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     Spectators - a Voyeur's Delight  Read 135 times

         A true story...  We’d been on a river cruise. The boat docked and we got off the boat, probly the last to do so.  It was a warm summer’s evening and much as I wanted to get Deirdre and her gorgeous body back to the hotel and into bed, I also wanted to make the most of our one free evening together, so I suggested we take a stroll down the river bank...
    hermit59's profile
    <372 fans>
     My Rant  Read 117 times

       Over the past few months I have been without a dedicated internet connection. For me this has been pretty much hell in regards to having the fun I like to have online. But it is what it is and it could be worse after all. If not having a regular internet connection is my biggest problem today than I am doing alright. So I have compansated and have began going over a friends house to use thei...
    between_heaven_and_hell's profile
    <1041 fans>
      Best ass to 2014 , hot eotic gallery 50 photos .  Read 141 times

       Best ass to 2014 , hot eotic gallery 50 photos .
    yepuras's profile
    <134 fans>
     Über mich  Read 91 times

       Hallo Freunde der gelebten Sexualität! Ich möchte mich hier mit offenen Leuten austauschen. Wie Ihr meinem Profil entnehmen könnt bin ich leider mit einer nicht sehr sexuell aktiven Frau verheiratet. Das ist für mich ein großes Problem da ich einen sehr starken Libido habe und gezwungener Weise mich mehrmals am Tag selbst befriedigen muss. Von Zeit zu Zeit ge...
    Enacal's profile
    <83 fans>
     hi  Read 102 times

      I love my freedom right now and enjoy learning something new everyday and make the best out of every situation because life is short these days ain't it?
    tonya0's profile
    <0 fans>
     tumblr  Read 113 times

      please check out my tumblr account, and check out sissy kenneth taylor aka sissy katie
    sissyterri's profile
    <18 fans>
     cumming in my ass  Read 218 times

      Why do guys like to cum and enter my ass?
    baa612's profile
    <28 fans>
     Hotels  Read 111 times

       The post about our Vegas trip got me reminiscing about the goofy/sexy/naughty stuff we've done in hotels. I'm not talking about meeting folks for sex although we've done a ton of that. Our favorite hotel had to replace a bed because of us. I guess they are not supposed to hold 6 people.One hotel we stayed in had a indoor pool. Technically the pool was closed but we went...
    Porterhaus5's profile
    <165 fans>
     Vegas Trip  Read 115 times

       Last November I brought Michelle along on a conference trip to Vegas. Since it was a business trip there was not supposed to be any naughtiness but Michelle managed to indulge herself a little. After checking into our room in the Mandalay Bay we discovered that one corner of the TV had bright blue spot. It was late so we ignored it. The next morning after we had breakfast...
    Porterhaus5's profile
    <165 fans>
     Nite out  Read 105 times

      Took Michelle out to 98th Street Video in Albuquerque for Valentine's. She wore her little black easy access dress and no bra. We went straight to the theater and found seats. Michelle wasted no time and pulled the top of her dress down, showing off her big tits. About a dozen guys flocked to us. We chatted with the closest ones and Michelle gave her permission to touch. Ten minutes later h...
    Porterhaus5's profile
    <165 fans>
     Public sex 2  Read 107 times

      Got around to this finally. Yes we went back to our spot on the river and yes we had some fun. Michelle wore a white tube top and shorts. The top came off almost the minute we hit the trail to our favorite spot and as soon as we got to our spot the shorts came off too. We laid out a blanket and set up a pop up shade shelter. Michelle laid down and began oiling herself up. There was about a...
    Porterhaus5's profile
    <165 fans>
     Hotel Stay  Read 90 times

       In a hotel tonight, curtaints open lights on...traffic on the off ramp of I-5 and the overpass look directly into my room as I stroke my cock for them. When the light turns red, the traffice backs up and stops on the overpass so I have a captive audience. They are about 100 yds away looking right at me....the rush is unreal!!!
    wepurple's profile
    <4154 fans>
     Continued dedication  Read 81 times

       On waking each morning, this lil pigslave has thoughts focused on it's sole purpose, how may it serve it's Owner's and incredible Controller.  Realizing it has been accepted by such powerful, committed Dominants, such a solid Mentor, it starts the day with much hope to develop in it's position and status. pigslave knows that it's  ideals of submissio...
    tammimay's profile
    <89 fans>
     Wife For Sharing  Read 122 times

      Myself & my wife are looking for guys who want to have a good time with her. I am straight 100% and not into doing things with guys but like to watch. She likes things rough, she love black dick, but is looking for any guys who are interested. She has pantyhose fetishes as I do, love cum swallowing, deep throating. Wants to be face & throat fucked. Take a look at pics, and if you wanna ...
    mp29's profile
    <47 fans>
     No Sex !!   Read 93 times

      I am a member of many adult sites because I love sex. What I have found trough my experience of these sites is that women post pictures up and ask for a good hard fucking "does not matter, race, colour, creed, age, size etc ... I just want cock !" All the above is bullshit. I have never had sex with anyone off an adult sex site or for that matter met anyone, I have been on the inte...
    steve_uk9's profile
    <53 fans>
     Hamburg - PLEASE....  Read 95 times

      Have a look at my photos... i`m a crossdresser who`s ready to have his first real contacts - i live in Hamburg but i´m open to travel for the good experience. please message me if you`re interested - i like what you see of course ;)
    LinaLustvoll's profile
    <921 fans>
     the incredible inflatress  Read 90 times

    gccuster's profile
    <409 fans>
     Working with cute coworkers  Read 89 times

      I love masturbating in the restroom and cumming into a small cup and trowing them at my coworkers behind there backs and into there drinks.
    fapallnight's profile
    <171 fans>
     How My Wife Became Your Internet Notepad Slut  Read 188 times

       My wife just finished up her period, during this time she did not initiate a blowjob or handjob, or offer her ass to me.  This included Valentine's Day. As we lay in bed and she started fondling my cock, I let her know yesterday this was not acceptable and she would be punished. "I'm going to write on your body in lipstick, like we did that one time, then I'm goi...
    ottopilot's profile
    <595 fans>
     uncut Indian cock  Read 73 times

      I am new too this but I posted some pics of my cock and Id like to hear all the comments let me know if its big or small its uncut and brown cause im indian
    indianpimp1987's profile
    <78 fans>
     Wichstreffen im Ruhrgebiet gesucht  Read 104 times

       Hallo zusammen,  ich bin hier auf der Suche nach einer kleinen Wichsrunde, gerne zu zweit oder zu dritt, zu netten  Bildern die wir hier ja genug haben.   Ich wäre ab und an besuchbar und würde mich sehr freuen wenn ihr euch meldet.   meine Emailadress ist: 
    DerFreeLancer's profile
    <100 fans>
     How To Handle A Cougars' Loss  Read 94 times

       On Saturday Damien and I went to a local sports bar to watch the Cougars play #10 Cincinnati. Justin was out of town for a family funeral. Unfortunately the Cougars lost the game 73 to 62. During the game we became friends with a couple at the adjacent table who were also cheering on the Cougs, and joined them at their table. Teri looked to be in her late 30's to early 40's...
    eric_cougar_stud_1992's profile
    <180 fans>
     Car park girly cock sucking  Read 81 times

      well Im thinking if you would like to be my girly cock sucking car park cum slut why not get in touch South Wales nr Ebbw vale
    patsykay's profile
    <339 fans>
     truly yours  Read 59 times

         ,,,male,,,this profile was created by the request of females - for females of all sexual preferences - share cool, warm, hot chat, memories & interests – any temperature chat or (cyber, depends), (hot, warm, cold),, about anything - will share pics, clips, upon request but  no blackbook, cam, cyber, camgasm, role play, skype, or pay sites,,,   &nbs...
    trulyours's profile
    <0 fans>
     Lydie de Lille enceinte :  Read 118 times

    Lydiedelille59's profile
    <39 fans>
     The Club 007 - T-232 (Amy S)  Read 102 times

                       The black man grunted, his hips jerking as Amy felt his cum begin to pump into her. She gasped hard, not believing she was back here with a stranger inside her - deep inside her - and letting him cum into her. She felt him twitch and throb as the cock unloaded it’s thick, hot cream into her.  &n...
    JudgeRama's profile
    <313 fans>
     Lost my virginity three days ago  Read 130 times

       I lost my virginity three days ago. It happened, as I wrote in my earlier blog entry, with a prostitute. It was just great and I'm happy I did it despite the fact that I paid for it. It was actually so great that I had to visit another prositute yesterday and I'll meet the first one day after tomorror. At friday night I went to the prostitute's apartment on time. It's ...
    wetpilde's profile
    <96 fans>
     Bra  Read 115 times

       On Saturday morning i was woken at 7 and put on the clothes laid out for me. Pink satin panties with white lace and a bow, a pink t shirt with a red heart on the front and a pair of tight leggings. i had a pair of slipper/ballet shoes on my feet. After breakfast (two crispbreads) Mistress ordered me into the car (i now sit in the back seat and have to let her strap me in) and we drove to Bre...
    LucyGurl's profile
    <115 fans>

       LISA MATTHEWS--1991 PMOY GETS COCKED AND CUMMED   That HOT bitch  LISA MATTHEWS  gets  my cock thrust in her face, her ass, her cunt, and down her luscious throat. Blonde, beautiful, and ball-draining, this pretty-as-fucking-hell slut deserves to be throat-fucked and analized repeatedly...ending with a semen explosion inside her sweet fucking pussy, and a blast of ...
    Venom404c's profile
    <19 fans>
     The Narcissist  Read 77 times

              Her untimed arrival displayed the red colored desperation in the form of a tight dress with heels and black hose. Skin that shined like a full moon June and hair that burned like cherry wood ambers. Jillian hardly carried herself as a slave. More like some unchecked feminist riding a corporate skyscraper between her legs. Of course that buck stopped in my chamber. ...
     kl  Read 118 times  ...
    renhitz's profile
    <16 fans>
     Another nice boy swallowed me :)  Read 127 times

      Traveling again recently... hit craiglist and was gonna hook up with a boy in my hotel room... he stood me up but another boy had responded... he came right over, got between my legs, and gave me some really nice head. :)  He swallowed me once, and asked if I could go again... I said, "I'm not going to stop you!" and he went right back to sucking me and licking my balls. :)&n...
    johnj_2000_us's profile
    <1271 fans>
     Krankenhaus  Read 90 times

      Ich hatte von meinen Eltern zu meinem 18. Geburtstag eine Reise in die Berge zum Snowboard fahren geschenkt bekommen. Nach einigen Tagen, es schneite heftig, ging ich noch vor dem Frühstück auf die Piste um auf der noch nicht hergerichteten Bahn zu fahren. Leider ist mir entgangen, das sich unter der obersten Schneedecke pures Eis befand. Es kam wie es kommen musste, ich rutschte bei...
    MimiAc's profile
    <145 fans>
     Heute erzählt meine Schlampe  Read 91 times

      Endlich war es Samstag. Es war mit Herrn Warwick und meiner Freundin ausgemacht, das unser Treffen um 20 Uhr bei uns hier in der Wohnung stattfinden soll. Ich war froh, dass meine Freundin mir zur Seite stand, denn mir zitterten fürchterlich die Knie. Kurz vor 20 Uhr fragte ich Steffen ob er das wirklich will und das ich jetzt ernst machen würde. Ich sah ihm an, dass auch er ziemlich...
    MimiAc's profile
    <145 fans>
     Socks  Read 124 times

      SOCKS <3 <3
    Letty_Ortiz's profile
    <104 fans>
     Just Registered  Read 76 times

       Just registered and started to fill out my profile.  Made some advatars and uploaded one.  Going to  look around for some hot guys pumping & in latex.
    gzmisca's profile
    <1 fans>
     Saying hello  Read 130 times

      Hi and welcome to my blog.
    sandygoreman's profile
    <33 fans>
     Mr Lomax masturbates  Read 118 times

       The Lomaxes moved in next door at the end of summer and I immediately liked Mr Lomax, a big friendly guy in his late 50s with a beard and a ready laugh. He liked tinkering in his garage and sometimes I strolled over while he worked on the old car he was restoring. We’d chat about cars and girls and stuff for 20 minutes or so then I’d move on so as not to be in his way. ...
    mommywanker's profile
    <361 fans>
     Snakelady  Read 134 times

      If anyone would like more pic's of me and my friends let me know.
    snakelady's profile
    <248 fans>
     Pee  Read 104 times

       maxmini81 asked  How do I tell my GF I need her to straddle my face and piss in my mouth while I drink it and beat off? Been together 4 years... still seems like a lot to ask with no warning. Ive been wanting it since an ex did it to me while loaded. And I really want my hot fiancee to do it... Loved trying to slurp down that girls jet of hot pee.    ...
    VicBell88's profile
    <535 fans>
     A gorgeous milf  Read 125 times

    gccuster's profile
    <409 fans>
     Just me  Read 73 times

      whats up there all you sex demon sex addicts or simply just those who enjoy the hot and sweaty passionate sex i am a straight guy just looking to have conversations with the most beautiful and sexiest girls on this site so message me so we can get to talking :)
    Faded2Alpha's profile
    <1 fans>
     My Gallery of IFap Ladies  Read 131 times  
    gccuster's profile
    <409 fans>
     my life sucks!  Read 125 times

      Ok I have been trying to stay away and think of other things, so this morning I am in the shower and step starts pounding on the door yelling I gotta go to the I tell her make it in she cums and starts her business. Well I start imagining her on the other side of that thin curtain and I start rubbing myself. Well she then says ...umm i have to poop and it might be a coup...
    tryany's profile
    <36 fans>
     1  Read 94 times

    arrayputra's profile
    <1 fans>
     no ideas  Read 85 times

      no ideas
    karmakan's profile
    <11 fans>
     tdrh 6  Read 85 times

      Lisa now was now lost in her submission and her new desire to lick Kendras ass. She didn't swallow Kendras spiit she deposited on Kendras asshole when she turned back around. Kendra now took a few steps towards my bed which sits up higher than most and hikrd up one leg on it foot down and bent over in order to give Lisa better access to her anus. Lisa followed her on her knees like Kendra w...
    Blkfemruleoverwhitesluts's profile
    <206 fans>
     Best Celebrity Nudes of 2014 huge gallery 80 photos .  Read 127 times

       Best Celebrity Nudes of 2014 huge gallery 80 photos .
    yepuras's profile
    <134 fans>
     Apology to Master Tom  Read 74 times

       Hello all Master and Slaves  Today I am writing a blog because I need to a write an apology to Master Tom. I failed to show up for our first meet. I am totally aware this is very wrong of me. I am aware that I will end up recieving a great punishment for my actions. Which I deserve completely. I have purchased the white briefs Master instructed me too. The main reason I did not m...
    oralslut27's profile
    <103 fans>
     It's 3AM and I Cannot Sleep  Read 134 times

       telling me what to do. "do you want to lick her pussy?" asked the dom, "yes," I whispered, "thock!" a riding crop landed on my ass, through my leather corset, "thock!" "I didn't hear you," said the dominant. "Yes!" I cried, "I want to lick her pussy. Please." the other model was on her hands and knees, bent over...
    monica_jenstein's profile
    <90 fans>
     Introduction: "Driven"  Read 64 times

              According to studies done somewhere in the memories read a back of my mind, a human with a phallus thinks about sex every some odd seconds. Touché. Better than a fortnight. I'm sure in some dentist office in the metropolis holds a magazine that describes how often the average man acts upon it. Hopefully not the dentist armed with sleeping gas is at that ...
     Unleashing the beast...  Read 87 times

       Hello, to all those Fappers out there, My name is Nero the Bastard and I have recently spent the last 3 1/2 years in sex hell. During my marriage I was denied even the simplest pleasures of sex. My wife would not let me see her naked or have sex with me period. Needless to say we are no longer together. But during the major sex deprivation I came to the realization that I love down ...
    NeroBastard's profile
    <1 fans>
     Being a grateful possession  Read 68 times

       Making it's required daily contact with Maso, slavepig was informed it is not Owned by Her; that Sir and Slave Tina are it's Owners!  Maso advised it that She has permission to maintain Her control  of pigslave and will continue it's processing under Her control.  This acceptance by such awesome and powerful individuals of Supremacy and Dominance; being kept u...
    tammimay's profile
    <89 fans>
     sissy cumdump toilet slave needs nasty CAPTIONS to be EXPOSED  Read 85 times

      please make nasty humiliating CAPTIONS to EXPOSE an humiliate REPOST an SHARE NO LIMITS
    sissytoiletslave's profile
    <27 fans>
     Fucking my slut wife in a Toronto parking lot  Read 168 times

       It was last July. My wife and I live near the Beach in Toronto and it was a hot and humid night. We were having dinner in Leslieville. During dessert, she slipped off her flip flop and unzipped my khaki shorts with her toes. She began to give me an incredible footjob under the table. I got rock hard instantly. I paid the bill and hurried her to the car.   I drove down to Tay...

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