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     Out flashing yesterday  Read 113 times

       So I was out flashing yesterday and I had a great day! My day started out like every day when I go out flashing. I drove for an hour or so to get some distance from my house and into another county. You have to If your a flasher. Any way I was driving around and I spotted this big two story office building with all these different small offices and businesses and hide my car around th...
    fearlessflasher's profile
    <831 fans>
     threesome  Read 157 times

       Gabi, Steffie sex The three of us head to the bedroom, I sit on the chair picking up the camera I start to shoot some snaps as you both begin undressing each other, looking into each others eyes as you unbutton each others blouses, as it slides from your shoulders Steffie reaches up to your naked tits, your nipples already hard and pointing. Massaging them in her hands squeezing...
    LisaXXXX's profile
    <786 fans>
     my view today  Read 102 times

       was sat waiting to pick my partner up and seen this woman bend down to sort her bags out and out poped a black thong above her tight jeans   yesterday i had to pop and pick something  up from tescos and one of the birds behind the counter i cold see her bra through the button hole of her shirt 
    underwearlover87's profile
    <219 fans>
     Hot MILF Leticia  Read 108 times

    NorfolkBiGND's profile
    <2882 fans>
     MILF Lana in fishnet hold ups  Read 98 times

       I just love seeing mature ladies wearing any kind of nylons: tights, hold ups or stockings they all look great worn by sexy MILFs and GILFs!    
    NorfolkBiGND's profile
    <2882 fans>
     Slim Blonde MILF  Read 105 times

       This gorgeous MILF reminds me of my girlfriend Carolyn, when I first met her back in 2002. She was in her early forties then and getting plenty of cock. I just wish I had had a digital camera then!    
    NorfolkBiGND's profile
    <2882 fans>
     Cuck  Read 104 times

       Hello everyone, so, It is turn me on that someone else see my gf or fuck her. I can also send you a pic. So if you want pics or just have fantasy how cuckold me, just write to me. Shes young, tight, horny and always wet. 
    otrok8's profile
    <20 fans>
     Eloped  Read 110 times

      My wife had always had a fantasy about being taken…being bent over a car in a parking lot…and fucked to one orgasm after another…when we went to the Jamaican club next to the hotel during our honeymoon/wedding…my wife was feeling hot and sexy…and decided to tease me by not wearing panties…we walked over to the club and it was going full blast…and there were black guys everywhere ...
    sukit's profile
    <132 fans>
     Adventures of Amy (Part One)  Read 107 times

      This is a story I wrote.  Perhaps people will enjoy. “This year will be different,” Amy thought, stepping onto the treadmill. She couldn’t wait to start running – it was the only time of day she had to herself, what with her crazy work schedule. At 26, she was grateful for employment, but desperate to make her way up the corporate ladder, and frequently put in 14...
    Rawman's profile
    <15 fans>
     FANTASTY STORY   Read 95 times

    DREADON's profile
    <3872 fans>
     NFSFW.COM  Read 102 times
    nabuconoma's profile
    <91 fans>
     ESPAÑOL: Follando con su madre.  Read 99 times

      Un sabado, dos semanas depues de que la madre de mi amiga: Esmeralda, de 44 años me pillase masturbándome con sus bragas, le pedi a mi amiga ir a su casa para seguir con un trabajo, pero yo sabia que ese dia ella tenia asuntos que atender, fui por su madre, a la cual salude con normalidad y me devolvió el saludo del mismo modo. Era media tarde y una media hora después de llegar, mi amiga, t...
    Narut_94's profile
    <31 fans>
     Mis preciosuras  Read 81 times

      Axa deixare mais fotinios
    axyu's profile
    <2 fans>
     Mature French Maid Clara  Read 127 times

       Another gallery I cannot upload to ImageFap itself:    
    NorfolkBiGND's profile
    <2882 fans>
     Daniel Learns his place  Read 95 times

       Part 11 KICK! The man's reddened balls felt another cruel blow from Rachel's shoe. The testicles shot up from the impact and he yelled out in pain. “AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR” The mans cry echoed though out the punishment room. KICK! This time she trapped his left t...
    worldwide12's profile
    <228 fans>
     Steven's Punishment  Read 103 times

       It was 10:30 morning and Nikki had just had a shower. She had worked late a few nights so she had the whole day off. She did not have much planned for the day so she was wearing a pair of track pants and a tight tank top. She looked like she was going to the gym but probably wasn’t. She just felt comfortable in those clothes. She sat down to watch TV and there was a knock at the ...
    worldwide12's profile
    <228 fans>
     Tante Anette  Read 110 times

       Es ist schon sehr lange her, ich ging noch zur Schule, da musste ich in unregelmäßigen Abständen den Nachmittag bei meiner Tante Anette verbringen. Anfangs mochte ich die Abwechslung, weil sie einen kleinen Dackel hatte, mit dem ich so gerne spielte. Eines Tages jedoch, ich lag auf dem Boden und spielte wieder mit dem Hund, geschah etwas, dass mich sehr verwirrte. Tant...
    pussylickR's profile
    <598 fans>
     Little Pongo's piss  Read 102 times

       Last week brought an unexpected opportunity. An old gentleman friend invited me to stay for a couple of days. He has a dog and a bitch, but as you all know by now, I only like boys.  Little Pongo is a handsome young mongrel, and when I caught him licking himself it was obvious that he has a lovely three or four-inch cock once it's properly out of its sheath.&n...
    manureBather's profile
    <8 fans>
     unwashed girl  Read 103 times

      want to meet a girl who disliked often wash and will tell, and can show what it is dirty
    slavka78's profile
    <9 fans>
     Mandy May Bareback  Read 109 times

       Here is a gallery that I can't upload to ImageFap due to a copyright watermark but I thought that some of you may like to see it anyway!  
    NorfolkBiGND's profile
    <2882 fans>
     Whore Delveries  Read 129 times

       9.30am First cock of the day - There is a knock at the door and it is the post service (early i know!). It is a gentleman about 30 years old.  It is not long until I get him in to my bed and he gives me a lovely creampie and a facial cumshot. What a start to the day.   That is my first cock of the day. (1) 
    YourVirtualSexyWhore's profile
    <34 fans>
     Hey you all  Read 83 times

       I am Shyguy94, a shy bisexual guy from switzerland. I love to play with myself or with others, to show pictures of myself, see pictures of other people and much more.   Things that get me hot: Cocks, asses, pussies, oral, anal, submission, get dominated, femdom, Shemales/Traps, Kisses, redheads, nasty chats, rimjobs, licking...   I don'...
    Shyguy94's profile
    <1 fans>
     Taking Request  Read 83 times

      Hey everyone, I'd like to post more pictures of myself, but I'd like to know what you all would like to see. Send any suggestions through a message. I may not take on the request, but all is welcome, straight, gay, male, female. Whatevs =] Sincerely, your local fantasy supporter Reptile Child
    reptilechild's profile
    <113 fans>
     I want you if your horny.  Read 190 times

       So I am the type of girl that will give you a blow job while you're talking to your mom on the phone and then we will take a trip down the road to visit her. Your cum will still be in my mouth and I will swallow it just before I say hello to her. I am a horny girl that likes to have sex, I like to give hand jobs, and blow jobs. I like when a guy talks dirty to me and I like it when he gi...
    Lauraelizabeth's profile
    <431 fans>
     The Orgasm Hunger Games  Read 118 times

       Chapter 1 Jennifer was excited when she heard about the new game show right away. Her friend and co-worker Vicky told her about the show this morning and since then she could not wait to get online and check it out.  She did a little google search and found the web site right away. Could this show really get her legal and safe orgasms? Something she and half of the coun...
    impaler49152's profile
    <175 fans>
     Friends  Read 84 times

      Been a rough few days. I recently lost a good friend over a situation about money. Hopefully time will mend it.
    Theia0's profile
    <9 fans>
     DO GIRLS REALLY SELL THEIR PANTIES ?? ? ??  Read 173 times

       Okay, so I've heard that some girls sell their panties online. I'm just wondering if this is a myth (like white girls want black guys, which is fun, kinki, we like to play along, but is total bull shit)..   So here's the way I see it: You don't want to get ripped off, I don't want stalkeirs lol I never give my real name or information. ...
    EasyIfYouAskNicely's profile
    <873 fans>
     Atractive Television Presenters  Read 94 times

       Atractive Intelligent Television Presenters   Intellgent women are indeed attractive                    
    BestFapping's profile
    <182 fans>
     Webcam Anal Whore  Read 82 times
    angel_slut's profile
    <5 fans>
     Ana Foxx una hermosa negra culona in 69  Read 109 times

       Ana Foxx a beautiful big ass black slut doing massage to a white man and then sucking his cock, thick and at the end riding his cock with her tight and wet pussy. Watch Full video: Ana Foxx Ebony big ass
    Sharon25's profile
    <87 fans>
     Abgout me  Read 92 times

       Hello my rightful name is MAGGOTVOMIT Due to the fact that i am a real life loser that real loves drinking womens piss , spit and lick the bottoms of thier shoes out side... i also love to be trampled by women in spiked heels...
    MAGGOTSWORM's profile
    <0 fans>
     sucubis  Read 119 times

      new rp idea
    Disago's profile
    <145 fans>
     My BFF  Read 195 times

       I love Sidney so much.  She is the most wonderful bff a girl could have :P My favorite thing to do with her is lay on my back with her layng on top of me and kissing her while Daddy makes love to us at the same time. I love putting my fingers in her butt while hes in her pussy <3 She's the only other girl I know who likes to smoke and make love at the same time. ...
    kbaby1999's profile
    <174 fans>
     fuck the sluts  Read 129 times

      all woman are sluts and have to be treat like fuck meat..please tribute and comment my uloads are 80 % real fucked sluty by me...
    jungfotzenficker's profile
    <22 fans>
     Minor incident  Read 102 times

       The two men kneeled on the floor in front of me, neither of them able to make even the smallest movement. "You are a smart man, and a long time i thought of you as a smart man who knows were his limits are. As you exactly know what you did, and i am shure you had your own reasons doing so, i don't want to make long speeches to you." My voice was calm an clear as i spoke to the ...
    EmilSinclair's profile
    <33 fans>
     The Consideration Of Great Kolkata Escorts Are Huge  Read 108 times

       Let's presume that you are at the present during the dealing of an amount of very good females as well as a selected 1 has gotten your spotlight and you really want to get to be acquainted with her much superior. In what way you approach? Do not contain any interaction with her as well as deprive her of notice. Gorgeous women get approached every the occasion and no hesitation the...
    AmorraSykes's profile
    <9 fans>
     anabelle47  Read 135 times

      anabelle47 - j'ai 39 ans, je suis divorcée, la liberté signifie beaucoup chez les femmes, j'aime dominé, je suis bisexuelle, j'aime les jeunes hommes et jeunes filles 18/25 ans, moins jeune sa me gène pas, le sexe n'a pas de limite d'âge
    anabelle47's profile
    <104 fans>
     My sister  Read 182 times

      what do you think about to have sex with my sister?
    bernard1820's profile
    <25 fans>
     First post!   Read 105 times

      Well here we go! I do amateur home made couple and solo porn for fun, and have sold a few things via websites in the past, and possibly again! I am always looking for comments and requests,  especially from folks in Southern California.  I hope you all enjoy!
    odinsplat's profile
    <95 fans>
     Incest and dirty   Read 161 times

      Love u all <3 up for everything dirty <3
    cqvriko's profile
    <0 fans>
     day nine  Read 84 times

       there was not much do log the last 2 days  the wife played with me a bit and the odd little kiss or lick to my penis played wih my penis  and did cum decided to start off ruffly new after we had sex the other day looked a porn this morning got hard did not cum  
    Juliette_skype_11's profile
    <107 fans>
     My FIRST ever Blog Entry ....  Read 145 times

      So, this morning, my Wife to Be woke me up, giving me an awesome Blow Job. As she was, I was thinking that in 2 hours I will be in bed with my older Gay lover and I'll be deep throating him, in prelude to having him deep fucking me Bareback, blowing his load deep inside me. Man, I'm horny! Life ... is Good!
    BiSexualGuy1959's profile
    <171 fans>
     Oh shit, this fucky shirt doesn't open !  Read 108 times

       By exception a bridge to my thread (so called "And yet another blink on the eye of Madness") on !
    Iboadal's profile
    <461 fans>
     Tell Me What You'd Do To My Gf   Read 158 times

        It gets me so hard hearing what other men/women would do to my girlfriend. I've uploaded some galleries of her for anyone to enjoy. Feel free to comment or message ;)
    Pewny's profile
    <25 fans>
     Webcam Anal Whore  Read 117 times
    monika_anal's profile
    <128 fans>
     hello everybody  Read 106 times

    angelo2's profile
    <13 fans>
     So hard to decide...  Read 109 times

       I'm really having a hard time narrowing things down to draw this coming few weeks. I have time to draw maybe three whole stories and part of a fourth, but I can't decide which they will be. It's driving me nuts, but I've narrowed it down to about eight stories: #41-Caught! - IMO, the best written of the group. #05-Doctors' Treat - have a few pages all ready ...
    p-interest's profile
    <160 fans>
     What do guys want from a woman  Read 168 times

      Let's put it all on the table right now. What do you as a guy want from us? Do you want a wife, a girlfriend, just a friend? what is it that you really want? He is your chance to let it all out if you are brave enough to do so.
    Lauraelizabeth's profile
    <431 fans>
     Nice Black whore !  Read 113 times

       If you want a nice 20 years old black whore (french), add her, she make nice cam show, and send nice pics ;)  Facebook :  Skype : sexchoco.etence   her pic :
    jonhcool's profile
    <1310 fans>
     my facebook  Read 150 times
    fatima_zahra_ait_addi_90's profile
    <50 fans>
     Hab hier Post bekommen 5  Read 138 times

      Haste Recht; erstmal zu Beginn des Abends auf dem Stuhl fesseln. Jeans und Strumpfhose sowie Top bleiben natürlich. Hohe Lederstiefel sind auch echt geil, wobei was hälst du von stylischen Gummistiefeln? Da bleibts auf jeden Fall drin:-) Du bist also gefesselt und unbeweglich auf dem Stuhl. Hände hinter der Lehne fixiert und auch deine Füße an den Stuhlbeinen. I...
    Sexy_Tatjana's profile
    <892 fans>
     Three a Birthday "O's"  Read 153 times

      My husband was a good cuck and gave me three wonderful orgasms for my birthday. Now I guess it's time to say thank you and let him jerk off on my face. He wants to hump me doggy, but I came that way already. My face or nothing. He pouted a little, but I showed him his cuck cage. It's amazing how he stopped pouting.
    realtilf4's profile
    <1397 fans>
     I am very horny  Read 167 times

      So here is the deal I am very horny, when I get horny I write stories about sex. I simple love the sex life, feeling a mans hard throbbing cock in my hand moments before I put it in my mouth is simple so satisfying to me and the way he holds the back of my head as he slowly mouth fucks me until he explodes deep inside my mouth is one of the best feelings ever. The way his warm cum fulls my mout...
    Lauraelizabeth's profile
    <431 fans>
     Perfect  Read 111 times
    bigcummer83's profile
    <474 fans>
     mellissa  Read 125 times

      Melissa a 45yr old Caucasian mom has fantasy to have sex with black men. She had this desire since age of 30 but could not get opportunity to meet them. She lives alone in New jersey in an apartment where her kids are living with her husband since they are separated. she is a cop and she moved to Ferguson as her grand mother's property was there. after 3weeks she moved to Ferguson there was...

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