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     What have I Become?! (Story of my Life)  Read 150 times

       When I was young and I started watching porn I instantly felt I was a bit different then my friends. I mean don't get me wrong i absolutely love women, but in porn I'd started looking more at the cocks then at the women. I'd started to admire those beautiful cocks as the women where sucking and gagging on them, and when they started fucking those woman in both holes. I instantly loved Anal S...
    DutchBbcLover's profile
    <393 fans>
     My drawings removed by admin part 3  Read 147 times

       I have nothing against admin removed these drawings. I had to read rules more carefully. Images displayed below are not stored on this site but its not clear from rules may I place links to them here or not.   Aunts (Note, this is not a porno scene. There's a lots of similar drawings and paintings in the world. If I were a professional and famous, this drawing ...
    xxxdrawings's profile
    <138 fans>
     My drawings removed by admin part 2  Read 135 times

       The following pics may look violating rules, although had no intention for this. This may mean I should study drawing more and more, to draw faces that do not look underage. As I unable to raise my skills instantly, I started to write notificatios on forehead of characters that person is 18 years old. This did not help and "Incest story" gallery was removed (I wonder, maybe mother ...
    xxxdrawings's profile
    <138 fans>
     change from the norm  Read 275 times

       instead of the usual moan, i just want to say i love lust  this girl   that is all.   C x 
    cait's profile
    <556 fans>
     My drawings removed by admin  Read 133 times

       Genuinely I do not understand why. Maybe, I should study drawing better? 1. Accordion man's dream:   2. Hot kiss    
    xxxdrawings's profile
    <138 fans>
     my petition: unowned slaves to serve refugees  Read 121 times

       That would even serve humanitary aspects: Just shackle the unowned slaves and give them to the refugees from syria and elsewhere as irrevocable gift of welcome to get sexual relaxation.  
    slave4tpe's profile
    <989 fans>
     Do you masturbate?  Read 141 times

       An elegant grey haired man in his 60s took the seat beside me at the hotel bar. He turned to me after being served a scotch and in a friendly conversational voice asked me if I masturbated. His question took me aback but I found myself admitting that I did. So do I, he said. Perhaps we could do it together. He told me to follow him to his room in five minutes, swallowed his drink and l...
    imawanker's profile
    <179 fans>
     horny  Read 108 times

      I wanna fuck a women for free or to suck a big black cock!
    lonelyguy19899's profile
    <25 fans>
     messages   Read 98 times

      I am here to meet women and would like to converse with them not be just another face on there profile.
    gary52 's profile
    <0 fans>
     Setting up for the Halloween party   Read 136 times

       Today was good I went walking up the hill it was a good workout and after that I help my uncle with his Halloween Party Later on I took a shower I like to rube soap over my cock making it hard and slippery for me to masterbate in the shower moving my hand up and down that right there I'm in heaven thinking about it my cock is hard and throbbing right now.  
    sexbeast1995's profile
    <143 fans>
     m/eine Entscheidung / my one decision  Read 113 times

       Meine eine Entscheidung Ich erbitte ein Leben als Sklave, ein Leben ohne Rechte, unumkehrbar. Das bedeutet, dass all die Verbrechen gegen Menschen bei mir ordnungsgemäße Nutzung sind. Ich spreche von Entführung, Freiheitsberaubung, Vergewaltigung, Erpressung, u.v.m.   My on decision   I do begfor a live as slave, a live without...
    slave4tpe's profile
    <989 fans>
     More Sites Where My Pictures Have Been Reposted  Read 148 times

       I some more sites that have my pictues reposted.  The gallery "Spreading My Legs" was created 12 hours ago and the pictures are elsewhere. I love it. I have no control over these other galleries so that means that those pictures of my dick are out there forever. Like nearly all my pictures, the ones in the "Spreading" gallery  were originally high qua...
    jenischvv's profile
    <739 fans>
     tributes  Read 114 times

      It pleases me to please.  If it would please you to have felt tip drawings of your genitals on a playing card.  Get in touch
    SeamanStaines's profile
    <260 fans>
     Please help!  Read 113 times

      I wanna upload pics of me...but I can't figure it out... How do I do it?
    Masters_BBW_Bimbo's profile
    <247 fans>
     Not sure what the blog is for.........  Read 184 times

       But! Some of you may have noticed I'm not on a lot lately.... Whoops, job keeps me quite busy.  As you can see though, I still find time for some hot sexcapades on the side. Love being manhandled and fucked roughly. It's the best when you're petite and curvy.......  Halloween is just around the corner, a slut's favorite holiday!   &...
    sexyvixen87's profile
    <388 fans>
     Why??  Read 173 times

       Why do I find it difficult to let go of what I want and just accept that I'm nothing but a dirty whore that's lucky to have found a fucking great owner??  I love being a whore, I love being his whore, so why do I get arsy when I ask for something and I don't get it??  I need patience, I need to learn to accept what he says and wait for what I want and be r...
    SomeonesSlut's profile
    <350 fans>
     2015-10-24  Read 159 times - adult image gallery
    kendermag's profile
    <35 fans>
     Leave off your panties  Read 169 times

       Everyone must have noticed the increasing number of prosecutions of women, and not just teachers, who have had illegal sex with teenage boys and girls. The cases give lie to the feminist claim that only men are sexual offenders. What it is about kids that turns these women on I don't know but I thought I'd share this story I came across by a maths teacher in her 30s.  &qu...
    mommywanker's profile
    <529 fans>
     In the face  Read 122 times
    bym_311's profile
    <13 fans>
     playing with myself at restaurant  Read 143 times

      Wife and I went out to dinner last night at a well known wings chain restaurant. Sat a table for two against the wall. She obviously couldn't see me under the table and i looked around and figured no one else could either. I had worn short with loose legs and no undies and was able to expose my man clit and play with it as I chatted with th wife and had dinner, all while stangers were near ...
    slut_daddy's profile
    <882 fans>
     Out of Ideas   Read 122 times

      Starting to run out of Ideas. You can only describe how a girl takes away a guys Manhood so many Times before you repeat Yourself. If any of you have ANY Ideas or requests, feel free to message me.
    DeltaVenom's profile
    <231 fans>
     stellt mich aus / expose me !!  Read 292 times

       hi,                                                (english translation at the end) ich hatte schon einmal mit einem User darüber geschrieben abe...
    Ciara95's profile
    <1337 fans>
     Face sitting  Read 199 times

         Hubby and I started the occasional swing with our bowling partners in our league. It's a blog within itself to explain how this came about, but basically after a little discussion and a lot of cranberry vodka shots the descision was made for my hubby to go home with Jill (a co-teacher of mine at the daycare) and I would take home Allen- her live-in boyfriend. Our fi...
    BlondeHorsePlay's profile
    <130 fans>
     New Sissystoner gallery uploaded!  Read 140 times

      just spent a lot of time adding these pics to my profile gallery on the shitty mobile phone upload tool here,takes for ever and sucks having to do one at a time,i so need to get a computer and the internet again..anyways i will try to add some more but enjoy these for now, the gallery is called sissystoner october 2015
    SissyStoner's profile
    <3016 fans>
     I want my pics to be shared  Read 158 times

      I love anything taboo and kinky from incest to beast to being used as a sex toy
    Knotslutboy's profile
    <4 fans>
     Non-ImageFap Sites Where My Dick Can be Found...  Read 138 times

         This is the first one I found: http://www.freesoftcore...
    jenischvv's profile
    <739 fans>
     2015-10-24  Read 160 times
    moon35's profile
    <208 fans>
     Opowiadanie #1  Read 148 times

       Tego dnia przyszedł do mojego pokoju wyjątkowo wcześnie, słończe jeszcze nie zdążyło całkowicie schować się za horyzontem. „Pończochy, majtki i gorset” – rzucił, a ja szybko przebrałam się w rzucone przez niego rzeczy. Każda z nas miała wprawdzie swoją garderobę, ale niekiedy goście wymagali od nas ubierania specjalnych ciuszków. Zazwyc...
    TheGirlYouCantAfford's profile
    <1761 fans>
     Women ARE Superior  Read 124 times

       Really KNOW Women are Superior and deserve our submission, in nature MOST groups are Matriarchal, the Female selects which male is allowed to mate and which remain sexually's the Natural Order.   Remember dating? Women maintain control over their bodies, they decide exactly how far you are allowed to go, what pleasure you are given,  and w...
    chastesubboi's profile
    <519 fans>
     Slim sexy indian female pics  Read 174 times

       hi ,   i have a big big thing for sexy Indian females at the moment... I love their tanned skin and they are always slim x x hopefully there are other out there too that appreciate them, if so get in touch x x  
    Sarahdally2005's profile
    <151 fans>
     Courtesy and wanking  Read 153 times

       My wife read a book in which a man asks a woman he is sharing a bed with, but with whom he has a non-sexual relationship, for permission to masturbate beside her. Would a guy really do that, she asked. I think it would be polite even on the part of a lover or husband, I said. You've never asked me that, she laughed. I've never masturbated in front of you, I told her. In any ca...
    mommywanker's profile
    <529 fans>
     video of this sissy slave   Read 131 times

       just enjoy and commen please 
    sissyfaggotmtl's profile
    <377 fans>
     Webshop  Read 127 times

       I write this to save the URL for later, but I have to say this is one of the best webshop I have ever seen: 
    NylonIsabella's profile
    <1000 fans>
     How I became addicted to BDSM (and erotic drawings)  Read 117 times

       I was a kid when i get access to a fairy-tale book with pictures. One of the stories was about 'how the salt get into the sea'. It was about a teenage boy who get kidnapped by pirates who stole a magic vase where salt flows out permanently (salt was compared with gold then). On one of the drawings the boy was shown naked or almost naked with a loincloth roped on a pylon, suffering of...
    dariotu's profile
    <583 fans>
     Can i Help  Read 115 times

      Maybe i can help if there are any pictures you would like to see in a gallery maybe we can fine them for you and upload
    rcptrb's profile
    <18 fans>
     Why I'm here  Read 106 times

       I like leaving and receiving dirty comments on pics.  If you want me to comment on a girl of yours, ask and I'd love to do it.  Need to work on my creativity though, lol.  
    tsalagi7777777's profile
    <48 fans>
     I fucking own you   Read 118 times

       So here is my life at its best . I am a native of the porn capitol of the world. I am truly a sex Fiend. If you want to smoke and chill drop a note and I will get back to you. 
    ilovemesumass's profile
    <28 fans>
     BLACK Cock Challenge Game....  Read 148 times

      Anyone interested in the BLACK COCK Challenge Game, see my previous blog....
    BillieBug's profile
    <1483 fans>
     Interesting forum  Read 162 times
    Jinxy78's profile
    <545 fans>
     new boots  Read 117 times

      just got new boots posted pic.   let me know what u think
    billbob6111's profile
    <181 fans>
     I'm Back.. and feeling generous!!!  Read 185 times

       So I had a hell of time getting back on here. My login wouldn't work. The reset wouldn't work. Blah..blah..blah.. No matter because I am back now and that's all that matters. While I've been away I've been working on a new blog, doing an fabulous interview for and getting my play room ready for the winter. I do not care for the cold, s...
    LilMissSynn's profile
    <186 fans>
     why me  Read 135 times

       I could find a thousand reason to explain why carolyn have to live and in the other and i could not!!!!! Mostly carolyn gone give me everyrthing that the regular and boring man i am will not be able to do!!! For some people im sick and for others im the secret thing that justified their reality!!!   Well  what i know about carolyn ......she is a horny ch...
    carolyn72a's profile
    <415 fans>
     Please?  Read 124 times

       Like OMG, I am sooo horny right now... Does anyone, like, want to, um, let this totally horny bimbo slut swallow their yummy cum? I'm, like, so hungry for a huge load of cum! Please feed this dirty bimbo some cum? I'll sooo let you, like, spank me if you do ;) Kneeling with her mouth open and waiting, Nichole ♥♥
    SissySlut_Nichole 's profile
    <379 fans>
     info  Read 155 times

        In real life I am a happily married young woman. This is not about meeting up in real life to have some kind of affair or kinky sex stuff. I just want/need some online fun. My husband doesn’t know about all the naughty stuff I get around to online. I do have an online Mistress but she doesn’t have free time to cyber anymore so she suggested that I look for more people. ...
    Missy-the-kinky-cyber-nympho's profile
    <40 fans>
     Dirty Pussy  Read 127 times

      I love a dirty pussy.  I fucked an English girl in Paris and a few days later fucked her again.  The second time, her pussy was so creamy.  Either she still had my loads from the first time or had fucked someone else in between.  I loved the smell and taste of her.  I love when a woman's cunt hairs are glued together and you have to loosen them up to get in there.&n...
    vladt1334's profile
    <99 fans>
     What I like  Read 111 times

      Oldies music. collecting music, celeb pics. Sexual preference is now men. Love to suck cock.
    xman6468's profile
    <805 fans>
     motel  Read 118 times

      met on grindr and you came over for a late night massage - after a few minutes you tied my wrists together with your belt and raised my hips up with a pillow underneath me - gagged my and fucked me hard and fast - the sound of your zip as you undid you fly behind me and I knew what was to come - the anticipation.
    winterdavid's profile
    <76 fans>
     Dropping the Soap  Read 155 times

       Am I the only one who would not mind at all going to a rough prison just so I can ''drop the soap''? I've often heard horror stories of people being afraid to enter showers in crowded prisons because they're afraid of their poor little ass getting inspected by some well hung guys. I personally think that if someone wants you sexually he should get you, regardless if m...
    trishstratus's profile
    <1038 fans>
     All Men Should Be Castrated? - International "Castration Day" - An article by Krista  Read 126 times

      All Men Should Be Castrated? - International "Castration Day" Some Feminists have considered this as an option. It is highly controversial. Allow me to introduce myself... My name is Krista, otherwise known as "The Femitheist". I am a female, a feminist, and someone who believes strongly in True Equality. Now, I will begin explaining this entry before I pos...
    Jason00128's profile
    <97 fans>
     Why all men should be castrated…by hollsboll  Read 126 times

       Summary This report investigates what happens and will explain the necessity of the task ahead, castrating all males. Through the report mentioned in the text and through opinions it can quite clearly be shown that the benefits of castration can be outstanding to women health. Introduction Although the subject of castration is very controversial it should be considered f...
    Jason00128's profile
    <97 fans>
     2015-10-22  Read 160 times

      Follow my blog
    johnnyhasnocheese's profile
    <90 fans>
     young cocks  Read 143 times

       Hi friends, i like young cocks series Can anyone help me to find an uploader who is sharing this?   xxx   Anna 
    annafrenske's profile
    <54 fans>
     1987 (June-September)  Read 146 times

       Finding out that Sue was pregnant was both a shock and wxciting at the same time. Cilla called me a dirty pervert, but she secretly thought that it was nice that her baby sister was going to have my baby. Sue was really excited about it all, that is, until Social Services got involved, as they asked who the father was. Sue told them that she had been at a party and her drink must have been "...
    ioncam6's profile
    <390 fans>
     Seks in de buurt va Tilburg  Read 123 times

       Dit is alleraarst een oproepje voor alle dames die zin hebben in een geile date in het brabantse land, Dit kan natuurlijk ook verder in Nederland en België.   Alvast geile groetjes, Rob
    Rob013's profile
    <36 fans>
     Noose play  Read 146 times

       Some of my images are posed; that is to say that the girl is is no danger of baing hanged (unless the stool suddenly collapsed or something equally unlikely). Most are of actual hanging scenarios. It's not always possible to capture images during a hanging - and i would never take silly risks to do so - thus 'action' shots are rare. These hangings are very real, however, and some...
    typhoon2's profile
    <53 fans>

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