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    bbonz1's profile
    Forced to fuck earlier tonight

    My owner told me to write down what he made me do tonight, in case it might inspire other husbands to do the same to their wives.

     It started around 5:00, when my owner sent a text to me. I was to be ready at the front door, on my hands and knees, with my ass facing the door. I was to wear nothing but a pair of black thigh-high stockings, my whore heels, and a black cupless corset, tied tight. I was to be ready at 5:30 for his arrival, with a selection of thick dildos and dongs on the floor around me. And I was to wear a pair of earplugs and a blindfold that he'd left for me.

    He'd made me serve him like this before, but without earplugs or a blindfold. That time, he'd walked in to the sight of my bare ass and pussy, told me all the things he wanted to do to me, and then had done most of them, spanking me red, reaming my ass and generally treating me like nothing more than a fuckable sex toy. As I got ready, I was already panting with lust. This would be a lot different.

    By 5:30 I was on all fours on the cold tile of the foyer, the hard stone hurting my knees. My naked ass pointed at the door. My bare tits dangled down. I could hear virtually nothing, as the earplugs were industrial strength. Someone would've needed to use a jackhammer next to me for me to hear. I could see nothing but black, with just the barest glimmer of light leaking around the edges of the blindfold. I'd selected six of my nastiest dildos, thick black things with jagged ridges and menacing tips, and arranged them three on each side of me. I could see nothing and hear nothing, but I could smell dinner warming in the oven. My owner would be hungry after using and abusing me with his magnificent cock.

    I don't know how long I knelt there. The tile hurt my knees after only a short while, and soon my kneecaps were in agony. I didn't dare shift around, though, because he might already be in the house, watching me, waiting for me to make a mistake so he could punish me. So I stayed still, though my mind raced. Maybe he was running late. Maybe he wasn't coming home for hours. Maybe he'd brought some friends over and they were all watching me, taking pictures and making rude comments. Maybe the front door was open so all the neighbors could see my slutty ass. Maybe...

    I yelped out loud when I felt the first touch. A fingernail trailing along the curve of my bare ass. A woman's fingernail, I thought, from the sharpness of it. Scratching almost painfully across the soft flesh of my ass cheeks. Tracing a line to the pucker of my anus. Then scraping down to the folds of my slut slit, my pussy, and the hole that's open to anyone my owner gives it to. I felt the fingernail, definitely a woman's, slide in between my pussy lips, waggling back and forth and gouging my sensitive skin there. Then, I felt the brush of a leather shoe against my arm, and suddenly two sets of fingers were painfully pulling my pussy lips apart, opening up my pink fuck tunnel.

    I desperately wanted to see what was going on, find out who was prying at my privates. Who was looking down my cunt? Who was this woman and what was she here for? Was she like me, a sex slave being forced to act out her Master's depraved fantasies? Or the wife of a friend, taking her revenge on me for letting her husband fuck me like a whore? Or a photographer's assistant, here to add more photos of my humiliation to those already floating around the internet?

    Suddenly the fingers left my cunt and touched me at the entrance to my asshole, twisting inside my tightly closed anus. I'd lightly lubed it while preparing myself to serve my owner, but that did nothing to stop the pain when she dug her fingernails inside and pulled my asshole open. I cried out in pain, but I desperately wanted to hear what was going on. Were there people laughing at my discomfort? Was she insulting me, calling me a bitch and a whore and a filthy cunt? Was she telling me all the nasty things she was going to do to my ass, about giving me an enema, or pissing in my asshole, or fucking me with a strapon?

    After she released my asshole she turned her attention to my dangling tits. Soon she had my nipples painfully pinched inside her long, sharp fingernails, pulling down and twisting them, until I cried out again and again. I sounded muffled even to myself, and had to wonder how loudly I was talking. Shouting? Whispering? Begging? She must've enjoyed my torment, because she kept it up, first one breast, then the other, and finally both at once. When she crouched over me, I could feel a sweater like material against my back, and her breasts, which might've been heavy. Then she had both my nipples in her fingernails and the pain began again.

    Finally her hands left me all together, and I was alone again, kneeling on the tile and wondering what would come next.  

      Posted on : Sep 17, 2009 | Comments (0)
    Slave Confessions - How I Serve 2

    My owner has ordered me to complete this confession before he returns from work today, even though I am very tired from last night's activities. As I left the last post, I had just completed cleaning the neighbor's house while nude, and serving as entertainment and a target for his spunk. I hurried home and cleaned our house even better, as my owner likes to check in odd places for dust and dirt, and then punishes me if he finds any. I get punished often enough just for his pleasure. There's no need to go asking for it.

    Once I was done cleaning I only had a few minutes to shower and get ready. I washed myself and cleaned out my pussy and ass as best I could, then checked again to make sure my pussy patch didn't have any stray hairs near it. I pulled on the full-length bodystocking my husband had ordered me to wear. The top was super low cut, dipping almost to my navel in front, and nearly to my butt crack in the back. It was crotchless, though the hole was just large enough to encircle my pussy lips. I put on the black heels he'd selected, then hurried to the front door.

    As soon as he entered the house he was on me. Pulling me close, he french kissed me violently, sticking his tongue far into my mouth. His hands roamed my body with abandon, squeezing my ass, caressing my thighs, tugging my hair. I melted against him, stoking his lust even more. When he pushed me towards the floor I knew exactly what he wanted of me. Kneeling on the hard wood, I quickly unzipped him and released my lord and master: his stiffening cock. Reverently I kissed the tip, then the shaft, before kissing and licking his hefty balls. I'm so lucky I'm able to serve him so easily.  


      Posted on : Apr 10, 2009 | Comments (0)
    Slave Confessions - How I Serve

    My owner ordered me to write this to answer the question from the couple from Canada - What's it like serving such a demanding owner? First, you should know that there's no such thing as a typical day. So I'll tell you how I've served him over the past few days.

    This morning, like most mornings, I was up before him. I showered, shaved my legs and underarms, and trimmed my pussy patch per the orders left by him on the bedstand. I woke him by gently sucking on his sleeping cock. Once he was awake, I started his shower for him, then headed downstairs to begin his breakfast. I wore nothing but a short negligee that he'd selected as my morning attire. It barely covered my tits and ass, and was so sheer that you could nearly see right through it. I wasn't downstairs very long when he summoned me back to the bedroom. I found him in the bathroom, dripping wet, where he ordered me to dry his body. Once he was dry, he pulled my head down so that I could kiss his cock. Then he ordered me onto my hands and knees, and made me crouch down to kiss his feet. Of course, that made the negligee ride up, completely exposing my ass and pussy. He reached down and slapped my ass a few times, but I could tell he was only playing. 

    He allowed me to finish making breakfast as he dressed for work. I was at the sink when he stepped up behind me, pushed his hands inside the negligee and began kneading my tits. He's been very horny the last few weeks and take advantage of every opportunity to grope and harass me. Feel how hard I am, he commanded, and I complied, pushing my hand into his crotch. I could feel his thick dick right through his suit pants. That seemed to make up his mind. Bend over the sink, he commanded. I did, my teets dangling out of my negligee, my ass bare as he pushed the thin cloth up and away. I waited submissively while he pulled out his hard cock, then I shuddered when he rammed it into my freshly washed cunt. He reamed me for a while, making me gasp and moan like the whore I am. He stopped before he blew his load, and I knew that meant he had something much more unique planned for the day. As always, I knelt before him and licked his cock clean, removing any juice and residue from my dirty cunt.

    Before he left he gave me my assignments for the day. First, I was to surf the web and find 25 pictures of big-cocked black men giving DPs to white women. He knows that's one of my fantasies, and he allowed me to play with myself while searching, but not to cum. Next, I was to provide cleaning services to our elderly neighbor. Then I was to return home, clean our house, and prepare myself for his return from work.

    I made quick work of the search for BBC in white DP, though I had to clean off the mouse because I mistakenly grabbed it after shoving my hand into my desperate cunt. I love big black cock. Then I got dressed for my first cleaning assignment. My owner had selected the outfit in order to both embarrass me and titillate our neighbor. It was the typical maid's outfit, with a sheer white frilly top and a short black skirt. I wore no underwear underneath, save for a pair of white thigh high stockings. Three inch stiletto heels completed the outfit. My owner provides the neighbor with cleaning services because he is in on our secret, having spied on us while my owner spanked, bound and fucked me during the past few months.

    I'm forbidden from wearing a coat or coverup on my way there, so I always take great care to make sure no one sees me. I think, though, that some of the other neighbors have spotted me in my slutty outfits. Once in his house, my tasks were simple. Wash the floors, vacuum, dust, clean the bathrooms, and cavort around until he jerks himself off, usually right into my mouth. My owner tells me that soon I'll be giving him blowjobs, and possibly spreading my legs for him. I will do whatever I'm told. Today, though, he greeted me at the door by reaching right under my skirt sticking his fingers right in my pussy. I leaned up against the wall and let him rub my pussy folds, like I was just a piece of meat there for his pleasure. He got me so turned on I was ready to drop down and suck him off. I told you I was a cock whore.

    Instead, I got to my chores, bending over as much as possible to give him a view of my bare ass and swollen pussy. Halfway through he made me take my top off, and he spent quite a while sucking on my big tits and squeezing my flesh. When I started to dust he removed my skirt, then ordered me to spread on the floor so he could eat my pussy. My owner hasn't given him any limits on what he can do to me. I just can't suck him off or take his dick inside me. Yet. I know he wished he could, from the way he greedily eyed my slippery wet snatch.

    Halfway through my dusting, he ordered me to lie on the tile floor in the kitchen. By now he'd ordered me to take off my stockings too, and he was using one of them to wank his rod. So except for my heels, I was completely bare. He stood over me and after just a few more strokes he groaned and let loose a stream of pearly hot cum, which splattered all over me and the tile floor. He swayed on his feet and I was afraid he was going to collapse. Normally this would be where I would lick the cock clean, but my owner hadn't approved that. Instead, he wiped his cock clean on my stocking, then threw it aside. My job wasn't done, though. Using my fingers, I carefully scooped up all of his precious cum and sucked it into my mouth. Once my body was clean, I turned my attention to the floor. Some of the larger drops had overshot my bare skin and splashed onto the tile. Without hesitation, I crouched down and licked every drop off the floor. Cum is a precious liquid and none of it should ever be wasted. I finished dusting, got dressed again, let him grope my body a little more, then hightailed it back to my house to get back to work.

    My owner says I'm to finish this report at another time. While I've been typing he has been preparing me for his own use and abuse. My legs are now tied to the chair, my pussy uncovered and moist. He has forced me to remove my top and applied painful clamps to my nipples, with a chain that hangs down to my belly. He has also set up a camera, and just told me that I will be performing via webcam for all his new trainer buddies. And he has just pulled out the 10 inch dong. For my cunt? Or my ass? 

      Posted on : Apr 10, 2009 | Comments (0)
    A Slave's Confessions - Cocksucking Whore

    It finally happened. I'm officially a cocksucking whore. My owner gave me away to his friend. It was humiliating and wonderful all at the same time.

    I was standing at the sink, doing the dishes, when I heard the door open and my husband's friend come into the house. I was wearing a tight fishnet bodystocking that my owner picked out for me for the evening. The mesh was very wide, and crotchless, so I expected to be thoroughly groped before he joined my owner in the other room. I was right, as he came right up behind me, reached around my body and began grabbing and squeezing my breasts. The mesh was wide enough that my nipples were fully exposed, so he took advantage to brutally pinch and flick my nipples, laughing softly in my ear.

    The stocking material only barely stretched across my breasts, leaving most of my stomach uncovered. I stood there submissively, as my owner had trained me. His friend took advantage of that, letting his rough fingers travel down, down along my bare skin, past my belly button, to the point where he encountered mesh again, just where my pussy patch began. Then, knowing my owner's preferences, he pushed his fingers even further down, until he found my bare slit, exposed and awaiting penetration. He wasted no time, prying open my pussy lips and shoving his fingers inside, stroking my wet vagina before shoving a finger into my cunt hole. He held me there, tight, right in front of the kitchen window, one finger deep inside my dripping cunt, his other hand squeezing and twisting my right tit. 

    I looked over at my owner, who was watching with a wide grin on his face. With a hand signal, he ordered me to turn around and bare my breasts to his friend. I spun so he wouldn't have to release his grip on my pussy, then pulled aside the mesh so he would have free access to my big tits. In seconds he had sucked my nipple into his mouth, tonguing and nibbling on my sensitive nubs. I kept my eye on my owner and saw that he wanted me to give his friend more. So I pressed my tit hard against his mouth, telling him how good it felt to have his mouth on my titties. And it did feel good.

    Then, my owner gave me a signal that he'd never given before. My breath caught and it wasn't from the second finger this man had just forced into my cunt. It was finally time to show my owner that all his training had turned me into a good cocksucking whore. Can I suck your big fat cock? I whispered in his ear, pressing my whole body against him. He looked at my husband for a second, then seeing his smile, pushed my head towards the floor. Kneel and suck it, you bitch, he ordered.

    I quickly knelt on the floor, pausing only to fully uncover my breasts. It's against the rules to give a blowjob with covered breasts. Then, working quickly, I undid his belt and pants, pushing them to the floor. His undershorts followed. His cock was already erect. Uncircumsized, with a slight turn to it. About six inches, with big hairy balls swaying underneath. I'd never sucked an uncut man, not even any of the many guys I blew in college before I met my husband. But I knew what I needed to do first, and kissed his balls, one after the other, to show that I would be submissive to him. In this I'm a slave to all men.

    Before I had a chance, he pulled the folds of skin back to reveal his purple cock head. I kissed it gently, as I'd been taught, then jerked in surprise as he shoved it without warning deep into my mouth. I held my head still as he fucked my mouth for a while, taking his pleasure by dominating me. When he tired of that I went to work, licking and sucking his beautiful cock, using nothing but my lips and tongue to give him the most exotic pleasures.

    After a while, my owner suggested that we move into the other room, where his friend could sit on the sofa while I continued to suck him off. Before I went back to work with my mouth, I stripped off my bodystocking and knelt before him, giving him an enthusiastic tit job. I had to stop every few strokes to lube up his prick with my mouth. I bent back down and gobbled him up after he called me a beautiful cocksucking bitch.

    All too soon he gasped out that he was close to cumming. I kept sucking and licking him because a good cocksucker doesn't make a man jack off. I knew what my owner wanted even before I looked at him. Obediently, I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. His friend blasted my face with cum, leaving gobs of sperm across my cheeks, forehead and in my hair. The rest he squeezed out all over my tits. After sucking him dry, I scooped up the rest and swallowed it, as i'd been trained. I was now a cocksucking slut wife.

    I know I'll be seeing and tasting more of my husband's friend and his hard cock. It wouldn't surprise me at all if he turned out to be the one to split open my cunt and turn me into a fucking whore. For now, I'm just a slut wife. A slave. And a cocksucking whore. Who's next? 

      Posted on : Apr 5, 2009 | Comments (1)
    How I Became A Slut Slave - A Wife's Story

    I am a slut slave, one step above a slut wife. My owner runs this blog and gallery post. He has ordered me to tell you how I got this far. This post is mostly for the man and his wife in Canton, who are interested in this lifestyle. But anyone who is training a slut or wants to be a slut can read it.

    First, you need to know that I am in training to be a slave wife, the third level of obedience after slut wife and slut slave. That means my owner has complete control over me, and I do his bidding willingly, though not without some fear, tears, and a good dose of humiliation. Recently, my owner joined up with a group of wife trainers in the area, and he is slowly earning his way into the group. The price for entry is my body, preferably naked and spread open for their pleasure. 

    When my owner came to me with the idea that I become a slut wife, I laughed. As far as I was concerned, I had always done whatever he wanted, within reason. But that within reason was keeping our sex life boring. Once I agreed, our sex life became much more interesting. And a lot hotter for me. 

    Looking back, I can see how my owner took it easy on me at first. The first night, he simply tied my hands up, fucked me in a few positions, and blasted his cum all over my face. Nothing too different. When he started to teach me the positions, I'd giggle at how silly I felt. He didn't get mad, but he did spank me every time I laughed. Pretty soon I learned not to laugh, and just do what he said. I've always been self-conscious about my body, but my owner likes to take pictures and movies of me. During the first ones I was shy, so he tied me spread eagle on the bed and took hundreds of shots of my naked body. He even spread my pussy lips apart and took pictures of my wet cunt. Now there's probably dozens of pictures of me all over the web. And since he owns every part of my body, there's nothing I can do about it.

    After teaching me the positions, he started training me to be a sex slave. I thought I knew how to give a blow job, but I only knew one way and one technique. Now I know fifteen or so. I thought I knew how to fuck. Now I know over 25 positions. I thought I knew how to please a man. Now I really do. Lots of times, he makes me cum too. 

      Posted on : Mar 29, 2009 | Comments (0)
    Slave Dreams 1: Message from a Slut Wife

    I am a slut. A bitch. A cunt. A whore. I'm also married to the man who owns this blog. Everything you see on here he as either done to me already, or is planning to do to me. That thought makes me wet. I want to please him. And when I'm pleasing him, I'm also fulfilling my fantasies. I'm a slut slave in training to become a slave wife. And I feel sorry for every woman who's still trying to lead a "normal" life.

    My owner asked me to record my thoughts here, in order to help other couples who are in search of the freedom we enjoy. I call him "owner" because I am his possession. I'm just like a TV or a car or a tool, his to use as he likes. I call him "Sir". If I ever become a full slave, I will call him Master. But I don't think that I will ever become a full slave. And I don't think he wants me to.

     I started out as a typical wife. Happy but still unfulfilled in the bedroom. There were things I wanted to try, but I was afraid to ask for them. I didn't want my husband to think that there was something wrong with me. My friends felt the same way. No one had a good answer. We were all in a rut. One night, after some drinks and some porn, my husband suggested that we try some dom/sub play. He would give the orders, I would do the deeds. All he did was tie my hands behind my back and make me suck him off. By the time his jizz coated my face, I was hooked. 

    It's exciting being a slut instead of just a wife. He forces me to do things I've always wanted to do, like get fucked in the ass without any warning. And he forces me to do things I never would have done, like exposing my juicy cunt to our friends and neighbors. And all the while he's training me to be the best sex toy anyone could ever have.

    My owner says I will be writing more messages like this. Telling the world about the training he puts me through. Sharing what it feels like to be humiliated and degraded. And maybe even finding some new friends who can use my pussy, ass and mouth the way they were designed to be: As the perfect place to insert a hard cock.

    I have to go now. He has a pair of handcuffs, a giant dildo and an evil look in his eye. I wonder what normal wives are doing right now? 

      Posted on : Feb 23, 2009 | Comments (0)
    Slave Training 12: Been Bound

    If you're turning your wife into a slut wife, or you're a wife that needs training, here are a few tips to help you take the next step:

    1. Use the internet to help give you ideas on training tactics. ImageFap is a great place to start. You'll find all sorts of good training methods, from forced exhibitionism to group therapy. if someone has already taken a picture of it, you can order the little whore to do it for you.

    2. Use your imagination. You probably know your wife's sexual fears better than anyone. And since the point is to stretch her boundaries (and her holes!) then the best path is to make her do something that she said she hates, but just needs a little motivation to try. My slut said she'd never lick a woman's pussy, but whenever we watched porn, I noticed that she paid close attention.  Now, when I order her to lube up a pussy with her tongue, she dives right in there. And she might even like it. Not that I care.

    3. Find a support group. The past few months, I felt like I was getting into a rut. Sure, it was fun forcing her to expose herself in front of strangers, or perform nasty sex acts on her, and to publish her picture all over the web. But I'd been training her to be a sex slut for other men, and that wasn't going anywhere. Until I found a BDSM group listed on c-list. At first I just lurked on their forum. After it became clear that they really were training their women to be slut wives, I joined up. I haven't yet shared my slut with them, but they've let me use their dungeon and have given me some great advice on keeping the training fresh and interesting.  It's only a matter of time before one or more of them get to sample my wife's juicy pussy and tight ass. And I get to sink my shaft into their slut whores too.

    4. Help others get into the lifestyle. Training a slut wife isn't for everyone. But there are plenty of couples who are ready to give up the restrictions of "proper" sex and try lots of new things. Two of my friends are now into it. One is a single guy who is more than happy to help me humiliate my slut while enjoying a blow job from his best friend's wife. And the other is a friend who has convinced his wife to throw away her religious handcuffs and make some of her (and his) fantasies come true. They've seen more of my wife's juicy pussy than her gyno.

    Thanks to all the Fappers who have sent a message. Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see, and I'll get my slut to do it for you.  

      Posted on : Feb 22, 2009 | Comments (0)
    Slave Training 10: Expose Yourself

    I put my slut wife on display as often as possible. Not only does it remind her that she's nothing more than a piece of property to me, but it also reminds her that the rest of the men in the world already see her for what she is: a ripe piece of meat with the holes necessary to pleasure a cock. 

    A lot of sluts like to flash in public, but this is different. Nearly every time we go out, I make sure my slut wife is dressed so she can quickly show the rest of the world her eager pussy, her inviting ass, or her tantalizing tits. A skirt with no panties. A halter top with no bra. And a willingness to display and embarrass her in front of nearly anyone.

    Recently, after dinner in a neighborhood restaurant, I made her raise her skirt and expose her bare pussy to a young couple that had followed us out to the parking lot. The young man grinned, his date looked bemused, until she saw the interest in his eyes. Then she punched him in the shoulder. Sensing that they were intrigued, I walked up behind my wife and pulled open her blouse, freeing her C-cup tits. I could feel my slut's blush heating her skin. Her eyes were glued to the ground. Look at his cock, I whispered in her ear. You're nothing but fuck slut to him. And when he's banging her tight young cunt tonight, he's going to be thinking of you. Then I forced her to lick her own nipple, standing there exposed in front of them.

    I like those intimate encounters with couples or single men. But I'm not afraid to put her on display in public, either. At outdoor concerts, she's one of the first to go bare chested. Partying out on the lake, I don't even let her wear a bikini top. And after a neighborhood party, I'll often make her walk home in the dark, bare from the waist down. I know she's often mortified by the attention, but also turned on, because when I finger her pussy she's always steamy hot and wet. Her own body betrays her. And when I'm fucking her, as is my right, I can tell that she's remembering all those eyes upon her. Remembering how good it feels to be nothing more than a slave slut.

      Posted on : Jan 11, 2009 | Comments (0)
    Slave Training 11: Worship the Cock

    Having a slut wife is more than having a slave that'll suck your cock whenever you want. You need to teach your slave to have the proper respect for your cock. To adore it. And crave it. And to want to make it spurt its holy liquids all over her body. 

    I make my slut worship my cock at least once a week. In the beginning, I would force her to kneel before me, naked and exposed, her hands clasped behind her back. I would stand over her, and instruct her to kiss every inch of my cock, without using her hands at all. I would have her kiss and lick my balls, sometimes mashing them down against her face, and sometimes standing just out of reach, forcing her to strain to reach them with her outstretched tongue. And I would crouch down onto her face and order her to clean my asshole, using her tongue to swab the outer rim, and then force her to thrust it deep into my anal canal.

    Now that she's beginning to be properly respectful, I make her worship in a way that's more comfortable for me. I'll sit on the sofa, with a bit of porn or a movie on the TV. She lays her head across my naked lap, so her mouth is in easy reach of her owner's cock. I like to keep her bare breasted, so I can play with her tits as the mood strikes me, or slap them if she's not doing a good job. Sometimes I'll shove a butt plug up her ass, or put a vibrator in her cunt, just to see if it distracts her. Then we begin the worship service. Her job is to continuously kiss every inch of my cock, from the slit in the tip down to the base below my balls. When her lips aren't kissing, or her tongue isn't licking, she must tell me how much she loves it. How big it is. How hard it gets. How good it feels when it punches inside her tight asshole. And then she has to get back to kissing and licking every inch of it, every inch of my balls, and my entire crotch. 

    Only I can say when a worship service reaches the end. Sometimes it takes 10 minutes. Sometimes it takes more than an hour. I try not to cum during the service, because that would send the wrong message. My slave needs to always understand that I, and only I, decide when and how to cum. Her job is only to worship the cock.  

      Posted on : Jan 11, 2009 | Comments (0)
    Slave Training 9: Forced Pleasure

    It's been a few months since my last post, and the training to turn my wife into a full-fledged slut wife is coming along nicely. I've forced her to do all kinds of things she would never have imagined, and that a proper suburban Mom would never tell her friends about. Some of my friends, however, are very familiar with my wife's slutty body. More about that later.

    Even with my good imagination, I felt something was missing from my training of her. So, after a little searching, I hooked up with a group of fellow wife trainers in the area. They had some great ideas on how to better manipulate my slut wife, and how to get even more pleasure out of her. They also had a bunch of devices that I could use to really make her sweat. They've been more than helpful. And once I have the cunt fully trained in her sexual duties, you can guess how I'll be paying them back for their kindness.

    The sybian is one thing that's worth having around. Perch your slave atop it with her pussy wrapped around the knob, while you have control over the rate of vibration. I keep my slave's hands tied behind her back, so she's not tempted to rub her snatch without permission. I keep her nude, of course, so I can watch her pre-orgasmic tremors work their way throughout her body, stiffening her nipples, raising a sheen of sweat on her stomach, and releasing a deluge of cunt juice whenever I amp up the stimulation.

    After only a few minutes, she's usually panting. A couple more minutes and she's moaning uncontrollably. I like to bring her right to the edge, to where she's frantically grinding her pud against the knob, then take her down a few steps just to see her sob with the frustration. Soon she's trying to make a deal with me. Bring me off and I'll do anything you want, she'll beg. Sometimes I'll play that game just to see how twisted her sluttiness has made her. She'll drink my piss. She'll let my buddies fuck her ass. She'll go down on any woman I pick for her. She'll have sex on a stage. She thinks these are just extreme ideas. But for me, they're all possibilities.

    Finally I'll let her cum, sometimes filming her squirming, squealing, screaming orgasm, so I have more evidence of her latent sluttiness. She wants it to end there, but many times it doesn't. So I prop her back on top of that mechanical love knob and set it back to vibrating her filthy hole. The next orgasm is a lot longer in arriving, and waiting for the third is pure torture. Wonderful, unbearable torture. And slut that she is, she's always ready for more.

      Posted on : Jan 3, 2009 | Comments (0)
    Slave Training 8: Go Fuck Yourself

    My story of how I got my slut wife to this point of true submission continues. After exposing and humiliating her in front of my friend Carl and his wife Jenny, I found that my plan was successful beyond what I'd imagined. The day after I had forced her to bare her body and spread her pussy, I received a call at work from my wife. She had just gotten off the phone with my wife's friend, who had peppered her with questions about the previous night's performance. Rather than being sympathetic to my wife, Jenny was intrigued. 

    It was time for a change in plans. I had planned to have my slut perform her next training session in front of another buddy. But now I could kill two birds with one stone. Further humiliate my slut in front of her friends. And help convince Jenny that she should start slut wife training with Carl. A quick call to Carl and he agreed to meet at our house for drinks that night.

    I dressed my slut in a black, full-length bodystocking, open both at the crotch and tits. Over that she wore sheer black panties with ties on the side, and a sheer black bra, also with ties. Over the whole ensemble she wore a sheer black gown, tied at the neck. A black leather collar and black fuck-me heels completed her wardrobe. The end effect was barely concealed sexuality, with the promise of blatant carnal lust with just a few tugs on the ties. 

    This time my wife greeted our guests properly, as I had spanked her the night before to remind her of her duties. I pretended not to notice when Carl palmed my wife's breast as he pretended to stumble against her. Her neck flushed red in embarrassment, but her sluttiness was revealed when her nipples instantly hardened. We relaxed with a couple of drinks, with my wife clearly uncomfortable with each more penetrating look from our guests. Finally I ordered my slut to stand in the middle of the room in the Stand for Inspection position, her hands laced behind her head and her breasts thrust forward. Then I casually discussed the goals of my wife's training with our guests. My slut was now even more embarrassed as we all stared at her barely covered body. The anticipation was thick.

    First, I said, I had to apologize. Because my slut didn't deserve to be covered in such a way. Only a real slave deserves coverings, and only after she has performed her sexual duties. So this bitch needed to be uncovered. I stood and tugged at the tie at her neck. The knot slipped free and the gossamer robe dropped to the floor. I guided the bitch to stand in front of her friends. Would they help uncover her fuck flesh? She bent over at my command, and they both reached up to untie the straps of her bra. It fell into Jenny's lap, and they both had a great view of her big tits and rock-hard nipples. With another tug, her panties fell to the floor, revealing her freshly shaved pussy, the lips fully engorged and begging to be touched. Jenny, check and see if she's hot and wet, I suggested, trying to keep my voice level. With no more than a glance at her husband, she reached forward and slid her finger into my wife's pussy, all the way up to her knuckle. My wife's face was flushed red, her eyes closed, so I couldn't tell if she was excited or embarrassed. But I could guess.

    She's steaming hot and drenched, Jenny announced, pulling her now wet finger out of my wife's cunt. Carl had to see for himself, and took the opportunity to push his own finger deep into my slut's dripping cunt. With an expert motion he'd no doubt practiced on his wife, he split open my wife's pussy lips even as his finger explored her cunt from the inside. Soon we could see her hard little clit poking out from the folds of her pussy, gleaming in the light and wet with her flowing pussy juice.

    After Jenny pushed her finger inside one more time, I announced it was time for the main event. We can play with her pussy any time, i said. But how would you like to see how well she plays with it herself? Carl and Jenny quickly agreed, while my slut trembled at the humiliation of it. But she knew better than to object. I ordered her into the Spread Wide position, her tits and pussy fully exposed for us all to see. Bring yourself off, I ordered. And don't stop until I tell you to.

    The sharp smell of her cunt juices filled the air as she began rubbing her slit with one hand, and twisting her nipple with the other. At first she seemed self-conscious, always checking to see what we were watching. Soon, though, her slutty lust took over, and she began rubbing her gash with more enthusiasm. Spread wider, I ordered, and she obediently pulled open her pussy so our guests could look down her nasty love canal. Keeping her in this position, I asked, what are you thinking of? Cocks, she answered. Just cocks? Cocks in my pussy. Cocks in my mouth. Cocks in my ass, she answered breathlessly. Jenny and Carl were leaning forward, amazed by my slut's open lust and willingness to obey. What else? I asked. Cum, she answered. I'm thinking of cum dripping from my face. Covering my pussy. Sliding down my throat. She said it with such adoration, I knew that it was true. Jenny let Carl push his hand up her dress and I could tell that he was stroking her pussy through her panties. If she was even wearing any.

    Proceed, I ordered. My slut gratefully went back to rubbing her cunt, occasionally pulling her tit up to her mouth for a frantic lick. When she began stuffing her fingers into her open hole, I dropped an 8-inch black dildo between her legs. Fuck yourself, I ordered. She grabbed gratefully and wiggled it into her open fuck hole. Then she pushed and pulled it in and out, the shaft so thick it tugged at her pussy lips, dragging them back and forth. For the next 15 minutes she fucked herself in front of Jenny and Carl, using thick dildoes, shiny vibrators, the heel of her shoe, a spatula handle, the TV remote, and the dog's chew toy. Finally I let her go back to her fingers, and we all watched as she whimpered and writhed and finally screamed out in a massive orgasm, her body shuddering as the waves ebbed throughout her body. 

    Just for sheer cruelty I made her keep rubbing her clit, knowing that so soon after an orgasm it would be painfully sensitive. She whimpered at each touch, and I made it worse by kneeling beside her and harshly twisting her nipples. Carl grinned at that, but Jenny didn't notice. He had his fingers fully crammed in her pussy, and her head was lolling with pleasure. I nodded at her, and Carl quickly understood my request. With his free hand, he pulled down her dress and bra straps, revealing a pair of the sexiest boobs I'd ever seen. I knew then that if he asked me for advice on the slut training of his wife, my price would be simple: a long night's fuck in the care of those luscious boobs.


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    Slave Fashion 6: Maid To Serve

    I have three buddies who are "helping" me with the conversion of my wife into a full-fledged slut wife. One buddy's wife is in the same rut my wife used to be in. She wants to try new stuff sexually. But she doesn't want to be the one who asks for it. That would ruin the "taken by force" illusion. At least, that's how my buddy describes it.

    I was ready to have my wife take the next step. To expose her slut status to other people we know. It's one thing to anonymously suck cock at the gloryhole. It's quite another to display your body in front of friends, to have them know that you're a pure sex slut, and that you're willing to do anything for a hard cock and the man behind it. 

    I explained my wife's need to serve as a cock and cum slut to the two of them one evening over drinks. My buddy pretended to be surprised. His wife was genuinely surprised, but from her questions I could tell she was intrigued. Then I explained my plan to them, indicating that my wife's overactive sex drive needed a new outlet. A new audience. And I invited them over for dinner the next night.

    I have a thing for maid outfits. Nothing says "I'm here to serve you in any way possible" like a maid outfit. I ordered my wife to wear one of the skimpiest ones she has. A black fishnet top. A tiny white lace apron. A lace headband.  Thigh-high black stockings. And stiletto heels. You could easily see her full breasts and dark nipples. And the apron barely covered her bare pussy, with it's thin, neatly trimmed pussy patch. Her rear was completely uncovered, the globes of her ass bare for all to see. And when she bent over at the waist, the folds of her cunt were invitingly visible. I told her to prepare a four-course meal for me and my buddy. She wasn't surprised that he would be joining us. She knows that I'm perfecting her sexual skills so that she may one day share herself with him. And she knows that I like to put her on display so he gets the kind of thrill he's not getting from his wife.

    So when she opened the door, she wasn't surprised to find my buddy. But she squeaked in shock when she saw his wife. My slut forgot some of her training (which earned her a spanking later that night) and I had to order her to take their coats and offer them drinks. I could tell that my buddy's wife was awed by my wife's near nakedness, and her subservience to me. Awed, but intrigued. And my slut wife blushed red at every glance from either of them.

    After receiving our drinks and learning that it would be a while before the first course, I put my bitch through her paces. First, I had her stand for inspection in front of the two of them, under the bright lights of the living room. I explained that my slut likes to be inspected and will follow any suggestions they might have. As we'd discussed earlier, my buddy started out slow. Spin around slowly, he asked. On cue, my slut obediently spun around, giving them a nice long view of her naked, round ass. Raise your arms, he said. And she did, her tits lifting out and stretching the fishnet erotically. Turn and bend over, I ordered, taking over. When she did, they got a good view of her taut ass and swollen pussy lips. My buddy's wife licked her lips. She was clearly turned on. She leaned forward, closely inspecting my slut's bare butt. Then she whispered to my buddy, who smiled slightly and whispered back. I held my breath.

    "Turn around and lift your apron," my buddy's wife ordered. Blushing profusely, my wife nonetheless turned and did as ordered. Her bare pussy was now fully visible to two of her friends, as embarrassing as that might be. "Will she do anything?" his wife asked me. Anything, I assured her, as long as I told her it was OK. No matter how intimate. To demonstrate I put my obedient slut through her slave positions. Hands and knees. Ass up. Legs spread. And finally, spread wide, watching with satisfaction as my bitch lay on the ground, pulling her pussy lips apart so that my buddy and his horny wife could gaze down into my slave's dripping cunt.

    For the rest of the evening, my slave served us dinner in her maid costume. And my buddy's wife watched in wonder as I fingered my slave's shaved cunt whenever she came near. And ate pudding off her bare breasts for dessert. It wasn't a surprise to me that it was my buddy's wife who suggested that my slut fuck herself with the leftover sausage link. Because I could see in my buddy's wife's eyes the burning question, "What if that was me?"

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    Slave Training 7: Embrace the Pain

    She'll suck up to you to avoid it. She'll promise you anything. She'll be a proper little slave slut, meek and obedient. But you can't let that soften you or change your plans. Every slut needs to find out what she thinks her limits are. And it's your job to push her past them. To remind her of your power. And of her absolute submission to you.

    When it's time to introduce a little pain training into your routine, go slowly, but go firmly. I started off by handcuffing my naked slut wife to a steel pole in our basement, her arms behind her, on her knees on the rough, concrete floor. She was so helpless I had to take a few minutes to force my finger into her cunt and slide my cock into her waiting mouth. Then it was time for the main event. Taking each nipple between a thumb and forefinger, I squeezed until she winced. I twisted until she gasped. I pulled until she whimpered. And then I did it again and again, allowing her begging to wash over me even as the feeling of power inside me grew and grew. Every time she pleaded with me to stop, I tortured her tits all the more, pulling at the soft flesh until red abrasions appeared. She searched her mind for whatever she could promise that might stop the pain. She would be my permanent ass slave. She would be a gangbang slut for my friends. She would star in a porno that would be uploaded on the web. And still I slapped, twisted, pinched, pulled and abused her tits.

    Finally, when her jugs were red and raw, I had some "mercy" on her. With a few ice cubes, I covered her tits in cold water, replacing one kind of pain with another.  Then came Step 3. She tried to twist away when I pulled out the clothespins. But the promise of a long and painful spanking stilled her protests. As I attached a clothespin to each of her swollen nipples, her gasps made me hard. Once they were on, though, I think she realized that they didn't hurt as much as she expected. She'd passed her first pain test. 

    Now I give her a good pain treatment every couple of weeks or so. It's a good way to mix things up and keep my dominance imaginative. For her birthday, I dripped wax onto her tits and pussy, leaving a nice trail of hot wax all over her body. I've got a nice set of nipple clips, which I like to make her wear under her clothes out in public. And I've found that certain park benches are the perfect height to serve as wooden horses, which I force her to ride to entertain the old men and other slave owners. I think it's those days of pain and humiliation that make her appreciate the other days, when she's nothing more than a cheap sex slut. 

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    Slave Training 6: Gloryhole Sucking

    Sluts love to suck cock. They think it gives them some sort of power over a man. That's the kind of idea you need to train out of your slave. Her job, her only reason for being, is to swallow as much of your jizz as possible. She needs to learn to suck you the way you want. And in a way that's enjoyable to the men you share her with. I pull my slut wife's eager mouth down on my cock as often as possible. I force her to try new things. I make her suck and lick me for hours on end. And when I'm at work, she sucks a dildo and records her efforts on the webcam, so I can judge her technique.

    But even all that practice isn't enough. When I finally give this bitch to my friends and fellow Masters, I don't want her to embarrass me with her sloppy cocksucking. So every few weeks, we visit a nearby adult bookstore. It's one of the old kind, with porn rags in the front and video movie booths in the back. Ten bucks gets you about an hours worth of the nastiest videos you can find. I parade her in the front door, dressed in a tight white halter top, a short black leather skirt, black stockings and leather boots. As we head to the back, I don't even have to tell the other patrons that she's going to be working the holes. They can tell just by looking at her slutwear.

    The booths are big enough for two, though there's a sign warning against this. We always ignore it. The manager knows that a slutty cocksucking woman will draw bigger crowds and more money. The door to the booth won't close unless the video is running, so we always drop ten bucks in right away. I pick the movie. Usually something where five or six studs are gangbanging some poor slut. Lots of abuse and cum shots.

    Once inside my slutwife pulls off her top and skirt, so her tits and pussy are bare and available. Then she pays homage to my cock, kneeling on the sticky, filthy floor to kiss my crotch and declare her loyalty to her master. By this time, one or more of the gloryholes has been filled. It's time for her to go to work.

    She's allowed to do whatever it takes to get every cock to shoot its milky load on her, except for letting them penetrate her. She'll stuff her tit through the hole so the man can suck on her ripe nipples. She'll stand near it so he can push his hand through and fondle her bare, wet cunt. She'll give a protruding cock a tit fuck. Or kiss his dirty bare feet if that's what gets him off. Mostly, though, she sucks their cocks. She bathes the big black cocks with her tongue. She licks the old man's scraggly balls. She deepthroats the nervous teen. She hoovers the desperate gay. She lets the sweaty, lonely men fuck her waiting mouth.

    And she takes their cum like an addict getting a fix. Sometimes I'll have her aim their load right on her face. Sometimes their jizz juices covers her tits. The next one might hose her pussy patch. But usually she takes it right in her mouth. And there's none of this porn movie spit it out stuff. On my orders she swallows every drop. I won't let her leave until she's sucked out a dozen loads. Many times, she does twice that. At the end of the night, she's usually slathered in jizz. It drips from her hair. It congeals on her tits. It covers her face. 

    If she's done a good job, she gets her reward: we leave by the back entrance, where far fewer witness her cum covered humiliation. If, though, I feel she hasn't done her best, she leaves through the front, walking out past all the horny men leafing through gangbang magazines, watching her with eyes that say exactly what they'd want to do to her. And sometimes saying it out loud. All she can do is suffer the stares and comments, her white top plastered against her skin by globs of cum, her tits and nipples clearly visible to everyone. And if she licks her lips out of nervousness, that only reminds her of her gloryhole training - her lips are still covered in sticky, salty cum.

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    Slave Training 5: Gym Rats

    A slave's number one duty is to look as good as possible for her Master. She should keep her body clean, her pussy patch trimmed, her nails painted. And most of all, keep her body in the shape Master likes it.

    While I am at work, my slut wife must spend one hour per day in our home gym, running, lifting, stretching and exercising. And she does it all in the outfit that I've selected for the day. Usually that means topless, with a tight lycra bikini bottom. Why does it matter? Because when I'm in the mood, I can watch her exercise on a webcam, giving myself a nice entertaining break in the workday. And if I need to reward someone in the office, I'll invite him to watch with me. It's a blast watching their crotch tent get bigger and bigger as my slut does her workout on screen.

    On those days I'm not working, her workouts are much more physical. One of my favorite games is to tie her to the exercise machine and make her do a ton of reps in order to be released. I'll strip her completely nude, rope her tightly to the bench, and work her until her muscles are trembling and her body is covered in sweat. I like to pay special attention to any thigh exercises, as they tone her pussy muscles and give me more pleasure when I fuck her. We work on stretching as well, so she's able to bend herself to any position necessary to please me. When she's exhausted and begging for release, I allow her to suck my cock. I like to keep her hands tied, so it's all mouth and lips and tongue action. When it's time for me to blow my load, it's her job to catch as much in her mouth as possible. Not only is my cum her sacred liquid, but it's full of protein, which is important for her after her workout. After I release her, she crawls around and licks any stray drops off the equipment or the floor. Only then can she take a shower...and get ready for the rest of her training!

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    Slave Training 4: Bend Over Bitch

    Your slave exposes herself to you not just for your pleasure, but also to acknowledge that every bit of her belongs to you. Her uncovered pussy, her naked tits, her exposed ass are all available for your use and abuse. There are no limits to what you can do.

    For my slut, the most submissive position she can be in is bent over, exposing her tight asshole and pussy cleavage. When she's on her hands and knees, waiting obediently for me to use her, she literally trembles in anticipation? Will I split her ass open with my thick dick? Or slam it hard into her juicy cunt? Or have I ordered her into this position for a savage spanking? Will she soon feel the sting of a crop on her quivering pussy folds? Or is she about to be penetrated by a massive dildo, stretching her until she cries out for mercy?

    My slave has a cute, willing ass, perfect for any occasion. Before I leave the office, I like to call her and order a certain greeting for when i arrive home. Sometimes I'll have her wear garters and stockings. Other times she's to be stripped naked. Her orders are to be bent over at the waist when I arrive, her ass facing the door, cleaned, trimmed and ready to serve. Lately, I've been bringing certain friends home with me, so the first sight they see upon entering my house is my slut wife's ass, a full moon greeting them in the most intimate way possible. To humiliate her further, I've invited my guests to fondle her bare ass, pussy and hanging tits. Though she is shamed, the situation gets her wet and horny, and soon her cunt odor is wafting through the house.

    She knows that as her training continues, she'll soon be sucking these certain friends, and they'll soon be penetrating her ripe cunt. But for now, she is only an evening's entertainment, an object to be spanked, or fingered, or intimately inspected. That's why she's so happy when i tell her, "Bend over, Bitch!" 

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    Slave Training 3: On A Leash

    A slave is most comfortable when she knows someone else is in control. She doesn't need to make any decisions. She only needs to listen, react and obey. I put my bitch on a leash very early in her slutting career. The collar was a ratty, smelly old thing I picked up at Goodwill. The leash wasn't much better, stinking of dog urine and mud. Her job was to please me to the point that I would reward her with a better collar and leash. Eventually, when she is much more trained, I will award her with a dog tag that shows she is my loyal bitch and I am her master. But for now, she is untagged and not registered, and if she runs away she will end up alone in the dog pound.

    Of course, it's no fun just yanking her around the house by the leash. Every so often I will take her to a nearby public park, which has miles of walking trails. We'll venture deep into the woods, until we find a secluded spot, where we'll set up camp. There are a few older men and couples who frequent these deeper trails, and have become our appreciative audience for my slut's performances. You'd be amazed to see how many men - and women - will stop to watch a naked bitch whose leash is tied to a tree. When they stop I put her through her paces. Sit. Lie down. On your back. Spread your legs. Show your juicy pussy to everyone watching. If she's done a good job, I'll reward her with a dog treat. Before we leave for home, I'll have her lift her leg and pee on the tree. She's allowed to mark her territory as long as she remembers she's part of mine!

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    Slave Fashion 5: Barely Covered

    I should have named this gallery The Joys of Fishnet. Whenever I'm not sure how to dress my sex slave, I always turn to fishnet. There's something about how it gives the illusion of covering, yet reveals everything I'm interested in seeing. Usually my slave's fishnet outfits are crotchless or topless or both. There's something about framing her naughty niches that gets my cock hard.

    When I'm having my buddies over, I usually turn to fishnet to display my slave. They've even started to bet on their way to our house: will my bitch be showing her juicy pussy or her dangling tits or both. The winner gets to be the first to fondle her exposed flesh. My wife is getting used to having men other than her husband play with her pussy and knockers. I know it turns her on. She's always dripping wet.

    What she's not comfortable with is being exposed to strangers. Which is why I like to put her on display that way. I'll dress her in fishnet, usually crotchless, have her wear a skirt and heels, then drive her to a local park. We'll wander the trails, and when I spot a likely candidate, I'll offer to show him my wife's pussy. She loves it, I'll say. Be a pal, take a look, it'll get her super horny and I'll get a good romp when we get home. Sometimes they'll ask her if its OK, and she'll literally beg them to look, as if it's all she can do to stop from dropping to her knees and sucking their cock dry. Who knows. Maybe she really is that horny. 

    Then she'll lift up her skirt and expose her engorged pussy to them. I make her twirl in a circle, so they can see her ass, and sometimes I even part her cunt lips, so they can see her dew covered pink. A few have asked me how much it would cost to get inside her cunt, but so far I've refused their offers. I do pretend to deliberate because it makes my slave very nervous. She knows that soon enough I'll be sharing her with others, and she'll likely end up on her hands and knees in this very park, a stranger's cock shoved deep inside her pussy. But she needs far more training before that happens. And far more exposure. All that fishnet will help with that.

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    Slave Training 2: At Your Service

    Originally, I planned to place this gallery at the end of this series, as a celebration of the many ways you can use your fully trained sex slave. But I moved it up, in response to some fans who've suggested that I put too much emphasis on training, and not enough on the end result. So this is just a reminder that as the Master, you should take time whenever you want to indulge your natural lust. After all, if you didn't want to fuck, use and abuse your woman, what point would there be to training her?
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    Slave Fashion 4: My Ass Belongs To You

    Is there ever a time not to put your slave in sexy, ass-baring lingerie? You'd think one place would be at her parent's house, but not according to me. A few months ago, her parents invited us over for dinner and drinks with several of their friends. Her parents are old school when it comes to dinner parties: plenty of before, during and after-dinner drinks. By dessert, everyone was pretty much wasted. 

    I dressed my slave in may favorite little black dress, black stockings and a pair of come-fuck-me heels. Of course, it would take very close inspection to find that she had no panties on, just a garter to hold up the stockings. They'd probably guessed that she had no bra on, by the way her big nipples were raising tell-tale bumps under her dress.

    I'd had a few drinks and was feeling pretty horny, so I spent a lot of time brushing up against her and whispering promises of all kinds of kinky sex in her ear. At times I could tell she was nervous that her parents or their friends might catch on, but other times the alcohol would take hold and she'd spend a lot of time bending over, giving the seated old men a good look down into her fleshy cleavage. Finally, I had an idea. "Meet me in your parents bedroom. And bring your purse."

    She arrived a minute later. Without a word I had her bend over, bracing her hands on her parents dresser. I shimmied the dress up over her butt, revealing her bare ass, nicely framed by the garter and stockings. Then I rummaged through her purse for one of the dildos I make her carry whenever we go out. I found Black Bart, a nice, thick black one with a realistic head and veins running up and down its wide girth. Then, using a twisting motion, I literally screwed it into her waiting cunt. From her gasp I could tell that she liked it, so I continued screwing her that way, pausing every so often to bring it up to her mouth so she could suck her nasty cunt juice from the glistening black surface.

    After a while I could feel someone watching me, and turned around to find one of her father's friends peeking in through the half-open doorway. My slave had forgotten to close the door! With a finger to my lips, I motioned for him to silently come in. He shut the door softly, immediately recognizing my intent. Then, for the next five minutes, I screwed my wife with a big, black dildo while one of her father's friends watched closely. I even gave him a good look at her dangling tits when I pulled her dress down. And she had no idea she was being observed so closely and lustfully by a man she would meet again and again at her parents social gatherings. And I know he'll be discreet. Because later on, I promised him another show just for keeping his mouth shut. And he quickly agreed! 

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    Slave Fashion 3: My Pussy Belongs To You

    It's probably evident by now that I keep my wife nearly naked most of the day. I do it because she needs constant reminding that I am in charge. And, of course, because I like the constant reminder that her flesh is always available to me. From experience I can tell you that keeping her pussy bare is far more mortifying for a slave than keeping her titties bare. Naked tits are almost commonplace. Visit New Orleans at night if you don't believe me. But strip her pussy for the world to see, and suddenly she understands the power you have over her.

    Not long ago, I gave my friend Greg something new to jack off to. He was over and hinting broadly that he'd like to get a good look at my wife's naked boobs. I could tell that his wife had slammed the door on his suggestion for sex, and he was feeling mighty horny. After calling her over, I made her stand in front of us. She was dressed in a bright yellow sundress. As soon as I gave the order, we could see her hard nipples begin to poke through the front. Of course, she had no bra or panties on, as I had planned to use her roughly after my friend had left. 

    She was startled when I told her to lift her skirt, as she expected to be baring her breasts. I had to give her the order again, more forcefully, to get her to comply. (Later that evening she received a sound spanking for her hesitation.) I watched my friend's eyes widen as he gazed upon my wife's bare pussy, the engorged lips hiding her wet, silky hole. This week, I had ordered her to cut her pussy patch into a large arrow, with the point right over her slit.

    Her dress shook in her trembling hands when I leaned over and pushed her legs apart. I wanted to show him all her graphic bits, not only to convince him to lead his wife into sex slavery, but also to remind her of the power I have over her. I ordered her to lay back on the coffee table and to spread her legs. Now Greg was seeing her the way any man really looks at a woman: an open fuckhole ready to be used. My slave closed her eyes as I took him on an intimate tour of her sex hole. I pulled back the lips to show her pink, wet tube. I lifted the hood to reveal her pulsating clit. Then I pushed my fingers in and pulled them out to show just how sopping wet she really was. All the while, I talked about how nice it was to have a cunt like this at my beck and call. But in the end, he got nothing more than a look. I wasn't about to share my slut with him until he cleaned up his own sex life.  

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    Slave Training 1: Ball Worship

    So, you've got your slut and you've taught her all the positions. Now what? Now you teach her that there's more to this than just acting like a slave. She has to free herself from her feminist convictions and let her true slutty nature shine through. She has to drop her inhibitions and let the animal inside her come to the fore. 

    Every woman is a cum slut, whether she enjoys it oozing inside her cunt, or dripping down her face, or rubbed into her tit flesh or running saltily down her throat. Your first step in helping her unleash her inner cum slut is to teach her to respect the spring from which your cum erupts. She must kiss your balls, lick your balls, suckle on them like a newborn babe. She must worship them with all the lust she can summon, and grovel before them like a slave who has just seen the face of her real master.

    At least once a week I have my slave wife lay her head in my naked lap, and instruct her to lick, kiss and suck my balls. Her torso is naked, so I can squeeze and pinch her boobs. Usually I have a movie on, or sports, or some porn. She is not the most important thing in my life at this time. She is merely a supplicant come to show her respect. Her orders are simple: do not allow my balls to become dry. They must remain wet with her saliva. It's a simple request and I haven't had to dole out punishment for failure very often. During blowjobs she automatically worships my balls: the warmer she keeps them, the hotter the cum that spurts all over her body.My slave has learned her place in the world. Yours will too.

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    Slave Fashion 2: My Tits Belong To You

    A topless slave is a cowed slave, pun intended. As long as she keeps her udders bared for your pleasure, she truly understands that her sole purpose in life is to serve you. I've ordered my slave to go topless since the very beginning of her training. In fact, she's not allowed to give a blowjob unless her tits are completely bared. I like to watch them quiver as she works on my pole, and there's nothing better than twisting her sensitive nipples to show my displeasure when she's not sucking the way I want. 

     Keeping your slave's knockers naked is a great way to share her with your friends and strangers. My buddy Greg is well acquainted with my slave's boobies. Greg, unfortunately, is married to a frigid woman with tiny tits and a big attitude. As long as I've known him, he's been a big tit guy, and i can tell that he misses havin some meat to squeeze, but somehow she got her hooks into him. In my opinion, all she needs are a few hard spankings and a good butt fuckin to straighten her out, but Greg's not yet the man for the job.

    So, one day he was over our house complaining about his bitch of a wife when I decided to take pity on him. He'd been talking about going to a strip club so he could at least look at some big boobies. I told him he could do more than that if he swore to keep a secret. He was so horny he quickly agreed. Then I called my slave over. She was wearing her "guest" uniform: a tight-fitting halter top with no bra, and a pair of shorts with no panties underneath. I like it when other men, even my friends, ogle her. It reminds her that she's just a slutty piece of meat.

    She stood there, humiliated, as I told him of her servitude to me, of her months of training and her quick climb to slave wife status. His eyes grew wide as I described her status a piece of property, a slut available for my private amusement. And he was speechless when I informed him that she was ready to take the next step in her training: to be shared with other men and women. "Show Greg your tits!" I ordered ruthlessly, watching as she fought back the tears. She knew this day had been coming, I'd been telling her all about it. But she'd assumed that she'd be flashing for some strangers. She never imagined it would be for a friend she'd known for years. And now that guy knew her darkest secret.

    She pulled the white cotton fabric over her head, and her boobs bounced free. She's a large C cup, not too saggy, with enough flesh to capture your cock for a good tit fuck. Once her tits were bare, I put her into Stand For Inspection, her fingers laced behind her head and her legs spread slightly. Then I explained the finer points of the position to Greg, demonstrating how it pushes her tits out while keeping her ass nicely shaped. And I made sure to run my fingers along as much of her bare skin as possible.

    I could tell from his pants that Greg had a raging hard-on. But I wasn't ready to share my bitch completely. So I had him sit on a chair, and then had my slut bend over him, dangling her tits into his mouth. He spent the next few minutes suckling at them greedily, like a calf going at the udders. He kept his hands to himself mostly, though I did notice him run his fingers over her shorts in the general area of her slutty slit. But that would have to wait for another time.

    Now, when he visits, Greg only has to ask to have a nice meal of tit flesh. Plus some dessert. But that's another story.  

      Posted on : May 23, 2008 | Comments (2)
    Slave Fashion 1: All Access

    The way you keep your slave says a lot about the level of domination you have over her. In the Slut Wife stage, you might only control what she wears to bed. You may force her to get rid of those granny panties and put on something sexier. Or forbid her from wearing a t-shirt and put her in a camisole. Later, in the Slut Slave stage, as you take greater control of your sex lives, you also take greater control of her clothing. You can order her to go braless on trips out of the home. Or have her greet you in lingerie after a hard day's work. In our Slave Wife stage, I have even greater control. Since we are almost always "in session," I have taken near complete control over her wardrobe.

    In the evenings, I favor the "All Access" wardrobe. There's something delicious about a bare pussy when it's framed by stockings and garters. I have her cover or reveal her tits based on my mood. Tall, slutty heels complete the picture. When she's dressed this way, when she walks around the house doing housework, I can reach out at any time and finger her bare pussy, slap her naked bottom, or suck her exposed nipple. There can be no doubt in her mind that she is my property and at my command.

    She knows too that her position in the pecking order is below any male that sets foot in the house. My fuck slut got a good reminder of this a couple of months ago. Needing to have the windows replaced, I was taking the window salesman on a room by room tour of the house. Reaching the master bedroom I led him inside. Just as he entered, my Slave Wife entered from the master bathroom, where she'd just finished trimming her pussy patch into a large arrow, pointing straight down at her nasty fuck slit.On this day, she was wearing an All Access outfit of white stockings, white garters and a sheer white bra.

    When the embarrassed salesman quickly turned to leave, I held him back. "This is my Slave Wife," I explained, motioning for her to assume the Stand for Inspection position. Though he was a bit unnerved, he couldn't stop staring. I then turned my attention back to our window discussion, leaving her nearly naked and exposed to the stranger in our home. After her finished his measurements, I explained to him that although this slut was my sex slave, she would also be helping to make a decision on the window purchase. I suggested that we adjourn to the dining room table to discuss it. Before we followed the man down the stairs, I took a moment to shove four fingers into her swollen cunt. As I expected, she was dripping wet. "Maybe I can get him to fuck you in exchange for the windows, slut," I suggested, pushing my hand into her mouth so she could lick her nasty juices from my fingers. In her eyes I could see that she wasn't sure if I was serious or not.

    At the table, we discussed the window bid, with my fuck slut asking a few pertinent questions. I could see that the salesman was having trouble concentrating, which was just fine by me. When the negotiations concluded, I ordered the bitch to bring us a couple of beers. After she delivered them I had her take her bra off. I'm not sure what was more fun: watching him stare hungrily at her tits and cunt, or watching her wondering whether she would be spreading her legs for a stranger's cock. In the end, I just let him take a couple pictures of her with his cellphone. I'm sure they're out there on the internet, along with all the other sluts giving everyone all the access they want. 

      Posted on : May 16, 2008 | Comments (1)
    Slave Position 8: Cum Dump

    A woman is, at best, a slut. A whore without the money. A stinking snatch. A begging bitch. A fucking cunt. And she has only one thing on her mind: getting cock. She talks about it. Dresses for it. Thinks about it. Dreams about it. And schemes to get it. That's why you need to control your woman, harness her instincts, control her and tame her. Basically, you must make her your slave if you are to live without suspicion. 

    So you train her and use her for your purposes. You strip her down, you teach her how to dress for you, how to please you, how to show her appreciation for you. You push her to her knees and fuck her mouth. You make her stand for inspection and finger her pulsing cunt. You make her spread her pussy lips wide, and spank her for her misdeeds. Every inch of her body is a toy for you to play with.

    And when you've finally had your fill, it's time to give her the ultimate honor, the pleasure of receiving your sacred nectar. Your cum should be the most important liquid in your slave's life. She should do anything to get it. She should do anything to feel it. She should do anything to taste it. 

    A properly trained slave will take your cum any way it's delivered to her. Straight from your cock. Licking it off a spoon. Dug out of her own pussy by her own fingers, sucking each one dry. Shot onto her face, in her mouth, on her tits, across her stomach, in her cunt, smeared on her pussy patch, dripped on her feet, wiped on her ass, across her back, in her hair. Getting your cum is the highlight of her day.

    For my slave, the cum dump rules are simple:

    1. Every drop of cum is sacred and must be eaten, unless ordered otherwise. (When I shoot my load on my slave's ass, her next job is to scoop it up and swallow it down.)

    2. If any cum falls anyplace other than the slave's body, it must immediately be licked up. (My slave has eaten cum off the forest floor because she failed to catch every drop.)

    3. Any other man's cum is just as sacred and should also be eaten, though only after her master's has been dealt with. (My slave is a cum slut for my buddies, especially when they're between girlfriends.)

    It's your slave's job to be your cum dump. Give her the protein she needs to stay healthy and sexy. 

      Posted on : Apr 30, 2008 | Comments (0)

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