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    Top 100 nude scenes




    • Christina Ricci 
	Nude Christina Ricci click to enlarge

      #100 Christina Ricci nude

      Black Snake Moan (2007)

      (0:20) Starring opposite Samuel L. Jackson in this Southern Gothic potboiler, Christina enjoys a topless game of touch football in the grass. Sweet Ricci peachies!

      • As a kid, Christina starred as Wednesday in the Addams Family movies.
      • We waited years to see Christina nude in Prozac Nation (2001), where her toplessness was quick—and then the movie was barely released!
      • Christina more than makes up for the brevity of Prozac by appearing repeatedly nude throughout Black Snake Moan.
    • Betsy Rue 
	Nude Betsy Rue click to enlarge

      #99 Betsy Rue nude

      My Bloody Valentine 3–D (2009)

      (0:22) While being stalked by a crazed coal miner, natural beauty Betsy bounces atop a dude on a motel bed, then flees her attacker by running outside stark naked, for three full minutes.

      • This is the greatest 3–D nude scene of all time.
      • Betsy’s Brazilian bikini area provides the most prominent bald–beaver shot in a mainstream movie to date.
      • Betsy’s 3 B’s (boobs, butt, and bush) plus 3–D equals one Skinstant Classic!
    • Hedy 
	Lamarr Nude Hedy Lamarr click to enlarge

      #98 Hedy Lamarr nude

      Ecstasy (1932)

      (0:27) Austrian ingénue Hedy exposes herself in the great outdoors. She’s walking, swimming, and chasing a horse through the wilderness while clad only in her birthday (bathing) suit.

      • Here it is: the first–ever celebrity nude scene!
      • Ecstasy caused scandal everywhere it played, but Hedy Lamarr still went on to become a huge Hollywood star.
      • In a fit of rage, Hedy’s husband purchased and destroyed as many copies of Ecstasy as he could.
    • Laura 
	Linney Nude Laura Linney click to enlarge

      #97 Laura Linney nude

      Maze (2000)

      (0:31) As she poses for artist Rob Morrow, Laura Linney stands frontally nude in a well–lit studio.

      • Natural redhead Laura joins Nicole Kidman and Julianne Moore as an Academy–Award–nominated actress who’s not afraid to roll out the red carpet.
      • Laura’s pose goes on for nearly a full minute and a half.
      • Since Maze, Laura has taken on sexy roles and even taken her clothes off in a number of films. Still, Maze continues to stun even her most devoted fans.
    • Molly Ringwald Nude Molly Ringwald click to enlarge

      #96 Molly Ringwald nude

      Malicious (1995)

      (0:15) Pretty in pink—and out of her top—bare–breasted Molly rides her boyfriend in this lurid romantic thriller and reveals that she had the sweetest rack in all the Brat Pack.

      • After Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club, Molly was America’s teen sweetheart. She even made the cover of Time magazine in 1986.
      • Molly is the only former Facts of Life cast member to ever do a nude scene.
      • Malicious is both Molly’s nude debut and her only nude scene to date.
    • Betsy 
	Russell Nude Betsy Russell click to enlarge

      #95 Betsy Russell nude

      Private School (1983)

      (0:19) Betsy Russell goes bareback, riding a horse all over campus, with her sizable breasts bobbling along with every gallop.

      • This is the greatest nude–on–horseback scene of all time.
      • Betsy stands out in one of the ’80s’ most flesh–filled teen sex comedies, which ends with Phoebe Cates leading a group moon straight into the camera.
      • After a brilliant nude career that also includes Out of Control (1984), Tomboy (1985), and Delta Heat (1992), Betsy mounted a clothed comeback in the Saw movies.
    • Mischa Barton Nude Mischa Barton click to enlarge

      #94 Mischa Barton nude

      Closing the Ring (2007)

      (0:34) With World War II tearing them apart, Mischa hops atop her man on a construction site, baring her breasts in broad daylight.

      • Closing the Ring earned Mischa a Mr Skin Anatomy Award for Best Nude Scene.
      • After this naked debut, Mischa followed up by doffing her top in Assassination of a High School President (2008).
      • Although many thought Mischa appeared nude in The OH in Ohio (2006), the Skin Labs determined that she actually wore nipple patches.
    • Jacqueline Bisset Nude Jacqueline Bisset click to enlarge

      #93 Jacqueline Bisset nude

      The Deep (1977)

      (0:02) Jacqueline opens this Caribbean underwater adventure by diving for gold, then emerging back onto a boat with a wet t–shirt transparently clinging to her own treasure of a chest.

      • This is the greatest wet t–shirt scene of all time.
      • Jackie’s sopping rackie started the entire wet t–shirt craze of the 1970s and ’80s.
      • The Deep was author Peter Benchley’s follow–up to Jaws. Remarkably, Jacqueline’s t–shirt tops Susan Backlinie’s historic opening skinny–dip from Jaws.
    • Anna 
	Faris Nude Anna Faris click to enlarge

      #92 Anna Faris nude

      The House Bunny (2008)

      (0:22) As a former Playboy centerfold running a college sorority, Anna nakedly addresses shocked coeds while providing a smart look at her behind.

      • Even with its Playboy theme, The House Bunny was rated PG–13.
      • In Scary Movie (2000), Anna’s character reveals her butt, but it actually belonged to a body double.
      • Anna said of showing her Bunny tail: “It was sort of a last–minute thing, where I said, ‘I’ll just go ahead and do this.’”
    • Drew 
	Barrymore Nude Drew Barrymore click to enlarge

      #91 Drew Barrymore nude

      Doppelganger (1993)

      (0:23) Buxom 18–year–old Drew scrubs her body in a shower until, quite suddenly, the faucet douses her with blood.

      • After child stardom and drug addiction in the 1980s, Doppelganger proved that Drew had ultimately grown up just fine.
      • You will never see “more” of Drew than we do here. After this scene, she reportedly underwent breast reduction surgery.
      • Drew’s path to her adult success began with Doppelganger and the ultra–sexy Poison Ivy (1992).
    • Michelle Williams Nude Michelle Williams click to enlarge

      #90 Michelle Williams nude

      Incendiary (2008)

      (0:20) Michelle pops her top for Ewan McGregor, who bends her over a couch, and they go at it.

      • It’s a great look at her Dawson’s Peaks.
      • In 2000 Michelle appeared fully bare in the off-Broadway play Killer Joe. Since no video of that exists, this is her best nude scene.
      • Incendiary marks the fifth time Michelle has gone naked on screen. And that’s skin-cendiary!
    • Susan Sarandon Nude Susan Sarandon click to enlarge

      #89 Susan Sarandon nude

      Pretty Baby (1978)

      (0:39) As a 1917 prostitute in a fancy New Orleans brothel, Susan Sarandon unveils her topless moneymakers while posing for photographer Keith Carradine.

      • Susan Sarandon is one of our most-often-nude stars. Her particular beauty and enthusiasm in this scene make it her best.
      • Ever since her full-frontal debut in Joe (1970), Susan’s films have courted controversy. Pretty Baby, co-starring 12–year–old Brooke Shields as a hooker, caused the most outrage.
      • Susan got naked again for Pretty Baby director Louis Malle in Atlantic City (1981).
    • Teri 
	Hatcher Nude Teri Hatcher click to enlarge

      #88 Teri Hatcher nude

      Heaven’s Prisoners (1996)

      (0:41) While Alec Baldwin looks up from the ground, Teri struts about nude on a second-story balcony, brazenly baring her full-frontal beauty in broad daylight.

      • Teri famously declared of her breasts on Seinfeld: “They’re real and they’re spectacular.”
      • Since her lower half is partially blocked by the balcony rail, this is one of history’s most freeze–framed movie moments.
      • We get a great look at Teri right after falling in love with her on Lois & Clark and before she became MILFtastic on Desperate Housewives.
    • Valerie Perrine Nude Valerie Perrine click to enlarge

      #87 Valerie Perrine nude

      Steambath (1972)

      (0:06) Stepping into the seamy facility of the title, Valerie drops her robe and exposes her bare butt and breast to an understandably astonished Bill Bixby.

      • Steambath debuted on PBS, making this the first-ever broadcast television nude scene.
      • Valerie went on to be Lex Luthor’s henchwoman in the Superman movies.
      • In the Village People movie Can’t Stop the Music (1980), Valerie is naked in a hot tub, but nobody on that set noticed.
    • Brittany Daniel Nude Brittany Daniel click to enlarge

      #86 Brittany Daniel nude

      Rampage (2004)

      (0:46) After a scorching bisexual threesome, Brittany steps outside for a smoke, completely nude. We see her boobs and butt as she walks around a backyard pool.

      • Brittany is best known as the hot blonde from Joe Dirt (2001) and Club Dread (2004).
      • Prior to movies, Brittany starred as one of the Sweet Valley twins on the teen TV series Sweet Valley High.
      • This beloved bombshell chose to do her nude scene in a rare, direct–to–DVD movie, making sure that this film would live forever.
    • Dana 
	Delany Nude Dana Delany click to enlarge

      #85 Dana Delany nude

      Exit to Eden (1994)

      (0:37) Dana follows a skinny-dip by emerging from the pool full–frontally exposed. Her equally full–frontal assistant then helps her into a towel.

      • Dana Delany starred as Nurse Colleen McMurphy in the Vietnam-set TV series China Beach.
      • Exit to Eden was adapted from a novel by vampire author Anne Rice.
      • This film also contains footage of Rosie O’Donnell in a skintight bondage outfit.
    • Mathilda May Nude Mathilda May click to enlarge

      #84 Mathilda May nude

      Lifeforce (1985)

      (0:22) Portraying a vampire from another planet, Mathilda walks off a secret base and struts the streets of London utterly bare, stunning every human who sees her—including the movie’s audience!

      • Mathilda’s mute character is simply called Space Girl. She’s naked every moment she’s on camera. What else need be said?
      • This French beauty went on to a brilliant nude career, exposing herself in 11 films total.
      • The famous naked Space Girl walk in Lifeforce inspired the skintastic sci–fi Species films.
    • Erica 
	Durance Nude Erica Durance click to enlarge

      #83 Erica Durance nude

      House of the Dead (2003)

      (0:10) Athletically built brunette Erica wades into an island lagoon, inviting a dude for a swim, which, when she removes her bikini top, becomes a skinny-dip.

      • Erica portrays Lois Lane on the Superman series Smallville.
      • She’s the second Lois Lane actress on the list, after Teri Hatcher, who played the super girl reporter on Lois & Clark.
      • House of the Dead director Uwe Boll is thought by some to be the worst filmmaker alive today. In terms of delivering nudity, though, Uwe is a genius.
    • Kari 
	Wuhrer Nude Kari Wuhrer click to enlarge

      #82 Kari Wuhrer nude

      Luscious (1997)

      (0:04) Living masterpiece Kari poses fully nude for a painter who—upon studying her full–frontal fineness—finds it hard to concentrate. Among other things.

      • Kari first won the hearts of MTV viewers as co-host of the game show Remote Control.
      • After some Hollywood films, Kari became the supreme softcore thriller queen of the 1990s.
      • In 2002 Kari had her breast implants removed, which she detailed in Glamour magazine. And she looks hotter than ever.
    • Maria Schneider Nude Maria Schneider click to enlarge

      #81 Maria Schneider nude

      Last Tango in Paris (1972)

      (1:16) In the midst of taboo-busting sexual games, Marlon Brando spreads Maria’s sweet seat and lubes her up for entry.

      • This is the anal sex scene that kicked off the skintastic ’70s and launched a billion butter jokes.
      • The eroticism of Last Tango is so powerful that many thought Hollywood films would include hardcore sex in its aftermath.
      • Even after her landmark work here, Maria turned down a lead role in Caligula (1979).
    • Sophie Monk Nude Sophie Monk click to enlarge

      #80 Sophie Monk nude

      Sex and Death 101 (2007)

      (0:23) Sophie makes her nude debut by walking in on a dude in a bathroom, exposing her buoyant breasts and supple backside while talking dirty and, on the way out, licking the lucky sucker’s face.

      • Sophie is a supermodel-built Australian pop star who boasts a couple of highly tasty pop tarts.
      • Just as the lusciousness of Sophie’s topless trophies sinks in, she turns around and her butt is every bit as breathtaking.
      • Sex and Death 101 also features the first real bare-bosomed scene from Winona Ryder.
    • Daryl 
	Hannah Nude Daryl Hannah click to enlarge

      #79 Daryl Hannah nude

      Splash (1984)

      (0:27) Mermaid Daryl emerges from the Hudson River and scurries nude around New York’s Liberty Island, with her bare tail perfectly captured in broad daylight.

      • Splash was a PG-rated Disney movie!
      • Daryl became an instant movie star after Splash, in no small part due to this cheeky moment.
      • To date, Daryl has appeared naked nine times. Her other nude films include Summer Lovers (1982), At Play in the Fields of the Lord (1991), and Dancing at the Blue Iguana (2000).
    • Charlize Theron Nude Charlize Theron click to enlarge

      #78 Charlize Theron nude

      The Devil’s Advocate (1997)

      (1:41) Demonically distressed Charlize wears a blanket to church alongside Keanu Reeves. She then throws her covering off and stands before the Almighty in her altogether, full frontally revealing scars on her otherwise flawless physique.

      • Cinema’s greatest full-frontal naked-in-a-church scene.
      • We get three major shocks here: the religious setting, Charlize’s flesh wounds, and how angelically gorgeous she is.
      • The Devil’s Advocate also contains choice nudity from Connie Nielsen and Tamara Tunie, who later would co-star on NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.
    • Amy Smart 
	Nude Amy Smart click to enlarge

      #77 Amy Smart nude

      Road Trip (2000)

      (0:17) Slinky college blonde Amy slips out of her shirt and dazzles dorm-room videographer Breckin Meyer.

      • Road Trip director Todd Phillips talked Amy into going topless by explaining how much Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High had meant to him and his whole generation.
      • Todd Phillips also helmed Old School (2003) and The Hangover (2009), making him one of Hollywood’s most reliable filmmakers for delivering naked babes.
      • Amy Smart’s roommate was once Heroes blonde Ali Larter. Imagine those late-night pillow fights!
    • Mary Louise Weller Nude Mary Louise Weller click to enlarge

      #76 Mary Louise Weller nude

      Animal House (1978)

      (0:39) Sorority hottie Mary Louise stands in her bedroom window, strips to her panties, and lovingly caresses her body. Peepmaster John Belushi spies in from a ladder and gets so turned on, he turns to the audience, smiles, and then falls backward.

      • Animal House producer Matty Simmons insisted on keeping the comedy reality-based. But Mary Louise was so hot, and Belushi’s reaction is so genuine, that this moment of “breaking the fourth wall” was allowed.
      • TV’s Family Guy parodied this scene by having elderly creep Herbert the Pervert spy on tubby adolescent Chris Griffin.
      • National Lampoon scribe Chris Miller, who co-wrote Animal House, revealed exclusively to that Mary Louise had breast implants—a real rarity in 1970s Hollywood.
    • Malin 
	Akerman Nude Malin Akerman click to enlarge

      #75 Malin Akerman nude

      Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle (2004)

      (0:44) As our two stoned heroes hunt for the titular fast–food grease palace, mouthwatering Malin whets their appetites by doffing her top and serving up her sliders.

      • Über–blonde Malin is an import from Stockholm, Sweden.
      • Malin followed up Harold and Kumar with another over–the–top(less) comic turn in The Heartbreak Kid (2007).
      • Even when playing it straight, Malin can’t keep covered up. She ditches her Silk Spectre II costume in the superhero epic Watchmen (2009).
    • Michelle Johnson Nude Michelle Johnson click to enlarge

      #74 Michelle Johnson nude

      Blame It on Rio (1984)

      (0:20) Basking in the Brazilian sunshine, Michelle Johnson and Demi Moore stroll topless along a beach, shocking their fathers while delighting the rest of the planet.

      • Michelle’s bodacious beauty obscures even the presence of superstar–in–the–making Demi.
      • Although both actresses were (barely) over 18 during filming, their characters are 15–year–old high–school girls.
      • Later in the film, teen temptress Michelle graphically seduces middle–aged Michael Caine. Such a plot could never be made today!
    • Rosanna Arquette Nude Rosanna Arquette click to enlarge

      #73 Rosanna Arquette nude

      The Wrong Man (1993)

      (1:15) Rosanna reveals her superhumanly succulent, all–natural bra busters while dancing on a seedy hotel table for John Lithgow.

      • In a career spanning 18 nude scenes, Rosanna’s right stuff in The Wrong Man is her single sexiest moment.
      • The deliciously decadent table dance in this down–and–dirty thriller goes on for 71 scintillating seconds.
      • Rosanna and her similarly ultra–endowed sister Patricia Arquette stand out—way out—as Hollywood’s hottest naked siblings.
    • Ann-
	Margret Nude Ann–Margret click to enlarge

      #72 Ann-Margret nude

      Carnal Knowledge (1971)

      (0:49) Ann–Margret relaxes bare–butted in bed, then rises to reveal her rack as she joins Jack Nicholson for a shower.

      • Ravishing redhead Ann–Margret was the world’s premiere sex kitten of the 1960s.
      • Swedish–born Ann’s erotic appeal even translates to her 1963 cartoon guest appearance on The Flinstones as Ann–Margrock.
      • The sexual frankness of Carnal Knowledge made it one of the true breakthrough films of the skintastic 1970s.
    • Kelly 
	Brook Nude Kelly Brook click to enlarge

      #71 Kelly Brook nude

      Survival Island, a.k.a. Three (2004)

      (1:12) Voluptuous Page 3 girl Kelly erupts out of her bikini and hits the surf for a nighttime skinny–dip with lustfully lucky Billy Zane.

      • Under the title Survival Island, this movie aired on cable seemingly nonstop throughout the summer of 2007.
      • It was released on DVD as Three, but really it’s all about Kelly’s two.
      • After co-starring together, Billy Zane asked Kelly to marry him. You can see why.
    • Jenna Jameson Nude Jenna Jameson click to enlarge

      #70 Jenna Jameson nude

      Private Parts (1997)

      (1:29) As Mandy, “the first naked lady on the radio,” Jenna strips completely bare to massage the aching back of radio god Howard Stern, giving all male viewers an aching front in the process.

      • Although X-rated stars have long turned up (and stripped down) in R-rated movies, Jenna’s role was the most substantial Hollywood part to date for a hardcore hottie.
      • Other porn babes that have crossed over to the mainstream include Traci Lords and Sasha Grey, but Private Parts turned Jenna into a legitimate A-list celebrity.
      • Jenna followed Private Parts by appearing in numerous non–porn films, including the cult hit Zombie Strippers (2008).
    • Joyce 
	Hyser Nude Joyce Hyser click to enlarge

      #69 Joyce Hyser nude

      Just One of the Guys (1985)

      (1:28) After masquerading as a high–school dude for a semester, Joyce pops open her prom tux to reveal all two of her girls for three extremely top–heavy seconds.

      • Just One of the Guys is just one of the all–time cable classics. If you grew up in the ’80s or ’90s, you know this movie intimately.
      • Joyce’s most significant follow–up effort was having her head cut off on an episode of L.A. Law. At least they saved her breast parts.
      • This gem is not to be confused with the Corey Haim rip–off Just One of the Girls (1992), which does feature some okay toplessness but no pair on par with Joyce’s magnificent twosome.
    • Rosario Dawson Nude Rosario Dawson click to enlarge

      #68 Rosario Dawson nude

      Alexander (2004)

      (1:14) Rosario’s conquest of Colin Farrell kicks off (literally) with violent foreplay, then melts into tender loving revelations of her breasts, butt, and muff.

      • While sitting on a New York City stoop as a teen, Rosario was discovered by director Larry Clark, who cast her in his arthouse shocker Kids (1995).
      • Rosario’s ethnic background is Afro-Cuban, Puerto Rican, Irish, and Native American, an international mix that made her perfectly cast in Alexander as the most beautiful woman in the world.
      • Rosario’s only other nude scene to date is her murky topless work in Spike Lee’s He Got Game (1998).
    • Angie Dickinson Nude Angie Dickinson click to enlarge

      #67 Angie Dickinson nude

      Big Bad Mama (1974)

      (1:18) After an actual roll in the hay, Angie rises resplendently full frontal, busting out her own big good mamas and lush ’70s bush in the high point of this drive–in classic.

      • Big Bad Mama hit movie screens the same year that Angie blew up on the boob tube as double–barreled Sgt. Pepper Anderson on NBC’s Police Woman.
      • Hanging out with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. in the 1960s, Angie was dubbed “Queen of the Rat Pack.” Frankly, we prefer Angie’s Rack Pack.
      • Angie has three great nude scenes in Big Bad Mama. This full–frontal one is the best, but don’t miss her love tussle at the 49–minute mark, which, be warned, also beams up the bare butt of William Shatner. That’s right: Captain Kirk’s crack!
    • Kelly 
	Monaco Nude Kelly Monaco click to enlarge

      #66 Kelly Monaco nude

      Idle Hands (1999)

      (1:07) Decked out in the face paint of Kiss guitarist Paul Stanley, Kelly rocks out with her sizable rack out while a disembodied hand gives her a good groping.

      • Kelly stunned all comers as the April 1997 Playboy Playmate of the Month.
      • In 2002 Kelly went from centerfold to soap siren as she scored recurring roles on ABC’s General Hospital and Port Charles.
      • Top–heavy Kelly proved to be dazzlingly light on her feet in 2005 as she won the first season of the reality competition show Dancing with the Stars.
    • Goldie 
	Hawn Nude Goldie Hawn click to enlarge

      #65 Goldie Hawn nude

      Wildcats (1986)

      (0:29) High–school football coach Goldie eases back in a bath, allowing her pert pink nips to bobble above the surface.

      • Since her go–go dancing debut on TV’s Laugh–In in the 1960s, Goldie has been hailed for her beautiful butt. Wildcats allowed us to appreciate her upper anatomy as well.
      • Compare Goldie’s bathtub moment to her daughter Kate Hudson’s flesh flash in Almost Famous (2000). The nipple doesn’t fall far from the tree!
      • Goldie debuted with a rear view in There’s a Girl in My Soup (1970). Her most recent nudity, another bathtub boob reveal, took place in The Banger Sisters (2002).
    • Naomi Watts and Laura Harring Nude Naomi Watts & Laura Harring click to enlarge

      #64 Naomi Watts and Laura Harring nude

      Mulholland Dr. (2001)

      (2:01) Bare–boobed blonde Naomi slinks up to topless brunette Laura, who’s seductively splayed out on a couch. They then suck face, caress breasts, and go girl–girl crazy for a glorious minute and a half of Sapphic heaven.

      • Mulholland Dr. director David Lynch is a master of on–screen sexuality. He also created Blue Velvet (1986), Wild at Heart (1990), Lost Highway (1997), and TV’s ultimate hotbed of hot babes Twin Peaks.
      • When discussing how she met Lynch, Laura said: “He called Naomi and me to his house and told us, ‘We are going to make an international feature film. There will be nudity.’ I was like, what did I just agree to do? I tried to back pedal, but I just shook his hand.”
      • In addition to this lesbian lick–up, there is a scene in which Naomi masturbates naked, for which she worked very hard: “When I was with Laura, we were together and we could feel safe with our own bodies. There was a degree of trust that we’d developed over time. The masturbation scene was incredibly difficult.”
    • Amber 
	Heard Nude Amber Heard click to enlarge

      #63 Amber Heard nude

      The Informers (2009)

      (0:25) Amber bumps, grinds, and peels to a thong on a living room floor for two lucky lads who then lick her all over.

      • Flaxen vixen Amber made a name for herself as Seth Rogen’s teenage girlfriend in Pineapple Express (2008), as well as one of the most memorable Maxim cover girls of recent years.
      • This is Amber’s third nude appearance—after Friday Night Lights (2004) and Alpha Dog (2006)—but the only one that involves her getting naked multiple times and engaging in all manner of kinky mayhem.
      • The Informers is adapted from a novel by Bret Easton Ellis, whose other works have translated into the skintastic cinema nuggets Less Than Zero (1987), American Psycho (2000), and The Rules of Attraction (2002).
    • Helen 
	Mirren Nude Helen Mirren click to enlarge

      #62 Helen Mirren nude

      Age of Consent (1969)

      (1:18) Amidst the opulent surroundings of an island paradise, heavenly Helen models naked for a painter, posing with her hefty chest, sweet seat, and lush bush looking luminous in the midday sun.

      • Helen Mirren has performed nude scenes in five different decades—the only actress at to do so!
      • Age of Consent marks 24–year–old Helen’s naked on–camera debut. Her most recent in–the–raw revelations occur in The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone (2003) and Shadowboxer (2005). Now in her 60s, Helen looks as sumptuous as ever.
      • Helen has stated that she was “happy” to be the first full–frontal British actress in a mainstream movie. She also noted: “Flesh sells. People don’t want to see pictures of churches. They want to see naked bodies.”
    • Nicole Eggert Nude Nicole Eggert click to enlarge

      #61 Nicole Eggert nude

      Blown Away (1992)

      (0:46) Naked–nippled Nicole nails Corey Haim in front of a roaring fire as the camera slowly pans around to celebrate her nubile nudity.

      • Nicole grew up—and out—before TV viewers’ eyes as little Jamie Powell on the sitcom Charles in Charge.
      • After going au naturel in this late–night–cable classic, Nicole augmented her breasts to better fill out her famous red swimsuit as a cast member on Baywatch.
      • Blown Away is just one of seven films co–starring Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, but it’s the only one to feature Nicole Eggert naked. And, therefore, the only one to be considered required viewing.
    • Amanda Peet Nude Amanda Peet click to enlarge

      #60 Amanda Peet nude

      The Whole Nine Yards (2000)

      (1:06) To distract home–invading bad guys, Amanda steps in front of them bare–chested. After shooting the thugs, she leans out a window to declare victory, and provides one more look at her luscious lovelies.

      • Amanda’s sudden Whole Nine revelation is one of the all–time great “shock” nude scenes. Nobody saw it coming — or how hot she’d be in the buff!
      • Prior to The Whole Nine Yards, Amanda was essentially an unknown. So here we witness a moment of skinstant stardom.
      • For the sequel, The Whole Ten Yards (2004), Amanda kept her clothes on, and the movie bombed. Wonder why?
    • Madonna 
	Nude Madonna click to enlarge

      #59 Madonna nude

      Body of Evidence (1993)

      (1:08) The Material Girl gives herself a whirl, opening her robe to reveal her globes, then sticking fingers in her panties and licking them clean. Willem Dafoe looks on and then hops on.

      • Body of Evidence was Hollywood’s first response to the success of Basic Instinct and Madonna’s follow–up to her photo book, Sex. It initially earned an NC-17 rating and required severe editing to be rated R.
      • Madonna improvised her masturbation scene, along with one where she drips hot candle wax onto Willem Dafoe’s nipples.
      • Body of Evidence inspired countless softcore imitators. Among the most obvious: Body of Influence (1993) starring Shannon Whirry.
    • Linda Blair and Sybil Danning Nude Linda Blair and Sybil Danning click to enlarge

      #58 Linda Blair and Sybil Danning nude nude

      Chained Heat (1983)

      (0:31) In a prison shower surrounded by other naked inmates, busty “new fish” Linda Blair gets baited by lesbian big–house queen Sybil Danning, bringing four of the most illustrious D–cups in B–movies together in one A–plus scene.

      • After the 1970s’ Women in Prison film craze, the genre’s greatest effort is right here, and this shower–room showdown is its greatest moment.
      • John Vernon (Animal House’s Dean Wormer) portrays the warden. He and Linda lock horns again in Savage Streets (1984), where she plays a teen vigilante and he’s her high–school principal.
      • Chained Heat is not to be confused with 1974’s Caged Heat. The latter film stars Erica Gavin and Cheryl Rainbeaux Smith, and was directed by Jonathan Demme, who would go on to helm Silence of the Lambs (1991).
    • Pam 
	Anderson Nude Pam Anderson click to enlarge

      #57 Pam Anderson nude

      Barb Wire (1996)

      (0:03) On stage at a dance club, Pam’s mams heave so mightily under the strain of a leather dress and a downpour from a firehouse that they simply can’t be contained. They pop out, magnificently, into view.

      • After Home Improvement and Baywatch, Pam hoped that Barb Wire would make her an A–list movie star. It didn’t happen, but Barb became a cable favorite.
      • Barb’s box office may have been hurt by the availability of Pam naked in straight–to–tape potboilers such as Snapdragon (1993) and Naked Souls (1995).
      • Pam’s ultimate exposure comes (literally) in the sex video Pam and Tommy Lee: Stolen Honeymoon, portions of which were shot on the set of Barb Wire.
    • Mädchen Amick Nude Mädchen Amick click to enlarge

      #56 Mädchen Amick nude

      Dream Lover (1994)

      (0:29) Topless Mädchen is splayed out in bed next to James Spader. She then gets up and walks to the bathroom, revealing butt and bush in the glorious process.

      • Mädchen’s breakthrough role was Shelly Johnson on David Lynch’s cult TV classic Twin Peaks.
      • Although Mädchen flashes muff in her nude debut Love, Cheat & Steal (1993), Dream Lover remains the only film in which she goes full–frontal — so far.
      • In 2008, Mädchen mounted a small–screen comeback as Duchess Catherine Beaton on Gossip Girl. She also turned up on Californication and My Own Worst Enemy.
    • Mariel Hemingway Nude Mariel Hemingway click to enlarge

      #55 Mariel Hemingway nude

      Personal Best (1982)

      (0:33) Olympic runner Mariel full–frontally steams up the screen in a sauna surrounded by other naked female athletes. Among them is her lesbian lover, played with carnal conviction by Patrice Donnelly.

      • In the era between shaggy Sapphic porn of the’70s and the same–sex Girls Gone Wild antics of today, Personal Best provided a rare, serious–minded peek into flexible female sexuality.
      • Mariel trained relentlessly to portray a champion athlete in Personal Best, and then showed off the results in Playboy.
      • A year later, Mariel returned to Playboy, radically altering her body again. This time she got breast implants to portray murdered Playmate Dorothy Stratten in Star 80.
    • Alexis Dziena Nude Alexis Dziena click to enlarge

      #54 Alexis Dziena nude

      Broken Flowers (2005)

      (0:38) Bill Murray gets the greatest shock of his life when Alexis strolls in front his him absolutely naked, showcasing her perfectly pert boobs, tight tush, and a crotch trimmed so close you can read her lips.

      • Since showing off how her garden grows, Alexis scored the lead role in the TV series Invasion and played Tris in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (2008).
      • Alexis attended high school with Paz de la Huerta. In 2009, Paz appeared nude in The Limits of Control, directed by Broken Flowers creator Jim Jarmusch.
      • Although Bill Murray faces down topless Roberta Leighton in Stripes (1981), this is his only time on–camera with a completely nude woman.
    • Ashley 
	Judd Nude Ashley Judd click to enlarge

      #53 Ashley Judd nude

      Norma Jean and Marilyn (1996)

      (0:37) As young Norma Jean Dougherty (before she became Marilyn Monroe), Ashley fantasizes about standing naked in church, with her holiest–of–holies exposed.

      • Norma Jean and Marilyn is an HBO production. The cable network premiered the film on May 18, 1996.
      • The post–stardom Marilyn is portrayed by Mira Sorvino, who was hot off her Best Supporting Actress Academy Award win for Mighty Aphrodite (1995).
      • Ashley exposes her breasts in another 1996 title, Normal Life. Coincidentally, it aired regularly on HBO around the time that Norma Jean and Marilyn debuted.
    • Gretchen Mol Nude Gretchen Mol click to enlarge

      #52 Gretchen Mol nude

      The Notorious Bettie Page (2006)

      (0:29) Portraying the titular pin–up queen, Gretchen recreates one of Bettie’s celebrated cheesecake shoots by going au naturel out in the woods.

      • Toweringly top–heavy Gretchen does not share the same body type as more petite pin–up powerhouse Bettie Page. Still, she conveys the icon’s exact erotic allure.
      • Notorious director Mary Harron previously helmed American Psycho (2000), featuring Samantha Mathis, Cara Seymour, Krista Sutton, and Guinevere Turner nude.
      • Naturally blonde Gretchen dyed her pubic hair black to portray Bettie. That’s the kind of method acting that Mr Skin can really get behind — and in front of.
    • Jayne Mansfield Nude Jayne Mansfield click to enlarge

      #51 Jayne Mansfield nude

      Promises! Promises! (1963)

      (0:04) Stepping out of a shower, brickhouse–built Jayne towels off her volcanically voluptuous body and — blammo! — out come her two bodacious bombers.

      • This is the first celebrity nude scene of the modern age. Without this moment, there would be no Mr Skin.
      • Posters for Promises! Promises! announced flat–out: “See ALL of Jayne Mansfield!”
      • To promote Promises!, Jayne posed nude for Playboy in the magazine’s first–ever movie tie–in pictorial.
    • Jennifer Aniston Nude Jennifer Aniston click to enlarge

      #50 Jennifer Aniston nude

      The Break-Up (2006)

      (0:57) Taunting ex-lover Vince Vaughn in his own living room, Jennifer nakedly struts past him, making sure to point her world-famous posterior right at him (and us too!).

      • Although Jennifer flashes a bit of tit in The Good Girl (2002), her seat was always her most sought-after feature. Finally, in The Break-Up, Jen gave the crack up.
      • Be sure to pick up the full-screen DVD of The Break-Up for the best rear view of Jen. The widescreen edition cuts off some vital cheek footage.
      • On her southern exposure, Jennifer said: “There's something liberating about walking around completely nude. I am comfortable being naked.”
    • Chloë Sevigny Nude Chloë Sevigny click to enlarge

      #49 Chloë Sevigny nude

      The Brown Bunny (2003)

      (1:21) Chloë drops to crotch level in front of Vincent Gallo, orally expressing deeply penetrating passion in a manner that’s way more than a mouthful. Their love is hardcore!

      • Chloë’s open-mouth, on-camera acceptance of Gallo’s pole is the most sexually explicit act ever in a commercial film with a mainstream Hollywood actress.
      • Even beyond Chloë’s blowhard moment, The Brown Bunny ignited controversy when Roger Ebert proclaimed it the worst film he had ever seen. Gallo responded by “cursing” him, but filmmaker and reviewer, in time, made peace.
      • Before Bunny, Chloë worked mainly in obscure and independent films. Since her bravura deep-throat feat here, she scored a lead role on HBO’s Big Love.
    • Lizzy 
	Caplan Nude Lizzy Caplan click to enlarge

      #48 Lizzy Caplan nude

      True Blood (2008)

      Lizzy gets hopped up on vampire blood and rides the wooden stake of her boyfriend. Together they trip on pure sexual ecstasy, with her all-points nudity providing the headiest rush of all.

      • HBO’s vampire saga True Blood has become the go-to show for up-and-comers daring to bare. Lizzy follows here in the boob-prints of series star Anna Paquin.
      • Lizzy began on the boob tube as a teen, playing Sara in the cult series Freaks and Geeks. She then hit the big screen, big time, in Mean Girls (2004) and Cloverfield (2008).
      • With its groundbreaking series 1st and Ten, The Hitchhiker, and Dream On, HBO established nudity as a key ingredient for premium-cable fare. True Blood richly builds upon this tradition.
    • Julie 
	Andrews Nude Julie Andrews click to enlarge

      #47 Julie Andrews nude

      S.O.B. (1981)

      (1:20) On a mirrored movie set, Julie tears off the front of her dress, reflectively revealing her rack multiple times. Her hills are alive!

      • As the star of Mary Poppins (1964) and The Sound of Music (1965), Julie Andrews was the very picture of wholesomeness. Her S.O.B. revelation, then, is the most surprising nude scene ever.
      • Julie’s nakedness overshadows even the first topless scene by her S.O.B. co-star Rosanna Arquette, who went on to become a screen-nudity legend.
      • While this stands as Julie’s first intentional nude scene, she actually slips nip in the family musical Darling Lili (1970), the film that S.O.B. directly parodies.
    • Maggie Gyllenhaal Nude Maggie Gyllenhaal click to enlarge

      #46 Maggie Gyllenhaal nude

      Secretary (2002)

      (1:41) After submitting to his kinky sex domination throughout the movie, Maggie eases back in a bath as James Spader lovingly washes every inch of her full-frontal form.

      • After Donnie Darko (2001) and 40 Days and 40 Nights (2002), Maggie’s star was on the rise. Secretary instantly made her a household name.
      • Maggie undergoes more nude manhandling in Strip Search (2004), a film shown only once on HBO and never released on video. has the review, pics, and clips!
      • Of Secretary, Maggie said: “It is about sex, and there's a lot of sex in it, sex is the key . . . but I'm interested in sex as communication, not in the fantasy version of a sex scene.”
    • Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly Nude Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly click to enlarge

      #45 Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly nude

      Bound (1996)

      (0:19) Gina and Jennifer come together (literally) in naked lesbian embrace—grinding, kissing, and fingering, breast to breast, in a moment of electrifyingly credible Sapphic bliss.

      • Bound was Gina Gershon’s follow-up to Showgirls (1995) and Jennifer Tilly’s first lesbian sex moment (on film, at least).
      • TV and radio promos for Bound made explicit reference to the movie’s “girl-girl action.” Talk about truth in advertising!
      • Warner Bros. was so impressed by Bound’s directorial style that it enabled co-creators Andy and Larry Wachowski to film their dream project: The Matrix (1999).
    • Julianne Moore Nude Julianne Moore click to enlarge

      #44 Julianne Moore nude

      Short Cuts (1993)

      (2:17) While arguing with Matthew Modine, Julianne wears a long white shirt that, fantastically, is not quite long enough to cover her luscious red muff. She also turns several times to show off her pinchably pink tush.

      • Pants-down, this is the greatest bottomless-only scene in all of cinema.
      • Julianne’s repeated revelation of her taut rump and crimson nether-coif runs an astonishing two and a half minutes.
      • Short Cuts director Robert Altman ranks among the greatest of nudity-intensive filmmakers. His other celebrity-skin-packed efforts include Ready to Wear (1994) and Dr. T and the Women (2000).
    • Jane 
	Fonda Nude Jane Fonda click to enlarge

      #43 Jane Fonda nude

      Barbarella (1968)

      (0:03) Floating in zero gravity amidst the opening credits, Jane reveals her out-of-this-world body while donning a spacesuit.

      • In 1968 Jane Fonda was one of the biggest celebrities in the world. A star of her caliber appearing nude in a major motion picture was unprecedented.
      • Jane was married to Barbarella director Roger Vadim, who had previously made sex symbols of his ex-lovers Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve. Barbarella put his record at three for three.
      • In the 2006 memoir Prisoner of X, former Hustler editor Allan MacDonell claims he saw a sex tape involving Jane, her ex-husband Ted Turner, and another woman. We’re still waiting for that video release.
    • Charlotte Ross Nude Charlotte Ross click to enlarge

      #42 Charlotte Ross nude

      NYPD Blue (2003)

      As Charlotte disrobes for a shower, a lucky youngster walks into the bathroom, getting a glorious gander at her butt and boobs. Talk about a morning eye-opener!

      • If Charlotte’s nakedness here were to appear in a big-screen release, it would be rated R. Obviously this is the greatest nude scene to ever air on network TV.
      • Fittingly, the title of this episode is “Nude Awakening.”
      • Despite other flesh on NYPD Blue, Charlotte’s exposure provoked a $1.4 million fine from the FCC, five years after it actually aired. Now that’s staying power!
    • Lisa 
	Bonet Nude Lisa Bonet click to enlarge

      #41 Lisa Bonet nude

      Angel Heart (1987)

      (1:27) Voodoo vixen Lisa seduces Mickey Rourke on a rickety bed, with her stiff nipples in full view and chicken blood sprinkling down on their pounding bodies.

      • The Cosby Show made Lisa a star. But Bill Cosby was so rattled by Angel Heart he gave Lisa her own sitcom, A Different World, to protect his series’ wholesome atmosphere.
      • Lisa’s black-magic sex ritual was initially so explicit that Angel Heart was rated X. Even trimmed to an R, it remains bewitching.
      • Director Alan Parker also oversaw Irene Cara’s nude debut in Fame (1980) and the all-star nakedness of Lara Flynn Boyle, Bridget Fonda, and Camryn Manheim in The Road to Wellville (1994).
    • Diane Lane Nude Diane Lane click to enlarge

      #40 Diane Lane nude

      Unfaithful (2002)

      (0:55) Unfaithful wife Diane steps out on Richard Gere by dipping into a bath and slipping her boobs into the sudsy palms of Olivier Martinez.

      • Diane debuted nude at 16 in Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains (1981). She is 37 in Unfaithful and looks even lovelier than she did as a teen.
      • Diane comes by her natural beauty . . . well, naturally. Her delightfully buxom mother, Colleen Farrington, served as Playboy’s Miss October 1957.
      • Unfaithful was directed by Adrian Lyne, the master cinema eroticist who also gave us 9 1/2 Weeks (1986), Fatal Attraction (1987), Indecent Proposal (1993), and Lolita (1997).
    • Cybill Shepherd Nude Cybill Shepherd click to enlarge

      #39 Cybill Shepherd nude

      The Last Picture Show (1971)

      (0:40) Cybill surveys a group of her naked classmates in a high-school swimming pool. She then sits on the diving board, doffs her top, and hops in to really make it a party.

      • The Last Picture Show was Cybill’s big-screen debut in terms of acting and nudity alike. Although she remains a star four decades later, she never got naked in a movie again.
      • Prior to acting, Cybill was a beauty queen (Miss Teenage Memphis 1966) and fashion model. Picture director Peter Bogdanovich made her his muse, both on camera and off.
      • Cybill’s naked follow-up to Picture Show did not occur until 2007, when she accidentally slipped nip while making lesbian love to Leisha Hailey on Showtime’s The L Word.
    • Reese Witherspoon Nude Reese Witherspoon click to enlarge

      #38 Reese Witherspoon nude

      Twilight (1998)

      (0:02) Ms. Witherspoon opens the movie by walking around a bedroom topless, deliciously serving up her sweet Reese’s pieces.

      • Despite starring in the sick-joke cult classic Freeway (1996) and going nude in Twilight, Reese became America’s sweetheart with her wholesome role in Pleasantville (1998).
      • In light of blockbuster hits like Legally Blonde (2001) and her Academy Award for Walk the Line (2005), don’t count on seeing Reese naked again. At least not soon.
      • Aside from Reese, Twilight is notable as the only film in which Susan Sarandon employed a body double. Sue does bare boobs, but her butt belongs to another.
    • Natasha Henstridge Nude Natasha Henstridge click to enlarge

      #37 Natasha Henstridge nude

      Species (1995)

      (0:42) As a deadly sex alien from outer space, Natasha prepares one of her doomed lovers for blast off by removing her bra. Those are some killer nose cones.

      • Knockout Natasha grew up in a Canadian trailer park, then took off for Paris to pursue modeling at age 14. She landed her first Cosmopolitan cover within a year.
      • Natasha also appears naked in Species II (1998), but it took two nude nubiles to replace her in Species III (2004): Amelia Cooke and Sunny Mabrey.
      • After baring her body in seven movies, Natasha noted: “My comfort with nudity definitely plays an important part in getting me my roles."
    • Natalie Portman Nude Natalie Portman click to enlarge

      #36 Natalie Portman nude

      Hotel Chevalier (2007)

      (0:08) Jason Schwartzman pulls off Natalie’s pants, providing us with a sumptuous view of her perfect posterior. Natalie’s got some rear port, man.

      • Early on, Natalie famously proclaimed that she would never perform a nude scene. She even turned down Lolita (1997) as, nudity or not, it was too sexual for her.
      • Natalie comes as close as she can to baring her can in Closer (2004). She plays a stripper and peels to reveal just the slightest of thong panties onstage.
      • Hotel Chevalier is a short companion film to The Darjeeling Limited (2007). When Chevalier was offered for free on iTunes, demand for the video crashed Apple’s central operating system.
    • Elle MacPherson Nude Elle MacPherson click to enlarge

      #35 Elle Macpherson nude

      Sirens (1994)

      (1:15) Elle poses for a painting with three fellow full-frontally nude sirens: Kate Fischer, Pamela Rabe, and 20-year-old Portia de Rossi. These sirens will set off your fire alarm.

      • As a supermodel who appeared multiple times on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, Elle earned the nickname “The Body.” Why? Just look at her.
      • To adjust to Sirens’ 1920s setting, six-foot-tall Elle gained 20 pounds—in all the right places. During filming, her measurements expanded to 37D-25-36.
      • Aside from a lesbian scene with Kate Capshaw in the cable mini-series A Girl Thing (2001), Sirens remains Elle’s only screen nudity to date. Her most famous co-Siren, Portia de Rossi, went full frontal again in Women in Film (2001).
    • Anna 
	Paquin Nude Anna Paquin click to enlarge

      #34 Anna Paquin nude

      True Blood (2009)

      After making her nude debut in 2008, Anna opens up True Blood’s second season with an even more bewitching look at her bare boobs while banging her vampire boyfriend.

      • At age 11, Anna won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for The Piano (1993). Unlike many child stars, she continued working and grew up to be a talented beauty.
      • Anna’s first “grown-up” role was as an underwear-clad groupie in the rock ’n’ roll saga Almost Famous (2000). She also plays Rogue in the X-Men movies.
      • In addition to Anna, True Blood has showcased first-time nude scenes by Lizzy Caplan, Lynn Collins, Danielle James, Danielle Sapia, and Jennifer Wenger.
    • Kate 
	Winslet Nude Kate Winslet click to enlarge

      #33 Kate Winslet nude

      Titanic (1997)

      (1:25) Kate drops her robe and reclines on a couch so that amorous artist Leonardo DiCaprio can sketch her unsinkably sexy nude body.

      • At a time when few PG-13 movies showed skin, Titanic featured Kate in a long, sensual nude scene. It became the most popular film ever. Coincidence? Mr Skin thinks not.
      • Pre-Titanic, Kate got naked in Heavenly Creatures (1994) and Jude (1996). She’s had six nude roles since, each one a classic: Hideous Kinky (1998), Holy Smoke! (1999), Quills (2000), Iris (2001), Little Children (2006), and The Reader (2008).
      • In July 2009 Kate stated: "There was so much [nudity] in The Reader because the story required it, but people have seen enough of my bum and my boobs." She is wrong.
    • Carla 
	Gugino Nude Carla Gugino click to enlarge

      #32 Carla Gugino nude

      Sin City (2005)

      (0:16) Carla rises from sleep and steps into a bathroom to nurse a wounded Mickey Rourke. She’s wearing only a thong, which stunningly showcases her taut butt and naked upper anatomy.

      • On the big screen, Carla’s Sin City nakedness appeared in black-and-white. Full-color versions can be viewed as a bonus feature on the special-edition DVD.
      • In addition to her MILF role in the Spy Kids films, Carla remains best known as a TV actress, especially as the titular FBI agent on Karen Sisco. Now she portrays Hollywood agent Amanda Daniels on Entourage.
      • The 1996 thriller Jaded contains Carla’s other notable nude scene. There, she skinny-dips with lesbians who overpower and gang-bang her on the beach.
    • Demi 
	Moore Nude Demi Moore click to enlarge

      #31 Demi Moore nude

      Striptease (1996)

      (1:15) Burt Reynolds very nearly flips his wig—literally—as thong-clad Demi pops open her bra and provides him with cinema’s hottest table dance.

      • To star in Striptease, Demi Moore earned a record $12 million. She was contractually obligated to appear nude. Producers clearly got their money’s worth.
      • Striptease premiered six months after Showgirls bombed big time in theaters. The two films were inevitably compared, but only Showgirls took on a second life as a cult sensation.
      • Demi looks divine, but the only actress to appear in both Showgirls and Striptease is Rena Riffel. In each film, she plays an exotic dancer (surprise!) and she has great nude scenes (surprise again!).
    • Uschi Digard Nude Uschi Digard click to enlarge

      #30 Uschi Digard nude

      The Kentucky Fried Movie (1977)

      (0:09) During the sexploitation parody Catholic High School Girls in Trouble, Uschi mashes her mams up against a glass shower door. When a guy soaps up her huge boobs, we hear squeaky-balloon sound effects. Uschi’s so hot, you might pop!

      • Uschi, who measures 44DDD-26-35, is the ultimate dairy queen of drive-in movies. She is credited with appearing in more than 110 films in a career spanning just 12 years!
      • Among Uschi’s most noteworthy titles are three collaborations with Russ Meyer: Cherry, Harry & Raquel! (1969), Supervixens (1975), and Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens (1979).
      • The Kentucky Fried Movie’s creators next made Airplane! (1980), which features anonymous boobs that actually belong to another super-stacked Russ Meyer starlet—Kitten Natividad.
    • Meredith Baxter Nude Meredith Baxter click to enlarge

      #29 Meredith Baxter nude

      My Breast (1994)

      (0:16) Meredith takes out her big left breast for a probing examination. She’s in a doctor’s office. More importantly, she was on primetime network TV as this happened.

      • Meredith Baxter became famous on the ’70s TV series Family, then achieved ’80s superstardom as matriarch Elyse Keaton on the classic sitcom Family Ties.
      • NBC premiered My Breast on May 15, 1994, at 9 p.m. Meredith’s all-out display of the titular object figured as the greatest network television nudity to date.
      • Previously, broadcast nudes occurred either on PBS (as with 1972’s Steambath) or among unknown native girls (as in the 1980 TV film Gauguin the Savage). Here was one of the tube’s all-time best-loved moms baring a boob!
    • Sherilyn Fenn Nude Sherilyn Fenn click to enlarge

      #28 Sherilyn Fenn nude

      Two Moon Junction (1988)

      (1:25) Sherilyn strips completely nude and mounts a muscular carnival worker to give him the ride of his life. We see every inch of her nakedness—including her wide-open back door.

      • Sherilyn was an immediate breakout star on the cult TV series Twin Peaks. Show creator David Lynch deemed her “five feet of Heaven in a ponytail.”
      • In theaters, Two Moon Junction bombed. But after Twin Peaks hit, it went into heavy rotation on late-night cable TV and continued to air regularly over the next decade.
      • Two Moon Junction was directed by erotic visionary Zalman King. Two Moon’s cable success led to him creating Showtime’s classic softcore series Red Shoe Diaries.
    • Nicole Kidman Nude Nicole Kidman click to enlarge

      #27 Nicole Kidman nude

      Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

      (0:21) The camera lovingly pans up Nicole’s luscious nude form as she gets dressed, highlighting her perfect posterior and stiff left nipple.

      • Along with then-husband Tom Cruise, Nicole spent a record 15 months shooting Eyes Wide Shut for notorious perfectionist filmmaker Stanley Kubrick.
      • Nicole has appeared nude 14 times, so why single out Eyes? Because Kubrick’s lighting and cinematography celebrate her elegant allure more masterfully than any other film.
      • Eyes Wide Shut brims with nakedness, kink, orgies, and even Leelee Sobieski as a Lolita-like strumpet, but its biggest controversy was its final line of dialogue, spoken by Nicole: “Fuck.”
    • Salma 
	Hayek Nude Salma Hayek click to enlarge

      #26 Salma Hayek nude

      Frida (2002)

      (1:38) Bare-breasted Salma summons dark-skinned, hard-bodied Karine Plantadit-Bageot to join her in bed, and together they make artful lesbian love. Watch where their fingers go.

      • To portray historic Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, Salma Hayek sports a unibrow and joyfully recreates the artist’s true-life passion for girl-girl sex.
      • Frida spent many years in the making and attracted numerous actresses to its lead role. Ultimately, Salma beat out Madonna and Laura San Giacomo for the part.
      • Salma’s Sapphic partner, Karine Plantadit-Bageot, is a Broadway dancer from West Africa. She plays singer Josephine Baker and really gets a chance to show off her pipes.
    • Kim 
	Basinger Nude Kim Basinger click to enlarge

      #25 Kim Basinger nude

      9 1/2 Weeks (1986)

      (1:23) Performing a stylish striptease for Mickey Rourke on the terrace of his Manhattan apartment, Kim rhythmically exposes her sumptuous rump and flashes the Big Apple.

      • The song to which Kim struts and peels is “You Can Leave Your Hat On” by Joe Cocker. She takes his lyrical advice for a bit, but then even her hat comes off.
      • Kathleen Turner and Tatum O’Neal turned down 9 1/2 Weeks due to its mix of violence and weird sex. Former Bond babe and Playboy model Kim had no such reservations.
      • Not surprisingly, Kim failed to return for the seldom-seen, direct-to-video sequel, Another 9 1/2 Weeks (1997). Mickey Rourke replaced her with Angie Everhart.
    • Keeley Hazell Nude Keeley Hazell click to enlarge

      #24 Keeley Hazell nude

      Cashback (2006)

      (0:27) Statuesque Keeley stands frozen in time in a supermarket aisle. An eager sketch artist pulls her shirt up and her pants down to reveal the Brit beauty’s enormous natural chest and wispy muff-puff.

      • English eyeful Keeley first rose to prominence as a Page 3 Girl—that is, one of the topless models who appear daily on the third page of the UK tabloid newspaper The Sun.
      • Cashback is a feature-length adaptation of a 19-minute film of the same name that was nominated for a 2005 Academy Award. Stick with this version to see Keeley. It’s worth every penny.
      • In his review of Cashback, Roger Ebert noted that it had “so much softcore nudity, you'd think that Russ Meyer was back in town.” High praise from Meyer’s old screenwriter!
    • Monica Bellucci Nude Monica Bellucci click to enlarge

      #23 Monica Bellucci nude

      Malèna (2000)

      (0:20) Italy’s luckiest young teen removes Monica’s bra and enjoys a face full of her gigantic bosom before eagerly sliding south to examine her delectably full-grown pubic mound.

      • A superstar in her native Italy, in 2003 Monica got her big Hollywood break as Persephone in The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions.
      • To date, Monica has appeared nude in 19 films, including the French cult favorite The Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001) and the arthouse shocker Irréversible (2002).
      • Although her name may not be as familiar as Angelina Jolie and other A-list celebrities, for years, Monica Bellucci has been one of the most-searched actresses at
    • Bo Derek 
	Nude Bo Derek click to enlarge

      #22 Bo Derek nude

      10 (1979)

      (1:47) Bo smokes a joint in bed, while Dudley Moore gets high the natural way—by ogling her boobs and butt, to our intoxicating delight.

      • The concept of rating attractiveness on a scale of one to ten surely existed in the past, but this movie made it a routine practice, and Bo beautifully lived up to that titular figure.
      • Even more than her nakedness, the image of Bo jogging on the beach in a yellow swimsuit and her trademark hair braids came to define the cinematic sexuality of 10’s era.
      • Bo’s follow-up films, Tarzan, the Ape Man (1981) and Bolero (1984), are legendary artistic fiascoes, but they will live forever as naked timepieces of when their bare-bodied star was the most desirable woman on earth.
    • Denise Richards Nude Denise Richards click to enlarge

      #21 Denise Richards nude

      Wild Things (1998)

      (0:57) Denise doffs her top during a motel threeway with Neve Campbell and Matt Dillon. Champagne gets poured all over her bare D-cups, and everyone’s tongues end up everywhere.

      • This is, without a doubt, the greatest ménage-à-trois in movie history.
      • Be sure to pick up Wild Things’ special edition DVD, which contains a bonus scene of topless Denise tongue-kissing Neve in a swimming pool.
      • Since not showing her things in Wild, Neve has become nakedly prolific. Check out the Party of Five star’s party of two in When Will I Be Loved (2004) and I Really Hate My Job (2007).
    • Jennifer Connelly Nude Jennifer Connelly click to enlarge

      #20 Jennifer Connelly nude

      The Hot Spot (1990)

      (1:27) Jennifer Connelly and Debra Cole skinny-dip in a lake, then sunbathe nude on the shore. Jen even flips over and exposes back-burger while making sure her buns get properly tanned.

      • Jennifer first hit it big as a high-school kid in Labyrinth (1986). She proved just how grown up she’d become here, and she was still just 19.
      • Jennifer is so overwhelmingly sexy here that many viewers don’t even notice, let alone remember, that Debra Cole is naked too.
      • Virginia Madsen also goes nude in The Hot Spot, but even she pales alongside the glow of future Oscar-winner Jennifer’s glorious Golden Globes.
    • Pam Grier 
	Nude Pam Grier click to enlarge

      #19 Pam Grier nude

      Coffy (1973)

      (0:38) Dynamic and delicious, Pam primes a horny hopeful by peeling off her orange jumpsuit and puka-shell necklace to reveal her high-rise rump and gigantic, gravity-mocking bosom.

      • As the Queen of Blaxploitation, Pam starred in one classic after another. Among them: Black Mama, White Mama (1972), Hit Man (1972), Friday Foster (1975), Bucktown (1975), and Sheba, Baby (1975).
      • Coffy is not only Pam’s best nudity, it’s her best-loved film and one of her great collaborations with director Jack Hill. The others: The Big Doll House (1971), The Big Bird Cage (1972), and Foxy Brown (1974).
      • In The Arena (1973), Pam is a gladiator in ancient Rome. In Drum (1976), she’s a slave in the Old South. No wonder this timeless knockout has been dubbed “The Baddest Blacktress That Ever Was!”
    • Heather Graham Nude Heather Graham click to enlarge

      #18 Heather Graham nude

      Boogie Nights (1997)

      (0:25) Sex on wheels! As ’70s-era porn star Rollergirl, Heather leaps out of her dress in one fell swoop, revealing her two swell scoops and naturally blonde pubic mound—while making sure to leave her skates on.

      • Before Boogie Nights, Heather’s most notable role was opposite Coreys Feldman and Haim in License to Drive (1988). Baring all made her an immediate superstar.
      • To promote Boogie Nights, Heather appeared nude on a fold out Vanity Fair cover, painted gold from head to toe—or, actually, from head to trademark roller-skates.
      • Aside from Heather, Julianne Moore appears memorably nude in Boogie Nights, as do real-life porn stars Skye Blue, Summer Cummings, and Nina Hartley.
    • Elizabeth Berkley Nude Elizabeth Berkley click to enlarge

      #17 Elizabeth Berkley nude

      Showgirls (1995)

      (0:26) Stark naked Elizabeth struts off to a strip-club lap-dance room with Gina Gershon and Kyle MacLachlan. Elizabeth then growls, grunts, and power-grinds atop Kyle’s pants while Gina watches to an explosively sticky climax.

      • This is the greatest lap dance of all time—and not just in the movies. This is the greatest lap dance anywhere, ever, period. And Showgirls is Mr Skin’s favorite movie ever too.
      • Pre-Showgirls, Elizabeth starred as Jessie Spano on TV’s Saved by the Bell. Then she took lessons from real strippers, dyed her pubes blonde, and forever after changed her image.
      • Elizabeth earned just $100,000 for Showgirls. On video, the movie has generated in excess of $100 million. When she asked for $2,500 to do an interview for a special edition DVD, the studio declined.
    • Mimi 
	Rogers Nude Mimi Rogers click to enlarge

      #16 Mimi Rogers nude

      Full Body Massage (1995)

      (1:05) After oiling up and working over Mimi’s bare butt, master masseur Bryan Brown applies history’s luckiest hands to her mammoth, mouth-watering breasts, kneading their hugeness, tweaking her nipples, and making the whole world jealous forever.

      • Volcanically voluptuous Mimi bared boobs in The Rapture (1991) and Bulletproof Heart (1994), but her full body exposure in Full Body Massage came as a stunning surprise.
      • Full Body Massage premiered on Showtime on November 5, 1995—a date that will live in skinfamy!
      • Director Nicolas Roeg also helmed Walkabout (1971), which features a constantly naked Jenny Agutter, and Castaway (1987), where Amanda Donohoe also gets nude non-stop.
    • Jaime 
	Pressly Nude Jaime Pressly click to enlarge

      #15 Jaime Pressly nude

      Poison Ivy 3: The New Seduction (1997)

      (0:13) Embodying the ultimate teen temptress, Jaime steps to the edge of a bathtub and drops her robe to reveal her perfectly round, exquisitely sculpted ass. When she eases into the water, we see her big, buoyant boobies to boot.

      • Prior to making Poison at 19, Jaime was a champion gymnast and jet-setting fashion model. “I worked my ass off for this body,” she declared, “and I enjoy it!”
      • HBO promoted Poison Ivy 3 with a barrage of shock ads highlighting Jaime in a thong. As a result, the movie premiered to record ratings on May 20, 1997.
      • Other Poison Ivy installments specialize in grown-up child stars going nude: Drew Barrymore in the 1992 original, Alyssa Milano in Poison Ivy 2: Lily (1996), and Miriam McDonald in Poison Ivy 4: The Secret Society (2008).
    • Kaki 
	Hunter Nude Kaki Hunter click to enlarge

      #14 Kaki Hunter nude

      Porky’s (1982)

      (1:02) After gym period, Kaki and her female classmates hit the showers for a fully nude scrub session while three heroically horny heroes from the boys’ basketball team spy on them through holes in the wall.

      • In this one moment alone, Porky’s achieves cinema’s greatest peep scene, as well as its greatest group shower.
      • Porky’s takes place in the 1950s, which explains the naturally hairy pubic hairstyles, which prompt one peeper to proclaim: “I’ve never seen so much wool. You could knit a sweater!”
      • Made on the cheap, Porky’s blockbuster success ignited the 1980s’ teen-sex-comedy revolution, which also brought us Zapped! (1982), Joysticks (1983), Screwballs (1983), Valley Girl (1983), Fraternity Vacation (1985), et al.
    • Shannon Elizabeth Nude Shannon Elizabeth click to enlarge

      #13 Shannon Elizabeth nude

      American Pie (1999)

      (0:44) Shannon steps into a bedroom that’s equipped with a spy camera, unaware that dudes from school are watching her online. She removes her shirt, massages her knockers, then diddles herself to a porn mag.

      • American Pie revived the classic ’80s-style teen sex comedy.
      • Raunchy, rack-packed, R-rated campus farces that followed in Pie’s wake include Varsity Blues (1999), Road Trip (2000), Sorority Boys (2002), and Van Wilder (2002).
      • Pie also spawned two theatrical sequels—American Pie 2 (2001) and American Wedding (2003)—plus three direct-to-DVD follow-ups: American Pie Presents Band Camp (2005), American Pie Presents The Naked Mile (2006), and American Pie Presents Beta House (2007). All feature great nudity.
    • Jamie Lee Curtis Nude Jamie Lee Curtis click to enlarge

      #12 Jamie Lee Curtis nude

      Trading Places (1983)

      (0:59) Jamie, as a hooker with a heart of gold, removes her shirt to reveal her bountiful treasure chest in a mirror while Dan Aykroyd looks on, speechless.

      • After Halloween (1978), The Fog (1980), Prom Night (1980), and Terror Train (1980), Jamie Lee feared being typecast. Trading Places showed her range—by the cupful.
      • Jamie Lee’s other 1983 effort, Love Letters, is another must for skin fans. She herself once guessed that her topless time accounts for “75 percent” of the romantic drama.
      • Trading Places director John Landis previously contributed to our Top 100 at #73, with Mary Louise Weller’s open-window display in Animal House (1978).
    • Katie 
	Holmes Nude Katie Holmes click to enlarge

      #11 Katie Holmes nude

      The Gift (2000)

      (1:35) Standing in a swamp with Greg Kinnear, Katie unwraps her top and gifts us with her potently perky C-cups. Kinnear obviously doesn’t know how to accept such generous presents, so he immediately strangles her to death.

      • Katie was at the height of her fame as Joey Potter on the TV drama Dawson’s Creek when she granted us access to her Dawson’s Peaks.
      • The Gift is Katie’s only nude scene to date and, given her marriage to the slightly image-conscious Tom Cruise, it will likely be her last—so long as that couple remains so happy.
      • The Evil Dead, director Sam Raimi’s 1981 debut, oozes nakedness and freaky sex, but The Gift is his lone effort since then to feature even one real nude scene.
    • Anne Hathaway Nude Anne Hathaway click to enlarge

      #10 Anne Hathaway nude

      Havoc (2005)

      (0:36) Anne crawls seductively on a couch while her boyfriend videotapes her. We see butt crack over the top of her pants. She then takes off her top to reveal her breasts.

      • As a teen, Anne hit it big in Disney’s G-rated Princess Diaries movies.
      • Since debuting nude, Anne starred in Brokeback Mountain (2005), The Devil Wears Prada (2006), and Get Smart (2008).
      • Anne scored a Best Actress Academy Award nomination for Rachel Getting Married (2008).
    • Alyssa 
	Milano Nude Alyssa Milano click to enlarge

      #9 Alyssa Milano nude

      Embrace of the Vampire (1995)

      (0:50) Alyssa poses topless for photographer Charlotte Lewis. The snapping session evolves into a heated girl-girl makeout.

      • Alyssa became a star as Samantha Micelli, Tony Danza’s daughter on Who’s the Boss?
      • Embrace of the Vampire forever changed Alyssa’s good-girl image—for the better!
      • Having proven her supernatural sexiness, Alyssa went on to star as a hot witch on the TV series Charmed.
    • Eva Green 
	Nude Eva Green click to enlarge

      #8 Eva Green nude

      The Dreamers (2003)

      (1:22) Eva is seen topless, wearing long black gloves, posing like the Venus de Milo come beautifully to life.

      • The Dreamers landed Eva the role of Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale (2006).
      • Selecting just one Dreamers scene is a challenge; Eva appears naked 10 times.
      • Legendary filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci—who created the landmark Last Tango in Paris (1972)—directed The Dreamers.
    • Halle 
	Berry Nude Halle Berry click to enlarge

      #7 Halle Berry nude

      Swordfish (2001)

      (0:38) Halle is sunbathing and reading a magazine. Hugh Jackman approaches. She drops the magazine and we see her breasts.

      • Famously, Halle earned $500,000 to go topless here.
      • Halle’s other great naked moment is her sex scene in Monster’s Ball (2001).
      • Swordfish beats Ball as Halle’s hottest work because we get a clearer, longer look at her nude body.
    • Kelly 
	Preston Nude Kelly Preston click to enlarge

      #6 Kelly Preston nude

      Mischief (1985)

      (0:59) Teenage Kelly strips full-frontally naked in her bedroom for Doug McKeon.

      • Kelly is best known today as the long-time wife of John Travolta.
      • Mischief is set in 1956. Many 1980s teen sex comedies followed a nostalgia trend (Porky’s, Losin’ It, Screwballs).
      • Doug McKeon, the guy here with Kelly, was the kid in On Golden Pond (1981).
    • Marisa 
	Tomei Nude Marisa Tomei click to enlarge

      #5 Marisa Tomei nude

      Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead (2007)

      (0:14) We enjoy a long look at Marisa topless walking around her bedroom, talking to Ethan Hawke after sex.

      • Marisa stunned the world by winning an Academy Award for My Cousin Vinny (1992).
      • Of Marisa’s four nude scenes in Devil, this is the longest look at her incredible, 42-year-old body.
      • Marisa followed up by famously going nude again in The Wrestler (2008).
    • Jessica 
	Biel Nude Jessica Biel click to enlarge

      #4 Jessica Biel nude

      Powder Blue (2009)

      (1:08) Jessica dances on stage at a strip club. She exposes her breasts, then drips candle wax all over her naked body.

      • Jessica initially reached stardom on the wholesome TV series 7th Heaven.
      • The nude scene in Powder Blue was heavily hyped prior to the movie’s release—and then Jessica lived up to the buzz.
      • Unlike Jessica Alba in Sin City (2005) and Lindsay Lohan in I Know Who Killed Me (2007), Jessica plays a stripper who actually strips!
    • Sharon 
	Stone Nude Sharon Stone click to enlarge

      #3 Sharon Stone nude

      Basic Instinct (1992)

      (0:27) While being interrogated by police, Sharon uncrosses and crosses her legs, revealing—via a shocking shot of her vagina—that she is not wearing underpants.

      • This is the most intimately explicit nude scene ever performed by an A-list star.
      • Sharon proves she’s a natural blonde.
      • Sharon claims she was “tricked” into doing this scene. Even so, she doesn’t regret it.
    • Angelina Jolie Nude Angelina Jolie click to enlarge

      #2 Angelina Jolie nude

      Gia (1998)

      (0:27) After a nude snooze, Angelina (playing real-life model Gia Carangi) bares boobs and butt walking down the hallway trying to stop lesbian lover Elizabeth Mitchell from leaving.

      • Angelina was a relative unknown prior to Gia. This movie made her the most famous woman in the world.
      • Just like Gia Carangi, Angelina is openly bisexual in real life.
      • The other woman here is Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays Juliet on Lost.
    • Phoebe 
	Cates Nude Phoebe Cates click to enlarge

      #1 Phoebe Cates nude

      Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)

      (0:51) In Judge Reinhold’s masturbation fantasy, Phoebe rises from a backyard pool in a red bikini, approaches him in slow motion, and pops off her top to reveal her breasts.

      • This is the celebrity nude scene to which all other celebrity nude scenes must answer.
      • The power of this moment comes from a young star at her most beautiful, a sexy slow-motion build-up, and the relatable circumstance of a teenage crush on your sister’s hot friend.
      • After Fast Times, Phoebe Cates never did a topless scene again. Her work was done!
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