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    Carole's Mistake

    Chapter 1

    Mrs. Carole Carson is a 42 year old suburban housewife with two children. Heather 22, her daughter, is a single, college graduate working in Dallas Texas as a paralegal while attending law school. Her son, Zack 20, also a college graduate is employed in the computer industry in Seattle, Washington. Her husband, Dave, works for a multinational company based in New York City. Until about 8 months ago Carole and Dave had lived in Chicago for many years. Then Dave was promoted and transferred to Tampa. Carole was not excited about the move since she would be further from her children and leaving all her friends, but as a supporting wife she agreed to the move.

    They purchased a beautiful three bedroom condo on Clearwater Beach. Dave agreed to the extra expense of the beach home because he felt guilty about making Carole move. Carole had been very busy over the last eight months furnishing and decorating the new home. Their view of the Gulf of Mexico was fabulous and she enjoyed decorating very much.

    Carole works hard to keep herself looking good. She jogs on the beach each morning and works out in the weight room of the condo each afternoon. Her body shows the care she gives of it. She is 5’5" tall and weight 110#. Her measurements are a firm 36C-23-35. She kept her blonde shoulder length and fashionable. She looks at least 10 years younger than her age and she wants to keep it that way.

    With most of the decorating done Carole was glad that Dave’s work allowed him to be home most evenings. She was not used to condo living and had not made any real friends yet. With her family spread all over, Dave was the only person she could talk to.

    Carole was surprised a few weeks later when Dave called from work and told her she would be picked up at 5:30 by a car from the office to bring her to dinner with Dave’s boss and several senior executives from headquarters. Carole could hear the excitement in Dave voice. But when she asked what was going on he told her to wait until dinner tonight. She agreed and after hanging up went to decide what she would wear wondering what could be happening.

    Carole was very uneasy about the dinner invitation. What could this all be about? It was very mysterious. But putting her questions behind her she went to her closet not sure how to dress for the occasion.. She decided to be somewhat conservative and chose a peach dress with the hem just above the knee, a low back and snug in the bust with white 3" heels. She knew she looked good in this outfit.

    Stripping out of her clothes Carole headed for a long bath since she had plenty of time. As she passed the full length mirror she paused and admired herself." Not bad for 42 years old," she thought. Her breasts were firm, not a bit of sag after two children with no surgery. Her nipples were dark about the size of a silver dollar and 1⁄2 " long. Thanks to her daily exercise, her stomach and thighs were tight and firm. As she sank into the hot bubbly water she still wondered what the dinner was about.

    As Carole was putting the final touches on her make-up the phone rang announcing the car had arrived to take her to the restaurant. A final check in the mirror and she was off hoping to get some answers soon as to what was going on.

    Dave met her as she exited the car at the restaurant and escorted her to the private dining room. She asked him what this was all about but he said he had no idea. He said he had received a call from his boss to be here and to invite her. He seemed as much in the dark as she was.

    As they were seated for dinner Carole was introduced to the President of the company; the company VP for southeastern US; Dave’s boss; Ralph Bourne, a representative from France; and the chairman of the board for Dave’s company. She was impressed with all the high ranking officials from the company and was even more curious as to the reason for the meeting.

    The appetizers were served and the company president began to explain the reason for the dinner meeting. "Dave and Carole, you’re probably wondering what this surprise dinner meeting is all about. We have been watching David’s work for some time and he has continued his outstanding performance in his new position here in Florida. However upon further review and looking at the company’s growth we have decided to promote you again Dave to vice president of European operations. You will be stationed in Paris. We have secured a villa for you at company expense and have made all the necessary arrangements for you and Carole to relocate to France in two weeks."

    Dave was in shock! A vice president in Europe. He was momentarily speechless. Carole on the other hand was horrified. She had just settled in Florida and now they expected her to just pick up and move out of the country. She couldn’t even speak French. In spite of her feelings Carole sat quietly through dinner, making small talk and keeping a smile pasted on her face. Dave was very excited as they talked company plans and what he would be expected to accomplish.

    Finally dinner was over and Dave and Carole were headed home. Carole could not hold back the tears any longer. She wanted to be the supporting wife but just could not bear moving to France. She was so far from her children now and moving across the ocean was unacceptable. She and Dave talked long into the night.

    As the days pasted Carole and Dave made the decision that she would stay in Florida for now and he would move to France to assume the new position. This was a difficult decision but they could both live with it, at least for a while. They could visit and talk on the phone often and with his new position Dave would be very busy and have little free time anyway.

    When the day came for Dave to board the plane Carole was overcome with emotions. As she watched him walk to the gate a sense of loneliness surrounded her. She was all alone in Florida with no family or friends near by. What was she going to do? As tears ran down her cheeks she made her way to the car and drove home to the quiet, empty house.

    Carole kept busy with her exercise and cleaning the condo. She had the car washed and serviced. The mall became her refuge but that to was a lonely place with no one to share her finds with. Dave called a couple of times but most of their conversations were about his new job. He seemed happy and she hid her loneliness from him. She called her children but they were always busy and had little time to chat. She was feeling more and more alone and depressed as time wore on.

    One evening as Carole was trying to shake the black cloud over her head she sat down at her computer and fired up AOL intending to write Dave an e-mail. She was really not very savvy on the computer but she could write an e-mail. She accidentally clicked on chat instead of e-mail and without much thought decided to explore. Her screen name was CaroleeC. After watching for a few minutes she entered into a chat and discovered instant messages. She was excited to be talking to someone and spent about an hour in general chat through the room and instant messages. She was overwhelmed by the number of people willing to talk to her and she was tired when she logged off.

    As the days progressed Carole began spending more and more time chatting on the computer. She found some of the people to be "strange" but most seemed "normal" and she enjoyed chatting about various topics. It was good to have someone to talk to.

    When chat was slow Carole began to explore the various categories in the AOL created chat rooms. In some areas she would enter a room out of curiosity. With more comfort on-line she began to even chat in some of the rooms that piqued her interest. The anonymity of the internet opened avenues of chat that she had long suppressed.

    Carole found herself thinking about things she had thought she had long ago forgotten. Her one and only lesbian experience in college and the things she had done to join the sorority. She found herself wet and excited as theses thoughts seemed to run constantly through her mind. She guessed that chatting in the lesbian chat room had stimulated these memories. She missed Dave so much.

    When she began to share her thoughts and feelings with others in the chat room it was suggested to her that she venture into the "created by AOL members" chat rooms. Her chat buddies told her to create a new screen name and profile that identified her areas of interest. They also warned her to be careful in those rooms because there were some really unusual people there but also many more were sincere and could be interesting and helpful to her.

    So Carole completed the following profile for CuriousCaroleC:

    Name: Carole

    Location: Clearwater FL.

    Gender: F

    Marital Status: Married

    Hobby and interests: Exploring my submissive nature and bisexual urges.

    Favorite Gadgets: To Be Determined

    Occupation: Housewife

    Personal Quote: Nothing ventured; Nothing gained

    Pictures: She uploaded a picture of herself in running shorts and top. (She did blank out the face.)


    Carole ventured into the "Member Rooms" with her new identity and discovered a whole new world. She was bombarded with Ims and could not even manage to respond to all of them, She went into two different chat rooms, ‘f4f bi-curious female’ and ‘f4f bar’. While a lot of the instant messages were more straight forward and blunt Carole did not find anyone that attracted her interest enough to get into a more intimate chat situation the first day.

    The next morning after another lonely night and her morning jog Carole signed on again and went to the "f4f bar room’ in the AOL Members rooms in the gay and lesbian chat section. There were not many people in the room and Carole got an IM from LesbianController. A quick check of her profile indicated she was from Clearwater FL. And was a dominate lesbian looking to "train" a local female sub. While the profile raised immediate red flags Carole was intrigued. Her concern and excitement increased as she read the IM.

    LC: I saw you jogging this morning on the beach in you green running shorts and white halter. Your picture does not do you justice.

    Carole was speechless. This person actually saw her and knew who she was. This was supposed to be a harmless anonymous adventure. She was frightened but also more excited than she had been in a long long time.

    Carole: Thank you.

    She couldn’t think of anything else to say.

    LC: Are you serious about your exploring?

    Carole was still shaking. Things were happening too close to home and too fast.

    Carole: Yes.

    LC: Tomorrow you will jog at the same time in the same place. You will wear the same green shorts and white halter unwashed. You will NOT wear any bra or panties. When you get home you will go directly to you computer and log on.

    Carole: b..bu..but.

    Lesbian Controller was gone.

    Carole logged off and sat there trying to sort out what had just happened. The woman had seen her and Carol had no idea who she was. She had ordered her to jog bra and panty less as if she expected Carole to blindly obey. Why am I so excited? Carole thought. What is happening? She seems so powerful.

    As the day progressed Carole could think of nothing else. Could she do it? Would she do it? How did this woman recognize her? What else would she demand if Carole obeyed or what would she do if Carol didn’t obey? All of these thoughts and questions and many more occupied her mind and her pussy. She was soaked all day and finally when she showered that night her fingers provided her with some relief. She hadn’t masturbated in years. She fell asleep with visions of herself jogging down the beach nude in front of a group of women.

    Carole woke the next morning tired from a restless night. She washed up and without much thought she followed her decision and put on her green shorts and white halter without undergarments. She could feel her hard nipples rubbing on the material and knew that they were clearly visible to anyone looking. She could also feel the moisture leaking from her pussy and hoped she didn’t have a wet spot.

    She quickly walked to the beach and began stretching as she always did trying to ignore the fabric caressing her hard nipples and the growing moisture in her pussy. She looked around seeking to find the person watching her but saw nothing. She moved off for her morning jog. The halter was tight enough to limit the bouncing of her breasts yet the material still caressed her harden nubs. Following her jog she was doing her cool down walk when she noticed the throbbing in her nipples and the ache deep in her pussy.

    LesbianController couldn’t believe her luck when she saw Carole come out of her building. She recognized her from the photo in her profile which she had discovered while searching the AOL member’s directory. This morning would be the true test if she followed directions the trap was set. As she watched Carole’s building she saw her come out wearing the same clothes as yesterday and she was not wearing a bra. It could then be assumed she was without panties also. She had been looking for a good slave for a long time now and this one was beginning to show real promise. She just needed a little more information to close the web.

    After her cool down walk Carole walked to her building checking to see if anyone seemed to be paying attention to her. When she got to her condo she kicked off her shoes and socks and wiped her sweaty face. She went to the refrigerator and got a cold bottle of water and headed to the computer. As she sat down at the computer she could feel the chill of her sweat evaporating on her skin. She could also feel the heat of desire and excitement inside her. As soon as the computer was up and running she logged on as CuriousCaroleC. As AOL opened she received an immediate IM.


    Carole: I came in, kicked off my shoes and sweaty socks, got a towel and wiped the sweat from my face and got a cold glass of water and logged on immediately.

    LC: What were your instructions?

    Carole thought a minute and responded.

    Carole: To jog the same time and place as yesterday, wearing the same unwashed clothes without bra or panties, and return home and immediately log on my computer.

    LC: Did you do that?

    Carole: Wellll, Not exactly.

    LC: I expect my instructions to be followed exactly. Now go to you kitchen and fill 2 two quart containers with ice and water and then return to you computer.

    Carole jumped up and padded to the kitchen like a chastised child. She found 2 two quart pitchers under the counter and filled each with ice and water. She then hurried back to her computer.

    I’m Back.

    LC: You will be going shopping when we finish here. You are to get new running shorts and a tank top which are 2 sizes smaller than the ones you have on today. You will only shop in second hand stores and thrift shops for these items.


    LC: Now pay attention. You will go to your balcony with the two containers of ice water. Stand near the railing and dump both containers over you head. That should cool your sweating body. Then you will go to your car and go do the required shopping. Since your feet were more important to you than following my instructions you will go barefoot or wear only the highest heels you have. You will NOT dry off or change clothes before going. When you return you will take a picture of the things you bought and e-mail it to me. Then wait for further instructions.

    Lesbian Controller logged off.

    Carole sat there stunned. She found herself thinking immediately of all the humiliating things she had enjoyed so much while pledging the sorority. Her pussy tingled and her nipples were hard as rocks. She knew she shouldn’t do this but she just had to follow the orders. She went to the kitchen and taking both pitchers went to her balcony. Standing near the rail as ordered she dumped first one then the other containers of icy water over her head. The cold shocked her body and momentarily took her breath away. She was completely soaked as she walked into the air conditioning shivering from the cold. She knew she could not enter stores barefoot so she went to her closet and took out a pair of 4" heels Dave had asked her to buy. She slipped her wet feet into the black pumps, grabbed her purse and headed for the elevator. She knew she looked a mess but felt drawn to obey.

    LesbianController had placed herself where she could inconspicuously see every balcony. She had her camera with the zoom lens and she snapped several pictures as Carole doused herself with the freezing water. She noted the floor and then moved so she had a good view of the garage exit. She was ready when the bedraggled future slave drove out of the garage on her shopping trip. She made sure to get a clear picture of the license plate and then headed for her computer. She should have little problem getting all the information she would need on Carole.

    Carole got into her car soaking wet with her hair a dripping mess. She had not been such a total mess in public since some of the things she had been required to do in college to get into her sorority. She knew where a Goodwill store was located because she had donated some things when they had settled into their condo. As she drove she couldn’t decide whether to turn on the air and freeze or open the windows and sweat since the temperature was around 95. She finally decided to open the windows hoping the breeze would dry her off some.

    Carole arrived at the Goodwill store and was not happy to see so many cars in the lot. After steeling her nerves she headed inside despite the bedraggled mess she was. She was very self conscious as she opened the door and entered the store. Her clothes when still soaked and her hair was a straggly mess. The ridiculous 4" heels were totally out of place and added to the spectacle. As the cold air in the store hit her Carole felt her nipples hardened even more. They were clearly visible to anyone who looked. What she couldn’t understand was the constant flow of the juices in her pussy.

    Carol felt all eyes on her as she moved through the store. She found the area with the piles of used shorts and since she wore a medium or small size she needed an extra small to satisfy her orders.. There were very few running shorts and none in the size she needed. She headed to the area with the piles of tops and began searching for an extra small tank top. She could feel peoples eyes on her as she rummaged through the clothing. Again no luck.

    She did not want to have to go to another store so she racked her mind for an idea. Then she thought maybe an Extra Large in Girls would satisfy her orders. The children clothing was all the way across the store and in her heels she pranced over to have a look. After searching through the shorts she managed to find one pair of hot pink extra large girls running shorts and an extra large girls white tank top. They looked so small Carole felt she needed to see if she could even get into them. In the dressing room Carole removed her soaked clothes and suddenly realized she was naked in only heels in a Goodwill store. She could feel the heat of embarrassment rise up her body as she blushed a deep red. With much twisting and squirming Carole managed to squeeze herself into the girl’s clothing. They were skin tight and very uncomfortable but she got them on. Looking in the mirror she saw a middle age woman with her nipples and pussy lips clearly visible and looking like a homeless slut. She closed her eyes and twisted herself out of the clothes and put her cold wet clothing back on . She headed for the checkout as people continued to stare at her.

    Carole was so glad to be back in her car with her purchases and head home. She felt flushed and her breathing was rapid as she drove with the windows down wondering what was next.

    While Carole was off shopping Lesbian Controller was busy on her computer. With the license number of Carole’s car and her address she soon knew everything about Carole, Dave, and her two children. With this information she will be able go gain complete control of Carole.

    Chapter 2

    Carole parked in the garage and went immediately to her condo. After locking the door she stripped off her clothes and headed for the shower. After a long hot shower which only caused her mind to become more confused as she ran her hands over her firm breasts with their hard nipples and spent a long time cleaning her dripping pussy. She couldn’t understand why doing the humiliating things ordered by a complete stranger made her so excited. She didn’t want to feel this way or this excited but she seemed out of control. She knew she would have to put a stop to this but didn’t know if she had the strength. After drying Carole put on shorts and a t-shirt. She was in the living room before she realized she had not put on her underwear.

    LesbianController had watched Carole pull into the garage and was waiting for an e-mail with a picture of the purchases. She was becoming irritated that it was taking so long.

    Carole saw the bag with her ridiculous purchases on the chair and stopped in her tracks. Her resolve to stop this nonsense dissolved and she went to get her camera. She placed the clothing on the couch and snapped a picture. She logged on to the computer and sent the picture to LesbianController. She could feel her pussy leaking again and was disgusted with herself. The internal conflict was intense and the "good" Carole was losing.

    LC heard the "You’ve Got Mail" and walked to her computer. A smile grew on her face when she saw the mail was from CuriousCaroleC. Opening the mail showed simply a photo of a tiny pair of pink running shorts and white tank top. Looking at the clothing her mind began to work out a plan. She decided to let her new slave wait for her response.

    Carole left her computer on and made herself some lunch. She had difficulty eating as she was nervous about what was happening to her life. She knew that the loneliness combined with the lifelong fantasies and dreams; With no one to talk to and Dave so far away she really had no external controls on her behavior and her internal controls were proving inadequate. She wanted to call Dave but it was the middle of the night there and he was so busy with his new job she couldn’t bother him. After cleaning up her lunch dishes she cleaned around the house waiting for a response to her e-mail.

    Carole got more apprehensive and concerned as the afternoon progressed and she got no e-mail or IM from LesbianController. Did she displease her? Did she not follow her instructions? She knew it would be better if she never heard from her again but she really deep down wanted what she seemed to offer. She tried to keep herself busy around the house but she was just getting too nervous as the clock reached 5:30 PM.

    When the phone rang it startled Carole. Now who could that be she thought.

    Carole: "Hello."

    LC: "Your shopping trip seems to have been a real success."

    How did she get my number? What do I do? Should I hang up? What else does she know about me? I have no idea who she is.

    LC: "Your probably wondering how I got your phone name Mrs. Carole Carson, married to Dave with a daughter Heather and a son Zack."

    Oh MY!!! She know all about me and my family. I should never have allowed myself to get into this. I should hang up now. Why can’t I hang up? What have I gotten into? I’m so scared. Why are my nipples throbbing and my pussy gushing? I must be really perverted. I have to hang up now. But I can’t…..

    LC: "I know all about you. Your family, your bank accounts, your credit cards, even your college sorority and roommates. There is very little I don’t know about you. So with that in mind let’s continue your training. You do know you are being trained to obey me and serve me don’t you?"

    Carole: "Yyyyyyes."

    She knew she was lost. This is what she had always wanted but knew it was wrong. She is a married mother. She has to stop this. But she was unable to move. In fact she didn’t really want to but she knew she should.

    LC: "I want you naked first. Then get your new running outfit and your sewing basket. Yes, I know you sew."

    In her research she had discovered that back in Chicago Carole had been involved with a quilting group that made and donated a special quilt to the local hospital.

    Carole: "Ok. I’ll be right back."

    Carol removed her clothes and retrieved her sewing basket for her room. As she headed back to the living room completely naked she felt a thrill as she obeyed her unknown controller.

    Carole: "I’m back"

    "Good. Put your phone on speaker and we will begin with the shorts. I’m sure they are rather tight so I want you to rip out the outside seam on each leg from the bottom to the elastic."

    Carole began ripping out the seam on the left leg. She realized that she would be exposing a great deal of thigh or more if she had to wear these to jog tomorrow. When she finished she realized she would be very very exposed wearing them.

    Carole: "I’m finished. They don’t seem that they will cover very much."

    LC: "I’m sure that excites you. Now the top. First cut the bottom off so that 8" remains. Then rip the seams on each side from the new bottom to the arm opening."

    Carole measured and cut as instructed. After ripping out the side seams she told LC that she was finished.

    "Now find the center of the front neck line and mark it. Then measure 3" to each side of the mark and make another mark. Finally measure 6" down from the center mark and make a mark. After you make all the marks I want you to cut from each outside marks at the neck line to the lower mark removing a V of material. When you have done this you should stitch at the base of the V to reinforce it. It might rip completely open if you don‘t."

    Carole performed the alterations as instructed. She realized that one of her most intimate times while running was being turned into one of the most humiliating experiences of her life.

    Carole: "I have finished."

    LC: "Get a paper and pencil and write down the following information. 1. Do not put on your new jogging outfit until you are ready to begin jogging tomorrow. 2. Remain nude till then. 3. Do 15 minutes of extra stretching tomorrow and 15 minutes of extra cool down after jogging. 4. After you return to your condo you will immediately strip, shower and masturbate but do not cum. 5. Then dress in a business suit with a long sleeve white blouse under the jacket and a skirt 6" above the knee. You have time to hem it tonight if needed. 6. Garter belt and dark nylons with your highest heels. 7. Carefully done make up and hair will complete the image.

    8. Then walk to Banana Joes. It is about 6 blocks and meet me at 12:00 noon. Lunch is on me. Got all that?"

    Carole: "I understand and I will do as you have requested."

    Of course you will you crave my direction. Now for tonight you will masturbate in you bed with your vibrator before sleeping but do not cum. Then lick your vibrator clean and replace it in your pussy as you go to sleep but do not cum."

    Carole: " I do not own a vibrator."

    LC: " WHAT!!!! That is hard to believe. A dildo?"

    "No I have no sex toys at all. I’m not like that."

    LC: " You have no idea what you are like but I will teach you. Just use your fingers then lick them clean and don’t cum. I‘ll see you at lunch."

    LC hung up.

    Carole sat there trying to absorb what was happening to her. It was out of control. Why was she doing this? And why was her chair soaked? She was disgusted with herself but couldn’t stop. Just then the phone rang and it was Dave. She tried to act normal as she sat naked with her pussy dripping onto her chair and her nipple painfully hard. Dave was so engrossed with what he was doing he noticed nothing strange. After talking to Dave for a while she fixed herself some dinner but it was so strange being naked in the kitchen she ate little.

    Carole went to bed early and despite her resolve not to masturbate her fingers found her drenched pussy and she fingered her clit until she was about to explode then stopped. She brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked and licked them clean, tasting herself for the first time. When her fingers were clean she started over and with great will she stopped short on cumming and cleaned her fingers again. This continued till she finally fell asleep horny and exhausted.

    Carole sleep was interrupted often as she awakened to masturbate and lick her fingers clean several times. By morning she was tired and more horny than she had ever been in her life. She took a quick shower and found her fingers again where she had told herself she would not let them stray. She was able with great concentration to stop before cumming and quickly dried and went to dress for her morning jog. After she wiggled herself into the altered shorts and tank top and put on her shoes and socks she resisted looking in a mirror. She knew she was showing way more skin than a woman her age should. She assumed she was not permitted bar or panties since she had not been allowed to wear them the previous day. Finally she had to see what she looked like and stood in front of the mirror. She was appalled. Why was she doing this? Her breasts were practically exposed and jogging and stretching will expose them even more. Her ass was barely covered and her pussy hair, while neatly trimmed, could be seen to the curious eye. The V of her pussy was plainly visible to anyone looking. Why was she doing this? She couldn’t understand why she would allow herself to do this but she knew she just had to do it. As she opened the door to her condo to begin her jog she felt a deep thrill run through her body.

    As she walked to the beach Carole felt all eyes were on her. Her horny hot pussy was leaking profusely and she could feel the crotch of her altered shorts sliding deeper into her pussy and ass crack. She knew this exposed more pussy hair and tight ass but she continued walking as her body began an all over blush. She felt as if she were really on a humiliating display as she did her stretching and warm up. She remember she was required to do an additional 15 minutes and by the time she was finished she was sweating profusely and it felt like her shorts were completely sucked into her dripping pussy and that her ass was almost fully exposed. When she started her jog the rubbing between her legs was both very exciting yet painful and the rubbing on her asshole provided a stimulation she had never felt before. Her nipples were hard and as the breeze blew she could feel it caress her nipples which meant they were at least partially exposed.

    During the cooling down she attempted to adjust her clothing without drawing additional attention. Thanks to her sweating the huge wet spot on her hot pink shorts was not that noticeable. After completing the additional 15 minute cool down Carole headed for the safety of her condo to end what had become the most humiliating and exciting time of her life.

    LC had watched the entire show and was very pleased. Carole had followed her instructions and by her body actions LC could tell she was thoroughly humiliated and turned on at the same time. She couldn’t wait till lunch to look in her new slave.

    Chapter 3

    Carole got home and stripped inside the door. After grabbing a drink of cold water she picked up her sweaty smelly jogging clothes and glancing at the clock realized she needed to get moving to arrive at Banana Joe’s on time. Stepping into the shower Carole was very aware of the anxious feelings running through her body. Under the flow of the stinging hot water Carole’s fingers moved to the center of her excitement and stroked her engorged clit. The water beating on her swollen hard nipples brought her to the edge very quickly. Forcing herself to stop was next to impossible but she managed to pull her fingers from her steaming center. She quickly finished washing and shampooing her hair and got out of the shower.

    She had laid out her clothes the evening before. She had wanted to wear her olive business suit but with the black nylons it just looked to tacky. She had decided on her navy blue suit and had shortened the hem to the required length. As she sat on the edge of the bed and fastened the black garter belt around her tight waist she tried to remember the last time she had wore it. She couldn’t it had been so long ago. She had searched through her drawers last night to even find it. Fortunately she had found a pair of black nylons in the drawer with it. The feel as the nylons slid up her legs, over her calves and up her thighs sent a shiver through her supercharged body. After sliding her feet into the 4" black pumps she had dug out of the back of her closet she looked at herself in the mirror. The black garter belt and nylons framed her pussy like a blooming flower. She took a Kleenex and wiped the dew drops from her flowers petals and moved to put on the long sleeved blouse as required. Drawing up her skirt Carole sat to put on her make-up and do her hair. She became aware of just how short the skirt was as she sat with the tops of her nylons coming into view. She would have to be very careful since she didn’t even have panties on. She could see her breasts and nipples clearly through the white blouse and was glad she would be wearing the suit jacket. When she was done with her hair and make-up Carole added some jewelry and looking in the mirror saw a rather dignified adult woman whose skirt was perhaps a little short but with a body that could pull it off. She really looked sharp. Allowing plenty of time she left for Banana Joe’s so she would definitely not be late.

    As Carole began her 6 block walk she wondered what the place was like. She realized as she looked around that the way she was dressed was somewhat out of place in this beach/tourist area. By the first corner she was beginning to sweat as the temperature had reached 92 degrees. By the second block her feet and calves were starting to hurt as the sweat began to rum down her face and thighs and soak her white blouse. By the third block she could feel her make-up beginning to run and her feet and calves were throbbing. She appreciated she had not worn heels since moving to Florida and she was paying for it now. Pushing herself she was happy to be on the sixth block. When she looked around she could not find Banana Joe’s. Looking down the street she thought she could see the sign about 2 blocks further. She didn’t think she could take another step and looking at her watch it was 6 minutes to noon. Drawing her last ounce of strength she headed down the block at almost a jog. She knew all her care I getting dressed to impress had dissolved in sweat and she was looking frazzled. She pushed forward not wanting to be late. Two blocks turned out to be 3 but she was finally in front of Banana Joe’s.

    LC had arrived early and selected a table which allowed her a view of her approaching conquest. She had selected the table carefully so that she was seated in the shade while Carole would be in the hot noon sun. LC was dressed in very short shorts and a halter with the common thong footwear of the beach. A subtle smile crossed her face as she saw the bedraggled Carole practically stumble as she hurried to be on time.

    Carole walked to the entrance and realized she had no idea who she was looking for. Since it was the height of the rush hour the place was crowded and Carole was feeling uncomfortable both with her looks and the heat. As she scanned the crowd at first she saw no indication from anyone that they were expecting her. With the last of her self assurance ebbing Carole saw a very pretty young woman with long blond hair motion her over to her table.

    Carole hesitated briefly making sure the motion was directed at her and to digest that the woman looked so young. Slowly on her stabbing calves she moved to the table.

    "Sit," LC ordered. "You’re late and you look like hell."

    "Sorry", answered Carole." It was further than I thought."

    Very smart thought LC. She took the blame even though I told her 6 blocks and it was 9. "I’ve ordered for you since you were late."

    "Thank You," replied Carole as her eyes scanned the youthful beauty before her. Her complexion was flawless, she had beautiful long blond hair and the deepest blue/green eyes she had ever seen. Being closer it appeared to Carole that LC was about 25 (actually 28) with perky 34B (accurate) breasts; even seated it was apparent she was probably around 5’9" (actually 5’11"). Next to this beautiful young creature Carole knew she must really look horrible and was ashamed of herself. Her make-up was a mess , her hair matted with sweat, her sweat slick thighs rubbing together and the white blouse stuck to her sweating breasts.

    Just then a frosty mug of cold beer was placed before Carole. She did not particularly like beer but she was desperately thirsty and couldn’t be rude. She tried sipping the beer but even the bitter taste could not stop her from drinking the whole glass quickly to try and cool her overheated body. Her empty glass was quickly replaced with another which disappear quickly to be replaced by a third. Carole began to squirm in the silence but did not feel she should speak. As she quietly finished the third mug of beer with her eyes down cast a plate of greasy onion rings and a fried grouper sandwich were placed in front of her. A crisp chicken salad was placed in front of LC. Carole was very nutritious minded and never ate greasy foods but she felt trapped and forced herself to slowly consume the dripping food. She knew her system would pay her back this evening. They ate in silence with Carole keeping her eyes down. She sipped at the forth beer to help get the terrible food down and was really beginning to get a buzz. Sitting in the hot sun with all the beer and greasy food was causing her to feel a little ill.

    Finally the plates were cleared and LC ordered a glass of white wine and another beer for Carole. "So tell me do you really want to continue down the this road? I advise you to think very carefully before you answer. I know everything about you from your family history to what you like and don’t like to eat and drink. I know all about everyone in your family from mom and dad to your children and your in-laws. I make it my business to know everything. If you chose to offer yourself to be my slave there will be no going back. If you later change your mind I can and will ruin everyone you love. However if you offer yourself and I accept, then I will take you places you can not even imagine. I’m going to the restroom now. When I return I expect your answer."

    Carole’s head was spinning. This woman was crazy. She didn’t quite understand everything she said but Carole knew this woman was dangerous and could really hurt her and her family. All the beer and the sun beating down on her unprotected head with her stomach revolting more and more she couldn’t think. She didn’t want her family hurt. She could withstand anything to protect them from this beautiful monster she had unleashed. Why was she so intimidated by this creature? Why did she want to be used and trained to please her every whim? She was so confused. Her head was aching and her mind refused to function. All Carole knew was she had to save her family. Carole watched as the tall confident stranger moved back to the table.

    "Well? What is your answer?" LC demanded.

    "Umm, Well, I, I, I, don’t want my family hurt so I will be your slave," stutter Carole.

    "The question is: do you want to want to be my slave. Plan simple question even you can understand," asked LC.

    Carol reached for her beer but the glass was empty before answering the only answer she could think of at this point. "Yes, I want to be your slave."

    LC placed a typed paper in front of Carole. "Read it and sign."

    Carole read the short paragraph which said:

    I ,Carole Carson do here-by give my body, soul, life, and love to my mistress until such time as she tires of me. I will obey any and all orders from here without hesitation and with enthusiasm or accept whatever punishment she deems fitting. She may do anything to me, with me or for me so long as she does not kill me.


    Carole Carson

    She was very frightened especially by the last statement but signed her name to the line.

    "Very good my slave. Give me your condo keys now."

    Carole fumbles in her purse and meekly hands the keys to her home to her new mistress.

    "Now I am going to your place and will meet you there. You are to walk there as quickly as you can and do not make any stops along the way for any reason. I expect to hear you ringing the bell within the hour. After you ring the bell just wait for me to answer," directed LC as she took Carole’s keys and walked out .

    Carole sat in deep concentration. Her mind was fuzzy but one thing was very clear. It was not the fear of what this woman could do to her and her family but her strong desire to submit that had her make the decision to become her slave. Something deep and yet very disturbing had taken control of her. She wanted this woman to train her and use her. To help her satisfy all the thoughts, dreams and fantasies she had hidden for so many years. Struggling to stand, Carole found the world spinning but knowing she had to be on time she staggered out onto the sidewalk for the long hot walk home.

    As she moved carefully down the block, the beer began to cause cramps as she needed a bathroom and her stomach was revolting from the greasy food and the heat. Her feet , ankles and calves added to her discomfort and she was sweating even more than on the walk to Banana Joe’s. She thought she should stop and use a bathroom but remembered her very clear instructions from her mistress and knew she had to obey. With her building in sight about 2 blocks away the need to urinate became overwhelming. Trying to obey she moved faster along the sidewalk. She felt herself losing control and pee began to dribble down her leg. She could not believe this was happening in broad daylight but she couldn‘t hold it anymore.. The need was too strong and she was forced to stop and a river ran from below her soaked skirt onto her shoes and feet. She was so humiliated but couldn’t stop . Finally it stopped and when she looked around she found no one staring at her as she moved quickly for her condo. Arriving inside she moved rapidly to the elevator and when she got to her condo, she rang the bell, leaning on the wall with feelings of excitement dread, and humiliation overwhelming her.

    LC had driven directly to Carole’s condo and letting herself in did a through search of the place. She scanned the computer hard drive and examined her clothing and jewelry. The view was spectacular and with a few decorating changes it will be the perfect place for the plans she has for her new little slave. She heard the doorbell but decided to let her new trainee wait in the heat a little longer as she continued to search through the condo.

    When she had finished her search LC opened the door to find Carole leaning on the wall a totally defeated woman. "What happened to you? You stink!."

    "I’m sorry mistress. I had an accident on the way home," replied Carole.

    "Well you certainly can’t come in here like that. Strip out of those stinking clothes and then maybe I’ll let you in."

    "Buutttt!" Carole heard the door slam shut in her face. The door to her own home. She couldn’t take her clothes off out here in public. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she looked around to be sure no one could see and slipping off her flooded shoes she reached under her soaked skirt and freed her nylons rolling them down and off her feet. Loosening the garter belt it joined the growing pile. Her jacket followed leaving her with the drenched blouse and skirt. Looking nervously around Carole removed her blouse and skirt and tried the door. It was locked. She frantically rang the bell as she tried to cover her naked body from any prying eyes.

    LC watched through the peep hole as her new charge stripped naked outside her own home. She really had a winner with this one. A little training and she will be ready. Allowing Carole to stand naked outside for a few minutes she finally opened the door and allowed her to enter. "Go shower and clean up your disgusting self. When you stop smelling come back here and stand before me.," ordered LC.

    A red faced Carole quickly headed for the shower without looking her mistress in the eye. In the shower she scrubbed herself clean and washed her hair. She was ashamed to find herself sexually excited even though nothing sexual had happened all day. She used the toilet and dried herself completely. Combing out her hair she put on a robe and headed back to her Mistress. She found LC sitting in the living room looking through a family photo album.

    "Did I tell you to put on a robe?" questioned LC.

    "No Mistress".

    "Drop it." commanded LC. "Hands at your side. Spread your legs." LC noticed the moisture on Carole’s slit.

    Carole’s emotions were running in every direction. She knew this was wrong yet she wanted it. Her body was so charged she felt she could orgasm at the slightest touch. Her mind told her to stop this immediately but she knew she was trapped by her own repressed desires that now had found an escape. She stood on quivering legs as her mistress inspected her. She hope she met LC’s expectations.

    LC examined her new slave standing before her. She was even better looking up close than at a distance. She had taken excellent care of her self. A few changes were all that were needed to make her even hotter. She would arrange for them to begin tomorrow. "Do not speak without permission. Knell here before me and listen carefully. Even though I discovered you only 3 days ago I have come to know much about you. You may not realize it but you are very lucky I found you and not some inexperienced or wannabe domme. I understand you more than you understand yourself. You are one of the most submissive women I have ever uncovered. Society has worked hard to keep you from your real self , but now you are going to find it. You need to be controlled, told what to do, made to go beyond what you have learned in the past. Your are highly sexual and it doesn’t matter really if it is a man or woman but you feel more comfortable with women. If your roommate, Elaine, had been more dominate back in college you would have become her slave way back then and your life would have been very different. You are now mine. You will not make ANY decisions no matter how small without my approval. If you do you will be punished. Your family may or may not notice any changes in you but there will be many. I will not actively involve them in your new life unless you force me to as we discussed. You want this but are ashamed and fearful. We will deal with that. Any questions so far?"

    Carole knew she was right in everything she said. How did she know Elaine? "No Mistress. I have no questions."

    "Good. Now your instructions for the rest of today and tomorrow morning. You will remain naked at all times in your condo with the curtains open at all times unless I tell you otherwise. You will have a regular dinner and do your regular bathroom habits. You will follow your exercise and jogging patterns unless otherwise ordered. You will go back to wearing your regular work out clothes without underwear until further notice. At least one hour of naked tanning on your deck everyday. Tomorrow morning you will be ready to leave at 11:00 am. Leave your door unlocked. You will wear shorts and a button down top. Nothing too fancy but not slutty either. Sandals will complete the outfit.. One other thing. You will masturbate every hour from now until we leave tomorrow. Set an alarm and find a place along your jog to obey. Of course there will be no orgasms. Good-bye Slave." LC stood and walked out the door leaving the housewife, mother, slave kneeling naked in her own living room.

    Chapter 4

    Carole found herself alone, naked, kneeling in her living room.. She felt somewhat freed by all that had happen and what she had accepted. Yet in the back of her mind she knew this whole thing was wrong and that she was headed for more than she wanted or even could imagine. There was a real fear and a real feeling of failure for allowing this to happen,. Yet she felt at peace in her mind. Her fingers moved to her pussy and she found it wet. She seemed to always be excited since this adventure started. She fingered her clit to the point of orgasm and then forced herself to stop. She got up retrieved the soaked smelling clothing from outside her door making sure no one saw her naked. Then she dressed quickly and headed to the gym to do her daily working. She worked out a little faster than normal to finish in less than an hour so she could get back to her place to masturbate as required.

    By the time she returned to her place and stripped naked it was time to masturbate again. Using her fingers she barely managed to stop in time . Lying naked on her deck to sunbath for a hour was unnerving for Carole. She felt so exposed. Being nude at home doing mundane things also was disconcerting. While not a prude she was not one to run around naked in the house and especially out on her deck. Before long the hour was up and she had to masturbate again. Her body was charged and stopping was becoming harder. The evening was normal except for the hourly masturbation and being constantly naked, Her sleep was sound, but interrupted hourly to obey her mistress. Her dreams were very erotic and by morning she was in a constant state of excitement as she dressed for her jog. She stopped in the public restroom down the beach for her hourly masturbation requirement. This was very distressing to her. It was a brief stop since any touch brought her close to orgasm. Returning home she showered and dressed as required and sat waiting for her mistress. All of this behavior was foreign to Carole. She couldn’t believe some of the things she had done in the last three days. She felt a wave of shame sweep over her.

    Carole was sitting at her kitchen table thinking about what was to come when she heard her door open. This surprised and momentarily frightened her until she realized it was her mistress.

    "Lets go slave we have a lot to do today" commanded LC. "Give me your car keys."

    Carole handed over her keys and meekly followed her mistress to the elevator.

    "May I lock my door Mistress?" asked Carole.

    Slap "If I wanted the door locked I would tell you slave. Just do what you are told and keep quiet."

    Carole fought back tears as she looked to the floor and followed her mistress. She was not comfortable leaving her home unlocked but she dare not say anything more. They rode the elevator in silence and Carole found herself in the passenger seat of her own car as LC moved behind the wheel.

    "Open your shorts and masturbate slave. Do not stop until I tell you but do not cum." ordered LC. "Tell me slave when was your last orgasm?"

    "Two night ago Mistress."

    "And before that when was the last real orgasm?"

    "Honestly I don’t remember Mistress. I haven‘t had a real orgasm in a few years." replied an embarrassed Carole.

    "I understand you almost had an affair back in Chicago a few years ago but chickened out."

    "How did you know that? No one knew about that." asked Carole with a quivering voice.

    "I told you I know everything Slave. His name was Bob and you two flirted for a long time but when it came time to follow through you backed out. He was very disappointed."

    Carole was speechless and very nervous. What else did this woman know? She noticed they seemed to be headed for Tampa and wondered what was next. Despite her fear she had to slow her fingers as her body was heating up and she neared cumming.

    "I understand that Frank, from your college days, could send you into orbit. I also understand that you were an excellent cocksucker back then."

    This is too much. How does she know this? Wow Frank was so long ago and so good.

    She felt her pussy spasm and removed her fingers to stop the sensation for at least a moment.

    "You will be trained to please women and men in all forms of sex. Your purpose now is to please me and anyone else I tell you to satisfy. Training begins by you being made into a highly desirable model without being a slut. After the looks are established then the techniques and skills must be perfected. Once we have that, you MAY be able to serve me as I require. It will require much practice and your complete obedience. Any failures on your part will be harshly punished," informed LC as she drove into Ybor City, a mainly Hispanic community in Tampa. LC parked on the street in front of Maria’s Day Spa and told Carole to fasten her shorts and get out. Taking Carole by the arm she led her into the day spa.

    LC was warmly greeted by a strikingly attractive Hispanic woman. After kissing each other they spoke privately, leaving Carole standing in the waiting room unsure what to do. As Carole waited she looked around but no one seemed to be paying any attention to her. Soon LC returned with the woman.

    "This is Maria. She owns this establishment. I have given her instructions on what is to be done to you. You will obey her as you do me and if I hear there were any problems you will be very sorry. Understand?" said LC.

    Carole was very unsure what to do. "Mistress, may I ask what is to be done to me?"

    "It is not a concern of yours. You signed a document which gave yourself to me completely. You no longer have a say in what happens to you.," replied LC with a smile.

    "I can’t agree to this," said Carole. "You can’t own another person." She turned and moved swiftly toward the door.

    Carole took one step and her head was jerked back by the hair. She felt herself spun around and felt a slap on the face followed immediately by another slap to the other cheek. "Listen to me bitch, You signed the paper and you will live with it. I own you body and soul. You better get that through your head before something bad happens to you and your family. How do you think David will feel when he finds out you had an abortion in college? Yes I know about that. I know who the father was and I know that David is a strong believer in the right to life. So get your ass back in that room and do everything they tell you to do or your wonderful life as you know it will fall apart before your very eyes."

    A sobbing frightened Carole answered, "Yes Mistress." She couldn’t understand how this woman knew so much about her. She also couldn’t deny she was turned on more than she can ever remember being. She had no choices.

    LC turned to Maria and said, "Please take her and do as I have requested. If she gives you any problems just lock her in the basement till I get back and I will deal with her." She then turned to Carole and said, "You better behave and do as you are told or you will be one very sorry bitch." She then kissed Maria good-bye and headed out the door as Maria took Carole by the arm and led her passively to the back of the shop into a small room with a complete array of spa equipment.

    "Strip"., ordered Maria.

    Carole knew she was trapped at the moment so she slowly removed her blouse and shorts.

    "Shoes too bitch," ordered Maria.

    Carole removed her sandals and was lead to the hair wash station and put in the chair. Another young woman tilted her head back and proceeded to wash her hair. She was none too gentle and Carole simple sat in fear not knowing what to do or how to react. Her body was betraying her as her nipples were rock hard and her pussy was making a puddle on the seat. Her mind was trying to process all the information this beautiful stranger knows about her. Once her hair was rinsed she was lead to the stylist chair and her wrists were cuffed to the arms and her ankle were cuffed to the foot rest. She noticed her clothing was gone which meant escape would be impossible. Maria began working on her hair. Carole could see hair falling to the floor but had no idea what was being done to her. Maria noticed her hard nipples and leaned over and sucked the right one into her mouth nipping it gently sending bolts of electricity directly to her pussy and bring a moan from her lips. Carole was so embarrassed to react in this situation but her body took control.

    When her hair was completed Carole was released and lead to the manicure/pedicure area where she was cuffed to the manicure table but her ankles were left free. Two beautiful young Hispanic women proceeded to give her a manicure with artificial tips and a pedicure. While they were working on her nails Maria continued to caress her nipples with her tongue and nip at the hardened tips with her sharp teeth. Carole had no way to stop the torment or the pleasure as her body moved closer and closer to the desired orgasm. She was so ashamed to find her hips moving and her breathing coming in short gasps as she sat naked and cuffed in front of 3 fully clothed strangers in a public place of business. Just as she was reaching the peak Maria stopped and said something to the girls in Spanish and they all laughed at the frustrated new slave. Carole wanted to crawl into a hole as tears of frustration ran from her eyes. When the women were finished Carole looked at her nails through tear filled eyes and saw they were medium length and painted a bright red. As she was released from the table she saw her toes were also painted a bright red

    Carole was lead to a table that looked like an examination table in a doctors office. She was seated on the edge of the table and her arm were raised over her head and attached above her head to the top of the table. Then a thick belt was fastened over her waist holding her firmly to the table. Then stirrups were attached at the bottom of the table and her feet were locked into them forcing her knees up and open. Once she was secured the stirrups were adjusted so that her legs were bent at the knees and her feet were spread about 4 feet apart, opening her completely. The table was adjusted so that her ass was just extending beyond the bottom edge. She felt so open and exposed. The women stepped back and began to giggle as they pointed to the drops clinging to her open pussy. Carole had never been so humiliated in her entire life yet she dripped even more. Maria stepped forward and explained, "We are going to wax your legs and pits. Then a Brazilian wax for your faucet here." As she reached forward with her fingers and massage Carole open steamy pussy.

    Carole gasp at the touch and her body tried to force her pussy onto the lightly touching fingers as she tried to breath. The women laughed at her futile struggles.

    Maria continued," Normally we use a cream first to make the waxing a little less painful, especially here." Running her finger over the edges of Carole’s pussy lips causing her to gasp and moan. "But in your case since you tried to run away and were disobedient we will use no cream." The two young women began the process of waxing Carole’s pits and legs. Secured as she was she could do nothing to stop them. During this time Maria would gently play with her nipples and pussy keeping her constantly on the edge of the best orgasm of her life. Carole felt no pain as her pits and legs were stripped of all hair.

    Once her pits and legs were bare Maria moved between Carole legs to complete the hair removal process. Carole felt the agony of frustration as Maria used every opportunity while applying the wax and cloth to touch her in all the right spots. Carol didn’t even notice when one of the other women rubbed a sensitizing cream on her nipples and clit. Just as Carole was sure she was going to cum and was striving to reach her release, Maria yanked off the cloth ripping Carole’s pussy bare causing her to scream in pain rather than release. Tears of pain and frustration rolled from her eyes as her body again started the climb to a hopeful release under the talented hands of Maria and the other two women. Maria waxed her inner thighs and ass and again as she approached what she not only wanted but had to have, her release, the cloth was ripped from her skin taking the remainder of any hair from her. Sobbing in pain and frustration Carole begged Maria to be allowed to cum. Maria said something in Spanish to the other women and they all laughed at Carole. And began to caress her again.

    Maria looked the sobbing, shaking denuded slave and asked, "What are you willing to do to cum slut?"

    "Anything Mistress," sobbed the defeated woman.

    "Well here is what is required for us to even CONSIDER allow an untrained slut like you to cum. If you are able to follow direction we will teach you how to satisfy a woman. We will use our hairbrushes to encourage and correct your technique. If you can satisfy us we MAY allow you to cum. But we don’t have a lot of time because we will have to redo your hair and fix your make-up. Do you understand?"

    "Yes Mistress. Anything.," Carole moan as sensations from the nonstop touching of the women coursed though her body.

    One of the women climbed on the table straddling Carole head and lowered her bare pussy on to Carole’s face. "Now follow my directions," ordered Maria. "Lick the outside edge of her lips gently."

    Carole thrust her tongue out and began licking at the pussy over her mouth.

    SMACK! A blow from the flat side of a hairbrush strikes Carole left thigh. "Gently."

    Carole slowed her tongue and tried to control the emotions running through her. Someone was pinching her sensitized nipples and using featherlike touches on her clit. She ran her tongue along the edges of the sweet pussy on her mouth as she began to taste the woman.

    "Now into the slit and over the clit. Gently.", ordered Maria.

    Carole did her best to comply in her agitated condition and was rewarded with a smack on her breast. "Be gentle," ordered Maria. "The next one is on your cunt." Carole licked with the lightest touch she could and was then ordered to suck and lick the clit and make her cum. Carole worked trying to determine what pleased the woman on her face. After several smacks to sensitive places on her body Carole felt her mouth fill with sweet nectar of the strange woman on her face.

    The young woman climbed off and was quickly replaced by the other young woman as they all enjoyed a laugh at something said in Spanish. Carole’s tongue and mouth were tired and her body was exhausted from it constant unfulfilled needs but she again attempted to please the women. Using only her lips and tongue she worked on the new pussy before her. It had a definitely different taste and responded differently from the first and she received many smacks and one really painful blow directly to the swollen lips of her own pussy which made her scream into the pussy filling her mouth. This caused the woman to cum all over her face filling her mouth and nose with her profuse juices.

    The second girl was replaced by Maria who began by attaching two hair clips tightly to Carole’s swollen hard nipples bring a shriek from Carole as her mouth was filled with Maria’s juicy pussy. Maria rode Carole’s face hard and freely slapped Carole’s breasts and pussy as she made her own orgasm explode on Carole’s lips ripping the clips from her nipples. As Maria climbed off Carole’s cum covered face Carole immediately began to beg, "Please Mistress May I cum Please. I need to cum."

    "Perhaps soon." answered Maria. "Get her loose and cuff her hands behind her and shower her. Then have Tina redo her hair and make-up. I’ll be back soon." Then she said something in Spanish and left.

    Carole was released from the chair and her hands were cuffed behind her to keep her from touching herself. She found herself in the shower with two naked women as they soap her and touch her intimately. She was thrusting her pussy at any hand that was near her steaming pit. By the time she is rinsed and hair shampooed she has completely humiliated herself with her need to cum. Moved to the stylist chair she has her wrists cuffed to the arms and her ankle cuffed spread to stop her from rubbing her thighs together to try to cum. Her hair is redone and her make-up applied. Then she is left alone.

    Carole squirmed and gyrated herself in the chair as the stimulant applied to her clit and nipples continued to drive her need to cum. Her body had never felt like this before. The only thing that mattered was her physical need for release from the heat and pressure building within her. Tears of frustration ran down her cheeks ruining her make-up and her body ached for release. She soon heard the door open and saw Maria, the two assistants and LC walk into see her frustration. LC was furious that Carole had ruined her make-up again. She walked up to Carole and slapped her hard across her face. "Stop that crying slave."

    Carole fought to gain control of her tears. After a time she was able to stop the tears but not the need. She sat still as her make-up was applied again and she watched as the two assistants set up a video camera and aimed it at her. Once her make-up and hair were repaired LC began to question her as the camera filmed everything.

    "What do you need slave?" asked LC.

    "I need to cum Mistress," answered Carole.

    "If we let you loose would you masturbate for us?"

    "Yes Mistress, Please," Carole humiliatingly responded.

    "If I let you masturbate you must hold off cumming for 10 minutes. Could you do that?"

    Carole willing to agree to anything at this point said, "YES Please Mistress."

    "I’m going to have you released now and I want you to use your left hand in your cunt and your right on your nipples. You are to look in the camera and repeat I am a whoring slut over and over. You may cum AFTER you have 10 minutes on tape. Clear?"

    "Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress." thanked a humbled Carole.

    Carole’s hands and feet were released and she was told to slide forward on the chair with her ass on the edge and legs spread wide showing her newly waxed pussy in all its engorged glory.

    "Begin," ordered LC.

    "Carole’s hands began their ministrations as defined by her Mistress repeating "I am a whoring slut, I am a whoring slut ". She was so close that the dance of her fingers was very careful because she had to last 10 minutes. Her ass wiggled on the chair and her breasts swayed back and forth as she pushed herself closer and closer. Eyes closed and her fingers with a mind of their own she moved nearer and nearer to release repeating "I am a whoring slut ". Finally in the back of her mind she heard "time" and with a rush from the bottom of her being she erupted into the most gigantic orgasm she had ever felt screaming "I am a whoring slut ". The last thing she remembers is sliding into a deep dark void as she blacked out.

    Chapter 5

    Carole slowly opened her eyes looking around trying to figure out where she was. Suddenly it all came back to her as she realized she was naked on the floor and saw her audience and the camera. She immediately was ashamed of herself and disgusted with what she had done. Her body had betrayed her and she had totally shamed herself to satisfy her basest needs. She began to sob and curled into a fetal position on the salon floor.

    LC walked over and grabbing her slave by the hair pulled her up and sat her in the chair. "Stop that crying. You got exactly what you wanted. Now dry those eyes we have other things places to go."

    Carole managed to stop crying and sat quietly as her hair and make-up were repaired and her pussy was washed and dried with an adding bit of stimulant to her clit. Her breasts were also wiped dry and had stimulant added to the nipples. She was ordered to dress in her clothes which were returned to her. Then LC told her to give each of the women who worked on her a big hot kiss as a thank you. Carole did as ordered and had to give several kisses until LC was satisfied. The kisses provided an opportunity for each woman to rub against her nipples and Carole could feel herself becoming excited again, much to her disgust.

    LC led Carole to her car where she again sat in the passenger seat. Carole focused her eyes on her red toe nails and red finger nails without speaking as LC started the car and headed for the next destination. "We are going to the mall and there will be none of this crying. You will behave as a grown woman and control yourself or you will be very sorry.

    The two women went to the International Mall in Tampa. They started their shopping in MACYS and SAKS. In each store LC sat in comfortable overstuffed chairs as Carole tried on gown after gown, each sleek and formfitting. She also tried on party dresses and sundresses. Each time she had to get dressed and then walk out for LC to decide and the go change into the next outfit. When they were completed LC had her buy several gowns and dresses which would be picked up the next day for delivery. Carole was concerned at the amount of money LC was having her spend but was afraid to say anything. As they were leaving Saks Carole asked, "Mistress may I use the restroom?" She had waited as long as she could.

    "Since you have improved your behavior somewhat you may but you must use the men’s room and leave the stall door open."

    Carole couldn’t believe what she had just heard. How could she possibly do that? But her need was compelling and her pussy was leaking again as the stimulant was doing its work to keep her body charged. "Yes Mistress," she replied hoping to get through this task with limited embarrassment. All hope of a quick visit to the men’s room in an uncrowned area disappeared as LC led her to the food court area and the most crowded of all restroom areas.

    Carole considered not going but knew that she had painted herself into a corner and her mistress would only make matters worse if she didn’t go to the restroom since she had requested going. As Carole was about to head to the restroom LC called to her, "Please get me a diet Coke before you go." Carole’s need was becoming urgent but she headed to one of the counters and ordered her Mistress a diet coke. She then took the drink and a straw to her mistress, " Here you are Mistress."

    "Thank you slave. Now one more thing. I want you to open all but one button on your blouse before you go to the restroom and do not rebutton them till I give you permission. You can choose which button to leave buttoned."

    Carole’s mind went to work trying to figure our which button would leave her least exposed. She never thought of refusing which caused LC to smile inwardly. Carole chose to keep the third button which was just below her breasts buttoned and undid the others. She felt fairly well covered.

    In order to expose her slave to the most people and increase her distress LC told her to get her a piece of pizza before going to the restroom. The pizza shop was all the way across the food court and Carole could see there was a long line. Carole fighting tears which she knew would anger her Mistress walked slowly across the food court with her breasts swaying and her sensitive nipples rubbing even more of the material. She was bothered by her need to pee and by the desire again building deep in her being. It took about 15 minutes to finally get the pizza and return to her Mistress. Carole was in pain with the need to go.

    "You may go now slave but you must let anyone who wishes touch you but you are not to be penetrated in any way. Touch only."

    "Thank you Mistress" , said Carole. An extremely frightened woman hurried off to the men’s restroom. When she pushed open the door to the men’s room she was met by a crowd. At first no one seemed to notice but Carole knew that wouldn’t last. She moved to the last vacant stall and heard, "Holy shit that’s a woman.". She knew her privacy was done.

    A crowd quickly gathered at the open door to her stall. Carole avoided her eyes and lowered her shorts putting her newly bared pussy on display as she quickly sat down. With everyone watching and the comments she could not avoid hearing, peeing was difficult. One of the men reached out and tentatively touched her breast through her open blouse. When Carole did nothing to stop him. He got more bold and opened the last button and put her breasts on display for all to see. Carole was becoming very frighten as the situation was fast getting out of control. His hands seemed to be everywhere and others were reaching in touching her. Going to the bathroom was out of the question. Suddenly ,out of nowhere, she heard this booming deep voice telling everyone to back off. When no one moved they were suddenly pulled backwards with ease and Carole found a huge black man standing in the door of her stall.

    Even being from Chicago Carole had little experience with blacks and was actually afraid of them. They intimidated her. He spoke " Let the little lady do her business then I’m sure she will give us all a good look and maybe allow us to touch her tanned body." He stood blocking the door watching the cowering woman in the stall. "We don’t want to wait all day miss so please hurry," he said .

    Carole did her best to relax and finally a trickle began which became a torrent splashing in the bowl for all to hear. Her entire body blushed red as the black man watch and the other began to applaud. "Now young lady since these nice gentlemen were kind enough to let you use their restroom I think you should remove that blouse and leave those shorts on the floor and come out here so they can get a good look."

    Not knowing what else to do Carole took her blouse off and stepped out of her shorts and into the main restroom area. The black man seemed to be in control and he ordered her to stand in the middle of the room hands behind her head as the men all look and touched her breasts and ass. Since she kept her legs closed no one forced their fingers into her pussy but they did examine the hairless slit. After what seemed an eternity the black man ordered carol to get dressed and the men to leave. Carole dressed and followed the black man out of the restroom. No words were exchanged and Carole headed for her mistress fighting back tears at the humiliation she had suffered but thankful to the man who protected her from the others.

    LC had an idea what happen. The black man was a friend of hers that she had arranged to be there for this very exercise. She did not want anything bad to happen to her new slave but her slave couldn’t know that.

    By the time Carole reached her mistress she was still shaking and her face showed the fear and humiliation she had experienced. "So tell me slave, did you go to the bathroom?", asked LC.

    "Yes mistress," answered Carole in a quivering voice.

    ""Did anything exciting happen slave?"

    "Yes Mistress," responded Carole. She proceeded to tell Mistress everything that happen in the restroom, leaving nothing out. She was ashamed and yet so excited by the situation she had experienced.

    "Did you get the man’s name slave?", asked LC.

    "No Mistress."

    "Well how can you thank him if you don’t even know who he is. Go and find him right now.;" ordered LC.

    Carole hurried off into the mall knowing she had to find him. She walked very quickly not realizing the show her bouncing breasts were creating. About halfway down the mall she found him. She politely asked if he would come with her so she could introduce him to (she hesitated a moment) her Mistress. He smiled inwardly and putting his arm around her allowed himself to be led back to the food court and LC. When they got there she said, "Mistress this is the man who protected me in the men’s room."

    LC and the black man spoke to each other totally ignoring Carole completely. After a few minutes of conversation LC addressed Carole’" Slave this gentleman placed his own safety on the line getting between you and the mob you had created in the restroom. You owe him the best apology you can give. Take him out to his truck and thank him as he should be thanked but don’t take all day we have more shopping to do."

    Carole understood what her Mistress was telling her and she was immediately ready to balk but she thought he did save her and she had been ordered to do this so she had no choice. The man put his arm around her and lead her out into the heat of the afternoon heading for his truck. Carole was very self-conscious as the couple walked from the mall. They walked a good way across the lot to a large black hummer. A fitting car for the powerful black man she was now expected to "thank". He opened the door and started the truck and then lifted her into the back seat.

    "Well young lady how do you propose to thank me for saving you from multiple rapes and abuse?"

    "What would you like me to do Sir?" asked Carole.

    "Well I think you are the one thanking me so you should decide what I deserve."

    Carole was put in a position of having to make the first move. She tried to stall by taking her clothes off slowly but her Mistress’s voice in the back of her mind reminded her to "not be too long". Once she was naked she looked around the truck to see if anyone was watching but no one seemed to be. Her red tipped fingers moved to his pants and opened the belt and pulled down the zipper. She could feel her pussy leaking on the seat as she reached inside to wrap her fingers around the biggest cock she had ever felt. As she brought his swollen organ into the open a moan escaped her lips. She began sliding her hand up and down the 10" of hard flesh. She tried to resist the urge but could not and leaned forward and wrapped her lips around the head tasting the precum. His hands found her breasts and began to work on her nipples. Pinching and twisting them as Carole moans around the pole on her mouth.. She slid her mouth down as far as she could trying to get as much cock in her mouth as possible. Her tongue swirled around the head of his cock sucking the precum down her throat. After sucking and licking for several minutes Carole felt herself lifted over the huge cock as she guided it into her hot hole. She orgasmed immediately as he had her sliding up and down his large cock. When she got it all into her it had reached areas that had never felt a cock before. She came again and again as she sucked the black mans thick tongue to keep from screaming out her pleasure. He had miraculous staying power and she soon was totally spend but he kept lifting her up and down on is his cock until she felt him shooting load after load into her stuffed pussy. This sent her into a final orgasm that caused her to black out completely.

    As Carole came back to the world of the living she became aware of where she was and of the depravity she had willing indulged in. She could feel the hot cum and shrinking cock in her pussy and the fact that she had allowed herself to cheat on her beloved David. A sob caught in her throat as she tried to rise from the black cock still inside her. She found herself held in place by the strong arms of the black man who had touched her in places no one had ever touched and sent her to a place women only dream of seeing. She felt his grip loosening and heard him order her to clean him.

    Thoroughly ashamed Carole climbed off the cock and lowered her mouth to clean the mixed juices from his manhood. She used her tongue to clean his cock and balls and then placed them back in his pants as ordered. Then he suggested she use her fingers to clean herself as much as possible and lick them clean since she did have to return to the mall. As Carole sat naked in the backseat scooping cum mixed with her juices from her pussy and eating it her mind was in complete chaos. Once she had cleaned herself as much as she could he made her lick the seat clean and even a couple of spots on the carpet. She could not imagine that this was her doing these things. He then kissed her sliding his tongue deep into her mouth and had her dress. With a swat on the ass he sent her back to the mall. "Tell your lady friend that for being untrained you were pretty good."

    Carole walked slowly back into the mall. LC saw her enter immediately and was please that she was walking gingerly and had the well fucked look pasted to her face. When she got to LC she told her what the man had said. She received no response and was taken by the arm and led out of the food court back into the mall.

    Their next stop was THE LIMITED where Carole again tried on clothes pick out by her mistress. The store was much more suited for teens but LC had her trying on short skirts, flair skirts, jumpers, tank tops, and sheer blouses. After purchasing several to be delivered the next day they went to THE GAP, another teenage type store. After trying on and purchasing more of the same including some cotton teen panties with pictures on them and some ankle and knee socks they moved on to BAKER’S SHOES. By this time Carole was exhausted and hungry. She mentally totaled the amount spent so far and was shocked at the amount. Thankfully Dave made excellent money and she paid the bills.

    At the shoe store Carole once again paraded past LC in shoe after shoe. Each with at least a 4" heel, most higher. She purchased at LC order several pair of shoes including a pair of saddle shoes and a pair of 5" heeled plastic shoes. Most of the purchases had ankle straps and showed off her bright red toes. Carole began to wonder where all this was leading but she felt helpless to stop it. "Just one more stop for today slave and the we can head home," announced LC.

    The final stop was at VICTORIA’S SECRET. This store was by far the most embarrassing for Carole. She models all sorts of lingerie for LC who is seated in the store so that Carole must show herself to any customers who may be in the store. She tried bustiers, corsets, bras with nipple holes, camisoles, garter belts, nylons, crotch less panties, crotch less pantyhose, teddies, thongs, transparent robes, 1⁄4 cup bras and basques. Again many items were purchased for delivery the next day. The two headed for the car and LC drove the two home.

    Carole’s mind was overloaded with guilt and pleasure. She felt like a complete failure as a wife for betraying Dave yet she had never felt so completely satisfied in her life. This made her feel even worse. She could not deny this woman nor could she deny herself and the sick pleasure she had experienced all day. She had spent thousands of dollars and never questioned this woman. Why? She had allowed herself to be repeatedly publicly humiliated and loved it. Why? She had been completely unfaithful to her loving husband with a BLACK man and had the best orgasms of her life. Why? She knew this was all wrong yet there was no way to stop it. She didn’t want to stop feeling the feelings she had. She was totally deprived and beyond hope. She should just go to hell now and get it over with.

    Chapter 6

    When they arrived at Carole’s condo building LC parked the car in the garage and ordered Carole out of the car. She took Carole by the arm and the two rode the elevator to Carole’s floor. LC opened the door and turned to Carole before entering and said, "There have been some changes to your condo while we were shopping. Nothing too major, more cosmetic then structural. I expect you to accept these changes without question." Then they entered.

    Carole noticed immediately that there were mirrors on every wall. As she moved through her rooms she also discovered mirrors had been placed above each bed and on at least one wall of each room. Almost every way she looked she could see herself in a mirror. She also noticed a brass pole had been installed in her bedroom. It looked like the pole in a strip club. While there was not a mess anywhere, it was apparent that all the work was not yet complete. When she walked out of the bathroom she was met by a slap to the face. "Why are you dressed? You know the rules."

    Carole was stunned but immediately removed her clothes. She remembered she was to be naked at home at all times. "Sorry Mistress." apologized Carole. Carole could feel the soaked crotch of her shorts from her secretions and the cum of her fucking in the back of the hummer. She felt so ashamed as a spike of lust shot through her body as she remembered her ‘thanking of the black man.

    "Get yourself cleaned up and get something to eat. Then sleep in the guest room. I will be here after your jog tomorrow. Be ready for me by 10:00," instructed LC as she left a naked confused Carole standing in her living room.

    Carole looked around seeing her naked reflection everywhere. She became very self- conscious of her nakedness as she moved to the kitchen to get something to eat. Even in the kitchen mirrors were everywhere. There was even a mirror on the ceiling above the table and another above the island in the kitchen.. After she had eaten and cleaned up Carole headed to the bathroom which had become an almost totally mirrored room, even in the shower. She filled the tub and soaked her body as her mind retraced the day and her feelings and thoughts created a very mixed up woman.

    Here she was a 42 year old happily married woman with 2 children acting like a complete whore and slut. Was she really happily married? In many ways yes but she had known for some time that something was missing. Her mind wonders back to her younger days and the thrill she felt being "forced" to stand naked, holding her ankles with her legs spread as her future sorority sisters paddled her ass during hell week. Once she married Dave her life had been good but became more and more mundane as time progressed. She had used her time and energy to raise her children and had completely denied her needs. She felt she had done a reasonable good job with her children. Heather was a beautiful young woman. Very smart and hard working but still sort of shy. She never had a lot of dates that Carole knew about despite her beauty which surprised Carole. Her son was very bright also and handsome but by his own admission a geek. He was into computers and his social life was a mystery to Carole.

    Eventually the water cooled and Carole got out of the tub and after drying she headed for bed in the guestroom. This was her home and she was sleeping in the guest room. What next? Her sleep was uninterrupted but full of erotic visions and she woke to a wet pussy early the next morning. What Carole didn’t know was that her complete condo had been wired with hidden cameras and microphones to record everything that happened anywhere in the house. The monitors and recording equipment were in LC condo across the street.

    Carole dressed and headed out for her jog. She did not wear a bra or panties since she felt her Mistress wouldn’t want her to return to wearing them. The jog was uneventful and when she returned she had a quick shower, fixed her hair and make-up and sat in the kitchen waiting for her Mistress drinking a cup of coffee. At 10:00 her door opened and she stood to welcome her Mistress wondering what today would bring.

    "On your knees slut", commanded LC.

    A thrill shot through Carole as she dropped to her knees before her Mistress.

    "Listen carefully and I don’t want one word of argument. Today we are going through all your clothes and putting what I don’t like into storage. We will remove the remaining clothes to the guest room which is now your room. The workmen will be here later to finish up their work and the deliveries from yesterdays shopping will be delivered. You will greet everyone when they arrive. Have the deliveries taken to the Mistress bedroom and then offer to thank the delivery person in any way they want. I will be present to instruct you in performing whatever they desire. As you remember I told you there would be lots and lots of practice required. When the work men are finished you will also thank them in the same manner before they leave."

    Carole knelt on the floor with tears running from her eyes and juices from her pussy. She was going to be unfaithful again and in her own home. How many people were going to use her today? And all my beautiful clothes will be taken from me. What have I gotten into she wondered?

    "Follow me on your hands and knees", ordered LC as she headed for Carole and Dave’s former bedroom. Carole could not remove her eyes from the beautiful tight ass of her Mistress as she crawled behind her in her own home.

    They went immediately to Dave closet. There were two walk-in closet in the bedroom. Carole was made to carry all Dave’s clothes to the guest room. There were not that many since Dave had taken most of his clothes with him to Paris. As Carole was crawling back to the master bedroom the door bell rang. "Go answer the door," ordered LC.

    "But Mistress I’m naked," begged a frantic slave.

    SLAP, SLAP, "Now go open the door and stop whining." ordered LC.

    A defeated and chastised slave crawled to the door and stood, then opened the door. She was met with whistles and catcalls as three Hispanic men entered telling her they were there to finish the renovations she had requested. As each man walked by her they took the opportunity to brush against her hard nipples, sending electric charges through her body. She blushed a deep red and dropped to her knees and followed the men to the Mistress bedroom where they began working on the brass pole.

    "Go to the kitchen and get a box of garbage bags and the bring wooden spoon in the drawer too," ordered LC.

    Deeply humiliated the blushing homeowner crawled out of the room and down the hall to the kitchen under the watchful gaze of the three workmen.

    After Carole’s return they moved to Carole’s closet and she began hold up each item for her mistress’s inspection. Most were thrown in a pile on the floor. A few skirts and tops were returned to the closet but by the time they finished the pile on the floor was huge and Carole was in tears as her favorite outfits were simply discarded to the floor. LC ordered Carole to place all the items on the floor into the garbage bags. The workmen enjoyed watching the naked sweating slave bending and turning as she gathered her clothes and filled garbage bag after garbage bag. Just as she finished stuffing the last dress into a garbage bag the door bell rang. Looking at her mistress she knew without words she was to go answer the door. Crawling from the room she headed for the door knowing further humiliation was on the other side.

    Carole opened the door and found a shocked young girl who looked to be in her mid twenties. She had a rack of clothing with her which Carole recognized as the purchases for MACYS the day before. "Please come in and follow me," said Carole as she dropped to her knees and crawled before the young woman leading her to the Mistress bedroom. Carole was beyond mortified but her pussy was leaking down her thighs. Her breathing was short and she could feel her heart beating rapidly in her chest.

    When they reached the bedroom LC ordered Carole to hang the new clothing in the almost empty closet and invited the young woman to have a seat on the king-size bed. While the hot naked slave hung her new clothes in the closet LC and the young woman talked in whispers that Carole could not hear. When all of the clothes were in their place Carole returned to her mistress’s side and knelt beside her.

    "Slave, This young lady has agreed to help in your training and practice. A slave like you with little knowledge of what is required and what you must be trained to perform and ENJOY needs all the help she can get. Crawl over and kneel before her."

    Carole was frightened to have to perform in front of the workmen and begged her mistress to allow them to move to another room. She was answered with a resounding smack to the face and ordered to obey.

    Carole felt and electric charge in her pussy as her face stung and she crawled to the delivery woman.

    "Bend and kiss the tops of her shoes," ordered LC.

    Completely humiliated with pussy juice running in torrents down her thighs Carole lowered her lips and kissed the top of each of the woman’s shoes. She received a firm smack on the ass with the wooden spoon as LC corrected her position. "Spread your knees slave."

    Carole spread her knees as wide as she could, opening her lips and ass cheeks for the men’s view. Her nipples were as hard as rock as she again lowered her lips and kissed her shoes in front of her. She was so excited she felt she would cum at ay moment. Being treated this way was her fantasy and she couldn’t help herself. After kissing each shoe repeatedly Carole was ordered to remove the shoes and kiss each toe.

    Her obeyed tasting the sweat and smelling the rather unpleasant odor emanating from the beautiful feet before her. "Suck each toe lovingly like its your favorite cock slave", ordered LC.

    As Carole bent and sucked each toe on one foot she felt the other toes sliding into her sopping pussy. When she changed feet she was sucking her juices from the toes in her mouth. This continued until Carole thought she would explode with the need to cum. Her ass was getting very sore from the constant corrections and admonitions of her Mistress for her improvement. She worked harder and harder to please her Mistress and excite the young woman with her submissiveness.

    Finally LC ordered her to stop and thanked the girl for her assistance. Carole was disappointed for two reasons. She wanted to cum very badly and wanted to eat the pussy of the young woman to show her mistress she would obey. But that chance never came.

    The young woman left and LC had Carole resume clearing her closet. Shoes were the next item. Carole loved her shoes but as she soon found out LC had different tastes and she ended up keeping two pair of sandals and her running shoes. The rest ended in garbage bags. "This place is getting too crowded. Drag these bags to the kitchen. Use your teeth and crawl," commanded LC.

    Carole struggled to obey. Her knees were hurting and she knew her swaying ass was having an affect on the workmen by the tent poles in their pants. She had to make several trips before the bags were cleared from the room. Just as she was kneeling beside her Mistress awaiting new instructions the door bell rang. "Go". directed LC.

    Crawling to the door and opening it Carole found two men with deliveries. One from SAKS and the other from THE LIMITED. The SAKS deliveryman was taken aback by the naked woman opening the door but he quickly got a big smile on his face, He looked to be about 50 yrs old, with a pot belly and unshaven. THE LIMITED delivery man was about 30 yrs old and looked like a beach boy. Seeing a naked lady answer the door didn’t seem to affect him at all. "Please follow me", invited Carole as she blushingly dropped to her knees and led the men to the bedroom. Both men followed the slightly pink swaying ass into the bedroom.

    "Hang the clothes slave," ordered LC. "Gentleman please have a seat on the bed."

    Carole moved to hang the two racks of clothes in the closet and again she could hear the whispering between her Mistress and the men. She knew she was about to be used and humiliated again in some way . Her breath caught in her throat in anticipation. Her mind cried out WHY. But her body was definitely in charge here.

    When all of the clothes were hung in the closet Carole returned to her Mistress’s side and knelt awaiting further instructions. "Well slave lets see if you remember how to properly welcome these gentleman to your bedroom."

    Carole was at first confused but then realized her Mistress wanted her to kiss their feet. So she crawled to the men and spreading her knees as she had learned, placed a kiss on the top of each shoe. "These kind gentlemen have agreed to help us continue your learning experience. Why don’t you gentlemen get her on the bed between you."

    Carole finds herself sandwiched between the two men as they begin to kiss and fondle her breasts. Her inner fire are stoked and the heat is building. "Undress the men slave," instructions LC.

    Carole disengages herself and begins to undress the good looking man from THE LIMITED. As she gets to his boxers she finds a huge 9" cock which is too big for her to wrap her hand around. She gasps at it’s size. Then she must turn to the older man with the pot belly. As she undresses his she can detect a slight perspiration odor. Removing his jockey shorts she uncovered small 5" uncircumcised cock. Once both men were naked Carole returned to her position between them as they resumed kissing and fondling her. As she looks up into the new mirror above her bed she sees the entire picture of herself with two strange naked men in her husbands bed, kissing and freely feeling her swollen breasts and nipples. A shiver ran through her as she realized she was again betraying the man she loved.

    "Now slave get up and wait for a second while we get things arranged for your next lesson." ordered LC.

    Carole stood naked next to the bed ashamed at the juices running down her thighs as the older man rolled on his stomach with a pillow under his him and the other man took a seat on the side of the bed. "Now slave kneel on the end of the bed with your knees wide and your face over that nice ass in front of you," directed LC. "Once Carole was in position she heard the order from her Mistress," Spread his cheeks and get your tongue into that ass. I want to see you licking the crack and then sucking on his asshole. Your tongue had better find its way as deep into that ass as possible."

    Carols tried to obey but the smells was bad and the task just too disgusting. "Hold her tight ordered LC to the other delivery man and she rose from her seat and began a very hard beating of Carole’s up turned ass with the long wooden spoon. Ca5role fought but she was held tight and her ass was on fire. She squirmed to no avail and tears were flowing in torrents down her face on to the ass before. Eventually the pain was too much and Carole dropped her face and extended her tongue and began licking the ass crack before her. The taste and smell were horrible but she forced herself to continue as the pounding of her ass continued. LC nodded at the other man and he slowly released Carole as she continued to lick through her sobs. The man’s hands reached under Carole and began to painfully squeeze and twist her nipples. "Now the asshole slave", directed her Mistress.

    Carole’s emotions were on a roller coaster as her ass was on fire, and still receiving brutal hits from her Mistress; her nipples were throbbing with the abuse they were receiving and the task was horrifically disgusting but her pussy was sooooo hot she thrust her tongue deep into the ass in her face. She worked her tongue in and out of the rose bud before her. She needed to please her Mistress who was dissatisfied with her. And to do that she had to please the man. Finally the spanking stopped but the abuse of her nipples did not and Carole continue to tongue fuck the ass in front of her. Her body craved release but no one would touch her pussy.

    "Stop slave." demanded LC. She asked the man to roll over and then explained to Carole. "First you are to gently pull back the foreskin and bath the head with your tongue. Then lick up and down the shaft from the tip to the base all around. Once you have soaked the entire cock with your slave mouth you are to take the entire cock into your mouth. It will probable require you to swallow the head and I expect you to do that. I want your nose buried deep into his pubic hair. You will keep it there until I give the order and then you will give him the best blow job ever. Taking it in from top to bottom on each stroke and be sure to massage the head with your throat and use plenty of tongue. Begin."

    Carole again leaned forward with her ass high and knees spread to gently pull back the foreskin on the hard cock. It was not a pleasant sight as she began to lick the head. The taste was repulsive but she continued hoping to avoid further pain in her ass. The other man returned to abusing her tender nipples as she received a hard swat on the ass to lick harder. After licking the head clean she began the distasteful task of licking the shaft from top to bottom. There was a heavy smell and taste of urine as she worked to clean the shaft before swallowing it.. Once the shaft was covered with her spit and she had only received 3 more whacks with the spoon she took the head into her mouth and relaxing as much as possible with the constant pain in her nipples and breasts and the deep throbbing on her ass. Her body screaming for release she slid her mouth down, down, down the shaft till the head hit the back of her throat and she gagged. Her Mistress began beating her ass with furious strokes as she yelled her displeasure to her slave. Carole tried again and choked and then again with her Mistress pushing her head down until the head popped into her throat blocking her air supply. Her head was held their until she was getting light headed and faintly heard her Mistress order her to slide to the head.

    Carole slide the cock from her throat and gulped air as her as was again pounded with the spoon. She began to slide her mouth up and down somehow allowing the cock head into her throat and burying her nose in the thick pubic hair each stroke. She continued this until she felt the cock shoot it slimy load down her throat. The man was pleased and her mistress ordered her to lick the cock clean and then allow the man to dress. He thanked LC and left without a word to the sobbing slave kneeling with her face on the mattress and ass hot red ass high.

    "Now it is your turn Sir," said LC. "Please sit here on the bed." "Slave kneel here on the floor between his legs."

    Carole crawled off of the bed exhausted. Totally ashamed at her behavior and distressed at her unsatisfied needs. She moved between the spread thighs of the young delivery man and waited staring at the 9" cock pointing at her face, Her thoughts were that she could never swallow all that cock.

    "Now slave there are many ways to satisfy a gentleman’s cock. You will be expected to do whatever they want you to do to please them. For this part of your training you will lick the head as before and then take just the head into your mouth. Using your lips and tongue your will constantly massage the head while stroking the shaft with one hand and massaging his balls with the other hand. Be gentle yet firm. When you feel him begin to cum take the head from your mouth and cover your face with his seed. Then lick him clean. I hope I don’t have to use his belt on your back to correct any mistakes."

    Carole leaned forward and did her best to follow her Mistress’s orders. Stretching her lips as far as possible she took the head into her mouth and it completely fill her oral cavity. Working her tongue around the head as much as possible she wrapped her right hand, almost all the way around the shaft and stroked up and down. Her left hand massage the heavy swollen balls hanging near her chin. She seemed to work on this cock forever. Looking to the side she could get a look at herself with the huge cock sticking from her stretched jaws and her hands working to make the stranger cum all over her face. How low had she sunk? Her thighs were soaked and the flow from her overheated pussy ran unabated. Her jaw was beginning to ache from being so stretched and her tongue was tiring as the man continued to sit and watch her work.

    Squeezing her hand tighter she stroked faster with her tiring arm and forced her tongue and lips to greater effort as she wanted the hot cum on her face. Finally she heard him say, "Now slut". She pulled the head from her mouth and kept pumping faster and faster. Soon she felt the first squirt of the hot burning cum strike her face followed by stream after stream covering her face with hot white burning cum. When she felt the last stream hit her left eye she put the head back in her mouth and sucked the tip clean as ordered.

    As soon as Carole finished the man rose and dressed, thanking LC and left. Carole was left wanting and upon seeing herself in the mirror covered in now hardening cum feeling very used and almost inhuman..

    "Go and take a shower slave. Be quick and do not masturbate. Perhaps you should Only use cold water to cool that hot ass of your."

    Chapter 7

    Carole crawled to the bathroom with her ass beet red and aching, her body on fire with need and her face covered in dried cum. She cringed when she saw herself in the mirrors that were everywhere. How could she possibly be so excited with this treatment? She felt she must be really demented to want this.

    Following her Mistress’s orders Carole turned on only the cold water and stepped into the freezing shower. She scrubbed herself quickly, washing her hair to get the dried cum out. By the time she got out of the shower her body was covered in goose bumps and the fire burning inside her had subsided some. She dried herself and quickly styled her hair. With a touch of makeup she crawled back to the Mistress bedroom.

    "It’s about time slave," said LC in a very disapproving way. "Let’s get these drawers emptied." Again Carole found almost all of her lingerie in a pile on the floor. In a short time her drawers were practically empty and she was filling another garbage bag with some of her favorite and most comfortable lounging, sleeping, casual and underwear clothing. Only a few sets of jogging and workout clothing remained.

    Again she heard the dreaded door bell and without being told took the garbage bag in her teeth and crawled to the door leaving the bag in the growing pile in the kitchen. Opening the door she startled a middle aged woman who was making the delivery from the GAP.

    Carole invited her in and asked her to please follow her as she dropped to her knees and led the woman with another rack of clothes to the Mistress bedroom. When they arrived LC ordered Carole to hang the clothes in Dave’s former closet since the other one was full. While she was obeying LC talked in hushed tones to the delivery woman. When Carole returned to the room she knelt quietly next to LC with her eyes cast downward.

    LC told Carole to remain in position as she went to the workmen and spoke quietly to them. They nodded and left the bedroom to work in another part of the condo closing the door behind them. "Now my precious slave in training, I want you to crawl to the sweet lady and undress her without using your hands," directed LC.

    Carole felt a shiver run through her at being called precious by her Mistress. She also understood that the privacy was for the delivery person, not for her which deepened her belief that her status was lower than even a mere delivery person. The task of undressing a woman using only your mouth is not as easy as it sounds. It took Carole over twenty minutes to undress the woman and her lips and tongue were tired and sore by the time she finished.

    Once Carole had undressed the woman LC directed the visitor to lie down on the bed and to spread her legs wide. Carole was then ordered to please the woman by sucking her nipples and then bringing her orgasm using only her mouth. She was not to use her hands in any way.

    Carole started at the nipples sucking each to a hard pointed tip. She could feel herself getting more and more excited as she sucked on the hard tasty nipples. Carole crawled around and using the skills she had already learned she began licking the woman’s inner thighs working her way to the wet pussy she could clearly see through the forest of dark pubic hair. Carole could feel her own juices beginning to run down her thighs as her tongue forged a path through the tangled forest to gently lick the outer lips.

    Carole could sense the woman’s increased breathing and hear her moans of pleasure. Her own breathing was becoming raspy as her tongue dipped into the hot vat of boiling female juices. She searched out the swollen enlarged clit and began to thrash it with her tongue wishing someone would do that for her. After a relative short period of time the woman shuddered and wrapped her legs around Carole’s head as she achieved at least two orgasms from Carole’s tongue.

    Eventually Carole’s head is released from the leg lock. Carole knelt back on the floor as the woman dressed and left with out speaking to her at all.

    "You see my pet there are many ways to a please and serve a person. I expect you to become an expert at all of them. Only when you have become an expert at serving and pleasuring others will you have the opportunity to serve me personally. You will be trained by many different people and exposed to many new facets of pleasure and serving but the primary goal is to learn so you may serve me. You understand that your pleasure is secondary to your masters and mistresses, that is why you are learning to control your needs so you can concentrate on giving pleasure. Do you understand?"

    "Yes Mistress," answered Carole.

    "You do want to serve and pleasure me?"

    "Very much Mistress", responded Carole.

    Just then the door bell sounded and Carole looked at her Mistress who motioned for her to go answer the door.

    Carole crawled to the door as her mind processed what her Mistress had told her. She did want to serve and pleasure her Mistress and she was willing to endure whatever was needed to be able to do that. She wanted to make her mistress proud of her and learn to be the best slave she could. She had never felt so happy as she did being owned by this beautiful young woman.

    When Carole opened the door she found a large black woman with the delivery from the shoe store. "Well hello honey, don’t you look sweet. I wondered who could possibly want this many pairs of shoes at one time. Now I know", sneered the woman.

    "Please follow me," said Carole as she dropped to her knees and lead the woman with the shoes to the Mistress bedroom.

    When they arrived in the Mistress bedroom Carole again was ordered to put the delivery on the shelves in the closet while LC and the woman had whispered conversation. When Carole completed the task she came out of the closet and was ordered to lie down on the bed on her back.

    The delivery woman removed her pants and panties showing a very hairy pussy. She crawled on to the bed over Carole’s chest and face. Grabbing Carole’s hair she pulled her face into her wiry bush and said ‘lick".

    Carole found her face smashed into the sweaty not so pleasant wet pussy. As she struggled to breath she began to use her tongue as she had learned but the woman was forcing her head up and down her sopping pussy and Carole had no control. The woman was very rough with her and soon her head hurt from the hair pulling and the lack of oxygen as her face was held firmly into the woman pussy.

    The woman slid forward and moved her ass hole over Carole’s mouth and tongue and sat on her face. "Lick my ass," she ordered hold Carole’s head between her thick thighs.

    Carole struggle to lick the not so clean asshole and worked her tongue into the hole. Each breath was labored as her air was cut off from the weight and the position of the woman. Just as Carole felt herself beginning to black out from lack of air with her tongue deep in the ass of a complete stranger, the woman slid back and allowed Carole a deep breath before pull her face, by the hair, into her dripping pussy.

    The woman basically used Carole’s mouth and face to masturbate her large lipped pussy. After about fifteen minutes of being used Carole was drenched by a flood of pussy juice as the woman reached her first orgasm. But the woman did not stop, continuing until she had been brought to three powerful juicy squirting orgasms. The woman sat back on Carole’s crest while she caught her breath, making breathing continue to be an effort. Finally she rose and dressed leaving with out word to Carole and a thank you to LC.

    Carole felt used and abused. She had never experienced sex like that and while she didn’t like it she felt a real thrill at being so used without any regard to herself. She was thinking as she caught her breath that there was one more delivery from VICTORIA’S SECRET and then the workmen to deal with. Her body was exhausted and her mind moving a mile a minute but she wanted to get this day over so maybe she could orgasm and then sleep. After she caught her breath she crawled off the bed and knelt next to her owner with her face covered in drying pussy juice. She had barely settled on the floor and the door bell rang again. With a nod from her Mistress she crawled off to answer the door.

    Outside the door Carole found a 20 something attractive male with the expected delivery. She invited him in and dropping to her knees as she lead him to the Mistress bedroom. The man face was slightly red as he followed the swaying ass of the attractive woman through the condo. When they entered the bedroom he was further surprised to find a younger gorgeous woman waiting for them. Carole was ordered to put the delivery into the cleaned out drawers while LC spoke quietly with the young man.

    Once Carole had finished putting all the sexy clothing in the drawers she was again ordered to lie on the bed on her back. The young hunk removed his pants and underwear and straddling her stomach he applied lotion all over here breasts and then placed his long hard cock between her breasts. LC then ordered her to push her breasts tight against the cock and suck the head on each forward stroke.

    Due to the sheen of sweat on her body and the lotion the cock slide smoothly through the tight space between her compressed breasts. By bending her neck up she was able to get the head into her mouth for a quick suck and lick on each stroke. As the young man became more and more excited he began pinching her nipples and sliding his cock faster and faster. Once again she felt like she was being used but she also felt a deep need to provide the best service possible. Carole stretched her neck further so she could get more cock into her mouth to better please the young man. He twisted her nipples and smashed into her breasts harder and harder. Suddenly he began to shoot his load with the first shot going up her nose followed by a large shot in her mouth and the rest found it way all over her face. As the young man breathing returned to normal he slid forward and Carole used her tired mouth and tongue to clean his cock and balls. When she had completed her cleaning task she was faced with another very hard cock.

    "You can’t send him out like that pet. Use your mouth and drain that cock again," ordered LC.

    Despite her tired body Carole proceeded to give the young man the best blowjob he had ever received. It didn’t take long for him to full her mouth with hot sperm, which she swallowed greedily. Carole licked his cock and balls again and was a little disappointed when he didn’t get hard again. When he was clean he dressed, thanked LC and left without a word to Carole.

    Carole crawled off the bed and saw her refection in the mirror. She was a real mess. Her breasts were red and her nipples hard. Her face and hair were covered with cum and pussy juice. Her face was also red from the wiry haired black woman. For a moment she felt ashamed. But then she felt proud when she heard her Mistress say, "You are doing well pet. If you continue to work so hard at learning you may get to serve me soon."

    As if called the three workmen returned to the bedroom and installed hooks at various places on the walls and ceiling and put some covered hooks in the floor. Carole wondered what they were for. Her Mistress noticed her inquisitive looks and told her she would find out their uses in due time. Finally the men announced the job completed. LC ordered Carole to her knees in the middle of the floor.

    "Now my pet you will learn to please three men at one time. There are other ways to do this but we will learn them in the future."

    Carole saw the three men each lower their pants and underwear and move in a circle around her.

    "Using only your mouth and hands pet I want you to pleasure each man simultaneously. Be sure to give each man equal treatment," directed LC.

    "Gentleman if you feel she is slighting you just smack her in the head or give her a gentle kick in the breasts. I want you all to cum on her face," said a smiling LC.

    Carole began with the man directly in front and swallowed his hard cock while taking each of the others in her hands. In about a minute she felt a not to hard smack in the back of the head which forced the cock in her mouth to gag her and she quickly pulled off and switched her mouth to the cock on the left and continues masturbating the other two cocks. Another smack a minute later caused another gag and switch to the one on her right. She found it more difficult than she imagined to handle all three and she received many smacks which became harder an harder forcing the cocks deeper into her mouth until finally one painfully entered her throat. After this the man in her mouth expected her to swallow his cock and they worked together to keep her throat filled. Coordinating her hands became difficult as her throat was assaulted and she felt knees to her breasts to keep her moving.

    After what seemed an eternity to Carole but was really only 10 minutes she felt the man on her right shoot his scalding cum on her face and in her hair. Working on two was easier but her throat felt raw and she wanted this over. The man on her left pulled from her mouth and shot his load on her face. Covering her nose and lips with his white hot seed. As she turned to the third man he erupted shooting his cum into her eyes and hair. She quickly closed her eyes and felt the burning as the man covered her face with his cum..

    Carole slowly opened her cum covered eyes and began cleaning each of the cocks that had just covered her face with their hot ejections. Seeing herself in the mirror with her cum covered face filled with cock was extremely humiliating. To think less than a week ago she was simply a lonely, bored housewife. What is happening to me she wondered as her tongue licked to cum from a complete strangers cock.

    When Carole had completed the cleaning as before the men pulled up their pants, gathered their tools and thanked LC and left without a work to Carole. She began to realize that she meant nothing to all these people other than a pleasure provider.

    "Well pet you are quite a mess. You have performed well for a beginner but you have much work to do. I want you to take a nice hot bath and relax. I will be back a 7:00 to pick out your clothes for our shopping this evening. Until then remain naked and rest. Do not make yourself cum or you will be very sorry."

    "Yes Mistress. Thank you, "said Carole with a raspy voice due to her throat fucking.

    Chapter 8

    Carole heard her front door slam as LC left. She looked around at the messy bed, cum spots on the carpet and seeing her reflexion everywhere she looked. She was indeed a mess. Her face, hair, and breasts were covered in cum. She could still smell and taste the female juices that were deposited on her face and tongue. Carole had difficulty understanding what had happened to her life.

    She knew everything she had allowed to happen was wrong. She felt ashamed of herself for being unfaithful to Dave, being an embarrassment and disappointment to her children, and most of all for enjoying all of it in a way she had never experienced. Her Mistress was everything she had ever fantasized about and more.

    She had spent thousands of dollars and completely given herself over to the control of her Mistress. She realized her feelings had been repressed for her entire life. This is the way she dreamed of being treated but she knew that society and her family would never approve. Dave would never understand and was incapable of meeting her needs. If her children would ever find out she would never see them again.

    Her body shook with sobs as she realized she could lose everyone and everything she loved but she knew that she could not stop. Her life was no longer her own and this made her sad beyond words.

    Carole slowly rose from her knees and changed the dirty sheets on her bed as she continued to sob. Next she tackled the spots on the carpet and made sure everything was in order before heading to the bathroom for a hot relaxing bath.

    As she soaked, Carole became conscious of how excited she was. She needed to masturbate to relieve the tension but her Mistress had forbidden it. She could sense her juices flowing as she wondered what was planned for her tonight. She knew it would be sexual and probably humiliating. Her nipples hardened even more at the thought. She felt mortified to be reacting this way to such thoughts. It was opposite of everything she had tried to be since college.

    Her submissive feeling had always been known to her but she felt she had controlled and repressed them completely. Now they had been released by her loneliness and she was out of control. She hated that but her Mistress kept pressing her and she could not stand to lose her.

    Carole climbed out of the tub and dried her charged body shuddering when the towel caressed her nipples and shivering when she dried her dripping pussy. Entering her bedroom (the former guest room), she set am alarm for 6:15 to allow her time to do her hair and make-up and be ready for Mistress when she returned. Her head hit the pillow and she was instantly asleep with visions of all that had happened to her today flashing before her eyes. Tiny moans escaped her lips as her body responded to the dreams.

    LC had been watching the video feed from Carole’s condo and saw the emotions Carole was going through with some concern. This was a critical time in her training and LC knew she had a winner. Her concerns were lessened by the fact that in spite of her tears Carole had obeyed her completely.

    Carole was jolted awake by the ringing of the telephone. She took a second to grasp what the noise was. She reached for the phone and discovered her fingers were in her pussy soaked with her juices. She pulled her hand away from her crotch and answered the phone. Her Mistress’s voice greeted her saying, "You will be punished for playing with your pussy".

    "But" Carole started to respond but the line went dead.

    Carole wept again in frustration. She had tried so hard to please her Mistress and she had failed. Now she had failed her husband, her children, and her Mistress.

    Carole looked at the clock and was amazed to see she had only been asleep 10 minutes. She laid back down but was afraid to sleep for fear she would disappoint her Mistress again and earn more punishment.

    Just as she began to doze with her hands under her head the phone rang again. It was Dave. As she talked with him she saw her naked reflex ion in all the mirrors and was filled with thoughts of her day so far. Part of her wanted him to come home and save her from herself. But part of her loved what was happening to her. Dave must have been really lonely as he went on and on about how wonderful she was and how he appreciated her sacrifices for his career. (She wondered what he would say if he could see her now.)

    When the conversation ended Carole was at the lowest point. Her wonderful loving husband missed her terribly while she was being a slut/slave to a woman much younger than herself. How low would she go to please this woman? She knew the answer but could not admit it to herself.

    Suddenly Carole was brought back to reality by the sound of her alarm. It seemed impossible that her rest time had passed and she was more exhausted than after her morning ordeal. All she had accomplished was to clean up, earn punishment by disappointing her Mistress, and been reminded of what a failure she was as a wife, mother, and slut/slave.

    Carole knew she could not be late so she so she hurriedly took a quick shower. After drying she styled her hair and put on her make-up. She still was not happy with her new hair style or the shades of her make-up but she knew she was preparing for her Mistress not herself. She was entirely ready down to the red lipstick she hated by 6:45. She sat on the bed where she had learned to use her mouth today and waited naked for her Mistress.

    Carole heard the door open and a shiver ran down her spine. She expectantly watched the door to the room as her Mistress walked in. She was gorgeous. Her long blonde hair was shining. She was dressed in neat cream colored summer slacks with a pale peach blouse and sandals. She looked stunning.

    LC walked straight to Carole and slapped her across the face. "What are you doing in this room sitting on the bed? You are expected to be kneeling at the door when you are expecting me." LC slapped her again as Carole opened her mouth to speak. "Don’t say a word slave. From now on you only speak when I tell you to speak. This room is off limits to you unless I order otherwise. Get off the bed and kneel here while I get you something to wear. I can’t believe you are so stupid."

    Carole dropped to her knees next to her Mistress. She felt so ashamed to have disappointed LC. Even though she wanted very much to beg for forgiveness her Mistress had ordered her not to open her mouth.

    LC smiled inwardly as she watch her new slave cringe before her. Carole was amazingly submissive and LC knew she would mold her into just the creature she wanted. Her research on Carole’s family was proceeding on schedule. When it came time to make the next move she would be totally prepared.

    Moving to the closet, LC picked out a very short red/white flair skirt with a very thin white silk pull over blouse. Searching the shoes she picked a pair of red sandals with 5" heels Tossing the clothing to Carole kneeling on the floor she ordered, "Get dressed and fix your face slave. Meet me on the balcony.

    Carole got up from her knees and hurried to the bathroom for fix her make-up.. Her mind was in a turmoil. Why was her Mistress so mean? Why was her pussy dripping and her nipples so hard they hurt? She didn’t understand but knew she deserved the harsh treatment because she had again failed her Mistress. Carole finished her make-up and it only took a minute to dress. Looking in the mirrors she discovered her nipples and breasts were clearly visible. The skirt barely covered her ass and pussy. She would have to be very careful how she moved. As she stood and walked to the balcony she became aware of the sway caused by the high heels and her feet were already in discomfort.

    LC was pleased by the with the sight of her slave. She looked slutty yet there was a look of innocence in her face, with embarrassment in her eyes and an overall uncomfortable air about her. A middle aged woman in a place she didn’t feel comfortable dressed in a way that made her feel extremely uncomfortable. Yet there was a burning passion in here eyes. Perfect thought LC.

    "Well slave lets tabulate your failures today," said LC seated on the soft cushioned chair while Carole stood with her eyes downcast in her 5" heels. "One, playing with yourself without permission. In fact against direct orders; two, entering the Mistress room without permission; three, Using the Mistress bathroom without permission; four, sitting on the Mistress’ bed without permission; five, attempting to speak without permission; six, not tanning as required," listed LC. "You should have known better thus you have earned a great deal of punishment. If you continue this insubordinate behavior I will be forced to cut you loose and release all of my information about you and your family on the internet." LC could see Carole tearing up again and demanded "Don’t you dare cry."

    Carole stifled her tears and waited with her eyes down. She thought she had been working so hard to please. She had obviously failed miserably. Now she had displeased her Mistress and had severe punishment to deal with. Holding back her tears of shame and disappointment was difficult to do but she was determined not to fail her Mistress again.

    "Lets get moving slave. We have two stops to make tonight and the second one may take a while," said LC as she rose and headed for the door with Carole hurrying to follow.. "Leave the door unlocked," ordered LC as she headed for the elevator. " You take the stairs from now on. I want you to stay in shape."

    Carole was shocked at her mistresses latest demand. Doing the stairs in these heels was difficult if not dangerous. Once she reached the garage level she saw her Mistress sitting behind the wheel of her car as if it were her own. Carole got into the passenger side with her short skirt revealing to anyone looking her very private parts. She was very uncomfortable dressed this way especially around where she lived even though she actually didn’t know anyone.

    LC drove from the condo to Rt 19 and headed south toward St. Petersburg. After a few miles she pulled over into a strip mall and parked in front of PetsMart. Ordering Carole to follow LC headed into the store with Carole trailing behind trying to keep her ass and pussy covered as she struggled on her 5" heels.

    As she entered the store Carole could feel the stares as the people looked at her very very short skirt. She realized that under the florescent light her blouse was practically transparent. Her breasts and hard nipples were clearly visible for all to see. Carole felt the heat of a deep red blush rising from her chest to the top of her head.

    Carole followed her Mistress to the collar and leash area and stood with her arms covering her breasts. LC became furious. "put your hands behind your head and don’t move," snarled LC. I do not want to see any tears. Don’t ever cover yourself, ever," hissed LC in a voice Carole had never heard.

    Carole was frightened by the voice. She knew immediately she had earned extra punishment. Standing with her hands behind her head Carole felt as if she were on display. She could see looks of curiosity, lust, and disgust on peo0ple’s faces. Standing as she was made her short skirt shorter and pushed her breasts out. LC ordered her to spread her legs and hold her pose. Carole was mortified at her predicament but she felt her pussy leaking down her thigh.

    LC began choosing collars of various styles and colors and tried each one around the neck of her slave. She even put a choke chain collar on Carole. Then LC picked out several collars, putting them in the cart. She then picked out several leaches . LC then moved to the dog crate area and ordered Carole to crawl into the large dog crate.

    Carole wanted to die of shame as she dropped to her knees and displayed to the gathered crowd lusting and curious people her fine ass and bare pussy as she crawled into the crate. LC closed the door and ordered her to lie down as if asleep. Carole did as ordered and she heard a comment from one of the women, "What a slut. Look at her pussy, It’s dripping wet." Carole was so humiliated as a surge of electricity ignited her insides.

    After what seemed an eternity LC opened the door and ordered Carole out of the crate. Carole’s relief was short lived as LC ordered her into the next smaller size crate. Carole had to twist and turn to get herself into the smaller crate. When LC closed and latched the door she had no room to move. She could feel the cool air on her ass and dripping pussy so she knew they were on display to everyone. Her blouse was stretch tight across her hard nipple threatening to poke holes in the material.

    LC walked away leaving Carole closed in the crate. "Just wait there", ordered LC as she was walking away.. LC collected several other items in the cart and finally returned with a sale clerk and freed Carole. "She will take both crates," LC said to the clerk. "Slave follow him into the storage area and help him load the crates. If you practice what you learned this morning you will get a 10% discount.

    Carole knew this was not a suggestion but rather an order. She was stiff from being stuffed into the carte but she straighten her clothes as best she could and followed the young sales clerk into the back storage area with her ass swaying inn the 5" heels.

    Once they were in the back the young man told Carole to drop to her knees and suck him off. Her Mistress had told him to tell her to keep his load in her mouth and she was not allowed to use her hands.

    Carole was mortified as she dropped to her knees in front of the clerk who was no older then her son. He made no effort to help her and without the use of her hands she began opening his pants. Once the pants were open, which took a while, they dropped to the floor. Carole could see the clear outline of her cock in his underwear as she grasp the waist band in her teeth and struggled to get them over his swollen cock. As she got the underwear past his hard cock it shot out and smacked her in the face. She tugged them to his ankles and the faced the monster before her.

    Carole was afraid it wouldn’t fit in her mouth let alone down her throat. She shivered in fear of failing again. She stretched her mouth as far as possible and was able to get the head into her mouth. Working her lips and tongue she was able to get about half of the 9 inches slab of cock into her mouth. Sweating with effort and breathing hard Carole knew she could not fail again. She forced her mouth further down the shaft. Relaxing her throat as she had learn that morning and with great effort and considerable pain bringing tears to her eyes she swallowed the entire length feeling his pubic hair tickle her nose as she tried to breath.

    She was so proud of herself. She had taken the entire thing. Working her sucking mouth up and down using her lips and tongue until she felt him tensing up. As he began to shoot his load Carole backed up keeping only the head of the erupting cock in her mouth. She tasted shot after shot of hot boiling cum hit her tongue and fill her mouth completely.

    Carole smiled inwardly feeling so proud of herself for successfully completing the task her Mistress had assigned her. Slowly her mind began to realize what she had just done. She felt happy and content. Then reality kicked in. Here she was a respectable married woman with 2 beautiful children kneeling on a concrete floor in a pet store with a mouth full of cum from a complete stranger the same age as her son. She was dressed like a whore and enjoyed all of it. This was sick beyond belief. The cum burned in her mouth and her eyes filled with tears. This had to stop.

    Carole rose from her knees and straighten her clothes yet again. She headed for the door to confront LC and tell her she could not continue to behave in this manner regardless of the sick pleasure she got out of it. It was totally wrong. She felt so ashamed and depraved.

    "Get over here and help me with these boxes," ordered the satisfied clerk. Carole hesitated, then moved to help him. When the crates were loaded on the cart he pushed in back into the store area followed by Carole who was more determined than ever to call this whole thing off. She had made such a mistake putting herself before the best interests of her family.

    LC was waiting at by the check out as Carole and the smiling clerk moved from the storage area to the front of the store. As Carole went to open her mouth to speak she realized it was still full of the clerks cum. Now what she thought? She didn’t want to swallow it but if she opened her mouth everyone would see what a slut she was.

    As her mind raced for a solution LC ordered her to open her mouth. Without thinking she obeyed and LC inspected her cum filled cavity. LC invited anyone who wanted to take a look. LC complimented the clerk on the sizable load he had given her slave. After everyone who wanted got a look LC ordered Carole to swallow all of it. Without thought Carole did as ordered. Why can she not resist this woman? She felt so helpless and hopeless.

    Carole paid for everything and with the help of the clerk loaded everything into the truck of her car. The clerk took the opportunity as Carole was bent over arranging the crates in the truck to reach under her short skirt and fondle her bare ass. LC ordered Carole to give the clerk a final kiss and get in the car. Carole leaned into give the young man a kiss and he hugged her and assaulted her mouth with his lips and tongue taking her breath away. Finally the kiss was broken and the clerk sent Carole off to the car with a smack on her ass.

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