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     cock to worship  Read 124 times

      oh i was looking down while on bothknees and waiting him to come and tell me tostart...suddenly the light from the front door got covered by a large shadow....with heavy boots as heentered...with pride and wicked style of walk....till he reached near mestanding tall i could see his rough big boots...the leather trouser...he then reachedmy head covered in scarf andcaressed and thenheldtight..his...
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     deleted  Read 228 times
    merlu's profile
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     New  Read 152 times

      My bf has told me that he wants to watch me ride Adam and Sean at the smae time. not sure about this , i feel like he is turning me into a prostitute . I have told him i will only agree the they have their hands tied behind their back and i can control things. So Thursday night is on OMG
    sillykim20's profile
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     Disfruta la noche con las Escorts de Madrid  Read 92 times

         lulu&lolo: echa un vistazo a nuestros anuncios con las escorts más calientes y eróticas de toda España, te encontrarás con putas de lujo, modelos de moda, estrellas porno. Las mejores fotos de Escorts Bcn, Escorts Madrid, Escorts Valencia y scorts en muchas otras ciudades de España. Nuestras hermosas anunciantes escorts te están es...
    LULUYLOLO's profile
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     Recently asked my fantasy i was very in depth   Read 86 times

      Always loved the idea of a my perfect woman shortish a good handful of breast, thick meaty thighs and curves to make fruit look bland, laying on the bed red lingerie getup; stockings, suspenders, sexy red underwear with gap sneakily hiding her pussy and matching bra try to hide her nipples. I'd climb onto the bed, little kisses softly up her leg starting at the ankle, following the cu...
     A LITTLE ABOUT ME.  Read 88 times

      As I have grown older my likes and dislikes have become more defined as has my swings in my bisexuality, At the moment my predilection is for older men in particular those with small cocks I have no Idea why I just do, As my name says I am a perv and a dirty one too but a happy one, Over the years I have had many hot experiences none of which I regret but a few I would not repeat they were just...
    drtiperv's profile
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     Ishikawa Shizuka  Read 151 times

      Ishikawa Shizuka
    arrayputra's profile
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     Wixbucheintrag 3: 07.07.15 (Dienstag)  Read 99 times

       Gestern habe ich wieder stundenlang rumgewichst, u.a. auch zu Pics und Nacktpics meiner Freundin. Es gibt ein Pic, das 3 Jahre alt ist, auf dem ist sie demnach noch etwas jünger. Sie drückt ihre hängenden Titten zusammen und man kann ihr ungeschminktes Fotzengesicht sehen. Dazu habe ich auf einmal spritzen müssen.  
    angeoedet-von-beziehung's profile
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     Worth to FAllow:  Read 135 times

       Let's share good users to fAllow :)   Worth to FAllow: 
    orika's profile
    <944 fans>
     Any ladies wanna skype  Read 93 times

      I love to watch a woman masterbating justt for me. If Interested send me your skype Name xoxo :p
    youngboycum's profile
    <367 fans>
     Storms  Read 82 times

      I often find that there are two best times for lovemaking, the first more of a standard time, after a romantic date usually with dinner or a movie, these with me are often more fetish based since we have time, tying them down or impaling them on myself. But the second is my personal favorite, during a storm. The music of the crashing thunder sending them into shock tightening their pussy and lo...
    GingerGuy7's profile
    <25 fans>
     Home made humbler, wanking in the log cabin  Read 115 times

      Home made humbler, after a visit to a very hot Dom in Farnborough I just to try this at home, man this pulled my balls tight, I barely had time to take the pictures before my cock exploded and spunked on my lovely high heels that I borrowed from my sister.
    Pantiespainter's profile
    <469 fans>
     She was perfect  Read 100 times

      She was perfect, but money is more powerful than love. 
    cuckadoodle's profile
    <114 fans>
     Oregon girls and nor cal ladies  Read 91 times

      I am in need of perverted sex, Femdoms, couples, milfs, housewives, humiliation. Jesus please bring me someone as sick as me in the state! My cock will never be truely satisfied without the abuse I need and want to give. Every cum load that I release is always missing something and perversion is it! Please couples, Femdoms, mistresses, perverts make me your slave or master or anything that'...
    youngboycum's profile
    <367 fans>
     Hi back again for all exciting pleassurs  Read 91 times

      im having so much fun cumming to all you dirty women. the incest stories are making me squirt load after load still need more fan i'll give you great stories of my own personl incest tells. im happy here and dont plan on leaving this site anytime soon ;) Msg me ladies only please
    youngboycum's profile
    <367 fans>
     My unaware girlfriend  Read 115 times

      I need a dom man that force me send pics of my unaware 24yr girlfriend. She is totaly unaware of this, and mostly of the pics. She isnt into anything at all and as I said totaly unaware of rest. She would leave me if find out. So this is only about showing pics. I feel bad that I have this need and doing this to her. And having big regrets and all that. No kidding. But use me a...
    andydort's profile
    <6 fans>
     tags  Read 98 times

       shiny Nylonspiele Lingerie old old and young granny orgy swing granny big clits huge lips  granny cum   extreme   second_hand   kondom   gilf   spread   ugly   double penetration   black   ebony ...
    skylinegtr24's profile
    <88 fans>
     It's Ok Brother.  Read 237 times

         After catching my brother jerking off several times I finally called him out on it. I told him about how it was natural and that everyone did it. He didn't have to try and hide what he was doing. He was a little embarrassed so I decided to make him more comfortable. I took off my clothes and laid down beside him. "Let's do it together" I suggested. My ...
    tinygirl8's profile
    <2697 fans>
     Sandie  Read 138 times  
    ducksoup's profile
    <2668 fans>
     2015-07-07  Read 159 times
    beardedgentleman's profile
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     My cousin and I  Read 137 times

       I have always had what some would call an unnatural attraction to my cousin Amber. Shes a few years younger than me and has a very sexy vibe about her. Shes a goth type with a little extra meat on her but not in a bad way. Shes also quite uninhibited when it comes to sex which just adds to my attraction.  One day Amber called and said her boyfriend had backed out of going to a co...
    Puswart's profile
    <35 fans>
     Charm of Being Free ........ As free as nature ........... born wild ........... Living Desire and Dreamzzzzzzzzzzzzzz   Read 116 times

      Naughty Girl
    martin11175's profile
    <137 fans>
     Cleaning to get her creaming  Read 83 times

             I am absolutely crazy for my wife, that being said, I will do anything to make her creamy. I have been trying to get her to take a more dominant and demanding stance sexually. She is a girly girl, soft, sweet, pretty, considerate, and giving. The problem is we both want to serve each other, and she is not used to taking advantage of what I want to do...
    femfurflavor's profile
    <47 fans>
     I LOVE HOT Weather...  Read 132 times

       I Love hot weather because then I can wear my loose baggy shorts where I can squat down and let my semi hard cock and balls hang out the leg opening which is what I love to do in stores. I'll of course go into a store wearing my hat,dark sunglasses, long sleeve shirt and loose baggy shorts with boots or Tennis shoes on.I was out flashing this last Tuesday roaming around in my car ...
    fearlessflasher's profile
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     Post your girlfriends here and brag about what you've done...  Read 136 times

    bobsamoota's profile
    <5040 fans>
     Suckable clit  Read 98 times

        I have a thing for brunettes, hairy pussy, and a meaty cunt, That is one delicious looking pussy. I just love sucking cunt, and tasting the cream from her pussy. This chick has enouh meat to suck some twat into my mouth,tickle it with my tongue and gently bite and tug on with my teeth,   
    femfurflavor's profile
    <47 fans>
     Why tributes...  Read 114 times

      A guy asked me what does a girl get out of a tribute for her.  Well for me, its knowing I'm sexy enough yet to make a guy hard and cum.  In role playing a lot of times a guy will write yes he's cum thinking of me but a lot times I wonder if its BS.  When I see him cumming in a tribute, then at least I know for sure he was thinking of me..
    Steph_plainandtall's profile
    <413 fans>
     wowgirls  Read 162 times

       Anjelica Elly  Nancey Gloria ...
    derpdiddly's profile
    <256 fans>
     Your'e so much bigger than my husband  Read 124 times
    poisontree's profile
    <440 fans>
     i love sex  Read 101 times

      sex sex and sex
    ameeralesby's profile
    <23 fans>
     8teenies  Read 146 times

      Valerie Julia
    derpdiddly's profile
    <256 fans>
     Long term story.  Read 88 times

       I've been thinking about writing a story on here for a while, and hopefully make it a long term one that i keep building on. I've never written a story that's been ment to be JUST a story, but i've done alot of roleplaying and i think this could be an interesting way of evolve that part of my imagination and creativity. Plus i would like to bring on a more sadistic touch to t...
    A_Master's profile
    <414 fans>
     About Chat  Read 92 times

       To the people that pm´s me when i´m in the chat.  The first thing i do when you pm me is to check out your profile, if you have not filled in any of your interests, or they are not that interesting to me, i will close the window of yours. I get about 1pm/min when i´m there, it´s not possible to answer all of you guys, even if i wanted to! So please,...
    Celesse's profile
    <1148 fans>
     Go to to enjoy the FULL pictures collection!  Read 95 times

      Go to to enjoy the FULL pictures collection!
    fashionWorld's profile
    <1 fans>
     my fat pig of girlfrend beinig sold as meat  Read 109 times

       hello i am an werry happy man i just sold myfat long pig of girlfrend to be meat all 140 kilogs of her. They is taking her at 1700 oclok. they knovs she is a volenteere. they will be slautering her in ours celler. love the idia of her being slautered, as i see it . the have promes me her heart.
    pilleallan's profile
    <31 fans>
     London meet?  Read 72 times

       Hi,  Just wondering if there are any horny guys in the London UK area fancy a meet for some nsa sweaty fun in the sun? check me out and message me if interested.   pixie. x
    pixiesox's profile
    <107 fans>
     else new  Read 97 times на 30 минуте     
    cerxx's profile
    <86 fans>
     Best Top reasons is escorts in Ahmedabad   Read 101 times

       Ahmedabad is one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Gujarat and it has witnessed never-before development on all walks of life. One of the main characteristics of the city which has been witnessed in the recent past is actually the phenomenon of escorts in Ahmedabad . Briefly defining, these are girls who give paid companionship to those men who are forced by the circums...
     Now you see me, now you don't!  Read 71 times

      Hello fapians!  Sorry for my sudden disappearance.  It seems the need for fakes hasn't diminished in my absence.  I recently found a new place to live and have been in the process of moving everything.  Hopefully you haven't given up on your fakes.  I will resume creating them once everything is set up.  Stay tuned!
    vectorx's profile
    <41 fans>
     Wixbucheintrag 2: 06.07.15 (Montag)  Read 84 times

       Ich bin heute Nacht wach geworden und war tierisch geil. Ich habe mich an den Rechner gesetzt und über Minuten zu Pics meiner Freundin geil abgewichst. Ihre Fresse hat mich auf NN-Bildern auf denen sie alleine war, aber auch mit einer ihrer besten Freundinnen abgebildet war, tierisch angegeilt. Es war mein sehnlichster Wunsch diesen geilen Anblick anderen zugänglich z...
    angeoedet-von-beziehung's profile
    <145 fans>
     Top tips that enable you to access escorts in Hyderabad easily  Read 87 times

       The city of Hyderabad is the capital of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh and is well-known to the people of the world as cyber city of India. This city has a lot to offer to all those who visit it with any kind of purpose in hand. One of the peculiarities available in the city is the presence of the country’s finest escorts in Hyderabad . These are young and dynamic female ...
    rekhamalik's profile
    <7 fans>
     1  Read 72 times

      Sorry I was away for so long but I totally forgot my account details!!!
    ShormaXXX's profile
    <110 fans>
     Profiltext  Read 103 times

      3 1/2 Jahre mit meiner dummen Ficksau zusammen. Sie ist so wie alle anderen Frauen, die mir im Bett untergekommen sind: Kein NS, keine Schläge, kein Fremdfick, kein Facial, kein Wixeschlucken, kein Outdoor, keine perverse Zügellosigkeit etc. Wobei sie offener ist als alle anderen davor und auch Qualitäten hat, die ich hier aber nicht groß anpreise. Am liebsten würde...
    angeoedet-von-beziehung's profile
    <145 fans>
     Seeking BBC for my girlfriend  Read 82 times

       My girlfriend is looking to cuckold me.  She's seeking men with cocks at least 8". We live on Oahu in Hawaii.  You can live here or be a tourist; that doesn't matter. Hit me up with a pic if you're 100% drug and disease free, 8"+, and on/will be on Oahu.  We're not looking for chat buddies, pic collectors or the like.  I want to wat...
    FortySixand2's profile
    <66 fans>
     Suspicious Mother.  Read 213 times

         When I started to suspect my husband was cheating on me I set up a camera in our bedroom. I gotta say, I was pretty surprised to catch our own daughter bouncing up and down on his cock in our bed! Her tight body, loud sultry moans and the sheer taboo of it all made it hard to really blame him. At least it wasn't with some random skank. I didn't bust them on thei...
    tinygirl8's profile
    <2697 fans>
     Mom's Help  Read 178 times

         I've helped my son masturbate for years. It all started when he came to me with questions about it. He wasn't really sure what he had to do and he wanted my help. What kind of mother would I be if I didn't? We look at porn together to get him aroused and sometimes I'll get naked so he can look at me. We have a special lube that we use together and he lov...
    tinygirl8's profile
    <2697 fans>
     It's That Simple.  Read 119 times

         I love my brother. It's that simple. I love him so much and we were both taught that when you love someone very very much, you can have sex with them. Well, there's no other guy that I love more than him. I don't care if he's my brother at all. We have a lot of fun together. He makes me feel good, and I do the same for him. Just because society says it&#...
    tinygirl8's profile
    <2697 fans>
     Seeking others for Playtime   Read 63 times

      If you live nearby or visiting message me and lets hookup for some goodtimes. I am bottom slave for your body and cock. I give great massages as well. I love to give handjobs and blowjobs. A little party favors can set the mood. lets be friends.
    habbz69's profile
    <6 fans>
     Im new  Read 63 times

      Hello, im 19 y/o from Norway. I workout a decent amount and like to stay fit. Im into pretty much anything. Send me a pm if you wanna add me on snap :)
    Totallyme's profile
    <29 fans>
     Busty slut  Read 85 times    
    Farehaman's profile
    <102 fans>
     Many thanks  Read 74 times

      Thank you everyone for the comments.
    JustSophie73's profile
    <127 fans>
     SEX TOYS  Read 79 times

       sex toys sex shop sex toys sex shop Anal dildo Kamagra dildos sexleksaker Sexleksaker Billiga sexleksaker
    orgasmera's profile
    <3 fans>
     1984-85  Read 101 times

       After getting my degree at university, I found it hard to get a job near where I was living, so decided to move closer to Glasgow, and stay with my Aunt & Uncle. It was not the ideal move for me, I knew no one in the area, and had never been very close to them, but I thought that it would be worth it if i could get a job. I would go into Glasgow most days, and walk round all th...
    ioncam6's profile
    <393 fans>
     I broke him down  Read 172 times

       So as his graduate student he's used to seeing me, sometimes every day. These things happen. Crushes. He wasn't used to seeing me as i let him see me in a text sent to his phone late in the evening three days ago. Me, just me, in my undies. No shirt. Just my little thong panties, looking nice and cute, butt up in the air... "What do you think?" I wrote.  He wrot...
    24F_hot4teacher's profile
    <342 fans>
     My Story  Read 98 times

       I have sent this as a private message to couple here that seem to have a similar arrangement.  I decided to post it as a blog entry.  I doubt that it is a common story but I'm also sure it is more prevalent than the vanilla world would imagine. i was married to a wonderful Lady that enjoyed my/our fetish as much as i did. I have always enjoyed, even in my yo...
    jakkee's profile
    <275 fans>

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