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     Please fake and post dirty comments of my teens.  Read 133 times

      Please fake comment and fake my teens. I would love to hear what dirty thing you would do to them :)
    moneyshots19's profile
    <173 fans>
     Tips for the ladies 1: blowjobs  Read 106 times

         As a guy, I can state the obvious... Most of us love blow jobs. Some of us REALLY love blowjobs... and all of us have been with a woman who either won't suck a cock to save her life... will do it reluctantly or just doesn't know how. These tips are for you. Experienced gals.... might learn a few insider tips. Don't feel challenged or insecure.. I do have an unfair advantag...
    jizzjunkie69's profile
    <26 fans>
     Poledras going to be thick black cocked.  Read 123 times

      I am now officially shocked and surprised . My beloved Poledra for her first casual non old friend has icked a man above her reservations she's going for 8" of thick Black Cock to exercise her pussy and I'm going to be there with her being done infront of me. Roll on Saturday 27th of July 2013.
    FayeLeMar's profile
    <70 fans>
     wohoo  Read 131 times
    gnert1's profile
    <60 fans>
     10 reasons why I'm a sissy-faggot-slut.  Read 171 times

      I am a sissy-faggot-slut.  Reason 1- I luv kissing real men, feeling their tongues in my mouth and their teeth biting my lips. 2- When they suck my titties, hurt my nipples by pinching, pulling & biting I feel so helpless I get hot.  3- A hot real man's body with muscles that feels sexy next to me.  4- Strong arms pulling me and squeezing me into real femmy-sissy frenzy. ...
    Tampon-Panzee's profile
    <901 fans>
     [SKY-256] Gold Angel Vol.25 : Tsuna Kimura   Read 139 times

       Starring: Tsuna Kimura Studio: Sky High Ent. Series: Gold Angel Product Info: Item: SKY-256 |  Media Type: DVD |  Region : 0 (ALL) |  Picture Format: NTSC |  Screen Format: 16:9 Widescreen |  DVD Type: Single Layer |  Language: Japanese |  No. of Disc: 1 |  SubTitle: N/A Features:     •Interactive Menus     &bu...
    sonlinkang's profile
    <66 fans>
     Sharing my slutty girlfriend with a guy from the club  Read 294 times

      right so we went out clubbing on saturday night as we do most weekends, except this time we went out just the 2 of us, with none of our mates, and to a town we'd never been to before. a few weeks ago we had experimented a little bit in a club toilet in our home town, and it ended with my girlfriend wanking me and another guy off in a toilet cubicle. we both loved the experience and were kee...
    scotthall21's profile
    <1342 fans>
     Pulled in my blue summer outfit  Read 270 times

       I have to tell you I totally pulled in my blue summer outfit!   Friday evening, quite warm at the pub, got a lot of looks, felt a hand lift my skirt and feel my bum, looked around and its this guy I had seen looking me up and down earlier, about 20 years old, hell, he asked me if I wanted a drink, hubby wasn't around so I said yes, feeling a bit naughty, he led me to h...
    littlebaps's profile
    <5492 fans>

           Hi John, My friends in the dorm say you are quite the lover.  I'm glad you came for the entire visitors weekend.  I can't wait until I wrap these legs around your hips and we start grinding on each other.  Ok lets get humping.   I'm goin...
    pat anderson
    pat anderson's profile
    <1143 fans>
     my sex story part 2  Read 176 times

      The guy was the head teacher of the primary school where my mom worked. I dream him all the night and hoping for some more exciting things with him in bed with no one around. But not getting any chance. One day he visited our home with mom. in the evening. I was roaming around him but since mom was there nothing was happening… Thank to mom when she decided to take a bath giving me an opportun...
    patelkajal549's profile
    <598 fans>
     500 subscriber gallery update!  Read 150 times

       Hi all,  Thanks for so many subscriptions, I'm glad everyone is enjoying the fat boobied whore galleries as much as I enjoy making them.  For the 500 sub update I am currently running over some ideas about who to post, feel free to comment or reply to any galleries you want to see more of.  Thanks.
    Ares007's profile
    <607 fans>
     Wifes away and I need to play...  Read 127 times

         Any nice guys who like dressing up like a slut and playing with other guys.   I love dressing up in my black pantyhose, short slutty shirt and high heels.   Lets get together for some cock rubbing and 69 sucking.   Yummy cum, in my mouth, in my arse...cum everywhere....delicious love juice.   Ho...
    BlackPantyhose69's profile
    <29 fans>
     The tumblr where your sissy destiny awaits.♡  Read 241 times
    sissydestiny77's profile
    <13 fans>
     private   Read 163 times
    Aloutte's profile
    <40 fans>
     2013-07-21  Read 268 times

    Aloutte's profile
    <40 fans>
     tv   Read 82 times
    Aloutte's profile
    <40 fans>
     The Good Girl  Read 153 times

       The text message on her phone simply says, "you will submit to your Daddy tonight." When Amy gets that text she knows what I expect. She knows when I will be arriving and she knows what she must do. Its not a long laundry list of things. I have my standards and she knows that they must be met. I am flexible to be sure. Amy knows that when she submits that she must be cleanly sh...
    Marcibear's profile
    <63 fans>
     Back Online  Read 96 times

       Hey there our blog is back up and running WordPress please note you may have to clear your chace and browsing history to update the site   Clear Chace on PC 1. Start Menu 2. CMD 3. ipconfig/flushdns 
    Marcibear's profile
    <63 fans>
     My Site  Read 107 times

      Hey there you may be wondering what happened to my site I am currently doing a major overhall of the site so I linked my domain to my tumblr wile I under go changes. Don't worry all the stories will still be there when I re link the domain to my main site. I have many more stories to come. I'm currently workin on a new theme so please be patient with me. I plan on having my main site ba...
    Marcibear's profile
    <63 fans>
     MIXED BIG BOOTIES  Read 103 times

     SWEET PORN ADDICTION II  Read 94 times

         Being addicted to porn is so liberating, so perfect to find freedom in slavery to my pantied cock and images of cunt, ass, and pricks filling my eyes. After immersing myself I find... I see hard, throbbing, manly cocks and get aroused. And I see locked-up and pantied cocks and get hard. THIS IS PERFECT PORN SENSE. I see perfect titties and curvy bubble asses that ...
    slut4mommy's profile
    <605 fans>
     Babysitting this weekend  Read 161 times

      Emma's niece was over this weekend, so we did not have our usual fun. But we did go to the movies, dinner and to Disneyland. All of us had a good time, but I'm looking forward to next weekend....
    bondagegirl1210's profile
    <693 fans>
     my blog:  Read 187 times

      my blog:
    Evazyon's profile
    <774 fans>
     2013-07-21  Read 194 times

      Found her sneaking illegaly across the border.  Separated her from the group she was traveling with and included her as part of the breeding stable.  Now bred, will keep her until no procedures can be performed then release her with the same clothes on as the day she was found.  
    midnight light
    midnight lightning's profile
    <108 fans>
     Shopping List  Read 142 times

       Below is my shopping list: 38DD Breast Form Bra (Optional) Black lace spider web body stocking G-string Mini Dress 6 3/4" Pleaser Stripper Heelz         Foundation makeup   Maybelline Dream Matte Powder Maybell...
    lanatuls's profile
    <34 fans>
     Rollenspiele  Read 103 times

       Hallo Freunde! (Ganz besonders die weiblichen unter euch)   Ich schreibe gerne an Rollenspielen. Bin daher also immer auf der Suche nach interessanten Partnern. Mein Spektrum ist breit und reicht von realangehauchten Settings über Fantasy oder mystische Dinge. Ich bin ein großer Fan von Filmen und Spielen, die in postapokalyptischen Settings stattf...
    Excelsior89's profile
    <109 fans>
     Nakedmen  Read 95 times

      Naked mtn, voys. twinks...
    Venl's profile
    <1 fans>
     Committed Abdl story :)  Read 180 times

        Found this story once on the big internet, got my intrest poked in abdl (and since im uri-inco for about 10 years now, this suits perfectly for me) So, without further adue, here's the story:  Committed By: Ormseinbani  Lindsey smiled as she walked out the front door of her home, taking a minute to smell the fresh air and wince at the noise c...
    fox0o's profile
    <15 fans>
     Meine Bilder  Read 143 times

      Hiermit trette ich die Rechte an meinen Fotos ab und gebe Sie frei zum weiterposten, viel spass damit, eure Sabine51
    sabine51's profile
    <130 fans>
     Wife's new undies chosen by someone else!  Read 267 times

       Imagine this body in this underwear... That's what I've arranged for my pal who wanted to see my wife in sexy undies when I take her away for an 'adult' weekend. So he chose the underwear on-line (bargain!)... And now it will be cupping her fabulous breasts and cossetting her sexy pussy - oh I will enjoy peeling it from her before fucking her. Imagining my pal an...
    naugtymonk's profile
    <804 fans>
     Weekend sex  Read 259 times

      I got this weekend my pussy licked by an Indian man in a park, it was so hot I have given him a blow job and I got a load sperm in my mouth, then he took me to his apartment and used me as if I were a hooker and and I felt as such! but the best was the anal sex! I loved it!
    redalex-for-black's profile
    <2104 fans>
     I love wanking.  Read 99 times

      Just finished my latest pud-pulling adventure with a huge cumload.  Fucking great!
    the-cumster's profile
    <9 fans>
     accidently deleted all my captioned galleries  Read 128 times

      accidently deleted all my captioned galleries, I will be uploading them all again soon but they will be grouped into mom or sister and so forth.
    pwood315's profile
    <1184 fans>
     Sweaty Pantyhose!  Read 111 times

      MMmmm I have in my hands my mother in law's pantyhose that she took off about an hour ago!  It's been another hot, sweaty day, she's been wearing them all day & mmmmm they are indeed fragrant!
    diamondgusset's profile
    <475 fans>
     Seduction: Essential to Pornography  Read 98 times

      I'm really just curious; why is that, in any sort of pornography, why is the seduction itself so erotic? I mean, why do sex scenes feel so incomplete if it just cuts to the participants doing the nasty? If anybody would care to offer their two cents on why this is, I'd be interested to know.
    2wingo's profile
    <53 fans>
     First Time & Crazy Lesbian Stories 9  Read 150 times

      My Lesbian Life PT 1 muff54 I was very young when I discovered that I was into girls.It all happened one night as I was laying in bed,I was 7-8 at the time,and I devleoped an itch around my vagina,as I rubbed and scratched it,it began to feel good to me,at the age for me I couldnt quite understand the feelings that I was getting from this,but then as time goes on and at the age of 10,I sta...
    Thejackpinesavage's profile
    <112 fans>
     My favorite video of the day  Read 123 times
    PetiteBite's profile
    <656 fans>
     I FUCKING DID IT!!!  Read 329 times

          OH MY GOD!!! I finally got to experience a gloryhole and it was fucking AMAZING!!! My bud picked me up at 11 this morning and drove me to around for about half an hour with a blindfold on so I'd have no clue where we were going. When we got there he guided me in and I could here people laughing and clapping. He took my blindfold off and I could see we were in a porno ...
    demck69's profile
    <374 fans>
     My profile  Read 94 times

       My profile on ManHub with some vids of me
    BitchDaddy's profile
    <385 fans>
     The God Squad  Read 139 times

       I've found the perfect way to get rid of Jehovah's Witnesses who come knocking on your door.   I had a call from a friend of mine yesterday morning, Kirsty.  She wanted to know if I fancied sitting in the sun in my garden all day drinking Gin and Tonic, and then fucking her all night.  I thought about it very carefully for about a millisecond and said oka...
    The Ram
    The Ram's profile
    <2266 fans>
     Black Cocks  Read 104 times

      Why do I find Giant Black Cocks so fucking suckable? I guess im just a BBC whore deep down cuz all I can think about is licking kissing and sucking a Big Black Cock.
    serpentx's profile
    <66 fans>
     Uncle Edwin and year later  Read 209 times

       I'm going to jump ahead one year and a couple of weeks to my 13th birthday. If you have read my other blog entries you know that my Uncle Edwin caught me masturbating to his collection of gay porn when I was only 11yo. The year was 1962, so all of his porn was either European or made by other pedophiles like him. You should probably read those entries first,as they give background to all fut...
    crashandburn's profile
    <311 fans>
     my sex story part1  Read 225 times

      Hi…I am 15 and the only daughter of my working parents.My name is Puja. My mother is 45+ and dad is nearly 50. They were arranged married and from my childhood I have seen them quarreling many times. Up to 13 yrs I used to sleep with my mom but for the last two years I am staying in a different room. Though I demand and got a separate room for night study, actually I was looking for it as I f...
    patelkajal549's profile
    <598 fans>
     waiting...  Read 102 times

      I've got 3 videos in the 990's and another in the 960's. God, I'm going to have some great wanks over the next few days!
    tantalus1970's profile
    <0 fans>
     Hi  Read 96 times

      hello partners, the images I had in my album has been removed by the administration of the site by the Copyright question, I apologize to my fans who were not able to take advantage of, and responsible for the image, and the administration has received complaints from my Album and give faith that reason no attempt was planning piracy but attempt to be free, enjoy and share the good image of the...
    JackFrosting's profile
    <29 fans>
     I need ideas for this one  Read 119 times

       So I know now that my wife is away on business august 20-22. I have long been wanting to do a more public selfbondage scenario with a risk of being caught by random people so this is what I have been considering...  I will book a hotel room in central Copehagen nearby the main station (which is btw also where the red light district is).  I will announce it here for ev...
    SelfbondageDK's profile
    <100 fans>
     Feet  Read 112 times

    Swainzy's profile
    <0 fans>
     my believes  Read 112 times

       There are superior humans, ordinary persons and inferior beings. Every human and person has the right to become whatever they like. But once a inferior being, there is no way back. Total enslavement (24/7, TPE) is the only and ultimate goal.   Inferiors, like me, are not longer human. They therefor cannot be raped or abused. They can be forced and trai...
    slave4tpe's profile
    <676 fans>
     polizeikontrolle  Read 278 times

       das hier ist reine fantasie *anmerk* :)    ich bin auf Urlaub mit meinem Vater, wir fahren im Mietwagen durch Italien.Es ist warm ich trage ein top mit grossem runden ausschnitt ohne bh drunter, einen string und einen knielangen weiten rock Mitten in der Pampa ein paar Kilometer nach einem Dorf überhohlt uns ein Polizeiwagen mit Blaulicht, er bremmst uns ...
    kathi-pdm's profile
    <462 fans>
     Lesbian Diaper Story  Read 138 times

       Although I had been an disciplinary top for many years, I had never considered using diapers as part of play until I met Jessie. Jessie brought out parts of me that I didn't know existed. She took our lovemaking to a higher level of pleasure than I had thought was possible. But let me start back at the beginning. I knew without looking at the calendar that there was a full...
    Marcibear's profile
    <63 fans>
     Two girls and me ;)  Read 140 times

        ( Some town in the late 80's ) I just graduated high school a few weeks earlier and was feeling on top of the world. Had a good job as an electricians helper and a great girlfriend ( big naturals ) and she loved giving and receiving head. I had a day off which was pretty rare for us because we wired new homes. Anyhow my girl was also off and home alone ( sweet I know ), so I motore...
    MushroomHead69's profile
    <1251 fans>
     Zoe's Cheering  Read 125 times

       "Oh, what a relief to be inside where it's cool!" Crysta exclaimed as she set down her stuff on her bed. It was a hot day, evidently, as Crysta's minidress was soaked with sweat, and had become transparent. She calls it a minidress, anyway. It looked to Donna more like a T-shirt, which barely covered her pussy under the best of conditions. Now, with it stuck to her hot, swe...
    Marcibear's profile
    <63 fans>
     Taking requests!  Read 120 times

      What would you like to see? Almost nothing is off limits. Just ask!
    BonerChamp's profile
    <152 fans>
     I'm Back!  Read 112 times

      Hello all my fans. Back from a long brake. He to hear from you all. muuuuah!
    LatinaHeat12's profile
    <315 fans>
     My Pantyhose Forum  Read 119 times

       Come by and check it out.
    PepePantyhose's profile
    <112 fans>

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