the shit out my 3 holes and i fucking loved it, At t...
    sued1's profile
    <382 fans>

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