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     I wish there was a woman in my area...  Read 94 times

       I wish there was a woman in my area, preferrably (but not absolutely required to be) in that lovely "legal teen" demographic of ages 18 or 19, who would let me just have all of her used menstrual pads. I'm not talking about someone to have sex with, I'm just talking about a young, drug/disease-free female who'd be willing to fill a bag with her menstrual trash and hand ...
    Kotex_Sex99's profile
    <23 fans>
     The Wierdest Fetish Caption Idea Ever  Read 95 times

      It really says a lot about me that the first thing I think of when I read Scott Alexander's article on Atomic Communitarianism is how it could be retooled into a globalized fetish scenario. Oh well, no use feeling guilty on being a perv at this point. Caption series coming proabably never.
    FetishLabs's profile
    <33 fans>
     Hello  Read 98 times

      Pozdrawiam wszystkie miłe dziewczęta oraz szanownych panów, miłośników pissingu. Szukam Rebecci Cudownej
    czarek123's profile
    <11 fans>
     test blog  Read 95 times

    thegioilon's profile
    <0 fans>
     Guys, gals and everyone who are my fans I need an answer to this  Read 110 times

       Guys I want to screen capture my drawing then put them on a porn video site, that means you can watch me draw on video but first I need to ask you all a question. Is there a porn video site that has no viruses, allows screen capture videos and make me feel accepted there? would you like to see me draw as well? please comment whenever you can! I'm in need to have a place to place ...
    LadyALT69's profile
    <174 fans>
     How we would fuck.  Read 107 times

       I know I am going to hell for most of the things i have put up on here, so i may as well go all out. I have written a short story about how i would fuck all of you gorgeous ladies out there. Hopefully my words will express my pent up frustration and I don't sound too much like a fucking idiot for doing this. If only i could do this to you in real life. Sorry about the crass title but i t...
    manhorse's profile
    <54 fans>
     Candid Vids!  Read 124 times  Head over to our Facebook page for tons of free vids! Daily updates! Check out the store while you're there for the best vids! All videos in store are excellent quality mp4 1080p! Only $1 each - enjoy!  
    WobbleVision's profile
    <7 fans>
     Writing this here  Read 157 times

       Because I have no idea where else to put it where nobody will find it.   I work at a retail box store. It doesn't matter which one, they are all the same. Associates of all stripe, various tiers of management, corporate bullshit.  I have a thing for a couple of the assistant managers. One male, one female. I don't let those things show. I just pretend ...
    kcer4ever's profile
    <2413 fans>
     pERVS...peRVS EVERYWHERE!  Read 130 times

    turbogro's profile
    <30 fans>
     VIVASTREET  Read 132 times

      hijabi turbanli family pictures
    hannah3's profile
    <4 fans>
     Deacon - Postscript  Read 121 times

       After my intimate sexual relationship ended with the church Deacon, I found that from the age of 12 and into my early teens that I wanted more experiences like that. I yearned for sexual intimacy, the touch and feel of anothers body. Masturbation and sex magazines wasn't enough. I was extremely shy of girls and found it easier to initiate the sexual act with friends.&...
    PurpleOne's profile
    <488 fans>
     Loving the female.  Read 99 times

        I wont say who I wrote this for as we both need this to be kept hush hush.  Any ladies reading this tell me what you think of it.     I want to find a time when the contsraints of time are less urgent freeing us for possibly hours.  I want to pick you up and lay you gently on the bed, then undress you, then myself (or you me).  Then I want to lay next to you and pull you...
    DogEatsCat's profile
    <39 fans>
     Etros Legends  Read 102 times

       So, you may or may not know about my folder called Etros Saga. It's a fictional mythos about women in control of a fantasy world called Etros. This one is basically about the creation of the world and its inhabitants. If you're curious, check it out. Now, Part 9 will be the last one in this folder, as the Etros Saga only talks about the creation. However, it won't just end t...
    SCUM_Advocate's profile
    <96 fans>
     Comforting  Read 128 times

       Such a feeling of normalcy finding there ARE women who share both my fantasies and lifestyle though I've stumbled upon a virtual sisterhood.  Granted there's the presence of confused imposters and frauds, but they too represent a minority cross section of society.    I can't recall a recent week of such an abund...
    RitaBalleau's profile
    <365 fans>
     First Entry  Read 98 times

      Thanks to all of you who have already become fans, and thanks to all future fans :) New content will be coming for sure, but I cant reliably upload every day.
    BackdoorBandit7's profile
    <86 fans>
     My mother and sister in laws  Read 226 times

      I have always wanted to fuck my mother in law. Her husband had a lot of private naked photos of her when she was younger, sucking and getting fucked. I've never been so turned on. People joke she likes me more than my wife. I've caught her looking at my dick while im wearing my running shorts. I do it on purpose because they are so tight you can't help but see. Got lucky after seein...
    pg889's profile
    <209 fans>
     Thanks   Read 119 times

       Big thank you to the worthless cunt(s) that reported my Ariel Winter picture. Simulated see through can hardly compare to the 1.6 million galleries of topless 14 year olds in beach candids on this site. Go report those galleries, ironic holier than thou "porn cop" 
    ScottFox's profile
    <168 fans>
     Einfach mal geil rumsauen !!!  Read 116 times

       Hallo an Alle, Wer ist den hier aus dem Raum 97 - 96 und hat einfach mal Lust auf Sex, egal ob Männlein oder Weiblein. Bin öfter mal unterm Tag so Rattenscharf und hab Lust abzuspritzen, hab dann auch mal öfters Zeit für ´nen kurzen Quikie abzuhauen. Einfach kurz Telefonieren, treffen, abspritzen und entspannt wieder der Arbei...
    balu_65's profile
    <29 fans>
     The No-Fap Challenge: It's a Traaaap!  Read 130 times

       Some things I've seen around the web lately indicate that if an XY doesn't fap to orgasm at least once every few days, testosterone levels build up alarmingly after about a week or so (like 30-50% above normal). That's fine if you're a sissy and being kept in chastity for the express purpose of making you horny, but for those actively transitioning/on female hormones, it'...
    polyhypermath's profile
    <468 fans>
     Another fun meet  Read 152 times

         I arranged to meet two new "friends" for the first time and they asked if I could arrive naked apart from a pair of heels.  Always up for fun, I did!  I was "delivered" naked and was thoroughly "enjoyed" by both for the afternoon. Susie xxx
    FunSusie's profile
    <120 fans>
     New To Image Fap!  Read 137 times

       Hello everyone and welcome to my gallery! I'm getting a huge kick out of showing my sexiest pictures of my wife and receiving such horny comments! I have plenty to upload from my archive but there will be new ones and I intend to buy her lots of sexy lingerie and outfits. I will also be blogging my sexual experiences and would enjoy discussing them with like minded people. ...
    uk_married_man's profile
    <20 fans>

    turbogro's profile
    <30 fans>
     Off to work in a moment.  Read 148 times

       Well I'm setting off for work in about an hour - so thought I would write a little.   Got an interesting message from Rita over the weekend - Rita's a member on the site and comes across as being very thought provoking, intersting, very literate.... Oh... yes... very sexy and stimulating.  The thinking bi woman's bit of crumpet - as we may say here in the UK.  I ha...
    smooth_slut's profile
    <0 fans>
     Misty  Read 148 times

      A girl I know off of F. B. Just leave comments and make fakes and captions please, thanks
    Misty123Misty123's profile
    <27 fans>
     My wife  Read 151 times

      I get off knowing someone is cumming to pics of my wife. The dirtier the comments the better. I may pick the best comment and send a personal private photo shoot of my wife. 
    pg889's profile
    <209 fans>
     HOME REPAIRS  Read 136 times

          HOME REPAIR by JUNO 22-Dec-0622:59 i luv to call black repairmen to my house to perform various tasks, the most important of which is filling my hungry hot fuckholes with black seed.If I know I can expect some "fixing" that day, I call cucky at work to tell him. I also tell him what I'm going to be wearing. I'm soooo evil!!!I put on my cam so my cuckhubby can watch at ...
    junocordova's profile
    <32 fans>
     HOME REPAIRS  Read 116 times

          HOME REPAIR by JUNO 22-Dec-06 22:59 i luv to call black repairmen to my house to perform various tasks, the most important of which is filling my hungry hot fuckholes with black seed. If I know I can expect some "fixing&qu...
    junocordova's profile
    <32 fans>
     Nuestra primera salida al parque acuatico  Read 118 times

       Era la primera vez que salíamos de nuestra ciudad. Nos habíamos conocido en el Instituto y yo era algo mayor que ella. Decidimos pasar toda la tarde en el Parque Acuático más grande de la provincia. Yo me busqué un bañador negro tipo boxer apretado y ella se compró un atractivo bikini negro que se ataba detrás del cuello y que la hac&ia...
    wethole2's profile
    <1404 fans>
     How To Trump Megyn Kelly  Read 139 times

       On Thursday night during the Republican debate in Cleveland we saw how much of a bitch Fox News' Megyn Kelly truly is as the moderator. She questioned Trump's attitude toward women including allegedly telling a Celebrity Apprentice candidate “be a pretty picture to see her on her knees.” The candidate was former Playboy model Brande Roderick. What is wrong with th...
    rowdyruffboysofhouston's profile
    <657 fans>
     Story #26 "Showing Off" posted today!  Read 128 times

       A brand new Prurient Encounter 14-Inch Adventure was posted today! Hope you like it! Let me know if you do! Love, PI
    p-interest's profile
    <233 fans>
     Olivia  Read 151 times

    XandersWorld's profile
    <60 fans>
     Lets Chat  Read 130 times

       Lets Start Talking To Each Other?   Yes, I know its an Old Concept, Talking, but lets start it here and now. Just Reply and or Add me Comment.   What can we talk about, well heres a few ideas.   Anything on here or what we like to view and want to view. About you as a person / Pervert for some. Fav Things you Enjo...
    MrWorldWonder's profile
    <104 fans>
     Trainer  Read 122 times

      I wish i had a trainer who could shhow me the ropes and turn me into a complete sissy !
    Kitty-CD's profile
    <51 fans>
     Amateur - Huge - Non-edited  Read 172 times

       Only amateur taken hd photos without edit, photoshop, captions, bdsm or scat.  
    masumtutuklu06's profile
    <52 fans>
     Elle  Read 130 times

    derpdiddly's profile
    <235 fans>
     Labia  Read 128 times

      Would love to see, touch and lick  some big labia.
     Hi  Read 177 times

       I am Jenny and I am new here! For all of you who already comment my pictures, Thank you For those who want to know more about me? leave a message 
    DutchtJen17's profile
    <0 fans>
     About Lillian  Read 115 times

       I am a Crossdresser with a genetic girlfriend named Nanti. I have been crossdressing ever since i can remember, and wished nothing more to be found out by some woman that would enjoy me as Lillian. Dress me, use me, fine the Lillian me as sexy as I found femininity. I have a huge fetish for pantyhose, due me wearing my moms pantyhose and eventually her makeup and clothes. I would al...
    Lillian_Mae_Plast's profile
    <52 fans>
     A Story just for me :D   Read 113 times

       hello my little fappers, this story made Westwood, a fan like many of you, just for me :D isnt that nice? so i will now show you what he did. have fun reading and dont be shy to coment this!   Part 1. I was having a delightful and warm dream. It was about getting to party as a girl and meting somebody I really liked. He was holding me, touching me, kissing me and stripp...
    Cyber-Girl's profile
    <279 fans>
     fuck buddies  Read 110 times

       I live in the north of England and am lookig to meet kinky naughty girls or convincing lady boys for one on one fucking,wouldnt be forceful if didnt want to do a particular act and am very open minded, Anybody interested message my profile 
    TattooedPervert1983's profile
    <95 fans>
     please vote / bitte votet mal  Read 183 times

         Ich will bald ein neues Album uploaden aber weiß noch nicht in welche Richtung das gehen soll. Wäre nett wenn ihr mir hilft und mit abstimmt :)   I want to upload a new Album of pictures but i am not sure what. Please help help me and vote :)    
    Ciara95's profile
    <876 fans>
     “Do you ever think about sex?”  Read 110 times

      What a silly question. Do fifteen year old boys think about anything else? The surprise was that I was being asked that question by Doreen, a girl I'd known since before kindergarten. Tall, slender and cute as hell Doreen had come for a walk with me on what can only be called a perfect summer day. The sun was hot, the breeze warm and the scent of honeysuckle perfumed the air. “Yeah, ...
    madsith's profile
    <31 fans>
     BBC ADDICTION  Read 138 times

       The more porn I watch the more turned on I become by BBC porn. Particularly well-focused, up-close high quality photography of the biggest, darkest cocks. I often don't want to see a slut (girl or sissy) in there worshiping the cock. I just want to admire the hige black beast in all its beauty.      It really turns me on and I get hard and my ass starts twitching a...
    bristol-kinky's profile
    <1338 fans>
     Shaving and Masturbating  Read 105 times

      I took some time off last week to shave my cock and balls, taking pictures all the while.  I wanted to masturbate in panties and get some cumshots, so I after I shaved I put on a black thong and took some pictures as I jacked off.  I put the thong on a table and put the camera on high-speed burst when I came.  I am usually not a big cummer, and I guess by some guys' standards...
    oskarwylde's profile
    <591 fans>
     First Orgasm  Read 110 times

      I remember the first time I jacked off to orgasm.  I had no idea that masturbation existed.  I thought I invented it.  I wanted to simulate sex, so I would soap up my fist in the shower and rub my cock.  It felt good, so I kept doing it.  One day I was rubbing my cock in this way, when I felt a tingling at the base of my spine.  I stopped for a second, surprised. &...
    oskarwylde's profile
    <591 fans>
     intresting   Read 117 times
    Disago's profile
    <155 fans>
     The Horse Ride  Read 159 times

      We had a couple of days before we were supposed to leave with Dan’s grandpa, so someone suggested we take the horse for a ride.  Dan’s dad knew of an old farmstead a couple of miles outside of town by the side of a small stream, so we decided to make a day of it.  We got some food together and some water (and some lingerie, Vaseline, and the handy plastic tube). ...
    CDBethany's profile
    <437 fans>
     lehrerin iwona kuc  Read 123 times

      heisse lehrerin
    skurczybyk's profile
    <2 fans>
     Incest captions.  Read 185 times

       Yesterday, I blogged I had unexpectedly found 6 files of captions on my old pc hard-drive. I now see, most of these photos are incest related. ...and, I will begin the upload today. ♥♥♥ M.
    MiamiMike's profile
    <4983 fans>
     Last Thanksgiving  Read 137 times

         Toni was reluctant at first. “My parents are downstairs and we said we’d be quick!”, she whispered. It only took a bit of coercion to get her in the mood as he pushed her forcefully down and pulled off her skirt. As soon as she felt the head of his cock at her wet opening, her struggling stopped and she quickly pulled off the rest of her clothes before pr...
    Mzlipstick's profile
    <287 fans>
     Kinky Sissy   Read 112 times

      Started crossdressing a while ago, thought i would share it with everyone on image fap. hope you enjoy!
    Kitty-CD's profile
    <51 fans>
     MY HEAVY HANGERS and PENDULOUS BOOBS.  Read 148 times

      Here It is my blog.
    webrabri's profile
    <460 fans>
     Semi-Daily Blog  Read 202 times

       I thought I would start a blog to tell everyone here what I am doing . I am not certain I can come here everyday to write (that is why it is a semi-daily blog lol) but will try as much as possible!   Today was okay, didn't have sex, well I did masturbate a few times so that is good.   Anyone I have talked too knows that I have a strong ...
    Shy_Teacher_Mom's profile
    <717 fans>
     Aug 8, '15  Read 124 times

        An ultra wanton mood this evening....a Saturday night, and everyone's naughty and nice to be naked, touching me when and where I please, sitting on a towel to save the chair, and dreaming of ravishing or being ravished by another woman!!!
    RitaBalleau's profile
    <365 fans>
     only TRUE stories about mom...  Read 163 times

       Hi everyone, I am only posting true stuff about experiences I had mainly with my mother, she had with ohter men, I spice them up with my own thoughts what maybe could have happened to her in some special situations. If this turns you on, please comment on it, I like to get some inspiration ;)
    Nicodolin's profile
    <156 fans>

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