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     Erziehung junger Dame  Read 84 times

      Erziehungsaustausch gesucht
    privatedoc's profile
    <26 fans>
     Come check out my ASS Licking SIte!  Read 68 times
    Analingusxxx's profile
    <12 fans>
     are, those fine young ladies  Read 98 times

      really not sure why, but a fine young lady, with a very fine young body is such a wonderful turn on, and has been since i was a young teen myself. i have not grown up. i still yearn to make passionate love to a sweet young lass
    yunglover's profile
    <130 fans>
     diary  Read 120 times

        Yesterday I went to visit a mature lady escort, although I'm married my wife won't have sex with me beause I'm useless in bed.    The escort asked me what I'd like to do, I asked if we could try oral explaing that I couldn't have penetrative sex because I always go limp.   She was quite happy to let me go down on he...
    nikkinix's profile
    <105 fans>
     I am modeling for feet  Read 85 times
    Claudia26's profile
    <3 fans>
     Always fun  Read 70 times

      Looking for new ways the white "man" can disappoint!
    qz_guy's profile
    <208 fans>
     masturbation...  Read 122 times

       is a bit difficult for me, as I have difficulty reaching orgasm. Dildos dont work for me period, no interest ( I kept one just because hubby likes to see me playing with it occasionally, but that's really just show). There are some buzzers (like this little vibrators that buzz your clit) that I enjoy, but at the end, no joy. I love being eaten, but same deal, after that nice intro just k...
    bostonaide's profile
    <237 fans>
     Want to chat with retire or stay at home woman - no strings or game, no interested in anything but sexual chat   Read 106 times

       I would love to chat via chat - I am on at I have no interest in a relationship and I am married just want to talk sexually to a woman. Mel (4everhorny)
    4everhorny's profile
    <723 fans>
     Andres  Read 66 times

      hola me gustaria conocer chicas tv o crossdresser
    raulandres's profile
    <0 fans>
     Becoming a little slut  Read 212 times

      I am becoming a little slut and getting turned on by flashing young men at the command of others.  I get wet at the thought if this and my nipple ache.  Flashing is turning into playful fondling under my shirt and light pussy play.  I am beginning to loose control and am following the commands of others.  I am afraid of where this might lead.  I want a young mans dick in my mouth and to ta...
    luckyman19's profile
    <326 fans>
     Первый опыт в sexwife - cuckold теме  Read 98 times

      Признаюсь честно - первый опыт траха чужой жены в присутствии мужа все же получился несколько скомканным. Хотя я старался действительно выложится. правда обстоятельства были немного необычными, во первых это происхо...
    Terapasture's profile
    <278 fans>
     Some People On Kik   Read 86 times

      So im a boring people to be honest i play xbox and talk on kik so im talking to girl and just cotecting pics and vids. I have a place to upload the pic (on here|) but no where to put the vids,, can any one help?
     One old fantasy   Read 99 times

       I have this fantasy since ages, or rather something i would do if i could have a chance once, probably i never will, or i might not have enough courage, maybe i wouldn't even do if i get there, but i like to play with the idea. i'm not gay at all, but the idea of touching an other cock with my cock turn me on, and i just run through some shemale fan's blog and run into the...
    Jerkoffaddict's profile
    <316 fans>
     My Foreskin and Me  Read 94 times

       I always feel sorry for the circumcised guys. They will never have had the deep exquisite sensitive feeling on their cock head as uncut guys do. I'm far from sure, outside the religious quarters, why this somewhat barbaric practice takes place? I have heard from some guys the utterance of "Well, I was cut so will my son be!!" There are so many damaged cocks out there arisin...
    Tosspott's profile
    <128 fans>
     2014-10-14  Read 166 times
    hero_malaya's profile
    <543 fans>
     Fucking Miss A  Read 88 times

       I had known her online for a long time, but when I finally got her into bed Ifound out she was a submissive slut.  More on the story to cum...   But rest assured, I abused the fuck out of her. 
    Jaycivic22's profile
    <38 fans>
     hello to All  Read 82 times

       Hello to all. I am a single and looking guy searching for a girl or ladies who shares my interests. If you are interested please send me any messages as you like. Below are my interests and stats. I am 5' 10"; blonde hair with blue eyes, have an athletic build and am great an interested in just about everything from normal things to sexual things. My main interests are M...
     Cocks in the locker room  Read 110 times

       I can not go swimming in public baths anymore. The sight of all those naked Men and cocks in the locker room is too much. What if I get errektion? These my constant thoughts of Men's cocks constantly increasing. The older I get, the greater my fantasy to be a girly whore for evere masculine man I meet. I love being a sissy, but it would be good if I at least could see dicks ...
    linda_siid's profile
    <193 fans>
     danas sam imala lijep dan bila sam dobro jebana  Read 110 times

       danas mi je bio prelijep dan bila sam dobro izjebana za one koje neznaju odakle sam ja sma iz bosne  ali zivim u americi udata sam  imam 3 dijece ali volim da varam muza  naj vise volim ne obrezan kurac  volim njegovu kozicu da navlacim i svlacim to mi je  nesto naj lepse kao sto reko  danas sam bila dobro izjebana  upoznala sma tipa &...
    pickicasam's profile
    <271 fans>
     requests for fakes  Read 97 times

      now I do not take request fakes . too many pending request . if you wanted me realizes fakes contacted me and I will add to the list . I did this in my spare time it might take more or less time
    darkmandevil's profile
    <74 fans>
     My Mother  Read 256 times

       I guess from her somewhat stony outward appearance no one would realise that my mother was no shrinking violet. Although I don't suppose parents think that kids notice things they ought to think again. I think my mother deep down was a bit of an exhibitionist. She always seemed quite happy for me to see her naked. In summer she would quite regularly shave under her arms l...
    Tosspott's profile
    <128 fans>
     Cleaning up my hard my hard drive  Read 173 times

       In the past of days I have been cleaning up my hard drive of images the turn me on. You will fine them in “Cleaning Up Hard Drive”.  You will find images of teens, matures, milfs, grannies, old men, nudist, tits , cocks, pussies, porn stars, celebrities/fakes and people having sex.
    amc3412's profile
    <2787 fans>
     About Me...... MonaOwned  Read 190 times

       Hello – I am Mona   This bio is all about my sexual desires, adventures, and what I want to chat about. I love black men and the idea of being owned by or serving a black man, and his friends, and finding new BBC lovers to play with online by e-mail, chat, or cam-to-cam. I am 49 years old, blonde hair, 38D-28-42 (all ass & tits - my gigantic 38D boobs...
    Mona-Owned's profile
    <93 fans>
     If you want more?  Read 134 times

      Just write me 
    fromrz's profile
    <2 fans>
     JAVmodel Miho Imamura  Read 130 times

       Miho Imamura Born    :     08/29/1988 Blood  :     Breast  :     86 cm Waist   :     56 cm Hips     :     84 cm Height  :     156 cm ** Click Pict For Enlarge ** Download All Pict CLICK HERE
    porngods's profile
    <11 fans>
     Help my hubby  Read 123 times

      My hubby has a fantasy we need help with. He would love to have another guy cum tribute pics of him. If you can help out message us.
    brentstar's profile
    <125 fans>
     Question Answered  Read 158 times

       You need to read the post marked question before reading on.   Right.... Was out in local town with my wife and a group of our friends. We moved from bar to bar and ended up drinking a lot. Final stop was a bar / club - fairly small. By this time the group had thinned out, a few gone home so I found myself alone at the bar watching my wife and her friends ...
    catmandance1's profile
    <102 fans>
     Updates Upcoming...  Read 141 times

       Stay tuned until sunday... there will be new pictures on my profile and website!!  
    sneakgirl-com's profile
    <162 fans>
     Hapy monday!  Read 117 times

       mmm I have to say Im in such a great mood today thanks to my hubbys great way of waking me up on a Monday.. He usually gets up a little earlier than me then sneaks under the covers and slowly starts caressing my thighs.. I always sleep naked so he knows he has easy access and pretty soon he starts gently licking and sucking on my clit. At this stage Im usually still asleep and believe...
    brentstar's profile
    <125 fans>
     Zoe and the Lady  Read 114 times

       SEXY ZOE AND LADY LOUISE IN LONDON Beyond the bend in the river we could see Canary Wharf and the new chrome and glass domes of the financial and business capital of London – from the top floor of the hotel in Southwark on the banks of the Thames we surveyed the patchwork of places stretching out down below us. Tall and lean with the look of a natural Londoner, Andy served the drinks an...
    flondon's profile
    <85 fans>
     question.   Read 97 times

       perhaps if any one can help me why doe's my comment not show up once I leave the image it not the person deleating them cause it too fast an it happen the same way mutiple time if any one can answer I would appreciate it thanx. 
    shemaledom's profile
    <11 fans>
     smooth masturbation  Read 139 times

      aime mastubation fessees doigtages avec rasés (ées) ou épilés (ées)
    amoureuxsexeslisses's profile
    <147 fans>
     Destroy my life  Read 237 times

      I'm a fucking whore and I want to be exposed and destroyed!
    ebonyhousewhore's profile
    <49 fans>
     I had wanted to do a Hugo Artemis Solon Saturnicus Reginald Arthur Rune Quotes collection but apparently noone has collected them so...  Read 131 times

      Hugo Who...? He had known many previous incarnations. And then some. He had walked the Earth as Nostradamus, Uther Pendragon, Count Cagliostro and Rodrigo Borgia. Although probably not in that order. He spoke seventeen languages, played darts with the Dalai Lama and shared his sleeping bag with Rasputin, Albert Einstein, Lawrence of Arabia and George Formby. He was wors...
    WalterPoe's profile
    <355 fans>
     my new e-mail  Read 121 times This is my new post, everyone who wants to communicate with me, please write back. I love to suck dick and drink cum, I want to be a slut or a slave. Это моя новая почта,все, кто хочет со мной общаться , пишите туда. Я обожаю сосать хуй и пить сперму, хочу стать шлюшко...
    cumswallowers's profile
    <220 fans>
     heh.   Read 106 times

       it is weird a bit, in the area block categories doesn't exist category femdom. How  can I block all these pathetic female? I am so sorry about all these unneeded girls, who have to force guys be near them)  I love to see hard maledom)) but I can't find such club, awhile. If someone know about it, let me know;)
    albireoeyv's profile
    <4 fans>
     anyone want to train a shy sissy?  Read 107 times

      Will pe someones personal project x 
    ereforgoodtime1's profile
    <321 fans>
     2014-10-12  Read 154 times

       im jerking my cock to the interactive porn of lifeselector right now and i can only recommend you this site. the really juicy parts cost money but you can at least make yourself hard and ready for fapping with the free parts.   this was my reaction upon seeing the first vid ! (neither my cock nor my picture)  
    katyperryfan1313's profile
    <90 fans>
     Tief in den Arsch  Read 174 times  
    Lausejunge's profile
    <1545 fans>
     Listening to my parents having sex  Read 181 times

       As very nosey person I suppose I was lucky that the house had very old cottage ill-fitting doors that didn't suppress much noise and that my parent's bed was very squeaky. I had often been woken up by the noise of them having sex but for a long while had never understood what was really going on. I just felt in my bones that it must be very special particularly as it made my mother...
    Tosspott's profile
    <128 fans>
     Any former Catholic Priest or Nun want to chat with an former priest. Or even a Catholic who had interest  Read 124 times

       I am a former Catholic priest and would be interested in chatting with any former Catholic Priests or Nun who are on here. Even Catholics who want to chat. 4everhonry
    4everhorny's profile
    <723 fans>
     Bandung Free  Read 128 times

      for fun only
    Lies_Tengil's profile
    <6 fans>
     The story of Jean - 5  Read 162 times

       Friday afternoon and I had just arrived home and was looking forward to my feed from mothers breast as well as all the fun that goes with it of late. The routine was I would go to my room and find the clothing I was to wear set out on the bed. I would shower and dress in the outfit of the day.   After I had showered I stood next to my bed and looked through the it...
    mimeesoo's profile
    <1986 fans>
     defame girls?  Read 177 times

           You want to embarrass a woman or man ?? Upload your pics (over 18!) to  ( ( see all the pics here!   Can send it over  ;)    
    eg45eg54e's profile
    <143 fans>
     <3 <3 <3  Read 206 times

       Have you ever wanted someone so badly that you couldn't stand it? When he's inside me I feel complete, and safe, and loved. I want nothing more than to spend the rest of eternity in bed with him, smelling him, sucking on his nipples, then down to his tummy, down to his dick, wrapping my lips around the head, and trying to suck as much of him as I can get into my mouth. Iwant t...
    kbaby95's profile
    <1284 fans>
     my whore blog  Read 385 times

      Just found this!
    katienastywhore's profile
    <440 fans>
     SSBBW und Hängebauch  Read 125 times

       Hallo Freunde Ich bin ein absoluter Fan von ordentlichen Hängebäuchen. Und dazu suche ich Gleichgesinnte zum Bildertausch und Reden. Egal ob Männlein oder Weiblein. Würde mich freuen wenn sich ein paar Fans melden.
    fettfan2009's profile
    <170 fans>
     Thick White Internet Sluts (T.W.I.S)  Read 161 times

       Thick white girls from arround the net .  Submit Yours!  
    zteajohn24's profile
    <22 fans>
     sex is part of life,  Read 184 times

      i have boyfreind,he so loving, from last 7 year we are in relesionship, about love ,he doing so hard, i like his fucking style to me,
    vasudha1's profile
    <99 fans>
     My Slutty Girlfriend  Read 227 times

      What will you do with her, she is so horny?
    picholic's profile
    <107 fans>
     Black slut part 2  Read 160 times

       She have been coming over and serving me. Still green and unexperienced. She likes to pose and frankly it's fun to play with her. I am getting off on power. I don't have sex with her during the session. I am getting off on making her do things and giving her pain. I think I will continue. Oh and I got another prospect. White female. We'll see. In the mean time here are a f...
    creampie_gurl's profile
    <40 fans>
     Sissy...  Read 158 times

           I had not been out on a Saturday night for over 6 months, Martin the gay lad at work invited me out to a "Vicar n' Tarts" party, he had convinced me to drag up as a tart. He'd done this before as he'd told stories of his exploits dragged up in a dress and blond wig. So Saturday morning i went round to his flat, he told me to shave head to ...
    Porntroll's profile
    <1126 fans>
     spend  Read 140 times

    lickbitch's profile
    <18 fans>
     I'm back!  Read 139 times

      Hello, there. You may not have notice but I've been Missing in action lately. But now I'm back and I promise I will bring in more cum tribute.
    somerandomone's profile
    <71 fans>
     Spring Thomas  Read 165 times

       I don't know how many times I've come to this Spring Thomas classic :)   Longer version:     My favourite "Spring Thomas BBC pal", this...
    poisontree's profile
    <279 fans>

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