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ImageFap Rules last update 2015-06-25

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Imagefap rules

It is required that you are 18 years of age or older to register for Imagefap. If you do not meet the age requirement, do not proceed with registration.
If you are already registered and it is determined that you are (or pretend to be) under age 18, your account will be deleted

If you suspect a user to be underaged, you can report this to Include the name of the user, and give us the exact reason why you think this person is underaged.

    Imagefap uses a user-moderation and reporting system. Due to the amount of content uploaded on a daily basis, it is impossible for us to timely review each upload.
    The moderators on this site are volunteers. The commitment of their time and effort is greatly appreciated.

    Disrespectful treatment of our admins/moderators is NEVER tolerated.. Treat our moderators with respect and courtesy, or get banned

Our rules apply to ALL content you upload or otherwise submit to this site, including but not limited to private galleries and images shared in chat.
You are solely responsible for your own uploaded content and the consequences of posting or publishing it, it will never be an excuse to say that you found the content on our site.
Your use of the site, and/or posting of any content, constitutes your agreement to these rules.

We do not permit:

* Any material that promotes or depicts unlawful or inappropriate sexual acts with minors (including but not limited to comics, 3d, captions, fakes, cartoons)
-"minor" anyone under 18

including but not limited to:
a) Pictures of naked or semi-naked children (-12) in appropriate nudist settings, and from legitimate sources.
b) Deliberately posed pictures of fully, partially clothed or naked minors in sexualised or provocative poses.
c) Pictures emphasising genital areas, where the minor is either naked, partially clothed or fully clothed.
d) Pictures that depict touching, mutual and self-masturbation, oral sex and intercourse by a minor, not involving an adult.
e) Pictures of minors being subject to a sexual assault, involving digital touching, involving an adult.
f) Grossly obscene pictures of sexual assault, involving penetrative sex, masturbation or oral sex, involving a minor.
g) Pictures showing a minor being tied, bound, beaten, whipped or otherwise subject to something that implies pain.
h) Pictures where an animal is involved in some form of sexual behaviour with a minor.
i) Any content depicting babies, toddlers, children, preteens (they don't belong on an adult site)

    In case of questionable age the only opinion that counts is ours
    We have a zero-tolerance policy against child abuse. Your content will be removed, your account will be terminated and we will report content and all available information to the authorities.

In some cases there may be an element of subjectivity as to whether an image appears to be a child or minor.
Objective factors which will be used to decide, including whether the subject has childlike facial features, is child-sized, has clothing or accessories generally associated with children, and whether, based on the circumstances, the subject is acting like a child

-"Ageplay" involving children in chat, blogs or private messages, or any other location on our site, including our chat room

-Underage fakes as well as fakes of any celebrity who has just turned 18.
    These celebrity fakes are for sure using images of them under 18 and are therefore not permitted on Imagefap.

-Images of child birth, or breastfeeding ( including comics, computer generated, captions etc)
    There are enough other sites available for posting this content

-Any form of zoophilia and bestiality ( including comics, computer generated, captions etc).
    In most countries, zoophilic sexual acts are illegal under animal abuse laws

-Extreme force, snuff, gore, mutilations, operations, necrophilia, war, torture, destruction, death, blood, murder, Nazi symbols such as swastikas, or any form of graphic violence and the effects of violence.
( including comics, computer generated, captions etc)
    Imagefap is not a shock site. Don't post content intended to shock or disgust

-Spamming, junk mail, pyramid schemes, chain letters or advertisements

-Content posted for malevolent purposes, including libel, slander, or harassment.

- Non-consensual upskirt photos or images of people in public (creepshots)

-Images obtained through chat sites, including (but not limited to) omegle, chatroulette.

-Any personally identifiable information about yourself or any other person. Like a telephone number, surname, street address, social networking link or any other personally identifying information.

-We do not allow any picture(s) that are classified as (but not limited to) revenge porn, personal attacks, ex girlfriends, ex wives, ex boyfriends, ex husbands, stolen, found on old PC (not yours), found on camera or other similar pictures.
Any such type of content that is found on the site by our administrators, moderators or through our reporting system will be removed immediately.
Your account will be disabled or deleted.

-Copyrighted material and trademarks from sites, models and publishers who have stated to Imagefap that they have not given permission to post their material Forbidden content (Serious violations can lead to account termination)

-Content that is posted on a mass scale to promote, advertise, build traffic at other websites or otherwise call attention to content outside of Imagefap .
Discrete promotion is all that is permitted. We don't provide a free advertising service. (edited 2013-13-12)

-Commercial website linking or advertising. This rule includes webmasters of other adult websites promoting themselves on Imagefap. You will be banned and have all of your content removed
    It is not fair for those who do pay for space on imagefap to have others advertise for free just because they have an account

    We have always been very tolerant and open minded about what is posted on imagefap. Needless to say that we are not so open minded about anything we consider illegal.
    We do however understand that some of these niches can be considered highly offensive by other users so we have decided to make some adjustments to the general uploading rules.

    1. Galleries containing scat, bloody tampons, menstruation, puke, vomit etc etc must be added to the Filthy porn category, bizarre may be chosen as second category
    2. This content may no longer be posted in any of the other categories.

    If you receive a warning about content being posted in wrong category, you can send an email to with the request
    to release the content so you can fix this. You have a week to make this request, after that the gallery will be deleted.

    Logfiles of chat- blog and message system are kept and can and may be read by the admin of this service, regardless of whether or not admin is the intended recipient.
    Logfiles of chat- blog and message systemcan/will be used to determine if a user has violated our rules.

    We can/will collect and possibly share your information in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, situations or as otherwise required by law.
    We reserve the right to reveal any identifying information we have about you, including logfiles of chat- blog and message system when

      -responding to subpoenas
      -responding to court orders
      -responding to government inquiries or legal processes
      -establishing or exercising our legal rights or defending against legal claims
      -the physical safety of any child or adult is involved
-or in other circumstances permitted or required under applicable law

We are not responsible for the loss, deletion, or failure to store of any content uploaded to Imagefap.
You should always preserve your original content, or make back-up copies of such content, on your personal system.
You should not use Imagefap as the only source for your content.
Imagefap does not take any responsibility for advertisers, outgoing links, or any other part of this site that is not under our direct and total control.
All descriptions, photographs, text, captions, posts or other materials posted on Imagefap are the responsibility of the uploaders.

If you see content that is violating our rules seemingly get ignored it's extremely likely it's because it hasn't been reported.
All you need to do is use the report link and explain why that content violates the rules.
Remember, content moderation is subjective. You may find some material objectionable that we won't and vice versa.

We are not liable to remove content that causes you offence though we will do so if it is in breach of our own content policy.
Imagefap may at any time, without prior notice and in its sole discretion, remove such content and/or terminate a user's account.

.-Our rules are subject to change without prior notice- last update 2015-01-16
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