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    Tickling Older Women

    Tickling interests come in many flavors. One of those flavors that I've had the pleasure to explore is to tickle older women.

    Many older women are conditioned to stay proper and well mannered. Some are authoritative and conservative towards younger men. That makes them particularly tasty to tickle.

    I particularly enjoy seeing their own bodies betray their lifelong commitment to keeping composure. It’s particularly tasty when the struggle to keep their mouth from release twisted sounds that scream I'm loosing control. The over whelming wave of embarrassment that sweeps over them when tickled (especially when they are tickled in public) can be intoxicating.

    Following are quick re-caps of some of my more memorable encounters tickling older women. Many of them are very quick tickles.

    1990 - On a chartered bus ride I sat next to a Puerto Rican judge in her early fifties. She had practiced in my home town for some time and new my family. During the trip I mentioned to her that from watching her walk, it seemed that either her back or feet hurt. She said she had been traveling between several cities and her luggage was lost along the way forcing her to wear new uncomfortable shoes. They weren’t her regular choice. But she would suffer them for a short time. I told her, since she was a judge, I was obligated to assist and offered to give her a deep foot massage to bring quick relief. During the process, the laws that govern my fetish mandated that I sneak in some tickles. She would jerk and sometimes let out a little yelp. I explained that while it may feel like a tickle, it was just toxins being released. (Did I mention that I'm sneaky?). At some point, she became suspicious and retrieved her feet and placed them a safe legal distance from my fingers. Tickling a powerful older woman, now that was a rush.

    Pic - Anne

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    1992 - For a short time, I dated a Nurse at a doctor's office in the ..:NAMESPACE PREFIX = ST1 />..:namespace prefix = st1 /><st1:country-region w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Bahamas. She was an older English woman. Diana was truly proper and 10 years older than me. I was a consultant to that doctor's office. I enjoyed those sneak attacks on her ribs from behind and really, really enjoyed working on the coax network along the floor at the front desk where she often serviced the patients. I would wait until she was engaged with a patient, then start to run my fingers along the exposed tops of her feet. This caused her feet to twitch and jump and made the most beautiful fluctuations in her voice. She would turn red. A couple times, due to her suffering through the electric sensations of the tickling and the embarrassment of loosing control in a public space, from her struggle to maintain her composure, the patients inquired as to whether she was well. She was really conflicted about this kind of public play. It made her angry, wet and embarrassed. I told her it was a very healthy combination. I eventually got to tickle ravage her in bed as time went on.

    Pics - Diana

    1993 - While on a tropical holiday for Christmas and New Years, I met Elizabeth (a hospital administrator at a Canadian hospital). Liz was 20 years older than me. We met at a hotel New Years bash and danced into the new year together. After dancing for a while, she unwittingly became my tickle prey by complaining about how her strappy high heel were killing her feet. Being the good Samaritan that the laws of foot and tickling fetishes demand, I offered my foot massage services. (Now to be fair, I&rsquo;ve actually massaged more than 100 model&rsquo;s feet over the years on commercial non-fetish shoots. So I do actually help these ladies before I collect with the tickle tax). So Liz and I sat at a table along with another couple. I massaged her feet, which seemed normal in such circumstances. Even when I slipped in a few tickles, I'm sure it simply looked like holiday cheer mixed with slightly forward foreplay. Still, it was great watching struggle with each tickle stroke of her stockinged feet, as she tried to maintain the image that nothing had happened. She even started to hold the edge of the table to brace herself for the unpredictable tickles.

    Pics - Lizbeth


    1994 - Denise was a high strung driven woman, and 8 years older than me. She had the kind of career where she could make decisions that were very difficult to countermand. So the men beneath her paid her lots of respect. She was fair and very firm. So, when I dated her, I tied and tickler her often. I've never done drugs, but this was my coke. She was brought up to never let anyone make her show emotion, never let anyone get to you and never ever let anyone break you. So, of course, for the good of all mankind, I broke her with tickling several times. I also enjoyed tickling her soles at the movies, in restaurants and while driving with her feet in my lap. Just thinking of her now makes me feel like "Ohmar the tent maker". For her, the worst part was hearing her own voice squeal, laugh, scream and (worst of all) snort. She experienced abject lose of control fro the tickling. No area of her body was spared from my vellicating touch. It was like playing a full motion organic musical instrument. She was an awesome girlfriend in that even though she was dominant in her career, she was submissive in our relationship. She even made a point of showing me any exposed female soles she could find when we were in public. She loved doing anything that got me hard.

    Pics - Denise

    So now I'd like to know, have you ever had the pleasure of tickling older women? Details people, details.

      Posted on : Oct 9, 2009

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