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     For BBC lovers  Read 147 times

       Uploaded  new pics of my bbc.. Have a look and comment 
    Marshall_'s profile
    <43 fans>
     Arschfick  Read 193 times

       Letzte Nacht war ich richtig darüber erschrocken, dass es für Mädchen in jedem Alter ganz normal ist in den Arsch gefickt zu werden. Früher musste man nach denen suchen. Die meisten haben das abgelehnt. Heute willst du eine von hinten nehmen und sie macht gleich die Rosette klar. Das ist natürlich super, aber es erstaunt mich immer wieder. Als ob die Gören gleic...
    Molja666's profile
    <349 fans>
     Is there a name for this?  Read 130 times

      One of my main fetishes is for a straight male dominated by lesbians who keep him frustrated and abuse him physically while having no sexual interest in him.  Is there a name for that particular kink?  I've seen the same theme expressed in other people's captions and writings. 
    Naamaire's profile
    <53 fans>
     bad day - so enjoying a nice wank to make everything seem better  Read 140 times

         started by enjoying this nice tranny vid  joined as andyharrissurrey to enjoy       
     BDSM handcuffs.  Read 171 times

       Seeking hot BDSM handcuff photo links or actual photos. ...non-copyright and available for re-use. ...anyone help me out? ♥♥♥ M.
    MiamiMike's profile
    <10288 fans>
     Wife going BLACK....  Read 186 times

      I really want my wife to go BLACK. We've had an open relationship for years, she really likes Asian Men, and I'm fine with that, but I really need to see her get fucked(even bred, I am sooo okay with that) by BLACK Men. Any ideas how I can make this happen? I mean anything. This has to happen. And like I said, a BLACK baby growing in her womb for us to raise, is absolutely fine by me! &...
    BillieBug's profile
    <2397 fans>
     Late arrival  Read 131 times

       Even though I've been here for a month and 12 days, I'm going to just go ahead and re-post my bio as an introductory blog post. You know, just in case I ever change my profile and this information is no longer a part of it: It took way too long to get here and be among my fellow pervs! I'm sure I'll fit right in, because if there's one thing I've noticed about ...
    Lambtron's profile
    <332 fans>
     vous avez des id de caption interracial ?  Read 126 times

       Depuis peu je suis moin dispo pour faire des cap mais jai d id en stock. d tones de reportages zebranews et pleins dautre id mais si vous avez d suggestions n'hesitez pas 
    mikey6666's profile
    <253 fans>
     The Truth about My Used Workout Panties  Read 185 times

       This is my recent post from my blog on Many of you compliment my body and ask what I do to look so fit. I believe I have good genes, but I don’t believe this is the main reason. The most important factor for me is regular workout – five times a week! And yes – that results in a fresh pair of used workout panties each time. My adventure with ...
    AngieGlampanties's profile
    <60 fans>
     studioS games  Read 166 times
    Bouwen's profile
    <24 fans>
     Today's class  Read 173 times

       DAMN!!!! I went in totally expecting to stop doing all things, stop touching her, stroking her leg, playing with the hair on her arm... everything.  I had convinced myself that she wasn't all that interested and that it was all just my imagination playing tricks on me.  I've lived in a fantasy world before and it didn't end well. But... DAMN..... ...
    XieXie's profile
    <230 fans>
     Fun  Read 140 times

       Anyone interested for that, iwhen you wear panties and jerk off thru panties and cum inside them. Its fucking hot when cum tripping thru panties. I´v done it once and i´v showed it in webcam and i wanna do it again. If you are interested then write me or add me yahoo: jackunaware or skype: polva36 I have some pictures of my wife and her sister. Mostly regular pictures and ...
    FemmeJames37's profile
    <41 fans>
     blogging  Read 150 times

      hi there  With my tiny weenie dicklet I am more than aware no women would look twice at me for sex...only for humiliation and laughing at me....also i could not top another guy so i know in my own heart I am just a piece of sissy fuckmeat to be used and abused by all.   This has not been able to stop me thinking about and dreaming about sucking on some lovely cock an...
    twokate's profile
    <94 fans>
     blogging  Read 126 times

      hi there  With my tiny weenie dicklet I am more than aware no women would look twice at me for sex...only for humiliation and laughing at me....also i could not top another guy so i know in my own heart I am just a piece of sissy fuckmeat to be used and abused by all.   This has not been able to stop me thinking about and dreaming about sucking on some lovely cock and feelin...
    twokate's profile
    <94 fans>
     blogging  Read 131 times

      hi there  With my tiny weenie dicklet I am more than aware no women would look twice at me for sex...only for humiliation and laughing at me....also i could not top another guy so i know in my own heart I am just a piece of sissy fuckmeat to be used and abused by all.   This has not been able to stop me thinking about and dreaming about sucking on some lovely cock an...
    twokate's profile
    <94 fans>
     my first incest experience   Read 300 times

      i was just 14 my sisters who are twins were 16 i had been spying on them every night for a year jerking off to them sleeping masturbaiting showering just when ever i could see them well one day cassie caught me watching her masturbait when she saw what i was doing she asked me if id eat her pussy for her cause she never had it done so i started eat like i had dremt of many times befor i knew it...
    anndypanda's profile
    <229 fans>
     I'm a Tiny Dicked Submissive Sissy, so Please Help Spread the Word!   Read 142 times

       Okay, here's the deal. I've finally decided to publicly come out as the cock and cum loving sissy slut that I've always known myself to be. I'm going to need some help though, because aside from being a pathetic little faggot, I'm also a pussy and am scared to admit it to most everyone who knows me. If they find out about me on their own though, then there would be no way...
    StevenBurdetteEllison's profile
    <1783 fans>
     Hung & Stoned for RP/Chat  Read 141 times

       I'm a white 30 M in USA. Had a free afternoon so I rolled up some fat joints and turned on some sexy BBW hardcore vids and I've got my dick out. Looking to connect with some fun RolePlay/Chat friends. Jack off, swap links, talk dirty. Send me an idea, we can be fuck-pen-pals. Also into C2C, mic chat & direct camming on other networks. I'll be smoking and ...
    mradult's profile
    <933 fans>
     Would like to chat with a woman today...  Read 125 times

      Any woman in US or other English language ladies want to chat today, Oct 7?
    IanHornymood's profile
    <42 fans>
     stepsexyson  Read 207 times

      I love bonnets and hose and granny panties..I Voyeuer I-Sneaking In My Bedroom-I Become a Pantyhose Theif and Addict This last year I made a mother’s day card for the woman who influenced my sexuality the most. She hid it from the family…with good reason. I am twelve years old and anticipating ejaculating into my step-mother’s mouth. I am wearing her pantyhose as s...
    stepsexi39's profile
    <146 fans>
     I'M DONE !  Read 138 times

       whatever i gave it my last shot what can i say and if your going to flag things flag eating flesh hanging and scat pics wise ass i will not return to this site and join due to the fact you want to flag my pics and keep thing's like shit pocs. HAVE AH NICE LIFE ! 
    pampers49's profile
    <0 fans>
     i want to become food.  Read 151 times

      i am lookine for somone that want to make meat out of me.
    fatwomanmeat's profile
    <72 fans>
     sexy bitch   Read 176 times

    Salso's profile
    <22 fans>
     Meine Frau als Wichsvorlage - verleihe auch ihre Heels oder Wäsche zur Unterstützung  Read 170 times

      Ich finde es total geil wenn andere Männer meine Frau als Wichsvorlage nehmen, dazu würde ich auch ihre Heels bzw Wäsche verleihen.
    maxi222's profile
    <170 fans>
     to do  Read 121 times

       buzard9510 Made in Mexico 2012-10-28
    Snooken's profile
    <70 fans>
     Female imprisonment.  Read 182 times

       As I surf Imagefap, I realize I am not the only member who has a strong fetish for 'imprisoned women.' Whether it be BDSM imprisonment or conventional incarceration, I am so glad others share my fetish. ♥♥♥ M.
    MiamiMike's profile
    <10288 fans>
     28 Dec 1985  Read 135 times

       I got a phone call from Jes on 27/12, asking if I could take her and Joe to Edinburgh on the 28th as he had to go for an assessment. I told her that it would be fine, she asked me to pick them up at 10.00. On the 28th I got up, had a shower, and had a wank in the shower, it was great, the images of Michelle and Sue filling my mind, leading to a huge shot of cum. I got dressed and went...
    ioncam6's profile
    <389 fans>
     Pegged   Read 146 times

      I'm not sure when my fantasy to be fucked by a woman with a strap-on started. It definitely happened though and for a while I've thrown the idea around of making it a reality. So I decided to open up about this fantasy to an ex lover of mine that had recently come back into my life. She agreed to try it out so I ordered a strap-on. Tonight was the night that my fantasy became a reality....
    WhatAreThose's profile
    <100 fans>
     On display   Read 148 times

         OK, my third entry here. A quick account of a sexy evening my wife and I enjoyed about two months ago: Didn't have time to write then. I was visiting my gorgeous wife (she then lived and worked in a different country to me) and we went along to some friends for a fun evening. My beautiful wife is tall and blonde and has a slender but well-muscled body. That...
    fongref's profile
    <346 fans>
     Goodbye ^_^  Read 138 times

      Will be deleting this account today due to lack of time to get here anymore. Bye ^_^ xoxo Vera
    xaddict777's profile
    <1774 fans>
     have a look  Read 128 times

       Hey ladies plz have a look at my cock.. I want to know what u think about it For the sake of this porn sharing site.. Tell me what u think 
    Marshall_'s profile
    <43 fans>
     New to the site  Read 135 times

       Hi Fappers New to the site, posted a couple of photos, shes a bbw w/42dds. Let me know what you think=)   
     Phantasycum is back!  Read 141 times

       Hi everyone! If you were on imagefap around 4 years ago, you may have bumped into me. Back then I was called Phantasycum. All the videos and photos I posted on my old account no longer exist. All that remins is the 'this account is closed' page but you can see what used to be my avatar, where I've shot a load of cum over my stomach. For personal reasons, I had to close my ...
    fantasycum's profile
    <100 fans>
     Depression  Read 171 times

       When I started crossdressing and by that I mean everything including shaving my body, making my feet soft, makeup, wearing wigs, everything I could think of that women do to make themselves feminine, shapely and sexy, it was such a rush and I was excited about finally being me.  As a few years passed with me unable to be me except in my house with the blinds closed or the rare case of g...
    buttsex's profile
    <2728 fans>
     Sex with my sister update  Read 326 times

       Been a while . For those who have not been following my blog before my sister and I are both adults who decided a year ago to begin a sexual relationship. That progressed very well depsite some akwardness at the begining. I decided to have her move in with me and over the past year we have been living basically as bf/gf in secret. We do have to remind ourselves when we are out in publ...
    tillytoronto's profile
    <165 fans>
     I meet a man  Read 257 times

       Few years ago I work in care home for people with learing problems and became friends with a man called Jack (not his real name) we would talk about everything and do all kinds of things Jack has downs syndrome which makes other people around him treat him as subhuman, well he grew up and the care home did there job and help live independently, so over the years I saw less and less of him un...
    TessWard's profile
    <613 fans>
     Christmas Eve 1985  Read 167 times

       We left Michelle's at about 8.30. I told here that I would see her in the morning. We decided to get a taxi as dad, mum and me had been drinking. As we were travelling Mum asked if I was sure about proposing to Michelle, I told her it had not been planned, but that I was sure. Sue was very quiet for the journey back home. We got home about 9, Dad offerred me a drink, I had a coupl...
    ioncam6's profile
    <389 fans>
     Dec 24 Michelle's Birthday  Read 168 times

       I got up about 08.30, knowing that I was going to "officially" deflower Michelle. I had arranged to meet her at 12, and was going to take her out for lunch. Sue came into my room, still in her nightdress, and sat on my bed. She told me that she knew what was going to happen today, and asked if she could be there to watch, I told her that she could watch another time, but not today. S...
    ioncam6's profile
    <389 fans>
     The Aquisition of Molly, Part 2 - The Invitation  Read 211 times

       The weekend after the company picnic was a tough one. Molly woke in the middle of the night, having slid off the bed with her jeans still around her ankles. With her head still swimming, she was barely able to get her shoes and jeans off, go to the bathroom to throw up and get back into bed. Fortunately in the morning Jerry couldn’t even remember how they got home, and assumed by wak...
    Restlessshadows's profile
    <769 fans>
     my work  Read 170 times

      hello every body ...  here you will see some of my erotic pic with photoshop
    Shadi_zxz's profile
    <2 fans>
     Kurz-Fantasien 01: Freundin der Freundin ficken  Read 183 times

       ich guck mir gerade ein foto einer ihrer freundinnen an. ich würde ihre freundin gerne nackt sehen. tiefer mundfick wär zu unromantisch. aber ihre nackte fremde haut anfassen, wär doch schon geil. mit ihr rumknutschen. schön leidenschaftlich. und dann kanns ja nur zum schwanz ins feuchte loch ficken übergehen.ihren fotzenschleim am schwanz spüren. und so lange i...
    spritzeichel's profile
    <147 fans>
     Webcam fantasy  Read 162 times

      I'd love to come home one night and find my wife on the computer putting on a show in front of the webcam. She'd be naked legs up and spread wide, working one of her dildos in and out of her wet swollen cunt, on scrren would be various guys wanking of for her.
    mysweetem's profile
    <290 fans>
     Thanks For The Mammaries  Read 165 times

       She's not Hannah Hilton   but she"s Nadia  Hilton  Thanks For The Mammaries 2 Busty babes never go unnoticed. Cocks of all shapes and sizes rub and fuck these gargantuan tits. Once a cock penetrates the vacuum of...
     Kontakte gesucht / seeking sex dates  Read 152 times

       Hallo zusammen! Dauergeiler Kerl (fett / haarig), spontan, humorvoll, spritzfreudig sucht geile Kontakte zu w / p evtl ts / tv in HH. 
    lutschbock69's profile
    <52 fans>
     BAD NEWS  Read 212 times

      For my fans and people who view my pictures, it pains me to announce this, but I will have to shut down this account. I have a girlfriend and she discovered my little activities. She is demanding that I shut this down and stop my activities, or else. As much as I enjoy doing some of these things, I love my girlfriend and I wouldn't trade anything in the world for her. I've got until Thu...
    GirlsRMuchBetter's profile
    <140 fans>
     Looking for BBC   Read 155 times

      It's been a long time since i had a bbc to play with for a few hrs. Where are they all hiding and if anyone is around south jersey and wants to get off a few times hmu
    smokerguy23's profile
    <6 fans>
     Incredible Tits, Pussy and Ass!  Read 207 times

       Enjoy Picture Galleries of Incredible Sexy Women Fucking, Flashing Tits, Pussy and Asses that will surely make your cock Very Stiff! Visit.          Little Under age Girls Nude Pussy Pics....
    cyberspacer's profile
    <47 fans>
     From Kate_England 4  Read 219 times
    doro1's profile
    <1425 fans>
     From stuff makes me hot 504  Read 207 times
    doro1's profile
    <1425 fans>
     nss - nicola g4  Read 175 times
    doro1's profile
    <1425 fans>
     Good to Be Back!  Read 171 times

       I can barely believe it, but it looks like I have not been here since April!   I had a wonderful summer.  Kasie and Rose spent most of it with me, and Josie visited as much as she could, which was often.  We had such an easygoing time, however, I never took any interesting pictures nor had much to post here.   Rose, of cours...
    Princeps_Cyberius's profile
    <221 fans>
     I need to know  Read 222 times

       Like most men I have always quized my girlfriends about how many guys they had fucked before me... In Teresa's case it was five she had lost her virginity at fourteen and her sexual experience  basically came down to laying on her back with her legs open then going to the bathroom and letting her lovers cum drip out of her onto a piece of tissue. I was the first guy to...
    BMFdug's profile
    <1335 fans>
     The Long Wait...  Read 207 times

      I tossed and turned in my bed, too excited to sleep. Waiting to hear the car pull up, waiting to hear her footsteps moving to the bedroom. My dick was throbbing, and my heart was racing. On these nights I always stay naked in our silk sheets, because it feels so sexy to me, as I think about how a big dick stud is fucking my wife. I ached to play with myself but I knew better. I know if I start ...
    Deesboi's profile
    <382 fans>
     Mao  Read 183 times

    arrayputra's profile
    <0 fans>
     PISS DRINKING  Read 160 times

    tommy232323's profile
    <21 fans>

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