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         Read 111 times

    sex4sex71's profile
    <1 fans>
     2016-05-14  Read 155 times

    sex4sex71's profile
    <1 fans>
     Hello, Imagefap. I'm Lizz.  Read 152 times

      Today is May 13th, 2016 and I'm a horny little slut. I've been edging for 10 hours. I like rubbing the precum on my lips, or rubbing it on my asshole as I finger myself. I have a girlfriend who's amazing and likes the kink scene; forced fem, bondage, pain, etc. I have a guy friend I have sex with too. His 9" dick stays hard 24/7, and it's so thick and veiny. I've got a ...
    Lemondropz's profile
    <8 fans>
     Slut pornostar  Read 150 times
    starslut's profile
    <555 fans>
     making babies  Read 270 times

       hey everyone. i guess im going to be pregnant for a while. my mom showed me a list of her black friends that want to make babies with me. she says im such a beautiful mom. she told me she is so proud that her friends want to make theyre babies with me  
    asleys14's profile
    <1724 fans>
     Cool cuckold tumblr  Read 169 times

       Stumbled on this today, it's really cool        
    petesship's profile
    <141 fans>
     My favourite food  Read 93 times

      I dont think there is one favourite food i like thought. There is acatually a lot i like. I reall like Indian and THai cuisiens althoug i must say if i had to choose one i would go for something more meaty like a burger or a steak med to rear. Donte reallly like snacks. And my favourite drinks are water and coffee. I know hahah boring boring.Oh boy I think this is my new thing, writing stuff li...
    xylo009's profile
    <59 fans>
     Hello!  Read 94 times

       Hi ALL! This is my first entry here. I set it up as ithink, believe or not, this is the best way for me to practice my english. Well, on of ways anyway. I am in my late twenies atheltic straight man. Will try to write about myself more next time.!  Please feel free to write to me regardless of your gender!  
    xylo009's profile
    <59 fans>
     Emma Watson photo content.  Read 197 times

       My on again, off again Emma Watson photo search is on again. I also seek fresh Emma Watson captioned photos. Should anyone have content to contribute including Emma links, please message me. ♥ Mikayla.
    MiamiMike's profile
    <13376 fans>
     Monica M's amazing tranformation   Read 125 times

       Before pic, cutie, a few extra pounds in the right place.      And of course after,  Light more curves and oh so much sexier.    
    dnthmnnn's profile
    <709 fans>
     Blog #11: Your Cock  Read 236 times

       I keep getting asked about this topic so a blog seemed like a good idea. This blog has nothing to do with me. Its all about you, boys. Yep you and your dicks. To be more specific, how big or small they are and how much it matters. Lets get this out of the way at the start. Anyone who tells you size doesn't matter is lying to you and your cock is probably small if they need to say ...
    CaliKat's profile
    <2034 fans>
     Plans for tomorrow night  Read 141 times

       The wife and I have set up some plans for tomrrow night.  Tomorrow during work I will send her a text asking her to wear leggings, and her long blue shirt for me.  I'll greet her next to the bed with a kiss, and grab onto her hips.  My hands will trace up her back and hold her body close to me.  Our lips will stay locked, kissing passionately.   I'll w...
    Yuengaling's profile
    <88 fans>
     desperate   Read 113 times

       could someone please do a tribute to some of my pictures please      
    bigbil12345's profile
    <278 fans>
     A Question?  Read 99 times

       This is what I want to know. Is there just the one photo, out of millions upon millions of photos, that instantly makes you explode. And I don't mean that 'oh oh oh oh' thing. I mean that 'HOLY FUCK I'M CUMMING' photo. I have had a few that I banned myself from ever viewing, just because it's an instant orgasm for me (I like to make my jerk sessions last a few hou...
    corruptedminds's profile
    <50 fans>
     Empfehlung:  Read 105 times

    Damona's profile
    <88 fans>
     Thanks:  Read 91 times

            THANKS FOR THE ENERGIES,   - NOW I´M READY TO BE EATEN.              
    Damona's profile
    <88 fans>
     My first blow bang  Read 231 times

      So I used to dance at a club called Spankys, it is a really trashy strip club but it was really my only option after being fired from my other job. My manager was a fat black dude in his forties, and he interviewed all the new girls. For my audition I had to wear a bikini and dance to show my ability and skill level. I danced, twerked and shook my ass for him and basically told him I really nee...
    Nikki304's profile
    <392 fans>
     Fashion magazines for naughty girls  Read 140 times

       I hope the right kind of girl is reading this. Since yesterday my cock's been rock hard over an old fantasy of mine...I still occasionally enjoy the thrill of buying dirty magazines in a newsagent, in the hope that it will be a cute girl working there. In my town I found a "presse" where that seemed to be true, an really quite pretty well-dressed (not as well as I'd...
    mondo_proibito's profile
    <21 fans>
     Cheapest slutty shoes from China  Read 130 times      I've been playing on the net with a friend in Japan, she's often in a busy part of Tokyo and sometimes sees women (often office ladies etc) with high heels a bit above the requirements shall we say, and takes a pic for me, knowing well what a perv I am. Recently I've been buying the CHEAPEST TRASHIEST shoes...
    mondo_proibito's profile
    <21 fans>
     Hoer of geen hoer.  Read 169 times

       Gedurende een maand al bedrieg ik mijn man dagelijks. Elke dag heb ik sex met iemand anders en dit soms meermaals per dag. Ik loop soms langs straat en spreek mannen aan of ze sex met mij willen. Verschillende keren met meerdere mannen samen.  Ben ik nu een hoer, Of wat ben ik nu?
    HotslutLinda's profile
    <2239 fans>
     Did anything like this happened in Downton Abbey?  Read 99 times

       I'm wondering if I could get lucky and get  the maid's pants off and eat her out . If I am good she might forgive me for screaming at her after she threw one of my cheeses (-it is suposed to smell, stupid).   Obviously I am kidding, I have no maid.
    denny_beta's profile
    <377 fans>
     show   Read 94 times

      cd show ass
    asli25's profile
    <0 fans>
     My Neighbor and Her Young Daughter  Read 259 times

       It was pretty late the next morning when I woke up, images from the day before still fresh in my mind. I rolled over and looked at the clock. 11:11 and time to make a wish !. Well, that’s to be expected when you stay up ‘til the wee hours of the morning, watching the video you made while spying on your neighbours’ kid. Ah, little Jaime Taylor, the 13-year o...
    Bust_A_Nut's profile
    <1260 fans>
     2016-05-12  Read 113 times http...
    sallallahu's profile
    <0 fans>
     blogs broken??  Read 130 times

      not sure if this will show up.......
    twokate's profile
    <104 fans>
     blogs broken??  Read 102 times

      not sure if this will show up.......
    twokate's profile
    <104 fans>
     double Sit Deutsch  Read 143 times
    moon35's profile
    <272 fans>
     AfterDark116  Read 189 times
    SisFavorites's profile
    <621 fans>
     My new pictures  Read 153 times

       Hey  you find my new pictures on my profil. I cum for you and you see my face. My penis is for you.    
    Toby-'s profile
    <104 fans>
     nikita  Read 132 times
    zappy28's profile
    <7 fans>
     2016-05-11  Read 119 times
    Corsa1985's profile
    <880 fans>
     Blog 1 - Chapter Story on Hentai Foundry  Read 120 times

      Anyone out there familiar with warhammer / warhammer 40,000 will know it is full of amazing stories. I am in the middle of writing a short story that focuses on fantasy-beast on Norse women action.
    Scribe-X's profile
    <400 fans>
     Learn to use the tools  Read 118 times

       For the love of all that is holy, if you're going to color-correct and otherwise edit photos, please make sure you have a properly calibrated monitor. Lately, I've been seeing a huge number of photos show up that have very obviously been run through some sort of processing that results in the images being completely blown-out color-wise. Whites are overblown and colors very posterize...
    purvvygurl's profile
    <1162 fans>
     CCC: Like Father, Like Son (Epilogue)  Read 178 times

       2064 An Excerpt from: Step-Stud: A Great White Fantasy by Wyatt Load [...] Kerry moved in closer, and peered over Tim’s shoulder. As expected, the boy was holding a racy porn mag in his off hand as he used the other to jerk his dick. Completely unexpected, however, was the size of the boy’s cock - IT WAS HUGE!! The boy’s erecti...
    zapzipzero's profile
    <28 fans>
     Goddess of sensuality to enter the physical and erotic world  Read 115 times

         There are many people who are bored of their life and always desire to have fun with the sexy girls who are tempting, attractive and bold to perform every naughty and beating act. If you desire to refresh your mood, then you have mistresses who perform rubber bondage and nudity and provide what you expected and desired from them. Are you in search of a curious and ...
    abigaililottie's profile
    <32 fans>
     Please...  Read 128 times

    Damona's profile
    <88 fans>
     New Chastity rules  Read 172 times

      For the past 2 years I have remained in 24/7 chastity, with exception of hygiene, Tease and Denial sessions, and milkings/ruined orgasims (with one or two of those a week).   I was released and allowed to masturbate (I would have 12 hours of "free" time) and orgasm only twice a year (my birthday in April and Christmas).  This past April, my birthday release/orgasm was c...
    SeaPerv76's profile
    <589 fans>
     It should be noted that even now  Read 134 times

       When I see a woman who resembles her in the city, the whole body is hot as burns and cuts, I remember the violent pulsation, such as if the body of blood had also increased to double.
    mikaneko's profile
    <414 fans>
     The Attraction of Smoking  Read 121 times

       It is difficult to explain. I didn't choose this fetish. Nor was I even aware at first that it was a fetish. As a horny teenager, with limited access to porn, I began collecting pictures of attractive women that turned me on, to masturbate to. One day I realized that a disproportionate number of the pictures showed women smoking. Until then I no suspicion that I found anything about smok...
    smoker_lover's profile
    <60 fans>
     Sex with my wife while I watch  Read 154 times

       Some day my fantasy will be fulfilled and my wife will be filled with men's cum. I would like to tie her up and take her to a hotel and have some men come and grope her body while I video tape their exploits. I want them to feel my wife's body and get all hard. I know they want more than touching. They will want to enter my wife at the hole of their choosing. I want them to rub their...
    DSimms1975's profile
    <362 fans>
     Flaccid dicks can't turn me on but....  Read 217 times

      I was a young father of two when i frequently went with family to a public nudist swimming area. I had no erotic interest - like most of the visitors - at all. I noticed that a single man my age took place on the lawn not far away from us. And soon he felt asleep lying on his back. OMG! After a short while he emerged a huge erection pointing straight in the air. A boner much bigger than mine wh...
    dariotu's profile
    <1212 fans>
     Nasty pics xxxx  Read 154 times
    Hung-N-Horny's profile
    <3386 fans>
     What makes our cocks hard tonight? Want to swap/share our favs via a private ftp?  Read 136 times

      If you haven't already checked out my uploads - please feel free to do so and leave a comment/relation. Would love to share some *edgy* pics in private if interested. Get back to me - tell me what you want to see, if what you like works for me I'm in the mood to put together a gallery! Also message me privately if you are interested in setting up some sort of online private/passwo...
    nurofenplus's profile
    <1477 fans>
     My wife and femdom  Read 125 times

         When I first mentioned my interest in femdom her response was "I have extensive knowledge on the subject". She explored that side of herself in college and maybe a year or two later...still do not know. Her former roommate seems like she may have been part of that scence too. Does this have a spellcheck? I pushed her, even...
    Caddyguy's profile
    <1047 fans>
     Amateur Brunette Ursula Giving You a Peek  Read 102 times

       Amateur Brunette Ursula Giving You a Peek Mirror Links: ImgChili – ImgTwist
    JillJackemeyer's profile
    <47 fans>
     Camping can be fun  Read 146 times

       As I have explained before me and Teresa had very little money and the only holiday we had was a week camping down at Brighton. we had borrowed a tent and driven down to Brighton to a campsite just outside the city which only cost a couple of pounds a day. We pitched our tent next  to a large tree and headed off to the nudist beach to work on our tans whilst there we saw p...
    BMFdug's profile
    <1512 fans>
     All about me Karlie Kunty  Read 268 times

       Write me:  (( i had the first taste of cum at ^ as my bi uncles fed me their cock cum .. told me it was calcium for my bones .. yeah sure .. how did i know .. they licked and fingered and I suck until they both fucked me at almost ( along with some guy they were fucking .. all bi .. i woke up bloody in both holes and my mouth was sore too .. i hea...
    KarlieKunty's profile
    <1124 fans>
     Outside the supermarket  Read 108 times

       Yesterday I went to the supermarket. Outside there was a black boy.Cosi I started talking with him. William is his name. 30 years. Ghanaian. Initially he had a referential fear toward me. Because I am a white man. he sells lingerie for a few euro all day under the sun. It is treated badly by almost all people who look at him with contempt. I offer to come with me to offer lu...
    betatrophy's profile
    <10 fans>
     ESPOSA GATA  Read 103 times

    Casal.xx's profile
    <429 fans>
     U like  Read 88 times

     Erklärung:  Read 83 times

    Damona's profile
    <88 fans>
     How I met Darling Michelle  Read 152 times

       Many years ago I was working with a group of guys and I overheard how one of my coworkers had a girlfriend who was a freak. She called once and masturbated over the phone think it was just her bf listening when he actually put it on speaker phone. I heard her fuck herself with a vibrator and cum. Very hot. I asked him about this gf of his and he proceeded to tell me how she came over to his ...
    Mysluttygf75's profile
    <115 fans>
     wife used  Read 98 times

      Hi UK male here. Fantasy is to see my wife get used by other men. Love that idea. Working on getting her to try for real she loves the idea but not done for real yet.
    jf171cov's profile
    <17 fans>
     Daddy's little Princess  Read 218 times

       I met my wife just a year after she gave birth to her baby girl. Just a few short months later she started calling me daddy. Shortly after that her mother and I married followed by my adopting her daughter as my own since her father disappeared. Things were great though due to an illness my wife had she could no longer get pregnant but I had the family I wanted. When our little girl was just...
    Brutis469's profile
    <1343 fans>
     Best of the best  Read 117 times 
    SlaveTrading's profile
    <157 fans>

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