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    Prom Night - I Fucked My Date & Her Mom - A Big Boob Bed Time Story

    I was not looking forward to going to my Senior Prom. If its anything like last year I should just skip it. My school is a joke and they always have a bad band playing in the gymnasium. I already spent close to $500 on the tux and the limo and my date will not appreciate it. She did not enjoy herself last year. I have been going out with Tabitha for about 2 years and have only gotten to second base once in a while. She usually passes out and I try and cop a feel on her big juggs.

    Tabitha lives in a small house with two bedrooms on the second floor and a small basement with a laundry room and walk-in garage. She lives with her Mom, who got divorced about a year ago and her Dad moved out of state. I have only talked to Tabitha Mom on the phone and heard her voice when I have come over to pick up Tabitha. Tabitha told me last week her Mom has started to drink more since her Dad left for another women.

    I just got out of the limo and walk up to Tabitha house and knock on the door. It takes about twenty minutes before Tabitha comes down to let me in. "My Mom just left before you got here and she gave me a curfew of 11pm tonight. You have to get me back before 11pm or I will be grounded. Got it!" Tabitha said. "No problem, lets hurry up before the limo leaves us." I said. I pin a white rose on my tux and slip a white rose on Tabitha wrist and we head out for the Prom.

    The Prom is ok and a little better than last year. I slipped some vodka in the punch bowl and hung out with my friends. Tabitha is wearing a black dress that shows off her beautiful 38D - 28 waist and 34 ass. Her blonde hair is short and settles on her shoulders. My friends seem to be checking her out more and we dance many slow songs. I finally get to feel her ass but she moves away from me. Tabitha says "I am not that kinda of girl. You should know I don't like to be touched like that." I pause and start to dance again with her. About an hour later she gets mad at me again for touching her and wants to go home. Most of my friends were pointing and laughing as we left the prom and head back to her house. I am hoping to drop off her off and head out to an after party and try to score with someone else. I have only cheated on Tabitha once since we dated and it was from the lunch room lady at the school. She had a hard time sucking my cock but her big tits accepted a warm load before I pulled up my pants. She got fired a week later for sleeping with the principle.

    Tabitha was still mad at me all the way back to her house. I had a few drinks in the limo to pass the time. I am glad the night was about to end. Before I walked her back to her house the limo guy cut me a deal and he gave me $100 if I let him leave and walk home. I took the money amd walk behind Tabitha to her front door. She crosses her arms and is breathing heavy and raise her hand to my face. "Thanks for the great time at the Prom. I think maybe we should break up and see other people. I can't believe all you want me is for sex and not a relationship. I have told you so many times I am not that type of girl." Tabitha said. She turns around and the front door slams and I put my head down. God damn another wasted night and all I have to show for it is another lonely night by myself. I can't walk to the after party. I check my cell phone and the battery dead. I slip it back into my pants pocket.

    "Well hello, big boy!!" I turn my head and see an older women in her mid forties with big blonde hair. Her finger nails are painted hot pink. She has matching white pearl earrings and a pearl choker around her neck and is wearing 4inch black high heels. She is about 5ft 5 with an hourglass figure. Her measurements are 48GG - 34waist and 36 ass. She is wearing a black strapless cocktail dress that hugs every curve on her body. "Hi, I am Tina and you must be Tabitha boy friend. It's only 10 O'clock and you are already dropping her off. I'm sorry but I heard you guys fighting as I was parking the car in the garage." Tina said. I paused not sure what to say but I only could smile as I was still staring at her huge chest. "My daughter is quite the nun when it comes to her body. Her father was the same way. For years I hid my body and did what he told me to do. He found another women and left me and I am much happier. I finally went out tonight and had a good time dancing with younger men and drinking shots." I could now smell her breath of booze and cigarettes and noticed she was having a hard time standing.

    Tina put her left hand on her hip and was moving her ass back and forth. "Is something wrong." I asked. Tina said "No! Can I ask you a question honey? Are you still a virgin?" I paused an my mouth dropped open slightly. "It's ok honey I can tell you are still a virgin. I know my daughter, you will be waiting a long time. Did she break up with you." Tina said. I nodded yes and cleared my throat. My eyes got bigger and so did my cock inside my black tuxedo pants. Tina looked at my crotch and moved toward me with a big smile on her face. Before I could say a word or move out of the way, Tina started to rub my thigh just below my erection. I paused and she moved her right hand over and started to massage my arm and she cupped my balls and dick with her left hand. she looked into my eyes and said "We'll big boy, if you want to get fucked and sucked by a real women then follow me inside."With that she let go of my balls and I followed her into the house. 

    I watched as her ass shook in her dress and we walked down the hall toward the basement. I followed her down the stairs to the basement and she took my hand and led me into the laundry room. There was a white metal washer and dryer and dirty clothes on the floor. There was some huge bras and thongs and shirts in a pile and the dryer door was open. "Why are we in the laundry room?" I asked. Tina paused and said "so when I scream from fucking your young hard cock, my stuck up daughter won't here and catch us. Now take off your clothes so I can watch. Do it slowly." I started to strip and she reached in her purse and lit a cigarette and took a few puffs as I was now in my underwear and almost naked. She put her cigarette out on the dryer and threw it in the sink and smiled. "Let's go, drop those briefs and let see that big cock of yours I felt outside my house." Tina said.I reached down and pulled off my underwear and she blew a big white puff out her mouth and said "fuck that cock is huge you mother fucker." She reached in her purse and pulled out her red lipstick and reapplied her lips. She reached on the side of her huge tits and pulled down her dress and was nearly naked but for black fishnet stockings and her 4 inch black high heels.

    I started to stroke my cock to get it harder and she dropped on her knees and kissed my cock head and slurped off the pre- cum. She reached down and fondled my big hairy balls and started to deep throat my 9 inch member. She was really good a giving me a blow job. She sucked the top and swirled her tongue around my shaft. She deep throat my cock and gagged at the base. I started to fuck her face and hold onto her blonde hair and she was breathing heavy and moaning. She pulled out my cock and a big thick trail of saliva came out her mouth down my cock onto her tits. I smiled and she rammed my cock back into her mouth. She moved so her face was directly under my balls and was licking my balls and stroking my cock. My knees were getting week and I grimaced and she felt my balls and said "shoot a big load on my face you bastard. Show me how much you love the way I suck your cock baby!! Yes! Yes! Yes!" and then I leaned back a little and my cock head opened and big white steams of goo hit her face and chin and she aimed my cock at her huge juggs.She was covered in my sperm and she licked my cock and her fingers. She brought up her huge tits and started to suck them. She got up and started to finger her pussy and look into my eyes. "I hope you got some more were that came from honey. Now I want to fuck that big cock of yours." Tina said.

    I followed her about two feet and she sat on the top of the dryer and moved her pussy to the front edge. Tina closed the front of the dryer with her foot and reached back with her left hand and started the dryer. Her ass was vibrating from the dryer and I got hard again watching her. She returned her fingers to her pussy and was able to get 4 fingers in her huge wet pussy. She had thick blonde bush that was hiding a 2 inch clit and her lips were hanging out her snatch. I started to slap her pussy with my hard cock and she moaned and wiggled her ass on the dryer.I inserted my cock into her pussy and she let out a loud scream and I could feel her big cunt lips wrap around my shaft. I looked down and my dick was wet from her hot pussy. I reached up with my right hand and started to fondle her right breast and she smiled. I leaned down and started to suck her left nipple and then her right making her scream with pleasure. I was know fucking her pussy hard and she was screaming and yelling and gripping my ass as I pounded my dick in her. I gave her long slow strokes and then short fast strokes and she cried and had another big orgasm on my cock. "Fuck! Fuck! My daughter does not know what she is missing." Tina said.

    Tina stopped and I pulled out of her pussy and a great big slurping noise could be heard as she turned around and showed me her big ass.I guided my cock back into her pussy and she screamed again as I fucked her from behind. I grabbed her hips and plunged my dick into her hot snatch and she moaned. I was not paying attention to the stairs on my right side but when I heard "Mother what are you doing. Oh my god. What is going on!" I new Tabitha had woken up and had come down stairs to investigate why her mom was screaming. "Don't stop! Don't stop! Keep going. Fuck me harder! Fuck me! Fuck. Don't pay attention to my daughter. Keep fucking me and cum in my pussy." Tina said. I paused and turned keeping my dick still inside Tina hot pussy. Tina then started to slam her pussy on my cock and I felt a wave of excitement come over me and I started to cum inside Tina. "That's it big boy. Fill mommy up with that big load. Fuck your still cumming inside my pussy big boy." Tina said. I looked down and her pussy was leaking sperm out the side of my dick inside her pussy and onto the floor and on some dirty clothes.

    Tina climbed off and reached into her purse and lit another cigarette. Tabitha walked over and looked at me standing naked and my cock semi erect. "I can't belive you just fucked my mother. What do you have to say?" Tabitha said. Before I could say anything Tina let out a puff and said "Fuck Tabitha you broke up with him a few minutes ago. He took you to the Prom and all he wanted was some action. You could have given him a blow job or something. He's cute and someone is going to have sex with him. I wanted to show him a good time and hope he would come back to you." I turned and looked at Tina and then Tabitha. Tina was still smoking and Tabitha let her hands fall to her side and looked at me and said, "is this all you want (she pointed to her body) or do you still want a long term relationship." "I want a relationship with you that involves sex and meeting each other needs. I don't want to go home every night after our dates and not get to kiss you or sleep over without you getting mad all the time." I said. Tabitha looked at her mother and let her robe fall open and it fell to the floor."I am not as experienced as my mom. I am also not as easy as my mother." Tabitha said.

    "Let's let your boy friend decide who he likes fucking better. Hot older woman who fuck and sucks like a pro or a stuck up daughter who scared of his big cock." Tina said. I walked over to Tabitha and started to french kiss her and reached down and fondled her ass. She had on a black see through top. I pulled out her breast into the two holes in he front and started to suck her nipples. She put her head back and closed her eyes. I reached down and unfasten her pajama bottoms and they fell to the floor. I looked over at Tina and she was finger her pussy and was watching me finger her daughter. Tabitha moaned and her stomach shook as she held onto my shoulders and bit her lips and orgamed onto my hand. She smiled and I walked her over to the dryer and picked her up and put her on the dryer. My dick was 3/4 erect and I started to stoke it and leaned down and started to eat Trisha pussy. I felt Tina blow smoke on the back of my balls and she stuck her tongue in my ass and stroked my cock. I was now hard and fully erect and Tina began to deep throat my cock.I lifted my head and Tina got up off her knees and pushed me to the side and stuck her face into her daughters pussy. She put her middle and index finger into Tabitha pussy and sucked on her cunt lips and Tabitha screamed and orgasmed into her mom mouth. I started to suck Tabitha breast and bite on her right nipple. Tabitha finally realized I was not sucking her pussy and leaned up on her arms and looked down at her mother. She had another orgasm and Tabitha Mom started to lick her daughter asshole and finger Tabitha pussy. Tabitha eyes were closed and she was rocking her hips back and forth into her mother face. Tina reached over and pulled my dick and aimed it at her daughter pussy. I inserted my hard cock into Tabitha tight pussy and Tina got up and held her right leg to the side and started to suck Tabitha right breast. I grabbed Tabitha left leg and started to fuck her pussy harder. I could not believe I was fucking Tabitha and Tina, my first mother daughter fuck fest.

    I stood on my tippy toes and plunged my dick into Tabitha hot pussy."That it big boy - fuck my daughter pussy. Fuck it real good. Yes! Yes! Fuck her baby!" said Tina. Tabitha finally said "Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh my god he feels so good mom. Thank you! Thank you!" I finally pulled out and both Tabitha and her Mom fell to the ground and her Mom stroked my cock until I shot another big load. It landed on Tabitha mouth and chin and on her boobs and Tina started to suck and lick her daughters tits and they both proceed to french kiss and swap my big load in there mouths. I was some what at a lost for words. I stood there looking down at two hot blonde chicks who were mother and daughter and my dick begin to spring back to life.Tina grabbed my hand and Tabitha hand and led us upstairs to her room.

    We all went into the master bath and took along shower and bath together. Tina took us back into the bedroom and opened her dresser and night stand and pull out many sex toys. Showing us how to use a vibrator and dildo and she showed us a big 12 inch black strap-on that she used on her daughter while I fucked each girl in the ass. Tabitha and I are set to graduate in a few moths and we still are boyfriend and girlfriend. I still fuck her mom Tina on a regular basis and last week I fucked Tabitha best friend Beth. She gave me to Beth as a birthday present. At the moment I am fucking this hot young girl who came to the door selling girl scout cookies. Tabitha Mom wants the cookies to be free and is taking pictures of this hot blonde girl scout. Next week she wants to take me to work and fuck her boss while she films it and use it for blackmail. I just spurted on the girls face and Tina licking my cum of this slut boobs. The girl looks up and says "That was great, are you busy next week. I was hoping you could take me to my senior prom it would really piss off my parents. I smile and shove my cock in her small mouth.
      Posted on : Nov 30, 2007

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    Commented on Dec 4, 2007
    Another great story, thanks. As well as the pregnant/milking I love older women with young boys stories.

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