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     The Actual Treasure is under the Ground of Photoclubs  Read 125 times

      In the ancient time, the earth was fully filled with the different types of trees. But, there were the various creatures. And their sexual life was different. There were several types of monkeys. Among them some kinds of monkeys did sex with their different partners within an hour. These kinds of monkeys are still alive. But the genetic structure has been changed. A human comes from the monkeys...
    photoclubs's profile
    <10 fans>
     I love being Eiffel Towered/Spit Roasted  Read 163 times

      I really love getting Eiffel towerred! Or is it called Spit roasted?  where theres a cock in my ass and im on all fous with a dick in my mouth.  Its so excited to have two cocks in you at once :-)
    Iswallowcum's profile
    <121 fans>
     A Rebel Song  Read 92 times

           ‡A REBEL SONG‡ by James Connolly  Come workers sing a rebel song, A song of love and hate, Of love unto the lowly And of hatred to the great. The great who trod our fathers down, Who steal our children’s bread, Whose hands of greed are stretched to rob The living an...
    Karatakos's profile
    <882 fans>
     Pics Elsewhere  Read 177 times

    kroller's profile
    <547 fans>
     I Crave White Dick !  Read 151 times

      I must admit I need thick white  Dick. I like BLack Dick too but I need White Dick. I  want to be domninated, I like to be called black slut and nigger it makes me so wet. 
    blackfun's profile
    <52 fans>
     linsey dawn mckenzie  Read 139 times

       Or as I like to call her, Linsey WHORE McKenzie!!! Had a fucking amazing session with a lot of linsey pics tonight. Slipped on a vibrating cock ring and browsed through pics on my tablet while the ring buzzed away on my cock ... on the lowest setting. Took me to the edge so many times I was almost crying! It was so tough to resist the urge to turn the power up! Finally, after about an...
    tantalus1970's profile
    <0 fans>
     Black men  Read 121 times

      I never had sex with black men....                     Help me!!!!!
    Corneliacory's profile
    <49 fans>
     My Blog on squirting orgasms  Read 130 times

      See my videos on
    squirtinggirl's profile
    <74 fans>
     What is you favorite caption?  Read 99 times

       I would be happy to get some new ideas for captions. aslo I would like to know what is you favorive caption in my gallery? 
    capslover's profile
    <336 fans>
     Colette Choisez cum tribute cumshot  Read 100 times

       A guy  showing off his erect sex on a picture of my wife Colette Choisez completely naked. I love see it enjoy on her, see his cum dripping on my naked wife. I imagine him cover of cum for real Colette, see for real his cum on the face of my darling, in his hair, dripping of his mouth, see the guy ejaculating between his tits, shove him the pussy and drop his cum inside her. I hope see ...
    alicen's profile
    <3 fans>
     Milestone of a Sort  Read 93 times

       Just discovered something new, that I think I just noticed. After months of Kegels, I just went MMO (male multiple orgasm). Fapping today, stopped just as I blushed and peaked hard, and I did come, just a little. Waited a bit, did it again and came again within a few minutes, just as strong as before; did this total of 4 times before I ran out of time. Interesting. Still just as shivering ho...
    polyhypermath's profile
    <278 fans>
     new clothes,  Read 111 times

      nothing fancy, hope is sexy
    TRAPLOVER's profile
    <147 fans>
     New Halifax Nova Scotia club!  Read 105 times

      Are you on the East Coast of Canada or visiting soon? Cum join the club!
    hfxcumbuddy's profile
    <591 fans>
     Was soll ich tun?  Read 122 times

       Grüezi Ihr Lieben, in einer Woche am Wochnende werde ich und einige meiner Freunde in unsem Hospitalzimmer wieder ein Rollenspiel proben. Nun möchte ich mir ein paar Ideen für bestimmten Situationen im Praxisraum bei Euch holen. Was würdest du dir beispielsweise von mir wünschen, wenn ich als Patientin in Deine Praxis käme?...
    takio minakuro
    takio minakuro's profile
    <2028 fans>
     Amy's accident  Read 149 times

         Amy was constipated, or so her mother said. Amy had not had a bowel movement for some days. Last night her mother had threatened that if ahe had not had a poo soon then something would have to be done about it.
    shortness's profile
    <727 fans>
     my artworks  Read 121 times

    berkmegatron's profile
    <14 fans>
     favorites from the toiletstool  Read 144 times

       here are some stories i've found exceptionally interesting on yall should check out the site as well!  Doug The other day I was riding the city bus due to a DWI charge I got leaving a buddy's house months ago and I found myself sitting next to this beautiful girl. She was about 5ft 6inches tall, long, culry blonde hair, full set of lips, big, beautiful b...
    goatfry's profile
    <180 fans>
     going further  Read 86 times

       ive said this loads but i am sticking to it...if i get over 30 fans i will go further with the pics and my sexuality and even set up a skype account ;) ill let you guys know the name at some point ;) you'll have to messege me to get on skype as i cant spend all day waiting for someone to pop up :P    love from felix ;) xxxxx   im looking forward...
    felixc5t's profile
    <30 fans>
     nigger girl  Read 140 times

      i love to role play on line so if interested hit me up
    llahsram's profile
    <137 fans>
     toilet slut  Read 138 times

      I want to be somebody's toilet slave so bad it hurts, but I can't find anyone in the seattle areas that's willing to use me. I guess all that pent up desire has been getting into my dreams, because I had a great dream last night that I wanted to share. my girlfriend led me through a park by our neighborhood, to a small bathroom at the beginning of a hiking trail. she pulled me into the ladie...
    youngsub_01's profile
    <20 fans>
     patriotism  Read 114 times

      Anyone 'inspired' by my current avatar? After all, it's your DUTY to wank and spunk to all these cock-teasing bitches!
    tantalus1970's profile
    <0 fans>
     erotic stories  Read 176 times ht...
    ninette's profile
    <10 fans>
     I Am A Submissive Sissy  Read 127 times

       My name is Colleen and I am a submissive sissy that enjoys being feminine as much as possible and wearing my Ex-Wife's clothes that She left behind when She left me to be with a Real Man. I love being Objectified as a sissy.
    Sissy_Colleen's profile
    <156 fans>
     Voyeurism  Read 161 times

    secretsigns's profile
    <197 fans>
     mes reves, i miei sogni  Read 100 times

       my molte volte mi masturbo pensando che di fronte a me ci sia un ragazzo che mi piscia sulle tette e sul viso . . . chiudo gli occhi e lo vedo davvero des fois je me masturbe et je pense que devant moi il y a un mec qui me pisse sur mes seins, sur le visage ... je ferme les yeux et je le vois vraiment 
    rosy1994's profile
    <210 fans>
     Jenny1991 - Tributes? YES Please!!!  Read 109 times

       Freue mich auf verzierte und veredelte Pics von Euch. Zeigt mir Eure leckere Sahne und schickt mir die Bilder zum posten an Unter allen Tribute Einsendungen verlose ich Ende August drei "real-live-cum-on-me" Gewinner, um mir meine natural boobis persönlich zu verzieren :-) Jedes eingesendete Bild oder Vid bekommt ein Los. Heisst, je mehr Einsen...
    Jenny1991's profile
    <179 fans>
     Mixing It Up  Read 100 times

       So, got crazy horny a couple of days ago after a barrage of hypnosis files, banged myself with a 6" ribbed black buttplug while I yanked on my balls, which was fun. Last night, caught my wife doing the dishes and licked her on my knees in the kitchen, then again to orgasm on the living room rug, then 2 more times in bed, then we 69ed for a half hour or so; she came again, and I came twi...
    polyhypermath's profile
    <278 fans>
     Thoughts? Okay  Read 82 times

      I'm thinking about a hand full or hands full of fat lady.  Ummmm  um.  And huge nipples to attach my mouth to when I'm bored which is usually.  And a butt large enough to hit every TIME when I feel like kissing UP.  
    werryone's profile
    <1 fans>
     An accident, I swear...  Read 188 times

       This evening I was watching television in my pajamas at about 7pm.  I had been home for a few hours and had been relaxing -- just before dinner, I came to ImageFap, perused some lovely pictures and masturbated.  Pretty standard. My doorbell rang as I was watching a movie, and it was an attractive young lady canvassing for a local political group.  A lot of people l...
    TestJemc's profile
    <62 fans>
      cw q  Read 110 times

      wc wc  cq
    julwnbr's profile
    <1 fans>
     thrthr  Read 100 times

    julwnbr's profile
    <1 fans>
     Kinga aka Lisa Sparkle  Read 155 times

       Boob rub and fuck in bathtub Kinga in bathroom  Bouncing and fucking
    SorenEberhard's profile
    <738 fans>
     я - шлюха  Read 128 times

      мне очень нравится когда меня "позорят" перед посторонними, выставляют обнаженную напоказ. унижая меня и обзывая при этом. мне нравится моя известность в интернете и я хочу еще большей известности. показывайте м...
    nata-popowa's profile
    <569 fans>
     GB am WE.......  Read 156 times

       Suchen für dieses WE wieder viele dominante und dickschwänzige, gerne ältere Männer um sie in einem Hotel tabulos durchzuficken.... alle 3 Löcher benutzbar und auch vollspritzbar.... keine Weicheier und gerne auch Paar das die selben Interessen hat....   Da das letzte Mal von 11 Zusagen nur 5 Mann erschienen sind, hoffen wir dieses Mal das mehr ech...
    Paar_4718's profile
    <2245 fans>
     Taxi Fantasy  Read 158 times

       I've been to town for a few drinks, a bit tipsy...I'm in a taxi home, looking forward to getting home, getting online and having a good wank! I'm thinking to myself what horny cocks i'll find, my cock subconsiously growing and my hand slowly stroking it. I realise and glance at the driver, 50s, chubby, greying hair, wearing a shirt. He's smiling to himself, ...
    ChubbyHornyBoy's profile
    <985 fans>
     Pichard  Read 140 times   + Michel Duveaux
    ForAllOfYou's profile
    <457 fans>
     Suche ein Paar Bilder, wer kann mir da helfen?  Read 151 times

       Hey, suche gewisse Sets von deutschen Girls, wer kann mir da helfen?
    tauschmann's profile
    <95 fans>

       hello buddies    please support me so i can upload more and cool pictures and incestlovers club is so big now. i will get new users by request...   please visit   and click the photos for supporting ,thanks 
    kemal6767's profile
    <193 fans>
     Sites  Read 177 times

       Candy Rose:
    LappIF's profile
    <48 fans>
     If you just want a simple SEX RP...  Read 190 times

       It's not for me. I like more than just fucking and sucking in a RP. If you want just that go watch a porno. I like some element of story, and lots more of my likes in my stories.  If you don't well then just don't add me here, on yahoo or skype. I am not the RP girl for you. - Lisa 
    blondestory's profile
    <729 fans>
     extreme sex experiments  Read 167 times

      Hi, I love to do fisting sex, double pussy penetration, BDSM, animals, group sex, family sex and many perverted sex experiments with nice womans and people. I waiting for your letters and offer to me !
    fistingsex2's profile
    <56 fans>
     Something I found about ruined orgasm  Read 154 times

       To start, it certainly helps if you have gone at least a week with no releases. The next important step is to get to the edge slowly, and with minimal stimulation. A mild vibrator or single finger on the underside of your penis is good. Once the edge is near, it is time to go even slower, but you need to focus on breathing and relaxing. You must put forth all your concentration on breathing ...
    zx70's profile
    <84 fans>
     Russian BDSM slut delfin011  Read 129 times

      Like BDSM, like to obey. Like extreme.  I am looking for a buddy-Upper (or wagon), Master or group to periodically intimate encounters.  Interests: oral and anal sex, fisting, rimming, futfetish, vibrators and toys, bondage, flagellation, wax, dog collar, chains, gags, handcuffs and all that is connected with the theme of BDSM, sex on the street, in public, slapping, spitting, h \ d, for you ...
    nemo011's profile
    <1179 fans>
     "Ziya Tong" from Discovery Channel (Daily planet)  Read 292 times

      Does anyone have any good fakes of "Ziya Tong"? I can't find any on Imagefap.
    Randomshit's profile
    <585 fans>
     Anal sex  Read 280 times

      Last night i have met with a great guy in the club, so my ass is still hurts a little)
    Anna_Rabbit's profile
    <321 fans>
     [MKD-S43] KIRARI 43 Great Shiofuki 100times&3hours : Ema Kisaki, Maika, Marika, Kyoka Mizusawa, Maomi Nakazawa, and more  Read 341 times

      Starring: Ema Kisaki, Maika, Marika, Kyoka Mizusawa, Maomi Nakazawa, Hina Maeda, Chinatsu Kurusu, Megumi Haruka, Sana Anjyu, Kei Akanishi, Megumi Shino, Mami Yuuki, Nozomi Nishiyama, Megu Kamijo, Nene Azami, Hi Studio: MUGEN Entertainment Series: KIRARI Product Info: Item#: MKD-S43 |  Media Type: DVD |  Region : 0 (ALL) |  Picture Format: NTSC |  Screen Format: 16:9 Wides...
    sonlinkang's profile
    <66 fans>
     PIc Ideas for Me To Take Pics of Racheal  Read 200 times

       Hey to all of my fanbase and thsoe who love my girlfriend Racheal on imagefap. This is an open blog to leave pic ideas for me to take with Racheal as the solo nude model as she is not ready to do boy-girl sex stuff with me yet. So, here are some ground rules to pic ideas.   1. No suggestions for BDSM, humiliation, piss, and all those sick and twisted porn categories. ...
    brettandracheal's profile
    <169 fans>
     Gallery Updates  Read 207 times

      New additions to: "Custom Photoshop Creations", "Custom Cumshots And Captions", & "Three Bikini Teens Showoff".
    foreverpast's profile
    <367 fans>
     Akt 5  Read 170 times

      Zunächst wurde eine Wäscheleine genommen. Diese wurde am Ansatz meiner Brüste angelegt und dann zusammengezogen. Dabei zwickte sich ein wenig Haut ein, weshalb ich zucken musste. Allerdings war es wohl recht schwierig, hier einen vernünftigen Zug zustande zu bekommen. Mann 1 drückte meine linke Brust kräftig zusammen, damit Günter die Schnur im Ansatz f...
    FranziMaierExtrem's profile
    <1054 fans>
     Looking for sissies in Richmond, VA  Read 122 times

      Any cute sissies in the Richmond, VA area? Let me know. I'm a Dom male, 48, in good shape, and I love a cute sub gurl that wants to be trained. I'm clean, D&D free, no drugs or alcohol, and I've got experience. Thanks! Nick
    nickyknight's profile
    <99 fans>
     Add to Power Fantasy !  Read 135 times
    sanchez909's profile
    <14 fans>
     Wie findet ihr sie?  Read 151 times

      Bitte geile Sachen schreiben
    Grobi15's profile
    <11 fans>
     Well, hello there ... :)  Read 129 times

       Hi everyone  I've decided to kick off this blog to give me a chance to share a little bit about what I'm into and hopefully lots and lots about what turns me on.  I'm hoping that some of you will take the chance to chat with me on this blog and also share what you're all about, and I'm looking forward to having this as a place I can exercise my imagination a little bit and talk abou...
    noughtybutnice's profile
    <278 fans>
     My First Blog Post!  Read 139 times

      I didn't realize until I went through some gallaries, but I can't get it out of my head! I LOVE SHEMALES! They look so beautiful and I would love to service one until they finish on my chubby butt or dirty face! If you'd know any shemales that would love a dirty whore boy toy as a servant, send me or them a message please! Other than that, I got off in a park bathroom by fingering m...
    Kinky_Cuck's profile
    <14 fans>
     Back in business, part 1  Read 214 times

       The Bull and I came back from our vacation a good while ago. But I got ill and had no strength to write anything, until now. So, few weeks ago I ended my short-lived celibacy and let the Bull fuck me, until I couldn't move anymore. Soon after that, we went to our vacation. The Bull was going back to Africa anyway, so we decided to have fun while he did some business. Plane we used, ...
    whitenightmare's profile
    <975 fans>

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