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     Trans Janey Transgirl Blog  Read 120 times

        I am a sweet Transgirl, with good sense of sex and pleasure. Also, I'm emotional, passionate and very erotic with sugary sports figure.     Like totally wet and greedy kisses. Erotic and sensual massages. live moisture and very submissive sex games with you. Geile dreams and totally stormy enjoy sex. sometimes cheeky, often merry and cheerful...
    TransJaney's profile
    <1 fans>
     Update - July  Read 105 times

      Our thanks to all for the positive comments and feedback - including Nudieman, ukbbw, fattyfemaleslo, milfassfanatic, gauntlet100 etc.    We will reply to messages, unless your topic is just too weird or racist.
    bbbluva's profile
    <103 fans>
     anyone up for a chat  Read 100 times

      anyone up for a chat
    male_slut's profile
    <16 fans>
     Questions  Read 147 times

      Truth or Dare? So here's the deal...You get to ask me *Up to 5 Questions!!*, no matter how crazy, inappropriate, or just random, and I promise to answer it 100% truthfully (thats the "truth" part) I dare you to repost this and see what people ask you...... I will answer only if u send me a private message with the questions.
    kim999's profile
    <715 fans>
     I'm pretty pathetic...  Read 113 times

      So I just washed my mouth out with toilet water whilst fucking myself in the ass with a thick paintbrush handle on all fours...
    sissyzooey91's profile
    <147 fans>
     First dates - First read  Read 104 times

       Welcome to your boytoy blog. This page is for you if you are going to meet me soon..  Browsing the galleries will maybe give you ideas for our dates... Feel free to select your favorite outfits, poses/positions and more!    You can read other blog posts to: -choose among my "moods" -choose how I wait for you. -...
    boytoys's profile
    <30 fans>
     Plan à trois : deuxième essai (2)  Read 113 times

       Le bal avait commencé vers onze heures du soir, et il se faisait tard, ou tôt, plus exactement. Les températures, en outre, étaient de plus en plus fraîches, et les rangs des fêtards de plus en plus clairsemés. Nous n'avons pas eu besoin de nous concerter longtemps pour décider, entre une et deux heures du matin, de rentrer. Nous ...
    florence46's profile
    <275 fans>
     cuckshusband  Read 125 times

      ignore that stupid shit! he askes you to post his woman then flips out when you do, what a waste of online time....her name is qing fan....
    userofwomen's profile
    <96 fans>
     Getting a tumblr blog for my IR and breeding stories  Read 157 times

       If you've enjoyed my blog stories or the asian breeding galleries I have then I figured I would let everyone know I'm opening up a tumblr.  Tonight it should only have the story "How I gave a Mexican man his 11th Child" but I intend to run it separately with all original content. Nothing more will be copied from my profile here.  Come check out ...
    ISR-10's profile
    <182 fans>
     High Street Chav  Read 134 times

       Went on a shopping / creepshotting trip this afternoon. You know you are in the dodgier part of town when at 3:30pm two police riot vans pull up on the high street and ~20 of the biggest coppers all get out... to form a barrier around McDonalds to protect it from marauding chav skoolies.  Spent five minutes stuck at a checkout behind a pramface with homemade tattoos whils...
    CuntTease's profile
    <351 fans>
     Just uploaded som cherry bardot pictures!  Read 142 times   
    totallybbw's profile
    <90 fans>
     comment on my new gallery...  Read 185 times

        Say what you like on her ,what are your fantasies or how would you do to her...    
    Natasha67's profile
    <915 fans>
     They are here.  Read 131 times

      The muslims are here. They destroying our life. You tried to resite, I tried too. But you can't change destiny. We a worthless. We are to weak to resist. This is the whites genes. And all the white woman you know understand that too. You think your wife/gf only fuck with you ? Nah. We aren't made to please womens. They taking everything you love. You wil beg them to stop, but they won&#...
    WhiteBoiForBlack's profile
    <609 fans>
     lynn feet  Read 105 times
    lay's profile
    <346 fans>
     Questions About Several Things  Read 134 times

      All over ImageFap there is BBC love. And while I think there should be because BBC is beautiful I'm quite partial to BWC. I don't think they get enough love. With that said, I suppose that's why when you see interracial on here it's all white girl/black guy. If a white girl can enjoy a BBC then this black girl and enjoy a BWC (or several if it strikes my fancy). I don't know. It's just ...
    NaughtyDiva's profile
    <525 fans>
     Took a Little Test  Read 117 times

      So I took a little test and here are the results! I think the results are pretty accurate. == Results from == 95% Submissive 91% Rope bunny 89% Exhibitionist 82% Degradee 79% Voyeur 74% Experimentalist 63% Brat 61% Vanilla 52% Masochist 44% Non-monogamist 26% Switch 17% Ageplayer 17% Slave 16% Primal (Prey) 14% Girl/Boy 12% Rigger 5% Dominan...
    NaughtyDiva's profile
    <525 fans>
     BDSM Test  Read 120 times

       I just took this. I'm not sure I 100% agree with it but I encourage others to take it. I will say that the first four results are spot on. And the rest maybe open to intepretation. But whatever it was fun . == Results from == 96% Rope bunny 96% Submissive 91% Exhibitionist 90% Voyeur 84% Experimentalist 72% Brat 71% Non-monogamist 51% Degradee 5...
    DirtyPrincess69's profile
    <762 fans>
     Sissy Fag Chat #2  Read 102 times

       Him: Hey nice upload ;) Me: hehe, thanks, someone made it during a chat I was having with them. It was humiliating but I loved it so much I just wanted to share it with everyone. Him: I used to play around on IMVU a lot, but I wasnt out back then. And I'm sure everyone loves seeing you being a good little piggy there. Me: mmm, yes Sir, I sure hope they do. I have ...
    FishnetSissy's profile
    <103 fans>
     Photoshopping your pics (especially trans/CD)  Read 101 times

       If you've seen my so-called Futanari Fakes galleries, you have a vague idea of some of the things I can do in Photoshop. I admit to being an amateur and I confess that the quality of my work varies but if you have an image of yourself that you'd like me to modify I might be willing to give it a try. This goes out to all of my fans but particularly to trans/CD people who might...
    haurni's profile
    <493 fans>
     Karen Part 6  Read 128 times

       Karen called and said she was scared as hell about the last weekend, but at the same time excited and wet thinking about it. Karen tells me Ed doesn't want her to do anything like that again. I asked Karen  what she wanted, and was told that she did love being used and not knowing who was there. Karen said that every man she sees she can't help but wonder if he was there ...
    fisher3-D's profile
    <711 fans>
     Sissy Fag Chat #1  Read 107 times

       Him: Hey wanna chat ;) , I like sissy boys, especially in fishnet Me: hehe, sure Sir, I love fishnets cause they make me feel like the little slut I want to be Him: What else do you like then sissy boyslut ? Me: being verbally degraded Sir, the dirtier the better Him: Like being told how much of a faggot cockloving boy you are ? Me: oh god, yes Sir,...
    FishnetSissy's profile
    <103 fans>
     Anal with lube  Read 115 times    
    lay's profile
    <346 fans>
     How I gave a Mexican man his 11th child  Read 158 times

               I am white, the vision of a pure Aryan woman- very pale, blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm somewhat thick with curves and a round ass. But the thing is, I'm a little too much woman for my BF to handle. He's tall and decent looking but very scrawny and just could never quite do it for me sexually. It was frustrating at f...
    ISR-10's profile
    <182 fans>
     MW-XXX-16-020  Read 128 times

    Darkson23's profile
    <0 fans>
     Added a pic of myself in my gallery for my club, please make some rude comments!  Read 162 times

       see my profile for gallery: New club to humiliate and degrade fuck pigs like me   Go ahead, give me your "worst" shot, I can take it 
    milf_slut_p's profile
    <1773 fans>
     blogs  Read 101 times

       (with random $ inserted)  la$zier-th$an-furniture dig$mon d$iamond--light  bi-andlar$ge chictators$hip chubbybac$on$bear fatba$be4alwayz sh$es$pider once$e-upon-a-d$reamm  blasi$anje$wtina alex$cnder$light bouqu$et-of-pa$per-ros$es dirty$earthy$hippie dirty$hipp$ie17  fo$x-m$i...
    derpdiddly's profile
    <310 fans>
     Shy young wife   Read 156 times

        Im always getting guys massaging me on my profile asking if i would be interested in fucking their wife, partner or girlfriend some are keen on a 3 sum but majority just want to watch, so needless to say i am more than happy to help them out, so when i received a chat request on my messenger i thought to myself why not Phil sounded really keen on getting his wife fucked by some strange...
    srmastermike's profile
    <121 fans>
     Sklavin  Read 135 times

       keine Fürsorge. keine Fragen.... was gut ist... was nicht. Kein schlechtes Gewissen. Eine Sklavin will benutzt werden. Eine Sklavin will bestraft werden. Eine Sklavin will Objekt sein.
    sklavenstutefotze's profile
    <526 fans>
     schwanzlutscher  Read 107 times

       ich suche geile kerle die geil drauf sind sich den schwanz lutschen zu lassen. der geile saft wrd geschluckt
    sexsau's profile
    <632 fans>
     mmm cock was so tasty  Read 194 times

      Well that went well. Persuaded a man I saw on the street to follow me. We went down a grassy area and I noticed that he had his cock out. Semi hard but a wonderful size and so unexpected, I thought I would have to work harder to get him to show me. He took hold of it, waggled it about and told me to kneel down. I was just getting settled when he pullled me to him by my hair and I landed on his ...
    loveEgyptcock's profile
    <257 fans>
     Vacation and a surprise Cum Pig break threw  Read 143 times

      So I'm out of town for about a week in southern California, San diego area at my aunts. So far on this trip I haven't came in 5 days and of course I getting really horns and suddenly I am shocked! I want to try anal! Never once in my life have I had any desire to fuck my ass but as of right now all I can thino of is shove the biggest cock shape object in my ass and Cumming all over my f...
    CumObsessedBoy's profile
    <97 fans>
     my pussy is wet  Read 193 times

      I need a huge cock in my slutholes..
    naughtyGirl19_'s profile
    <119 fans>
     Accepting Captions Requests - humiliation or interracial, or other please specify.  Read 126 times

      If you would like a picture captions then comment below of message me.
    WhiteHotRejection's profile
    <70 fans>
     Just think about this for one second.  Read 107 times

      Just think about this for one second. You. Are. Fucking. Your. Sister's. Pussy. Pretty fucking hot isn't it?
    coolcoolru's profile
    <185 fans>
     Accepting Caption Requests  Read 102 times

       If there is a picture that you really like, and you want captions on it, please leave it in the comments, or message me and I'll see what I can do.  Feel free to say what kind of category of caption you'd like. Otherwise I'll come up with something.    
    poubelle11's profile
    <333 fans>
     mechanic fun  Read 116 times

         Nikki needs to get a service on her trusty fiat car, its driving like shit!  She calls the guys at the local garage to book it in and gets herself ready. As usual she is feeling horny, she can feel her pussy leaking into the gussett of her 20 denier tights as she gets into the car.  She is in her working clothes, thats white blouse, short black skirt, sh...
    scudder22's profile
    <628 fans>
     What I Love  Read 94 times

         - perfume  - my corset - my lingerie that hides most of my “manhood” between my legs - shave my legs - shave my arms - shave off any hair on my body a shemale shoudn't have on her body - put on makeup - pretty up my eyelashes - longer my eyebrows (although they're already beautiful as they are ...
    moanie's profile
    <140 fans>
     re  Read 91 times

      Maria Ozawa, Ai Uehara, Ameri Ichinose, Yui Hatano, Yui Nishikawa
    bigbang007's profile
    <109 fans>
     My Content  Read 106 times

      People need to stop flagging the content I post.  Everything I post, I have found on free webpages.  That does NOT include torrents. I get nothing from torrents.  And I have no usernames/passwords to subscription sites.
    enikad's profile
    <444 fans>
     Hi. My wife is 47 years old. She is a whore... sexwife, and the slave for men....  Read 159 times

    ogur's profile
    <28 fans>
     **UPDATE** Poll: Should I make my husband my BBC Cuckold ??  Read 457 times

       The purpose of this poll is to help convince me to go thru with attempting to make hubby my cuckold so I can be a Hotwife and full time BBC slut and BBC only whore for as much Black Cock as I can get... But since I love both my husband & BBC and can't bring myself to decide - here's the new deal: I want all of YOU to decide; I WILL OBEY THE VOTE. If/when the nu...
    Cumdump4BBC's profile
    <461 fans>
     Les gros seins de Maria  Read 109 times

       Maria est une fille ronde qui fait des formes un atout indéniable : une grosse paire de seins et une belle chatte rasée. Une aussi belle paire de loches est vraiment bandante. Pour voir toutes ses photos coquines c'est par ici : contribution amateur        
    site-libertin's profile
    <82 fans>
     2016-07-19  Read 116 times

    Buttflex's profile
    <3263 fans>
     2016-07-19  Read 138 times

      big 97bat 
    arabanat's profile
    <109 fans>
     beach BBWs  Read 115 times

       I love the beach for this reason:Plenty of puffy sea cows tanning their pale buxom bodies in the sun. I stroll around with my cock out, hardening with every passing plumper I wink at and oggle. Then I see a sexy fat slut, a real juicy pale momm and i know its time to get the oil out. I pour it all over her, even if she's surprised & objects. then the massaging begins, rubbingthose f...
    mradult's profile
    <819 fans>
     Looking for Chat Fun  Read 124 times

       Hello,  Black female that need WHITE MEN in my life. Like big guys with strong hands, hair on thier body and thick DICk. Love race play call me names ( nigger, coon, cunt, nigger pussy)  makes so WET I'm 5'9 with curves, my breast are large with big black nipples, full lips and strong tonuge to suck with. Looking a chat buddy, no video, no picture sharing, jus...
    Sashafree's profile
    <185 fans>
     The heat  Read 131 times

       Just thinking about his hard cock made me so wet.  The thought of having this beautiful member in my mouth was more than I could bare.   I slowly brought my hand to my wet lips to find my clit swollen and yearning to be rubed.   How does this end?  Who knows...but I'm sure I will like it ;).  
    DaddysDirtyGirl's profile
    <35 fans>
     We Gang Banged My Mom   Read 194 times

       It was 4am, Mom was getting dropped of by her boyfriend . My friend Adam was spending the night and leaving early in the morning . As Moms boyfriend was dropping her off Adam was going out to his car to get ready to leave . He txt me and said my mom was comming in the house and meet him at the front door. He said my mom was looking hot and i agreeded, she was wearing shorty short...
    NoahGhot4mom's profile
    <140 fans>
     *  Read 81 times

    Roger109's profile
    <1230 fans>
     Blog  Read 96 times

      Please comment whatever you like!  Everything would be appreciated!
    Exdude69's profile
    <23 fans>
     My Night at the Adult Theater Part 2  Read 163 times

       My Night at the Adult Theater Part 2:   At the point I told my black friend who was fucking my face to please "cum on my face", I could hear the collective sighs of the rest of the perverts standing around jacking their dicks and pointing them in my direction.  The crowd got restless and moved in closer to see if that fat black dick was going to give...
    slave4jizz's profile
    <318 fans>
     18  Read 108 times

    tbstbs123456's profile
    <0 fans>
     Toby spritzt auch für dich ( Bilder mit Gesicht / Picture with face)  Read 92 times ( Bilder mit Toby's Gesicht / Picture with Toby's face)   Toby spritzt auch für dich, vor der Kamera oder auch in dich rein. Toby also injected for you in front of the camera or in yourself pure.   Spritz auf Toby's Bilder und schick es ihn und Toby spritzt auch auf deine Bilder ...
    Toby-'s profile
    <89 fans>
     Thank you.  Read 83 times

       Thank you everyone who likes WonderBat and also the people who liked the art I posted.... Thank you very much more favourites/fans...etc...would be grateful!👍 P.S- I can also tell the where I got the images/pics from.... Also you can see my posted images/pics at rule34,Hentai Foundry, justice Hentai, tumblr,xbooru. 
    WonderBatLove's profile
    <51 fans>
     Q & A  Read 82 times

      Feel free to ask me anything, I'll messsge you my answer to your question
    UndertakerNinja's profile
    <55 fans>

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