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     Inside women's torture labor camp in the province, the persecutors tortured she with several of the torture methods at their disposal: "Five Horses Splitting the Body," the subjected to more than twenty stretching tortures  Read 144 times

       "because she persisted in her belief in Falun Gong, and did not succumb to 'transformation,' she was subjected to more than twenty stretching tortures. brainwashing - every day, everyone must sing songs to glorify the Communist. Anyone found not doing it properly will be tortured. she couldn't raise her body by bending at the waist, and her fingers were crooked...
    theTortureRack's profile
    <29 fans>
     DP  Read 131 times

      Kinda fantasies about DP with two 11" very thick vainy purple heads. Wonder if I would handle it. ....
    weronikamyszka's profile
    <362 fans>
     My First Live Interracial Experience: The night of 23/8/13  Read 191 times

      Me & my girlfriend hadn't spoke much that Friday. The morning & afternoon had been spent just texting each other about dull day to day topics. So it came as a surprise when she told me the news. We had been going out for four months. Not long into the relationship, we discussed sex & the things we were into. Incredibly, we were into the same thing: interracial sex. Not just in...
    WhiteDemon's profile
    <308 fans>
     Raw Sex  Read 156 times

        This Friday and Saturday we spent the with one of our lover's whom is younger than us.  He is around 40 year's old and very agressive sexually and a very dominate Man.  My wife loves to be with him and he love's her attention, however with me he loves to show me what a worthless faggot i am.  He is well over 10inches and with a very thick uncut cock he is also a Black Man with and attitud...
    BillieDRAg35's profile
    <83 fans>
     my sexy Irene  Read 141 times

       Everytime I see my mom-in-law, my heart skips a beat and I get an instant erection. She is such a lovely looking lady, I love watching how she walks, how her lips move. I love the way she smiles. Theres something very alluring about her. I wonder how many men want to fuck her deep and hard! For me,  I want to press her back against the wall, lifting her legs up from the b...
    irwsg's profile
    <8 fans>
     2013-09-01  Read 204 times

       Candaulisme Lyon Cap d'agde 
    AmandineLibertine's profile
    <4668 fans>
     Hot girls, beautiful girls, perfect girls, erotic photo gallery 70.  Read 164 times

         Hot girls, beautiful girls, perfect girls, erotic photo gallery 70.   Hot girls, beautiful girls, perfect girls, erotic photo gallery 70.   tthp://
    yepuras's profile
    <134 fans>
     A story I wrote  Read 109 times

       It's been too long since I wrote one, needed to get some thoughts out.  The door knocks. I had barely gotten to sleep disatisfied with myself. Walking to the door I wonder if she must of forgotten something important and come back, if my brothers were home early and forgot their keys. I would never have guessed I had an old friend at my door. A friend I'd not 2 ...
    thedeskinmyroom's profile
    <128 fans>
     Last Night  Read 127 times

       I love the feel of a little virgin's heart racing as she experiences her first fucking.  Her name was Amy M and, with luck her career as a teacher will have to be put off a few years if my cum did its job.  It was almost magical the feeling of her little heart pounding beneath her tiny little breasts.   I truly savored the moments as we lay quietly while my sperm pump...
    stevend's profile
    <273 fans>
     ***  Read 130 times

    Lexy85's profile
    <91 fans>
     Private fakes  Read 122 times

      I do private fakes if i like the girl. Private message.
    saracoru's profile
    <1178 fans>
     Erotic gallery with hot and gorgeous girl on the beach 80 photo .  Read 152 times

         Erotic gallery with hot and gorgeous girl on the beach 80 photo .   Erotic gallery with hot and gorgeous girl on the beach 80 photo .
    yepuras's profile
    <134 fans>
     [LAF-05] LaForet Girl 5 : Karin  Read 154 times

       Starring: Karin Studio: LaForet Girl Product Info: Item: LAF-05 |  Media Type: DVD |  Region : 0 (ALL) |  Picture Format: NTSC |  Screen Format: 16:9 Widescreen |  DVD Type: Single Layer |  Language: Japanese |  No. of Disc: 1 |  SubTitle: N/A Features:     •Motion Menus     •Scene Selection Category: Unc...
    sonlinkang's profile
    <66 fans>
     I got sucked off :-)  Read 154 times

      Was in a hotel in August... I met a nice boy who came over when I was in my black stockings, thong, and silky black slip... and he sucked me off.  Twice!  :-)
    johnj_2000_us's profile
    <1410 fans>
     Mail from a fan  Read 395 times

       Here is an interesting mail i recieved from a fan, read and enjoy:   Some days ago i went with some friends to have an afterwork beer. We went to a place near XXXX XXX (eriksweden1970: I deleted the place name) here in XXXX, its by the water and its a very nice place. There is a long quayside there, newly built and there are some constructions works there too. We where to ...
    eriksweden1970's profile
    <790 fans>
     Most beautiful 60 girls on twitter .  Read 151 times

         Most beautiful 60 girls on twitter .   Most beautiful 60 girls on twitter .
    yepuras's profile
    <134 fans>
     2013-09-01  Read 109 times

      hi i want indians to b naughty as ammericans, i want to start up a nudist club in india , bring them the awairness of being nachural,, nude with friends ,, family doing advenchure spoars ,, having fun in the sun in india,, i need ideas from ppl all around the world to join me & suppoart me for this cause ..
    tin84's profile
    <6 fans>
     Want to shoot big loads?  Read 138 times

       Not trying to tel anyone how to ejaculate, but I have learned over the years how to ejaculate BIG loads, just like the porn stars.  First drink a lot of juice, pinaple is my preference, and it's also the ladies too.  Yes, what you eat, drink effects the tatse of your cum.  If you are a cronic masturbater, and you are going to have sex with a woman within 12 hours, don'...
    longstrokecum's profile
    <172 fans>
     Hello   Read 206 times

      Hello everyone here! Wish to meet many of you
    Chinamom's profile
    <138 fans>
     A Long Three Days  Read 136 times

         Mike’s at the station for the next four days and I miss him more than usual. I mean it’s bad enough that he’s not around the house, but now it’s even worse. I’m sure it’s due to my ‘mission’. The opportunity to push him a little closer to ‘full-on girl mode’ is very exciting to me and when I’m done, I hope it&...
    jenni_curls's profile
    <700 fans>
     Craigslist  Read 123 times

      I just wamt to know if anyone has ever had a successful hookup on Craigslist.  I keep trying and trying but all the guys always flake out. Id love to hear from you soon!
    Sweet_Freak's profile
    <178 fans>
     Please read before requesting a tribute!  Read 104 times

       Well, I am getting several tribute requests daily and, trust me, it is impossible to keep everyone happy. But I am really impressed on the number of garbage pictures some people are asking me to tribute! Like they are pushing a button, they shove up my face a picture that isn't even worth to look at even once (I can't even imagine giving it a second look) and they expect me to be tur...
    cums4yourwife's profile
    <671 fans>
     Let's get the Big boobs room back  Read 109 times
    bman75's profile
    <206 fans>
     Shemale Cam Babes  Read 207 times

       Shemale cam babes are awesome and one of the hottest is the gorgeous Rhubby1 that I had an amazing tranny cam  sex session with last night. Rhubby1 is without doubt one of the sexiest shemale cam babes ive seen in a long time. just take a look at the pictures. Shes one fine shemale and imcredibly flexable. She has gorgeous big 36D tits and a hot juicy cock just rock hard and desperate to b...
     who I am  Read 99 times

       Hello, I am desmadryl xavier,a bisexual male from zulte,belgium, who adores  woman ,but also enjoys a good fuck up the bottom. don't like shit or pis,but you can tie me up,blind fold me,and fuck me all night. xxx xavier
    xdl7's profile
    <34 fans>
     Public Sex   Read 154 times

      Took my wife out to her favorite spot on the Santa Fe river last night and let her run around naked. She caught the eye of a couple fellow sunbathers who she invited closer, teased then sucked off. Going back today with some toys and condoms to see how many guys she can tease and fuck.
    Porterhaus5's profile
    <266 fans>
     Een avond alleen  Read 123 times

       Vanavond ben ik alleen. De meester  heft mij zoals gewoonlijk een opdracht gegeven. Ik loop met mijn onderlichaam naakt door het huis slechts met mijn ponytail in mijn kontje, mijn borsten zijn gehuld in een bh waarin mijn tepels bloot zijn en aan mijn piercings hangen kleine belletjes. Ik ben onrustig vanavond en weet niet waarom? Ik heb licht gegeten want vandaag heb ik geluncht met e...
    breakfast42or3's profile
    <5180 fans>
     a wonderful horny event  Read 111 times

       De beleving van een Onderdanige Vrouw.   En heb alweer dagen uit gekeken naar de terugkomst van mijn meester. Eindelijk mag ik heb weer verwelkomen op het vliegveld. Die avond ben ik meer nerveus dan anders, ik weet niet waarom. Zou het komen door de opdracht die hij me heeft gegeven of enkel dat ik weer zijn onderdanige zal zijn voo...
    breakfast42or3's profile
    <5180 fans>
     2013-08-31  Read 130 times
    Aloutte's profile
    <31 fans>
     Super hot erotic gallery with very hot brazilian girls 60 photo .  Read 204 times

         Super hot erotic gallery with very hot brazilian girls 60 photo .   Super hot erotic gallery with very hot brazilian girls 60 photo .
    yepuras's profile
    <134 fans>
     WELCOME TO MY PALACE......  Read 108 times

       WELCOME TO MY PALACE....... I am Sheik Jack waiting for the editors of this site to allow me to bring you my thoughts and more importantly, my girls of the harem. I have many, many beautiful girls I want to see (but, not touch....for they are MINE). Am also looking to show you my latest photo of myself, in Sheik's robes, of course. Also....Once the editors have granted me p...
    SheikJack's profile
    <1 fans>
     Sexual Pleasues  Read 98 times

      I wanna meet safe sexy women to have some good sexual pleasures. It has been my fantasy to cum in a womans mouth and fuck a woman in her ass. Just my interests
    melvinpab's profile
    <8 fans>
     Hi!  Read 95 times

       In future i want to use the porn imagefap gives me to express my erotic fantasies of a post-apocalyptic utopia/dystopia (utopic for me...more dystopic for others). It is mainly for myself, but maybe some of you here ejoy it too! 
    EmilSinclair's profile
    <23 fans>
     bissex culotte plastique sperme uro  Read 108 times

    pvc13's profile
    <28 fans>
     Problems with my PC  Read 141 times

      I'm absolutely frustrated to death right now. Took me 35mins to upload my last post...and for once its not Imagefaps fault. Folders and pics on my hard drive have begun to open soooooo slowly its driving me insane. I have virus, malware checked, checked ram and virtual memory, Nothing !!!!! Its as though something is checking every file I try to open...but cannot find anything doing it....h...
    grafter69's profile
    <3112 fans>
     Erotic gallery with hot girls on facebook 80 photo.  Read 155 times

         Erotic gallery with hot girls on facebook 80 photo.   Erotic gallery with hot girls on facebook 80 photo.
    yepuras's profile
    <134 fans>
     Little Balls Blue(Little boy blue)  Read 122 times

       Little balls blue, watched a BLACK cock, cum within his wife's thighs. He stuck in his tongue, ate all the cum, and said what a good cuck am I!
    ackman's profile
    <1388 fans>
     Why is the fantasy of fucking mom so hot?   Read 137 times

      I would want
    DickInsider's profile
    <78 fans>
     Myself  Read 98 times

      Hi all, Im a guy looking to chat with some girls. Thats litterally it. Im not looking for pictures, and i wont send any. Just a sex chat. A role play. live out some fantasies and ideas. Nothing dark nothing heavy, Nothing Serious
     blond spanish boy  Read 108 times

      im a young spanish boy interested on meet girls for playing and chat.I like all kind of women. Hope you ejoy my body as i do with yours
    xicorubitojosazules's profile
    <22 fans>
     PIERCING PATTIE  Read 159 times

      Well, all I can say is that it hurt.  Bad….but maybe not as bad as I thought…..  Forcing Pattie to get pierced last Saturday was a wonderful experience for me.  Dora is a gifted artist; it’s how she started in life.  She did Tattoos and piercing as a teenager in shops all across the Southwest.  Now she owns a bunch of them,  both in the US,...
    Cruel-Loving's profile
    <553 fans>
     2013-08-30  Read 154 times
    Aloutte's profile
    <31 fans>
     A diary of wanking - 2  Read 114 times

       Ok, so this is a pretty crap diary in terms of the frequency of entries but I've got other things to do so ... Had one of the best wanks of my life the other day.  Been giving the old masturbation a bit of a break and trying to not look at pron everyday but every 3-5 days.  This has been good actually.  I got the opportunity to use some of a friends knickers ...
    Bartlett2Pear's profile
    <65 fans>
     2013-08-30  Read 128 times
    Aloutte's profile
    <31 fans>
     How is it to be a Pet  Read 128 times

      I have been dreaming quite frequently on how it would be to be pet on fours to someone...24/7.
    malap's profile
    <27 fans>
     How i fucked my   Read 213 times

       She is my older cousin by 1 age. Ive been trying to fuck her all my life. I was always horny for her ever since we met and even tho she was my cousin i didnt care, i just wanted to fuck her.  TRUE STORY! back when we were in high school she would invite me to her place to hangout. We would hangout and stuff, do family things but secretly, the whole time i wanted to fuck her. I wo...
    moneyshots19's profile
    <174 fans>
     Numbers  Read 104 times

       After looking at the members search page recently I noticed something that made me think. Apparently more than 7% of the population of Andorra are on imagefap. One horny little country  
    tohu-bohu's profile
    <75 fans>
     LAK BADU  Read 271 times

    rentsl's profile
    <27 fans>
     Most gorgeous girls with round and perfect ass .  Read 137 times

         Most gorgeous girls with round and perfect ass .   Most gorgeous girls with round and perfect ass .
    yepuras's profile
    <134 fans>
     Update on latest galleries  Read 123 times

          Every day I get a chance to update my galleries with new pics .. I do try not to get pics of two of the same though some cases I might of done ..    I have a few new galleries to upload .. If you are a fan I'd love to know what your into .. Maybe post a few thing with your name attached ..  Well hope you add me .. Or let me know wh...
    Nudists4eva's profile
    <5 fans>
     Big cock intimidation  Read 281 times

       I am looking to chat, not meet just chat, with guys (especially black) who are bi or open to the concept, and have enormous cocks. I would like to know certain things, like, do you think it's fair that you have a big cock and lots of us guys out here do not? Do you think it should be ok to cuckold guys like me simply because you were born with a superior sexual organ? If you are into making ...
    whitebetasub's profile
    <108 fans>
     Laura Lion Twistys Photos Busty Herself Feeling Laura Lion  Read 95 times

    confident4's profile
    <7 fans>
     At the park  Read 134 times

       If the old saying that the Truth will set you free, then we discovered how liberating it can be in a sexual contxt recently. All of this story is true. Its been equally liberating putting into written words and i was amazed at how much detail I can remember and, having read it back, amused at how much like a 'readers letter' bit of literotica it reads. Nevertheless, this happe...
    NoviceCouple's profile
    <449 fans>
     Laura Lion Gals Fuck Pool Laura Lion  Read 109 times

    confident4's profile
    <7 fans>
     fuskator - busty erotiqlinks floppy Laura Lion  Read 401 times

    confident4's profile
    <7 fans>

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