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     Day Five  Read 180 times

       It is day five. My arms and head are restrained between two wooden bars. The bars are connected T style to another 2x4 that keeps the first bars off the ground just below head level. As a result I have to stand. My legs are burning as if they are on fire. I have been standing for five days straight now. I could relive the strain on my feet by letting my feet go and resting my en...
    AbusePlease's profile
    <621 fans>
     Nurse Sabrina  Read 162 times

         Met a nasty young nurse from Ghana.....22 year old works in a North London hospital....arranged to meet her at her flat told her to keep her uniform on.....she went to work wearing black fishnet stockings under her uniform trousers and a pair of little red g-string panties......   Sabrina opened her flat door in her stockinged feet and nurse uniform without t...
    lugash4's profile
    <142 fans>
     Gangbang  Read 152 times

       I am following my strong desires and needs to live out long time fantasy and make it real. With the help of a friend he knows of my lifestyle and a lover he is going to be a pimp for me and setting up the events for me to become and get exposed as a complete cock and cum slut I am bisexual with a stronger attraction to other men, submissive and bottom, I told him of my desires of group sex w...
    alexiscd's profile
    <434 fans>
     quick cab ride  Read 180 times

       I met this guy on-line who said he didnt mind i was a boy ...he thought i was really cute. We deided too meet at this bar ..which i thought was funny cause i dont anyway of course he never showed up..i guess he chickened out or somthing. Well i was finishing my lime aid when i noticed this Amercan guy looking at me. I thought he was handsome n i was hungry so i stuckmy butt up n ...
    epril's profile
    <340 fans>
     My photos  Read 174 times

      Minhas fotos, para vocês...
    loiro182's profile
    <22 fans>
     Day 1 / Tag 1  Read 135 times

       Seit Monaten schon muss  ich ständig daran denken, wie meine süße, junge,schlanke, blonde Freundin zur sau abgerichtet wird, während ich machtlos bin und psychisch sowie physisch völlig fertig gemacht werde Ich hoffe hier jemanden zu finden, der mir dabei helfen kann!   Since month now I cant stop thinking about my girlfriend getting abused l...
    cuck4master's profile
    <17 fans>
     New story + binge upcoming  Read 121 times

       It looks likes I'll be able to binge for awhile in the near future, so expect some new stories to be posted. My current project is 23 images away from being complete, so you'll see that one soon, by Saturday at the very latest. Love, PI
    p-interest's profile
    <341 fans>
     wish i was her   Read 124 times,videos-best
    totatota's profile
    <1560 fans>
     People  Read 154 times

       Black masters:   Queens:      White beta boys:  http://whiteotakuscrub.tumblr.c...
    Lotewer's profile
    <13 fans>
     More with fat Adam  Read 198 times

      He had me again last night at the part fro Sean's 20th birthday, my bf seems to have decided if no one els is avaiable , fat adm is going to have me, dirty brute took a pic too !!!!
    sillykim20's profile
    <264 fans>
     Fantasy  Read 144 times

      What do you want to do with it?
    Lubitel's profile
    <0 fans>
     Sensitive  Read 108 times

      Wow, Now that I have shaved all my pubic hair from cock and balls, the penis enlarger gets a fantastic seal and the vacuum is out of this world. It has increased my size to 6inches in circumference and length to 6 inches.  Onwards and upwards.
    Romeo9's profile
    <7 fans>
     A Fantasy Of Mine For Cumjunky001. Part Two  Read 127 times

       You cum hard with my cock deep inside you, grinding your clit against my pelvis and moaning. I can feel the muscels of your pussy tighten, pulsing around the shaft of my cock as your body trembles. As your orgasm passes I feel you get even wetter. I love the way your pussy juice feels as it runs slowly over my tight ball sack, making my cock throb inside you. After a minute your moaning sub...
    BrokenAngel's profile
    <400 fans>
     Anal  Read 120 times

       I love anal. A long time ago I had a girl fist me, but that was only once, but I loved it.  Since then, I've only practiced with dildos. I have three dildos and a buttplug. One small vibrator 8", one very thick 8" dildo, and a double ended dildo. I can deepthroat the thick dildo. I especially love pushing the double ended dildo deep inside me, like hotkinkyjo...
    fhitter's profile
    <327 fans>
     Pussy licking sleepover  Read 217 times

      So one night me and the girls had a sleepover at my place. We started off with some music and some drinking and then some dancing. The night was going good but soon it got even better. As we danced the clothes came off and soon me and 7 girls were dancing around the house in our underwear. We danced with each other and ran around the house and then some started to kiss and make out on the couch...
    slutLiz97's profile
    <1686 fans>
     My Fantasy scenario  Read 131 times

      My Alto Ego is a mature, slighly plump middle aged senior nurse.   I carry out full health checks on men.  Slightly bossy, but reassuring I soon have them naked in front of me (I think they rather like it secretly!) .  I weigh them, and take blood pressure, and get them to touch their toes and do squats. Make them pee in a bottle.  Teach them how to check their testicles for...
    Nurse_Sally's profile
    <337 fans>
     My new black master  Read 143 times

      I met my new master lastnight in ATLANTA. Thick ten inch juicy black cock. He treated me and fucked me the way i deserved. He called me filthy names while i serviced his cock and spanked my ass. He told me to lay on my back and he fingered me and ate my pussy. He put lube on me and put on a condom. It hurt at first but after a few slow pushes he was balls deep. He put my legs on his...
    Daddiescock2's profile
    <141 fans>
     Samengewinnung = Melktag  Read 115 times

      nach einem Monat war es gestern soweit, wurde abgemolken. Bin sechs mal gekommen, konnte vier röhrchen vollmachen, die letzten beiden waren trockene. Das peinliche dabei waren die Zuschauer, zwei befreundete Pärchen....
    jen72HRO's profile
    <60 fans>
     IMVU Korrasami Castlings are now Open!  Read 101 times

        Just a update for all Korrasami adult fans. Starting today, I'm now looking for IMVU users with adult pass and has Asami like outfits to appear in my Korrasami sex and nude photoshoots for Korrasami gallery of mine on select sites and for facebook korrasami/select groups as well. Message or comment here to for chance to be part of making your fantasties happen. I also...
    CassandraSaturn's profile
    <141 fans>
     ttt  Read 101 times

      312 O 85/98 - "Haftung fuer Links" hat das Landgericht (LG) Hamburg entschieden, da man durch die Anbringung eines Links, die Inhalte der gelinkten Seite ggf. mit zu verantworten hat. Dies kann - so das LG - nur dadurch verhindert werden, dass man sich ausdruecklich von diesen Inhalten distanziert. Hiermit distanziere ich mich ausdruecklich von allen Inhalten die in Seiten zu finden s...
    mic69's profile
    <29 fans>
     Test Title Blog  Read 107 times

      Bla bla
    sissicindi's profile
    <793 fans>
     link to favorite video<333  Read 132 times
    crazyslutforcock's profile
    <101 fans>
     clubseventeen  Read 183 times

    derpdiddly's profile
    <314 fans>
     LIEN INT  Read 105 times
    jojart's profile
    <19 fans>

       Our marriage has never been stronger.  Ilse will soon be 60, but age has been kind to her.  I look at her and what comes to mind is a fine cab sav that gets softer and more mellow with age.  The kids are gone and we have the house to ourselves.  She got a huge promotion at work and now spends one week a month at one of her company's divisions, based in Ottawa.  I...
    ineedadark's profile
    <5788 fans>
     ccocksucker?  Read 118 times

       i am thinking about setting myself a target number of cocks to suck in the next year maybe 100, 200? what would be the best way to go about this.....craigslist, blogging, dogging?? picture taken of each cocksucking?  based near Derby uk any suggestions/ help would be appreciated thanks
    chastity_humiliation_slut's profile
    <13 fans>
     Teenagers  Read 277 times

      his friends held my arms tightly, and he took my breasts out of my bikini and masturbated on them, why are teenagers so dirty 
    rachel6z's profile
    <271 fans>
     10 Things To Mind When Buying Used Panties  Read 159 times

       This is my recent post from my blog on Here is a puzzle: How come there are plenty of websites giving advice to girls on how to sell used panties, but almost no advice for men on buying used panties? I think this situation is unhealthy, because it gives advantage to girls by offering them informed advice, but leaves guys relying on their in...
    AngieGlampanties's profile
    <60 fans>
     fail of the week 7  Read 148 times

       when your first ever message to mee is titled "cock n cunt"  im not going to bother reading the rest. twat. 
    cait's profile
    <586 fans>
     Porn Posters  Read 134 times

      Anyone know where I can get my hands on posters of hardcore porn or naked girls??? I've been wanting to spice up my room for quite a while, but all I have is pictures printed from my computer. I live in the Chicago land area in USA if that helps. 
    rora123's profile
    <451 fans>
     monsters titties  Read 133 times

    thit's profile
    <52 fans>
     Back Again.  Read 271 times

       My previous fap  bbwlover57 was closed by fap.  All my previous galleries are now in my FAVORITES section, Hoping my old fans find their way back here and get many more fans. As always, any comments or requests are always welcome! 
    Bill-75's profile
    <1859 fans>
     who wants to fuck this cocktease  Read 180 times
     New Story Ideas  Read 231 times

       Here are some ideas for role play scenarios.  If you want to play, send me a private message picking up where one of the following leaves off....   I am walking home from class carrying my books and starts to rain. A black Mercedes pulls over and the passenger window rolls down. The driver, a man, says, "Do you need a ride?" I lean down to look in the wi...
    Hotwife4U's profile
    <3685 fans>
     irrelevant information  Read 102 times

      You know, like thousands of people who came before me who were descendants of me who had originally been here... i mean there were thousands of people, and on down the line to where there were worms. And there were flat worms. And Chinese men that were tied to walls would show worm movies out of their penises into the air, in apparent disgruntle and dismay. And it would be wadded up like a litt...
     More Latex Piss Whore Videos  Read 157 times

       Here you will find more Latex Piss Whore Videos.   Lots of sluts, slaves, latex ladies, master....lots of piss and cum....!   To please you all and specially Mistress L (lust in latex) !       - English dungeon mistress in latex, pissing no.1   ...
    ppmaster's profile
    <271 fans>
     Proud to be a cumslut !  Read 265 times

       As you may have wondered already, I LOVE CUM ! Cum is my number one fetish, I love to be covered by cum, being creampied, playing with hot sticky cum in my hands or with my tongue... And most of all, having cum in my mouth ! Nothing can compare to the feel of a hot cock in my mouth pumping it's hot creamy load  on my tongue. At first, it feels really warm, I love to fe...
    CuteCha's profile
    <552 fans>
     Closet CD  Read 126 times

       Closet CD here.  mainly from the neck down.  wanting to make the next step and go full dress...
    hiheelboi's profile
    <40 fans>
     Turn Ons and Why  Read 122 times

       I am a huge fan of straight ballbusting. To have an attractive woman taunt your pain, to cause and/or laugh at your aching nuts is a huge turn on.  This makes chastity and cuckolding really sexy to, if the woman knows she is causing you aching blue balls and denial, it gives her power and makes you submissive, I find that sexy.   If you have any ideas for capti...
     Today going to be bull whipped by Fiance  Read 125 times

       Today I'm going to be severely bullwhipped with a 3ft whip across chest and groin. It's going to be great.  All videod too.  My fiance is also pregnant and so this will add spice to the video. I'm also going to be chained to an outside gate and my balls water jetted.   It's going to be so painful! I'm hoping the neighbours don't pu...
    smithers's profile
    <351 fans>
     Last night's sex (friday 24th july 2015)  Read 188 times

       I had my favourite sex last night, I was very orgasmic! :):):) I got naked and lay on the bed with my legs open so my boyfriend could see all the delights of my body. As he watched I begun to rub my ginger cunt to get my juices flowing. It felt good watching him enjoy me enjoying myself, I loved seeing his gorgeous cock get stiff and hard. He crossed over to the side of the ...
    HeartHart's profile
    <492 fans>
     Finally sucked 3 at one time.  Read 165 times

          I have 2 guys that I blow on a regular basis. I have sucked Bill everyday now for about a month and Larry I have sucked for years. One day last week after swallowing a load of Bill's cum I told him my fantasy of blowing 3 guys at one time and swallowing all their cum. I said I have sucked and swallowed you and Larry at the same time and would like to try one more. He...
    mesomorph's profile
    <756 fans>
     A difference between men and women  Read 213 times

       Girls:  What's with every guy posting a picture of their little boy thing(s)?  So typical of the male attitude toward sex...."See this?  Lay down, it's time!!!"  Like we should be instantly wet and ready, or at least become aroused and write them.  I've yet to know a man who could bring me to as many "O"s, as the worst woman I'...
    RitaBalleau's profile
    <341 fans>
     18yo horny little girl snapshat  Read 342 times

    Jerkoffaddict's profile
    <418 fans>
     Amigos.  Read 125 times

       Hola! me gusta TODO lo que indico en mi Perfil... y más, mucho más! Son todos Bienvenidos y gracias por contactarme!   
    juani02's profile
    <428 fans>
     mac black berry ladies  Read 123 times

       hey everyone my names anthony       im am a artist who loves to draw erotic comic books  im tryna raise money to promote my work and appreciate the help my comic books focuse on older beautiful sexy women on young guys and maybe even more u wont be dissapointed the donation is more like motivation ya know if u wanna see some hot believable...
     Holiday return  Read 223 times

      Back from holiday with my bf and when got home fat Adam was waiting with his flatmate who i didnt know, My bf had texted him to meet us without telling me !! There was no role play they just wanted to ride me and my bf insisted i kept them happy. Adam's flat mate was first but after 10 mins Adam pulled him off and pinned me down. he may be fat but he is VERY horny and he had me so...
    sillykim20's profile
    <264 fans>
     Pic ideas  Read 131 times

      Ok, so I am still new to this site. If anyone has a specific type of pic/pose thy would like to see, just let me know. ;) 
    SFJ's profile
    <5 fans>
     my fav woman!  Read 178 times

      47.jpg (516×700) 
    halloleute's profile
    <21 fans>
     .. How want to EXPOSED ME ... ;) .. on the INTERNET, WEBB .. EVEN .. in available in Sociala sidor .. I love it ;))))   Read 182 times

      Hi , name is Pernilla ... I love to be EXPOSED ... how want to "play" whit me .. on the webb ;)) ??????
    frissen66's profile
    <1119 fans>
     Intense Massage and Therapy Experience in Dubai  Read 130 times

       Our soul is an expression of our existence. The soul is the ultimate ‘one’ which is directing all other connected human souls to one direction, i.e. the prosperity, joy, compassion and happiness. The well-being of souls can be maintained by doing good things in life, such as dance, sports & exercise, music listening, writing, or simply by singing prayers and songs. The...
    lucyamber's profile
    <0 fans>
     chat  Read 121 times

      Love chatting. So hit me up and lets chat. Exchange pics.
    goat98's profile
    <12 fans>
     Awsome story written by Rennith for me!  Read 199 times

       This story was written by master Rennith for me!  The Slave The High heels where hard to walk in mainly because her ankles where hobbled by a short chain. Her short little steps made her tits bounce a lot and the bells hanging from the nipple rings jingled. The cool air made her nipples hard and because she was naked except for a pair of black stockings and suspender belt ...
    MistyNalo's profile
    <2453 fans>
     What i love?  Read 161 times

       I´d say coffee, the first cup in the morning beats the shit out of most things in life, add an hell of a orgasm to that and i´m in heaven for sure! I went there this morning while chating with one you guys, it came out of the blue just like that. Great pictures and then you totally knocked me with the few lines you did, and BAM! There it was and i have never been so unprep...
    Celesse's profile
    <1467 fans>
     At what age should your daughter be introduced to a black man's lust  Read 167 times

      I have always wrestled with this question. My own daughter was 18 yrs old when she had a black cock in her...and somewhat reluctant. I've heard from other parents about this and I was rather shocked by the early ages they approved of. I'm against children having sex, I think that is wrong and mentally harmful. This certainly varies in different countries with African countries being the...
    muledick77's profile
    <111 fans>

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