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     5  Read 234 times

    duke9's profile
    <288 fans>
     I've got to be ME!  Read 100 times

      Between all the advice and questions I have had answered over the past month I finally come to the conclusion that I am transgender. I was born male but I don’t feel happy as one. When I let my emotions guide me and I let my feelings show I feel better and I feel feminine. So now I am going to be me, not pretend to be something I am not.
    Simplyconfused's profile
    <62 fans>
     New Guy  Read 86 times

       I am looking for 'special' relationships with those of us who have been marginalized because all of us want and need to feel like we are loveable. I am waiting, but waiting with anticipation, because I know I will find it soon. 
    Trapper015's profile
    <0 fans>
     قصتي مع المثلية  Read 104 times

        نشأت وأول إحساس جنسي كان لي اتجاه الذكور كان إحساسا غامضا غير مفهوم بالنسبة لي ولكنه ارتبط بعشقي الشديد للباس النساء ولم أكن أدرك أن الأمر سيتطور إلى رغبة جنسية فيما بعد ولم أتيقن من نفسي أني مثلي الرغبة الجنسية حتى...
     First time sucking cock  Read 179 times

       When I was young I had a friend named Gary, we were both about 6 or 7  years old.  I had the hots for his mom, big time.  She had long brown hair, always wore tube tops, and had huge boobs.  She even had a picture in her bedroom on the wall of herself naked, and I would always go in there and look at it when I was over, even though I was supposed to.  Well his dad...
    sexyone4you23's profile
    <87 fans>
     Pride week  Read 98 times

      It´s been a interesting and painfull week so far!  My mistress has been attending the pridefestival quite enthusiastically, mostly because it´s fun, but also in the search of women! And pretty early on she found one. A DJ, a real "face" in the lesbian community. They have been hanging out the entire week, and she has claimed Maria as her "wife" as for now...
    MrSinthan's profile
    <180 fans>
     Hi  Read 79 times

      i'm a guy from usa love someone cum and pissing on my photos are actually my close family friends so pick one up cum or do fake or pissing sharing trading use like your photo 
    Optimuscrimes's profile
    <3 fans>
     big cock  Read 105 times

      any young one looking for big cock
    cassndara's profile
    <6 fans>
     What next for Nikki the nylon piss loving whore?  Read 124 times

       My wife Nikki is a certified Nymphomaniac. She needs to be having sexual encounters all the time it seems. As you can see from the earlier blog entries she is a total slut. Bitch only cums when she wears nylons though, Could be pantyhose(no knickers underneath) or stockings....and of course she loves piss! Her own or others, If its from strangers even better. I'm loo...
    scudder22's profile
    <469 fans>
     Wife pictures for frat houses  Read 120 times

      I get off sending my wife's pictures to frat houses for the whole to see her and send nasty comments and degrading picture suggestions.  If you are a frat guy and interested, send me an email.  Only frat guys please.  wifeshowheroff at yahoo dot com
     A women wants to see my pierced cock? Is it my birthday?  Read 85 times

       I have been uploading photos/tributes featuring my cock. It might look like a silly flesh tube, but apparently I’m proud enough of it to do that. Yeah, that’s how it is, I want the ladies to see my cock. I also am proud of my face, I have during the years got compliments for it. But for obvious reason I can not show it here, even if I would like women to compliment it. Mor...
    denny_beta's profile
    <184 fans>
     tumblr blog  Read 131 times Éditer
    adepuceler's profile
    <30 fans>
     Caught (1): Imprisoned  Read 113 times

       Deep in the night I awake as a hand touches me in my neck. I whisper: "Come on, go on sleeping". But there is no answer. When I open my eyes I look into the grinning face of a soldier. I want to rush out of my bed, but the attackers are faster. Strong hands pin me face down to the bed. I feel my hands tied at my back with cuffs, another pair is fixed to my feet. Then I am dragged to my feet....
    Loebentier's profile
    <115 fans>
     cincher  Read 89 times

      I'm using a waist cincher doing some bonding training. Almost a week now thank I can already see a difference :)
    tor3080's profile
    <660 fans>
     Slaves on the farm  Read 107 times

       I would like to be one of the slaves.  Being trained on the farm. Naked all the time and doing dirty jobs. 
    sletbeer61's profile
    <59 fans>
     versautes FKK-Erlebnis  Read 242 times

       Letztes Jahr bin ich am Baggersee gewesen und weil ich wusste dass es in der Nähe eine Area gibt wo man im Gebüsch rumlaufen kann und manchmal welche beim Sex sehen kann, bin ich dort rumgestreunt.   Irgendwann lief ich an einem Busch vorbei wo daneben ein Kerl stad der seinen Schwanz gewixt hat. Sein Ständer war toal lang und sah sehr geil aus, so dass ich ...
    cherriepie's profile
    <213 fans>
     things are getting better  Read 124 times

      so, my sister in law came round the other night for a girlie night with my wife.after a few drinks my wife certainly loosened up. the film they were watching had some partial nudity. the chat became a little sexier. dont know how but porn poses cropped up. my wife googled porn poses and we ended up looking at porn pics. the topic then turned to tits. sis in law said she didnt realise nipples we...
    paulospi's profile
    <31 fans>
     Oops  Read 100 times

      I had posted some Adult Cartoons that turned out to be forbidden by the TOS and almost got banned from here. I have deleted all adult cartoons. I will start blogging again at Sib in the future and then post them there.
    Journeyer's profile
    <175 fans>
     Turning a "straight" Black Man bisexual Part 2.  Read 96 times

      I met up again with my mature married friend again.We had kept in touch since our first meeting when I had the pleasure of sucking his big,black beautiful dick.He was sending me dirty emails about how much he liked having "that white mouth sucking my black cock" and "I can't wait to cum in that white mouth of yours". I know it sounds stupid,but I knew I had him hooked,an...
    Speedracer5's profile
    <1477 fans>
     Pure DOM ....   Read 86 times

       That's right I'm a Dirty Old Man, a loving pervert by nature and a sensual sadist by God! As long as you are willing, My Lord is happy to help me take care of our desires. I am going on 24 years sober, almost as many sane.... I'm looking forward to meating some lovely females, looks cum and go, but Obedience is your true beauty and will last a lifetime. Sir ...
    sensadaz01's profile
    <42 fans>
     Porn Stars  Read 92 times

      I love porn stars, I want to be in their movies with them. I still have my favourites, who are yours? You can see my list of favourites in an earlier blog entry. Since then I've discovered Yui but naturally I still love my old favourites like Azusa
    gerontophile's profile
    <1576 fans>
     Memoir VI -- Rose (I) R. 4.0  Read 89 times

       Rose 4.0 11 July 1981 “Nobody’s ever done this to me before!” Rose gasped as my tongue flicked her clitoris. I knew I hadn’t. I had never before had reason or opportunity. Two of the three previous times we had made love, we had come simultaneously at th...
    Princeps_Cyberius's profile
    <48 fans>
     xxx  Read 85 times

      nik govori sam za sebe a iza mene
    uveknapaljen's profile
    <172 fans>
     How I met my girlfriend  Read 159 times

       So, as many of you know I am married. I have now found myself in the midst of two affairs. One with my brother in law and the other with my friend. Her name was Stacy. I first met her at a concert three months ago. She was the keyboardist and vocalist in one of the bands. I stared at her the whole show. She had great tits, slightly smaller than mine and a tight firm ass. And at the ti...
    brkic's profile
    <106 fans>
     CD Fun With Wife At Movie Theater  Read 149 times

      My wife likes that I crossdress, we have so much fun dressing together. We have went to a movie theater while both of us are dressed up, wearing satin panties, black stockings, and a skirt like a cheerleader would wear. My wife will go up and buy the tickets and then we will go into the movie theater. Its difficult to sit through the movie for very long as I am squirming in my seat feeling the...
    pantycouple's profile
    <1470 fans>
     Nymphea  Read 122 times

      In french plise.
    Nymphea's profile
    <85 fans>
     Felt naughty today.  Read 169 times

      So I went to the store in a tank top, no bra, and a pair of tight shorts. 
    boredhousewife42's profile
    <1945 fans>
     Hoping to get caught???  Read 103 times

      Wife going to be out later and I am planning a potential humiliation game for myself. When she returns, I can hear the garage door opening. So, when she leaves, I will undress fully, and put on bra and panties. I will leave my regular pants and shirt in two different places, the living room and kitchen. I will then go to my office and porn surf on the computer and play with myself, hoping to cu...
    slut_daddy's profile
    <595 fans>
     Please.  Read 88 times

      Take me and turn me into your passable shemale sex slave.
    SarahCandy's profile
    <57 fans>
     My fantasy   Read 93 times

       I consider myself straight but I have a fantasy where I jack off a tranny with a monster cock! I think I would like to try it at least once. 
    greenbaron's profile
    <63 fans>
     Boys should be tested to decide if they can become men or women  Read 121 times

       Here is an idea for a test to decide if boys can become men or if they should be declared female. I would easily fail this test as my penis is too small.   At a certain age, preferably just before the 18th birthday, all prospective men should be taken by a woman or other legal guardian to a doctor to be tested. If they are unable to demonstrate a penis length of seven or m...
    anasyrma67's profile
    <698 fans>
     Woman  Read 99 times

       Modern woman is man's greatest creation. She is our most perfect object of art. We have made her beautiful and yet insecure; educated her then ignored her ideas; shared with her our work but only let her reach so far. We tell her she's precious, and then we treat her like she's disposable. We have unleashed her sexuality, and then shamed her like a dog for her every exerci...
    misogynoman's profile
    <295 fans>
     Austria Bitch  Read 127 times

      Mein Weib ist eine voll ausgebildete Schlampe mit proffesioneller Erfahrung!
    geiletitte's profile
    <192 fans>
     i had another dream..  Read 133 times

       i had another dream.. i was brutaly fucked in my living room by two well hung black thugs.. so hard that i was scared and cryed and hurt... my home was full of blacks chiling around taking drinks from my fridge chating and taking turns on me.. then i heard screams and cryes from my sistes room the moans filled the house.. tho her cries were of terror but she totaly beg them to fuck he...
    serasissy1's profile
    <240 fans>
     Give Me Pleasure  Read 82 times

       hi i am 24 years old Turkish boy,Waiting for ladies who want to meet ;)
    hgrunt31's profile
    <2 fans>
     Jenn Exposed  Read 159 times

    exposeslutwives's profile
    <1349 fans>
     Basic script for roleplay  Read 101 times

      Hello, here is a basic script for roleplay about pantyhose/foot fetish, all forms of asphyxia, incest play, and extreme humiliation The killer's character plan to abuse, humiliate and kill a young man who like wear pantyhose and his mother, so, if you're a straight person you will probably dislike. The Roleplay is about a late teen, living alone with his mom, He recently discovered ...
    odinoot's profile
    <5 fans>
     come tribute on my bodystocking and crotchless pussy~  Read 129 times

    babym's profile
    <300 fans>
     amber ways video  Read 96 times

       i am looking for the video of Amber Ways in thank you...Amber Ways is the photo of my avatar... 
    paul12345's profile
    <41 fans>
     gifs galore  Read 149 times

    jacoffr's profile
    <970 fans>
     Best Asian Vids  Read 112 times

       Best Japanese Vids: Japanese girls pissing    Interracial: Black Girl With Japanese Girl  :    Chubby Japanese amateur Haruna sucks on a big b...
    BestFapping's profile
    <51 fans>
     Sabines Blog  Read 139 times

      Wer macht mir Schöne Videos ???
    Sabine's profile
    <420 fans>
     My fantasies  Read 103 times

      All my fantasies involve medium to full figured women of power. I dream of serving them in the most extreme submissive manner including all aspects of femdom. The more arrogant and cruel the more my worship expands.
    slave4blackw's profile
    <32 fans>
     Sayaka Aishiro (Aiyo Sayaka)  Read 108 times

       Looking for the AV star Sayaka Aishiro (Aiyo Sayaka):   Google Search   https://...
    BestFapping's profile
    <51 fans>
     Breaking Marie part 4  Read 117 times

       I rubbed my fingers in and around Stacey's tight little anus before holding them out for our nasty sub Marie who eagerly pressed her nose against them and inhaled loudly before moaning and then sucking on my fingers! "You fucking nasty old whore" I spat as I pointed at Stacey hairy arse crack and commanded Marie to start tonguing as I slowly slid my hard dick into Stacey...
    Goofiehotcock's profile
    <358 fans>
     fan pics  Read 116 times

       I"ve always been a fan of pics where on person holds up or writes on their body the screen name of another person. It proves your interacting with real people. I was wondering if any ladies would be willing to take such pics using my "Greenbaron" screen name. Don't worry I am not asking for something for nothing. If you want something similar in return just as...
    greenbaron's profile
    <63 fans>
     tribute video for Lexi Nichols  Read 100 times

       its here
    toxic-labs's profile
    <103 fans>
     amazing  Read 106 times
    sexbot3000's profile
    <168 fans>
      Wichtiger Hinweis zu allen Links auf dieser Homepage: Mit Urteil vom 12. Mai 1998 - 312 O 85/98 - "Haftung fuer Links" hat das Landgericht (LG) Hamburg entschieden, dass man durch die Anbringung eines Links, die Inhalte der gelinkten Seite ggf. mit zu ve  Read 137 times

    xcitngcpl's profile
    <5 fans>
     Watch while I fuck you wife.   Read 123 times

      That says it all actually.  I like middle aged women and hot CDs.  Haven't had either...yet!
    Buttonfly501's profile
    <15 fans>
     any creative thinkers out there?  Read 96 times

      hello guys and gals just writing this to pass the time but i was just wondering... what would you do to me if you had my naked nad tied on your bed? post answer in the comments
    Variis's profile
    <16 fans>
     rip Sarah Palin skirt off in public  Read 109 times

      I want to rip Sarah Palins skirt off in public and expose her panties!
    Sarahpalinissexy's profile
    <42 fans>
     I feel like i need to be fucked!  Read 94 times

      I wish I can find a woman to strap-on a cock and fuck my asshole like the background on my profile. Please god where is a mistress for me!?
    youngboycum's profile
    <236 fans>
     Red silk bedsheets.   Read 120 times

      Bad meets. One from a few years ago. I pull a guy on a chatline. He's married Unsurprisingly. Can I do him at his place. Yes. My cock functions in all areas. It has to be between this time and that time because his wife is at work. Yes again. So I turn up. He's quite a looker. Obviously I have a big sign over me stating HES GAY because he drags me in quick so the neighbours don't se...
    CockDockerX's profile
    <112 fans>
     I'm back!  Read 144 times

       Hey guys and gals,   I know I've been slacking on my blog posts. I'm still having a great affair with my brother in law and recently my friend Erin! I'll be sharing my fuck stories again soon!   Love, Brooke 
    brkic's profile
    <106 fans>

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