New rule starting today - Forbidden Content

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New rule starting today - Forbidden Content

Postby longhairfish on Thu Nov 23, 2023 7:15 pm

Hi everyone!

So it seems we have had some recent users decide to do whatever they please and upload forbidden content. Specifically the forbidden content list. ... =18&t=2967

You guys need to know we didn't make the list out of boredom. The list of people and websites have specifically asked that none of their content be published on our site.

I won't get into the boring copyright and DMCA details right now. The point is there are no legitimate website that let you place anything you want on their sites.

Starting today if Admin sends you more than three messages telling you that you have placed forbidden content on our site - your account will be removed.

No more playing around. And it doesn't matter if your account has been here 10 minutes or 10 years. You will be gone. When you break certain site rules you put our entire site at risk.

Emails, messages to me or Admin will be ignored. This message is almost impossible to miss, unless of course you ignored it. If so then this will be your problem if you like to participate on the site.
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