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    Pr0n Glutton's profile
    May 2013 Update

    Not much to say right now. My Wordpress page has been disabled, so I just went to Tumblr instead - since they don't allow close ups of genitals at WP. Which sucks, I love the Wordpress blog style (tags and categories), but there's not enough activity in comparison to tumblr, so it only makes sense.

    The DoubleCocks group has been essentially cancelled since it wasn't active enough and there are better tumblrs out there for the same content. I suggest you look up FuckYeahFriendlyFire

    Latest handful of Deathmetal galleries aren't actually new, but I found them on Xhamster despite his profile being deleted, so I went and head and mirrored him before the pages are removed or lost.

    My primary blog is

      Posted on : May 11, 2013 | Comments (0)
    Roleplay Cybering Log: "Wet Gifts" Featuring Pr0n_Glutton [Watersports, cumplay, MILF)

    I had a very fun an erotic RP with a woman who I share alot of interests and have become very fond of.It started with some mild flirting in the Futanari Palace chat room: I joined the room, pretended to rummager through her porn (based of a previous conversation), she "stole my cum" and asked for more. I knew she was feeling frisky so I decided to play with her. If you liked it, tell us what you think! A fuller version is posted in the Stories section of Futanari Palace.

     <Pr0n_Glutton> Aroused by the Pony's perversions, the Glutton unzips and drops his pants, revealing tightly fit boxer shorts and an obvious poking boner.
    <Pr0n_Glutton> boxer briefs*
    * PonyAthena42 licks her lips
    <Pr0n_Glutton> Sliding down his undergarments, his hard cock rubs against the boxers until finally billowing out, flopping up and down for a few seconds
    <Pr0n_Glutton> He awaits for the cup to be presented...
    * PonyAthena42 sits down on her ankles ans knees, and opens her mouth
    <Pr0n_Glutton> The Glutton raises his eyebrows, expecting the same cup from before, but shrugs it off, and starts lightly teasing his glans.
    <Pr0n_Glutton> He rubs in a constant circular motion, eventually coaxing a medium droplet a clear, slimy fluid. The Glutton rotates to the side and plays with the precum like bubbgle gum to show how it stretches.
    <Pr0n_Glutton> Done with the mild foreplay, he smears the precum down his shaft, lubricating himself to the start of a vigorous masturbation session.
    * PonyAthena42 begins to drool with anticipation
    <Pr0n_Glutton> Constantly stroking his rod, his right hand becomes reddened, sweatty, pre-cum soaked, and warm. He pauses for a moment, gripping his cock tightly with his left hand while placing his jerking hand (right) over Athena's eager face.
    <Pr0n_Glutton> The Glutton inquires: "Do you smell that? The musty aroma of my cock?" As he rubs his hands over her face.
    * PonyAthena42 licks at Pr0n's hand
    <Pr0n_Glutton> The warmth of his hands caresses her cheeks and he uses his newly licked hands and extra lubricant for intense stroking.
    * PonyAthena42 gets a glazed look in her eyes from the scent
    <Pr0n_Glutton> The glutton strokes hard, pulling forcefully on his cock, balls boundfully bouncing back and forth, slapping his on ass, backing a very audible smacking noise.
    <Pr0n_Glutton> Perverted the glutton is, he's actually turned on by the sound of his fapping and the smell of his cock. He furiously fap, gaining labored breathing.
    <Pr0n_Glutton> The jerking becomes faster, faster, FASTER, then "AAAAAUUUUUUGH, UUHHHH, UHHH...." The Gluttons cock spews like a cannon, shooting strings of this jizz straight into the pony wide open mouth, the first shot nearly choking her as it causes a gag reflex.
    * PonyAthena42 moans with pleasure at the feeling of the warm cum, and the devine taste
    <Pr0n_Glutton> "AAAAH, UH" His cock spews a few more ropes of cream and a few drops dangle directly from his urethra to her mouth.
    <Pr0n_Glutton> "Whew! Didn't realize that load would be so thick, despite the last one you stole." The glutton then, wtih jealousy, stares at ath the pony, savoring his cum.
    * PonyAthena42 stands up, grabs Pr0n by the head, and kisses him passionately and deeply, swirling Pr0n's cum between their mouths
    <Pr0n_Glutton> The glutton thinks. "God, she looks pretty with my cum on her, I'm falling in love" Wonders, how he should show affection...
    * PonyAthena42 continues kissing, holding Pr0n close, and starts pissing through her panties
    <Pr0n_Glutton> The glutton gleefuly swashes saliva and semen between there mouths, almost as if isn't supposed to be perverted to enjoy cum kissing. To them, snowballing comes as natural and breathing.
    * Pr0n_Glutton quickly disrobes completely and gets on the floor, with a gladly willing wide open mouth.
    * PonyAthena42 squats over Pr0n's face, allowing her bladder to slowly empty into his eager mouth
    <Pr0n_Glutton> He is so horny at the thought of her freshly brewed pissed being filtered by her dirty pantties.
    <Pr0n_Glutton> "Oh so tasty, I can't drink it fast enough! can you slow down a bit?"
    <Pr0n_Glutton> (out of character, I'm actually drinking golden yellow apple juice as we speak!)
    * PonyAthena42 slows down a little, and begins to rub her wet panties against Pr0n's nose
    * Pr0n_Glutton is finally able to savor his golden gift, and swashes it a bit through all the sectors of his tounge, to get a full flavor of the urine, while simultaneously aroused by the scent of pissy panties and a natural pussy scent
    <Pr0n_Glutton> The Glutton, gets up for a moment and spews her own piss point blank at her face like a Serious Same shotgun
    * PonyAthena42 squees with delight
    <Pr0n_Glutton> I know you've been hard at work, my love, perhaps a wet massage will make you feel better?
    * PonyAthena42 rips off her panties, pushes Pr0n back down to the floor, straddles him, and begins to push his cock into her cunt
    <Pr0n_Glutton> The glutton wonders if her bladder is empty..
    * PonyAthena42 pisses a little bit to moisten Pr0n's cock
    <Pr0n_Glutton> His cocked is moisted and warm by the fresh urine running down is cock and balls.
    <Pr0n_Glutton> Thank you dear!
    <PonyAthena42> I want you inside me, and I want you to piss inside me too
    <Pr0n_Glutton> The glutton with a cock, mostly hard, becomes fully erect again a knocks a bit in her cock.
    <PonyAthena42> O.O  
    <PonyAthena42> I have a cock???
    <Pr0n_Glutton> fucked that one up
    <Pr0n_Glutton> cunt*
    <Pr0n_Glutton> XD
    <Pr0n_Glutton> LMAO
    <Pr0n_Glutton> god damn fingers
    * PonyAthena42 gladly slides down your shaft, feeling you go deep in her cunt
    * PonyAthena42 begins to bob on her ankles, her ass rising up and down, her cunt gripping your cock tightly, massaging it all over with every bounce
    <Pr0n_Glutton> The glutton feels honored, as a girl, yes, an actual girl is more than willing to accept what is typicaly seen as liquid waste and something meant for toilet.
    <Pr0n_Glutton> Fortunately, he had some drinks before the encounter, and shoots a small bit of piss into her cunt, mostly gauge her reaction to being pissed in.
    <Pr0n_Glutton> liquid waste*
    * PonyAthena42 shudders as she cums, her face alit with a grin of bliss
    <Pr0n_Glutton> Realizing his dream come true, fucking a horny piss slut, he completely lets go a full rushing of piss straight up into her cunt at full speed, as if he was pissing deperation at a toilet from holding a large bladder for too long.
    * PonyAthena42 feels her cunt convulse, and she cums hard, relishing the feeling of piss inside her.  "Oh god YES Pr0n!!!!  Oh fuck fill my cunt with your piss!!!"
    <Pr0n_Glutton> "Oh yeah, delight in my piss you dirty slut. I know you love having your pussy used as my personal vaginal urnial.
    * Pr0n_Glutton feel's his own piss drench himself. Being the horny bisexual pervert he is, he's just as turned on by his own piss as hers.
    <Pr0n_Glutton> A golden puddle grows larger and larger under them, looking more like a spilled container of apple juice. The puddle spreads amongst the floor quickly with thier combined urine.
    * PonyAthena42 lowers herself all the way onto your shaft, resting on your crotch, her cunt still convulsing
    <Pr0n_Glutton> He's so turned on that he's sharing a wonderful piss and watersports experience with with a girl just as perverted as he is. he grabs her tightly, falling in love. "What next, dear?"
    * PonyAthena42 bends down and kisses Pr0n passionately
    <PonyAthena42> nothing else tonight hun, I need to start packing things up
    * PonyAthena42 uses her panties as a plug to keep as much piss inside her as possible "And I'll be driving home like this"
    <Pr0n_Glutton> May have the panties?
    * PonyAthena42 reluctantly gives the piss soaked panties
    <Pr0n_Glutton> I will cherish this for a very long time
    * Pr0n_Glutton sniffs her pissy patnies while gladyly rolling a bit in their love puddle
    <PonyAthena42> you be sure to clean things up, will you?
    <Pr0n_Glutton> of course, I'll make sure to drink it all! *cough* will be taken care of professionally <.<
    <PonyAthena42> *kiss* you be a good glutton now :)
    <Pr0n_Glutton> that's right, thanks to you, I got a good boner and sticy undies
    <Pr0n_Glutton> and you be a good pony smut goddess XD
    * PonyAthena42 hugs Pr0n goodnight
    <Pr0n_Glutton> bye

      Posted on : Feb 29, 2012 | Comments (0)
    Working on Sloppy Seconds video collection.

    If you're a regular visitor to my page, you've probably noticed I don't upload as much. It doesn't mean I'm not involved in as much smut as I'm usually am and in fact i'm in volved in a project to collect sloppy seconds and creampie gangbang videos and post them somewhere. It's likely to be a while before I post, since I have to find, download, and search it all. That said, I'm still here. I may post a link or gallery in my blog ever so often or content a XHamster, but mostly I'm at FP and chat. I'm actually playing more video games now than spending time on porn, so I haven't been as horny or developed new projects, but the glutton always have a sorting or upload project in the works.
      Posted on : Feb 29, 2012 | Comments (0)
    Clearing up disk space.

    I'm no longer working on hentai so I am at ImageFap more often with various uploads. However, I am having to manage space on my hard drives, so I'm working on burning various content to disc, SOME of which may be uploaded here, or on I'm currently making space for a massive project involving Aria Giovanni photos. So there will be a few various uploads here (not of Aria) but possibly not to much because I am busy. When I'm finished with the project (which will take weeks, possibly months) I will place details in my blog.
      Posted on : Oct 5, 2011 | Comments (0)
    Your friendly Internet Pimp!

    So I've got a handful of people wanting me to repost their pics for them. I'm actually flattered people see me as someone to look up to in reposting pr0nz. I didn't really think it was a point to repost pics that are already on ImageFap, but I came up with an idea.

    If you post pics of yourself and want to be reposted and promoted, send me a private message and I'll give you some details on what to do.

      Posted on : Jan 21, 2011 | Comments (0)
    More focused on my EHentai uploads now

    I haven't been posting much lately, but that is because I'm currently absorbed in my Hentai uploads. Of course, you won't see too much of it here, because I am posting most of it on EHentai, which is better suited for my hentai uploads. I could possibly upload a few here if people request them, but my guess is nobody is going to read this blog, so it doesn't matter. I'd like to possibly upload a few select Hentai galleries here anyways, but I make no promises of that. I have over 200 galleries and counting of great hentai content, so give a browse there.



    As we speak, I'm currently  uploading a VStephens gallery, and that actually is quite suited for this site, but it is about 475 pics, and take a while to upload. Another user has uploaded a gallery wiht 175 pics. I didn't expect to beat that image count, but I did. Look for it at EHentai soon.


      Posted on : Oct 8, 2010 | Comments (0)
    Possible Fake Girls: MinxyBBW, f2kiss, KittySquirts and more

    I did my usual thing of looking around the site, and becoming a fan of various users. I usually expect a "fan back" because of the diversity of my posts. I was suprised to find three actual genetic girls actually became a fan on my account with in moments of each other. I've seen these accounts recently all over the 'fap so I did some research. I'm finding that strangly enough, those three "girls" and a couple possible others are all of a sudden becoming a fan of various pages at the same time. As of this blog (or right before I wrote this) All three accounts were made within the last 20hrs and they were all online at this moment. I found a couple other profile pages that were similar.


    You mean to tell me that 3-5 random genetic girls (and girls don't exist on the Internet, remember?) are actually becoming a fan of me and other profiles at coincidentally the same time? I've always been a chick reflector, not a chick magnet. And I certainly don't have pictures of my own for girls to judge, which is what they usually want. My guess, it's the same person posing as these girls and going to everybody's profile, becoming fans so those accounts can be more popular. After all, none of them are verified, 4 out of 5 of them just registered within 19-21 hours as of this posting, and they are almost all fanning IF profiles within moments of each other, leaving their names right next to each other in what seems to be the same order. Right, you're a girl.

    The accused accounts are: 





    tarthearts (possible exception, registered for 1mo and 11 days)

     Notice how they all have unverified accounts with 1-3 cell phone/myspace-ish photos, how they have similar register times and how they never make comments? No favorites either. I guess if you're pretending to be 4-5 different people, you don't have the time to have favorite galleries for all 4-5 people. Verdict: Imposter(s)

    Sometimes, I give female accounts the benefit of the doubt, but I know this place is secretly notorious for tons of fake female accounts made by men trying to get revenge on ex's or being perv's by stealing people pics and reposting them online without permission. Hell, I ranted about it in previous blogs. I did comment postively on MinxyBBW, but I feel like retracting that comment now. I bet RedheadAmber is fake too: "She" deleted my comment that asked if she was fake or not (with no reply - even though "she" comment on my profile twice ), and any photos with her face looks strangly photoshopped (the face lighting in all of them are weird for amatuer photos.


      Posted on : Jul 2, 2010 | Comments (3)
    So I lied..

    I thought I was going to take a break from this site, but I can't help but to find more great content to upload. I MUST SHARE IT! I'm in the process of removing stuff from my drive and on to discs, which mean some of it I want to repost here before I remove them for good. The primary thing I'm working on are Pro Amatuer wives, Amatuer couples with professional looking websites and pornography - the perfect kind of porn. This is the stuff I jacked to before I got cable internet and had the money for a large hard drive, and all I could do was check out samples from There were ALOT of hot wives posted on that site back in the early 00's. I'll be posting that and probably continue on doing more Shemale Bulges....god I love my taste in porn...being able to go from the most normal, straight amateur porn to some freaky CHICKS WITH DICKS BULGING IN THEIR PANTIES porn. Hope you enjoy my uploads.
      Posted on : Jun 22, 2010 | Comments (0)
    More Ronja coming soon, and Shemale Bulges comeback!

    I have a few more galleries of Gangbang slut Ronja coming soon. If you're not into the "str8" guys jacking with each other...sorry, I'm a guy who likes almost everything, That should be the last of those two, but more could be posted if I find more from other guys.

    My new work schedule gives me less time to hunker down and upload galleries as much as I used to, though, I'm still focused on delivery of high quanity of high quality porn. Just expect to see uploads either trickle in or have long lapses in uploads. As long as I still post on Futanari Palace (almost daily), then you'll know wheter I'm alive or not.

    Also, I will soon continue back the upload of Shemale Bulges. YAY! I love that stuff. I can't remember why I stopped, I guess I focused on other things around then (not to mention getting the job probably around then), but after I finish my new few Ronja uploads (no more than 5 galleries left) and after finding any other small things to upload, I'll jump back to the bulges I love so much. Hope these shemale bulges give you some bulges of your own ^_^.

      Posted on : May 20, 2010 | Comments (0)
    RedheadAmber's Photos Faked??? Or am I just Paranoid?

    Some of you have seen RedheadAmber here. She's not easy to miss with her frequent comments and her  distinctive blue shirt, red hair/lips avatar. I remember visiting her profile before and I thought I became a fan, but I realized I didn't when I visit her profile again for new pics. So I became a fan and looked at her pics.

    Here's a link to her page if you haven't been to it:

    I do find her attractive, but her pics give me a very strange vibe. Nearly all galleries have exactly two or three pics, usually a body shot (no face at all) and some shot with her face in it. I've used alot of Photoshop and sometimes I can see when an image is edited. What bothers me is that nearly face shot has "something wierd" going on with it, whether fer face appaears too bright, miscolored, oddly shaded, blurried or has an image graininess different from the rest of the picture. Nearly every face shot of her looks almost unatural and has that "Face cut from another person look". The fact that most galleries a single faceless body shot and then suddenly a "weird" face shot is what makes me suspicious. However, her body appears consitent from the photos I've looked at, which could be enough to discredit my possible assumption. However, that would be easy just to copy your face over the body of the same person instead of using different ones (smarter too if you were trying to trick people)

    I'm not one of those guys who scream fake at every picture or video to avoid feeling like they're being pranked. But something about those pics just don't seem right, or it could be just a strange series of coincidences. If I am wrong, then I apologize to Amber to jumping to conclusions (though I never really concluded the pictures were fake, just brought up the question). However, if I'm right about this, I wonder what the person behind the profile is trying to gain. We had a similar situation at Futanari Palace where another guy was imitating redhead Model/Pornstar Saige Aeryne as "UberWezzel". It was convincing because he was actually able to get HER to take pictures proving she was a real FP member!!! Yes, with a website sign and "her" supposed screename too! I believe that incident involved legal issues, and possibly jail time or some sort of criminial punishment, so I doubt it would be the same exact person, but I'm just extremely curious about those face shots. :/

    Edit: I also realize her account has been verfied, but as far as I know, it isn't up in her galleries, and I think it's possible to try to really work around the verification if they really tried (I mean, explain why so many front page girls have next to nothing looking at on their pages while I have to upload shittons to get 1400+ fans and recognition). Again I realize I probably sound real paranoid, but I wanted to bring this up. And if I'm wrong please inform me.

      Posted on : May 9, 2010 | Comments (3)
    Answer: The difference between Shemale, Transvestite, Drag Queen, Crossdresser, etc.

    Yeah, so the terminology used to label the folks who cross gender lines can be VERY confusing. Here's a quick list from straight to gay to give you an idea of what means what.

    Asexual - Does not reproduce sexualy (animals...virgins XD)

    Heterosexual - Attracted to the opposite sex

    Crossdresser - A person, often male, who may wear clothing often assigned to the other gender usually for the sake of fetish, comfort or fashion. This can usually mean just one article of female clothing, or more (I.E just stockings, just pantyhose, just girl shoes, etc. Could be a combination of either) Does not necessarily mean gay. In fact, many straight married or female dating men like to wear womens clothing for how they feel or other "non-gay" reasons

    Drag Queen - A male who dresses as a woman, often for competitions and recreation. Usually gay or bisexual, but not always. These people may spend a majority of their lifetime working on thier "queen" status, though they may maintain a "normal" working or other life as a male in "male" clothing  Drag Queen - A male who dresses as a woman, often for competitions and recreation. Usually gay or bisexual, but not always. These people may spend a majority of their lifetime working on thier "queen" status, though they may maintain a "normal" working or other life as a male in "male" clothin.

    Drag King - Same as above, though with a woman that dresses as a man. Usually not that common and many if not most Drag Kings are serious about feeling "masculine"

    Transvestite - A person, usually male, that wears women's clothing often for fetish or fun. More than often, Transvestites are either bisexual or gay, but not always the case. "TV's" usually go a little bit out their way to dress up like women other than just clothes, such as makeup, lipstick nails, wigs, shaving, perfume, and possible skin treatments (tanning, anal bleaching, lotions, etc).

    Trap - Internet slang for a male that appears like a natural born female with little to medium effort. Usually a term for young boys that feminine features or less pronounced masculine features. A good example is "Linetrap" before she came known as Harley Quinn or Bailey Jay. Sexuality varies

    Transgendered - Often confused with Transexual, though not always interchangable. If I remember correctly, it is a term for somebody (male or female) who doesn't feel like they are in the right gender. Usually the case when a male feels like he's a woman or a woman feels like she is a man, despite their chromosomes

    Transexual - A term applied to any sex that has sucessfully transitioned from one sex or another. Some may keep their original genetalita after taking hormones, surgery or other treatments to appear as the opposite sex. 

    Shemale/Ladyboy/Kathoey/TGirl/Newhalf - A term that varies per location to describe a male that has sucessfully transitioned from male to female(MTF). Shemale and Transexual are usually used in Spanish, Latin, Hispanic and English countries (with their respective translations). Ladyboy and Kathoey often refer to Thai Transexuals, though Ladyboy is commonly used for any Asian Transexuals. TGirl or "Gurl" is often short hand or slang for MTF transexuals, though has been used for transvestites as well. Newhalf is commonly used for Japanese MTFs. Transexuals are usually categorized by "pre-op" or "post-op". Pre-op means they have kept their penis while Post-op means they have had it removed.

    Transfag - Slang/Insult used to describe a woman that has transitioned to a man. I haven't heard any other unique term used to describe them, though they may be more stingy about being prefer to be called a man and not a woman.

    Bisexual - A person who is attracted to both male and female sexes.

    Omnisexual/Pansexual - I don't really know the difference off the top of my head between the two, but these terms are often used to describe a person who can find sexual attraction regardless of sex. This may mean they are attracted to men, women, and "inbetweens", though they could easily favor one sex over another, though not always. These people often say "There is no gay or straight". I (pr0n_glutton) fall somewhere in this category....or maybe asexual >.>

    Hermaphrodite/Intersexed - Somebody born with chromosomes from both sexes. They may appear male OR female and male have more pronounced male characteristics/Gentials OR female characteristics/Gentials.

    Futanari/DickGirls - Term used to decribe animated female characters that have penises, often to those that have large penises with a visible vagina instead of testes (which are sometimes considered "inside"), though, they may or may not have balls sometimes. This is rarely but sometimes used as slang for Hermaphrodites or a trap/shemale that appears as a gentically born female

    Homosexual -Used to describe some one that is only attracted to their own sex. "Gay" is often applied to men, though have been used for both sexes. "Lesbian" is exclusively for women. (lucky them)


      Posted on : Mar 19, 2010 | Comments (0)
    TIP: Make it easier for your club members to add galleries

    I found a fairly simple way to make it easy for club members to add galleries to your clubs.

    1) Go to My Fap. 2) Go to My Clubs. 3) Scroll to your club and copy the link for "Add Galleries". 4) Go to Manage Club > Page Editor and click the page that you are using for your Club News (or make a new one). 5) Type something like "Click this Link to add galleries" and then paste the link.

    And now you have an instant link for any user to add galleries to your club. This works be cause this is a default URL that isn't specific to any user, but is specific to the club, so the link will pull up the galleries of the user who will post their galleries.

    As for Firefox users (maybe all users) the Link pop-up doesn't work to well (like much of this site). If you want a clickable text link, you have to do a few steps to get it working. 

    1) Type in the HTML tags "a href=Link" (where the left quotation mark is a left bracket and the 2nd one is a right bracket. These are on the comma (,) and period (.) keys of most keyboards. Link is your link. Remeber to close your link with the right bracket). 2) Type in the text you want to be actually seen and click. I just paste link again myself, but you could say "Click Here" or "Add Galleries". 3) Type "/a" where the first quotation is a left bracket and the 2nd one is a right bracke. 4) Click "Save Entry" at the bottom. 5) go back to edit the page again and the link should show up as clickable. Click "Save Entry" AGAIN so it will actuavelly parse the link (YES, this step is crucial). 6) You should have a clickable link there.

      Posted on : Mar 15, 2010 | Comments (0)
    NOTICE: For the ppl that like or don't mind Double Vag/Anal/BJ, Frot, Cock2Cock etc


    I find that these days, alot more people enjoy or at least don't mind it when their porn has content of two men intentionally or coincidentally touching their cocks together. Of course, this crosses Bisexual territorry, and isn't comfortable for everybody. However, for everyone else, I'm personally glad to see more people get into this, it means I'm not alone.

    For straight and semi-bi guys, you need to look for the few photos, screencaps, or seconds of video to find great Double Vaginal/Anal/Blowjob content (though, it's becoming a more popular category now).

    For gay and bi males/"Inbetweens", there's a decent handful of frottage and cock2cock porn out there (thankfully it is increasing), but there never seems like there is enough compared to all the other forms of stereotypical gay anal fuck porn.

    I have made your life easier by now favoriting any and all "Multi-cock" galleries I can find. Of course, there are plenty more for me to add, and I will find more in the future. My favorites that I will post in a moment should eventually be the "one stop shop" for ImageFap Multicock porn, so you can stop scrounging around for galleries. Of course, it will take me a HELLA long time to get all the Double Penetration galleries faved, but I will do what I can. Pointing out any relevant galleries, especially ones I can't just search with the correct search term. The galleries are BASICALLY seperated "Generally straight/Accidentally Bi" or "Intentionally Gay/Bi"

    Multi-Cock: DP/DV/DA/DBJ:

    Multi-Cock: Gay/Bi/Frot/FF/Cocks:

    If you like that, be sure to become my fan! Also, if you're really into this kind of stuff, there's a whole forum for this fetish!

      Posted on : Mar 13, 2010 | Comments (0)
    RANT: Instant gratification for female ImageFappers

    Isn't it great, how easy it is to become popular or recieve alot of views on ImageFap? All you need to do is a) be a girl b) provide verification c) have practically anything in your avatar and galleries and BOOM! You're on the front page. I'm amazed how many chicks that haven't done much more than taking a few pictures of themselves (many non-nude!) and suddenly they are on the front page for everybody to oogle and leave "OMG your hot" comments (mispelling "you're" of course). That's perfectly fine, especially WHEN THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE THEIR OWN CONTENT! I.E: (as of this post, she only has a drawing as an avatar, and two galleries of Tyra Banks and Scarlett Johanson). As for people who have been here a while, uploading hundreds of galleries, thousands of pics, joining dozens, maybe hundreds of clubs and EARNED tons of comments from people all over the world, they are just nobodies because they aren't hot girls verifying themselves. Apparently my nearly 1100 fans over a span of a year (fans I've earned posting content they LOVE) means nothing here.


    Look, I'm not too surprised. I'm sure 9/10 of IF staff/mods are men and most of them are pretty much first paging any girl that verifies herself. I don't really expect an page ran mostly by purely straight men to have a lot of male pages on hte front page, but it's lame to get credit just for being a girl and not do anything. I don't mean to hate on any of the individual female posters here , I'm just denouncing the stupidity of staff judgement. Of course it's their site and it's nobody's obligation to please me, but I think a site that attracts all kinds of people can be a little bit more reasonable.

      Posted on : Feb 24, 2010 | Comments (2)
    Categories Thumbnailed, Foot Fetish Content, and more about FI

    I currently have all my gallery category thumbnail to make it look better...not that it's really anything worth blogging about, but it's there now.

    I've decided to focus on finishing posting my Foot Fetish content gradually. I'd like to post it all, but granted it's +3GB's and I've already torrented most of it so no promises. My it's my way of stepping away from bi/gay content (even though I'm browsing that as I type, lol).

    Futanari Insanity is now in it's 5th part and if you like Futanari hentai pics then you must make room on your hard drive and get it while there are still seeds. I'm no longer seeding th first 4 parts, but there are still seeder for them. All you need to do is google "Futanari insanity Pr0n_glutton" and finf it posted all across the web. I'd only suggest it from trusted porn trackers (Cheggit, PureTNA, Empornium) or other trackers it might land at (PirateBay, IsoHunt). Many links were reposted by other users, but I'm primarily posting them at Deadfrog Torrent (no registration) and Cheggit (my favorite Porn Tracker). I post it at other ones unless somebody reposts it for me. Another user is taking the courtesy to repost them at PirateBay for me. I repreat GET IT WHILE IT'S HOT! I will never repost or reseed again (except for possible part revisions IF I ever do that).

      Posted on : Jan 31, 2010 | Comments (0)
    A little delay

    I stated I would be uploading a large amount of pictures soon. These pictures are taking a while to collect, so it actually might be a while before I get them here, but I think it will be worth it. It may be a few days, maybe even a week or two, but it's a current project so it will be done soon.
      Posted on : Dec 18, 2009 | Comments (0)
    Ton's of great TGirl photos coming soon

    If you're reading this, I hope you like TGirls, because soon I will be uploading buttloads of great TGirl Photos nearly guaranteed to get you hard (Some are photoshopped to hell). The featured content may reach the thousands in amount of pictures. I won't exactly reveal where it's coming from, but I will say it's an excort service and not a pure porn site, so hopefully there will be some faces, logos, and photos you haven't already seen (though, i know one "set of photos" from this place has been very popular.

    Us large content posters love the dirty comments (especially filthy ones) so don't hold back if you find something you like. >:)

      Posted on : Dec 16, 2009 | Comments (0)

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