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     slave wants foot fetish  Read 130 times

       missy wants a foot fetish pic... I am not into it all that much. like this one...  
     Lucky sissies  Read 211 times
    eromenos's profile
    <204 fans>
     A collection of tributes, want to be next?  Read 189 times

       Girls of future past, wann be one?
    RasC's profile
    <25 fans>
     Ladies... Im looking for some fun!  Read 130 times

      Ladies, just leave your mail to add you in yahoo messenger...
    Jjuskoviak's profile
    <31 fans>
     wife watches hubby suck.  Read 212 times

       are there other wives who like to watch there hubbys suck cock are get there ass used bye strange men?  I enjoy knowing my wife is watching a man fuck my mouth.  I allso like to watch men use my wife while I jackoff.
    ILLcocksucker's profile
    <13 fans>
     American Girls Self Shot Nude Pics | Girlfriend Nude Pics  Read 214 times
    avinash8989's profile
    <0 fans>
     Captioning!  Read 155 times

      Caps are so sexy... Husband making his original ones now ; )
    sg_2014's profile
    <145 fans>
     тра-ля-ля  Read 193 times

      секс это круто
    vitamino4kas90's profile
    <12 fans>
     A little more (Addendum)  Read 149 times

       Yes, I like TS?TV?CD porn. Sometimes I want ro be the fucker, and sometimes the fuckee. Yes, I think BBC can look great - but that doesn't mean I wouldn't want any other colour or size of dick. Not saying I could take a horse or anything (i'd die), but I've seen a lot of very nice cocks on here, in all shapes and sizes.  No, I don't get the chastity/cuc...
    secretlystares's profile
    <511 fans>
     So, a little about me.  Read 157 times

       I have tried to deny some of my desires to myself for quite a while. I still deny them to the people who know me. I've had a varied sexlife with a few women, but ever since I was young I've tried putting stuff up my arse. I think I've had gay fantasies since I was about 10 (straoght fantasies since about 8) and had always kind of hoped to secretly get to play with a...
    secretlystares's profile
    <511 fans>
     Site Captcha (checking if I'm a human)  Read 140 times

      Thing that pisses me off most with this site is the damn Captcha crap when I want to reply to a message. I had to fuck around for several minutes just to send someone a friendly reply, just now.
    JoannaSlinky's profile
    <812 fans>
     ..  Read 127 times

      I have no idea
    xrian7's profile
    <24 fans>
     Hory for sissy is it weird or not   Read 139 times

      for like the past week i wanted to be dominated by a shemale or a male all over i want cum in me on my face are and i want to swallow. i wanna feel exilirated by people, this is my first ever blog so as soon as people start comming on here i wanna be able to write more for people and myself  
    aliabbas619's profile
    <52 fans>
     Photo Shoots  Read 162 times

      Looking to meet a Gentleman willing to model with me for a photo shoot. Can be anonymous, that is face not seen. Also looking for skilled photographers and interesting locations for shoots.
    maidperkins's profile
    <104 fans>
      He's 20 years old and was declared best ass 2014 hot gallery.  Read 187 times

       He's 20 years old and was declared best ass 2014 hot gallery.
    yepuras's profile
    <133 fans>
     Most gorgeous romanian nude celebrities 2014 hot photos gallery .  Read 212 times

       Most gorgeous romanian nude celebrities 2014 hot photos gallery .
    yepuras's profile
    <133 fans>
     Hello world!  Read 226 times

       Hellow world. By world I mean all you sexy girls and boys out there. My name is Heather. I am an average chick. I recently discovered imagefap and found it to be a cool place so I decided to make a profile here. So here goes nothing. :) I plan on posting my self nudies so please be kind. Also if you rate them it will give me incentive to post more *wink*  Please do not hes...
    videochat's profile
    <0 fans>
     want  Read 135 times

      want to know whatu like or hate about us, what would u like to see ? interesting in sharing in the midwest.
    waynejetski's profile
    <60 fans>
     Time to be Tied and Abused  Read 184 times

       Wife has a friend over, I'll be cooking and cleaning in my slave maid uniform.  I hope to be tied and abused badly tonight.  Hopefully, I'll get to clean them up too!  Now, they are having me explain my favorites and the galleries.  How would I like it, Why do I deserve it, ...  
    kathleen_tv's profile
    <6621 fans>
     Sir Brax an Orc Knight; Chapter: 1 Night of the Orcish Knight  Read 142 times

        Chapter 1; Night of the Orcish Knight  The Orc stood looking in the looking glass, not certain at what he expected. Never had he worn such fine clothes. They had insisted ofcourse. He wasn't certain if he were to return them now that the cerimony was over, or were they a gift. He looked once more, the Badge of Knighthood stood out upon his ...
    Savage_Lord's profile
    <137 fans>
     teasing my uncle's, then came the sex  Read 346 times

      I am a small and trim girl with perky breasts and a tight round petite ass that Im proud of. At a young age I noticed my drunk and high uncles looking at my body, my figure, my sexuality. I began at a young age teasing my unchles by dressing in shorter clothes so Id wear teeshirts and panties or shorts from most all my jeans. I cut most of my clothes into shorts or cut tops, and when Id be wear...
    billiegirlie's profile
    <23 fans>
     need to know what peoples prefer for next gallery  Read 137 times

       I will do picts and fuck with my wife sunday evening, so I need to know what dress do you prefer :
    akasaki's profile
    <190 fans>
     Saturday Night  Read 159 times

       So, we are going to a party tonight. I am pretty sure she plans to drink too much, and then probably let strangers play with her tits. If we are really lucky, she will drink enough to quit caring who or what is going on and take some random guy in her ass. I would love to watch and participate in her total breakdown to party slut tonight, so heres one for hoping! I just hope its not too cold...
    Bakintoker's profile
    <130 fans>
     Fantastic Hentai  Read 160 times
    a-SissyBoy-in-Stockings's profile
    <57 fans>
     Last night  Read 141 times

       She was wearing a black see thru bra. Her pink nipples were hard and in need of my lips. She was also wearing black panties so thin the lips of her shaved pussy were easily seen and of course a black lace garter and black nylons. I fondled her tits through the bra pinching her nipples and making them stand up as if saying. suck me, suck my tits. I took one in your mouth and sucked the nipple...
    alwaysnude45_YAHOO's profile
    <27 fans>
     Die geilen Füße meiner geilen blonden Kollegin  Read 164 times

       Wie ich die Füße meiner blonden Kollegin foltere   ...wie mich die jungen Füße me...
    tolkqwer's profile
    <85 fans>

      HI EVERYONE, AS YOU CAN SEE MY GALLERIES ARE FROM GIRLS I KNOW OR I HAD FUCK WITH, I hope you liked the pictures unfortunately do not have nude photos of many of them and they would not let me take them or have not had sex with them, so I thought that if you help me doing fakes of them, the reward you with personal data of each, their phone numbers, their facebook, twitter, full names, ema...
    aleksxc's profile
    <456 fans>
     I Love Miss  Read 150 times

      Contact me pictures gifs videos your steamy stories of your buttocks ladies
    DurcieMoiBien's profile
    <68 fans>
     Hotel Sissy Fun  Read 153 times

       My job involves staying in hotels on occasion, I always take at least one pair of knickers with me. If I know I have an evening to myself I bring a bag full of items. A few times I have stayed away at the last minute. Every Time I have at least looked for a shop to buy something. Only returning to the hotel without anything if I couldn’t find any shops selling knickers. ...
    BornToWearPanties's profile
    <151 fans>
     Anticipation   Read 184 times

       Hi,  Even though they visit every Saturday, I always get excited when I first get out of bed in the morning. My wonderful Son and Granddaughter will be here this afternoon. We always watch a movie together and during the movie , we all seem to get out of our clothing. lol  After the movie ( we are all naked by then ) we have our dinner. Then the excitement comes to a head. W...
    grandparents's profile
    <563 fans>
     Most gorgeous women 2014 , huge gallery 160 photos .  Read 224 times

       Most gorgeous women 2014 , huge gallery 160 photos .
    yepuras's profile
    <133 fans>
     loving big black cock  Read 143 times

      i have aiway tried to talk white girls into trying a black when they do, they loved it.i also have tried it an love being a ho for black men.have you tried it?
    johnc1234's profile
    <463 fans>
     Ich musste als Boy etwa mit 9 duzende Männer Befriedigen   Read 152 times

       Seither , bin ich geil drauf benutzt zu werden.......   Es war Dezember, wie immer 4 mal im jahr fuhren meine Eltern für ein Wochenende zum Wellness. Sie holten am Freitag Vormittag ihre Bekannten ab, die sie immer zum Wellness begleiteten, und ich ging wie gewohnt zur Schule, ich war etwa 9.  Gegen Mittag bekam ich von meiner Mutter einen Anruf, sie waren siche...
    MimiAc's profile
    <316 fans>
     Starting a bondage website in the OC area?  Read 121 times

       So I have no idea how I would get started, but for a few years now I think it would be awesome to run, manage, or be a part of a bondage website crew here in OC California. Looking for anyone who has connections and or would like to give it a shot. Top favorite types of bondage websites would be Ropexpert, Tuscon Tied, Trussedup, Jbroper, and sites similar to give an idea of the kind of...
    bizzle21's profile
    <355 fans>
     The begining  Read 120 times

       I desided this is where I will keep a record of all the requests and I would guess I would call them comissions of drawing that I am planning to make...    I have finished the new tura drawing.. I think it has the most extra details in one drawing I have ever done...well erotic images.Next drawing I need to do is a new slave missy 777 and her slave narisa, A new chara...
     Saved by the Bell 06969-O 5  Read 157 times

      Kelly Kapowski was still sound asleep recovering from the unbelievable orgasm she had the day before, when her sister Nikki came crashing through the bedroom door. Full of life and youthful excitement. Wake up sleepyhead, it's morning! What kind of naughty stuff are we going to do today? Hey wake up Kelly, we have lots of stuff to do before Mom and Dad get home. Looking down Nikk...
    YankinYack's profile
    <156 fans>
     Anal Toys  Read 178 times

       Im a real anal addict girl. To be honest I love anal gaping. And I luve anal toys:) So if you send me an an al toy, i will make some personal pics for you! ;) xoxox
    AnalGapeGirl's profile
    <107 fans>
     Day 31, Jan 17th 2014  Read 143 times

       My 31st day locked in chastity :(  I took the advice of several people and attempted to talk with my girlfriend about 1) being kept in this cage without any indication of when she might let me out, and 2) that I was thinking about cutting the lock off my chastity device if I couldn’t cum soon. She was upset that I demanded to talk with her about any of it, primarily because I...
    Dark__Perv's profile
    <948 fans>
     n talien im Urlaub  Read 126 times

       Ich liebe meine Frau , wenn sie es mit mehreren Jungs treibtmacht es uns beide geil Urlaub im Jahr 2009 in Italien , fing es an, sie war heiß auf den Kellner Enzo, da wir schon sehr oft beim Sex solche gedanken hatten , ergriff ich die Chance und überredete sie Enzo noch heißer zu machen , aber so zu tun als ob ich von nichts wess. mein Mann ist heute abend bei der Show, der...
    MimiAc's profile
    <316 fans>
     Die erste fremdbesamung  Read 121 times

       s gibt nichts geileres als zu sehen wie Deine eigene Frau dir beim ersten mal Angsterfüllt in die Augen sieht weil Sie genau weris es gibt kein zurück diesem Moment zuckt sie zusammen denn Sie spürt wie der übermächtig große Schwanz des fremden Mannes sich den Weg in ihr enges Fickloch bahnt und ohne gnade immer und immer wieder hart zustößt....
    MimiAc's profile
    <316 fans>
     galleries to check out  Read 234 times
    milfjakter's profile
    <314 fans>
     Story  Read 151 times

       Erzählt von ratz1967 -überarbeitete Fassung- Eine fiktive Geschichte, die zwischen Vergangenheit und Gegenwart hin- und her schwingt. Kapitel 1 und 2 wurden im MARQUIS Magazin 14 anlässlich der Teilnahme an einem Leserwettbewerb unter dem Synonym HARRO veröffentlicht. einige Jahre Später auf Mischa`s Homepage und im KGforum als Beitrag gepostet. Die darin er...
    ratz1967's profile
    <68 fans>
     Right click and "save as" - anybody can do that!  Read 113 times

       Why do I have so few pictures from the internet? Because to download and upload photos somewhere is something that everyone can! ;) Of course, many of these galleries are very nice, but the challenge is to do something themselves. This thrill, planning, risk, excitement, effort, satisfaction is something great for me! Each time I have to ask myself some questions. What do I do? Which ...
    moresocks's profile
    <63 fans>
     I'm Back  Read 141 times

       been away for a long while, just got back. Hope to ad some new things soon.
    thisismee's profile
    <1192 fans>
     Tribute or post dirty commets for my teens.  Read 154 times

      please post dirty comments for my teens and ill do dirty comments for your teens.
    fapallnight's profile
    <212 fans>
     My wife Gloria P  Read 262 times

      My private pictures of my own wife Gloria and others amateur pictures.
    adriano17's profile
    <1 fans>
     Sock Pic of the Day 4 - Socks in Summer  Read 128 times

       In the summer when the days are warm, many girls have bare legs. For xample, they contribute shorts or skirts. This is great, because then you can see very well the socks and everywhere around you you can see some very hot creations. Like The cute girl on this photo. And we all know that in summer the feet sweat a lot more. This is perfect! I love summer! And of course more hot creations wil...
    moresocks's profile
    <63 fans>
     Weekend away  Read 130 times

      I am visiting cath's house -she is in my galleries. I will take my camera and try to gert any shots people wouldlike, if possible. I can also get shots of worn panties - evidence of bra size etc. Let me know if you would like anything in particular
    hangem's profile
    <0 fans>
     Kristen Stewart Nude 2014 , 30 photos gallery and video .  Read 184 times

       Kristen Stewart Nude 2014 , 30 photos gallery and video .
    yepuras's profile
    <133 fans>
     Butt plug model  Read 128 times

      I am looking for a butt plug model in the Toronto area.
    mellowmango's profile
    <131 fans>
     Ich bin wieder da  Read 193 times

       Ich möchte euch hier kurz erklären, warum ich so lange nicht mehr hier war und wie es weiter geht. Für einige mag es vielleicht verwerflich sein, aber ja, ich hatte eine länger anhaltende Affäre. Dies hat mich wieder aufblühen lassen, und daß nicht nur in sexueller Hinsicht. Mein Mann und ich sind nun glücklich geschieden und har...
    Nicole79's profile
    <484 fans>
     It Was Self-Defence! by vile8r (Part2)  Read 112 times

       FAKE-COVER:   Nikki smiled back.   “Brian at the door? He’s my uncle! He said drinks are on the house tonight!”     “Holy crap!” the bartender exclaimed, faking a shocked look. “You’re Brian’s niece? How’d that goombah...
    mr_hyde_06's profile
    <430 fans>
     [DSAM-41] H cup Big Tits Maid : Yume Aino  Read 190 times

       Starring: Yume Aino Studio : SAMURAI PORN Series : Ero Body Product Info: Item: DSAM-41 |  Media Type: DVD |  Region : 0 (ALL) |  Picture Format: NTSC |  Screen Format: 16:9 Widescreen |  DVD Type: Single Layer |  Language: Japanese |  No. of Disc: 1 |  SubTitle: N/A Features:     •Interactive Menus     •Sc...
    sonlinkang's profile
    <65 fans>
     My Asian Wife Really Wants To Read Your Comments  Read 245 times

       My asian wife loves to tease people in public by spread her legs and giving super sexy views of her pussy thru her sheer panties.... She would love to read your comments of what you would do if she sat at a cafe opposite you and displayed herself to you. Who knows you may live close enough to see oneday:) 
    OU812COOL's profile
    <1679 fans>
     Professional Asian Office Girls  Read 156 times

       Im still kicking myself for not grabbing a couple shots on my phone of this goddess I saw crossing the street on my way about town tonight just tight skirt black stockings black high heels and a leather short jacket made me wanna jerk off right in front of her.  I ended up following her three blocks out of the way because her hypnotic clicking of her heels made me hornier...
    a-SissyBoy-in-Stockings's profile
    <57 fans>

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