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    BtmBoi's profile

    I am so touched! Thankyou so much for all your lovely comments. I'm afraid I don't always get time to reply. I'm often too busy!!! Blame daddy and his friends!! Sometimes too much cock can be diificult to deal with but I'm not complaining. At the moment I'm young, horny and can cope with it. I hope I still can when I'm Delias age. She is sooo gorgeous and she gets fucked by Christian. I WISH!! But I'm happy and Daddy keeps me content and happy. Wish I could meet you all and may be get fucked by some of you. BB XoXoX
      Posted on : Oct 22, 2017 | Comments (1)
    New Experience

    Thank you to all my new fans and to all my old ones. Recently I had a new experience that you all might like to hear about? A couple of weeks ago Daddy came home late with a very attractive woman. I was devastated!! He introduced her to me as Davina. She was older than me but still very lovely. We sat down and I poured everyone a drink. Afterwards Daddy said I am going to take a shower you two get to know each other. No sooner had he gone than Davina came to me and kissed me hard on the lips and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I was quite taken aback, I didn't dislike it but I have never made love to a woman before. She caressed my neck and and started to undress me.When I was completely naked except for my garter belt and stockings she quickly took off all her clothes to reveal a sexy body with small tits and big nipples and a lovely biggish hard cut boner!! She ordered me to my knees to suck!! It tasted amazing and I soon forgot my worries!! Just as I thought she was going to cum she said get on your hands and knees I want to see your boy pussy. She rimmed me and fingered me until I thought I would cum but then pushed her lovely dick deep into my boy pussy. I was in heaven and Daddy was forgotten but as she pumped me full of hot cum I noticed Daddy sitting naked on the sofa with a raging hardon!! He said "I knew you would get on!" Now you are both going to service me! I had been well fucked by Davina but she was ready to take Daddy's BBC. I knew when I watched that they had fucked before! I also knew that soon Daddy and Davina would fuck me again, and that's how the night carried on!! By morning I was shattered but well fucked and very happy. My first experience with another shemale won't be the last!! I'll keep you informed.πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’•πŸ’•
      Posted on : Sep 18, 2017 | Comments (3)
    A Surprising Night

    I know there are one or two of you who read my blog and like to hear about my experiences. That makes me very happy. I haven't I  written anything for a long time but last night is still very fresh in my memory and makes me very horny to think about it now. I am normally an early riser because Daddy likes to have sex before he goes to work but this morning I woke up very late, tired and sore!1

    Friday night is usually Daddy's night with the boys and he usually comes home pissed. But last night I got a call quite early from Daddy asking me to put some white wine in the fridge, he would be home soon. Now my favourite drink is white wine but so is John's, one of Daddy's friends. I have had threesomes with Daddy and John many times and when Daddy has been away John has looked after me!! John is a big man and everything is in proportion. His cock is not as long as Daddy's but very thick. He is older than me but younger than Daddy and has a lot of energy. Once is never enough for John!! "I'm going to look forward to this evening" I thoght to myself. Dadddy had also asked me to make sure I put in my biggest butt plug!! And to wear some sexy undies! 

    They got home about nine and neither were pissed (for a change)!! I pored John a cold white wine and Daddy had his usual beer. John sat on the sofa with his glass and asked Daddy if I could give him a blowjob as he had not had sex for a while and was feeling verry horny!! I was more than reaady to please!! I knelt beside him opened his flies and took out his big cock. It was semi-hard but soon became rock hard in my mouth. Daddy watched but at first didn't join in. Then he came behind me lifted up my plaid skirt and pulled my panties down. When he saw my butt plug he grunted and pulled it out. I thought he was going to fuck mebut in stead he pushed two fingers in to me and started to finger fuck me. I quite like that but I wasn't expecting what would come next!! I was quite wet and gaping because of the butt plug but was not expecting Daddy to push his hand deep into my pussy!! I have been fisted but it is not my favourite! I'm not into drugs but I do like to use poppers and this was I time I needed them. I asked Daddy if I could youse them, he took his hand out of my pussy and passed me the small bottle. I took two deep sniffs and got back onto Johns cock. Daddy's hand was in me again≥ But this time it wasn't so bad. But my pussy was well stretched, and John was cumming in my mouth!!

     I begged Daddy to give me a short break. I felt like I was being split in half!! So he said take off all your clothe and give us another drink. You can have one yourself if you want. I need ed one but after the poppers and the one I was on heat and ready for anything!! Just as well. Daddy had two or three more beers but John drank less. Daddy told me to get on my knees for John to fuck me!! Iwas really craving for cock now and a little fuzzy after the wine and poppers. John mounted me and pushed his thick meat into my pussy balls deep and Dady filled my mouth. I  was filled and happy. I love to be spit roast!! Daddy came quite soon and I had a second load down my throat!John was still fucking me very hard. He always lasts a long time after his first orgasm!!

    Suddeny I felt something quite strange. Daddy had come back and was pushing his big cock into my well stretched hole as well.Fisted and DP'd on the same night!! Not sure I liked it very much but I definitely felt full. After another few drinks Daddy fell asleep and John took mee to bed and fucked me again filling my well stretched pussy with cum. I don't often do bareback but always with John and Daddy. He pulled out of me and we both fell asleep. I wonk up about 4.30 this morning with John ontop of me again about to put another load of cum inside me. He was insatiable and I forget how many times he used me! He and Daddy were both gone when I wolk up very late this morning. Did they both use me again I don't know!! But I'm still leaking cum this aftyernoon!!

    Daddy is going away next week for ten days. But I don't think I'll be lonely or frustrated. XoXoX BB 

      Posted on : Apr 22, 2017 | Comments (2)

    Should I start taking female hormones? I am lucky that I am naturally smooth and quite feminine looking and have often been taken as a female even when I have been in male clothes. I love my sex life at the moment and I do get a lot of big cock which keeps me happy. I keep my body smooth with Veet and this is how Daddy likes me. My boobs are small but very sensitive and I can cum when Daddy plays with them while fucking me, His friends seem to enjoy my body too!! Should I change? Do I want bigger boobs??

    XoXoX   BB 

      Posted on : Aug 21, 2016 | Comments (4)
    Opening Night (In Rio) and here!!

    OMG what a night. Had a shower and settled in my baby doll nighty to watch the Opening of the Olympivs in Rio. Was really enjoying ut when Daddy came home with two slightly drunk friends!! Daddy came into the bedroom and said . Come out here girl I've got something for you. I went into the living room aand there were two black boys with their huge black members  stiff and out of their trousers. Well what can a girl do?? I was soon on my knees with the big black cocks down my throat!! Daddy lifted my nighty and lubed my pussy before pushing it into me balls deep. He hadn't fucked me yesterday and he came quite quickly flooding my pussy with hot cum!! Nice but it didn't last long enough!! The stud who's cock I was sucking lifted me up puled the night over my head and threw me on the floor. Face down pussy up! Soon another BBC was filling me. He had been drinking and so this time it went on a lot longer! Now the othe stud and daddy were naked and stroking their cocks. When the one inside me came the other replaced him in a shot! I was used all night like a blow up doll.They left in the early hours and daddy fell asleep. Leaving me sore, happy and leaking cum. I'm still leaking cum this morning! Can't wait for a repeat performance!! 
      Posted on : Aug 6, 2016 | Comments (4)
    New Fans a

    Thank you to all my new fans ❀️❀️❀️❀️ Not easy to thank you individually
      Posted on : Jun 11, 2016 | Comments (0)

    It's quite while since I wrote anything in my blog but I am very grateful for those of you out there who have read it and particularly those of you who have taken the trouble to make comments.  XoXoX. I am getting much better at dressing in sexy girly clothes now and that is thanks to a hairdresser girlfriend who has helped me from the beginning with my hair, make up and choosing sexy undies. I am so lucky that I have her help. She has a bi boyfriend (black!!!!) who is very well hung, but better still she has shared him with me!! It's almost too good to be true but she loves watching him fuck me after removing the sexy clothe that she has helped me choose. I get very turned on watching him fuck her first because I know what is going to happen next!! At the moment I am in gurly heaven. I am getting so much cock some days I am worn out and can hardly walk!!!!!! BUT I am sooooooo happy. Does anyone want to hear more.   XoXoX
      Posted on : Feb 2, 2016 | Comments (8)
    Still Gay still a bottom. Still love to be fucked by alpha males.

    Does anyone read these blogs????!! Still I like telling you about me. I have a daddy who I adore. He has a big cock. (Sorry I am a bit of a size queen.) and I do get fucked a lot.. I am quite submissive and love to be told what to do. I'm not into pain but I adore to be used and I cannot say no. I love it when daddy brings his friends home and I am very happy to service them all. I know they like my feminine looks. I look younger than I am and I always keep myself smooth. I don't take hormones but sometimes I wonder if I should.(What do you think?) I'm not a girl but I am definitely a femboi and could easily pass as a gurl, perhaps I'm a trap. But I want to be fucked by gay men. I do quite often get fucked by straight men but then I'm confused. What am I?? A boy for gay men or a female subsitute for bi's. Please tell me what you think!!
      Posted on : Jan 28, 2015 | Comments (4)
    New Fans

    Thanks to all my fans old and new. I am back now and in future I will thank you personally. XoXoX BB
      Posted on : Apr 11, 2014 | Comments (1)

    I am going away this week. So I will not be uploading any images for a few days. I will be taking my girly clothes with me.Daddy is not coming so I will be alone! Who knows what might happen!! I young gurl all alone. It could be quite enjoyable. If your interested I'll let you know how I got on. That's if anyone reads this!!
      Posted on : Mar 23, 2014 | Comments (0)

    I have been dressing in sexy girly clothes now for about three months.I am using hair remover and now I am completely smooth.I am also getting much better at applying makeup (with the help of a girlfriend. I have quite long hair so that makes me look quite girly. These days I think I would pass as a girl, a trap but so far I have only been fucked by daddy and his friends! I didn't think I would ever do this but it really feels so sexy. I love to wear stockings and sexy underwear. I am still a boi at heart but I am begining to enjoy being a gurl. More importantly Daddy loves it and I am getting fucked much more often these days. I cant wait for daddy to come home from work in the evening (maybe witha friend, even better!!) because I know I am going to get my pussy well filled. Yes I am calling it a pussy now. It's smooth and completely hairless, Daddy (and his friends ) like it that way.
      Posted on : Mar 23, 2014 | Comments (5)

    I have always looked young for my age. I am slim and not very tall. When I was 18 I could easily have been taken for 14. I was never very happy about this until I realised that I was attractive to a lot of older men! My first lover was nearly three time my age. I have never until now been interested in cross dressing but a few weeks ago Daddy brought home some sexy female under wear and some stockings. He asked me to put them on for when he got home that night. My hair is quite long and when I was dressed in the clothes I did look quite feminine and the garter belt and stockings made me feel quite horny. The affect on Daddy's cock when he came home was amazing. I didn't sleep a wink that night!! Since then I've experimented with lipstick nail varnish and more sexy undies and I now have a plaid mini skirt.. Things are looking up!!
      Posted on : Dec 28, 2013 | Comments (3)

    Hi to everyone who has recently become a fan. Thanks very much glad you like my galleries. Sorry I haven't thanked you all personally I seem to be very busy recently!!  XX
      Posted on : Jan 24, 2013 | Comments (0)
    New BF

    Thanks to everyone who has become a fan and joined my club recently. I have'nt had time to thank you personally. I've just got myself a new BF and I've been a little busy!! Bill ( not his real name) is older than me but he has a great (big) cock. I met him at the beginning of December and I've spent most of the time since then either on my knees or in bed (or on the carpet, sofa , kitchen floor.) I must have used a gallon of poppers! My well used dildo must be feeling lonely. Maybe I'll let you know the details if anyone is inetested. I'll need a rest soon!!!  XX
      Posted on : Jan 11, 2013 | Comments (0)
    Gay Sex

    I am gay and have always been gay and love sex with males. I am quite promiscuous and love to have sex with lots of people. I am not at the moment in a relationship and really prefer it that way. When I had a partner I loved the regular fucking but I still wanted to be taken by other men. I just love cock and want as many as I can get. One of my most enjoyable pastimes is to go out with a boyfriend (not lover, another bottom) to a club or gay bar and we are both picked up and go off together. I love to be fucked in a foursome. I love to feel a big cock up my ass while I watch my friend being serviced in the same way. I get turned on even more by hearing his groans and watching a big cock going into his ass, because I know that generally after our tops have cum they will swap over and I will enjoy my friends top taking me. Sometimes when we are both really turned on we kiss each other while we are both being fucked. Its great to feel his tongue in my mouth while we are both being well fucked. If our tops have the stamina sometimes either me or my friend will be DP'd.It doesn't happen very often but a bottom's dream is to have two big cocks cumming up his ass at the same time. My best experience of all time was to be fucked in the sling by about 8 tops and then to spend the rest of the night with a very big cocked, very energetic young top. I needed to sleep for two days after that and could hardly walk for a week! But I will never forget the wonderful feeling of taking all those cocks.I just live to be fucked! The more often the better and preferably by more than one big cock.
      Posted on : Jun 7, 2012 | Comments (3)
    Holiday in Spain

    I've just come back from Sitges in Nothern Spain. The weather was hot but the SEX was even hotter!! A great gay resort. Lots of Germans, I don't speak much German but I've always loved bratwurst! Anyway its not polite to speak with your mouth full.But how much German do you need? Ja and bitte and fick mich have always worked well for me!! It was a great holiday and after a week I can hardly walk. I didn't know it was possible to cum so much. I'll tell you the details if anyone is interested. XX
      Posted on : Jun 1, 2012 | Comments (1)
    Transgender Transsex.

    I am, and always have been gay and have never had sex with a woman. I have always been quite promiscuous and have had a lot of male sexual partners. I am mainly a bottom but I have always fancied young smooth gay boys with smooth asses. Recently, however, I have found myself getting turned on by TS and TV porn. I suppose  my enjoyment of young looking gay boys has lead on to my enjoyment of young transexuals, particularly if they are flat chested and have a desireable ass and a big cock! I am now ready to upload my first TS porn pics, but not yet ready to have sex with a TS. But who knows what the future will bring.
      Posted on : May 17, 2012 | Comments (1)

     I've been away for a while so i have not downloaded or uploaded anything until to-day. I've been thinking about my blog and blogs in general. Mine are accounts of things that have really happened to me not fiction. It excites me to write about them because it brings back many sexy moments that I have had over time. So are they just an indulgence on my part or do others also  enjoy to read them. I know they have been read many times but I do not ever get any comments ( or do many others come to that!). So should I stop or continue? I'd like to know what people think. I've just come back from three weeks in Sitges a very gay friendly town in Spain. I had many interesting and enjoyable experiences BUT is anyone apart from me interested? Should I write about my continuing experiences as an insatiable gay bottom. I love every minute but does anyone want to know?
      Posted on : Sep 9, 2011 | Comments (2)
    The Start of my Career as a Cum Slut.

    I got home desperate to be fucked but my BF was fast asleep. I got undressed and got in to bed with him. I kissed his neck and squeezed his balls but he just moved away.I didn't give up. I needed to be fucked. I started to caress his lovely cock but it didn't get the result I expected or wanted! "Leave me alone" he said "I've worked all day and I'm tired' I don't need this and you've been drinking. You're a slut. Go to the Heath a slut like you should be popular there" Then he turned round and went to sleep again. Right you bastard, I thought, thats what I'll do. I walked the 500 or so yards to Jack Straws Castle and walked down onto the Heath. It was very dark and was quite nervous but very excited and very randy. I walked through an avenue of trees and saw lots of cigarettes glowing in the dark and sexy sounds from all around. After afew minutes I came to clump of tree and saw three or four guy huddled together. One waved me over and offered me a bottle of poppers to sniff. He was being fucked standing up by one of the guys. Another came over to me and put his hand down the back of my jeans and kissed me passionately.The poppers were making my ass relax and making me even more randy. Suck my cock he said and i was more than ready to oblige. I unzipped his flies and took his lovely organ into my mouth. He held my head and started to face fuck me. It was great but I needed it up my ass. So I pulled off his cock and said "Fuck me---Please" He took his leather jacket off put it on the floor and pushed me onto it .Within seconds I had that lovely dick up my ass. But I had done too good ajob with my mouth. I soon felt him speed up his thrusts and sigh and a flood of warm spunk filled my ass. He kissed my neck and pulled his cock out. I felt totally empty and frustrated again! But almost immediately a bottle of poppers was pushed under my nose and a voice said "Relax I'll finish you off" An even bigger cock was pushed up my ass and again was heaven and I felt full again.The way he pushed his cock into me all the way and pulled it out slowly hitting my prostate each time was absolutely amazing. I knew I would come soon. Then I felt a cock by my lips and a voice said "suck me" I didn't need to be asked twice! Now I was in paradise. I was being fucked really well and had another big dick in my mouth.Paradise! But before long the cock in my ass began to speed up and shot a lovely hot load into me. He pulled my head round and kissed me hard on the mouth before pulling out. Then the cock that had been in my mouth was pushed up my ass. The other one put his cock, that was beginning to go limp, into my mouth. I sucked him clean and he started to harden again The cock in my ass was beginning to make me come.I shot my load and he filled me with more hot spunk.When I recovered I looked up to see for or five mor guys with hard erections. I knew this was going to be a long night and the start of my caree as a cum slut. And the end of my relationship with my BF.
      Posted on : Aug 18, 2011 | Comments (6)
    My Early Gay Sexlife

    When I was growing up I had lots of boy friends and girl friends. I knew I liked to be with boys but all my friends had girl friends so I felt that I should do the same. I was always quite young looking for my age and I seemed to be attractive to girls and to older men. My first gay relationship was with one of my teachers. He must have been about 30 when i was sixteen. I can't remember how it started but one Friday afternoon after school I remember him kissing me and putting in his hand down the front of my trousers. I was soon very erect and my cock was in his mouth. I didn't need much persuasion to get my clothes off and end up in his bed. The next thing I knew was his large erect cock in my mouth. I enjoyed the experience very much. I was of course totally inexperienced. When he was holding me in his arms and kissing me it felt great and when his big cock went up my ass (no KY) although at first it felt a liitle painful I soon really began to enjoy the lovely feeling of being filled by his hard meat up my ass. When he came and his cock went soft I felt really sad. When he pulled out of me I got between his legs and ate his beautiful cock until he became hard again. I begged him to fuck me. This time he got on top of me from the front. I held him close he put his tongue down my throat and he put his cock up me again. This time I wanted it to last for ever. It did last longer but not long enough for me. I was faithful to him ( Bill) for a long time, but although he still excited me I wanted more. He had a beautiful long thick cut cock but even then I knew that one cock would never never be enough for me. One night after having been fucked by Bill several times  on the way home I met someone on the tube. It was the last carriage and there was along way before the next station. It didnt take much for him to persuade me to suck his cock.I sat in the seat he stood before me and put his cock into my mouth.I sucked him hard and he came very quickly in my mouth, I swallowed it all. He put his cock away zipped up his flies and gave me his phone number and got off at the next station. I was left needing more! Thats another story!!
      Posted on : Aug 17, 2011 | Comments (0)
    My Gay Sexlife

    Β Ever since I discovered sex I have wanted cocks, any cocks but big ones have always given me most pleasure. I cannot remember having had any difficulty taking a big cock and one has never been enough. When i moved to London as a teenager I was introduced by a BF to Hampstead Heath. I soon discovered what a wonderful place it could be. On some summer nights I have taken at least ten cocks up my ass and probaly more in my mouth. The impersonal sex in the dark is so exciting. There have been one or two problems. One night I was taken by two men and fucked alternately several times after they had tied me to a tree. They left me still tied leaking spunk. Eventually after being fucked several more times someone untied me (in the early morning) and I was at last able to walk back to my car still with spunk running down my legs and back to my BF. I crept into bed and soon fell asleep. Only to be woken in the morning with my BF on top of me with his big cock about to come. He couldn't understand why he'd got up me so easily! I smiled to myself as I licked his big cock clean!! How did I become such a gay slut? Well thats another story. Does anyone want to know?
      Posted on : Aug 17, 2011 | Comments (4)

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