Known issues (last update 2013-03-01)

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Known issues (last update 2013-03-01)

Postby admin on Wed Dec 05, 2012 12:39 pm

*) spammers in fanbase.
If you can't wait for me to remove them:

*)No images in chat (happens frequently)
The images shared in chat are saved on an image disk.
A script is run every night, but on busy days that disk is full before the script is started.
If we notice it in time, room is created manually by our system administrator, but obviously we can't monitor chat 24/7

*)Images still available after delete viewtopic.php?f=4&t=8878
I know about it, and it has been reported to our techs.
I try to delete thumbs manually as much as possible, but it is obviously not enough.

I do my best to get things solved, my list of complaints is getting longer every day.
Unfortunately they assigned a dev to imagefap for only a few hours a week, hardly enough to solve the
most urgent issues.
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Re: Known issues (last update 2013-03-01)

Postby admin on Mon Dec 31, 2012 9:33 am

Older issues, support tickets created for dev:

Gallery showing several times after adding images: created 2011-07-06 again 2012-06-23 solved
Blocked user not blocked entirely : created 2011-07-19
Several issues with comments on images, galleries and profile: created 2011-07-19 again 12-09-2011
Fanbase reordering and frontpage problems: created 2012-06-26
Using mini's to browse galleries, wrong urls, comment issues: created 2012-09-08 solved
Make-over for clubs, give owners option to delete club: created 2010-04-22
Give users filter for main page, let them select which categories to hide/show: created 2012-05-31 added 2013-02-28 (Not working as intended)

List with created tickets contains a lot more, but I have decided to keep this overview short.
I don't want to get banned for spamming the forum 8-)
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