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    Fucking My Best Friends Mom - 50 GG - A Big Boob Bed Time Story

    Ring! Ring! Ring - My phone is ringing and I whip open the shower curtain and run for the mobile phone on my night stand next to my bed. "Hello. Hello! You reached him now give me some news!" I say. "Hello, is this Jeremy best friend. My name is Ms. Keisha and I was hoping you could come over right away. I just had a big fight with Jeremy and he stormed out of his room and the house." she said. "Oh Ms. Keisha,how are you? It almost 10 o'clock and I have to get up early for my paper route on Saturday. Do you really need me to come over? I am sure Jeremy will be home in the morning, I could try his cell." I said. "My son Jeremy and I got into a big fight and he left his cell on his desk to next to the computer. I really need your help with something and if he comes back I am sure he would like to talk to you."

    After a pause I said "Sure I can be over in about 15 minutes, I just have to put on some clothes and comb my hair." I got back in the shower and washed the shampoo out of my hair. I got dressed in a pair of cargo shorts and a AC/DC black t-shirt and a pair of sandals and headed out the door. I drove my car about 5 miles to Jeremy house and I noticed some black tire marks in the driveway and the light over the front door on. I had not seen Jeremy in about a week and I know he was having a hard time with his parents divorce. His father had left his step mother for a younger women and he had to move back in with his birth mother (Ms. Keisha). I had not seen Ms. Keisha in about 8 years since his parents got a divorce and his dad left her for his step mother. I remember Ms. Keisha was always very protective of him and liked to snoop in his private affairs. This made him angry and I was sure that's why they got in a fight. I was not looking forward to being in the middle but I thought I would at least give it a shot and talk to Ms. Keisha.

    I parked the car and walked up the front of the house and knocked on the door. A few seconds later the door open and Ms. Keisha was crying and standing in the doorway. She was about 5ft 6 and wearing black fuzzy slippers. She had on a black silk robe that was tied in the front and just covered her big ass. She rested her left hand on top of the door and her right on her hip. Her black massacre was running down her face and her crimson red lips were puffy. She had on black fish net stocking that encase her red toenails that matched her finger nails and a small gold ankle bracelet on her left foot. I could see she was wearing a black silk thong that matched her bath robe. She wiped her eyes and the massacre smudged on her white face. It had been a while since Ms. Keisha had been to a tanning salon or laid outside. She was breathing slower and her huge breast swayed up and down. I estimated her measurements to be 50GG breast - 34 waist and 42 ass.

    I was not sure what to do next but I cleared my throat and she smiled and motion for me to come in. She had a big two story brick town house and her entrance had a big gold light that allowed me to look around the first floor of her house. There was a lamp over turned and some keys thrown on the floor. Ms. Keisha tighten her bathrobe and said "Jeremy is old enough to find a job and live on his own. I know he went to his girl friends, I am at a lost for words. He is a big boy and could do what ever he wants but, I found something in his room that made me so angry." she said. I looked at her and said "are you ok? He did not hurt you did he? "No, Jeremy not like his dad. I was cleaning his room when I found something and he came back early and caught me in his room. The next thing I know he got mad and left yelling and cussing out the front door. I said, "What did you find that was so shocking? Was it drugs or a gun or something? I am sure he has a explanation for it. I know Jeremy and he is a real nice kid. I've known him since we were in 6th grade and we played in your yard.

    Ms. Keisha looked worried and pointed to his room up the stairs. I walked upstairs and down the hall passing the master bedroom and bath to Jeremy room. There was a big keep out sign on the door and a few posters on the floor. I open the door and his clothes were in a pile next to his bed. His bed was unmade and a few coke and pizza box's were on the floor in the closet. His heavy metal poster were on the walls and I noticed his computer was on. I heard the door close half way behind me and Ms. Keisha said "I left it on his computer screen. I could not figure out how to turn off the computer before he caught me sitting at his desk." Her face was still puffy from crying and I sat down at the computer and looked at the screen.

    Jeremy had saved some Internet porn on his computer. He had down loaded some pics from various sites and kept it in a file named Jeremy stuff. I guess he figured his mom would never find or look at. My mouth got dry and I looked at the first set of photos of a older women and a younger man fucking on a king size bed. As I flipped through the pics they became more and more hard core. There were some with big breasted older ladies and some younger big breasted girls. Almost all of them had younger men or boys fucking them in various positions. "Do you see what he is looking at, I just can't believe it!!!" she said. I turned and said "all guys have some kind of fantasy about women and most are harmless. I think Jeremy is trying to cope with his father and his step mom getting a divorce. These pictures are a fantasy and nothing more. He is probably at his girlfriend and talking to her and will be back in the morning." "Harmless photos of women. I brought him up to respect women and not degrade them in this manner. I can't believe all boys need to look at this filth."

    Ms. Keisha had inched closer to the computer and was looking at the screen. I peeked out the corner of my right eye and she was just standing next to me. She placed her hand on the mouse and clicked the pictures just as I had and stared at them. She turned and looked down and said "do guys like to look at even these kinds of women." I peeked at the screen and saw a older women maybe fifty who was fucking two young studs. One guy was fucking her pussy and she was sucking the other guys cock. The next picture they pulled out and creamed her big tits and she licked off there cum in the next picture. I reached over and moved her hand on the mouse and clicked "Big Boob MILF - volume 1 and the movie began to play on his media browser.

    Ms. Keisha was watching the movie and her breathing had increased. I leaned back in the computer chair and she had stuck out her ass and her robe had inched up her butt. The bottom of the black robe was know on the top of her ass cheeks and her black silk thong was embedded in her ass crack. Her big hairy pussy lips were straining against the thong and I could smell her pussy getting wet. I had little experience with women but I lost my virginity to a girl my junior year. I had watched enough porn since I was little to figure that Ms. Keisha was getting hot and if I played my cards right I just might get to see her big tits.

    Ms. Keisha was now only a few inches from the screen and her left leg was just an inch from my right knee. I pushed my dick over to my right pocket in my shorts and hope she did not notice. I was getting more aroused and my dick was getting harder. I dropped my right hand next to her leg and with my long arms I could reach to her ankle. I slowly touched her ankle and moved my hand slowly up her long legs. She moved her legs apart and I passed her knee over her big thighs and I watched as she closed her eyes. On the screen next to her face a young man was fucking a older women tits and he was holding on for his dear life. I smiled as my hand reached her left ass cheek and she did not move or say anything.

    I slowly touched her ass and fondled her big butt. She wiggled from side to side and moaned. I slowly slid my pinkie under the thong into her tight pussy. She bit her upper lip and a tear drop came out her big thick black eye lashed down her face. She moaned and a large musk sent came from her pussy. Ms. Keisha knees buckled and she let out a soft whimper as her first orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. Her left hand came down from the mouse and into my lap. She fondled my big 9 1/2 inch cock in my shorts and smiled at me. I removed my right hand from her pussy lips and she turned around and let her bathrobe fall to the floor. Her huge juggs were covered by a corset slash black bra that kept two large tits from escaping. She stared at me and I got up off the computer chair and she tuned her body and head and her face was next to the computer screen.

    I dropped my cargo shorts and ripped off my t-shirt and tossed them onto the floor. I got around her and dropped my underwear onto the carpet. I tugged on my erect cock and she spread her legs and began to play with her pussy. I slapped her big ass with my cock and wiped the pre-cum on her ass crack and she moaned. I slapped her pussy and big cunt lips with my cock and she cried out "Fuck me! Fuck me with that big cock. I need your big cock in me! Please! Please! O' my God!! O my God! I can't - wait" I jammed my cock passed her big hairy lips and a great big squirt came out and landed on her inner thighs. She plunged her ass back onto my cock and and I slapped her ass and held onto her hips as I fucked her with long strokes. She grunted and moaned and I continue to hammer away at her big hairy pussy and she had three more orgasm. She slid off my cock onto the desk and I looked on the screen and the boy had blasted on the old lady tits in the movie. "Ever been tit fucked Ms. Keisha. You want your son's best friend to fuck those big juggs and give you a pearl necklace. Do you MILF?" She just smiled and I reached down with my two hands and pulled up her 50GG and placed them around my cock.

    Ms Keisha looked into my eyes as I fucked her massive breast. They were warm and she played with her pussy and came on her son's favorite shirt in the dirty clothes pile. I was standing on my tippy toes when she tugged on my big balls and I unleashed a torrid of white goo on her face and inside her cleavage. She smiled as my goo was on her chin and running down her chest onto her stomach. She reached down and scooped up my load before it got on the carpet. She licked her fingers and sucked on her hand as she brought her head up and looked at me standing over her. I reached down and pulled her back up and walked behind her to her room.

    Ring! Ring! Ring the phone goes off. My cock is stuck to my leg and looks like a caterpillar laying next to my big balls. The bed moves and I here Ms. Keisha say "Jeremy I am sorry I was in your room and I owe you an apology. I hope you can come home tomorrow and I know everything will be ok. Thanks, I love you too and I will see you in a couple of hours.

    1 week later

    The alarm clock is going off and I here Jeremy roll over and say "thanks for coming over last night and listening to my problem with my mom and girl friend. They can be such drama queens when it comes to Internet porn and looking at naked chicks. Thanks for talking to my mom last night I hope she did not bore you. I will be back after I take a shower dude." I just smiled and got up and took off my shirt and walked down the hall. I was standing next to the door waiting my turn after Jeremy got done with his shower. The master bedroom door opened and Ms Keisha is standing two feet from me wearing only two black 6 inch stiletto's on her feet. She quickly drops to her knees and pulls down my shorts and fish's out my cock and looks up at my lips and says "sorry I did got to suck your big cock, thanks for coming in and fucking my ass when Jeremy fell asleep around 2am this morning." I just smiled and said "it's ok Ms Keisha, after Jeremy goes to school I will be back to fuck that big tight pussy of yours. Don't take a shower or clean up, I like you dirty and nasty you hot MILF."
      Posted on : Nov 9, 2007

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