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     SEX  Read 171 times

      Did I mention SEX!
    Pia69's profile
    <245 fans>
     Role Playing the Hung Black Stud with My Wife  Read 191 times

         Read the comment below.  THIS is how I role play with my wife.  At times it is so surreal.        We try to play out scenarios where she is meeting a black man for the first time. Of course I play the role of the black man and we talk about where I would be sitting in our bedroom/hotel room watching. We do this to get B...
    seth1805's profile
    <1020 fans>
     In eigener Sache  Read 165 times

       Da mir hier einiges inzwischen zu dumm geworden ist, gebe ich eine Erklärung in eigener Sache ab.  Ich bin weder ausgesprochen dominant, noch devot. Eure ganzen BDSM Hardcore Sachen könnt ihr euch in die Haare schmieren, nicht mit mir! Der nächste, der mich "Kampflesbe" oder ähnliches nennt bekommt Sperre. Ja ich mach es mit Mädels, ich n...
    caro-stute's profile
    <577 fans>
     Wanting tributes and nasty comments  Read 174 times

       Looking for tributes for my pics posted on my profile.  Lets see how many guys actually go through with it.  
    kygirl4fun's profile
    <581 fans>
     Rubbing my cock with another guy!  Read 157 times

       I am sitting here today thinking of all of the different times I have gotten off!  I am thinking back to when I was in middle school and me and another boy had gotten into his parents porn movies.  We were watching some porns and we both had got very hard and horny.  We both did not know what to do at that time, we both had pulled our cocks out and were stroking our own. ...
    Pickturefox's profile
    <533 fans>
     looking for guys  Read 200 times

      to cum all over my pics its so fuckn hotttt
    karismaddic's profile
    <429 fans>
     I am so much hungry to your love ???  Read 115 times

       Last night I hugged my pillow and dreams of you... I wish that someday I'd dream about my pillow and I'd be hugging you. If kisses were raindrops, I would send you a thunderstorm. when I look in the mirror all I can see is your love. the sun won't shine forever but as long as it's here, we might as well shine together. who cares whether this is a poem or rhyme, I will love you until the end ...
    Aryan4U's profile
    <0 fans>
     prettypussy23  Read 151 times

      the gorgeous very hot prettypussy23
    gccuster's profile
    <489 fans>
     A second talk with Lisa the slave  Read 150 times

       Today I found the owned whore of a wife online again, Lisa, better known as sluttysubwife. She loves being humiliated, called names, and gets wet when her pics are spreaded. At first she denied it, but soon she stopped faking and showed Me her true colors, begging Me to spread her pics and make her well-known around here and other places. So I will, because it was funny the way she be...
    njaxxx's profile
    <100 fans>
     The making of a slut...  Read 140 times

       I met a fine lady ione day.. We met again.... And again.. After the third visit on 'business' she cornered me as I was leaving and kissed me..I responded to the kiss... Now this lady knew of my being transgendered - a dresser - after all i had met with her husband previously with her knowledge for some intimate satin fetish time..he took pictures and knew ...
    SamanthaSatine's profile
    <296 fans>
     Clarification  Read 169 times

       They as the difference between a good wife and a great wife is that a good wife spits and a great wife swallows.  I wouldn't agree.  I would say an average wife spits, a good wife swallows, and a great wife will mount and ride your cock until you both cum then suck you clean an dry so you don't even have to get up.  I have a great wife! LOL 
    mh92591's profile
    <294 fans>
     hey there  Read 151 times

      So do girls really like big dicks?  I think they do!  Let me know what you think!
    spicken's profile
    <120 fans>
     Today's porn  Read 158 times

       hypno slutting carolyn reese cuckold video is SO hot 
    a-SissyBoy-in-Stockings's profile
    <57 fans>
     Pictures..  Read 202 times

       Re=posting and re-creating galleries from my vast portfolio to share here with friends-fans old and new.. Do enjoy.. Please feel free to comment.. Drop me a line if there are any styles-roles you would enjoy me trying out for you to see... Many more pix - 1000 plus - on my flickr pages..  
    SamanthaSatine's profile
    <296 fans>
     New day  Read 117 times

       Saturday and I wake up early. The sun shine into my bedroom.  The bed is empty beside me, sad for I like to cuddle in the morning. It is a nice way to start a new day. Well it is just to step up and start to do something good, hope to meet some new woman here today. A woman that will make my lips to smile. 
    rognil13's profile
    <19 fans>
     Tatoo  Read 211 times

      Loocking for a "slave" tatoo. Anyone a idea? Barcode or Cuffs, and where should it be. Neck; Ass,Tits,Pussy?
    fany_huebner's profile
    <206 fans>
     my sister, my beautiful slut  Read 266 times

        I awoke in delerious pleasure, on the verge of orgasm with Kellys mouth on my pussy. She deftly teased me closer and closer to climax until the tension was almost unbearable. A friend had just told me about how she learned to squirt with her orgasm and how good it felt. All you do is try to pee as hard as you can at the moment of climax, she said. (for those of you who think squirting ...
    shannygurl93's profile
    <238 fans>
     Anyone else wanted to see this in the Dredd movie... She should have been pounded or more clips of sex were needed!  Read 175 times

         Blonde slut getting black wrecked...
    Porntroll's profile
    <979 fans>
     sexy wife  Read 206 times

      like sexy
    alendelon's profile
    <50 fans>
     Duplication of shower photos  Read 142 times

      Well.folks, I don't know what I was thinking when I uploaded two "Jenn showering" galleries. I will consolidate them over the weekend and save the best ones for one gallery.
    seeker47's profile
    <132 fans>
     Dedication for Prom Lover, rape survivor  Read 202 times

       I hope other's will post this on their blog too in memory of Prom Lover who died last July (, so that her message can continue to be heard. From Prom Lover's blog posted on June 18, 2011 (   My Rape ...
    GrabThis4's profile
    <14 fans>
     Schlaffi  Read 138 times

      Ein bis zwei Minnuten nach den Bildern war er wieder schlaff. Lange kann ich ihn nicht oben halten. Nicht mal in einer Muschi. Da wurde er immer wieder schlaff.
    Schlappschwaenzchen's profile
    <34 fans>
     Jana, a Slovakian Woman who wants & loves Black Cock!  Read 134 times

       I was contacted the other day by this white beauty from Europe to help get her exposure to the Black Cocks out there she dearly loves. I dont fully know why she asked Me to do it, but am very happy to help her. She is a bit shy and says she doesnt have the best English, but she wrote and explained things just fine. To me, A foreign accent is very hot. Being from Slovakia, I know the ...
    Dusty_luv's profile
    <1509 fans>
     Sexy Story   Read 262 times

      I was 19 and I had just broken up with my boyfriend of 4 years and had started dating this guy name Roy.  We had meet in the country bar and really hit it off.  One night when Roy and I were at my house (I still lived with my parents) we were alone in the family room.  My parents had a back massager that had a long handle and had different speeds.  Roy was sitting on th...
    aardvark1234's profile
    <74 fans>
     Dirty chat  Read 132 times

       I wonder how many of the cuties read the blog sesction. Looking for a cute chick to have a dirty chat 
    Som08's profile
    <70 fans>
     Oops  Read 178 times

       So apparently i AM that dumb, because i couldn't work out why i couldn't log on, despite re-setting my password again and again .. and it turned out i was typing my username wrong.    
    eleanor_m's profile
    <267 fans>
     Lil_cock cursors  Read 163 times

       Lil_cock cursors from this gallery : Download them HERE (zip file - 7Ko) Please, send me a screenshoot showing you're using them !
    Lil_cock's profile
    <348 fans>
     Incest lessons  Read 332 times

        Me and my little sister have always been super close, and not shy about showing our love and affection for each other. Kelly and i think and feel exactly the same so often that words are sometimes superfluous. If I am feeling something then its almosrt a given that she is feeling the same way. This made it easy for us to satisfy our sexual curiousity early on, casually and without inhi...
    shannygurl93's profile
    <238 fans>
     First Upload  Read 196 times

      Just uploaded my first gallery, feel free to rate and comment on it.
    spartan_fucker's profile
    <592 fans>
     random musing #1  Read 133 times

      I think when I say to a girl "your such a bloke" im actually saying "im such a girl" or at least "your so much more a bloke than me"
    TorchwoodUK's profile
    <77 fans>
     More poses  Read 146 times

       I've been getting a bit more daring lately and wanting to show more of my body, so I've just uploaded another gallery of mixed poses (some full body with the face blurred, some below the neck only). This may or may not be a good thing   but if you like the pictures and want to see more, please let me know with your comments or personal messages. I also have another gallery of di...
    haurni's profile
    <174 fans>
     My day  Read 282 times

      Today a great day, I went for a walk after finishing work. Today I had plans, today I had to fuck many men. To implement their plans I had to change and I, without thinking, looked into the toilet nearest cafe. Locked in a booth, I took his short skirt, which is not even covered my buttocks to the end and tight blue blouse . Just going to the park, I immediately heard several male voices, ...
    Cumwhore1989's profile
    <854 fans>
     share!!!  Read 197 times

      Please join me in distributing these photos far and wide! These are original photos that can't be found anywhere else.
    seeker47's profile
    <132 fans>
     Hi guys   Read 169 times

      Do what to give me your wife, gf, mom, sister, ect. drop me line i will take them all.
    elcid85j's profile
    <202 fans>
     Need to go a little slower  Read 190 times

       Thus far, I have had really good luck getting wife Jenn to do things I wasn't sure she would be open to. Remember, she is an honest to goodness Prude, with a capital "p." Dictionaries define "prudish"as:   of excessive propriety, easily offended or shocked, especially by sexual matters  having or revealing a tendency to be easily shocked ...
    seeker47's profile
    <132 fans>
     Just signed up  Read 152 times

       Just signed up. Wanted to see if anyone else out there loves satin panties as much as me? I would love to chat and maybe exchange pics, panties and stories with like minded people.
    seth1210's profile
    <1 fans>
     animal bathing  Read 185 times

       The pigslave was instructed to bath, as an animal slave.  it filled the shower stall with a few gallons of ripen piss from the past week, and was instructed by Maso to wash it's animal skin with it's shit. After the bath, this animal was told to remain in the make shift toilet, with it's mixture of shit and piss and wallow in it as an animal. pigslave was also instructed by ...
    tammimay's profile
    <89 fans>
     Communication equipment  Read 140 times

       During it's overnight stay in the ripen urine and shit filled stall, pigslave's cat knocked over the PC monitor. Worse, on working to connect the new one, it found it could not access the Control Panel. Much work was required from tech support to get the machine back.  it has posted the required documented task of taking a true proper animal bath as instructed by Maso. The down ...
    tammimay's profile
    <89 fans>
     Whore  Read 183 times

       Well i finally have a whore. She is very willing to anything I ask of. She has her own page on here, and i going to talk her into posting pictures of herself fucking strangers soon. 
    Achmedsnake's profile
    <75 fans>
     Fantasy!  Read 273 times

      My sister came home late after being out with a few of her girl friends down town.  I was asleep in bed when I got woken up by her clumsily coming up the stairs and the sound of her taxi disappearing down the road.  I turned over and tried to get back to sleep again, but all I could hear in the next bedroom was her trying to get undressed and sort herself out, and then all I could thi...
    knickers31's profile
    <274 fans>
     Schlappschwanz  Read 189 times

      Ich bin ein kleiner impotenter Schlappschwanz und kein richtiger Mann.
    Schlappschwaenzchen's profile
    <34 fans>
     it's been awhile  Read 184 times

      It seems like forever since I've been active. It's just not been possible to post anything. I hope to change all that soon & so I am looking for people to do photo shoots, roleplay & fantasy scenarios with to try out my many new outfits so if anyone is interested, let me know and maybe we can sort something out in the near future XXX
    king_of_bounce's profile
    <814 fans>
     Gingerphotography Help me get 5k page views for a new gallery!  Read 169 times

      to all my fans if i get 5k profile views ill put up an all new gallery that everyone will love, all face pics for the first time ever so view and fan me plz :P comments welcome :) also skype me at gingerphotography1
    GingerPhotography's profile
    <123 fans>
     Put Up or Shut Up  Read 262 times

       On Tuesday night I stopped by my dad's house to drop off some papers. My step-sister's best friend, Kathleen, was there. She is almost a year older than my step-sister and now a proud member of the pool of “Legal Pussy”. I had know her since she was a flirtatious 12-year-old with braces. Jess asked if I would give her a ride home since it was nearing 10:00, and ...
    eric_cougar_stud_1992's profile
    <470 fans>
     Me, my likes, my pervs ... facials  Read 206 times

       I like the idea of using this blog.  By registering and joining Imagefap, it’s one of the first times I’m openly saying that I’m a bit of a pervert.  That is to say that I think about sex a lot.  I have some sexual tastes that may not be mainstream.  I love getting head from women.  I love cumming on a woman’s face, breasts, ass, stomach ...
    mglenn81's profile
    <31 fans>
     me and my baby sister  Read 388 times

       My sister kelly is 16 months younger than me, and we are like twins. I wrote blogs about how kelly and i  started having incredible sex just after thanksgiving of last year, and for those of you who asked, no it isnt fiction. In fact our sex has only gotten better, details to follow.
    shannygurl93's profile
    <238 fans>
     Cumshots  Read 182 times

       I am addicted to pics of cum dripping, oozing, and spurting from your cocks. Please show me your best pics. 
    dickguy54's profile
    <4 fans>
     Geschichte (unvollständig, fehlerbehaftet)  Read 236 times

      Teil I Das war nicht ihr Tag oder besser gesagt ihre Nacht. Immerhin hatte es aufgehört zu regnen und in der Straße, die sie entlang fuhr, spiegelten sich die Lichter der vereinzelten Laternen. Irgendetwas stimmte hier gewaltig nicht. Auf keinen Fall war das ein Ort für eine angesagte Party. Es wirkte eher wie ein heruntergekommenes Gewerbegebiet mit rostigen Zäunen u...
    SchlampenSchaender's profile
    <128 fans>
     Traveling soon and looking  Read 143 times

      Will be in Michigan this week, Grand Rapids then Cleveland area, would like to get into something or someone while away. Prefer mature women, mfm, trans/cd or mmas a top and trade oral. Email me if you in one of these area :)
    ELPOONEATER's profile
    <27 fans>
     All alone for a week.....  Read 167 times

      My roommate will be out of town for 8 days later this month. I haven't sucked dick in so long. If anyone is around the NE/IA area and would like to use and abuse a sissy faggot like me please let me know!!! 
    sissysuckdoll's profile
    <82 fans>
     Not To Worry, Ladies!  Read 142 times

       Those of whom I'm following or have decided to follow me ... I'm not interested in "hitting" on you or hoping you'll fuck me. The closest I would ever want to come to you is to watch you getting used by a superior black man or two or three. I just want to look at the pictures you share & read your sexy comments & your blogs and stuff. I just can't sto...
    wmslave4blk's profile
    <180 fans>
     Sissy Training  Read 162 times

       habe ich wohl zu oft gesehen.... bin mittlerweile so scharf auf schwänze blasen... hab gar keinen anderen gedanken mehr.. bin ich bi oder ....? Schwanzgeil bin ich...   Gay cruising:  Einsteigertipps Gay Cruising 1. Wer auf einen Gayparkplatz fährt sollte in einen weniger beleuchteten Parkplatz benutzen. Schaue dir die Punkte 2-4 a...
    fendyts's profile
    <1420 fans>
     2014-03-04  Read 249 times
    deliquescent's profile
    <270 fans>
     H E L P ******  Read 140 times

       This can not be that hard to do ... I can't figure out how to POST a photo or communicate back with messages ( won't someone )  Please help me ? 
    boing7's profile
    <37 fans>
     Hey  Read 216 times

       Hi,   endlich bin ich 40, seit 15 Jahren verheiratet, deshalb zweimal bereits geschwängert und zweimal geworfen. Aber endlich 40 und damit darf ich jetzt hoffentlich endlich mal richtig versaut sein als alte stute, als hobbyhure arbeiten und vor allem kostenlos für Übungsficktreffen von Junghengsten zur Verfügung stehen. Traut Euch, schreibt mir!...
    PAUSCHALEXXX's profile
    <26 fans>

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