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    mindy828's profile
    It's been a while since I posted something on this blog, so it's time to make a small but obvious satement ;)

      Posted on : Mar 21, 2018 | Comments (0)
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving
      Posted on : Nov 26, 2015 | Comments (1)
    Merry Christmas and a sexy 2014!

    I wish all my sexy friends on Imagefap a merry Christmas and a sexy 2014!

    Merry Christmas and a sexy 2014! Keep on Fucking Tongue out


      Posted on : Dec 25, 2013 | Comments (2)
    OVER 1000 FANS!!!!!

    rockin the 1000 

    Today I noticed that I've got more than a 1000 fans, so time for celebration!!! 
    So I would like to thank all of my lovely and dear fans for their great support of my Imagefap Profile 

    girl with balloons 


      Posted on : Jan 20, 2013 | Comments (1)
    Merry Christmas and a sexy 2013


    Hi everybody,

    For this years Christmas I have specialy uploaded a gallerie at

    I wish al of my good Fans a merry Christmas and a sexy, hot and steamy 2013!



      Posted on : Dec 24, 2012 | Comments (0)
    OVER 100 GALLERIES!!!!!!


    Dear sexy girlfriends and boys, 

    Whohoo!!! today I've uploaded my 100th gallery of photos please check them out! at

     And I will continue to upload until you don't like me no more. But I hope that never will happen!Embarassed




    my 100th upload 

      Posted on : Sep 18, 2012 | Comments (1)
    That Smile I Love

    You are at work. You're in the back preparing breakfast for a group of guys. You're wearing your typical wardrobe; tank top with board shorts & an apron over top. It's near the end of the day & you're grateful for that, as it's been busy.

    You place the guys' orders on their plates & deliver the food out to them. You genuinely smile at them as they thank you for the meal. You turn around & walk back into the kitchen.

    You're deep in thought when you hear another customer walk thru the door. You look at the time, huff & roll your eyes. You're slightly irritated that they're coming in 5 mins to close. But you take in a deep breath, let it out slowly & plaster a smile on your face.

    I walk into your cafe with 5 mins to spare. Though really, I'd purposely come this late.

    I walk up to the counter, like any customer would & wait for you to appear. You do after a moment or two. Your head is down as you round the corner. I know what you were thinking back there & I giggle to myself.

    You raise your head. The look of surprise then almost delight crosses your face when you see me. Without saying a word, you wave me into the back.

    I walk around to the end of the counter & go straight into the back. I am greeted by your well toned ass. You're bending down to put some food products away. I lean against the entrance, grin & continue to watch you.

    As if feeling my eyes wondering over your body, you turn your head & smile at me. I love your smile. It's not often that it graces your face. However, by the end of my visit, I intend for that smile to be permanently locked in place.

    We both know why I'm here. It's never been openly discussed about where or when it would happen but we both know it would.

    I continue to stand in the entrance, arms crossed over my large breasts, watching you do the last little bit of cleaning.

    We chat about non essential things as we wait for the group of guys to finish their meal & head out.

    We hear them leave, finally. We laugh. You walk past me, but not without me first lightly grabbing your hand & pulling you towards. I bring you in to where our noses are almost touching. You look at up me. And to my surprise, you kiss me. Even though I'd had all intentions of doing that myself.

    Your lips are hot as I feel them press against mine. I hear us both intake long, exaggerated breaths. Our first kiss is slow & sensual. Each of us discovering how the other kisses & what they like. I bring my right hand up to caress your left breast. But as I do this, you break away from our embrace. You step back & w/out saying a word, you walk away. I watch as you veer towards the front entrance. Breathing a sigh of relief, I realize I'd not upset you by my advances, you'd just merely remembered at that moment that you needed to lock the door.

    The door is now locked, & once again, so are our lips. I moan softly as I feel your tongue part my lips & find my own. Our kisses have become deeper, heavier, as has our breathing. I slide my hand along your hip & leave it there as I'm momentarily distracted by your hand reaching up to massage my breast. I moan again as your thumb & finger find my hard nipple.

    You are making me want you so bad. The kinds of things I could do to you, are racing thru my mind, as I slowly walk you backwards. You gasp lightly as you feel your bare shoulders & arms touch the cool sliding door of the upright cooler. I pull back as you gasp & look down at you. There's that smile again. It grows bigger & more mischievous as I press you against the door. I move so that the top of my thigh is between your legs, pressing against your warmth.

    We begin kissing again. Pushing myself slightly harder into you, I feel you start to lightly grind yourself on my leg. I slip my hands up behind your back & undo your bra. I slide the straps down your shoulders, over your arms, & gently pull it down off you via the bottom of your tank top. Your nipples are erect & extremely noticeable thru the fabric of your top. You look so hot with your flushed cheeks & hard nipples.

    I run my hands up the soft skin of you abdomen, catching your top between my thumb & index finger. I raise it to just above your breasts. I lower my head to you tits & draw circles around each nipple with my tongue. I then spend a good deal of time sucking, licking & lightly nibbling on each of your taught nipples. I can tell you like this. Your hips have begun to move your pubic area a bit harder & faster against my leg. You've also let a couple moans escape your lips.

    I lift my head & look into your eyes. They've got a slight glaze to them. I smile at you & kiss you again. I then spin you around so that your back is now to me. I pull your tank top fully off. And press my body against yours. My left hand rolls your left nipple as I kiss your neck & ear. My right hands pulls at the button of your shorts & then undoes the zipper. I slide my hand over your flat stomach & just to the top of your boy cut undies. You thrust your hips forward as if letting me know that this what you want.

    You're now using your arms to lean against the cooler. Your breathing has quickened as I slowly guide my hand under the elastic of your panties. My fingers touch your pubic hair then find the opening to your slit. I push two of my fingers lightly in. They make quick contact with your hard clit & this makes you groan. I smile as I continue down towards your opening. I spread your slightly damp lips with my fingers & use another to find your wetness. Once found, using 2 fingers, I draw your wetness up to your awaiting clitoris. I do this as I continue to play with both your nipples.

    Now that I have you all ready, I begin to pay close & careful attention to your clit. I rub my fingers in a circular pattern over your hard nub. I feel you push your ass into my hips as I slowly speed up my fingers. I press gently and rub steadily on your clit until I hear your moans grow louder and your breathing quicken.

    I pull you away from the cooler and let you body lean against mine, as I spin us around & allow myself to now lean against the cooler. Your legs are a bit shaky as I continue to manipulate your clit. Your arms go up and around my neck as you lay the back of your head on my shoulder. I kiss you neck, nibble on your ear & tell you how hot I think you are.

    Pulling your body closer to mine, I dip my fingers deep into you wetness. I pump them in & out of you as my thumb rubs your clit. You turn your head towards me & we kiss. You moan & I can feel the vibration of it thru your tongue as it dances w/ mine. I feel your hand come down off my shoulder & slip between us. Your fingers move along the top of my jeans until they find my button & zipper. You undo them & slide your hand into my very wet undies. You run your fingers over my clit, noticing how wet I am & stay there. I groan into your ear as you begin to play with my hard nub.

    We stand in the kitchen, you leaning against me & me leaning against the cooler. We're kissing & touching one another intimately. Your body against mine feels amazing. You are making me feel amazing. I can hear that I'm making you feel good too. Your moans & breathing have become louder. You must be getting close to cumming. Your hips have begun to buck against the fingers I have inside of you. I speed up my pumping & put more pressure on your clit with my thumb. I feel your fingers on my clit begin to match the pace I am going.

    We're both breathing hard now. I pull my fingers out of you & concentrate on your clit. Your fingers on my sensitive nub are making me groin. I grind my hips into your ass, which presses your hand harder against me. I can hear you almost panting as I circle my fingers quickly over your clit. I feel your hand on the back of my head. You turn my face to yours & kiss me hard. This sends me over the edge. I break from our kiss & let out a loud moan as waves of pleasure wash over me. Your fingers continue rubbing me until I'm almost finished. I try my hardest to keep up my rhythm on your clit as I can hear you reaching your orgasm.

    You push your body hard against mine as you hit your climax. I've recovered from my orgasm now & I help you to enjoy yours even more. I kiss your neck & roll your nipples as your orgasm hits its peak. I keep the pace on your clit consistent but push a little harder. You groan as you go over the edge. I feel your body lightly shiver as your orgasm begins to subside.

    I sigh & pull my hand gently from your shorts. You do the same of me. You turn around & look at me. There's that smile I love. It's plastered across your face, like I hoped it would be. I smile back & kiss you softly. We embrace for a moment, then doing up our bottoms, you walk me to the entrance of the cafe.

    You unlock the door & open it for me. I kiss you one last time before saying good bye. Then I walk out the door. I turn around to wave good bye as you re lock the entrance. You look up, wave back & give me that smile I love.
      Posted on : Jun 13, 2012 | Comments (1)
    One Little Toy

    The view was amazing. White foamy waves crashing over black speckled rocks, smoothing outward to a cold green sea, deep blue sky, and a scattering of white clouds being chased by wind. I was seated on the sea wall, a conglomeration of large rocks cemented together, and then washed by years of spray. And while the view was spectacular, it wasn't what had my attention.

    Tucked in next to me to ward off the cold, she was dressed in a translucent blouse that displayed her nipples and breasts in infuriating hints behind the material. The cold probably helped to keep her nipples erect, but I had my suspicions. She wore a medium-length skirt, with a split that revealed a long slice of her legs. And she was looking at me intently.

    "Please?" she whispered.

    I slowly slid the fingers of my hand up the inside of one of her legs, lingering over her knee, then up the inside of her thigh, pausing at the top of her inner leg.

    "Don't stop," she gasped. "Oh please, keep going!"

    Still slowly, and still watching her intently, my fingers brushed over the bare lips of her pussy, and the tips of my fingers were instantly coated with her juices. She gasped again, and as my fingers slid up her wet flesh between her lips, and then over her clit, pressing hard, watching her face as she bit her lower lip, trying not to cry out.

    Her legs began to spread open to allow my hand better access, and I continued to stroke up the inside of her pussy lips, over her clit, then back down, pushing my fingers up inside her cunt. She was breathing rapidly now, and her erect nipples made it obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra beneath her translucent blouse.

    When she had reached the point of openly panting, I slid my wet fingers back down her leg.

    "Why -- why are you stopping?"

    Instead of answering her, I withdrew from my pocket a string of love beads.

    "I thought you might like to try these," I said, showing them to her. "You can wear them for the rest of the day, and stay turned on."

    She considered them, and then nodded. "Okay."

    I slid my hand back up her leg, with the love beads in hand, warming them against the skin of her inner thigh. Then my hand reached the lips of her pussy once again, and I stopped, and with my fingers, spread her lips wide so I had easy access to her cunt. I watched her carefully, noticing how her hands would clench and the way her mouth moved as I began to push the beads up into her cunt, one at a time. Between each one, I had to then push my fingers up after the beads to make way for the next love bead, and my fingers were quickly drenched.

    "Oh god!" she was just about sobbing by the time I finished, and then began to use my fingers on her clit again. She grabbed hold of my shoulder, pulling hard at my shirt. "I'm cumming, hon!"

    I held her pussy in my hand as she came, with my fingers resting between the lips and over her cunt. I could feel her hips pushing slightly, and her body jerking with each breath. Then when she finally let go of my shoulder and slumped against me, I raised my wet hand to her mouth, and let her lick her own juices from me.
      Posted on : May 26, 2012 | Comments (1)
    My Worst Enemy 2(college nightmare)

    Last night was the most amazing night of my life. I'm sure most people say
    that about meeting someone they love for the first time, or maybe about
    their wedding night or something. I hardly call something like that
    "amazing," but then again, in my depraved, backward, positively fucked-up
    mind, last night fits the bet definition of "amazing" I could ever imagine.
    Last night, I got my ass whipped, my tits tortured, my tongue worked over,
    and my punished body cuffed to the bed - belonging to a woman I absolutely
    despise. And I couldn't imagine wanting anything more than what that
    heartless, rich, snotty bitch did to me last night.
    Mandi had bullied me and overshadowed me at every opportunity, from grades
    to attention to dressing like a total slut. And last night, I found out
    she's as pussy-crazy as I am, and she knows my darkest secrets - every one
    of them. Because I was stupid enough to leak them to her. Maybe my
    subconscious wanted my stories leaked - and I'm sure Mandi's not the only
    one who has them - but really, I just fucked up.
    And after the most intense night of my life, in which Mandi invited me over
    to her apartment, took a studded strap to my ass, clamped my nipples, and
    made me eat her pussy while I was tied up and helpless on her bed. And after
    all that, she just left me there, naked, tied up, gagged, blindfolded, and
    horny as all hell. Mandi may be many things - cruel, heartless, snobbish,
    and an absolute bitch - but she is not dumb. At least when it comes to being
    a tease for dumb bitches like me.
    So after a surprisingly good night's sleep in Mandi's bed, I woke up, still
    with the blindfold on and the gag in my mouth, and Mandi wasn't back yet.
    She said she had a party to go to, and I'm sure she showed up dressed as
    slutty as possible. Hell, she could have some other dumb bitch tied to a
    different bed right now, and I wouldn't know the difference.
    So finally, after a couple of hours of waiting, making myself wet thinking
    about what Mandi had planned for me, and trying frantically to rub my pussy
    or tits but not beaing able to reach anywhere near them, I hear the door
    open and the most unpleasant sound I could imagine. That evil laugh of
    Mandi's - it made me remember all over again why I hate her so much.
    I tried to think if Veronica, my girlfriend, called me last night, but she's
    too naive to think the love of her life is tied up in her worst enemy's bed,
    and why should she? Until now, I've been faithful to her and every other
    girl I've dated, which is probably my problem - in my stories, I'm a chronic
    cheater, and my life in my writing is a million times hotter than even the
    hottest moments of my real life. Well, at least until last night, anyway.
    I listen more closely - the evil laugh is joined by a giggle. My pussy is
    wet as fuck thinking about who she's brought over. I don't recognize the
    voice, so I'm assuming it's one of her bitchy friends who knows what a dirty
    slut I am.
    "Wake up, bitch," demands Mandi, still laughing. "How was my bed last night?
    Bet my bed's not the first one you slept tied to." Unfortunately, she's
    wrong on that count, but I was hoping it wouldn't be the last.
    "By the way," giggles the other girl, "how's that dumb bitch you call a
    girlfriend? Oh wait - let me answer that one for you. She's sad, lonely, and
    misses you, and if you're a good slut, I'll keep your secret." More
    giggling. "You're lucky Mandi can do your voice really well; that little
    cunt was crying all night, and when she gets home, you have a lot of
    explaining to do about why you called her a cunt-sucking piece of shit. God
    I love ruining bitches' lives."
    I tried to respond, but through my gag and my blindfold, I couldn't see the
    new girl. I think Mandi enjoyed torturing me in this way. I could hear them
    kissing - I wanted to be part of that so badly. Mandi may be a cold,
    calculating bitch, but when she kisses me, it feels like heaven. I don't
    feel like it's so fucked-up for just a moment before she goes back to
    beating my ass.
    "What's the matter, bitch? Horny or something?" The new girl is such a
    tease, and nothing would please me more than to worship her, too. Where I
    left off in my stories, Mandi owns me outright, whoring me out to whatever
    girl she pleases. Of course, that was after my third trip to prison for a
    crime one of her friends committed, and the corrupt warden - a tight, sexy
    blonde herself - sold me to Mandi for an insane amount of money.
    The mystery woman keeps teasing me, running her fingers along the insides of
    my legs, teasing my pussy. Mandi seems to be working her way to my sensitive
    nipples, as if they're saving the beating for later. I moan through my gag,
    totally helpless. The teasing just makes me hate them both more for making
    me so horny. I need an orgasm so desperately, but I guess I should have
    written more of them for myself into my stories - at one point, I go 58
    chapters without one, even being fucked in the ass with a spiked stiletto
    several times between them.
    "By the way, slut," chuckles Mandi, "I wanted to introduce you to the girl
    who will be torturing you along with me all day today." The wild, maniacal
    laughter continues. "This is Courtney, my girlfriend. And don't say anything
    because Daddy doesn't know about her." I can hear them kissing - so fucking
    hot, these two psychotic bitches. "I bet you want a good look at her, don't
    you?" I nod, moaning through the gag.
    "I don't think so," giggled Courtney, who was probably really fucking hot.
    "Use your imagination, dumbass. I'm blonde, gorgeous, and have bigger tits
    than Mandi. Also, I looked really hot in Mandi's bikini last night." Go
    figure - the two bitches trade bikinis. "Oh, wait - there is one thing I
    want to show you."
    Courtney reached for my blindfold and took it off, and it took me a second
    to figure out what was going on. As I looked her over, seeing Mandi's lover
    for the first time, I could see exactly what Mandi saw in her. Courtney was
    exactly what she described - blonde, gorgeous, and I could look at those
    tits all day. I think she and Mandi knew it, too - both girls were topless,
    and Courtney was, in fact, wearing the bottoms to Mandi's black g-string
    bikini. She modeled it for me, showing off her equally impressive ass.
    Courtney seemed to enjoy teasing my naked body; her fingers ran along my
    pussy, dripping wet for these two bitches, and she giggled at my muffled
    moans, as if she knew how much it was killing me just to be teased. Like
    Mandi, she seems to be some sort of evil genius, knowing exactly how to push
    my buttons and make me want her more. Mandi joined the torture, rubbing my
    tits with her fingertips, making me incredibly horny.
    But it didn't stop them from reminding me why I hate Mandi as much as I do.
    I had to watch as the two girls kissed deeply, tongues touching and dashing
    in and out of each other's mouths, while I just had to lay there and be
    teased. I wanted Mandi so badly, even as much as I could never be her lover,
    it made me insanely jealous seeing her kiss another girl while I couldn't do
    anything to stop her.
    Mandi broke the kiss and walked over to me, still feeling Courtney's ass
    with one hand and my tits with her other. She smiled menacingly at me,
    looking down at me and reaching for my gag, as if to tease me further -
    maybe she'll take it out and kiss me and I'll get to taste her sweet tongue
    with a little leftover lust from Courtney. But, like the cruel bitch she is,
    she hesitated, keeping me on the edge of sanity, making me loathe her. I
    fought my restraints - to no avail, of course; Mandi's rich father wouldn't
    buy her daughter a cheap bed, and there's no way in hell someone as good at
    dominating girls as Mandi is would buy cheap handcuffs. Plus, with both
    wrists and both ankles bound, I couldn't build up any momentum to free
    myself; all I could do was just lay there and take my punishment from this
    crazy, borderline psychopathic blonde and her equally bitchy girlfriend. And
    as much as I hated the teasing, making me hungry for punishment but giving
    me nothing I crave, they could do it as long as they wanted. Just show me
    more of those two beautiful asses split by those g-strings, and I'm all
    Courtney once again bent over the bed and kissed Mandi; as with all their
    kisses, it was deep, passionate, sustained, and incredibly hot. Seeming to
    show mercy on me, they each removed a clamp from my nipples, which still
    burned from being pinched all night. I screamed in intense pain from the
    clamp removal, but more because I loved the torture of having them on. As I
    turned my head to study Courtney a little more, I could tell she was shaved
    smooth like Mandi.
    I hadn't looked Mandi over yet, but when I turned my head back to her, I saw
    her wearing my pink bikini bottoms. That fucking cunt told me she was
    keeping my bikini, but I thought it was just to make me head back to my dorm
    naked - at this point, my lust for her turned to rage. I didn't feel like
    pleading for punishment anymore. I wanted to beat that bitch's ass and take
    her girlfriend and both their bikinis and make Courtney walk back to my dorm
    naked with me leading her.
    Of course, Mandi picked this point to break her kiss with Courtney and reach
    for my gag. I figured she was just teasing me more and couldn't understand
    my screams anyway, so I kept letting them loose. To my total surprise, she
    ripped the gag out - forcefully, as if she knew she was hurting my mouth and
    didn't care, which she totally didn't.
    "You fucking cunts, I'll kill you both!" I started into them. "I'll rip your
    head off, you thieving bitch, and I'll take your girlfriend and whore her
    out to the other rich girls on campus after I tear your throat out and kick
    your bitch ass!" Staring right at Mandi as I curse her. "I'll make you beg
    to eat my--" At that point, Mandi shoved the gag back in as forcefully as
    she tore it out, leaving me helpless and silent once again. Seeing no point
    in fighting Mandi anymore, since she always won, I went silent.
    "You got a mouthy bitch, didn't you, baby?" Courtney asked Mandi. It was bad
    enough watching them tongue-wrestle right in front of me; now I had to hear
    them call each other "baby" too. "I like that. All the more fun to shut them
    "How about," Mandi cackled evilly, "you give this bitch what she really
    craves?" Teasing me as she talked. "Start her off slowly, though. Can't let
    the slut think she's getting everything at once." As Mandi kissed Courtney
    more, she slid off Courtney's bottoms, showing her bare pussy - shaved
    smooth, the way I like it. If only my girlfriend shaved her pussy and
    treated me like her bitch, I wouldn't be here tied up worshipping these two
    - oh hell, who am I kidding; I'd be right here anyway because Veronica's
    useless in bed.
    Courtney climbed on the bed, approaching my face, and straddled my mouth in
    the same position Mandi did last night; she unhooked the gag, handed it to
    Mandi, and giggled. "You like eating pussy, you dumb slut?" she asked.
    "I want your pussy so bad, Courtney," I begged. "Shove it in my face and
    tell me what a bitch I am. And I want Mandi to whip me while I eat your
    pussy." The words just slid out of me; I didn't know what I was thinking.
    Asking to be whipped while I please another girl who hates me? Only a crazy
    bitch would do that. The same crazy bitch who subconsciously leaked her
    writings to her worst enemy, writings that had me being beaten, tortured,
    and force to service other women on demand. Yeah, that sounds like me.
    Courtney dropped her legs, and her pussy met my mouth as I opened up and
    started working her over with my slut tongue. I slipped my tongue into her
    as she grinded her cunt in my face. Like Mandi, she was smooth and
    delicious, the kind of bitch I could eat all day, and I was hoping she felt
    the same way about my tongue.
    As I had mindlessly requested, Mandi started in with the torture, whipping
    my spread-open pussy as I lashed Courtney's with my tongue. I couldn't
    believe I was asking to be whipped while I pleasured Courtney, but I fucking
    loved it. Her leather cat o' nine tails smacked my pussy hard, teasing me as
    it inflicted pain, but I moaned for more as Courtney moaned with me.
    "Go deeper, you fucking worthless cunt," demanded Courtney as she forced her
    pussy onto my face. "What, you never ate pussy before? Your bitch too sweet
    for a real woman? Lick my cunt, you fucking slut! Lick it deep!" Courtney's
    verbal assault on me kept right up with Mandi's assault with her whip.
    As Courtney commanded, I tongue-fucked her deeper than before, looking for
    her g-spot but never seeming to find it. She kept the name-calling up while
    Mandi joined in, each calling me some variation of the word "cunt" about two
    dozen times in a short time. I had never felt so degraded before, made to
    feel so beneath someone, than these two - and all I could do was work my
    slut tongue and take my whippings like a good bitch. And that was all I
    wanted to do.
    I was pretty sure Courtney was enjoying the ride on my tongue because I
    could see her holding onto the bedposts for dear life and feel her clenching
    my head tighter, and her moans were almost drowning out Mandi's insults and
    definitely drowning out her own. The lashes from Mandi's whip still stung,
    but every lash felt so good on my eager slut pussy, dripping wet from the
    I could hear Courtney start to climax; she got her cunt as close to my
    mouth, with my tongue going as deep into her, as possible, while Mandi
    increased the speed of her whippings. Her moaning was loud, wild, and
    uncontrollable, and my tongue touched what had to be her g-spot. I couldn't
    see or hear much of anything; Courtney was smothering my face, blocking my
    view of anything but her smooth shaved pussy, and her legs covered my ears
    so all I could hear at all were her screams. And scream she did - I may be a
    dumb, worthless cunt to those two, but I made it my mission to show them how
    good I am with my tongue.
    Courtney squeezed her legs around my head, giving me all the incentive I
    needed to tongue-fuck her as hard, deep, and fast as I could. Any girl would
    love this - and be hooked on being eaten like this. But I knew I was dealing
    with two hardcore bitches, the kind who couldn't be swayed to show me the
    slightest bit of mercy because I can eat pussy. And Mandi made that
    abunsantly clear by continuing to lash my dripping wet pussy with her
    leather whip, not caring a bit that I was making her lover scream like she
    had never screamed before, or so I could only imagine.
    I could tell Courtney was going from one orgasm to the next, not even
    stopping to catch her breath. She shoved her smooth cunt in my face even
    more, forcing my tongue inside her to work over her g-spot. Without even a
    hint of letting up, she rode my slut face as hard and deep as she could,
    grabbing onto the bed for dear life while I tongue-fucked her. I wanted so
    badly to grab her ass, finger her, or play with her gorgeous tits, but I was
    cuffed to the bed and there was no way those two bitches would have it any
    other way. I was theirs to abuse, and abuse me they did.
    Courtney's sequence of orgasms seemed to die down after about eight or nine;
    I lost count and wasn't really able to keep it anyway with Mandi lashing my
    pussy. Speaking of the lashings, she never let up a bit, and I could feel
    the stings on my cunt as she brought me insanely close to climax. I wanted
    so badly for her to finish me off and then mount my face as Courtney did,
    but I knew she was more diabolical than that.
    Courtney dismounted my face, and Mandi's laughter picked up - the lashings
    stopped as I was on the edge of a climax, and she began to kiss her lover
    again. Judging by the fact that Mandi was holding the whip - and that Mandi
    was still in her g-string bottoms and pushing her tongue a lot more into
    Courtney's mouth than Courtney was into hers - I knew Mandi was the alpha
    bitch in their relationship. I thought about the things they did when they
    were together - and I got a closer look at Courtney's gorgeous ass. As I
    began to suspect - whip marks.
    Mandi led Coutney into the same device I was in the previous night -
    shackling her lover's ankles and wrists and placing her in a totally
    defenseless position. Mandi then reached into her purse and pulled out a
    ball gag, a different one from the one she used on me, and put it in
    Courtney's mouth - less forcefully than she did to me, but followed by a
    hard spanking. I couldn't believe it - Mandi was about to dominate another
    girl right in front of me, and I could only see by craning my head up. What
    a bitch. But I knew better than to say anything.
    Finally, Mandi walked over to where I was cuffed and looked over me, still
    in my g-string bottoms. I wanted so badly to get free and pin her down and
    whip the hell out of her, untie her lover, and dominate her, and damnit,
    this might be my opportunity. Hell, she might even showe a little mercy on
    me and let me dominate Courtney with her. I was hoping to be dominated by
    both girls at once, but if Mandi's giving me the chance to lash her
    girlfriend's tits, I'm taking it.
    I can't tell at this point if Mandi's lost her sanity or if she's even
    smarter than I thought - she undoes my ankle cuffs, leaving only my wrists
    bound. I know better than to act like she's letting me go, though, and I lie
    there motionless as she undoes my wrist cuffs, first one, then the other.
    Finally, after over 16 hours of bondage, I'm free, I think, and then the
    crazy bitch side of me comes out.
    I lunge at Mandi, aiming right for her throat. My left hand seems to grab
    her toroat, but my right hand misses, and for a moment, I have her in my
    power. She's finally mine.
    I should have known better. She grabs my hair and throws me down over the
    bed with my bare ass exposed. Before I can even think, she grabs my wrists,
    and I can't even move them - damn, how many pairs of handcuffs does this
    girl own? Reflexively, I kick back, using a move I learned in a workout -
    really bad idea, as she grabs my foot and throws me over the bed.
    She grabs me again by my hair, and this time I follow her over to where
    Courtney is in chains. I feel a bit bad for Courtney at this point, knowing
    that she's dating a total psychopath who would probably kill her just for
    fun. Then I think about Mandi trying to kill me - slow, painful torture -
    and I must be really fucked-up in the head because I just get wet thinking
    about it.
    "OK, slut," she demands. "I was going to make this easy for you, but you had
    to go fuck it up." She throws me into a chair and puts my ankles in these
    leather straps before she undoes my handcuffs. "I thought you might enjoy
    seeing me dominate Courtney and give your ass and tits a break. Tied to my
    torture chair, of course. But now? I have a better idea." Oh fuck. I should
    never have attacked Mandi. She's always at least ten steps ahead of me.
    This move I wasn't expecting. She reached for my cell phone and dialed
    Veronica. Granted, Veronica's going to have to find out sooner or later than
    I'm cheating on her with Mandi, but not while she's home. And not while I'm
    naked and tied to a chair in Mandi's apartment while Mandi's girlfriend is
    bound and gagged right next to me.
    Courtney was right - Mandi does a really good impersonation of me. But
    midway through the conversation, during which Mandi was super-nice to
    Veronica, she switched back to her regular voice, obviously catching
    Veronica off-guard. Even Courtney seemed surprised; I could hear her muffled
    At this point, Mandi started telling Veronica who she was - not that Mandi
    needed any introduction; Veronica had heard me bitch endlessly about Mandi.
    Then she grinned at me - that evil grin usually preceded by her wicked laugh
    - and put me on the phone with Veronica, hitting "speaker" right before
    putting the phone up to my mouth so she could hear everything.
    The soft-spoken, sweet Veronica I knew was gone. Replacing her was one
    pissed-off woman. "Mandi told me everything last night," she growled, short
    of screaming. "Is this what you fucking want?" I almost passed out -
    Veronica never curses. "That whore who dresses like that? Is that why you
    bought that g-string? For her? I'll give you what you fucking want, bitch!"
    At that point, she hung up, and I figured I was now without a girlfriend -
    which was bound to happen one day after I got out of a "study session" with
    whip marks on my bare ass and with my tongue tasting like Mandi's pussy.
    "And she should be arriving right about..." Mandi is the master of the
    dramatic pause. "Now." I heard the front door open, and my heart sank. I was
    about five seconds from having my head ripped off by Veronica, and if I had
    known she was like this before, I would have cheated on her from day one and
    waited for her to find out and let loose.
    I couldn't believe what I saw when Veronica walked in - her hair was dyed
    platinum blonde, she had one of Mandi's overpriced cigarettes in one hand
    and a leather whip in the other, and she was dressed in just a red g-string
    bikini - no top, of course. Her tits looked even more amazing than they did
    when she was her innocent, sweet self, but I was fooling myself by dating an
    innocent girl.
    "So this is what you want, is it, bitch?" she demanded as I was really in no
    position to argue with her. "Well, I can give it to you. I can sure as fuck
    give it to you." Veronica kissed Mandi, deep and passionate - Mandi even
    seemed a bit submissive to Veronica until I saw Mandi squeeze Veronica's
    ass. Mandi broke the kiss and Veronica turned her attention to me.
    "So you like being a slut for these girls," she stated - clearly she needs a
    little more practice at this. "I think I know just what to do for you,
    bitch." Veronica's evil grin is a huge turn-on, but nowhere near as menacing
    as Mandi's. "Since you love pain so much, I'll give you all you can handle."
    And give it she did, right from the beginning. She picked up a pair of
    nipple clamps - a little different from the ones Mandi used last night - and
    attached them to my still-sore nipples, giving a light tug with each one
    just to make me wince in pain. Even with just a little experience being a
    pain slut, I'm so far beyond screaming like a bitch over nipple clamps that
    I know she'll have to do way better than this to hurt me. And given that she
    has Mandi to coach her through every step? I'm sure she will.
    Mandi began to focus on punishing the bound and gagged Courtney, lashing her
    tits with the same intensity she punished me last night. Based on her moans,
    Mandi was inflicting a mix of pain and pleasure, and Courtney was as
    entranced with the cruel goddess as I was last night. Mandi loves to mix
    pleasure with pain - the whip hurts like hell, of course, but both my tits
    and Courtney's are very sensitive, and being whipped is an incredibly hot
    experience - and Courtney was loving the punishment her lover was
    Veronica, on the other hand, had fire in her eyes and wasn't looking for
    pleasure at all. I pictured her as this she-devil, dressed in her fire-red
    g-string ready to put me through the worst punishment ever. Fittingly, I was
    in a private dungeon with the Queen She-Devil herself, taunting me by
    wearing my g-string - and of course, her gorgeous ass looks amazing in it -
    and turning my girlfriend into one of her minions.
    Veronica linked the clamps together with a steel chain, and as she let it
    fall, it pulled on my nipples - Mandi used weights last night when she
    clamped my tits, so this was nothing new and actually felt pretty good
    compared to Mandi's torture. But I knew Veronica was just getting warmed up.
    I could kick and scream at this point, but I knew better than to move or
    fight Veronica because of what Mandi could do to me.
    Fortunately for the insatiable pain slut in me, Veronica learned quickly -
    she bound my feet and spread my legs apart so my bare cunt was showing.
    Lastly, she bound my neck so I couldn't even move my head. All I could do
    was look in horror as she showed me the different weights she planned to
    use. The first was tiny, about the size of a gumball, and she hooked it onto
    my chain, pulling my nipples down. I winced a bit, but it didn't really hurt
    me that much.
    If only I could keep that information to myself. "Is that all you got?" I
    crowed back at Veronica, who was still staring daggers at me. Without a
    word, she removed the tiny weight and worked her way up to one about the
    size of a golf ball - clearly made of solid metal. This one tugged at my
    tits more. As intense as the pain was from pulling on my sensitive, raw
    nipples, it felt every bit as good to have my tits pulled, even if it was by
    a cruel goddess with weights. I moaned in ecstasy and in pain at the same
    time, knowing fully that Veronica had no intention of inflicting pleasure.
    "Something's missing," taunted Veronica as I watched Mandi tear out
    Courtney's gag and tongue-fuck her helpless mouth. "What good is it to
    torture my dumb blonde girlfriend's tits when I really want to punish the
    hell out of her. Since you showed me what a cunt you are by cheating on me,"
    she teased, emphasizing the word "cunt" as she looked down at my exposed
    pussy, "it's your cunt that will suffer. But don't think I'm letting your
    tits off easy. Watch this, bitch."
    She grabbed the same clamps Mandi used on me the night before and aimed
    right for my dripping-wet cunt, slipping one clamp on first and then the
    other. With the first clamp going on, I screamed in intense pain - Mandi had
    just whipped my cunt mercilessly and it was still burning - but fuck, it
    felt so good, too.
    Veronica wasn't done, either - another steel chain linked those two clamps
    together and hooked into the chain tying together my nipple clamps. As
    Veronica chained me tighter - every movement causing me incredible pain -
    Mandi couldn't seem to get enough of Courtney. Sure, Courtney was naked,
    tied up, and at Mandi's mercy, but I could tell Mandi was totally hooked on
    kissing her bound lover. I thought for a minute it was just intense passion
    between two beautiful lovers, but then I saw Courtney glare at me and then
    give me a little 'fuck you' wink - she was getting several solid minutes of
    Mandi's tongue in her mouth, something I only experience for a few seconds
    at a time. Even in bondage, Courtney still taunts me.
    Veronica unhooked the light weight on my tits, leaving my chains to dangle,
    but I knew she couldn't be finished. She walked clear to the other side of
    the room, pulling out a long metal rope with some kind of weight on it. On
    the end approaching me was a hook, clearly to latch onto my chains, and
    that's exactly what Veronica did with it. She held up the weight with one
    hand as she hooked onto my chains with the other, and I realized at that
    moment that, the second she lets go of that weight, the rope drops, my
    chains go taut, and it's going to hurt like fuck.
    I hadn't even been watching Mandi and Courtney for the past couple of
    minutes because Veronica was getting her torture device ready; by this
    point, Courtney was on her knees, working her slut tongue on Mandi's
    now-bare pussy. Her hands were bound behind her back, and Mandi was grinding
    her cunt in Courtney's face much the same way Courtney did to me. I loved
    watching Courtney pleasure Mandi, but I knew the enjoyment would be
    short-lived as Veronica grinned devilishly, holding the rope's weight in her
    With one motion, she let it fall, and my chains were pulled out, yanking on
    my tits and pussy harder than anything ever has before. I can't stop
    screaming, and Veronica can't stop laughing at my agony. The weight hands a
    couple of feet from the floor, and my body is still firmly against the
    torture chair because I can't move. The chains have no slack in them at all,
    pulling on my most sensitive body parts with as much force as anyone can
    After what felt like an eternity of this, Veronica picked the weight back
    up, and I momentarily try to catch my breath after screaming in pain. She
    seems to be juggling it in her hand as if to say she hopes she doesn't drop
    it. At this point, I look into Veronica's eyes and begin to plead. "Please,
    Veronica," I moan. "Don't do this. I love y--"
    With that last word, she let go again, and the weight pulled my chains tight
    again. She walked closer to me as I writhed in pain, overwhelmed for the
    first time by the pain and not in any position even to beg for more. I began
    to feel like this was too much for me and I wasn't really a good bitch, and
    that, if I were the pain slut I say I am, I should be begging for even more
    "FUCK!" I shout at the top of my lungs. "This fucking hurts like hell! I
    don't deserve this!" This was all I could manage as Veronica continued her
    evil staredown of my naked, punished body.
    "I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over the cries of a whiny little bitch
    sitting in the torture chair," teased Veronica. "What was it you wanted
    At this point, the rational side of me wanted to demand that she let me go,
    but picking between my rational side and my pain slut side is never even a
    contest - the pain slut always wins. "I want more!" I demanded. "More
    weight! Squeeze those clamps tighter! Fucking hurt me, baby!"
    She walked right back over to the weight, which had a couple of hooks to
    hang more weight from, and she obliged me, hooking on two weights the size
    of tennis balls. "Ready?" she teased. "Three, two--"
    "Just drop the fuckers already!" I shouted in a fit of insanity - and she
    did. Fucking hell, it hurt when she did. I never had so much weight pulling
    at my tits and cunt in my life, and the pain sent shockwaves through my
    body. I couldn't stop screaming - but now, in addition to the intense pain,
    I felt a sensation of pleasure come over my body as the clamps worked their
    magic on my tits. She let the weights dangle, and I felt as close to orgasm
    as I have ever felt without actually having one - I wasn't sure if I felt
    more pain or pleasure, and I craved both.
    I couldn't think about anything else, so I didn't notice Mandi and Courtney
    - naked, of course, with Courtney now unbound and Mandi looking especially
    pleased - standing over me and watching me being tortured. The two girls
    kissed Veronica passionately as I suffered. All I could do was scream.
    Naturally, the three bitches didn't pay me any attention as they just
    watched me in pain, picking up the weights even more just to drop them -
    fucking hell, they knew how to hurt me. But if I could think anything, it
    was that I wanted more, more, more. And Mandi, being the crazy, fucked-up
    bitch she is, knew just what to do.
    She came back with two grenade-looking weights and some kind of plug.
    "These?" she said, pointing to the 'grenades.' "These are for your tits.
    Remember last night, bitch?" I remember the grenades on my nipples - all too
    well. Hung by the pins - because Mandi's a psychopath. "As for this," she
    laughed, "we wouldn't want you to get too comfortable. So this is going
    right here."
    'Right here' involved me lifting up my ass just a bit so she could slide it
    underneath and bolt it into the seat - and slip it into my ass. I wanted so
    badly to find a way to work it out - I'm an ass-virgin and prefer to have a
    few boundaries even Mandi can't cross - but Mandi had other ideas. She
    strapped my lap in so I couldn't work out the plug, and it felt as if she
    was splitting my ass open.
    Naturally, though, as she was doing this, I was starting to like it - I knew
    I'd be a total ass-slut if I tried it, and I was right. Thiscontraption she
    had me in - the torture chair, strapped in every way possible, a plug up my
    ass, and of course, clams on my tits and cunt pulled by chains with weights
    - I couldn't imagine anything more intense from these three crazy bitches.
    "Comfy?" taunted Mandi, and I confirmed it. "Good. You'll be here a while.
    The girls and I have a meeting to get to. We're all getting eaten out by
    dumb freshman girls. But don't worry; we'll save the rough stuff for you.
    They'll just get off with spankings. But you?" Mandi lets out a completely
    wicked laugh at this point. "You're lucky if you live through the weekend."
    With that, Veronica took the gag I had slept in last night, strapped it into
    my mouth, and left me there - the grenades attached to my nipple clamps, the
    chains pulling on me, the plug in my ass. "See you later, slut," taunted
    Mandi as she put on her black g-string bottoms, Courtney slid on my pink
    ones, and the three bitches left in just their g-strings.
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    My worst Enemy 1(college nightmare)

    As happy as I was to be getting out of class for the weekend, I was still
    furious at that bitch for what she said in class. It was bad enough she had
    the same major and took all the same classes as me - just because she was
    blonde, beautiful, and rich, she had to make everyone else look like they
    were stupid in front of the professors. And for some reason, she always
    seemed to have it out for me. And just to run up the score on the way out,
    she tripped me, making me drop my books in a crowd full of people. As I got
    back up, I looked up to see her walking away - yes, she was an icy bitch,
    but damn, I could look at that gorgeous ass all day. And she loved showing
    it off.
    Her name was Mandi - yes, with an "i." And she made sure there was no
    mistaking it. Since we met in our first class, she made it clear she wasn't
    to be fucked with. I should have known not to let her bother me, especially
    when I saw her come into class from her Ferrari - bright red, license place
    reads "MANDI" - but for whatever reason, she just gets to me.
    And it's the same thing all the time - one day, she trips me coming out of
    class. The next, she shoves me into the wall, slowing me down. I'm not
    afraid of her or anything, but I get sick of the abuse, and I guess the only
    reason I put up with it is because I like watching her walk away after she
    does it. Her blonde hair down to her mid-back, her ass in whatever slutty
    clothes she has on, her long, beautiful legs...she's hot as fuck and she
    knows it, and so do I. I would probably fuck her brains out if I didn't hate
    her so much.
    I'm not at all shy about being a lesbian, even dating girls openly. Mandi
    seems to love using it to her advantage - I think she knows I check her out
    after her attacks on me, making it almost worth it to be treated like her
    bitch...oh, who am I kidding; it makes it totally worth it...and the
    physical attacks are usually accompanied by a few harsh names. I heard the
    words "cunt-lapping whore" out of her mouth as she tripped me this time,
    finishing it off with "Enjoy the view, slut" as she went on her way.
    Mandi and I have been enemies since the minute we met, and it's not just sex
    or academics - it's almost everything. In high school, I was, by far, the
    hottest girl in school - tall, blonde, big tits, a tight, round ass that
    turned every head in school, and a secret - I craved pussy. Guys never did
    anything for me, much to my mother's dismay; she wanted me to stop flaunting
    my body and find a nice boy, marry him, and settle into a life of domestic
    servitude, much as she did until Dad died. That wasn't for me, though, and I
    was heading off to college to do great things and eat pussy. I told Mom I
    was a lesbian before I graduated, but no one found out at school until I was
    off to college - well, no one I wasn't seeing on the sly.
    My first day in college, I was looking fine as hell - I might not like guys,
    but I like the attention. Tight, form-fitting jeans that show off my
    fantastic ass, and a low-cut tank top. Dressing like this usually caught the
    eye of anyone, guy or girl, walking past, and it pissed off more than a few
    teachers. I barely got any attention, though, for my looks - Mandi was in
    the sluttiest cutoffs I had ever seen and a midriff-baring top hiding two
    gorgeous DD tits without a bra. And when I tried to make up for it with my
    skills in class, there was Mandi again, cutting down every point I made.
    Just to make things worse, on the way out, she told me, "Welcome to college,
    bitch. I'll always be the girl you wish you were." And then she shoved me to
    the ground. That was my first chance to check her out as she arrogantly
    walked away, her ass looking fine as hell in those cutoffs.
    I tried everything to make her look worse than me, but if I got an A, Mandi
    got an A+, and if I showed up to a party looking hot, she showed up looking
    hotter. I finally decided late freshman year that I wouldn't let her bother
    me, and when I met Veronica, I forgot all about Mandi. Suddenly, she didn't
    bother me anymore.
    Veronica and I started dating in the spring of my freshman year - she was a
    sophomore and had a little more experience with girls, but she was
    everything I wanted. Smart, stable, and cute, though not mind-blowingly
    gorgeous like Mandi. We saw a lot of each other, and even Mom agreed that I
    brought home a nice girl, the first nice thing she had to say about me being
    a lesbian. It was a long summer, and I had completely forgotten about that
    stuck-up rich bitch who made my life a living hell for a year.
    The first day back changed everything, though; as I drove through town
    trying to get to campus, I looked over to the side to an apartment building
    full of upperclassmen - and there stood Mandi, leaning on the hood of that
    damn Ferrari, smoking an expensive cigarette as two college guys moved her
    stuff into her place. I didn't say anything; I had forgotten about how much
    she got under my skin, but I knew she was always going to be a problem for
    The first day back to class, it happened again; this time, she body-checked
    me into a wall on the way out of class. As expected, no one saw her do it,
    and I was pissed as hell, but once again, I got the best view in the world
    as I looked up at her - that perfect ass in those cutoffs. I remembered
    exactly why I didn't say anything to anyone about her.
    She caught me in a bad mood one Monday afternoon a few weeks ago, though,
    and when she pulled my hair, I dropped to the ground as she expected - and
    got in her face. Not wanting to do this in a crowd of people, though, she
    pulled me aside into a deserted hallway, and I let her have it. "What the
    fuck was that for?" I demanded.
    "When the fuck did you become the physical type, bitch?" she countered.
    "I'm sick of your shit, Mandi!" I shouted. "Do it again and I'll fucking
    kill you!"
    "Whatever, you dumb cunt," she coldly replied. "You won't do a fucking thing
    to me and you know it."
    "I said I'd kill you, bitch!" Pure rage on my part.
    "Eat pussy and die, lesbo bitch," she laughed. "You're scared of me."
    "Rich slut!"
    "Whiny bitch!"
    "Fucking bully!"
    With that, she said nothing, waiting for a couple of seconds, seeming to
    check out of the corner of her eye if anyone was coming - they weren't - and
    then she pinned me against the wall. I thought I was dead. I had no idea if
    I could take Mandi in a fight, but I knew if I lost, it would be the
    ultimate humiliation. I didn't see her next move coming at all.
    She kissed me. Right on the lips - deep and sustained, she planted her lips
    on mine. She had me pinned against the wall, and I couldn't escape if I
    wanted, and as she stuck her tongue in my mouth, she seemed to be asserting
    her dominance over me. The message it sent to me was that I was hers and she
    owned me.
    She broke the kiss and walked away, leaving me absolutely stunned. The woman
    who had tormented me and made me miserable had just made out with me in
    public. I felt so used, so degraded - and I wanted more. Veronica had never
    kissed me like that - she wasn't a passionate lovemaker, and when we were
    intimate, I had to fantasize about girls I went to high school with to make
    it work. She was wonderful in every other way, but in the bedroom, she was
    barely into it. This one kiss from my most hated enemy was more passionate
    and intense than my entire relationship.
    For the next few weeks, it was all I could think about. Mandi had gotten
    into my head, and she knew it. I didn't know if she was really into girls or
    if she just kissed me because she knew I was - she never had boyfriends and
    told her father she was only interested in her studies - but it was
    all-consuming. Veronica and I only had sex once in that time, and the whole
    time we were together, I was pretending she was Mandi. Every time I
    masturbated, even to some of my favorite lesbian videos, all I thought about
    was how hot Mandi was. I couldn't believe it, but I finally came to terms
    with it - I was lusting after my worst enemy, and it was the hottest fantasy
    I had ever had.
    I even went to greater lengths to show off, all for Mandi - my usual jeans
    and tank tops were too boring for someone who dresses as slutty as Mandi, so
    I turned my favorite pair of ass-hugging jeans into cutoffs and paired them
    with a white bikini. We went to school in California, and it was always warm
    and the atmosphere relaxed, so no one really commented on what we wore.
    Veronica wasn't happy about my attire - she dresses much more conservatively
    - and she would have been pissed as hell if she knew it was for Mandi.
    I wanted Mandi to notice, and she did, at least in the way she dressed; the
    low-cut tops were out, replaced with bikinis as skimpy as the ones I wore.
    The cutoffs somehow got even shorter, even exposing the bottom of her
    delicious ass. After a week of staring at that, I upped the ante and lost
    the cutoffs, going in just my bikini and getting away with it. Mandi
    countered with a hot pink thong bikini, and her ass looked even hotter bare
    than it did in those tight cutoffs, if that was even possible.
    Our argument seemed to reach the climax earlier today when my newest bikini
    arrived - barely-there coverage for my tits, and the bottoms were g-string,
    hot pink, and if the students didn't know I was shaved before, they did now.
    It was a good thing Veronica went home for the weekend; she would have
    passed out seeing me in that.
    In walks Mandi to class - and damned if she didn't copy me. Same bikini,
    same exposed ass, but in black. And yes, like me, she was shaved. I couldn't
    believe we got away with dressing like this - we could probably have gone
    nude and no one would have said anything - and I couldn't believe Mandi
    stole my idea. But at least with our fights over who can dress more like a
    slut, the physical bullying had stopped - until after class.
    This time, she tripped me, and this time, I got an eyeful of her perfect,
    delicious, wonderful ass - totally bare except for the little bit of black
    string going up her ass-crack. Yes, the trip pissed me off, and now I had to
    pick up my books again, but if the price for a glimpse of her luscious ass
    was being tripped, bullied, and harssed by the meanest bitch in school, then
    I would have let her do anything she wanted at that point.
    It was the last class of the day, so I was on my way back to the dorm to get
    ready for a party tonight - when I received a text. I wasn't expecting
    anyone's call or text, so I was a little surprised, figuring my mom wanted
    to talk or something. Veronica never texted me, so I knew it wasn't her. I
    picked up the phone, and the message read: "Lesbo Bitch: Get your ass to my
    apartment at 11 pm tonight. Don't change your clothes. You know where to go.
    Mandi" I had no idea what she had in store for me, but it had to be hot.
    Mandi - into girls? The idea made me horny as fuck.
    I couldn't think about anything else, and the next eight hours were the
    longest of my life as I waited for eleven o'clock to arrive. I got stares,
    catcalls, and even a few attempts to grab my ass - and I was totally numb to
    them. All I could feel was passion for this crazy, cruel woman who wanted me
    to meet her at her apartment. I didn't know if she was going to fuck me,
    sell me to be fucked, or kill me, and frankly, I didn't care. I wanted her
    so bad I would have done anything she told me.
    Finally, horny like the crazy bitch I am, I headed over to Mandi's in enough
    time to get there by 11. I waited anxiously for about ten minutes because I
    was early, and then just a minute before my cell said it was 11, I went up
    to her front door - she had her own apartment - and there she stood, dressed
    in the same black g-string bikini she had on earlier. I had done as she told
    me earlier and kept mine on as well. She motioned me inside, and as I
    entered, she slammed the door behind her and locked it. It was just me and
    Just as she had done a few weeks ago, she pinned me against the wall and
    kissed me - this time, her tongue went straight into my mouth, and I moaned
    as she kissed me deeper. I wanted it so badly, and I kissed her back. She
    forced her body against mine, using her legs to pin me while she undid my
    bikini top, freeing my tits as I did the same for her. Down to our
    g-strings, she worked her way to my ass as I did the same, stripping off her
    slutty g-string as she did the same to me. I was finally naked with Mandi
    and in a deep, passionate, sustained kiss - and I had never wanted anything
    She grabbed a handful of my hair and the back of my neck, turned me around,
    and threw me onto the couch face-down - I loved how rough she was being with
    me - and stood over me. I knew what was coming, and as expected, she slapped
    my ass - hard. Very hard. I had been a submissive for a kinky older woman
    before, but she was never as rough with me as Mandi was with just a few
    smacks to my bare ass. "Harder," I pleaded - and she obliged. The smacks got
    harder and stung more - and with every time she spanked my ass, I got more
    turned on. Being Mandi's bitch was my ultimate fantasy, and nothing could
    compare to it.
    Soon, she decided her hand wasn't hard enough for hitting me, so she reached
    into her drawer and took out a riding crop, thrashing my bare ass with it. I
    just laid face-down and took it from her, knowing Mandi owned me now and I
    was hers to abuse.
    Beating my ass with a riding crop got boring for her fast, though, so she
    pulled me off the couch by my hair and forced me to kneel. My ass was sore
    and red, and I wanted more. She looked me over as I stared up at her, ready
    to worship her naked, flawless body, and just made me stare at her for a few
    minutes. She did nothing, and I just knelt with her towering over me; I
    couldn't take it anymore. I wanted her to do something - anything. Beat me.
    Whip my tits. Anything she wanted.
    But she continued to study my naked body, front and back. Finally, she
    spoke. "I think I know what I want done to you," she finally said. "These?"
    Pointing to my nipples. "Pierced." I had always wanted to get my nipples
    pierced - Veronica talked me out of it.
    I started to speak. "So you can twist--"
    "Shut your bitch mouth!" she commanded. "You talk when I fucking tell you to
    talk, you dumb cunt." Then she started smiling devilishly again. "You have
    no fucking clue what I'm about to do to you." After a brief pause, she
    continued. "Into my bedroom. Now."
    As I walked, she was right behind lashing my ass with the crop, giggling the
    whole way to the bedroom. The door was shut - presumably she wanted it to be
    a surprise, and it was. When she opened to door, I realized she had her
    bedroom converted into a dungeon. "I don't know if you know this about me,
    slut," she said as the reality of the situation hit me, "but I'm quite the
    dominatrix. I love dumb blondes like you who think they can handle me. I
    especially love girls who hate me. But what I really love, and you're the
    first, is a dumb blonde cunt who hates me but secretly worships me." She was
    spot-on - I hate her with a passion, but I can't get enough of her.
    She continued, "Hands above your head and feet spread apart." I did exactly
    as she told me.
    She cuffed my hands to the ceiling and shackled my feet to the floor - I
    couldn't move if I wanted. I was totally defenseless against her, and I
    absolutely loved the feeling. As only Mandi would, she started into a
    monologue before dominating me, just to drag it out. "So now you see what I
    do to dumb bitches like you. And since most of my conquests hate my guts, I
    have to remind them who's really in charge so no one finds out what a
    deviant girl I really am. After all, if Daddy found out his sweet little
    angel is crazy for pussy, it would just break his heart. So we have an
    understanding, right, cunt? Not a word to anyone about this. Besides," she
    paused, smiling with that evil grin I hate, "you wouldn't want your
    girlfriend to see this, would you?" At this point, she could have thrown
    Veronica in the room and made her watch Mandi dominate me and I wouldn't
    have cared. What Mandi wants, Mandi gets.
    "I'll keep your secret like a good bitch." All I could manage. "And you can
    do whatever you want to me. I hope you do. I need my ass beaten."
    "That's what Mandi likes to hear." The riding crop struck my ass again -
    harder this time. I didn't care if she beat me until I passed out - I wanted
    it so badly. I was so wet for this twisted angel, and all I wanted to do
    after she punished my naked slut body was eat her pussy until she screamed.
    She worked the crop faster and harder; every smack on my round ass seemed to
    get closer together. She taunted me as she beat me, too - the usual names
    she called me, all of which were true. I was a cunt-worshipping whore, and I
    would give it up for any girl she told me to. All the things she described
    to me that she wanted to do? Whip me until I cry like a bitch? Sell me to
    her rich friends for them to abuse? I was getting wetter and more turned on
    with everything she said. And from looking at her, so was she.
    Soon, she stopped focusing on beating my ass with the crop and took out a
    leather whip - a cat o' nine tails that she said was one of her prized
    possessions. "I make blonde cunts cry with this every day," she teased. She
    felt up my tits - tight, bouncy, and a little bigger than D's but not quite
    as big as her delicious DDs - and she looked me in the eyes. "I think I'll
    be using it on these tonight. But first," she paused, and I knew it wasn't
    good - well, except I loved being tortured by her.
    She took out a ball gag and shoved it in my mouth - forcefully, as if she
    didn't care that she was hurting me, which I knew she didn't. As she hooked
    it in, she slapped my face - hard. "I think you talk too much," she scolded.
    "I like my bitches to be silent. Your mouth is just for eating my pussy as a
    thank-you when I'm done with you. And if you're good, I'll do it to you
    again tomorrow night. Oh, and by the way," she said, going back to my tits
    with her hands, the whip in one of them, "these." She smiled devilishly.
    "Implants. You're getting them."
    There would be no way to hide the fact that I was worshipping Mandi if she
    made me get my tits bigger - but through my gag, I nodded my head and agreed
    to her demand, and as she did, the first lashing of the whip hit my tits.
    She ignored my screams, as much screams of pleasure as intense pain. My tits
    are extremely sensitive, and I loved when girls I hooked up with played
    rough with them - but none could dominate me worth a damn. Every lash on my
    delicious tits brought out more intense pain - and closer to orgasm, a
    sensation I knew Mandi wouldn't let me experience, at least not right away.
    I bit down on the gag as she lashed my bouncing tits; she verbally teased me
    for shaking them for her, as if to encourage her. I even made it a point to
    shake my tight ass for her as she lashed me. She never let up, smacking my
    DDs with her prized possession, inflicting an insane amount of pain on me -
    but never enough. My tits were on fire as she whipped me mercilessly,
    hearing my muffled screams through the ball gag. I couldn't believe how
    fucked-up this was, with me worshipping this heartless bitch, but I couldn't
    help myself and I wanted it every chance I could.
    My tits were in more pain than I could ever imagine, and Mandi was laughing
    maniacally as she tortured me. I wondered just how far she could take this.
    But at the same point, though I was delirious from the pain, I was also on
    the edge of the most intense orgasm of my life.
    Predictably, before I could begin to climax, Mandi stopped whipping me,
    still laughing like a villainess. I pictured her as one of those comic
    supervillain women who finally captured her enemy, drained her powers, and
    tortured her in the most depraved sexual manners. I felt totally powerless
    with her - my mind, my talents, my charm, all useless against Mandi, as they
    always had been. Her powers, however? Her seeming mind-control that she had
    over me, keeping me from thinking about anything else but wanting to fuck
    her? She was all-powerful. She was a goddess.
    She walked up to me and reached behind me to my ass. "I think your ass is a
    little lonely tonight, bitch," she chuckled. "Wouldn't want it to feel left
    out." Neither would I, I thought as she also touched my nipples, causing
    intense pain and apprehension in addition to shockwaves of pleasure. "What
    do you think I should use on your ass?"
    Of course, I couldn't answer because of the gag, but she showed me a few
    toys she had, starting with a ping-pong paddle from a children's toy set.
    After she whipped my tits, it wouldn't do and we both knew it. She upgraded
    to a wooden paddle, but I wanted more.
    Finally, she settled on a strap with metal studs in it. She stood in front
    of me and asked me, "Do you think this is rough enough for your bitch ass?"
    She took out the gag for a second - and kissed me deeply. I fucking loved
    when she kissed me. I felt like such a desperate slut, which, for Mandi, I
    always have been even if I didn't know it. She shoved her tongue in deep, as
    if to remind me who owns me, and when she was finished, the gag went back in
    before I could say a word, not that I would except to beg for even more
    Barely a second passed before she inflicted the first lash on my ass, and
    with each passing lash she got more precise and inflicted more pain. The
    studs dug into my ass cheeks, especially when one hit the same exact spot as
    an earlier lashing. The pain just intensified, and it gave me a rush like
    never before. I only wished I could look over her beautiful naked body as
    she whipped me so I could study every curve, knowing my tongue would be at
    her service later.
    Suddenly she stopped, seeming bothered and coming back to face me. She was
    incredibly sexy, from her gorgeous tits to her tight, shaved pussy, and I
    even got a look at her perfect ass. But clearly something was wrong, and she
    was quick to say it.
    "Something's missing here," she smirked as she said. "I love beating your
    ass, but now..." I shook my tits for her as if to remind her they needed
    attention. She must have either read my mind or taken the hint as she took
    out two clamps - I've been clamped before, but not by anyone who knew what
    she was doing - and hooked them on as firmly as she could, even pinching my
    nipples. I screamed through the gag, but I knew she wasn't finished, and she
    The clamps had hooks on the ends, and I knew what they were for. She took
    out little weights designed to look like grenades and hung them from the
    hooks - I knew they weren't real but it was hot that she hung them by the
    'pins' as if to show she was totally reckless. I couldn't believe how much
    pain she was inflicting on me, but all I could think of was how much more
    was to come and how badly I wanted it.
    With my tits clamped, she returned to my ass, warming it back up with her
    studded strap and smacking the same spots that she had hit earlier. This
    time, though, she knew I wanted to watch her, so she uncovered a mirror so I
    could study her naked body the same as she studied mine.
    She slowed down a bit, using her hands to spank me in addition to the strap,
    as if to remind me she could - and would - do as she pleased. I think she
    just loved the feel of my used and abused ass, but I loved her hands on my
    ass. She definitely made me think that, though she didn't say so, when she
    stopped the spankings between the lashings and instead just caressed my ass.
    My God, I fucking wanted her.
    Once again, she gave me my wish, taking out the gag - this time, dropping it
    to the floor - and kissing me deeply. She was more passionate this time, as
    if she wanted the kiss as badly as I did. She undid the clamps and pressed
    her naked body against mine, feeling my ass as she tongued my slut mouth. I
    kissed back, and she almost didn't give me any resistance. If I didn't think
    in the back of my mind that we would just go back to hating each other after
    tonight and this would be just another psychological advantage she had over
    me, I would have treated this like another passionate hookup. But we both
    knew I would never be able to control my slut side, the side the craves
    pain, torture, and cruel women.
    She unhooked me from the device and pushed me down onto her bed, still in
    full control of me; I knew I was letting my guard down and she was letting
    me think we were just going to fuck, but I let her do it anyway. Mandi was
    good, and I was good at letting Mandi be good.
    I should have known the torture wasn't over yet - the bed had satin sheets
    but also had handcuffs attached to it, and my wrists went into the cuffs.
    Next to be cuffed were my ankles, and once again, I couldn't move. I
    wondered what kind of torture she had in mind - but I could never expect
    what she did.
    She came back with a thick stack of printed papers. "Know what these are?"
    she asked - and I didn't. "You know how you put your innermost slut thoughts
    into writing on your computer for no one else to see?"
    I thought, what? Where did she get those? But Mandi had said earlier to be
    silent, so I said nothing. She was right, though - I wrote stories about me
    being submissive to other women, and I had since I was 16. But I never
    showed anyone and never shared them.
    "You know how you put your favorite lesbian clips on that file-sharing
    program? Well..." She said, chuckling - damnit, I put them in that folder,
    and Mandi found them. "I love your taste in girls, by the way - cruel,
    dominant, and sexy like me. And I love all the things you wrote. You've been
    at this a while, haven't you? A total library of 122 chapters, all ending
    with you beaten, bound, and wanting more."
    She was totally right about every one of them. The early chapters were
    pretty vanilla but showed how depraved I could be. At the end of chapter 1,
    I was tied to a chair in my bra and panties watching my girlfriend being
    taken by a cheerleader. Tonight? Being cuffed to my worst enemy's bed after
    she whipped me and clamped my tits? Let's just say she hasn't read very far
    "Wow, slut," she smiled. "By chapter 34, you're in prison?" One of my
    biggest fantasies. "And my favorite one...chapter 77...guess who enters the
    picture?" I never liked to admit it to anyone, but the minute I laid eyes on
    Mandi, I lusted for her, and she was the one who was my main tornentor in
    stories from chapter 77 onward. Of course, by that point, I was selling my
    body to any woman who would have me and use me, so it's no surprise I would
    lust after that rich goddess.
    She climbed on the bed, straddling me, and shoved her shaved pussy in my
    face. "I'm fucking horny as hell reading about all the things I'm going to
    get to do to you," she grinned. "I want my pussy eaten. Now."
    With pleasure, I thought, as I dived into her delicious cunt. She started
    grinding it in my face, and I just sucked it, licked it, and enjoyed it.
    I've eaten pussy every chance I got, but rarely tied up and never like this.
    I was pleasing my most hated enemy - and I couldn't stop if I tried. I was
    so into her. I couldn't tell if she was into me or if she just loved
    torturing me. I knew she was a lesbian like me, but that didn't mean I was
    hers as anything other than a cunt-worshipping bitch who lived to be
    I searched frantically for her g-spot as she hung onto the bedposts; her
    pussy straddled my pinned-down face as my arms and legs were spread out on
    her king-size torture bed. She shoved her cunt in my face, smooth and shaved
    like mine, as she rode me, calling out nasty names I had only dreamed of
    before. My pussy dripped as I got wetter and hornier, anticipating the same
    treatment or at least something in return for worshipping her. A hard
    whipping or something...anything to make me remember she's really in charge
    and I worship her.
    She started screaming in ecstasy, the first moans I got out of her not
    related to her cruel maniacal laughter. I knew she was about ready to
    climax, and I wanted to please her so badly. My tongue seemed to find her
    g-spot, and I focused on working her tight pussy with my slut tongue as she
    managed to work in a few more nasty names for me. I wanted to play with her
    bouncing tits so badly but I knew she wouldn't allow it.
    Her screams seemed to reach the tipping point, turning into orgasmic moans
    as she held on tighter and increased her grip on my face. I felt like such a
    whore beneath her cunt, but it was everything I wanted. She was so wet, so
    tight, and so delicious, and all I wanted was to make her scream more, and I
    did, for what felt like forever. Her orgasmic screams were my heaven. I was
    As she died down, though, the screams were replaced with her cruel, evil
    laughter. I knew more was in store as she got up and stood over my helpless
    naked body. I knew I was in bigger trouble as she reached for the ball gag I
    had worn earlier in the evening, and as I expected, she shoved it back into
    my mouth.
    She coupled it with a blindfold, so now I couldn't speak or see what she was
    up to - which I hated, since she has a hell of a body. "I have a couple more
    surprises for you, bitch," she chuckled. I waited anxiously as she seemed to
    be ready to hook something else onto me.
    I felt the pinch on one of my nipples - the clamp went on, this time without
    the weight. She pinched it tight, and I let out a shriek through my gag, not
    that Mandi cared. She repeated the hard pinch with the other nipple, forcing
    out another shriek - this time, she laughed. I wondered what more she had in
    mind for me.
    "Thanks for the orgasm, slut," she laughed. "I think I'll give you the night
    to think about all the thinks I have planned for you. But I'm out of here; I
    have a party to go to. And by the way," she seemed to say menacingly, "that
    bikini you wore? I like it, and I think I'll keep it. You live on the other
    end of campus, right? I'll have to remember that." I heard her laughing as
    she walked away, and I built up rage at her for abandoning me here in this
    position. "Goodnight, slut," she laughed, and I was left with nothing more
    than a desperate need for an orgasm and no way to get one...
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    my first time with a girl!

    I walked into the club feeling nervous. I knew what was going to happen tonight and even though I wanted it, had wanted it for so long, I wasn't entirely sure I could go through with it. I saw him at the bar, ordering the drinks and my heart sped up. I felt my body responding and knew then and there that I would do whatever he wanted. 

    Walking over I put my hand on his shoulder, "Hi" I said as I felt him tense. 

    He smiled at me, "You came."

    "I wasn't sure I would" I said "But I couldn't stay away."

    Pulling me close, he nibbled my bottom lip. "Have a drink" he said "We have a room booked across the street" 

    I reached for the glass, looking into his eyes "I don't want to wait" I said, drinking the shot down. 

    He took my hand and we walked out, over to the hotel where he led me to the room, "Are you sure?" he asked. "Once we go in there there's no turning back."

    I nodded, taking a deep breath. He kissed me before unlocking the door. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him close as his tongue parted my lips and wrapped around mine. My body was already tingling with anticipation. As we pulled apart and walked in she got up from the bed, coming over to meet us.

    "Hi" she said "I'm Sarah." 

    "Hi I'm Amy, and you've already met Greg, my boyfriend." I say.

    She nodded and unfastened her robe. I heard Greg swallow a moan as her naked body came into view. I was surprised at how forward she was being, but was already getting turned on as I saw how hard Greg was. Walking closer she kissed me hard as Greg went over to the bed, unfastening his trousers as I kissed her back. She started to open my jacket and Greg smiled when he saw that I wore nothing under it like he'd asked. 

    Sarah smiled as she saw; she dropped my jacket to the floor and ran her eyes down my body. Taking my hand, she led me to the bed. I was nervous but could already feel myself getting wet; Greg's eyes were on mine as we came close to him. He was naked now, his arousal clear. I smiled at him, stroking my fingers over him as she kissed me again. I moaned at the feel of her body pressed against mine as I wrapped my hand around Greg's hard cock. He moved to the chair in the corner as Sarah and I lay down on the bed together. 

    We kept kissing, our tongues meeting as we ran hands down each other's bodies. Her hands caressing my breasts as I moan softly. I see that Greg is excited and watch him as she leans to take my hard nipple in her mouth. My back arches as I bite my lip, my eyes on Greg's, so turned on by them both. She teases my nipple, biting and sucking as she uses her fingers to pinch the other. I bite my lip as I watch Greg's movements, his hand wrapped around his cock, working himself hard as he looks at me. She kisses her way down my body as my skin dampens, I feel myself tense in anticipation as her mouth finds me. Her tongue running up the slit of me as I suck in a breath sharply. 

    I feel her lick up and down my slit, my swollen lips quivering as her tongue teases. Knowing how wet I am as she runs her tongue inside of me, lapping up the wetness. Her tongue finds my hard little clit and I cry out as she nibbles and sucks it into her mouth. As she teases my clit I feel her sliding two fingers into my tight hole, my wetness allowing her to stretch me as she moves in me, finding my g-spot and relentlessly rubbing and pressing it as she works my clit harder. I start to shake and moan as a massive orgasm rips through my body, flooding me as I feel my juices running down me, onto Sarah's face as she continues torturing me. I see Greg start to jerk harder watching us, wanting him to enjoy what was happening to me. 

    My shakes died down as Sarah takes out her fingers and licks me up and down slowly, licking the juices from me as I shiver. She kisses her way softly up my body, rolling my rock hard nipples between her fingers. As she kisses my neck, reaching to the bedside drawer and taking out a huge strap on. My eyes widen as I look at Greg, he's watching her with pure lust in his eyes as she straps it on and pulls me to the edge of the bed. Slowly she slides the dildo into my tight, tight pussy, pushing all the way into me as I cry out. 

    Greg moves over to the bed and kisses me as Sarah starts to slowly fuck me. Whispering how much he loves me as he watches me being fucked. If I'm honest with myself this is no longer about pleasing him. I reach up and pinch a nipple, rolling it between my fingers as I thrust my hips up, meeting her with every penetration. My moans getting louder as I found myself cumming again, amazed at how powerful it was. 

    As I lay back, limp and exhausted, Greg grabbed Sarah and kissed her, his cock pressing against her as I watched. His fantasy of watching being overtaken by the need to be a part of it. She pushes him away and lies back on the bed. I tell Greg to go and sit down as I lean over and kiss her softly. My hands exploring her body, touching the places I like to be touched, hearing her breath heavy as her skin dampened. I stroked a hand up her thigh, slowly moving over her mound and back down again, her moan telling me she was enjoying. I had never touched a woman this way before and was a little hesitant, but she begged me to go on. 

    I started to kiss my way down, stopping at her breasts to softly suck a nipple into my mouth, my tongue flicking it as I pinched her other. I lick down her stomach and as I reach her pussy, I falter. She lifts her hips, begging me to touch her. I start by running finger between her lips, never having touched any but my own I was unsure of myself, but her moans and thrusts telling me I was right. I leaned forward, running my tongue after my finger, hearing Greg groan and knew he had just cum, but ignoring him. I was so hot knowing he was watching, feeling her wetness against my tongue as I reached for her clit, my tongue grazing it as she pushes herself down on me. I took it into my mouth and flicked my tongue hard over it, encouraged by her moans, sucking softly as she writhes beneath me, her hands on my head forcing me harder. I nibble her clit as I slide a finger in, slowly starting to move in and out as I reach for her g-spot, pressing against it as she thrusts against my hand, my tongue working her clit as I taste her. Suddenly my mouth is flooded as she shakes violently, crying out as she cums. 

    Greg grabs me and turns me to him, kissing me hard, thrusting his tongue into my mouth as I hold onto him, dazed. I kiss him back passionately, knowing that he can taste her. My hands stroke down his body reaching for his cock and finding him hard again. Leaning back, he climbs onto the bed, never breaking the kiss as he pushes himself into me. Neither of us notice the door opening and closing as Sarah leaves the room. 

    I cry out as Greg thrusts in to me over and over, my hips rising to meet his as he pushes deeper. He rises up and pulls me into him, his hips pounding against me as he lifts my legs higher until they are resting over his shoulders. He places his hands under me, lifting my hips higher as he slams himself in over and over, rubbing against my g-spot, harder and deeper than I've ever felt him. I cry out, moaning as the pressure builds in me, my body arching and stiffening as I scream out. My pussy clenches him, tightening even more around his cock as he starts to spasm, emptying into me. As we both collapse onto the bed, he pulls me close. We notice that we are alone now and look at each other smiling. 

    "How was that?" he asked me. 

    "It was amazing." I said to him "I'm glad you talked me into trying it once."

    "I loved watching baby," he said "but I don't ever want to share you again. No matter how hot it is to see." He nibbled my neck softly, as his hands ran absently down my body, his fingers stroking me where I was most tender. I moved against him, not able to get enough of him. I turned to kiss him, pressing my tongue to his as I rode his hand. As the light started to pour through the hotel window, I climbed astride him and took him into me, slowly riding his cock as he stroked my shaking body.
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    Me and Jessica <3 true story!

    I was surprised as well as a little shocked when Jessica made a pass at me during a sleepover. It was just a kiss, but wow! I had never tasted lips quite that soft and sweet. Actually, my experience up until now had been pretty limited. 

    There didn't seem to be any harm in simply making out; a little experimentation might be healthy. At least, that's what Jessica claimed. Jessica's luscious French kiss was better than anything I had experienced with the few boys I've dated. There really wasn't anything to worry about. Jessica has many boyfriends, and certainly isn't queer or anything. I wasn't a lesbian. Jessica explained that once in a while we are entitled to have a little "innocent girl fun." Then after a few more soulful kisses, she began to undress me. 

    I thought to myself, "okay, but only down to bra and panties." If Jessica wanted to see my body that bad, there was no reason for me to be such a prudish spoilsport. It would be worth a laugh as long as it didn't go too far. What was the big deal, anyway? We'd seen each other naked many times in gym class.

    A few minutes later she coyly fingered my belly button, and asked if I liked it. I giggled and said yes, even though I was a little embarrassed. To be honest, it made me sort of wet. Such an unexpected pleasure. Maybe my bra could come off as long Jessica let me remove her's too. 

    The more we kissed, the thought of seeing Jessica's bare nipples started to make me very wet. I wondered how they might feel pressing and rubbing against my own. Without any further urging, I slowly unhooked my bra and let it fall to the ground. Normally I tend to be rather shy when it comes to exposing myself, but this felt like the right thing to do. Perhaps this kind of experimentation would be a good learning experience, considering that it would never ever happen again in a million years. Might as well go for it.

    Jessica's eyes widened as she gazed at my naked breasts. It felt good that my body could turn another girl on like this. To my delight, Jessica reached behind her back, and removed her top as well. Now we were two naughty girls having a little bare-breasted innocent girl fun.

    Jessica leaned forward, and tentatively licked each of my nipples. She looked up and gave me a leering smile. I involuntarily gasped when she applied light pinches with her thumb and forefinger to my right nipple while sweetly suckling the left one. My nipples got bigger and harder than I had ever seen or felt before. I thought they would pop off my chest as each slow lap of Jessica's tongue around the areolas was followed by rapid titty flicks. She pressed her breasts to mine and began to deftly sway back and forth allowing the tips of our fully-erect nipples to make contact. Every time her large brown nipples touched my large pink ones it caused an electrically charged sexual spark.

    "What's next?," she mused.

    Without waiting for an answer, she placed languid wet kisses all over my tummy and abdomen. She stopped and gazed lovingly at my mid-section.

    "I think this little button on your belly needs some serious attention. Just looking at it gets me so friggin' hot." 

    Jessica directed her tongue all around the perimeter and then directly inside. She found my belly knot that was hidden just below the upper edge of my navel, wiggled her tongue, and introduced me to the delights of a lusty belly button kiss.

    "I could lick your belly button all night," she cooed.

    Letting a girl like Jessica take such audacious liberties with my body felt liberating. No one had ever done this to me before. I'm eighteen, and still a virgin. No boy had ever gotten this far with me yet. First Jessica's mouth and fingers were all over my nipples and now she was actually licking my belly button! She was obviously loving every minute of it. 

    And so was I.

    When Jessica decided to peel off my panties, I couldn't find the will to put up any resistance. We both laughed when she hung them around my big toe, and I waved my foot around. "Now we're really gonna have some innocent girl fun," she giggled. "Just lay back and enjoy it. Spread your legs and let me do the rest."

    She gently pressed her lips to my glistening vagina, and ran her tongue up and down the slit. I could hear her breathing heavily. I became aware of my own heavy panting as Jessica lasciviously sampled my wet pussy. Her arms stretched forward so that her fingertips could stimulate my nipples at the same time. This triggered a wave of pleasure that exceeded anything I had ever experienced while masturbating. I was having my first real orgasm. The release from my climax surprised me. It was so overwhelming that I burst into tears.

    Jessica could hardly contain herself. "This is so awesome. I haven't even licked your clit yet."

    While choking back tears of ecstasy, I kept my legs spread and let her continue. She fingered me while using her lips to nibble softly around the clitoral hood.

    "There it is," she said. "There's that little man in the boat I've been looking for. Look, he's standing up!"

    I suppressed an urge to moan, but when her tongue repeatedly massaged my love button, she had me whimpering aloud. It felt like I was speaking in tongues as my carnal juices flowed freely. This forbidden pleasure exceeded and obliterated all semblance of shame and guilt for being naked and letting myself be used like this. For the next twenty minutes she made me cum again and again even though I knew it was wrong.

    Jessica had led me into sin. There was nothing innocent about this kind of fun. She had led me into sin for her own selfish gratification, and ultimately for mine. I could never change the fact that I had willingly lain nude and compliant to the lecherous ways of another girl. I could never change the fact that I had willingly allowed her to taste my nipples, my belly button, my vagina, and my clitoris. That's what I did. I allowed another girl to lick my nipples, my belly button, my vagina, and my clitoris. Nobody forced me.

    And it felt so damn good. 

    We kissed. I could taste the sweetness of my sin and my body on her tongue.

    Jessica stood up. I knelt and kissed her belly while my hands anxiously reached out and peeled off her thong.
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