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     Some of my fantasies/Ein paar meiner Phantasien  Read 189 times

       Für alle aus Österreich, Deutschland, der deutschsprachigen Schweiz, Lichtenstein, oder Deutschsprachigen egal woher gibt es eine deutsche Version nach dem englischen Text. For all from Austria, Germany, German-speaking Switzerland, Lichtenstein, or German speaking people from any other place there is a German Version below the English text.   Some of my f...
    infibob's profile
    <508 fans>
     ich stehe in PVC zur Verfügung!  Read 150 times

       Ich bin bereit,mich so in PVC Windelhöschen und Kleid für Fesselungen,Folter und Hängung an zu bieten!Bringt mich irgend wo hin,wo es möglich ist,mit mir solche Praktiken zu machen!!Bitte melden auf:           ich beantworte jedes Mail!! 
    Patmaster's profile
    <18 fans>
      Top 10 to 2013 with best movies , music , hot celebrities , stunning girls .  Read 164 times

       Top 10 to 2013 with best movies , music , hot celebrities , stunning girls .
    yepuras's profile
    <133 fans>
     Beschreibung meiner selbst  Read 110 times

       Hallo! Einerseits bin ich ein niveauvoller Herr, der mitten im Leben steht, andererseits drehen sich meine Gedanken ständig um das Thema "Sex"; und zwar in allen Varianten. Ich habe eine dominante Seite und möchte dann meine Macht hemmungslos ausleben. Ärsche ficken, Fotzen lecken und fisten und meinen Schwanz tief in Mäuler rammen und Gesichter besamen.&...
    FunSwitch1974's profile
    <271 fans>
     Chat/cam  Read 148 times

       Anyone like to chat or something? i am just really bored and if you are to maybe we could have some fun instead :)      love n peace 
    jonte19's profile
    <263 fans>
     really could use a good blowjob!  Read 152 times

    nipplover69's profile
    <0 fans>
     Merry Christmas and a sexy 2014!  Read 319 times

       I wish all my sexy friends on Imagefap a merry Christmas and a sexy 2014! Keep on Fucking xxx
    mindy828's profile
    <1699 fans>
     trial  Read 117 times

      sd sdf dsf
    blablah2's profile
    <0 fans>
     Happy Holidays  Read 181 times

       Im out of town visiting relatives i'll be back on 12/30 ready to serve hope to see you all then.   Your Slut Slave Cindy     
    slut-cindy's profile
    <1041 fans>
      The Club 005 - La-635 - (Jessica A)  Read 162 times

                      “And,” the interviewer smiled. “We come to your last photoshoot. A lot of people are saying you’re best looking. It looked like it was hot where you shot it.”             Jessica smiled and cleared her throat. “Well, that all just ...
    JudgeRama's profile
    <447 fans>
     Offer to Caption or Comment.  Read 132 times

      If you'd like me to comment on, or caption a photo of your wife, girlfriend, ex, mother, daughter, or indeed any female family member, work colleague, neighbour, friend etc just send me a gallery link, or request to do so. NB! PLEASE DON'T ASK ME TO COMMENT ON GALLERIES OF RANDOM GIRLS, I do this as and when for fun anyway! Any details you can share with me will encourage me an...
    like2bindeep's profile
    <162 fans>
     Just getting started  Read 124 times

      Just signed up and spending lazy day playing around on site. Wishing I had some one to play with tonight. Maybe just some one to chat with. Never done a blog before, kinda hope this attracks attention. Suppose I should figure out how to add some favorites to my profile. Considering messaging some of those I have favorited. Will any one favorite me? Oh well, on we go.
    old69's profile
    <59 fans>
     Most perfect 100 photos with nude celebrities to 2013 .  Read 184 times

       Most perfect 100 photos with nude celebrities to 2013 .
    yepuras's profile
    <133 fans>
     suche junge skavin dauerhaltung  Read 144 times

      nehme junge frau als 24/7sklavin auf du bist ein junge Frau bis 25jahre, du solltes devot,tabulos,neugierig,hörig,sein .einzug bei mir als sklavin sofort nach gespräch und eignung,oder kennt jehmand mädchen die auf der strasse leben und erziehung brauchen was dich erwartet,totale unterwerfung,gefangenschaft,folter und ausbildung zur sklavin, anfängerin willkommen,du bist eine ritzer...
    gerly6's profile
    <344 fans>
     What do you all want?  Read 126 times

       Dear followers! Sorry for the long silence, I’m very busy now, so I can’t update my blog regulary. What photo do you want to see here? What plug, what enviroment? Propose me something special and I’ll try to do that!
    assplugger's profile
    <84 fans>

      Hi all , i just wanted to introduce you all to this cool cartoon sex blog called hentaidump , there are plenty of cartoon porn pics collections and you get to vote on what gallery shall be uploaded next , you should go and check it  Happy Holidays!
    MoonChild96's profile
    <142 fans>
     Christmas with my dad  Read 530 times

       I've chosen to visit my dad for Christmas. He wasn't much of a dad, this is the third time I've seen him since I was eight. Twice this year and when I turned twenty one.   Things are really weird here, he hasn't cleaned the spare room so again we're forced to share his bed, like in the hotel earlier this year. He's showing off his cock, again...
    freckledsub's profile
    <1102 fans>
     A comment on leaving comments  Read 154 times

       I typically enjoy reading the comments that people leave for me. But, and I can't believe that I have to clarify this, leaving racist or otherwise offensive comments is NOT OK. I will delete them  
    SissyAli's profile
    <3582 fans>
     Christmas Girls sexy and happy holidays to all 100 photos.erotic gallery  Read 160 times

       Christmas Girls sexy and happy holidays to all 100 photos.
    yepuras's profile
    <133 fans>
     Sissy slut  Read 132 times

       Love to be used, having my mancunt filled with cum, or gagging on a massive cock until it fills my throat with his cum. Bathing in Daddies piss is nice, licking his cock clean afterwards is a must Love to chat with other sissies, nastier the better.    
    Julie52's profile
    <64 fans>
     Baby sister discovers her submissive nature  Read 262 times

        I awoke and looked at the clock. I had slept about 3 hours, and felt refreshed, but Kelly was not in bed with me. She appeared momentarily, dressed in her french maid costume and looking like a dream. She walked up to the bedside with a sway in her hips, on 6" platform heels. She leaned over and asked "would madam like a bite to eat?" With a faux french accent. Her sweet...
    scarlet_o_mmm's profile
    <417 fans>
     requests  Read 171 times

      hi all..not sure how many actually look at the blogs here but for the next 3 days i will post one of the pics which i have previously posted cropped in full if you request it..most of the pics posted here are cropped but not all (unfortunately most but  not all of the shower pics are not cropped, just body shots) so if you have a fave you want to see, let me know and i might post it for yo...
    jfix's profile
    <1346 fans>
     lbm  Read 120 times

    lbmlbm's profile
    <2 fans>
     Check out my sexy red head friend  Read 150 times

       please post dirty comments of her or fake or tribute. i love hearing dirty comments of how you would fuck her or any of my friends.
    fapallnight's profile
    <211 fans>
     do people actually meet here  Read 164 times

       looking for a Woman who likes tvs or a sexy tv for lots of fun and games, into most things, just ask. Em x
    emilyessex49's profile
    <314 fans>
     A surprise ass-fucking in panties (Part 2)  Read 189 times

      So, I am walking down the street holding the hand of a beautiful woman who, just five minutes previously, had her hand down the back of my jeans caressing my lace panty-covered arse and finger fucking my asshole. The once hot cum in the front of my panties is now cooling against the front of my crotch as I try my best to walk, still weak at the knees, down the street. I am still unable to be...
    hummmph's profile
    <130 fans>
     Show Your Tiny Dick  Read 157 times
    Lil_cock's profile
    <402 fans>
     FAKE REQUEST  Read 129 times

       if you are good at fakes, go to my profile and take a look at the latest album I posted. This asian girl I know NEEDS it!      
    Damnnn's profile
    <217 fans>
     add me at google+  Read 123 times
    dennisdiesau's profile
    <29 fans>
     Butt Plug  Read 178 times

      I have a four hour shift to work tomorrow, I am going to it with my butt plug in. Just got it from Amazon.
    mipeterson's profile
    <569 fans>
     Posting   Read 133 times

      I like to post pics in the morning here in California, that way folks in Europe (Poland, Russia, Germany, UK, France) see my pics in the evening.
    mipeterson's profile
    <569 fans>
     die Erziehung läuft...  Read 133 times

      und nach langer Suche hat mich eine liebevolle Mami gefunden, die mich führt und erzieht!
    Gummibaby73's profile
    <131 fans>
     How does cock and cum taste like?  Read 128 times

       Im very curious, I havent givin a blowjob before.  Can someone PLEASE describe to me in detail how cock and cum taste? I would appreciate it very much cause im craving!        
    Damnnn's profile
    <217 fans>
     Dicke Nippel - Stand Dezember 2013  Read 161 times

      Ich will mal wieder zum besten geben wie die Nippel nun aussehen. Am Anfang schmerzten die Nippel nach etwa einer Stunde mit den Ringen und ich musste sie wieder von den Nippeln ziehen. Auch das etwa 30min Pumpen führte früher dazu das etwas Zellwasser aus der Haut austrat. Zwischenzeitlich war die geschundene Haut an den Dehnstellen der Nippel leicht eingerissen. Einige Tage Ruhe und etwas C...
    BeerandFun's profile
    <78 fans>
     anchuak waba  Read 116 times

      anchuaaak lah mako lamak
    rudi74's profile
    <11 fans>
     Lonely  Read 116 times

      Living the single life is fun and all, but I think it's time I start looking for someone who understands me. Someone who likes me for who I am and actually thinks I'm halfway decent. I forgot what its like to be cared for. I can feel myself getting worse every day, but I hold on to the thought of one day having that special someone. I want someone I can cuddle with, play video games nak...
    justinlust1's profile
    <3 fans>
     New Yahoo Account  Read 132 times

      Thx to the fuckers at yahoo deleting my old account I have had to start a new one my e-mail is now and this is also my addy for YIM. My tribute group has been deleted as well so when I get the chance I will start it up again and begin adding all my pics back on to it. Fucking yahoo!!!!!
    Bigtitcummer's profile
    <658 fans>
     Merry Christmas  Read 135 times

       If I can make you cum I`ll be happy !
    Beachbum1234's profile
    <0 fans>
     Merry Christmas everyone  Read 167 times

       Wishing all my friends, fans and visitors a happy christmas and lets keep on fapping! Have fun folks :P  
    deeperground's profile
    <2171 fans>
     Best shopping trip ever!  Read 310 times

       I spent the weekend on a shopping trip with the girls, buying plenty of new clothes as well as stuff for family and friends. I couldnt resist doing something kinky though, so before we left I slid a huge buttplug right into my ass! I spent the weekend walking around shopping centres, travelling on trains and partying with 7 anal beads pushing into me. Dancing with something in your butt...
    Victoria89's profile
    <3032 fans>
     Tribute or fakes  Read 139 times

       Cum on my friends ill cum on yours.  
    fapallnight's profile
    <211 fans>
     Fantasy - Being Emasculated by a Woman  Read 177 times

       One of my greatest fantasies is a woman using my ass as her "playground".  Here are these fantasies: 1.  During the entire time she remains fully dressed.  She is not there to visually stimulate me, just use me. 2.  I enter her house.  She grabs me by the front of my shirt and shoves me up against the wall.. 3.  She slaps me - hard...
    degraded's profile
    <270 fans>
     Happy Holidays fapsters   Read 135 times

       It's hard to believe that I've been on imagefap for over two years now. Thanks again everyone, -Ali  
    SissyAli's profile
    <3582 fans>
     Ein erstes Mal kommen  Read 137 times

       Hiho :)   Heute morgen musste / durfte ich meine Freundin mit der Zunge verwöhnen. Dabei spielte sie unablässig an meinem eingesperrten, nutzlosen Ding herum, was mich zusätzlich anspornte. Nachdem sie zwei mal gekommen war, musste ich sie sauberlecken, da sie immer sehr nass wird.  Zur Belohnung darf ich versuchen, heute selber zu kommen. Ich da...
    antin00b's profile
    <201 fans>
     great links!  Read 260 times  
    skyward1's profile
    <207 fans>
     What would you do with me?  Read 189 times

       Please add sections, anything you would like to do with me?   I wearing a pair of tight jeans, high heels and little black top.  
    teasingslut's profile
    <193 fans>
     Miss celebrities playboy 2013 ,70 photos .  Read 225 times

       Miss celebrities playboy 2013 ,70 photos .
    yepuras's profile
    <133 fans>
     <3 CHERIE <3 Working on gallery's :p  Read 185 times

      It seems i kant let her go, be prepered for more stuf of this amazing woman :)
    BubbleBuTTliefhebber's profile
    <427 fans>
     BOYS  Read 198 times

    detroitbitch's profile
    <462 fans>
     Winning!  Read 290 times

       Christmas Vacation started Friday. Yay! Dads working tonight, then off for 5 days! We've had to slow down on things so mom wont get suspisious.  I hate this shit :| When we cant play together, i leave my blinds open now so when dads outside smoking he can see inside my room :P  guess what I do when that happens <3<3<3 Ive been looking for new thin...
    kbaby95's profile
    <1315 fans>
     Felching Prison Faggot  Read 208 times

       john is a small skinny pimply faced white boi.framed for possession and sentenced to 3-5 in the state prisonsold into sexual slavery by a sadistic female guard.forced to performthe most degrading sexual acts imaginable for her of the brothers.she makes him strip in front of her.she leads him by his tiny cock up and down the tiersthe women guards laugh and point at his tiny...
    joakesey's profile
    <349 fans>
     A web whore - une putain du web  Read 216 times

       I want to become the largest whore of the Web! I'm a big Slut, no ? Je veux devenir la plus grande putain du web ! je suis une grande salope, non ? 
    littlebabs's profile
    <0 fans>
     Meeting in a hotel  Read 188 times

       Arranged this weekend to have an older man meet us in a hotel. The new photos taken of her were of her getting ready for him (I do think stockings would have been better but he has asked for tights!) Mike was in his 60s and a perfectly nice guy. I retired to the bar for half an hour to give them some privacy then went back to room after to see what was going on!  Hoping to...
    andy_nwuk's profile
    <19 fans>
     My sissy craving for an alpha male  Read 269 times

      I am a femmy lil submissive sissy and I just love strong, confident dominant men. I love the alpha male type, he is in charge and has a commanding precense. When an alpha male walks in the room, everyone knows he makes the rules. A sissy on the other hand is known to serve. It is the natural order and I am so excited to see so many men here who want sissy bitches.
    petitesissyboy's profile
    <99 fans>
     Wish someone would out or expose me  Read 133 times

      As someone who is shy I cant do it myself. But I wish someone would either hack my comp or webcam and expose me. Either for a small penis, diaper lover, adult baby, sissy, or anything else. I want to be humiliated and embarrassed. But tell me after that my reputation is ruined. I would love that. I wont reveale my identity or face thats up to you to find an spread around the internet
    fatsmalldick's profile
    <120 fans>

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