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     Time to eat  Read 136 times

    Queen-Liliee's profile
    <297 fans>
     A Fuckdoll's Story  Read 117 times

       A fuckdoll's story. I should explain that I am a professional satin doll. I'll tell you the whole story sometime, but for the moment that's all you really need to know. I'm 25 years old, have a body to die for, and make an astonishingly good living providing a handful of very affluent men with the most exciting and shameless satin sex they have ever imagined. This has nett...
    TomThompson's profile
    <193 fans>
     .  Read 80 times
    qsxqsxqsxqsx's profile
    <20 fans>
     sissy dares   Read 124 times

      sissy here looking for dares shopping public anal just looking for fun and way to expose a shy sissy please dont just egnore this and send me a messange to let me know im not wasting my time on this site love hearing from you all so please please leave me a comment or better yet pm me happy faping love you all x
    ereforgoodtime1's profile
    <389 fans>
     sissy dares  Read 91 times

    ereforgoodtime1's profile
    <389 fans>
     Mother Mag #2 Cover  Read 156 times

    Mom-Crush's profile
    <35 fans>
     Hello  Read 99 times

        Hello I like your comments !   
    sophietravo's profile
    <48 fans>
     who's online?  Read 83 times

      Things on here quite# would like to hear more from anyone who is loving all my hot galliries! Message me and we can chat!! Happy new year to you all first time ive tried this so lets see what happens ;)
    stevo82's profile
    <189 fans>
     Party Drinks  Read 162 times

       Yesterday I went to fabulus party. after being introduced as the best cocksucker in town I had no problem meeting new friends. After two drinks I loose all my inhabitions and the guys knew it. three black guys and two white guys made my night a dream cum true. All five went ass to mouth on me and I swallowed every drop of thier cum. It was one of the m...
    andriad069's profile
    <56 fans>
     Starting my journey  Read 103 times

       I am using ImageFap as a means of expressing my longings and lusts as I journey through emotional rehabilitation. I have kicked alcoholism with the aid of my wife Vivian, who has also encouraged me to attend church and learn a Christian way. She is also a psychological counsellor, which is how we met, and is now helping me through my emotional and sexual problems. She is much older than me a...
    Daniel_Nadler_Boy's profile
    <31 fans>
     Milf vs. granny...  Read 130 times

      So, when does a pussy exit milfdom and enter grannydom???
    MiamiMike's profile
    <1324 fans>
     hot holiday  Read 132 times

      Hi guys. Last week I returned from a long holiday in South Africa and want to share some pics of the girls I met there. I posted them in 3 galleries. Everu pic is original and and hand made. No copies of copy of copy. ENJOY.  
    willemgdg's profile
    <27 fans>
     looking to make captions/fakes  Read 84 times

      I am looking for photos of your wives/girlfriends that you would like to have captioned/faked. Let me know if you have any and I will be happy to do some. Please send a phot of your wife/girlfriend holding a note/sign asking to be captioned/faked. Must be at least 21 years old.
    hrnyitalmilf1's profile
    <229 fans>
     Window watching - a voyeuring neighbour reports  Read 145 times

       Window watching   I walk over to post your Christmas card through your letter box, as I open the letter box I can’t resist a look through and see you on all fours cleaning your kitchen floor only white cotton panties cover your sexy ass and I can see from the angle your tits swinging free. Closing the letter ...
    LisaXXXX's profile
    <547 fans>
     Fantasy over one of my videos  Read 115 times

        I'm just imagining walking in on you when you are creaming your legs in your video. You ask if I can help and I begin to rub your thighs firmly, spreading the silky cream over your firm flesh. As I move my hand higher you do not complain but put one leg up on the bed to open yourself. My fingers brush over your tender lips and you sigh as fingertips part you and glide over your inn...
    LisaXXXX's profile
    <547 fans>
     Remembering a Satin Doll  Read 100 times

       A random memory of a satindoll from some years ago. She was a tall slim street prostitute in a Vancouver hotel room. Before heading out to look for that night's satinfuck, I had undone some of the stitching in the crotch of a pair of very shiny satin pajama pants. Of course I had to slip them on to accurately gauge where to locate the slit. This inevitably led to a very hard satincock...
    TomThompson's profile
    <193 fans>
     Rape-Camp  Read 134 times

       Der Hostage Execution Club bietet Mädchen und Frauen die Möglichkeit die geilste Woche ihres Lebens zu haben. Du bist mindestens 18 Jahre alt, siehst gut aus und möchtest endlich mal etwas richtiges geiles erleben? Bewirb dich jetzt für das einwöchige Rape-Camp.   Schick uns eine aussagekräftige Bewerbung mit mindestens 3 Bewerbungsfotos an de...
    impaler49152's profile
    <130 fans>
     Meine Vorlieben  Read 113 times

       Nun meine Hobbys kennt ihr ja jetzt, kommen wir mal zu meinen Vorlieben Ich finde ja, von seinen Sex-Fantasien nur zu Träumen ist viel zu schade. Sex ist einfach zu schön und wunderbar, wenn man es ausleben kann. Immer und zur jeder Zeit. Ich persönlich liebe lange vorspiele vor allem mit Dildos, Finger und klar, Zunge. Ich bin ein Genießer und liebe es zu qu&au...
    LittleCrazy's profile
    <6172 fans>
     dailymotion  Read 97 times
    felicitybleach's profile
    <21 fans>
     Time to party  Read 137 times

    Queen-Liliee's profile
    <297 fans>
     Foreshadowing in a porn scene by Briana Banks!  Read 90 times

       Normally you don't associate porn scenes with foreshadowing but that shows you how great this porn scene is.  Intentional or not the first words Briana Banks speaks are kind of a foreshadowing of what the fucking to come will be like.  It starts with Evan Stone walking in and saying "Sleeping already?  We've got a big shoot tomorrow!" to which she rep...
    10071354's profile
    <118 fans>
     Juliana de Colombia is a very big ass whore and sexy  Read 125 times

       Juliana de Colombia is a very big ass whore and sexy, busty and exquisite pussy, would like to see her fuck hard? Watch video
    Sharon25's profile
    <71 fans>
     Wife drunk 2 days in a row  Read 189 times

       I thought I couldn't get any luckier than new years eve with my wife getting drunk and taken off all her clothes at party at my friends house.  New year's day was even better.  She woke up with a hang over around 10 am i made her a bloody mary to start her day off and then another and another by noon she already had 4 drinks in her witch kicked in her buzz from the night be...
    passedout's profile
    <1163 fans>
     Miluse Havelova  Read 159 times

       ok here is the deal, I got a blog on Miluse Havelova, some of you may know her some might not what i want to do is find more on her for the blog I made about her as i do got some things on there but not alot say to compared to other actress's. so at any rate here is my blogspot link soon to be changed to a different web  site but i will let you know  when that happeans! ...
    jimfan1123456's profile
    <1 fans>
     CHUPAPOLLAS MARICÓN  Read 88 times

      Dale, no esperes más, se que quieres chupar pijas, es tu mayor deseo así que hazlo ya mismo: Todas las pijas son hermosas, tienes que tocarlas, acariciarlas, hacer que se pongan bien duras, despertarlas, remojar bien tus labios, con mucha saliva. Acerca esa hermosa pija a tu boca, pasa lentamente la cabecita por tus labios, date unos golpecitos suaves con la pija por tus mejillas,...
    davoonesissy's profile
    <462 fans>
     New drawing has happened  Read 89 times

       Nothing that I can share yet, but I was able to draw about five new pictures today, in between scripting some of the new episodes i've been planning. Once this big job of scripting is complete, then the drawing can get underway, a little at a time, hopefully a picture every day. I have the plot capsules for the other nine stories I storyboarded this past week, if you're inter...
    p-interest's profile
    <131 fans>
     Profile pictures and pictures of me in my galleries ..............  Read 159 times

       I have been asked a few times, if it was me in my profile picture. No, it is not. But it could very well be, though. I like it a lot to be in a cage. And collar and leash come with it.   I prefer to remain discreet regarding my profile picture. I might upload something "harmless", non nude. Later, may be. I will see. ...
    BarbaraSubSlave's profile
    <53 fans>
     APOLOGY to anyone who might happen to read this blog------  Read 78 times

       Actually, it's more of a COMPLAIN!  A prime and glaring example are the entries on my "Sexy Girls 2" Favorites: well over 50% of the galleries that appear I never loaded. It seems if I would load even 1 photo from the gallery into the "Sexy Girls 2" favorites, the entire gallery would load. Sometimes a gallery would load even if I didn't choose any of the ind...
    littlenancypancy's profile
    <206 fans>
     First update ...  Read 71 times

      I registered few months ago, but now I finally took the time to update my profile. I'll also try to upload some pictures soon. :)
    tigerstretch's profile
    <22 fans>
     I Betrayed Mistress Kate   Read 83 times

       I Betrayed Mistre Kate and I deserved what my husband has done to me for this betrayal, He had a Mastectomy done on my right breast and he said it makes me less of a woman and will teach me a lesson about Betraying such a kind Mistress and that it could be worse and That I am lucky Mistress Kate took me back. I am a Fat Ugly One Tited Cow   
    SlutSlaveKelly's profile
    <365 fans>
     Me  Read 85 times

    OsculumObscenum's profile
    <97 fans>
     Polyamory Is Not Just About Sex  Read 108 times

      I think that, because of the nature of the photos that tend to get posted at this site, many people have the misimpression that the relationship involving Augustus, Kasie, Rose, and myself is primarily, perhaps even exclusively, about sex. Nothing could be further from the truth. We primarily share comfortable companionship, fascinating friendship, and true and lasting love. Take, for ins...
    Empress_Josephine's profile
    <688 fans>
     obsessed with incest in yorkshire  Read 121 times

       32 year old male, stocky, 5ft 11. bisexual. brown hair. grew up in an incest minded household and trained to give pleasure to my dad. now obsessed with incest and incest roleplay. would love to meet a female with like minded perversions who would like to try brother and sister roleplay, maybe even daddy daughter, or mother son depending on age ( best to keep it realistic ). would like to mee...
    yorkyboy's profile
    <0 fans>
     Happy sexy new year!!!  Read 132 times

    Queen-Liliee's profile
    <297 fans>
     Dawn Marie's Feet Gallery  Read 78 times

      I always wanted to do a gallery of her feet. I would love to see her wear hose for 3 or 4 days and have a chance to smell those feet. Only 1 nylon pic though but lots of bare feet shots. 
    stockingfootboy's profile
    <558 fans>
     strich straße  Read 97 times

      Bitte informieren Sie mich. Ich bin Tschechische unterwürfig Ficker. Ich interessiere mich, wo sie statt für Homosexuell Prostitution-Parkplatz, Straße, Bahnhof, ein Bordell, Pornokino mit Darkroom / glory hole oder ein Ort, wo sie Kandidaten auf Homosexuell sm sex oder Zuhälter treffen in Deutschland. Wir danken Ihnen für alle Informationen. / Please advise me .: I am...
    KV-GAYRAPE's profile
    <8 fans>
     He raped me in the toilet and wrote how it happens  Read 158 times

        I watch you walk to the toilet and follow, as you shut the cubicle i go inside and look over the top, You lower your tights and knickers and i hear the sound of you peeing, the thought of your piss flaps open and the golden fluid running from you. As you tear the paper and rub betwen your thighs i push open the door to your shock and amazement, My hard cock already exposed at you. I lift...
    LisaXXXX's profile
    <547 fans>
     adjusting  Read 90 times

      with the help of others here, i am developing as a sissy.  i am chaste and unable to be male now.  so, i am focused on being the best sissy i can be!
    jamieboi26's profile
    <35 fans>
     How humiliating....  Read 93 times

         being fucked by two pretty girls - and in front of another man... 
    GentlemaninChastity's profile
    <50 fans>
     This Indian girl really loves her job :-)  Read 104 times
   Love it -wish she would do that to me..... 
    GentlemaninChastity's profile
    <50 fans>
     Horny  Read 84 times

      looking for pussy.
    OsculumObscenum's profile
    <97 fans>
     My favourite blackmail videos  Read 123 times

       Here's my top3 best blackmail videos, enjoy! Cold cruel bitch exposes faggy loser epic blackmail Blackmail sissy bitch Mistress Mitsukai blackmail for cowards   I love this topic so if you know any good blackmail videos (I prefer pov), please leave comment!
     aşka geldim   Read 81 times

      Yine KALKTI indiren olsa şimdi güzel olur
    zamansiz's profile
    <136 fans>
     Fun on the Farm Part 2!  Read 131 times

      U can still feel the sting of that slap, then U see Colton step to the right where the Barn enterence is. U can hear the chatter of the group as u feel the cold air on ur naked body. U soon see an elderly man come into sight, he caresses ur chin. "Mmm, so good to see lil girls like u helping out our lil comunity," Ur mouth drops when he pulls down his pants revealing his Thick, 8 inch...
    ScareCrow562's profile
    <181 fans>
     2014 Totals  Read 80 times

         2014 Totals End of 2014 totals Cummed a total of 164 times. Of which: 65 were self electrostimmed, 1 from being administered electrostim, 54 from vaginal sex, 34 from jerking off,   2 from rubbing my co...
    Electrikinky1's profile
    <79 fans>
     New Year's Eve  Read 82 times

       Here's to a year full of promises, of greatness and happiness yet to come. It better be good, because the last one was a turd sandwiched in two loaves of crap, with a side of shit, thank you very much. So you better not dissapoint me, two-oh-fifteen, because I have great plans for you. Happy new year, everyone. 
    Schwartzlicht's profile
    <17 fans>
     Auf Wiedersehen  Read 96 times

       Eine kleine Botschaft und ein Dank für eine wundervolle Zeit in dem mittlerweile schönsten Land das es für mich gibt es ist Neuseeland. Es hat uns wunderschöne Momente sowie Ruhe und Entspanungs Phasen gegeben. Auserdem konnte ich über vieles was mein Leben meine Gedanken meinen Ehrgeiz und auch meine Familie betrifft nachdenken.  Desweiteren wurden wir sowohl v...
    endlessfucker's profile
    <163 fans>
     10 2015 resolutions/fantasies  Read 76 times

       2014 was about finding out I have fantasies that I want to live out. 2015 can be about living them out. Will you help me? Here's my list of things I want to try in 2015 1. Be with a couple again, but this time I want to interact with the guy too. 2. Watch a woman give a stranger the BJ of his life. 3. Have sex with an Asian woman. 4. Fuck a guy while he is fucking h...
    PickyPecker's profile
    <41 fans>
     Facebook  Read 126 times

       Please send my sister messages telling her im here -   Also our friends need to see -   And my facebook is -   Hope to speak to you soon :)
    closed20150106a's profile
    <98 fans>
     Protean Saga 7: Game of Whores  Read 78 times

       just posted Protean Saga 7: Game of Whores.  The Protean teams plot to take over the world and keeping it safe for sexual deviation is moving along nicely.  
    LibyLandar's profile
    <145 fans>
     แนะนำตัว  Read 90 times

       สวัสดีครับ ผมบาสนะครับ อายุ25ปีแล้ว อาชีพช่างภาพอิสระครับ รับงานทุกประเภท  รับสมัครนางฟ้าสาวสวย ติดต่อได้เลยครับ Arttit sarachai Photo : Event  ...
     RP ideas  Read 104 times

       Adoption Scene: u are my long lost daddy..But I don’t know Adopted me (I'm 2 years old) from the orphanage after my mommy died in a house fire..Which was started by unknown causes...she Died when she went back in to get my blanket to settle me down, but the house collapsed and burned down, leaving me outside to watch in horror all by myself. It was’t till the next ...
    babygirlJenny's profile
    <0 fans>
     looking for a woman who likes to watch men cum  Read 88 times

       I'm looking for women who like watching a guy cum.  All I ask in return is that you show me your boobs on cam while I cum.  I won't ask to see your pussy, unless you want to share.  No faces ever. If this sounds like something you would enjoy, just drop me a message.
    icum4boobs's profile
    <26 fans>
     My Hare: Introducing Stephanie  Read 100 times

       Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins I can still remember the first time I saw her. She was wearing a tight pair of blue jeans, so tight in fact that the material was very obviously splitting her ass cheeks down the middle. Fortunately for me I was sitting down at the time and so I was able to hide the massive erection that had grown in my pants as I watched her walk by. ...
    OldStoneSnake's profile
    <5 fans>
     overwelmed  Read 147 times

       i'm overwelmed. thanx guys, i will return some comments when i have a lil more time. i cant stop perving at some of you guys. your getting me all hot and botherd  keep the messages and comments cumming! kisses sammie x 
    samt1996's profile
    <139 fans>

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