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     Birthday gangbang  Read 312 times

       Michelle's birthday was two weeks ago and for her birthday we rented a suite at a local motel. We invited 12 guys to come fuck her and amazingly 7 didn't chicken out and showed up, four white, one hispanic and two black guys. Their ages were between 24 and 45. Three were gents we know well and the others we'd either only talked to online or met once. The gentleman we knew well st...
    Porterhaus5's profile
    <406 fans>
     captions  Read 173 times

      Love doing captions of any variety jus hit me u
    spiceyvariety's profile
    <155 fans>
     Rare Babe  Read 236 times

       A couple weeks ago at a charity event at the country club Damien and I met Janice a 56-year-old lady who's husband was out of town which we put in an earlier blog entry Sophisticated Cougar. Out of the blue on Friday she called and asked if Damien and I were interested in rendezvousing with her at the Hampton Inn at the airport. Janice had to pick up her husband coming on a fligh...
    eric_cougar_stud_1992's profile
    <508 fans>
     amateur ebony focus   Read 193 times

       This blog is meant to collect pics of amateur ebony private, selfshot, secret, intimate, confidential treasures that somehow leaked on the internet.  That is with a special interest ,  hence the name, to focus on these pics and show them on an even more fascinating  way.   Feel free to comment or captions these to get them posted here.. 
     giving strap-on pleasure  Read 210 times

       would love to give a little pain but an extreme amount of pleasure to anyone . can be boy / girl / ladyboy . as i am dressed in my profile pic . i would love to give this 10 inch of ultimate pleasure to anyone willing to test ride it .
    suitman's profile
    <108 fans>
     Femdom montages  Read 189 times

       I like femdom montages. Looking at them, making them, collaborating on new scenarious, sharing them and finding them. I think the hottest ones are when the dominant woman or women is athletic and very tanned, and the male a nerdy, weak type, dominated and humiliated cfnm style.    If you have any suggestions, ideas or like making them, please feel welco...
    femdomslave's profile
    <267 fans>
     Test  Read 178 times

    sissyslutanna's profile
    <13 fans>
     speak to me ;)   Read 190 times

      hey!:) feel free to speak to me xxx
    swahorny's profile
    <21 fans>
     new gallery  Read 314 times

      New sexy hot tv / cd gallery added, love to hear what you think, xx
    emilyessex49's profile
    <313 fans>
     New in town  Read 169 times

      Always wanna try something else but i never had any ideas on any, thought starts with something like this:P..
    Lantodak86's profile
    <22 fans>
     Daddy's New Toy  Read 227 times

       The following story is pure fiction and contains watersports (and scat), minor bondage, objectification, drugs and maledom. Please do not read if it'll make you uncomfortable. Thank you. If you have any ideas, please let me know! All orginal content is protected under copyright 2014, Zombie Princess. ---- I had woken up in the dark murky basement after enjoying a glass of a sw...
    ZombiePrincess's profile
    <36 fans>
     The "Asha" trilogy is now complete!  Read 193 times

       The whole pitiless Asha trilogy is now available, with all its bondage and suffering women: “Asha has been Taken” - “Asha was Used” - and now, “Asha Released” - Get started with “Asha has been Taken” for ju...
    TinaBtheAuthor's profile
    <2048 fans>
     kishi pt1  Read 174 times

      I was shopping at the market when I first noticed you. There was something about the way you handled your vegetables, something graceful and soft in your hands. It aroused my interest, so I followed you at a safe distance until you left the square. When I saw you turn up a narrow alley, I removed the chloroform soaked towel that I always carry from my inside coat pocket and moved up behind you ...
    Trannylusthead's profile
    <369 fans>
     Big fat penis blog  Read 214 times

       Soon adding lots of pictures of me in latex boxers and all soaked up.  Here ill be writing about my measurements too and the process. Ill soon add photos with my cock measured and show them off for you all. 
    Shouldercrest's profile
    <184 fans>
     My Training Begins.  Read 204 times

      Under the control of Dikeykere I have begun my complete sissy training.  Yesterday i was instructed by my goddess to watch sissy hypnosis videos, a new experience for me, and to be dressed in full lingerie, something that isn't new for me ;) hehe. I was also told that i must have a dildo up my ass this whole time, moaning "I love CUM." So laying in bed, purple bikini bo...
    Mace_10's profile
    <49 fans>
     After clubbing   Read 320 times

      I had been in the club, with some friends from work on a Christmas party night out, we had drank and danced all night. I noticed a young large busted curly blonde haired girl watching me, overtime I caught her eye she would look away, but always looking back when I looked away. She wore a beautiful sapphire blue dress, which came to mid thigh. Her long shapely legs encased in black sh...
    Circa's profile
    <1425 fans>
     Made the barman's night   Read 389 times

       The Travelodge bar looked quite empty when i came down from my room, well it was mid week so not that surprising lol so parked my bum on a bar stool, ordered my usual a large Vodka and red bull, the barman who looked in his 30's and quite fit looking seemed chatty making it obvious he was glad of some female company at the bar, as the evening progressed i could tell he was keen on gettin...
    aimeefitass's profile
    <1246 fans>
     screencaps  Read 235 times

      for the screencaps i'm posting, u can find the movies in my site
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    <201 fans>
     Amateur Ass Fixation  Read 236 times
    xengheng's profile
    <3 fans>
     Cumshot Chronicle  Read 207 times
    xengheng's profile
    <3 fans>
     Asian Ass Fixation  Read 188 times
    xengheng's profile
    <3 fans>
     testing testing  Read 156 times

      testing testing
    JustaGuy361's profile
    <8 fans>
     Saved by the Bell 06969-O 15  Read 225 times

      Rachel Spano was beside herself with excitement and frustration with the recent happenings over the past few weeks. Both her daughter Jessie and her best friend Kelly Kapowski knew that she was listening in at Jessies bedroom door while the girls masturbated. And now they both girls knew that she masturbated while smelling their panties. Rachel knew that what she was doing was wrong according t...
    YankinYack's profile
    <194 fans>
     Mutual Masturbation  Read 274 times

      My husband and I often mutually masterbated with each other or other people usually in a one on one situation. I have asked hubby to find a friend maybe 2 who would masturbated with us. I have looked for pics here but really don't find any????
    mzplayfulpj's profile
    <7 fans>
     Kishi pt2  Read 170 times

      I stood there watching, chastity devices in hand, waiting for you to wake. I looked over the lines of your body anticipating using you in so many ways. Your eyes fluttered open. " Good morning, my pet. Get up and follow me." I led you upstairs to "your" room. Painted pink and lavender with white and yellow accents. " your male clothes are in the closet downstairs. Yo...
    Trannylusthead's profile
    <369 fans>
     Club Voodoo Part 1  Read 219 times

       "Club Voodoo" by Suzette My wife has a perfect ass. I love Joan's ass. Its round, large, and firm. I guess one might call it a "bubble" or "shelf" ass. It's a black girl's ass on a white woman. It was the first thing I noticed when I met her in college. I was at my fraternity house during a party when I look over and there is this god...
    ClubVoodoo's profile
    <207 fans>
     Club Voodoo Part 2  Read 182 times

         Club Voodoo, Part 2 By Suzette I was walking in a trance. The sound of Tawny's clicking stilettos bounced up and down the hallway. Each click seemed so loud. My body was in a state of complete sexual arousal. The pink nipples standing on top of my massive tits where long and hard. I could feel every little breeze with them. I felt the weight of my big roun...
    ClubVoodoo's profile
    <207 fans>
     Club Voodoo Part 3  Read 179 times

         Club Voodoo, Part 3 By Suzette We got back to the club at about 5. Tawny helped me take my bags up to my apartment. As I opened the door my heart nearly stopped. My wife was lying almost nude on the big blue velvet couch in the center of the living room. I was so happy to see her I could hardly breathe. She had one of her long legs draped over the back of the co...
    ClubVoodoo's profile
    <207 fans>
     Sites  Read 222 times

       nikki - wm799772 - referees  weliketos - rogoms1 - tim2play  
    bjhummer690's profile
    <12 fans>
     Club Voodoo Part 4  Read 201 times

                               Club Voodoo Part 4 I went back into the kitchen to help the rest of the waitresses. They all looked beautiful. Their black g-strings and spiky black heels made all of our asses look even bigger and rounder. The small "slingshot" styl...
    ClubVoodoo's profile
    <207 fans>
     Your Daughters' Panties  Read 361 times

      Dads, Maybe your little girl - your daughter, your stepdaughter, even your niece - maybe she's all grown up now. Maybe she'll be heading off to college, maybe she's already there. Maybe not. Maybe she's still at home. Maybe she will be for some time. Regardless, there have been times when you have caught yourself thinking things you shouldn't. Taboo thoughts. Abou...
    CentralStandard's profile
    <1609 fans>
     Karen Fisher and Alura Jenson  Read 192 times
    KingHenryThe8th's profile
    <62 fans>
     Karen Fisher and Alura Jenson  Read 146 times
    KingHenryThe8th's profile
    <62 fans>
     Repost poems Larger Print  Read 164 times

      Beauty is... Beauty is the fleeting look The Alabaster skin In the night black dress For a gentle touch For an evening caress Lie with me beauty and sleep     Do you know? I walked in the dark. The shadows clung to me like a lover. I knew nothing but the mood around me, a sullen small death dancing in the back of my mind. I could feel tha...
    WalterPoe's profile
    <513 fans>
     save & share  Read 427 times - - -
    reinoutflip's profile
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     Favorite Bondage Positions  Read 262 times

       I have used a mix of traditional titles and my own names for the bondage positions described in this article.   Positions I like best   Presentation:  This is a basic position that begins many of my D/s scenes.  My sub is gagged and standing with hands tied behind her back and legs tied apart to a spreader bar.  A ...
    DomPeter5's profile
    <141 fans>
     Girly Orgasm  Read 205 times

      Just wanted to let those of you who care know that I came like a little girl today. I used a nice veiny dildo, and I only massaged my little balls like they were my clitty. I didnt touch my little dick at all .
    Leahcrossdressersub's profile
    <220 fans>
     Furthur  Read 154 times

       Well, the pliers worked OK. Still have a non-zero amount of sperm in my ejaculate, though, and after seeing a cute-as-a-button Latino boy the other day in an airport, have been having random daydreams about being gangbanged by Mexicans accompanied by fits of lust, so not quite there yet. Went ahead and ordered a burdizzo;if this kind of thing continues after my balls are thoroughly to...
    polyhypermath's profile
    <447 fans>
     It's nice having a hot neighbor...  Read 227 times

       Last night she was at it again, Squealing, ass slapping, the occasional bed creaking, loud, high pitch screams... then silence. In just a little bit, heard her peeing in the toilet, dropping his semen in the water and flush. In a couple minutes or so, heard his voice, then her low pitched ow, ow, ooow... I guess he was fingering her pussy or licking her cunt, because it continu...
    Mycockisntbigenoughtomakehercum's profile
    <329 fans>
     too sleepy to capitalize  Read 255 times

       look at him he's so precious. like a little baby boy i want to inhale the scent of his skin from his scalp to the tips of his toes touch the bony crevices of his face, his cheeks, his shoulder blades, his rib cage, his hips, his legs and his feet feel his creamy pale skin next to mine, hear his breath against my neck, warm and heavy and waiting wrap ...
    saymyname's profile
    <134 fans>
     What's in a name?  Read 155 times

            I'm thinking about doing a new series of image collections.  Someday I'll post my own images but, until I get all the equipment I need, I'll have to sufice with images I find on line.  The new series is based on a conversation that I had with a coworker.  I find that many of the women I'm attracted to seem to have the same name.  T...
    gargoyle971's profile
    <17 fans>
     Nudebeach in Sweden  Read 260 times

         If your looking after some nice nudebeach in sweden, check the site belowe.        
    sam5412's profile
    <725 fans>
     Last Night Was Fun  Read 197 times

      So last night was pretty fun and interesting.  I was hanging out in my car near this dirty bookstore and watched people walking in and out of it.  So then this guy passed me a couple times and then stood there.  So, I unlocked the passenger door and let him in.  He seemed a bit nervous and then he asked me if I would be interested in fucking his wife in the ass while he watc...
    assdriller's profile
    <125 fans>
     Please...ladies...think up your own fucking name!  Read 160 times

       If it were only one or two pornstars using the name Violet Skye,or,if any of these girls came out around the same time I did,I might believe it was a simple coincidence.But come the fuck on...years after I left the industry there are so many Violet Skyes I have to search a bit to find me in the list.That is simply ridiculous.It's also kind of sad that these girls are so vapid and devoid ...
    TheOriginalVioletSkye5150's profile
    <16 fans>
     QUESTIONS TO PONDER  Read 176 times

       1. If,  as a young boy or girl you sucked your thumb, when you became older did you desire to suck cocks? 2. Regarding crossdressers who most like to dress as a very young prepubescent little girl--are thay actually repressed pedophiles who, because of the severe penalties don't actively seek sex with those girls, but in their own minds desire to be become those lit...
    littlenancypancy's profile
    <320 fans>
     XXX passwords  Read 277 times

         Someone posted a wonderful link a few days ago, containing some xxx passwords which worked fucking well ! Thanks to it, I succedeed to download more than 10 Gigs of wonderful pictures... Unfortunately impossible to find again the post. Disappeared... Do someone have an idea of what was this link ?
    alainxxx's profile
    <69 fans>
     Notes  Read 183 times

         Mimi 40 - 099 6621 155   Dama 55 - 098 1392 259 - dobar profil 
    FicZGB's profile
    <117 fans>
     Taking Hormones and moving to Thailand  Read 144 times

      Im thinking more and more about this option. Anyone wanna join me and sell my ass in thailand?
    JamilaBimbo's profile
    <95 fans>
     i remember  Read 318 times

      i remember when i was 9, and this girl who was the daughter of my parrents friends and when ever we used to get a chance, we would go run off into the bushes ,get naked and do what we wanted, i loved it, made my heart beat and i found her very pretty, atractive, fun and exciting, i remember what she looked like and how turned on i was , how mystiriouse it was, so what i wan t to know, is, if it...
    anonamose30's profile
    <446 fans>
     home for the week ;)  Read 490 times

       I just got home to visit my daddy and mom and I already got fucked in my ass. When I got out of my car, I could see my dad rubbing his cock through his pants, excited as usual to see his slutty fuck pig daughter home for the week. Fuck, I couldn't even get through dinner without him sliding his hand under the table and fingering me while my mother ate right next to me! Later I sho...
    Grace95's profile
    <1401 fans>
     fake pic  Read 127 times

      i love to make fake pics. if u have pics of girl you want me to put naked, ask me lol
    brutalsex's profile
    <4 fans>
     My Mouth Served as a Cock wash at an Anal Gangbang  Read 247 times

       So... We're kinda new to ImageFap, but not new to the scene in any way. Any of you that are truly into RT hook ups know well that you gotta live with a lot of disappointment before there's that one ultimate night. Last weekend that night happened for us. As you are all well aware, there is nothing that turns me on more than the taste of another girl’s a...
    Lil-Girl-Lover's profile
    <98 fans>
     A Night of Non-Stop Sex  Read 197 times

       I got a call about 3 a.m. from a friends girl I used to bang on the side for about 3 years and she asked if I would come over because her boyfriend had been neglecting her recently. OK, let me tell you about this Fox. She's about 5 foot tall, 23 years old but she looks 16, tiny titted and has a bald beaver with meaty lips and super tight. Her ass is firm and very round and her butth...
    MushroomHead69's profile
    <2243 fans>
     One of my Ex's.  Read 232 times

       One of my ex's went into amateur porn movies and pics after we broke up years ago and I discovered her antics online. So far I have been able to discover some vids/pics and i'm wondering if anyone wants to contribute anything they find about her. She made French porn movies, in French, but she is not French, she only speaks the language! The period of pics/vids would be from about 20...
    LoserCuckold1971's profile
    <172 fans>
     First Uploads  Read 149 times

       So far so good, Excited to find some women who i can really get to know ;)   Would love to jerk off over a matures picture whilst she does the same ;) 
    FleetDickID's profile
    <88 fans>

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