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     Mistress Simpson  Read 133 times

       Where is Jessica Simpson when you need her? My sexual fantasies must transpire. Jessica you may purchase the largest strapon you can find and lather it up with lube because I want to be your naughty little sex slave. I will do anything. Dominate me now!  
    CumRacer's profile
    <36 fans>
     no comp  Read 112 times

       My comp screwed up and i only have a tablet to get access at this point. I was showing pics of my wife and some others when I lost my comp. I fantasize about someone seeing her, figuring out where we are and showing up to fuck her by force. A group of guys who saw her online would tie us up and make me watch them brutally ream out her holes and use her hard and rough for hours.  ...
    tennluver's profile
    <34 fans>
     Sex addicted rubber slut  Read 110 times

       I noticed my latest blog entry dates  back to january... Does that mean I have not engaged in rubber induced horny sex acts?  No... it doesn't   I think I have been staying home twice a week ever since january, just to dress in rubber and wank...wank...wank myself silly. I am good at that :) This week again I will be 'working from home' ...
    latex_peelover's profile
    <287 fans>
     Portland, Oregon   Read 111 times

      guaranterd fun, loving couple. Driven to fast. come to town
    Mz_andrea's profile
    <27 fans>
     nice  Read 183 times
    fooldude4444's profile
    <18 fans>
     Added to CSAB gallery  Read 116 times

      I just added a couple more pics to the "Chaste Slave to Asian Beauties" gallery. The combination of frustrated desire with service to beautiful tasty Japanese women is irresistible to me. There's a bit of fart fetish in there too, but hopefully not enough to turn off readers who don't like that. Going to try for some shorter captions next..
    aznasslvr's profile
    <573 fans>
     Wow  Read 120 times
    fooldude4444's profile
    <18 fans>
     Domination  Read 153 times

       I am so ready for tonight I am having a nnight of ImageFap only! Gonna let some random guys dominate me so hard tonight.
    MistyMargo's profile
    <204 fans>
     fake requests  Read 117 times

      please send me a picture(s) of the girl you want to be faked...also why ;)
    privezaken1984's profile
    <48 fans>
     The nude resort (day one)  Read 216 times

       The great fuck we watched made us both extremely horny and thus we hurried to our room, as there was a common (but unspoken) agreement between us that we won't fuck in front of everyone at the beginning.  While we were heading for our room we see alot of ppl engaged in various sexual activities. There were lesbians eating each others cunts, there were couples fucking, threeso...
    spielc's profile
    <137 fans>
     Stockings Model Elise  Read 133 times

       I was going to upload this set to the main part of the site but then noticed that all the images contained a copyright so thought I had better upload them through my Blog instead.  
    NorfolkBiGND's profile
    <5162 fans>
     Cutting It Close  Read 217 times

      It was late around 1:30am, my husband was due home at 9am from LA. I was still in a hotel room with one of the sexiest Black men I had been with in awhile. I had just spent the last 4 hours having some of the most uninhibited sex, I had had in quite a while. He was insatiable. I know he came in me at least 4 times, I must have had at least 8 orgasms. It seemed like we tried so many positi...
    LynneCanton's profile
    <1821 fans>
     what to do what to do   Read 141 times

      should i respect my "friend" or should i post her pictures for guys to fap on her
     wow  Read 127 times
    milfjakter's profile
    <376 fans>

    lonelyguy213's profile
    <11 fans>
     Let go  Read 92 times

      She stands in the rain That's how I see her now Waving as she leaves Salt tears lost to the storm Its a fantasy A dream that I hold A fiction to forgive myself In reality here I stand No tears falling for me No-one waves me away It is true, she is gone As they are all gone She was just the last Now my arms are empty My tears the only ones that fall ...
    WalterPoe's profile
    <560 fans>
     On being shameless   Read 118 times

      My early life as a sexual being was ruined by shame.  Now I revel in the shamelessness that sites like this allow.  People of all ages and genders openly revealing who they are, what they think, the details of their bodies and telling us exactly what they find dirty, nasty, and beautifully obscene.  What gets them hard or wet, what makes them cum.
    lonetalker's profile
    <46 fans>
     Story #28 posted  Read 113 times

      Hooray! My latest story is finally finished and posted in the usual places. Be sure to check it out!
    p-interest's profile
    <325 fans>
     Free porn  Read 116 times

      Find a ton of free porn at Yes I am being paid. But it is still a ton of free porn tubes.
    canid's profile
    <68 fans>
     ErotiQue: An encouraging place for you to have an orgasm.  Read 152 times

       The creation of a beautiful encouraging place for that lovliest of personal experiences - the orgasm - should be everyone's goal. In relationships with others as well as with ones self.  Such lovely musings have been the subject of much thought as of late, and this blog entry is the most recent manifestation of those thoughts. You are a young man,perhaps in your ...
    MagicalLustMuse's profile
    <150 fans>
     Edging  Read 148 times

      This morning I woke up with a hard on. So I made some coffee, got some porn, and just started wanking for almost 2 hours straight. The last 30 minutes were heaven, edging is not difficult, you're just spermbuilding. Don't worry when you cant  keep your cock rock-hard all the time. When you feel you gonna cum you slow down your strokings so you're not ejeculating. Keep it inside...
    giveyoupleasure's profile
    <292 fans>
     My Urge to Satisfy Daddy's Cock  Read 143 times

       Does any one else ever wish a horny daddy would walk up and start flirting with you?? Im a bi-curious, younger male that recently discovered my sexual desire to play with a man's cock. I don't want people to know I am sexually attracted to dick, so I do not go out into public and hit on guys. However, if i was alone and that daddy ever came up and tried to seduce me into going...
    gearsking22's profile
    <27 fans>
     I Like To Watch  Read 146 times

       There seems to be an epidemic of men out there who want to watch their wife or girlfriend being fucked by another guy or group of guys. Be it Imagefap, Free Hookups, Adult Friend Finder, Naughty Date, and etc. there are several men using them for the sole purpose of finding guys to do their lady. Often they give you totally freedom to do what you want or request some unique filthy ac...
    rowdyruffboysofhouston's profile
    <1124 fans>
     Selfbondage experience  Read 119 times

         The other day I had to pick up the wife at the train station after she had been away a few days on business. 3 hours earlier I tied myself up in our bed dressed in a pink maid uniform, panties, hoses and very high heels. Dress and shoes was locked so I could not get it off. Legs tied in a hogtie, hands cuffed in front to chain around waist. I was lying on a latex sheet on...
    SelfbondageCPH's profile
    <68 fans>
     more mature girls  Read 130 times

      well she offered according to her the star prize, so she presented her arse to me, said it was a virgin arse, with a tub of lub I can now say it aint a virgin no more its full of my cum, and what a prize, tight and very nice to penertrate xx
    ppmica's profile
    <31 fans>
     First Gay Sex  Read 156 times

        It was the beginning of June and already in the 80's. School had ended and so had my 3 year relationship with my GF . She cheated on me and used me our whole relationship , but I always took her back , that is til I caught her fucking my brother ! So I was walking, and had been for 2-3 hours, not wanting to be home , not wanting to be anywhere.  Not really paying attent...
    unctnhng2's profile
    <59 fans>
     How to make Captions in Adobe Illustrator   Read 114 times

       Here is a walk thru for making xxx captions in Adobe Illustrator.  Quick Captions Guide  Things I missed : 1.Always rasterise your image ( Makes it ready for publishing on the web.) 2. Dimensions , try and make the long side 1000px . Thats a good size to work with. 
    Charlie_Vasquez's profile
    <883 fans>
     Believe something thats positive for you  Read 95 times

      Horoscope - June 3 2015 zodiacspot: Aries Horoscope (Mar 21 – Apr 19) It’s important for you to know that your work has meaning as you seek something intangible that goes beyond recognition and acknowledgment today. Nevertheless, you’re not prepared to give up the stability that your current job provides. Luckily, there’s no reason to add unnecessary stress by making...
    Master_Genuine's profile
    <1381 fans>
     Truth  Read 105 times

      Weak is a Dominant that can’t handle your strong and independent personality. Weak is a Dominant that calls you “bratty” or a “fake submissive” because you want a Dom to prove themselves worthy before you submit. The only thing that being Little means is being sensitive, loving, and sassy. And the last time I checked, that’s what makes a princess so fucking...
    Master_Genuine's profile
    <1381 fans>
     What I Get Asked In Imagefap Chat Rooms & A Bit About My Life And The Prick Imagefap Member Who Tried Start War  Read 135 times

       I spend quite a lot of time in the Imagefap chatrooms where I meet some fine people and unfortunately I've met a few dickheads there, one even challenged me to a war.  The person who challenged ,e to a war is going to become food for a species he hasn't heard of and I've started making his or it's life very very dissapointing for that one and I can do that to any member ...
    angelHeavenandHell666's profile
    <211 fans>
     Lessons With Daddy  Read 218 times

         I loved visiting my daddy every other weekend. We always had so much fun together. He's been teaching me so much. It was never like this when he lived with mom and I. He told me that if I ever said anything to mom about what we do then we'd have to stop. It's my favorite part of seeing him so I'm not going to say anything to her.
    tinygirl8's profile
    <4135 fans>
     Czech wife offered by her hubby to have sex with stranges - PM if interested  Read 153 times

       See details: Lets us know what you want to do with her, when and where :)
    taskmaster1984's profile
    <72 fans>
     All about  Read 119 times

       I love taking upskirt pics type, and spy for some time but I'm single. Fortunately, my best friend has a very sensual girl who is a wonderful facility. And we spend a lot of time together, I hope that I will have a lot of sexy occasion.   -------------------------------- Ich liebe die upskirt Bilder Typ und Spion für einige Zeit, aber ich Single bin. Gl&uum...
    xtrelek90's profile
    <61 fans>
     lets chat  Read 249 times

      Kik me at hockeygirl91746
    hockeygirl91674's profile
    <36 fans>
     Anatomy of a women  Read 128 times

      I like to see women as a complex beings with mixed feelings and sometime contradicting desires and end up having a pretty differentiated view of the anatomy of a women which I'm still struggling to fully translate into English: Face & Ears who love to be caressed The top of the ears which like to be touched Mouth & Lips that like to be kissed Breast & Nippl...
    flockenmond's profile
    <894 fans>
     Hey ;)  Read 140 times

       Hei, kommer sjekk ut mitt bildegalleri , det gjor meg kat nar fremmede ser pa kroppen min ;)  Ser frem til a chatte med deg... Vi sees kjekken!
    taraqueen's profile
    <14 fans>
     Black Supremacy  Read 135 times

       I am a white faggot. I prefer to service Black Men, but I will gladly serve Black women, too.   There is nothing humiliating about doing anything for Black Men and Women. It is a privilege, an honour. I love to suck Black cock, to lick and tongue yummy Black butthole, and to get fucked by Black men. Black cum, like Black cock, is superior. I love being seeded, f...
    Lopettie's profile
    <2202 fans>
     For Ed and Karen  Read 116 times

      It was a simple mistake, Ed confused the invitation for a couples party before his friend Jimmie's wedding, but when he and his wife Karen showed up at the party he quickly realized they had just crashed the bachelor party. The giveaway was the two young hotties in heels and skimpy swim suits walking around the dozen or so men, cooing at them and rubbing their tight asses against...
    MacanudoXII's profile
    <157 fans>
     Tonight  Read 185 times

      feeling nervous !!! my bf an Derek coming round in an hour. First ever 3 sum in my flat OMG
    sillykim20's profile
    <264 fans>
     Some serious thoughts about Kink and Race  Read 122 times

       It is time to share some thoughts about race as it relates to kink.  I saw a gallery the other day with a caption that depicted a black woman being "the first member of her family having sex with a white man" as if this was the same as being the first to go to college.  I responded that this was a deeply racist caption since during the slavery period, many slaves were use...
    SubtoGoddess's profile
    <410 fans>
     Über mich  Read 114 times

       Kiel den 05.06.2015 Moin Freunde des Auslebens sexueller Fantasien. Zunächst mal zu meiner Person: Damit keine Zweifel aufkommen und Alle, die auf glattrasierte Jünglinge stehen, gleich wieder abhauen. Ich bin 42 Jahre alt, 1,74 m groß und wiege ,zur Zeit, mal wieder 99 Kg. Ich habe lange Haare, einen K...
    kerrbo's profile
    <657 fans>
     Thinking of Europe ...  Read 164 times

       I saw some white tourists in my town recently and it made me think of my many friends of mine have fled this shit hole of a country to live a better life in Europe. Some have had the money to fly but I dont. Am thinking of taking a boat like many of my other Africans.   I would like to study at a skool there and fuck all of the white girls. I want to bring my gang with me...
    Black_Muslim_Dominance's profile
    <290 fans>
     cousin  Read 164 times

      So I have been flirting alot with one of my cousins. She is definitely willing to do alot more than just flirt, and I am eager to do it all. I will tell you once its done, but for now, was wondering who else out there is having fun with a cousin.....or sister/brother/mother/father??
    jesse_boy's profile
    <122 fans>
     my mother in law  Read 200 times

         So .. im 29 .. my mother in law is 48 .. shes chubby but has a great set of 32dd boobs and isnt shy .. So the over the 8 years ive dated her daughter .. she has lived alone so we spent alot of time popping over . One day my gf was ill and she had a new tv Being delivered so I said I said id come round and wait in .    I got there for half ten as the...
    Piss69's profile
    <18 fans>
     I Swear It Was Just A Massage!  Read 200 times

       I just finished my course to become a licensed massage therapist and my older brother Dave had let me try all my techniques on him throughout school. He never minded the free massages and I just wanted to practice before I had actual clients. I did all kinds of different massages and Dave was always open to trying something new. I wanted to find what I was good at so I could recome...
    tinygirl8's profile
    <4135 fans>
     exposed wife  Read 134 times

      i want to expose my wife
    marksjohn's profile
    <40 fans>
     Another new member  Read 113 times

      I joiined because I feel best when in the company of others who are open about sex and porn and masturbation.  I have been a lover of what others call the obscene since forever.  I am obsessed with the beauty of the naked body especially when it is dealing with things sexual; on display, orgasming, being dirty.  I love to write and read porn as well as view it.  Like so many...
    lonetalker's profile
    <46 fans>
     Video of wife and me  Read 127 times
    MOCuck83's profile
    <313 fans>
     "Just Cuz You Write Some Crappy Story..."  Read 153 times

       I like to write. I don't consider myself a "writer".  I did badly in English class in high school.  I don't know a thing about grammar and i like to think i get lucky with my spelling... unless of course i'm writing in a program that has spell check built in!   I like writing but i deplore consciously writing in some particular style or tryi...
    AnnaJezebel's profile
    <7710 fans>
     little bit about my self  Read 104 times

      just a commen sissy thats willing to do anything you ask 
    diblo1887's profile
    <8 fans>
     Horny for my step-daughter (part 2) - second encounter  Read 175 times

      After blowing my load in front of Mary, I quickly dressed and got a towel to clean up the mess on the floor before my wife got home.  Mary just watched.  When I finished she finally said, "That was a lot of cum!  Thanks for letting me watch."  And that was it. For the next several days and weeks, I was worried that Mary would say something to my wife.  Than...
    tittyWorship's profile
    <159 fans>
     Cock   Read 144 times

      I love big nasty Cock and Cum
    zakhirah's profile
    <63 fans>
     Über mich, ein kleines und perverses Schweinchen  Read 173 times

        Aussen pfui, innen pfui! Dieter, Schwein und Sklave nach aussen: 108 kg (Mutter`s Kuchen ist soooooooo lecker! Ich bin rund und übergewichtig. Habe eine Halbglatze und einen leichten Sprachfehler. Dazu kommt noch eine leichte Gehbehinderung. Ich sass früher im Rollstuhl. Das Gefühl, hilflos und wehrlos zu sein, habe ich immer schon genossen. Heute kann ich ...
    Dietersklave's profile
    <627 fans>
     HQ candid College Fashion Italy 002  Read 137 times

      In this gallery you can find: student girls, young teens and mature women wearing undershirt, vest, crocket work, visible bra, no-bras, skirt, miniskirt, transparent shirt with huge breast, shorts with their beautiful asses, collant, visible panties in upskirts too, pantyhose, black and coloured leggings. All these beauties around Italian colleges. ...
    cammcamm's profile
    <79 fans>
     Someone to Role Play with me by email?  Read 155 times

       I'd like to try some role play by email... Hot RP of course, ideally with a young guy, or a girl. We would find a plot, a start for a story and then answer each other by email! If you are experienced with that kind of plays, that would be nice! No personnal pics, no videos, just messages with romance, love, sex... hard sex maybe ! I think I could unleash my sex fantasies in...
    misstitane's profile
    <1403 fans>

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