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The newest FAQ updated

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Here you will find the most common fixes that you might need. This list is compiled from questions we receive now and the via our email.

Q: I need to change the Genres or Categories of my gallery. How?
A: When you are logged in, you want to be here:

Make sure you are at the option of Gallery Listing.

When there, look at the Actions column.

The 4th icon is where you want to be to change the gallery category.

Q: I want to download full galleries. Is there a way?

EDIT: This previously answered method needs to be modified.

Q: Can you show me how to delete a picture in my gallery?
A: Go to the My Fap icon on the top right of the page.

Then on the left side, click on My Content.

Then click on Gallery Listing.

Your galleries will show. On the right side of the page you will see a column for Actions.

Click on the first small icon - Edit Galleries.

All of the pictures in that gallery will show. You will see an option to delete individual pictures.

Q: How can I change or add my background (wallpaper) picture?
A: Go to the My Fap icon on the top right of the page.

Then on the left side click on Design.

At the top of that page you will see Change Color - View other block.

Click the down arrow at Profile Block. Then go to Background.

Then lower on that page you see a blank line under Background Image.

This is where you want to put a web link to your new background image.

It is best that you choose a picture from our site. You can use any picture you want.

But not that the picture you put on this blank line should end in .jpg or .gif.
Here is an example on how to find the correct .jpg link.

First we look at a picture on the site.

You will notice this picture does NOT end in .jpg as mentioned before.

To find the correct .jpg link, right click on the picture. Then go to View Picture.

You end up with the correct image link: ... 4d11mg.jpg

All browsers will use different wording letting you 'view' the image.

Q: How do I add my galleries to a club?
A: To add gallery to a club you want to be at this link when you are logged in:

On the right side you will see the Add Galleries option.

Of course this must be one of your galleries.

Q: Nothing works! What can I do?
A: Here is what you can try to do. All web browsers have the option for you to open a new private or incognito window.

When you do this you will come back to our site. Try the login again.

Firefox: The option is on the top right of the browser. 3 diagonal bars.

Chrome: 3 dots on the top right.

Internet Explorer: Safety - In Private Browsing

MS Edge: 3 dots on top right - New InPrivate window

Q: I deleted all the pictures from my profile but Google still shows them in a search. What gives?
A: The pictures or galleries have been deleted from our site.
If Google still shows your pictures from a search your have done, then you need to contact Google and make a formal request. Here is a link that should help you. ... 1061?hl=en

Q: I closed my profile. Can it be activated again?
A: What you can do is try to log in. You will see the option for "Resend activation email?". Fill that out with this email you used when you created the profile. Then go check your email. Also be sure to look in your spam folder. Many of our messages will end up there.
If you dont have access the originating email, then you will have to email to and provide proof of your account and let us know what your old email address was.

If you uploaded galleries, they will not show. You will have to email us back and ask for a possible restoration.

Q: It was fun, but I need to close my account. Can you show me how?
A: Log in to your account. At the top right of the screen you see My Fap.
When that pages opens, you see the option on the left side to close your account.
If you have any galleries you should delete those first -

Q: For the life of me I can't remember my password.
A: What you need to do is go to this link first.

When you do that, an email will be sent to the email you used when you signed up. Make sure to check your spam box on this email account as many times our emails will go there.

Q: I sent in a verification picture but I have not been verified yet.
A: Check this link for picture examples we would accept to verify you.

Couple verifications must include both people in the picture. ... on-Samples

All submitted pictures must include your user name and on a sign or piece of paper.

If you wishing to have your TS/TV profile verified, you should be dressed in the appropriate manner.

No photoshop or MS paint pictures will be accepted. Only hand written signs allowed.

Q: I see many people have uploaded videos. How can I do this?
A: What you have to do is go to:

When you are there you log in to the site using the same user name and password as you do for
You will see the upload option there.
Also the main guideline is this - Please upload your movies in WMV, Mpeg, AVI or Mov formats.
When you have done that, the video will be put in a cue for our site moderators to review and then put 'live' on the website.
Your video will appear on and also on your profile page.
You can email us back when you have done your upload. We will check out your video and approve it and make it live on the site.

Q: I don't like the name I have. Can it be changed?
A: You need to email for this. But something you can do first:
We can change your name for you. Here is what you need to do. Find a name that is not in use.

To do that, put the new name you want at the end of this link:

Or simply replace your name with the new name you want.

If the name is available to you, then you will be re-directed back to your own profile page.

Please send at least three new names you want to use. We will pick the first available.

Q: I have a club but I am not sure how to make the Club News. Can you show me?
A: When you are logged in you want to be here:

From there you will see your clubs. On the right side you will see Manage Club. Click that.

Again the clubs will show. On the right side you see Actions.

Go to the 2nd icon which is Edit.

An editor window will show up. Make any news you want. Then click Save on the bottom right.

Q: I can't view the videos. What is wrong?
A: In order to get the videos to play on and you only need to have Adobe Flash installed.

Go to the bottom of the page on the Adobe site. Look for the download link. Install the latest version.

Google Chrome should already have this and you don't need Adobe Flash. Install that browser if you can.

Some browsers might have disabled Flash. You will have to find a way to enable that.

Q: I made a private gallery and I can't see it and want to share it. Show me how please?
A: You can go to the My Fap icon on the top right of the web page.

Then on the left you see My Content.

Then click on Gallery Listing.

All of your galleries will show there.

If you need to share the gallery, click on it then copy the web address.

The private gallery will have a yellow lock on it.

Q: I deleted some galleries by accident. Can you restore them?
A: The general rule of thumb is that deleted pictures can be recovered
within 6 - 8 weeks of deletion. Anything past that date we can't get back.

Email for this request

Q: My picture uploads fail. What is wrong?
A: First turn off Ad Block Plus. See our notes under Announcement in our forums.

Here are some other things to keep in mind.

The file names should all contain standard characters. Such as a-z, A-Z and 0-9. Any other characters in the
file name might be rejected.

The file extension should be in lower case. So, .jpg instead of .JPG

You can also upload a .zip file if you wish. Much easier than picking many files at once.

We receive over 100,000 pictures every day. Our upload system is primitive but very effective.

Q: My gallery was deleted for DMCA. What is this all about?
A: On any given day we will receive hundreds or thousands of requests by DMCA (copyright) agents asking us to remove copyrighted material.
We always verify these agents. Under DMCA law they swear the pictures to be deleted are correct.

When we receive picture deletion requests, the requests will come via email with many links (web addresses) inside the email.

Our process is to 'batch remove' any pictures that need to be deleted. So if you happened to get a notice from us that dozens or hundreds
of pictures were deleted, this is how we received the email. The DMCA agents are very specific on what they need deleted. But in some
cases the agents will simply let us know of a complete gallery that needs to be removed. This is good for you if you happen to be on the
end of a DMCA notice as you will not get many messages about many pictures in the gallery.

Some of our users who get DMCA notices will say "Hey, I didn't know this was copyrighted material!". Correct. Most times you won't know
what you uploaded was copyrighted. Many pictures on the internet have had the watermark (logo on the bottom right usually) removed. There is
no way you will know of every copyrighted picture. On the other hand, some of our users know exactly what they are doing and upload
copyrighted material anyway. These types of users we keep an eye on. Continued flagrant uploading of copyrighted pictures we keep an eye on.
Those users eventually get their galleries deleted. The worst offenders have their profiles closed.

Some users will become upset when they receive a DMCA notice. There is nothing for you to worry about if you honestly uploaded something
you shouldn't have.

A question asked many times is when the message comes like this:

Due to a violation of our acceptable use policy we deleted your image.

The reason was: 2- Copyright complaint received

Image title: 023.jpg

This is basically the end. Meaning that we can't go back and (in this example) go look for picture 023.jpg. Believe me, when we say the
picture is deleted it really is. Once you receive the message its only a matter of minutes before the picture is gone.

We have many DMCA agents as well as commercial websites that are scanning our site for any of their material.

The bottom line is, we don't make the DMCA laws. We just abide by them 100%

Q: I need to delete a gallery. What is the process?
A: Go to the My Fap icon on the top right of the page.

On the left side you see "My Content". Click that.

Then look for Gallery Listing. Click that.

Every gallery you have uploaded will be listed.

Under "Actions" on the right side you can choose what to do.

The red X will delete the gallery.

Q: I uploaded pictures but they are rotated 90 degrees. Can you fix it?
A: This happens once in a while. But not very often. We haven't been able to pin down the exact problem. Here is what we know. Users on a MAC will have this problem more than any other operating systems. Also when pictures are directly uploaded from a camera or a SD card the pictures will not be oriented correctly.

Also some software will automatically rotate the picture for you for easier viewing on the PC or phone. When you view the picture everything seems normal. But in fact the picture is not in landscape mode.

We would suggest that you definitely have moved the picture to your PC. Then make sure all adjustments, such as rotation, are correct. Save the picture and upload to us again.

Some, but not many, websites will try to rotate the picture(s) for you so they display in a suitable manner. We do not do that. We put the pictures on our site as we get them.
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