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    Neighbours naked and...

    One evening last week I saw man living in a next apartment building half naked. It wasn't the first time but there was one peculiar feature this time - he was with two women.


    From our apartment windows of about half a dozen apartments in adjoining buildings are more or less visible and to couple of them visibility is rather good. I do not have to look, I just see them whether I want it or not. When it's dark other people, and us, of course use curtains but not always so sometimes one just happens to see what neighbours are doing.


    Before continuing I should make clear that I'm not interested to peep my fellow human beings in their homes or anywhere where they do not expect other people to see them. I'm not actively gazing from our windows to see what my neighbours are up to or what they are wearing, if anything, but if I happen to see, which is rare, someone naked behind uncurtained window I maybe can take a less quick peek than usually. People must know that windows are transparent and standing neked in front of one they take a risk someone seeing them. It's like a woman wearing no panties with her miniskirt must be aware that there is a certain possibility someone can take a glimpse of her bare pussy. In my mind there is a huge difference between watching and maybe getting aroused by something that is intentionally shown - or at least the possibility of showing something is intentionally given - and secretly watchin something that is meant to be utterly private.


    That said, I'll continue my actual topic. So I saw this man wearing no shir twalking around in his living room. What called my attention was that he had lowered his pants a little allowing half of his bottom and penis to be on sight. Three or four times before I had seen this man compelely naked at the morning or late evening so I wasn't that surprised. I expected he was putting his clothes on or taking them off but he just walked around talking to his wife (propably wife) who was there also but wearing all her clothes. I haven't seen her being naked ever. They both look slender and maybe are in their late thirties but there is that much distance than one can't see that many details. 


    About half a minute later he moved away from my view to other room and I continued to mind my own business. It was maybe ten or fifteen minutes later I noticed he was back in the room still wearing his pants lowered. His wife was there too but suddenly a second woman appeared to the stage which struck like lightning to me. Despite that his genitals were visible he and his wife seemed to act casual. His wife was apparently bringing some food to the living room and there was nothing sexual in their behaviour as far as I was able to see and determine. Now comes this second woman into the room. She was in her clothes too. After watching him for about ten seconds she went and lowered herself down in front of him. He was now partly invisible to me since a wall was obscuring my view but I was just able to see her touching his penis with her hands and putting her head close as well. Now the man took the critical tiny step backwards and I was no more able to see him at all but it seemed obvious that the woman in front of him was taking his cock into her mouth. His wife just standed a little further away as nothing was happening!


    For me the show was over before it really started. In no time they backed again a little and now I wasn't able to see anything. His wife went behind the corner and out of my view. I continued to follow up the situation hoping there would be more to see but after a couple of minutes the wife came and closed all the curtains. I can only try to imagine what was going on and what maybe happened later...


    This was the very first time I saw, just and just, someone else having sex but he's not the first naked neighbour I've seen. In the neighbouring building there is also an other apartment which is also fairly visible from our apartment and there lives a young couple who rarely shut curtains in one of their windows. From that window one can see just a small part of their living room but they appear in that part fairly often for a short period of time. Sometimes they wear just underwear.


    They seem to have a bookcase near there and once I saw her standing there few minutes organizing books in her negligee which she kept open. It was dark and they had lights so she was standing there almost as in a spotlight. As far as I can judge, there must be nearly ten apartments from which one can see that window and thus her showing all her private parts. She's a chubby big titted young woman with nice looking well shaped bottom. Between her legs she has a big dark bushy triangle. Not bad sight at all for me who was watching cautiously while reading a book - or pretending to read... I must say I got an hard erection but I waited to relieve the pressure later. I'm not sure if masturbation is really ok in that kind of situation even though watching is since it was only her choice to put her body on display...


    First time I saw a neighbour naked was many years ago in an different apartment. I was having a cigarette at the balcony and half a way of it I noticed naked young woman doing gymnastics in her studio apartment opposite of mine. She was propably about 20-25 like me and most of the other people who lived there and her body looked great. Her big tits bounced up and down as she did her excercises and I couldn't do anything else than smoke really slowly and lit an another one. I didn't want go iniside since the view was better from the balcony altough it was possible to see her window from my window too. I smoked the second one as slowly as possible but didn't dare to lit third so I went in.


    I didn't saw that well from the window but most of the time her upper body was visible. After few minutes she stopped and then, to my amazement and delight, she came to the window and stand there for a while her tits fully visible in all their beauty. Back then I was thinking bit differently about these kind of situations, and it was the very first one I happened to see, so I touched myself through my trousers while watching. Finally she took her bra and put them on and soon disappeared from the window. I went to my bedroom and had a very good masturbation her fresh image still vividly in my mind.


    I have something more to say about the subject but I'll continue about that some other day...



      Posted on : Apr 8, 2010

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