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    annasw's profile

    annasw Profile
    Profile views: 33748
    Fanbase: 1385

    About Me
    == Results from ==
    99% Submissive
    98% Rope bunny
    97% Degradee
    97% Pet
    96% Primal (Prey)
    96% Slave
    93% Non-monogamist
    93% Exhibitionist
    90% Experimentalist
    79% Girl/Boy
    73% Voyeur
    61% Brat
    33% Ageplayer
    23% Masochist
    12% Vanilla
    4% Rigger
    4% Switch
    3% Degrader
    3% Primal (Hunter)
    2% Daddy/Mommy
    1% Brat tamer
    1% Dominant
    1% Master/Mistress
    1% Owner
    1% Sadist

    anal , bdsm , bondage , double penetration , gangbang , hard fuck , public flash , public use , slave , slut , whore

    Website: Not set
    Signed up: 2 years and 1 month ago
    Images viewed: 3487
    Images uploaded: 727

    Gender: Female
    Sexual orientation: Bisexual

    Birth: 01/01/1980

    Last Online: 4 days ago

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    Status updates
    annasw's profile
    Dec 14, 2015
    what things you would have insert in my pussy?
    mrsaveloy's profile
    mrsaveloy 7 Nov, 2017
    I would blend up one of these

    agilecat66's profile
    agilecat66 29 Oct, 2017
    Tongue, fist, cock and a brutally large dildo.

    NatSpectre's profile
    NatSpectre 28 Oct, 2017
    Every single cock that ever got hard by the thought of abusing your slutty hot sexy body

    ruffyoungdaddy85's profile
    ruffyoungdaddy85 15 Oct, 2017
    Write a comment...

    ruffyoungdaddy85's profile
    ruffyoungdaddy85 15 Oct, 2017
    I'd stuff your wet panties while I fuck your dirty ass

    RolloTomasi's profile
    RolloTomasi 5 Sep, 2017
    I'd take a cucumber and stab it all over with a fork, lots of holes, then I'd make you pound your cunt till you got it nice and drenched......Then I'd tell you to slice it up in a salad and serve it to your friends, and you'd do it with a smile. ;)

    nejo741's profile
    nejo741 16 Aug, 2017
    my cock

    Rennith's profile
    Rennith 2 Aug, 2017
    The proper word is "Cunt".

    Hitriyhor's profile
    Hitriyhor 3 Jul, 2017
    сначала свой член

    11inchesplus's profile
    11inchesplus 18 Jun, 2017
    My cock

    HKK082's profile
    HKK082 16 Jun, 2017
    a vibrating ball...then I'd tape u closed and turn it on randomly throughout the day in public

    Komodo_Dragon's profile
    Komodo_Dragon 1 Jun, 2017
    Thanks for your seriously hot gallery comments. they are a real turn-on. Please keep them cumming...

    discdoctor's profile
    discdoctor 28 May, 2017
    a bottle cleaning brush on the bonnet of my car ouside a shopping mall on a saturday morning

    TinyNutsTim's profile
    TinyNutsTim 5 May, 2017
    My hand so you belly bulge, because the bigger a woman is in there, the better. Then, suck your clit until you think it will pop so you orgasm, a lot.

    NatSpectre's profile
    NatSpectre 25 Apr, 2017
    My kicking boot over and over and u begging me to kick harder

    Pisca's profile
    Pisca 21 Mar, 2017
    My cock insertion leaks in to your pussy hole

    Pisca's profile
    Pisca 21 Mar, 2017
    Hot bondage hentai pics

    livewire959's profile
    livewire959 12 Mar, 2017
    what can you fit up in there? reply please

    vero1222's profile
    vero1222 7 Mar, 2017
    All kinds of things

    niznaz's profile
    niznaz 21 Feb, 2017
    Tongue, then fingers, then my cock for a minute before I switch to a horse dildo, after that you'd pop some ping pong balls into my mouth before I came inside you and you pushed it out back into my mouth...

    hannes225's profile
    hannes225 3 Feb, 2017
    My fist, of course......and you d soon squirt at me......mmmmmm

    Lucydd's profile
    Lucydd 17 Oct, 2016
    You'd have my mouth around it first hunni x

    hantu1911's profile
    hantu1911 22 Sep, 2016
    red hot chili. then I'll put my cock in

    Bitch_Humiliater_69's profile
    Bitch_Humiliater_69 11 Aug, 2016
    Thanks For adding My Gallery.

    daddydaddy1's profile
    daddydaddy1 10 Jun, 2016
    my k9s want to inseminate you and make you their bitch lol ;) xxx

    10saxxx's profile
    10saxxx 28 May, 2016
    Horse cock

    botig's profile
    botig 24 May, 2016

    tom66ch's profile
    tom66ch 18 Apr, 2016
    Apart from my cock and tongue? My fingers and even the whole fist. A walking cane, a baseball bat, a bottle of wine, a large cucumber...

    tohiris1234's profile
    tohiris1234 30 Mar, 2016
    my dick fits you well

    tohiris1234's profile
    tohiris1234 30 Mar, 2016
    I want you to cheer

    Mr_Grayh's profile
    Mr_Grayh 25 Mar, 2016
    My fist

    PiercedChris's profile
    PiercedChris 15 Mar, 2016
    i would first insert my cock in your mouth, let you suck it dry.
    then i would fuck you over and over again as you cum hard!
    after cumin twice in your pussy and mouth i`d make your ass ooze out cum!

    tomcock's profile
    tomcock 29 Feb, 2016
    at first my big cook, then... ;)

    Slavewolf's profile
    Slavewolf 22 Feb, 2016
    my dick. even if i was seventh in line...

    cookcan's profile
    cookcan 22 Feb, 2016
    A large peeled ginger root.

    perverser-berliner's profile
    perverser-berliner 13 Feb, 2016
    my fat cock...

    perverser-berliner's profile
    perverser-berliner 13 Feb, 2016
    a horsedildo

    perverser-berliner's profile
    perverser-berliner 13 Feb, 2016
    a opened bottle champagne

    perverser-berliner's profile
    perverser-berliner 13 Feb, 2016
    my fist

    perverser-berliner's profile
    perverser-berliner 13 Feb, 2016
    a big egg whisk

    boberbober's profile
    boberbober 12 Feb, 2016
    хороша пизда,да и очко-грх жаловаться

    Abdiel's profile
    Abdiel 8 Feb, 2016
    After a few hours gangbang, clean you out with a toilet brush.

    jockhammer's profile
    jockhammer 6 Feb, 2016
    A Rubik's Cube is supposed to be hard to insert. It's supposed to hurt a bit too. That's part of the fun.

    bigdaveo2000's profile
    bigdaveo2000 25 Jan, 2016
    My hard cock

    sombrero_1986's profile
    sombrero_1986 19 Jan, 2016
    Стопу. Она у меня узкая, если смазать хорошо, пройдё.т даже в неразъёбанное очко

    lngck8's profile
    lngck8 13 Jan, 2016
    My toung then my cock as as I can slam it in

    mrseventeen's profile
    mrseventeen 11 Jan, 2016
    first my strong fingers and

    mrseventeen's profile
    mrseventeen 11 Jan, 2016
    then my hard. hot. juicy cock

    arseholeaddicte's profile
    arseholeaddicte 2 Jan, 2016
    My cock or tongue.

    annasw's profile
    annasw 25 Dec, 2015
    rubik's cube and forearm will be hard to incert in me )

    annasw's profile
    annasw 25 Dec, 2015
    2 cocks i already take in my cunt )

    able123's profile
    able123 24 Dec, 2015
    2 cocks at same time

    jockhammer's profile
    jockhammer 19 Dec, 2015
    A Rubik's Cube. ;)

    sadoplex's profile
    sadoplex 18 Dec, 2015
    My entire forearm.

    annasw's profile
    annasw 17 Dec, 2015
    go on )

    dninja7's profile
    dninja7 16 Dec, 2015
    my cock..sure

    Nuttenabrichter's profile
    Nuttenabrichter 15 Dec, 2015
    a toilet-brush

    Schlitzficker's profile
    Schlitzficker 15 Dec, 2015
    a horsedildo

    marymaso's profile
    marymaso 14 Dec, 2015
    how about a spiked dildo

    annasw's profile
    annasw 14 Dec, 2015
    weird things )

    psycho11's profile
    psycho11 14 Dec, 2015
    My cock

    annasw's profile
    Dec 3, 2015
    can my cunt fit to horse dick ?
    NatSpectre's profile
    NatSpectre 28 Oct, 2017
    How about a charging rhino horn? Repeatedly!

    RolloTomasi's profile
    RolloTomasi 5 Sep, 2017
    Your cunt doesn't look any different then the three different women I made take horsecock, so yeah you'll do fine. Once you get past the flared head it's all smooth sailing...fucking

    NatSpectre's profile
    NatSpectre 25 Apr, 2017
    More like a rhino horn fast and hard

    terttu_cd's profile
    terttu_cd 20 Mar, 2017
    Sure it can

    snorkie1979's profile
    snorkie1979 2 Jan, 2016
    I will make it take one, then fist that dripping cum dump as you lick his asshole.

    marymaso's profile
    marymaso 14 Dec, 2015
    all worthless cunts can take a horse cock

    hannes225's profile
    hannes225 9 Dec, 2015
    After I ve fisted it.......certainly!

    GaborDenes's profile
    GaborDenes 9 Dec, 2015
    sure it can!

    daddy__'s profile
    daddy__ 6 Dec, 2015
    i need try ur holes, all ur holes...

    Sapiophile's profile
    Sapiophile 5 Dec, 2015
    Probably not... but seeing you trying to stretch around it like a good girl would be awesome!

    Kolja420's profile
    Kolja420 4 Dec, 2015
    I'm sure you can do it

    kekim64's profile
    kekim64 3 Dec, 2015
    you can try and show us the photos


    Relations (See All Relations)


    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Straight


    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Straight


    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Straight


    Gender: Male


    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Straight

    Comments (10) (See All Comments)
    Painriser's profile
    Comments: 4463
    Commented on Nov 17, 2017
    "You need 20 cocks? Let me be one of it."
    Biglover69's profile
    Comments: 1526
    Commented on Nov 17, 2017
    "You're a good slut .."
    1_sexy_kinky_lover's profile
    Comments: 235
    Commented on Nov 15, 2017
    "sexy kinky shot"
    1_sexy_kinky_lover's profile
    Comments: 235
    Commented on Nov 15, 2017
    "sexy open asshole. very good. very, very nice big open cunt hole too. impressive~!
    you have a lot of cock in there I'm sure. its beautiful : )"
    dazza1200's profile
    Comments: 32
    Commented on Nov 11, 2017
    "what a fucking awesome cunt. I want to lick you then finger you then fuck you really hard"
    dille73's profile
    Comments: 1321
    Commented on Nov 3, 2017
    "After fucking you i’ll piss my cum out of your holes!"
    footlicker6's profile
    Comments: 11354
    Commented on Nov 2, 2017
    "would love to cum in there"
    gurrtu48's profile
    Comments: 2928
    Commented on Oct 29, 2017
    "will love to fill up that gaping cunt with my warm cum and fuck that tight asshole."
    agilecat66's profile
    Comments: 191
    Commented on Oct 29, 2017
    "Fucking fantastic gape. Would love to eat your pussy and drink all your honey as it flowed into my mouth, then fuck you hard until the moment of climax when I'd pull out and you'd be on your knees as I filled your hungry mouth with a hot, sticky load."
    TheBoone's profile
    Comments: 1820
    Commented on Oct 28, 2017
    "Excellent choice !!!! Of course I 'd shoot My cumload in your slutty mouth !!!! And I 'd expect u to swallow Every drop of it !!!!"
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      sluts like me must be used! 
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      I your slut, do it with me! 
     2017-03-02 11:15:13 
      In my dreams i... 
     2017-02-21 12:59:13 

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      gif-Slave, sex I  
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